Best Baking Apron for Women

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1. Maison Hermine Colmar Adjustable Visible

Maison Hermine Colmar Adjustable Visible

There is a package that includes an apron with long waist ties and a neck strap. Their kitchen apron has pockets in the center which can be used to hold things like recipe, phone, and grill slips. Each apron in the collection is made from 100% cotton and is just as elegant and charming as it can be. Their products are made in India. The aprons for women and men are made from 100% cotton. The apron length is 31.50 and the apron width is 27.50. The design is unique. The town of Colmar is located in the Northeast of France and is also known as Little Venice. This land of wines is idyllic with its old houses and flower-decked town center. The dainty flower prints that glide on white cotton fabric are from the 'Colmar' collection. The apron gives great protection while using the dishwasher, washing your dogs or trimming the yard. It is comfortable to wear and you can choose the perfect height. You can rinse or use a soapy cloth to get the dirt off. Easy care and maintenance. Do not bleach the machine wash, tumble dry and warm the iron if needed.

Brand: Maison D' Hermine

👤Maison d' Hermine's email stated that I was satisfied with my purchase of their apron. I told them that I couldn't use the apron because the ties were too short. I was surprised that they sent me another apron with longer ties that fit perfectly. I am very happy with the purchase and the customer service. I would highly recommend dealing with this company and encouraging others to purchase their products.

👤A nice apron with a floral pattern. I have a small chest and it is huge in that area, so I love it. It won't lay flat and bunches up in an uncomfortable way. I don't wear it very often because of this.

👤I ruined my shirt while cooking, so I bought this apron. I like it. It's pretty and the fabric is soft. I washed it and it came out of the dryer wrinkled, but not bad. I bought a second one for a friend and a second one for my mother. They are attractive and make a nice gift for the cook who already has everything but doesn't buy anything to keep their clothes nice and clean. It's comfortable to wear. I like the pockets and strap.

👤It is better than the photo shows. The design is delicate and pretty, but the apron is large. The neck adjustment is much easier at the side. I was happy with the apron, but I was disappointed that the ties weren't long enough to cross behind and then tie in the front. It's easy to modify if I find it annoying. An amazing thing happened. I was contacted by Maison d'Hermine. They said they were sorry I couldn't tie the apron in the front and wanted to make me happy. They created a custom order for me and sent it to me. Customer service was amazing when I didn't ask for a replacement or return the original item. I highly recommend this company and you should be too.

👤The apron has a delicate print. It is of a decent weight, has a nice deep pocket, and the ties are long enough to tie in front. The price is very reasonable compared to aprons that are thinner and not as nice. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The first time I received my product, there was some loose stitches. The seller sent me an email saying they would replace it for me. I never had a company do that for me. I'm very happy with the new one. The company made my christmas. The material feels like a canvas, but I am not sure how it will wash. I'm sure it will stand up.

👤A nice apron. The loop on the neck tie makes it easy to hang the apron on the wall, and it's a nice touch. It is thick enough to serve its purpose. I couldn't ask for more. It sits about 2 inches above the knee on one who is 5' 5" and fits well on both slender and curvy forms, thanks to the long back straps and generous amount of cloth.

2. DUSKCOVE PCS Plain Aprons Bulk

DUSKCOVE PCS Plain Aprons Bulk

Excellent value for money. You will not be disappointed to get such commercial chef aprons at such a price. These aprons are the cheapest on Amazon. Sturdy and light. The aprons are made of cotton and are machine washed. They do not absorb stains like cotton aprons. It's pretty standard for most people. The set includes kitchen aprons of 30" x 25" with ties that are suitable for different body shapes, whether a man or a woman, child or adult. The aprons are perfect for all sorts of occasions. Can be used to protect clothing while cooking, baking, crafting, gardening, serving BBQ, or anything else that might make a mess. The material is healthy. Aprons are made from natural materials and are safe for you and your family.

Brand: Duskcove

👤My 10 year old wanted a party and these were perfect. Light weight and good quality!

👤These smell terrible! I am washing fish for the third time and they smell like they were pulled from the ocean. They are garbage if the smell doesn't go away. The smell is disgusting and the size was perfect.

👤I ordered a pack of 8 in bright red. I'm going to wash them before I paint them because I don't think they'll smell bad. If I can't get the smell out, I'll update. I bought these for my family for Christmas. The painting on them should come out okay. I have never used fabric paint. I liked the fit and the color. If the fabric paint on them works out, I will buy them again. The chemical smell came out with a wash and use of fabric softener.

👤8 came in. One of them was a big pocket and not sewn down the middle. I use them for work and wash them every couple of days and work 5 days a week. The backup apron will be the big pocket one. I have been working in produce for 19 years. These aprons are industrial grade and are good for hard work. You have to carry a lot of things with you when working in produce. I have a small notepad, a pen, a sharpie, a box cutter, and a 5" produce knife. There is still plenty of room. Good quality aprons. Good investment for me.

👤I bought these for the cooks at the church. The aprons are nice, but the pockets are off and the straps are not tight. They were perfect for the project.

👤I could see through the aprons. The neck band is not adjusted and the ties are very thin, made out of the same fabric as the apron, but maybe 1/2 inch wide. They smelled terrible when I opened the bag. After washing, the smell went away. I would not buy them again.

👤I made an embroidered apron for everyone to wear at Thanksgiving dinner, they worked out great, the quality is fine, and the fabric is perfect for embroidering on. Great colors!

👤My 11 year old could have done better with these ties if he had used a tape measure to make them. I'm only 5,1 and 160 lbs and have an average busy size of 34 dd and these won't even cover half my chest, they are wlip sided. These would be better for my dollar store toilet paper wipes. I wanted to use these shredded tank litter for cooking aprons or cleaning aprons. I would have used them if they were thicker. They should be tossed to kids for crafts.

👤I needed aprons to put my logo on. These were perfect.

3. Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

Xornis Kitchen Pockets Adjustable Daughter

The style is classic. There are pockets in the middle of the apron that are useful for holding things. You won't believe how much you use this. High-quality printing. The queen of the kitchen. There are funny words on the apron. Print text and pattern are visible when printed with a professional screen print. Birthday gifts for friends, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts, and funny gifts for family members. The wear is comfortable. Pure cotton fabric does not irritate the skin. In the summer it will not feel too hot, and in the winter it will be warm. The design can be changed. The neck strap has a double buckle. It's suitable for anyone to wear. There are two pockets in front of the apron. Wide and long coverage. The bib apron keeps your clothes from being dirty and food stains. Multiple uses. This apron is very practical and good looking and can be worn no matter what you do in the house.

Brand: Xornis

👤It was a great fit. It seems like it is really durable. The ties are long enough to tie in the front.

👤The pocket design was well thought out and it fit us both.

👤It was described as advertised. It looks great and I bought it for a gift. I like that it has pockets and the straps are adjusted around the neck. I would highly recommend it.

👤It's beau, it's robust, it's OS, tel it!

4. KAF Home Hostess Adjustable Washable

KAF Home Hostess Adjustable Washable

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they also offer easy free returns or exchanges. If you are dissatisfied with their Apron, they will replace it or give you a money back. There is a CUPCAKE APRON. These cupcake aprons are appealing and help you create magic with hard work. This apron will satisfy your sweet tooth. Who doesn't love cupcakes and aprons? Their aprons are made with 100% cotton to ensure a light comfortable feel and an easy to clean design. The length from chest to hem assures you extra comfort. Their hostess cupcake aprons come in different sizes. Their classy aprons will fit everyone, whether you gift it to someone or buy a similar apron set for your whole family. They have also provided long ties. Their hostess aprons are machine washable and can be washed in cold water. The prints will always look good even after many washes. Does your child enjoy cooking as much as you do? Their matching sets of hostess apron are specially designed for your family. Have fun with your children while wearing the same aprons.

Brand: Kaf Home

👤This is a gift for a friend, it says it is from the chest. It measures less than 24. My 10 year old is only 4'9 inches and it says adult on it. The party is tomorrow and has nothing to replace it. It was very disapointed.

👤I had to double check the size of the hostess apron when I got it. If you have a small bust, the apron will fit. The fabric is very thin so it is more for looks than a functional apron. The cupcake pattern is cute.

👤Great aprons. I bought these for a cookie party and everyone loved them. Great value too.

👤My 16 year old daughter is learning to cook. I'm worried that the ADULT Apron will be too small for her. It is a small TWEEN size. The packaging it came in was aweful. I'll keep it as it's too late to return and it's a gift. I'm not happy with it.

👤My daughter received this as a gift and she loved it.

👤It was a great gift for neice.

👤I used my cricut to personalize this for my friend, who I purchased it for.

👤Rapport-qualité-prix is excellent. N'est pas trs large ni absorbant.

👤Not worth the money. The apron is very thin.

👤It was perfect for my costume. Cheaply made.

5. BIGHAS Adjustable Kitchen Restaurant Gardening

BIGHAS Adjustable Kitchen Restaurant Gardening

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. The best ratio for apron is 65% cotton and 65% polyester. They did a surface treatment to make the apron smooth. Each order has one apron. The model picture is used to display products. The apron is suitable for people with a height of 5'3" Even if your waist size is large, the extra long ties and neck strap make you more comfortable. A big pocket for holding things. The thickness is about 0.48 pound and it's comfortable to wear.

Brand: Bighas

👤I wanted a plain old apron that was comfortable, functional, and no frills. This is it! The neck strap is comfortable. The fabric is heavy enough to have a body, but not so heavy that it is stiff. I washed it for the first time and it came out great. I'm very happy with it and I'm going to get another. I recommend these aprons even after a year and a half and 4 aprons. I bought two more so that I could have one in the kitchen and one in the laundry. Oh, and the fourth? One of the aprons that went into the laundry is hanging out on a beach with my husband's missing socks. The ones that did not come back from the laundry still wash up great. These deserve a five-star rating.

👤This is an apron that is sufficient, and it does its job of keeping my clothes clean. The ties are long enough to wrap around and tie in front of me. The pockets are large enough to hold my phone. You don't feel like you're being held back by the strap.

👤I ordered two of these aprons in tan as part of a Halloween costume, but the item is definitely taupe in person. I returned the items this past weekend after receiving them days earlier since I am swamped with work and have kids. I ordered a new set in beige after I initiated the return. I was going to wait two days for the beige ones to come in and use the packaging to send the tan ones back. The beige aprons arrived today and when I was getting them ready to return, I saw that the items had to be dropped off this past Saturday in order for the return to be honored. The return was initiated on Saturday. I'm pretty angry that I'm stuck with these aprons because I couldn't get the item dropped off the same day I initiated the return. I usually have no issues with Amazon vendors. For a reasonable window of time, order from someone who will honor returns. I would have gone somewhere else to get the second set if I'd realized the money I was wasting here.

👤The apron is long and wide enough to cover my clothing while I cook. The ties around the waist are longer than usual so I can tie them in front. The strap around my neck is wide and comfortable. The material is thick.

👤Ignore the glowing reviews. It's very thin and won't last long. It works, but it's an apron. Not a lot of moving parts is what it is. It protects your clothes from splashes. It's fine if you cook now and then. If you are a serious cook, you will want something with more substance to it. The bottom line. The quality of the material is reflected in the low price. You will find it adequate if you won't be using it often. Continue to look and spend a couple more bucks. Expect to wait for delivery. It was made in China.

6. Adjustable Pockets Kitchen Cooking Cappuccino

Adjustable Pockets Kitchen Cooking Cappuccino

Cotton is 40% and Polyester is 60%. The Carrotez apron is lint-free, soft cotton, and eco-friendly. It is machine washed. There are pockets with double stitching. It's a bit thicker than the common polyester fiber which is durable and smooth to touch. Cross back straps prevent neck pain. The bib apron is 23 inches wide and 31 inches tall. Extra long straps with quick release buckle accommodates a wide range of sizes. You can adjust the length with cotton tie straps. The brass buckle fastening is flexible to wear. The apron has 3 pockets in the front design. It's practical to put your cell phone, recipe cards, pens, notebook, grill slips, and others in a safe place. It's convenient to store gadgets. Work apron and shop apron. The large bib apron provides great coverage from chest to knee and protects against food stains. Wide use grill, barbecue, bbq, kitchen, cook, chef, professional, server, grilling, restaurant, bakers, cafes, barista, bartender, salon, custom, butcher, artist, barber, men's, over-sized, grill master, birthday gift, adult, garden,

Brand: Carrotez

👤Very happy with the product. It is comfortable and not too thick. My husband and I are both 6 feet and I was afraid to be in it, but the straps made it fit all sizes. The pockets are multi-purpose. Love.

👤Father's day is on Sunday and this apron was a gift. I like it.

👤Other reviewers have said that this is a great apron. The white faux leather bits and the antique brass rivets take a little away from the overall beauty and function of this apron. The canvas is soft but protective, and the strap system works well with a little practice. It's easy to put on if you give it a few tries. If you're struggling, you should hold the straps above the apron and let the straps run all the way in at the sides so that the loops above the apron are at their largest. The apron should be held in front of you with the pockets facing away. Take the cross out of the middle and look at the three large loops. One loop in the middle is for your head, and the other loops on each side are for your arm. Pull it over your head and onto your shoulders. Pull the apron UP your chest by grabbing the two white strap ends and then reaching down to grab them. Tie it with a bow. I hope this helps you.

👤I was excited to wear this apron. The canvas part is strong but the leather accents are not. The clip on the strap doesn't clip, it hooks on the front grommets, and won't close. The straps are not long enough to meet in the back. Once it goes over the shoulder across the back, it's enough for a close knot. Forget the bow. Maybe if you are small. I am 5 years old. My rib cage has the waist on it. The value is less than I paid.

👤I have waited tables for over 20 years and this is my favorite apron. It takes a minute to take off and put on, but that doesn't bother me at all. I want this apron to be in 10 different colors. This apron should be made in more colors.

👤I use it at my salon. Excellent quality and thickness. Love the modern look.

👤I ordered aprons to see which one I liked the best. The best of the bunch was this one. The material was more resistant to damage. It is a handsome looking apron. Keeps your clothes clean and has pockets to hold your hands. I can see this being used in the kitchen, garden, garage, or any other place where you might damage or stain your clothes. It is much easier to put this on than it is to put on my work clothes, which are675316753167531s of the past67531s of the present67531s of the present67531s of the past67531s of the present67531s of the present67531s of the present67531

👤The apron appears to be a nice addition. Well made. There is a good amount of pockets. The only complaint is the claim of a tie. Not sure how this works other than tie it in the back with a bow. I guess that is what they mean, but then every apron is adjusted? Is it a snap figment on the end of each tie? No instructions about why? Some like to wear a tie around front. It's nice for the price.

7. DII Everyday Basic Kitchen Collection

DII Everyday Basic Kitchen Collection

Most body types are suited for one size. The Chino Chef Aprons have extra fabric and a long strap that warps around the neck and waist. Do not bleach or run them through a hot dryer, because aprons are made from 100% cotton and are made to last. A large center pocket. The center pocket of aprons is large enough to hold spoons, spatulas, herbs, spices, towels, recipes, or any other accessory you need close to hand. A great gift is to add a business logo, name, or initials to your apron with a monogram or embroidered design. For more kitchen essentials. DII has delightful Kitchen Linens including dishtowels, dish cloths, aprons, potholders and oven mitts, for more options click the DII link at the top of the page.

Brand: Dii

👤This is for home use. I liked that the straps were long enough for me to tie in front. I thought it would be a commercial apron. The fabric on this apron is so thin that the smallest cooking splash instantly soaked through to my clothing. There were spatters of liquids and oil on the double fabric of the pocket area. I bought white. I could bleach it, but it didn't remove all of the stains. I wanted a plus-size apron for my body, but the top of it didn't fit right in my bust area. The top gaped away from my body no matter how I adjusted the strap. I have never experienced that with any other bib apron. I am 5'4" and found the pockets awkwardly high. The worst thing about this apron is that the D-rings that hold the neck strap don't work. The top of the apron suddenly fell down when the neck strap became loose. The apron is going to be thrown away.

👤I was looking for a gift for a client who just finished a year long nutrition coaching program and wanted to have it embroidered. I tried to find a better quality one by comparing my results by highest to lowest cost. I chose this one because of the positive reviews and the fact that it can be embroidered. The material is too thin and the straps and ties are not very good. I wouldn't give this as a gift to a client. I ordered an apron from Williams Sonoma, which was $10 more, and it was definitely worth it.

👤I bought this apron for a different purpose, and it works great. I have horses that get their grain soaked, and it's quite a messy process. I poured it into their feeding pans, which are outside and attached to fence posts, because I was getting it all over myself. The apron's length is perfect for me, I'm very short and it keeps my boots clean. Extra long ties are an added benefit, I cross them behind my back and tie them in front. I untie the strings and shake the apron off as I walk back into the barn after I finished dishing up the groceries. Very effective and efficient.

👤I use this apron in my pottery class. The weight is perfect. The apron fell at my knee. The top of the apron gapes forward as other reviewers have noted. The apron's top is too wide. The apron's top gapes out when I position it as shown in the image. The apron is ill-fitting if the neck strap is shortened because it raises up the entire apron. I would not use this apron in my kitchen. I am going to remove some of the excess fabric by tacking the top. The best apron for women is L+.

👤I ordered this and it arrived quickly. I like the way the height is adjusted. The fabric should be a bit more heavy. The cotton is light. I am not sure how much protection it will give against cooking oil spatters. An apron is supposed to protect my clothes from being dirty and soaked in oil. I think you get what you pay for, and this was quite inexpensive. The sellers should use a heavier-weight fabric.

8. Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

Syntus Pack Adjustable Waterdrop Resistant

The kit is made of premium materials, is more durable, and comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean and maintain the product better after you use it. When you open the package, the cake decorating tips, bags, and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. Soft Touch is made from a uniform cloth that is free from harmful chemicals. One Size Fit Most is a unique design with a neck strap. Long ties can be changed to fit most sizes. Wrinkles and shrinkages are resistant to machine wash. Dry cleaning and tumble drying are not allowed. Two large pockets in the middle of the apron are used for easy holding meat thermometer, grill slips, recipe cards, etc. The large bib apron that covers from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. apron should not be placed near heated cooking ware or flame.

Brand: Syntus

👤There was an update. I bought the 2 pack of aprons almost a year ago. They have been worn almost daily. I didn't follow washing instructions. I can dry my hands on the bottom of the aprons because they have softened enough. I need to sew them back on after the pocket stitching came out. I'm ordering 2 more on May 10. The aprons ended up in the dirty clothes basket. I have to wear a dirty apron until I can get laundry done. I should have ordered 2 pairs. I will be in another month or two. I will be able to change daily. These are exactly what they were promised. I'm 5'3" and about 220 lbs. They cover my knees and sides. I don't wipe my hands on my front while I bake. I can read the directions for the care of the fabric. Water runs off of them. Water resistance will not last long if proper washing and care directions are not followed. A good product and what I needed in a pinch for a good price. My 8 year old grandson decided he needed to wear 1 while helping me cook so I need to order more. The ties don't tie in front with me being as round as possible. I'll change that later. Update... I wear these aprons daily. They were washed not according to directions. I use warm water and a brand of laundry detergent. The aprons are now conforming to my curves. Even though the towel at my feet is very wet, my clothing does not get wet. I love these aprons.

👤I don't understand why there are negative reviews on aprons. I am a baker at the cafe and I dirty up my aprons a lot. I needed more aprons because I was tired of alternating between two and trying to keep up with washing them. I was expecting them to be stiff and hard after reading some of the negative reviews. They are light and durable. It's not soft, but it's not supposed to be a blanket. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, as it says in the description. I wash the stains and mess and they clean up. The only thing I would change about these is that the pockets are just one big pocket. I carry my phone around so that I can have music going and read recipes, and having the phone in the vertical pocket makes kneeling or bending over difficult. I can't complain. The best part is that they don't look dirty when they're dirty.

👤The reason I am giving a 3 star review is because I received a cotton apron and a polyester apron instead of the cotton aprons I purchased. They look and feel the same, even though they are made of different materials. I decided to keep the aprons because it was too much work to return them at the post office. I will review the differences of the materials after wearing them for a while.

9. Ruvanti Kitchen Adjustable Halloween Thanksgiving

Ruvanti Kitchen Adjustable Halloween Thanksgiving

It is Breathable, Wrinkle-Proof, and Shrink-Proof, and it is constructed with a 100 % Cotton Duck Weave fabric, which is more Durable, Breathable, and Wrinkle-Proof than any other Cotton fabric. The fabric is woven in such a way that it is water resistant. Exotic printed patterns and 100% cotton fabric give you the most pleasant cooking experience while protecting your clothing and body. Cute colors are printed to mix and match with other kitchen linens to create the perfect home and kitchen ambience. You can impress your guests at Fall gatherings, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner parties. The Ruvanti apron can be easily altered to fit most individuals and provide bigger coverage. The aprons are 36 inch long and 28 inch wide. Extra long ties are made to fit any body size up to 72 inches. Long ties can be wrapped in either front or back. Their apron is perfect for chefs, bartender, barbers, server, painters, wood workers and carpenters. The apron is made of professionally hemmed edges, making it very durable and cute. This essential kitchen can be used in many places. Coffee gatherings, BBQ parties and dinners. And. helps you not worry about your garment being messy while you cook, serve, wash or do any other chores. It is easy to care for and wash. It is advisable to wash with cold water, gentle cycle and tumble dry low. If needed, low iron. Do not use a hot dryer to wash them. Their product was created with love and care. All of their products came with a money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, please let them know and they'll make sure you're happy.

Brand: Ruvanti

👤It fits me because I'm fat. I'm a woman with a size 22. I can put it in the back. There is a If you are larger than a women's size 24, look elsewhere.

👤The cheapest thing ever. The material is very thin. It's not well made. Not worth the money spent.

👤The fabric is very thin in real life, so it's hard to see through it. It feels cheap. The stitching is strong, but the fabric is too flimsy. The apron was cheap, but you get what you pay for.

👤The pattern is pretty. The cotton is very thin, so it's unlikely that food will not reach clothing. The waist tie is adequate, but the area covering the chest is not. The delivery came to my neighbor and he said it was handed to him. The door was left open.

👤I love this apron. The material is pretty good, and the colors are bright. The only issue I had was that the top strap was not connected through the adjuster piece, and it took me a long time to figure out how I was supposed to thread it.

👤The apron is too wide across the top of the chest for a small woman and leaves a gap. It would be better for a man or woman. I would describe the colors as autumn tones. The orange is rust and the red is brick. The fabric was stiff before it was washed. It is a bit better after washing. It is thin and non-absorbent. This apron is adequate, but not great.

👤The neck strap is awesome. I'm over 300 pounds. This is what I needed to protect my clothes while I was making jewelry. 2 There are deep pockets. I am not sure what I would use the circles for. I don't know if it's for cooking out or just for the sake of it. I would like it to be waterproof. I'm looking to get something that's waterproof for spills, but it's getting to hot to be wearing leather and vinyl aprons unless you work in a meat market.

👤The apron is a beautiful print on the fabric and I give it high marks. I would give it high marks for its size and fit. This is a good apron if you are looking for a dust-my-house apron. This is not the apron you are looking for. There is a lot of air space between the threads. That's how this apron is. If you spilled something on yourself or wiped your dirty hands off, it would reach your clothes. This isn't the apron for cooking or anything in which you will get dirty. I firmly believe in the Fly Lady approach of dressing for the job and will assign this apron to me. Dressing for the part you want to play is what she teaches. I want to be a 1950's housewife who puts on an apron and gets busy dusting. It's all about whether you will be happy. You will look like a 1950's housewife with this apron on.

10. Cooking Kitchen Baking Pockets Vintage

Cooking Kitchen Baking Pockets Vintage

The model in the picture is 5.8 feet tall, and the apron is 33 feet long. You can refer to it. The material for the aprons is very soft and machine washed. The neck strap is adjusted. The design of the neck strap makes it easier to wear. It's ideal for home use, with 2 pockets in front of the apron. It's also suitable for the kitchen, garden, or craft table. It can keep your clothes clean. Excellent after-sales service. You can return it for free if you're not satisfied.

Brand: Apronner

👤I'm a little bigger than most but not a lot. I ordered these because it said larger. I saw that they were small when I opened them. I can't tie it in the back. The patterns are beautiful.

👤The aprons are made of fabric and they wash well in the laundry. The ties for the waist are not long. I don't have enough tie to tie these in the back. This would be a great product if the waist ties were longer.

👤The fabric protects your clothes and skin from everything from grease to spaghetti sauce. The pockets are placed in the right way. They are easy to clean and dry. I put them in mesh laundry bags to keep their ties from getting tied up in everything. They are comfortable and pretty.

👤The fabric was verydurable and the colors were vivid. The neck string is much thicker than the back ties. They are made from the same fabric. I think one will break sooner than later. If I had noticed the ties were flimsy, I wouldn't have ordered them.

👤I didn't think these aprons would be so lovely. Their fabrics are pretty, and the neck makes them perfect for any height. I know I'm going to be using these aprons for a long time because of their great construction and their nice pliable heavy duty fabric.

👤There are patterns. The neck strap is too short to adjust the bib. The material won't be absorbent for spills or drips. These will work, but not very well.

👤These are cute. I am plus size and it fits me great. I like the different patterns. They wash up well. I wear an apron when cooking. I have ruined a lot of shirts.

👤After the first wash in cool water with mild detergent, they fade like crazy. It's a pity.

11. Cotton Pockets Adjustable Kitchen Cooking

Cotton Pockets Adjustable Kitchen Cooking

We want each customer to feel like they are part of the family at Sage and Stitch. That's why they've made sure their aprons are made with high quality materials. This apron can make you look more professional and fashionable, from elaborate design to high-quality materials. The apron is made from soft cotton and eco-friendly. The apron is thicker and more durable than the cloth one. The apron looks more stylish with the exquisite hardware buckle and double stitched pockets. The cross back design and soft cotton strap of this apron can prevent neck pain. The apron has extra long straps with a quick release buckle that accommodates a wide range of sizes. The apron has a double stitched pocket for high function and durability, 3 pockets for different purposes, and a headphone loop in the front design. You can put your phone, pen, notebook, grill slips, meat thermometer, and others in an apron. It's convenient to store gadgets. The special loops on the apron prevent the line from getting in the way of your work. Apron is 26 inches wide and 30 inches tall. The aprons give great coverage from chest to knee. The large chef apron protects against grease, spills and food stains. Fashion for all Occasions and ideal gift are used for professional and commercial purposes. Can be used as cooking apron, serving apron, baking apron, brewer apron, BBQ apron, grilling apron, gardening apron, works.

Brand: Zomao

👤The thing is made from high quality material. It's more of a shop apron than a chef apron, but that's what I wanted. It's not easy to get the hook clips on the straps, as the hook clips don't open wide enough to make it easy, but once they're in, they're very secure and it's not hard to do.

👤I love this apron. I am short everywhere. I have to lean against the counter when I wash dishes and produce because my entire shirt front gets soaked. After my husband showed me how to put this apron on, I picked up a small pot in the sink. I dropped the thing and the water went all over me, but not one drop got through to my shirt. It's good looking with strong connections, great seam work, lots of pockets, and I love the color. The apron is very well made. It is going to last a long time. Buy it. You will love it.

👤I prefer a simpler strap around the neck, but this one would be better if I wore it for hours with tools. I almost sent it back because it is low on pockets, but I decided to use it for woodworking. It's got enough flair to make it worth keeping with its pink color and size that fits me, and how many tools do I want to carry around at any one time? I ordered a top with a jillion pockets, but the rest had too much material so it couldn't fit a woman with a 50" waist. I sent it back.

👤I am very happy with this apron. The fit is comfortable and it has a nice thickness which makes it feel sturdy without being cumbersome. I like the roomy pockets. There is plenty of storage capacity to hold whatever you want to keep handy. I will use this apron for many years. It's labeled as a "chef apron", which makes it perfect for any variety of crafting/building/tinkering activities. It's a great value and comes with a couple of bonus microfiber shammies.

👤I was looking for a sturdy apron that I could put my tools in and it wouldn't pull it down, and this was perfect. I wore it to work for a week. I was not sure about the material and how it would work with hair. It doesn't get stuck and catch. I blow dry it and it comes out without a problem. Even if it is damp, I never feel the water go through. The material is light and that was something I was worried about. I feel cute wearing it. So far, so good.

👤I love it! It is easy to put on and looks great. It can be washed in the washer. There are different pockets for different things. The design is easy to use. Highly recommended!

👤This apron is great for woodworking. There are lots of pockets for tools. The construction and materials are sturdy and will last a long time.


What is the best product for baking apron for women?

Baking apron for women products from Maison D' Hermine. In this article about baking apron for women you can see why people choose the product. Duskcove and Xornis are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking apron for women.

What are the best brands for baking apron for women?

Maison D' Hermine, Duskcove and Xornis are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking apron for women. Find the detail in this article. Kaf Home, Bighas and Carrotez are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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