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1. Individual Chocolate Nonstick Bakeware Tumblers

Individual Chocolate Nonstick Bakeware Tumblers

If you are not happy with the construction or performance of the mini bundt pans, you can contact them for a quick solution, they have zero tolerance for quality issues. These individual molds are made of carbon steel and non-stick coating material, wear resistance and reliable, not easy to break, and can be applied for many times. If you want to make pudding or cupcake, you need a proper size for the egg tart molds, and they are portable, so please check the size in the picture carefully. The carbon individual molds feature a quick release, which means you don't have to worry about breaking the shape of your sweets when you bake or place, and they are easy to demould and transfer finished food to the plates, which will be great. You will receive 10 pieces of individual pudding molds in silver, adequate amounts for you to meet your daily usages or party supplies, suitable for you to make various flavors of sweets with your friends or families at one time. These egg tart moulds can be used to bake individual desserts, such as pies, cupcakes, brownies, popovers, muffins, pudding, puto, mini cakes, jelly, cheesecakes, egg custard and more.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤I like using these to make mini egg frittata muffins and egg just loves to stick to everything, I put oil inside the tins to make them. I washed and dried them because I don't know how well they would do in a dishwasher. So far, so good.

👤It is easy to clean and perfect for making muffins.

👤It's easy to clean, it's perfect size.

👤I only got 9 piece, instead of 10 piece, because I like the product.

2. Mrs Andersons Baking Ceramic Stoneware

Mrs Andersons Baking Ceramic Stoneware

The instruction manual for the Fullstar food chopper should be read carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Mrs. Anderson's Ceramic Pie Weights bake empty pie shells, known as blind baking, without them bubbling or collapsing. Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware, it is heat resistant to 480-degrees Fahrenheit. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange, and weigh down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming. Banana cream and chocolate cream pie is one of the blind bake pie crusts. It's easy to use, it's great for any size frozen and homemade pie crust, and you can wash it with a dry cloth or soapy water before storing.

Brand: Mrs. Anderson's Baking

👤Light balls surfaced. Only 1/3 of the bottom of a typical pie plate was covered. These pie weight balls are a great choice if you need enough coverage of weights that will be hard to keep clean. They are a complete waste if they are not. Balls leave a white powder after use. It's great if you like a little Taiwanese cereamic dust.

👤I'm surprised at how many people complain about the dustiness of these pie weights, but they're easy to rinse off and dry, and they were never meant to go into a pie crust naked. If you line your pie with foil or parchment, the little babies will distribute the heat evenly, and they won't leave any particles behind in the pie. Remove them after a few minutes and then bake to dry and brown the bottom of the crust. My complaints are the same as everyone else's: one box is not enough to hold up the sides and lock them in place during blind baking, so consider the price doubled and get two; and I keep mine in a jar.

👤I needed pie weights so I could blind bake the bottom of the pie. Blind baking keeps a bottom crust from getting wet. The pie weights should come up the sides of the pie pan to make sure the bottom of the pie is pressed against the tin. There wasn't enough pie weights in a single box to cover the bottom and not enough to fit on the sides of the tin. I plan to buy more of these pie weights because I like them and they are easy to clean and store.

👤I had been using dried bean for many years and decided it was time to treat myself to a set of pie weights. The ceramic beads work better than dried beans because the ceramic holds the heat and helps the crust brown. One set would have been sparse if other reviewers had not complained that the number of weights was skimpy. New ceramic pie weights will be covered in ceramic dust during shipping. Before use, be sure to rinse them in a collander. The liner should always be used over the crust. The weights will become embedded in the crust and it will be toast. I apologize for the bad pun. - If you smooth the liner over the unbaked crust before filling it with beads, the beads won't roll around as easily. The plastic storage box is flimsy, and it's difficult to put the weights back in it after use. A colored canning jar is great if you want a simpler storage solution or if your box breaks. I use a turqoise antique Ball jar. I found that there are many other items that could be used just as well as the ceramic beads for pie weights, such as the glass beads for flower arranging, and the tumbled stones. You can get the equivalent of two packages for a dollar, so the stones and glass beads are far more economical, and you could use them in your flower vases when you're not baking pies. If you do this, wash them well afterwards. You can get glass beads that are flat, so they are easier to handle. The glass beads are not the same as the gel beads. The glass beads will be safe in an oven because of the high melting point of the glass.

3. Webake Ceramic Weights Reusable Stoneware

Webake Ceramic Weights Reusable Stoneware

Hand wash recommended. Perfect for pies, chocolate, quiches, and other delicious desserts,Ceramic Pie Weights are used for blind baking. It's a good choice for home baking. It was made from food-safe ceramic. The temprature can be up to 480F. It's great for any size pie. The package was upgraded to 1.6 lbs of ceramic pie weights with a cotton bag. It is easy to use. Place the weights on the paper to keep it from getting too puffy. It's great for all sizes of pie pan. It's easy to clean. It's normal for trace of clay powder to be left on the surface of new beads. Before use, wash with warm soapy water. Store in a dry place.

Brand: Webake

👤I usually make two pies at a time. The ceramic pie weights seem to be made well, but not for two pies. The reason you use them is to make sure the side wall on the pie crusts don't fall down. There isn't enough of these to be used for that purpose so do not use them. If the write up said enough for one pie crust versus two, it would be correct. I show a coffee mug next to the bag to give you an idea of the size. Disappointed.

👤It says that there are 3-4 pie crusts. It might be enough for a small pie. I don't like false advertising and won't be buying from this seller again.

👤I had problems with the edges of the pizza getting too brown and hard when it was still cold. I baked it a few minutes longer to brown the crust because I had been covering the edges with foil. That worked well. I wanted something more permanent. The We bake Pie Crust protectors fit standard size frozen pizza's just fine and can be adjusted for larger or smaller sizes. It does the job well, but with some differences. Foil can be removed immediately without burning fingers. Silicone does not cool quickly. It will cause burns to fingers. It was awkward to use a pot holder. When pulling foil off a pizza, it takes the cheese with it. Silicone doesn't stick to anything. The foil must be removed from the brown edges of the pizza before it is baked. The edges were just right under the Silicone shield. I didn't have to take the shield off to make it brown. There is waste. There was foil going into the landfill for each pizza. The shield is made of silicone. Put it in the dishwasher. I think it will take several years.

👤I had to return them because as soon as I opened the package there was a thick layer of dust all over everything, and one third of the weights were broken open. Other items received were fine and packaging intact, so it was not from shipping. Mrs. Anderson's pie weights are more expensive but will last longer.

👤I was not satisfied with the purchase. There is not enough weight to fill the bottom of a pie crust. If I need to put weights in a few cupcake molds, I can use them. I'm using dried beans for my pie crusts.

👤I wanted to compare pie weights to dried beans for blind baking pie crusts, so I read about them and wanted to try them out. The product was chosen because of the high reviews. It was a disappointment. The product was covered in a white powdery substance when I received it. I thought it was flour, but the texture was off once in contact with it. When you put up your Christmas tree and have to handle the branches and artificial lights for too long, touching the case/bag or ceramic beads leaves a fine mark on your hands. I used soap and water to wash it off. Several of the beads were damaged and the inner part looked like a metal ball. I will throw my product in the trash. It was a complete waste of money. A bag of regular dried beans works better than this, and doesn't leave a weird residual from handling them.

4. Ceramic Weights Bags´╝îBaking Reusable Natural

Ceramic Weights Bags%EF%BC%8CBaking Reusable Natural

It's easy to use, just wipe clean with a dry cloth or hand wash, and dry thoroughly before storing. SMOOTHY PIE CRUST:MAKE. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange as needed; they weigh down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming and transfer heat evenly. Rock hard and solid, sturdy for years, with high intensity structure. The product with 1.1Lb(500g) beads is enough for an 8-inch pie. The heat resistance is higher than the competitors. It will not break easily under high temperature baking. There is an important tip. Before pouring on the weights, baking paper must be placed on the pie crust.

Brand: L7hwdp

👤When they come out of the oven, they are hot and stay that way for about 5 minutes. There is a They are good.

👤They are the perfect conduit of heat in the core for cakes and provide an even bake for my pie shells. They hold up well after a clean up.

👤These gems were found while looking for pie weights. They're perfect for my pie needs.

👤They are much heavier than using beans. I've made pies in my life and can't believe it took me so long to find this item. I no longer have anxiety.

👤Does what it is supposed to do.

👤I use it when I make cream pie.

5. 50 Pack Disposable Aluminum Containers

50 Pack Disposable Aluminum Containers

How can I remove a sick label? A hair dryer! Blow the label with hot wind, then tear it off. If you still have little glue on it, use a eraser to remove it. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The base is 7.12 inches and the inner dimensions are 8 inches x 8 inches. Throw away the disposable aluminum baking pans after use and forget about the time-Consuming Cleanup. It's perfect for everything from restaurant to-go containers, meal prep containers, school trips, camping, lunch, roasting, sample dishes, outdoor events, and more. It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf, Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤I needed smaller disposable pans for sharing meals with my neighbors. These are the perfect size, and they were very inexpensive. They arrived the day after I ordered them. They are the right size for side dishes for our sad Thanksgiving of 2, because I don't want to have to eat green bean casserole and sweet potatoes for a week.

👤They don't have to be washed or returned. The price is reasonable. It's a bit awkward putting something in the oven if it's a little heavy. I bake a pound of sausage, eight eggs, a cup of sharp shrewder cheese, and a 10oz can of tomato and green chilies in this pan. To put the egg casserole in the oven, I have to put the pan on the shelf. When the eggs are solid, there is no problem. The pan is very heavy.

👤We use this item to cut up veggies and meats in my home. The food is in the foil pack. No issues with the structure of the item, even with veggies or meats piled to the top. The price point is a great value.

👤These pans are great for sharing food with friends and family. Take an essential worker. My son said it was nice to come home from a long day and not have to cook.

👤I use these in my air fryer. They don't fit. The 8x8 pan that I want to use doesn't fit because of the flange on these.

👤During the holiday season, I used these for small cakes and found them to be more durable than the ones I bought at dollar stores. Let's be honest, they rarely stay on anyways. I wrapped them in foil. I recommend these for people who need disposable pans.

👤The idea of using an alum pan to keep the air fryer cleaner is a great idea. I like that they fit my kitchen appliance pretty well. It isn't a perfect fit. It's very good. You can recycle the air fryer and get a new one if you wash it and use it over and over. I use my air fryer all the time so these pans are a life saver in the clean up. The pack of 25 is a great value.

👤I use them for baking cakes, they are much easier to cut than round cakes, and I also use them for transporting food to the bbq grill. Having a good supply is so useful. Will order more when I run out.

6. Chicago Metallic CMB164 Pie Weight

Chicago Metallic CMB164 Pie Weight

It is easy to use and clean, non porous and non absorbent, does not absorb flavors or odors. Before storing, hand wash and dry thoroughly. If the pie weights stick with oil, clean them well with detergent and dry them before the next bake, or the oil on the deads will be burnt, and the beads will turn yellow and black. The single piece pie weight keeps the pie flat. The single piece design is easy to remove. Cook's magazine has a top rated article. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. Caution when removing pie weight after use of the top rack dishwasher.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤My husband and I love to cook, and we're good at it. America's Test Kitchen gave us a review of this. I don't know what failed in their testing, but the pie weight is a bust. It's too light and small for a 9" pie crust. The red silicone "fingers" embedded themselves into the pie crust as it was baking and, therefore, tore up the crust when it was removed, making the crust unusable for pie anyway. We're going back to the old fashioned pie weights. Don't waste your money.

👤The pie weight was a good idea, but not as advertised. I used it to bake a pie crust in a 9-inch pie pan, but it didn't work. The holes in the bottom keep the pie from being over cooked, but the size is only about 8 inches and the pie crust still jiggles. If the "petal-type" silicone ring was expanded, it would cover the whole pie crust, not just a segment. I wouldn't recommend this item for purchase because it doesn't keep the pie from shredding up.

👤It looks like it would work better than it does. I used it for the first time while making pies. The middle of the pie crust has to be weighed down so that it doesn't go up. I was looking for something lighter and easier to use. The bottom well was covered but not the sides. I made the crust. It was a disaster. Everything above the flaps fell back in on itself. When using pie weights, you fill the inside of the crust to the rim so that the filling doesn't move. This left too much pie crust exposed. I wish I could come back. Not worth the money.

👤The reviewers who report that the sides of the pies are sliding are wrongly blaming this product. It's important that you chill your pie in the fridge or freezer for at least 1/2 hour before you bake it. Make sure your rack is on the lower rung of the oven if you find pies not cooked on the bottom. The ceramic pie weights were difficult to use. The gizmo is easy to use and clean up. I did cook my pies a bit longer to make sure they were cooked enough, but I've learned that's not true. I've had enough pie shrinkage before I learned that you must chill your pie shell. Two of the quiches were baked in the freezer and worked well. I'll probably bake the blind shell longer than I would have before if I did pie from scratch. I expect the same results as I did this week with pre-made.

👤It doesn't work as well as I hoped it would, or as well as the bead chains. The edges of the wafer were too light and allowed bubbles to form in the crust. Works better in 9 than in 10. I gave it 3 stars because it's cheap and works better than nothing.

👤The pie weight is a dream. I don't know why anyone wouldn't love it. I don't get the mixed reviews, I have seen them. I bake pies daily and this tool saves me time and frustration. The height can be adjusted at any height setting. I use it in my pie pans. The flaps should be just below the top of the pie shell. Pies will not fall. It is easy to clean.

7. Disposable Aluminum Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

Disposable Aluminum Recyclable Extra Sturdy Containers

We offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their pan. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. While most disposable foil pans have the tendency to burn food while in the oven, theirs are made from premium aluminum that allows for superior heat distribution and improved airflow. The top outer and top inner of the disposable foil containers measure at a size of 5.6 x 4.57 inches and 5.1 x 4 inches, respectively. Food containers are disposable, but they should not be flimsy for high quality food. The bakeware they use is made from high-grade aluminum that gives it greater strength to comfortably handle the weight of most dishes. The set of disposable pots includes 50 oblong trays and 50 board lids. The snap-on covers with the disposable aluminum foil pans lock in all the flavor and are strong enough to preserve the freshness. It is designed to create a tight seal that reduces the risk of spills during transit, prevents freezer burn, and preserves freshness for much longer. CONVENIENCE AND ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY. Whenever you whip up something, you don't have to fill up your kitchen sink with dishes. Food can be baked in the oven, stored in the fridge, and served on the table with their foil freezers containers. The freezer meal prep pans are great for storing leftovers, carrying food to take out camping, and to-go containers for guests. They value the happiness of their customers. Their aluminum foil containers have been backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Have you experienced any problems with your product? They will do everything they can to make it right. You can add to the cart now and start enjoying the convenience of foil pans.

Brand: Dcs Deals

👤I am a family of one and the best way to save is to shop for groceries. Buying family packs and the likes is what it means. I make meals ahead and freeze them in containers. They are perfect, one portion size; they stack nicely in my freezer; they work well to thaw and re-warm in my oven; then toss when my meal is over. They are great for left-overs and to send extras home with friends who have come for dinner. They are easy to use and sturdy. It gets better than that.

👤I cook for myself because I'm single and live alone. I usually cook a lot on Sunday afternoons, then freeze it in single-serving containers for later use. I decided to use these foil pans because plastic can be convenient but expensive. They are working well so far. The measurement at the top of the container is about 5.25" x 4.12". The sides slope inward, so the measurement at the bottom is smaller. Keep that in mind. I crimped the foil over the lid to hold it in place for freezing. I either thaw and place it in a microwave-safe dish or use my toaster oven to thaw it. I've used them for things like chicken enchiladas, orange chicken with jasmine rice, Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes, and breakfast casserole. There were no problems at all. They are not what I would call heavy duty. I put them on the baking sheet in the oven. I understand that making them from a heavier gauge aluminum would be more expensive, so I'm careful when filling, storing, and re-warming them. I like them a lot and will likely buy this brand again when needed. 4 out of 5 stars. Will purchase again.

👤These are good for meal prep. We like to make easy oven dinners-for-one.

👤I make huge portions of any dish. It is great to be able to share them with others. I like to pull out when I don't feel like cooking. I can label these pans on the top.

👤These were not as big as I thought. I don't know what I will be able to use them for but I think it's my fault for not measuring them out myself before I bought them.

👤I have purchased these before. The first order was fine, but this time it was short 3 pans and 2 lids. If you need a specific number, then shop elsewhere.

👤I love these pans. It's perfect for one or two portions. Excellent for freezer. Hold the cups.

👤These are great to bring to work because I love to cook. Can you heat the oven with the lid on if you take off the lid and cover it with aluminum foil? A win solution is to freeze the rest of the batches.

👤These are very strong. I have bought others that were flimsy and twisted. The foil is strong and thick. I have been able to reuse them. There is a good supply of lids with foil one side and cardboard the other. The price is very good compared to what I've paid before, and they arrived quickly. I do a lot of cooking and storing so I'll be buying different sizes.

8. RSVP International COMINHKR022502 CHAIN BEADED


After the baking beans are cleaned and dried, put baking paper on the pie and put the beans on the paper. The chain of weights is designed to prevent pie shells from falling.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I bought this for my daughter. She needs a pie chain to move along with her pies. She says it works well and is what she needed.

👤It came in the day before Christmas and was perfect to blind bake a shell pie. Great product. I bought two for larger pie shells.

👤The chain of weights was much easier to use and store than the loose pie weights that can get lost or rolled hard to reach places in the kitchen. I found the lowest price for a pie chain, but I had to wait a little longer for the product because it came from Canada. Unless you're in a rush to bake fruit or custard pies. I made two pies after I bought the pie chains. Oh my gosh! Maybe I should send them back on a scale. Enjoy!

👤The weight is perfect, I was looking for something long enough for large pies, but not too much for smaller pies.

👤Does the job need to be used effectively? The container the chain comes in is a good idea, but the one I received would not stay open. I have an elastic that I use to keep it shut. At this point, the chain appears to be high quality.

9. Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

Ceramic Pie Weights Baking Pies

There is a capacity of 1012 dia and 10 dia frozen and home-made pies. Home baking family fun. Colorful rainbow pie weights for baking, rainbow kitchen natural clay beads pie crust weights, ceramic beans for baking pastry weights for pies, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, 1 cm diameter baking weight stones and 2lb/900g total weight...enough for lots of baking fun Natural, safe and hardy. Ceramic pie weights for baking are made from natural, food grade, non-absorbent and durable ceramic material with no odor or use of harmful substances. Baking beads are used for blind bake pie crust, blind bake pies and blind bake quiche dishes. There are ceramic pie weights for baking Apple pie, Pumpkin pie, Pecan pie, Banoffee pie, Lemon Meringue pie, Banana Cream pie, Sweet Potato pie, Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Rhubarb, fruit tarts, Chocolate pies and savory pies. It's ideal for baking pie pans and pie dishes. There is a story about a damsel in distress. Baking must haves include a jar with a heart design, a metal locker for storing pie weights, and eye catching baking tools. Baking essentials gift for someone you know who loves to bake is Blind baking beads pie weights for baking gifts.

Brand: Generic

👤I've been looking for a better blind baking solution than the bag of dried lentils that I've been using, and I found these adorable rainbow ones! They work well and are not boring in the kitchen with the nice storage jar. I was worried about pouring the hot beans back into the glass jar immediately out of the oven, so I let them cool a bit before doing so, but the jar held up fine even while the weights were still warm. If you're looking for something a little more fun than the standard pie weights, you should purchase these.

👤The pie weights were in great condition. They look attractive on my counter and add a pop of color. I did not find any broken, cracked, or chipped weights in the packaging. The glass jar is sturdy and I like the heart design, it's a nice touch. I love these and will bake many pie crusts and tarts.

👤I am very happy with the rainbow baking beans. They make me smile when I'm blind baking a pie crust. The beans come in a cute glass jar which makes storing them easy. Highly recommended!

👤The jar the weights come in is cute and they do their job. I've never used pie weights before, but I did when I bought a new pie plate. Had to throw it away, then tried again. Happy baker, pie crust stayed put!

👤I bought it for her as a gift, but I know she used them and was pleased.

👤It works as expected. Pleased with the amount. It fills a plate. No butter seems to have been absorbed by the weights.

👤It's a good idea to rinse them prior to use. It worked great. Also decorative. It would make a great gift for an aspiring baker.

👤The product arrived on time. Have not used them yet.

10. Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

Norpro Pie Crust Weight Chain

The trace of clay powder left on the surface of beads is easy to clean and use. Before use, wash with warm water. Store in a cool dry place. The measures are 6' / 72" and 184 cm long. The pie weight chain is strong and resuable, so you can avoid bubbles and cracks in your pre-baked pie shells. Promotes even baking and prevents air pockets when baking empty pie shells. Place the chain on top of the pie shell. Lift the chain when your crust is baked. It is easy to use and remove. It's great for homemade pie crusts. It's ideal when making banana, chocolate, coconut cream pie, lemon meringue, key lime pie and more. It's in a convenient storage case.

Brand: Norpro

👤It works just as well as the baking balls because it takes up very little space in a drawer. At least to me.

👤I learned that I can use it to clean narrow-necked jars because I don't bake pies. Put some soap and water in the jar and shake it up to clean it.

👤I got a rusty set, tried to find the retailer, but they had a different name, and I had to file a complaint with Amazon. Yuck! Rust pie is not an option.

👤Excellent price. It's hard to find in my local stores. A single pie crust makes it much more satisfying. It was worth the price.

👤I already had one of the Norpro 6' chains, but needed two more in order to get full coverage in the pie pan. Norpro's is more substantial than the others. It is expensive, but worth it.

👤I use this item frequently and bought it as an extra set of ceramic beads. When blind baking, beads come away from the pan quickly, and works well in conjuction with beads to fill the shell.

👤During initial baking, the single pre-baked and partially pre-bakedcrust didn't get soggy. When filling with beans or rice, it can get slightly soggy. I tried a softer flour from the South and it may be the cause of the crust shrinking down the sides. The pies were the same. I'm curious about baking upside down. I will use Pilsbury flour dough for the chain.

11. Stainless Toaster Barbeque Superior Dishwasher

Stainless Toaster Barbeque Superior Dishwasher

The glass is made in America. The lid is made in China. High quality. Their heavy duty baking sheet pans are made of high food grade STAINLESS steel material which will never rust for a lifetime. No coating is more healthy. The baked goods rise and bake evenly. Sturdy when held in hand, no easily warp and long service life. Jelly roll pans with around the high edge are easy to clean and keep clean. Dishwasher safe, easy clean up, only need hand wash. The bakeware tray with all around curling design is ideal for ease in handling and prevent scratching hand when baking. Baking is more meaningful with a user-friendly design. A variety of sizes for you. It can be used to roast cookies and chicken wings. It's suitable for family kitchen, hotel, restaurant and so on. How can I remove a sick label? A hair dryer! Blow the label with hot wind, then tear it off. If you still have little glue on it, use a eraser to remove it.

Brand: Meleg Otthon

👤Will not recommend! I have to cut my fingers twice because the edges are so sharp. It took a while for the bleeding to stop. You can't wash them without touching the sides and cutting yourself, and you can't pick them up without touching the sides. I don't know how many tags I had to take off. Tag over tag! It's outrageous!

👤She said she loves it. She made a cake mix for a crowd. It was also made without any spills. The price for a pan was reasonable.

👤One time, I used this roasting pan. The rounded corners make it easier to clean, and the weight of the pan is right. Someone wrote that the edges were sharp. They are not very smooth or sharp. I wanted a pan that was smaller than a 9 x 13 so I could cut them down. This worked well for that purpose. I won't have to throw out as much leftovers.

👤After using it for a baked macaroni and cheese casserole for Thanksgiving, it was easy to clean, which is what I like most about this pan. It looked the same as it did when it was purchased. I bought a second one because I loved it so much and I didn't have to worry about rust.

👤This pan is very sturdy and works well in my oven. It comes out of the dishwasher as shiny as new. I use my oven a lot and should order another one. I bought a slightly different version of the pan and grill that fit nicely inside this one. I recommend this product to anyone who has a toaster oven.

👤If you want a life long heavy duty pan then look elsewhere. This is the ticket if you only cook on occasion.

👤My previous baking pans have been tarnishing or their surface has deteriorated, so I decided to go with a new type of baking pan. The pan is heavy-duty and has a high rim to make it versatile for many uses. The price was very attractive. I'm very pleased with it.

👤It's deep enough to bake cakes and casseroles, and it fits the ninja oven.

👤It's a good product at a good price.

👤I was looking for baking trays that were easy to wash and looked nice after a while. This is it! Fantastic!


What is the best product for baking beans metal?

Baking beans metal products from Geiserailie. In this article about baking beans metal you can see why people choose the product. Mrs. Anderson's Baking and Webake are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking beans metal.

What are the best brands for baking beans metal?

Geiserailie, Mrs. Anderson's Baking and Webake are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking beans metal. Find the detail in this article. L7hwdp, Fig & Leaf and Chicago Metallic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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