Best Baking Bags Oven with Seasoning

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1. Reynold Oven Bags Meats Lbs

Reynold Oven Bags Meats Lbs

The premium silicone macaroon mat with giftbox and hairtie is perfect to give as a gift. For meat and poultry up to 8 lbs. The bag traps in natural juices to keep food fresh and juicy. Just toss the bag. Put the bag in a pan and fill it with your favorite meat and vegetables.

Brand: Reynolds

👤When I fly commercial airlines, I bought this to be used. I have never had to use it for that purpose. One evening I used one to cook a roast in and was surprised with a decent dinner. There is a I will explain if anyone ever reads this. If a fire were to break out in an aircraft, the fire would travel through the passenger compartment, and if you put your head over it, you would be protected from the intense heat. I have nothing to back this up except common sense.

👤Put it in to a pressure cooker. 15 lbs pressure for 2 hours.

👤I ordered the bags on June 28th. We were going to do a seafood boil on the 4th of July and I was looking for these bags in the stores. We wanted to change it up a bit. We didn't feel like grilling this year. I am a Prime member and I saw that Amazon had the bags. I don't know why I didn't get the bags until after the 4th of June. This is not about the Prime shipment. The bags are great for seafood and are good to have for food in general. We found some bags at a store at the last minute, so I am going to keep them. We are definitely doing this again and I have the bags for when we do it again. The bags have a 5-star rating. I took a star off because I didn't get them in time.

👤These work well for doing meat and veggies. I usually add chicken soup to the bag to make it more tender. I have never had a problem with these, and use them all the time. What's not to like?

👤I have a condition that makes it hard to swallow and I need to have food that is softer and tender. The chicken roster from the oven was so tender and easy to eat that I was buying it in a bag. I thought it would be great to cook chicken pieces the same way as other things. I have used them all the time for my meals. Chicken pieces, potatoes, and carrots can be cooked with a few seasonings. It is tender and delicious.

👤I use these bags a lot. They cook my items well. I cook red pepper soup with chicken, spices, and a little liquid. It works well and is very easy to use. I have been using them for a long time.

👤I have used them for a long time. They are used for ham and roast. The food you cook is very tender. The meat is cooked with the flavoring. I want to be with them. I mentioned the convenience of knowing how long to cook your food.

👤The product is a great price. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't used these bags. Everything is cooked perfectly. Clean up is easy. The gravy almost makes itself.

👤The bags used on the Arizer EQ are replacements.

2. Reynolds Oven Bags Turkey Size

Reynolds Oven Bags Turkey Size

There are two Reynolds Kitchens Turkey Size Oven bags in this package. Turkey oven bags can hold up to 24 pounds. Meats and other foods are tender and moist when cooked in oven roasting bags. Reynolds oven bags are FDA compliant. The oven cooking bags are ideal for one-pan meals in the oven and save time on cleaning.

Brand: Reynolds

👤The juices leak really bad. Always use a deep pan. They will always make you have the most tender meat. I love using them. Garbage at being durable. Everything leaks. Good tender meat is what you want. Accept that you will have a big mess and use a deep pan so you can make gravy, put in everything and make soup with your leftovers!

👤This can be used for more than turkey.

👤I use the oven bags as liners for my crock pots. Clean ups are easy.

👤It is the most delicious turkey or roasted chicken we have ever had. Follow directions to the tee. I don't use an outside oven thermometer.

👤The box, instructions and zip ties were delivered to me, but there was no bag. I made 2 turkeys for my holiday meal. The main item was missing.

👤I use them to cook a chicken or turkey in a crock pot.

👤I love roasting turkey with these. The turkey is done quicker. Cleanup is easy.

👤These bags are used for my turkeys. Turkey is easy to clean up. The ties are in between the instructions.

3. Franks Redhot Original Seasoning Blend

Franks Redhot Original Seasoning Blend

The blend of garlic and cayenne pepper is perfect. You can get that Frank's RedHot flavor in an easy-to-use seasoning. The spicy MVP is a must-have. Frank's RedHot is the hot sauce that made Buffalo wings famous. USAGE tip: This seasoning is perfect for pizza.

Brand: Frank's Redhot

👤I use it to make cheese crisps in the oven, but I don't use a lot of this. I know the cheese crisps in the little bags are good, but a sprinkle on thinly sliced sharp cheddar in a 350 degree oven for about 8 minutes makes a great low-cholesterol snack.

👤I was surprised by the negative reviews. This is hot sauce that has been dehydrated. I Marinated some wings in this for 2 days and put them on my smoker. Wow! It was a hit.

👤I get a weekly food delivery box and this item was included in one of the recipes. We mixed this seasoning with bread crumbs and butter and then smashed the mix onto the chicken breasts that were lightly brushed with sour cream. A small amount of hot sauce was sprinkled on the baked goods. The blue cheese dressing is on the side. It's really amazing. We were in heaven with this dinner as it is something we wouldn't normally make at home and if we get it in a restaurant it is usually mediocre bar food. A friend bought a bottle for me. Frank has other items. The hot honey is good. We gave away 6 bottles at Christmas.

👤Frank's RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning Blend was reviewed. This seasoning is one of the first buffalo seasonings that I can eat and be happy with, and it doesn't bother me later. I am sensitive to spices. My husband doesn't find my spice spicy. I can eat buffalo ranch seasoning. I just tried it for the first time and I am very happy with it. I don't abuse it because it's so full of flavor, without being overwhelming to a sensitive human with taste buds. I am so happy. I don't want the seasoning blend to taste like a generic salty seasoning salt for pizza with just one dominate Spice which I can't stand! It has a background of the most mild buffalo wing sauce flavor with just the right spices that make me enjoy my food. I love buffalo sauce, but I make a mess and spend the night in pain. Before I realized that the buffalo was less spicy, I ran in the original franks sauce. I mixed this seasoning into my chicken and put it on a tortilla with some sour cream and shredded taco cheese because I didn't want the mess anymore. I gave a bit of a heavy hand as it comes out, but it didn't hurt me at all, it just made the chicken a whole lot more delicious. I am very happy about my acid reflux disease, but I eat with a lot of sour cream and dairy as well. I was so upset after reading the mixed reviews, that it would be just way to spicy for me, but I'm assuming some of the reviewers got the seasonings mixed up and left the review for the original buffalo, which is the really hot. Even though I am super sensitive, I can barely handle cinnamon in the ranch version. I enjoy this and I will do it again. I'm going to put this on other fresh slow cooked meats and anything else I can find. I made a small mistake of getting too excited and shaking extra on top of the chicken, it gave me small pockets of just seasoning, which was too overwhelming. It is better to mix it into the juices of hot chicken, and be sat for a moment to fully absorb it.

4. Olicity 20x20Inch Cheesecloth Straining Unbleached

Olicity 20x20Inch Cheesecloth Straining Unbleached

USAGE tip: This seasoning is perfect for pizza. Hemmed grade 100 cheese cloth is made from natural and unbleached pure cotton and is more convenient and durable than traditional cheesecloth. The edges of the pre-cut cheesecloth can avoid the problem of small threads ending up in food because they are hemmed. If your food needs to get multiple layers of filtration, you don't have to cut the cheesecloth into many pieces, just overlap multiple pieces of their brand's hemmed cheesecloth to make it happen. It would be easier to clean this design. There are 6 pieces of 20 inch x 20 inch. The 20x20 inch is the most suitable size to meet your daily cooking needs, convenient to use, and no need to cut, as per the summarize of repeated cooking habits. It can be used to cover grow sprout. It is easy to wash and reuse. Their hemmed cheesecloth is the best quality and won't tear easily. It has 56x41 threads and is lint free and easy to wash. It comes in a vacuum sealed package to keep it fresh. Please add-to-CART now and try it.

Brand: Olicity

👤Absolutely delighted with this 20 x 20 in food grade 100% pure cotton cheesecloth for straining in the kitchen. When you first unwrap them, they look like a very large thin napkin. They have a slightly tan color because they are not bleached, which is why they are not white. The instructions don't tell you how to take care of them or clean them, but they do say that there might be a few pieces of black speckles in them. I didn't have a problem with mine. They were kept clean and fresh by coming in a vacuum sealed plastic mayerial. I used mine to make butter that was infused with herbs. If you're using any plant-based material, it's going to change the color of the product after you use it for the first time. It doesn't really matter what color my cheesecloth is when I'm done with it as I'm probably going to use it for the same thing later on. I will just run through the washing machine with some of my other clothes to get it clean and ready for another use. It worked well. I'm very happy to have these in my kitchen.

👤The cloths are well made and hemmed. I make butter and marmalades with the help of a piece of cloth. To clean, I must rinse them thoroughly and remove all food clumps. I put them in boiling water until the water cools. I add baking soda and cover the water with boiling water. When cool, I rinse and hang to dry. It's more economical to use food-grade cheesecloth. It was not fraying so fat.

👤I didn't know anything about cheese clothes before buying this product. It has been great to make almond milk. I like this product.

👤Home made yogurt, cheese, almond milk, and everything else that you can make at home is something that I love. I received another piece of cloth as a gift and it wasn't perfect, but I wasn't happy about it. This one is perfect. I am very happy with the result of making almond milk with the cloth. I have a jar full of almond flour that I extract from the milk. When hygiene is not something that you can simply ignore, the cloths come in a vacuumed bag, which is essential. Well thought packaging. Thank you!

👤The cheese cloth is a good buy. It is very sturdy and can be used again. I have to squeeze water out of my cauliflower to make pizza. This product is something I would recommend.

👤The product makes a lot of claims and I felt checked out. This is in a sealed package. I love that for sanitary conditions. The size is 20 x 20 and hemmed. It was measured out of the package. I wanted to let it flatten first. The pictures of my oven show one layer and two. This is the transparency when it's held up to light. The cloth has some black dots, but it is lint free. I panicked and wanted to let others know that the cloth is unbleached.

5. Cream Piping Decorating Supplies Baking

Cream Piping Decorating Supplies Baking

The package includes a potato bag. You can use the cake decorating supplies kits to make all types of cakes and cupcakes. The kit is fixed in case it doesn't rub each other. The entire pattern of the product needs to be kept fresh. The cake tips are easy to clean and are strong. All the cake decorating tips and baking accessories are in place with the help of the Detachable slots. Prepare for you, this icing tips tools have everything you need to make beautiful cakes and cupcakes. Silicone pastry bags are used to support different color icing while decorating cakes or cupcakes. You can use the Russian piping tips with your kids and have fun in the kitchen with them. The gift is expendable. Icing piping tips for beginners. Their cookie decoration kit is designed to help you create your own masterpieces of various shapes and sizes, no matter what your skill level is. No experience is required.

Brand: Prokitchen

👤We ordered this for the small round tip that can be seen in all the pictures, but it came without it. The rest are not the same. They are sending a variety of photos. The product photos are not trustworthy.

👤The description of the piping bag and tips in text or pictures doesn't reflect what I received. The claims of industry standards and government approval are false. Everyone who ever bought this and provided a review and picture received useless non-standard tips that only people who know nothing about piping and piping tools would mistake for actual, industry standard equipment. There is no case. This item is only approved for other quality products and not FDA approved. There is nothing industry standard in the package. There are five The customer rating is false as it is combined reviews of 3 other products that are inter-mingled with the reviews of this item - making the rating useless to assess customer experience in any meaningful way. This product is made of garbage and non-standard tips that you can easily crush with your fingers, and it's a lie to say that it's a flimsy product.

👤I have used cake decorating kits before and this is worse. The bag was dirty. The stuff was dusty even though I washed it out before use. You felt the build up of dirt on the bag that you were supposed to fill. The pieces are the same size and shape, but different in shape. The bag that came in the packaging was the only one that squeezed out. It's difficult and it's mush, like I have to squeeze it. This item is garbage and does not work. This is a simple item, how does it not work?

👤I bought this product on November 23 to use it to make a chocolate pumpkin bread dessert for Thanksgiving. I washed it before use and put the chocolate topping in the bag, but the seam broke after I used it for the first time, so I went to wash it out by hand. I had it for ten minutes. It is possible for Amazon prime members to return it and get their money back. The product was poorly made and had no directions. Not for me.

👤The package was not good. I had to put the stuff in a bag because it was only stapled for the top to bottom and not the other sides. The piping bag and tips are of good quality.

👤I bought another set at Ikea for about the same price, and it was better than the one I had at home, because it was a bigger bag and better quality. The bag isn't heavy duty and is easy to clean. The plastic is similar to water bottle lids. The tops are not great. This will work if you're looking for something cheap. I will use the Ikea set for now, but I will look for a more expensive set later.

👤I tried to use it. It was difficult to assemble because there were no instructions. I had a friend help me put it together, but it wouldn't work, as she has a nicer one of her own.

6. Reynolds Kitchens Premium Cooker Liners

Reynolds Kitchens Premium Cooker Liners

Slow cooker lines. The Reynolds kitchens slow cooker liners are 13 x 21 inches and can be used in three- to 8-quart round and oval slow cooker. Line your slow cooker with these slow cooker bags to prevent messes. It is safe to carry high tetanus vaccine. The nylon-blend construction of the slow cooker bag is safe for low, medium and high settings. Kosher. Make meALS. It's easy. Next time you make chili, pulled pork, pot roasts, soups, you can use a Reynolds slow cooker liner.

Brand: Reynolds

👤I ordered the liners after purchasing a slow cooker. I am glad I did. I used one to cook a whole chicken and fill it with water to make stock after we finished eating it. For 15 hours, the liner held up the stock and water to the cooker. I had to gather the liner together at the top and throw it away after I dipped the stock and bones. The cooker was clean. I cooked the chicken for 8 hours. The liner held up for 23 hours of cooking. I will use them every time I use my slow cooker.

👤I suppose an argument can be made that you'll save the water that would normally be spent on cleaning the crock pot bowl, since these aren't the most eco-friendly product. I was looking for a simplified clean-up after using the slow cooker. I was worried that I might find melted plastic in my food, but after a lot of uses, it's not the same thing. This has never been an issue. There has been an issue with leaking. Sometimes they don't leak at all. Sometimes they leak a little. They leaked a lot. I definitely have had them leak, but I'm not sure if they get ripped in or what. I think I'm between 50 and 50 on that. If they leak it's usually a little messy, but a rinse and wipe is all that's needed. Even if they don't appear to have leaked, I still do that.

👤I love my slow cooker liners. I will never cook without one in my slow cooker again. I've been using these for over two years and they still don't make sense. I don't have to worry about the things sticking to the slow cooker or the fact that I have to clean it off. I just put one of these bags inside and voila! It doesn't affect cook time or the way you clean up, just pull bag out and toss. Sometimes after a long cook time with liquids still present, some leaking will happen from bag into slow cooker. Cleanup is still very easy and it is minimal.

👤Whoever invented these needs a prize. I don't like to clean the crockpot. I stopped using my crockpot because I hated cleaning it so much. These little miracles were found by me. Why didn't I know about them sooner? After we eat, I throw the bag away and my crockpot needs a quick wipe down. Yes, absolutely. A small price for not having to clean the crockpot.

👤These were terrible. I bought them for my crock pot. They would burn onto the crockpot and rip as I pulled it out, every time I used them. A complete mess! Do not buy them.

👤I just did a review of my mini crock pot and it's great, so I don't recommend using these bags with it, just wash it out. Save the three extra dollars and buy yourself a sponge to clean out your Crock-Pot because these bags do nothing to help.

7. Planters Fancy Cashews Salted Container

Planters Fancy Cashews Salted Container

Whole cashews: Planters Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt are great for snacking. These jumbo cashews are a great snack that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Plants nuts. A jar of Planters Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt is 33 ounces and has a lid designed to lock in freshness. Cashews with sea salt. These jumbo cashews are seasoned with sea salt for a great tasting snack. There's a lot of money. Jumbo cashews are roasted in peanut oil. There are slimy things for adults. A 1 ounce serving of roasted cashews has 160 calories and 5 grams of protein, which is a good source of essential vitamins. Whole Cashews are certified by Kosher. The cashews are great for those keeping Kosher. The plants are cashews. Nuttin' beats Planters. These snacks are great for after school snacks, game day snacks, holiday gifts, and birthday gifts. Plants, Plants Chunks, Plants Peas and Plants Nuts are all available from Planters.

Brand: Planters

👤The cashews were very dark. You couldn't even bite into some of the cashews. The cashews had a burnt taste. I am very disappointed in the product. I should not say Premium Quality. Roughly 35-40% of the cashews were just pieces. The quality of Planters Whole Cashew products has gone down a lot. I used to buy it. I would enjoy the creamy taste of mostly whole cashews in the can of Planters. The recent purchases of the can of Planters have been disappointing. There were more pieces of cashews than whole cashews. Most of the cashews in the cans were not bad. I bought this container of Planters Fancy Whole Cashews with Sea Salt: Premium Quantity Jumbo Cashews in the hope that I would once again find the light tan, creamy taste of the Planters Cashews I once enjoyed. I am left to wonder if the quality control procedures of Planters are the same as those of the company now called theKraft Heinz Foods Company. High quality nuts used to be known for planters nuts. I was not expecting a container of cashews with Planters on the label.

👤I wouldn't allow anyone in my family to try one of these cashews, they were badly discolored and burnt. They had a horrible smell and black spots on them. Amazon was great in crediting my account. The brand I bought in the grocery store was much better than the brand I bought in the store. You can tell the difference from the pictures I have included.

👤They are not advertised as cashews. Two orders are over 80% of the same size. The label says these are cooked in peanut oil. Cashews and peanuts are both nuts. The Cashew seed flavor is destroyed by cooking in peanut oil. Terrible quality all the way around.

👤Whenever I buy these cashews for my dad, he jumps up and dances, sometimes he sings as well. He can't carry a tune so I hide his cashews until he stops, sometimes I toss them into the air and he catches them in his mouth, it's a fun game.

👤I bought this jar of cashews. I have been eating them slowly. The jar was twisted tight when I wasn't using it. March of 2018). I was going to have more. There was a flying bug in the jar when I opened it. It was disgusting and it had made a web. The rest of the jar was thrown out. I think 75% of the jar is still there. If you buy cashews, be careful.

👤They were the same as stated. Most of the nuts were whole, less than 5%. The sea salt made them taste good. I will buy them again. The picture shows mostly whole nuts after reaching in and eating a bit of the container. There are still a lot of broken pieces.

👤The quality of the cashews I've purchased from various vendors has fallen dramatically. The cashews are being grown in countries like India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Vietnam where quality control is not the highest priority. Please don't make me think I'm wrong. I'm all for fair trade agreements with Third World Developing countries, but I also want to be sure I'm getting the best quality product. "Planter's" cashews are a classic example of too many cooks spoiling the soup. "Planters" is not the only company that sells inferior quality cashews. I've tried many brands and they all import cashews from various international sources. I'll have to stop eating cashews.

8. Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

Free of cholesterol and trans fat and an excellent source of vitamins E and C. Butchers Paper does a better job of trapping smoke and releasing steam than any other paper. Their Pink Butcher Paper is superior and can be used for serving, storing, cooking and smoking meat. The paper won't leave anything behind on your food. The pink butcher paper is reinforced to improve wet strength. The butcher paper will absorb residual ink. Their butcher paper is 100 percent food grade certified. The strength and finish of butcher paper make it ideal for making crafts.

Brand: Bryco Goods

👤I use aluminum foil to wrap meat in Texas crutch for part of the cook. butcher paper on ribs was what I decided to try. It worked well. The butcher paper stayed on. It did not crimp like foil wrap, but it hugged the ribs. I was worried that the juices would make a mess. No. The paper kept the meat moist and insulated, absorbing some of the juices and BBQ sauce. The paper was wet and greasy, but it didn't leak into my smoker. The ribs were very juicy. It is highly recommended for BBQ smoking.

👤I used to wrap the meat in foil. I decided to try it out. I'm glad I did. My first smoke was a piece of meat. I separated the point from the flat by wrapping both pieces of the paper around the yoder and then returning it to the yoder after it probed smooth at 206 IT. I will never use tin foil again because it was the best brisket I have ever had.

👤You need this paper for holding and resting your meat if you smoke any kind of meat. Foil isn't the answer. After seeing pit masters using this type of paper, I thought there was something to it. The paper is high quality and cheap.

👤I've used this for both smoking and resting meat. Works as advertised. If you're transporting a lot of meat, it's good to use between layers. I used this paper between the chicken breasts to protect them when I packed them away for the trip. It seems like a seller like Bryco is willing to stand behind their product. Buy with confidence.

👤I use butcher paper to wrap meat. After several hours in the smoker naked, I wrapped pork ribs and beef briskets to finish their cooking. The butcher paper keeps the meat moist and allows it to breathe. My family says the ribs were the juiciest they've ever had. This butcher paper is great for smokers. I would like to have a better way to distribute the product, but I am aware that this would increase the cost. When my current roll runs out, I will purchase.

👤I wrapped meat in butcher paper and put it in my freezer. One has to peel the paper off of the meat or leave pieces on the paper. I would never recommend the product to anyone. I used to work in a butcher shop and I expected the butcher paper to be of a quality suitable to freeze meat. Not the case here. If you will be using this product for more than just immediate use, then I recommend choosing a different brand.

👤I am very happy with the Pink Butcher Paper Roll and the quick delivery, but I am still learning how to grill meat properly and am working on it the hardest. I am learning long time temperature control on my grill. I am happy that I found this paper because it has all of the requirements that I have read about. There was trouble with the temp. I am used to direct grilling and 2 zone grilling which seems easier than the low and slow BBQ methods. Thank you for the butcher paper, I filled all of the requirements that I found on several websites. Thank you Bill Hunt.

9. BetterBody Foods Contains Gluten Free Smoothies

BetterBody Foods Contains Gluten Free Smoothies

Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet L10Sk3Ashh41B was included. The power of nature. Men and women will benefit from this Omega powerhouse, which is full of other useful vitamins and minerals. chia seeds are a great source of Omega 3 and fiber, making them a great bonus to any juice or shake. You can add it to drinks and shakes without them clashing. Simply organic. Their organic chia seeds are non-GMO, nut-free, and low-carb, making them a great addition to your pantry. You can easily incorporate this seed into your diet if you follow a strict food regimen. The chia seeds are loaded with 5350mg of Omega 3 and 10g of fiber, which is 7% of the recommended amount for fiber. The name "chia" means strength in the ancient Maya language. Their organic chia seeds can be used as an egg replacement in a meal. Simply add 1 tbs. chia seeds with 3 tbs There is water. And. Let sit for a while. The product form is Granule. The foliage is favored. Many people don't know about chia seeds. Adding chia seeds to your food will not upset the flavor of your dish. chia seeds are tasteless and can be used to add texture to your food. The possibilities for using chia seeds are endless. Adding a little bit of fiber and nutrition to baked goods is possible. You can sprinkle the seeds on some yogurt, pudding, salads, oatmeal, or cereals for a satisfying snack.

Brand: Betterbody Foods

👤bugs started crawling up the measuring spoon after opening the container and putting the scooper in to use for a drink. How do I get this back? Don't buy!

👤I am so sorry to those of you who will be disgusted by this, I bought this container of these two times and they have little bugs in them. The first time I found bugs, I blamed my husband for leaving the container open because I almost finished eating the entire container. I assumed the bugs got in because he left it open. I just opened a new container and there are more bugs in it. I know that they have chia seeds when they arrive. So gross. I'm a hippie. I don't like eating bugs. They aren't supposed to be in my food.

👤I kept the cap closed in the dark for 3-4 months after I bought it. There were small creatures moving inside. If the seller wants to analyze the product, I can send it to them.

👤I recently made some radical changes to my diet, and after reading a book about Christopher McDougall's "Born to Run", I decided to give chia seeds a try for the first time in my life. There is a It's easy to grind them in the coffee grinder prior to using in supplemental protein shakes, after some cautious experimentation. I use chia seeds, ground flax seeds, pea powder, and 12oz of water in each shake. It can be put in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to consumption. A pudding-like dessert dish can be created by adding more chia and using less water. I was not willing to give much credence to the claims of "bugs" crawling in, on, or about the containers, as they were of no real empirical evidence or visual documentation. Negative reviews with pictures are not even close to offering definitive proof of life-forms being present. Are they kidding? I poured about 8oz of seeds into a large plastic bowl in order to carefully scrutinize them myself, and found absolutely no evidence of minuscule life-forms. It was amusing to see the small seeds become more active due to the effects of static electricity as I returned them to their container. Another reviewer mentioned this cause and effect activity. I think that this is a good product, and one being sold at a fair and competitive price here, especially for an organically grown product. I've ordered it twice already (8 lbs so far), and will probably purchase plenty more unless the price increases to more than I would pay for similar foodstuff at local stores, or until I actually do witness live creatures burrowing and frolicking about, and/or get attacked by teensy- The latter would definitely do it. Oh yes!

👤It has a lot of dirt. I keep getting dirt with the chia seeds in my drinking water. I have never had a problem with other brands.

👤It is full of twigs that are hard to eat without sorting my seeds, so I am very disappointed. Won't buy again.

10. OBTANIM Microwave Potato Reusable Cooker

OBTANIM Microwave Potato Reusable Cooker

It is possible to cook and bake in a kitchen with a suitable size, clean cut edges, and perfect size. Corn cobs, old bread, cornmeal tortillas, potatoes, and more are all used for it. It is ideal for long term use because of its sturdy construction and top-notch materials. You can cook potatoes in 4 minutes. Tasty dishes can be created. The bag for the microwave potato cooker is made of 100% fiber cloth. They are machine washed. The package includes a potato bag. The package includes a potato bag.

Brand: Obtanim

👤I can confirm that it works very well, but I found that doing 8 minutes with 4 minute intervels worked best for me. So. If I need a spud fix, it's no problem because it works as intended.

👤I've been using the official potato express bags for two years and they're great, but slightly more expensive. When I replaced my old ones, I bought these. They are super thin, like other reviews say. I was sad when I got them, thinking they wouldn't cook my potatoes. I tried it and it cooks my potatoes better than the official bags do. cooks them more thoroughly. I was confused. But so happy. You can get two bags that work better for less. It's incredible.

👤Great tasting baked potatoes. The best way to clean the potato wel is to let it fully dry before cooking. Each pouch holds 3x of a slightly larger than palm sized potato, 2x palm and finger length potatoes or 8 little round potatoes. This kit allows me to quickly make enough potatoes for a family dinner. My daughter likes this meal so much that she gives it 5 stars for dinner.

👤Don't wash these very often. Don't squeeze the water out of them like I did. I washed them because I wanted to make sure I cleaned them before using them. The first time I picked it up out of the microwave it was only a small sweet potato.

👤I have used potato bags for many years and I saw these on Amazon and decided to try them out since they were a very reasonable price. I paid a lot for the handmade one, but they work well and are a lot cheaper.

👤Potato sleeping bags. A fantastic conversation piece. I had to cook them for 8 minutes, but they were cooked to perfection. When I tell my potatoes we are going camping, they get nervous.

👤I bought the microwave potato bags to replace the one I had. My daughter put tortillas in the microwave for a while. The bag was burned. The original one was one bag, but these work better. The tortillas are a little big to fit in the bag, but folding them works. The bags are thinner and it doesn't seem to affect them. I can heat up flour and corn tortillas with two different things. I've made baked potatoes, heated all kinds of tortillas, and kept the food warm. My daughter has learned that they can't stay in the microwave for long.

👤I received my order today. There are two red bags inside of a zip lock bag with a generic sticker. There are no instructions on the bag itself. There is no proof that they are not used. It's a bit disconcerting when you don't know what you're getting when you buy new items. Hopefully they'll work after the Christmas gift has been opened and used.

11. Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Turn any pan into a non-stick surface. The highest quality food grade silicone and fiberglass mesh provides consistent heat distribution and promotes even baking. Silpat is the original non-stick baking mat and has stood the test of time with use by the most demanding chefs in the world. The mat is made for a pan of 13 x 18. It is possible to use a freezer, microwave, and oven-safe at different temperatures.

Brand: Silpat

👤Very disappointing. This is a fake product, not the real Silpat made in France. I compared this product with my original Silpat that I bought several years ago and there are hints that it is a fake. Amazon needs to do a better job of checking its sources.

👤I used it for the first time yesterday for my Christmas cookies with an oven temp of only 300 degrees and part of the silicone melted onto my new cookie sheet. Not happy!

👤The first time I used it, it was in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. It melted in the oven and left a white powder covering the inside of the oven and a pile of ash outside. I've had some before, but never like this. I'm not sure if this is a knock off or not, but my oven is a disaster, and then smoke/ash got into the fan unit, and I'm not sure what to do. It's a terrible thing.

👤When I ordered my Silpat, I bought new baking pans. I roasted some veggies at 350 and the Silpat melted onto the pan. The pan and mat are ruined. I am disappointed that the veggies didn't stick to the silpat, but I am even more disappointed that my new baking pan is ruined.

👤The reviewer warned about counterfeits. I got what I paid for after taking the cheaper price. It is going back. It is almost certain that it is a knock off.

👤The product is not authentic. The product I received was wrapped in brown packing paper and had a knock off website listed on it. See the photo. I'm coming back. Be careful.

👤I think the rave reviews are from people who don't own an authentic Silpat baking mat. I ordered this because I was curious about the low cost and wanted to compare it to the one I already owned. I could tell it wasn't right when I took it out of the packaging. The baking mats were supposed to be folded in half. They were meant to be stored in rolled or flat form, so no care was taken in shipping it. It felt more like a light plastic than a Silpat. The construction appeared to be a cheapened replica. I returned it immediately, so it could still be a useful baking mat. If you are looking for an authentic Silpat, I would encourage you to purchase it from a trusted retailer. Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams and Sonoma carry them.

👤It melted onto my baking pan when I used it to bake pastries. There is a photo for the pan. I have a melted silicone sheet and a ruined baking pan.

👤As soon as I opened the box, I knew something was wrong. It was clear that I had a fake when I compared the mats I received with the one I already owned. The edges of a fake are wrapped in plastic film and rolled into a cardboard sleeve and feel rough when you run a finger over them. The logo and lettering are shiny, but the strands themselves are not tightly woven. The letters are printed on the silicone. Be sure to inspect what you receive because they have very crisp edges. I might have been deceived if I didn't have an authentic one to compare the fakes with.


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