Best Baking Beans for Pies

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1. Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

There is a capacity of 1012 dia and 10 dia frozen and home-made pies. Home baking family fun. Colorful rainbow pie weights for baking, rainbow kitchen natural clay beads pie crust weights, ceramic beans for baking pastry weights for pies, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, 1 cm diameter baking weight stones and 2lb/900g total weight...enough for lots of baking fun Natural, safe and hardy. Ceramic pie weights for baking are made from natural, food grade, non-absorbent and durable ceramic material with no odor or use of harmful substances. Baking beads are used for blind bake pie crust, blind bake pies and blind bake quiche dishes. There are ceramic pie weights for baking Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Pecan pie, Banoffee pie, Lemon Meringue pie, Banana Cream pie, Sweet Potato pie, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb, fruit tarts, Chocolate pies and savory pies. It's ideal for baking pie pans and pie dishes. There is a story about a damsel in distress. Baking must haves include a jar with a heart design, a metal locker for storing pie weights, and eye catching baking tools. Baking essentials gift for someone you know who loves to bake is Blind baking beads pie weights for baking gifts.

Brand: Generic

👤I've been looking for a better blind baking solution than the bag of dried lentils that I've been using, and I found these adorable rainbow ones! They work well and are not boring in the kitchen with the nice storage jar. I was worried about pouring the hot beans back into the glass jar immediately out of the oven, so I let them cool a bit before doing so, but the jar held up fine even while the weights were still warm. If you're looking for something a little more fun than the standard pie weights, you should purchase these.

👤The pie weights were in great condition. They look attractive on my counter and add a pop of color. I did not find any broken, cracked, or chipped weights in the packaging. The glass jar is sturdy and I like the heart design, it's a nice touch. I love these and will bake many pie crusts and tarts.

👤I am very happy with the rainbow baking beans. They make me smile when I'm blind baking a pie crust. The beans come in a cute glass jar which makes storing them easy. Highly recommended!

👤The jar the weights come in is cute and they do their job. I've never used pie weights before, but I did when I bought a new pie plate. Had to throw it away, then tried again. Happy baker, pie crust stayed put!

👤I bought it for her as a gift, but I know she used them and was pleased.

👤It works as expected. Pleased with the amount. It fills a plate. No butter seems to have been absorbed by the weights.

👤It's a good idea to rinse them prior to use. It worked great. Also decorative. It would make a great gift for an aspiring baker.

👤The product arrived on time. Have not used them yet.

2. Gretel Baking Weights Borosilicate Drawstring

Gretel Baking Weights Borosilicate Drawstring

Storage container with drainage It is normal if there are traces of pottery on the surface of the weights. Make sure to wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water. The draining box and canvas bag could be used to dry and store the weights inventilated environments. Pre-baking your pastry will prevent it from puffing up, bubbling or shrinking during blind baking. 2.5 pounds is enough to fill a 9 or 10 inch pie pan. It is easy to clean and will not retain oils or odors. The bag is convenient for easy storage. For a long time, this is a reusable.

Brand: Gretel Baking

👤I was happy to read that the glass marbles were easy to clean and weigh down my pie crust, after reading a lot of reviews. They come in a thick bag for easy storage. They are not worried about absorbing or discoloring water. Before pouring the marbles in, be sure to put down a layer of paper on top of the raw crust. I no longer use dried beans or rice for food.

👤There are a lot of weights for my pan. A good bead. It is easy to clean. The cloth bag had some loose threads, but I prefer the plastic box.

👤I have used these many times and they have been very good. They did their job as expected. I put the paper on top of the pie crust and then put the beads on top of it. I like the cloth storage bag.

👤Great pie weights. It is easier to clean the ceramic ones. The peanut butter pie crust was great.

👤These worked well for blind baking. There is plenty for one pie. The bag is sturdy and good for storing them.

👤I like glass pie weights.

👤I discovered that you should put a piece of paper down first. I keep the cru from forming bubbles. I had a problem with that.

👤I like them. I don't want to poke my pie shells anymore.

3. BallchainAge Pie Weight Chain

BallchainAge Pie Weight Chain

Ceramic weights distribute heat evenly. Hannah's Baking Pie Crust Weight Chain is 10 feet long. The product is made to be strong, durable and reuse; it has a flexible beaded design that is heat resistant and easy to place and remove. It transfers heat evenly and weighs down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming. Banana cream and chocolate cream pie is one of the blind bake pie crusts. It is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Brand: Hannah's Baking

👤This is how big the product is. Not enough for a ten inch pie. It's really bad.

👤This item is able to keep bubbles off the bottom of the pie dough, but it isn't large enough to do the entire job. There were bubbles under the part that wasn't covered. I am wondering if it is worth it to buy another 10 ft. one. It wasn't long enough and it was disappointing.

👤It's hard to clean waste of money when you don't go in a circle.

👤I've only used it once, but I'm very happy with it. I've put it in the dishwasher before and it is clean. It's so easy to put out since it's all one long item. It seems strong. It's really hot when it comes out of the oven, so be careful. I was dumb, that should be obvious.

👤The pie weight didn't live up to my expectations. They seem sturdy and have some weight to them. I can tell they are not made of steel. That's the end of the good. I ordered a 10 inch size but it doesn't cover the bottom of my pie dish, which is too small. I tried to bake a pie blind so I could see how it would turn out. Not a fan. It's a good idea, but not well executed. They're a bit of a pain to wash and dry, but that wasn't a big deal to me because they don't get really dirty anyways, I ran them under water with some dish soap and patted them dry. I used dried beans and parchment paper to blind bake pie crusts.

👤Overall, it's quite pricey. I need 2 of these per pie shell.

👤I bought a chain to cover the pan. I bought another 10' because they still don't cover the pan. I think I will use beans.

👤The crust was still bubbling up. Not enough weight in the chain.

4. Pieces Baking Set Adjustable Vallenwood

Pieces Baking Set Adjustable Vallenwood

Lashary offers a 12 months warranty and friendly service. You can email them if you have a problem with their product. They will reply as soon as they can, and they would be happy to help you. Buy it together and save more. You will save a lot if you packed all the essentials together. The ceramic pie weights are perfect for blind baking pies. It is made from ceramic. The working temperature can be as high as 480F. Adaptable to any frozen pie crust. The Pie Crust Shield is made of Silicone. Silicone shields can be adjusted to any mold. The tab lock should be secured into the notch. Why choose their products? They are quality and they understand what customers want. LIFETIME GOODS: If you love them, they'll buy them back from you.

Brand: Vallenwood

👤There is not enough pie weights to blind bake a pie. It is a good start for a novice baker and the adustable pie crust shield is very handy and easy to store with it being silicone rather than metal.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they seem really good quality. The pie cutter is comfortable to hold.

👤The item arrived. I had to wait to review it. It was what she needed for baking.

👤I like the pie weights for blind baking the pie crust, I have not used the pie dough cutter yet, but the silicone pie crust shield is a nice set and good value for the money.

👤They are a great gift and love them so much.

👤I will definitely need to buy again because it works so well.

👤The cutter is terrible. It would warp at every move when I was trying to cut the cold butter. It's flimsy and dangerous.

👤The set was great for the price. Pie weights work well, but pastry cutter bent with first use works better. It does the job and is still usable.

5. Tala Ceramic Pie Beans Cream

Tala Ceramic Pie Beans Cream

For a long time, this is a reusable. It is oven proof to a temperature of 236C 464F. The fridge and freezer are safe. It is heat resistant and can be used again.

Brand: Tala

👤Read the reviews. Don't agree with the negatives. These are great! I've used dried beans and ceramic beans before. These worked well.

👤It was just as expected. The plastic case they come in broke when they opened it, so don't store them in the container.

👤The baked beans are made in Germany and do not have a smell. The beans can be washed by soaking in hot, soapy water. The quantity received is enough to properly weight a 9” pie crust. I think these are good.

👤These are my favorite baking beans. They are clean and have a good weight.

👤I can make a quiche and not have to cook it. These are worth the money. I will buy some for my friends who make pies.

👤Im geniebar ist selbst.

👤These Ceramic Baking Beans are great for blind baking. If you don't apply them to the items you are baking directly but with a protective foil, they don't need to be washed. This is the second box that I have purchased, as I use two quiche trays at the same time to save time, and they are both very good and last a long time.

👤I bought these beans because I enjoy a good quiche and they are so good that I've used them on top of the pastry. I use a layer of baking or parchment paper between the beans and pastry to make it easier to clean. I have a dish that's 27 cm wide and one tub that will cover it, but I could probably use another tub to get the beans to the edges. The price of beans in other places is less.

👤I used the beans to hold the baking paper. They are made with no broken beans or bits in the tub. You can get a larger quantity of beans for less money in this shop than in a well known bakeware shop. It's easy to clean, it's very heathy and doesn't crack or split, so it's good to use. Excellent quality and value of product.

👤It's better than using rice to bake. It's easy and gives good results. I would have saved a lot of trouble if I had found them earlier.

6. Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

The trace of clay powder left on the surface of beads is easy to clean and use. Before use, wash with warm water. Store in a cool dry place. The measures are 6' / 72" and 184 cm long. The pie weight chain is strong and resuable, so you can avoid bubbles and cracks in your pre-baked pie shells. Promotes even baking and prevents air pockets when baking empty pie shells. Place the chain on top of the pie shell. Lift the chain when your crust is baked. It is easy to use and remove. It's great for homemade pie crusts. It's ideal when making banana, chocolate, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and more. It's in a convenient storage case.

Brand: Norpro

👤It works just as well as the baking balls because it takes up very little space in a drawer. At least to me.

👤I learned that I can use it to clean narrow-necked jars because I don't bake pies. Put some soap and water in the jar and shake it up to clean it.

👤I got a rusty set, tried to find the retailer, but they had a different name, and I had to file a complaint with Amazon. Yuck! Rust pie is not an option.

👤Excellent price. It's hard to find in my local stores. A single pie crust makes it much more satisfying. It was worth the price.

👤I already had one of the Norpro 6' chains, but needed two more in order to get full coverage in the pie pan. Norpro's is more substantial than the others. It is expensive, but worth it.

👤I use this item frequently and bought it as an extra set of ceramic beads. When blind baking, beads come away from the pan quickly, and works well in conjuction with beads to fill the shell.

👤During initial baking, the single pre-baked and partially pre-bakedcrust didn't get soggy. When filling with beans or rice, it can get slightly soggy. I tried a softer flour from the South and it may be the cause of the crust shrinking down the sides. The pies were the same. I'm curious about baking upside down. I will use Pilsbury flour dough for the chain.

7. Chicago Metallic CMB164 Pie Weight

Chicago Metallic CMB164 Pie Weight

It is easy to use and clean, non porous and non absorbent, does not absorb flavors or odors. Before storing, hand wash and dry thoroughly. If the pie weights stick with oil, clean them well with detergent and dry them before the next bake, or the oil on the deads will be burnt, and the beads will turn yellow and black. The single piece pie weight keeps the pie flat. The single piece design is easy to remove. Cook's magazine has a top rated article. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. Caution when removing pie weight after use of the top rack dishwasher.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤My husband and I love to cook, and we're good at it. America's Test Kitchen gave us a review of this. I don't know what failed in their testing, but the pie weight is a bust. It's too light and small for a 9" pie crust. The red silicone "fingers" embedded themselves into the pie crust as it was baking and, therefore, tore up the crust when it was removed, making the crust unusable for pie anyway. We're going back to the old fashioned pie weights. Don't waste your money.

👤The pie weight was a good idea, but not as advertised. I used it to bake a pie crust in a 9-inch pie pan, but it didn't work. The holes in the bottom keep the pie from being over cooked, but the size is only about 8 inches and the pie crust still jiggles. If the "petal-type" silicone ring was expanded, it would cover the whole pie crust, not just a segment. I wouldn't recommend this item for purchase because it doesn't keep the pie from shredding up.

👤It looks like it would work better than it does. I used it for the first time while making pies. The middle of the pie crust has to be weighed down so that it doesn't go up. I was looking for something lighter and easier to use. The bottom well was covered but not the sides. I made the crust. It was a disaster. Everything above the flaps fell back in on itself. When using pie weights, you fill the inside of the crust to the rim so that the filling doesn't move. This left too much pie crust exposed. I wish I could come back. Not worth the money.

👤The reviewers who report that the sides of the pies are sliding are wrongly blaming this product. It's important that you chill your pie in the fridge or freezer for at least 1/2 hour before you bake it. Make sure your rack is on the lower rung of the oven if you find pies not cooked on the bottom. The ceramic pie weights were difficult to use. The gizmo is easy to use and clean up. I did cook my pies a bit longer to make sure they were cooked enough, but I've learned that's not true. I've had enough pie shrinkage before I learned that you must chill your pie shell. Two of the quiches were baked in the freezer and worked well. I'll probably bake the blind shell longer than I would have before if I did pie from scratch. I expect the same results as I did this week with pre-made.

👤It doesn't work as well as I hoped it would, or as well as the bead chains. The edges of the wafer were too light and allowed bubbles to form in the crust. Works better in 9 than in 10. I gave it 3 stars because it's cheap and works better than nothing.

👤The pie weight is a dream. I don't know why anyone wouldn't love it. I don't get the mixed reviews, I have seen them. I bake pies daily and this tool saves me time and frustration. The height can be adjusted at any height setting. I use it in my pie pans. The flaps should be just below the top of the pie shell. Pies will not fall. It is easy to clean.

8. Ceramic Weights Bags,Baking Reusable Natural

Ceramic Weights Bags%EF%BC%8CBaking Reusable Natural

It's easy to use, just wipe clean with a dry cloth or hand wash, and dry thoroughly before storing. SMOOTHY PIE CRUST:MAKE. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange as needed; they weigh down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming and transfer heat evenly. Rock hard and solid, sturdy for years, with high intensity structure. The product with 1.1Lb(500g) beads is enough for an 8-inch pie. The heat resistance is higher than the competitors. It will not break easily under high temperature baking. There is an important tip. Before pouring on the weights, baking paper must be placed on the pie crust.

Brand: L7hwdp

👤When they come out of the oven, they are hot and stay that way for about 5 minutes. There is a They are good.

👤They are the perfect conduit of heat in the core for cakes and provide an even bake for my pie shells. They hold up well after a clean up.

👤These gems were found while looking for pie weights. They're perfect for my pie needs.

👤They are much heavier than using beans. I've made pies in my life and can't believe it took me so long to find this item. I no longer have anxiety.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.

👤I use it when I make cream pie.

9. Ceramic Weights Reusable Stoneware Container

Ceramic Weights Reusable Stoneware Container

The Pastry Blisters are prevented. Pie weights prevent pie crust or other pastry from forming bubbles while baking. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange as needed; they weigh down pie dough to keep it from forming bubbles and transfer heat evenly. It's an important tip. Before pouring on the weights, baking paper must be placed on the pie crust. Their pie weights are made of a high-intensity structure and are durable for years. Enough beads should be used on the pie crust to weigh it down better. The pie should be weighted by at least 500g of beads. The temperature can be reached up to 480F, but it won't break easily under high-temperature baking. It's great for any size frozen and homemade pie crust, such as banana cream and chocolate cream pie, lemon meringue, strawberry, banoffee pie, and more. The package includes ceramic pie weights with a food grade wheat straw container, total approx 2.2Lb@0g. If the pie weights stick with oil, clean them well with detergent and dry them before the next bake, if the oil on the dead will be burnt, and the beads will turn yellow and black. It is easy to clean and use beads that have been manufactured. Before use, wash with warm water. Store in a cool dry place.

Brand: Hommtina

👤I am looking forward to using these weights this holiday season, even though I have never used them before-- they are a must in the kitchen of pie bakers. I don't have to waste beans and rice to serve as weights, which is one of the biggest benefits of these weights. I am happy to have the chance to replace the weights, lost in a move, and all the other things that have been lost. Pie weights are a gift that you give yourself. There is a person named Peggy.

👤The plastic container was shattered when it arrived.

👤These are worth it, they will improve your pie crusts.

👤It is simple to use. Good results are produced.

👤I'm not sure if they will work, but I'm sure they will. How could you make a mistake? Will use the beads for pies.

👤They have a heavy powder on them.

10. Innovations Perfect Crust Stainless Weight

Innovations Perfect Crust Stainless Weight

Flat, ready to fill pie crusts. After baking, it is easy to remove. Less fuss baking, dishwasher safe.

Brand: Jaz Innovations

👤Product is not what it appears to be. I ordered these because I wanted a chain of solis balls instead of a string of hollow beads. This is not what I was expecting. The product description is wrong and the actual weight is half of what the seller says it is.

👤The chain is 5 ounces. The ceramic weights that I have today weigh more than 10 ounces. I use 2 sets of ceramic weights for a single crust. The ceramic weights are not on a chain, but I will continue with them until I find a better product.

👤These are so light-weight they don't do anything. I was so disappointed that I bought a product that was a misrepresentation of the purpose of pastry weights. I can only assume that the seller's friends gave him high marks.

👤Excellent for blind baking pies. I had a white ceramic ball pie but it was difficult to clean because they were dirty. I would recommend this chain to all because it is easy to clean and has more than enough length. Great product!

👤I knew when I bought it that it was what I was looking for. I was hesitant about buying something from a company I had not heard of. I received a dishwasher safe chain. It's from RSVP International. I've heard of them.

👤She uses it and has no complaints. It works better than the ceramic bean style ones as the chain can be more easily placed, moved, and removed.

👤They work well. I could have used more than 10 inches to cover the pie shell. I had to add some weights.

👤I've made a lot of pies over the years, and have found a way to keep the center of the pie shells flat when I need them to be for banana cream and lemon meringue pies. I bake at 9700 foot elevation and things don't turn out the way they should.

👤It was small and only covered half of the pie. It was difficult to put it down and it didn't give a lot of weight.

👤The product is easier to use than the ceramic balls I have. The chain was a little light in the weight department. It does the job.

👤Just love it. There is no more burnt beans or chickpeas. This does a great job of keeping the pastry flat. They claim it is dishwasher safe. How do you keep it so fluid? The regular dishwasher baskets don't have this slithering thing.

11. Weights Ceramic Reusable Storage MoHern

Weights Ceramic Reusable Storage MoHern

It is easy to clean and use beads that have been manufactured. Before use, wash with warm water. Store in a cool dry place. Pie weights are made from food-safe, heat resistant Ore and there is some Ore powder on the surface of newly manufactured ceramic stoneware. Clean pie weights and the storage box with soap water before use, and air dry thoroughly before storage. Place the pie weights on the paper over the pie crust or pan. When baking supplies are taken out of the oven, they should be handled with care because 1.5lb pie weights suit pie pans of different sizes.

Brand: Mohern

👤They look great. The size and weight are perfect. I washed them and let them drain. The dust was expected. There were no broken pieces on mine. Before using the first time, I would check. I am sure the ceramic beads break occasionally.

👤These pie weights are really nice. They filled the 9 inch pan and left some over. They don't come with instructions, but you can use them. I put them over the paper and foil to make it easier to take out. They are easy to wash.

👤The pie beads work. You should allow them to cool before you put them away or try to clean them.

👤I tried to remove my single crust from the bottom, but they stuck to it.

👤I like that they arrived quickly. They are easy to clean, just rinse them off and let them dry.

👤I bought a larger set because I loved the one I had before.

👤Not what I was expecting. They left a stain even though they were pre-washed. It's not easy to wash them afterwards.

👤The product is what it is described as. I was very happy with how the pie crust came out when I tried the weights for the first time. The weights are easy to clean and the bag is useful.

👤The item was in great condition when it arrived. If you have to blind bake a pie crust, they are perfect.

👤I'm going to get more of these.


What is the best product for baking beans for pies?

Baking beans for pies products from Generic. In this article about baking beans for pies you can see why people choose the product. Gretel Baking and Hannah's Baking are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking beans for pies.

What are the best brands for baking beans for pies?

Generic, Gretel Baking and Hannah's Baking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking beans for pies. Find the detail in this article. Vallenwood, Tala and Norpro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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