Best Baking Beans Pie Weights

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1. Adjustable Shield BPA Free Silicone Protector

Adjustable Shield BPA Free Silicone Protector

Product dimensions in the interior. The product is made from Carbon Steel. No metal. Product descriptions can be used to refer to use and care instructions. The pie crust shield is made from food grade silicone. Their pie crust shields can be adjusted to fit any pie from 8 to 12 inches. Simply put the tab lock into the notch to keep everything in place. This pie ring is made from a high quality food grade silicone material that resists heat up to 450 degrees. The pie ring edge protectors are not brittle with no aging or harmful substances. Silicon pie crust shield is better than tin foil for protecting pie crust from burning or over browning while baking. There is attention. The pie crust protectors can be put into the dishwasher, oven, microwave, and suitable for homemade and frozen pies.

Brand: Rongrong

👤I ordered these after the last time I baked. Too late to return them, I have not used them yet. I just used one for a pie and it was pretty bad. It was difficult to set the pie gently because it was floppy. The ends are loose and they don't fit together well, so it comes apart when trying to handle the dam thing. It did not stop the edge of the crust from getting hot. I kept them because I thought they would be easier to store. They're not. I would have liked to have bought the metal ones.

👤These are nice. They do the job. I don't like wrapping foil around food. You don't have to worry about it falling off if you put one on your crust.

👤It fit perfectly. Stayed put. I have been using folded foil for years and it has always been messy and messy in the oven. The product was easy to put on the pie.

👤I was tired of using foil to protect my pie crusts. The shield takes away the anger.

👤These are easy to use and make a difference. It's much easier than using foil. To clean them, I just spray them in the sink and let them sit and rinse. I put them back in the little bag they came in to be cleaned and ready for use the next day.

👤These are not sanitary. It's more of a round shape when used as a whole. They can't be used with pot pies. I had to cut the individual pieces in half so they fit.

👤I like what these are. They are better than foil. They are easy to pull off when ready. My dish has a lip to it so the cover can get all the way around and connect to the last hook. This does not stay well. A double hook would be a great fix for this. I found it easy to push 4 toothpicks through it. They go through with no issues. That fixes the problem and they work well.

👤I took them off of the pie after they gave off a smell while baking. They can fit pies without cutting them. I gave them 3 stars because of the smell.

2. Baocuan Silicone Protectors Adjustable Diameter

Baocuan Silicone Protectors Adjustable Diameter

LIFETIME GOODS: If you love them, they'll buy them back from you. The Pie Crust Shield can be adjusted for grooves and is suitable for pies of 8 to 11 inches. It's more convenient than the foil shell. Place the silicone pie crust protective film on the edge of the pie to keep the oven from over cooking and the pie from burning. It's made of food grade silicone and can be used in the dishwasher for easy storage. It's easy to bake frozen and homemade pies with the Pie Crust Shield Silicone, it won't burn the crust, and it's easy to make pies with it. It can tolerate heat up to 500F.

Brand: Baocuan

👤I bought these to use for Thanksgiving, as my previous ones were old metal and sometimes fell into the pie. These are easy to adjust in size. It was a 2 pack. Each one can fit a pie. I tried a new recipe that needed to be baked in a large dish. I was able to attach the 2 together and adjust the size to fit the dish. My daughter who helped bake liked them, so I would recommend them and gift them.

👤I've tried to keep the foil around the edges of my pie. I love these. They're easy to use. Get some now and do yourself a favor.

👤I was not happy with this product. I bought the set of 2 to use on my pumpkin pies. There is no way to adjust the size of your pie plate with the help of the tiny, soft notch at the bottom edge. When my husband tried to put the pies in the oven, it was impossible to get them back on the edges of the pies. He messed up the raw crusts. The product is a joke. Straight into the trash!

👤I used these on two pies last weekend and they didn't pan as well as I would have liked. I guess I'll use tin foil again. When I first received them, I talked to my husband because he was making fun of me for spending money on junk.

👤I only used this product once and it worked well. The end pieces that are supposed to snap into a receiver are not easy to place. I thought I had it in place, but it opened up in the oven and I had a small area of toast.

👤They are easy to use, but it is hard to put on the pie tins. If you want to adjust them half way through, they are fine. I had to adjust to them.

👤It's convenient. I can come up with a pie that fits this edge cover. It is easy to use, delicate, and protects the edge from burning. It's worth every penny.

👤As I ordered multiple sets, I wrote to receive them. I would've kept them, but the coating on the silicone was peeling off. This was a no for me.

3. Talisman Designs Adjustable BPA Free Silicone

Talisman Designs Adjustable BPA Free Silicone

You can use this weights storage rack to train at home and save money, because you can do it at your preferred time. AJUSTABLE SILICONE PIE CRUST SHIELD. The original pie crust protector by Talisman Designs protects your pie crust while you bake. The center will have a nice golden glow, but the edges will not burn. The one-piece, flexible design of the pie crust shield is more effective than tin foil and is easy to store when not in use. Every time, make the perfect pie crust. The material for heat resistance. The food-safe silicone is heat safe up to 500 degrees. It's Fahrenheit. You can put it in the oven worry-free. You can use the piece crust cover to bake the edges of the pie you want. Most PIE PANS are compatible. You can use the pie shield every time. The diameter can be adjusted by sliding the lock into the notch. The dishwasher is safe. Before your guests arrive, clean up your mess. The pie shield is dishwasher safe and easy to care for, so you can keep your kitchen clean.

Brand: Talisman Designs

👤I bought this pie crust protector about 4 years ago and it works as advertised. I pulled on it and it broke in one place. I wanted a backup, so I will likely keep using. The new one seems to be junk. It was sent in a small bag. I am not sending back as was inexpensive and I am pessimistic. What is happening with Amazon, or manufacturers, that a good product is copied poorly. I bought the original at a gourmet kitchen shop and might return to find a good product. This is a good lesson that not everything can be purchased on Amazon.

👤I have a Pyrex pie dish with a decent lip around it, but it doesn't fit in with the others shown in the pictures. It slips and slides and won't stay on. It didn't cover the edges of my pie when I set it on. I secured it first and tried pushing it over the edges, just like you would think it should work. I leaned on one edge with my body while I twisted my arms around the sides to hold them all down and tried to push it off the other side. I par-baked the dish before filling it. I threw the stupid thing across the room and busted the foil because I was so angry. When the dish was empty, I tried my best to get it on again, but it was too late. Big fat, no! What a waste of money.

👤I love my talisman products. I was very disappointed with this item. The description states that it will go up to an 11” pie plate, but it barely fit and would not stay on a 10” pie plate. It uses a tab and slot method to adjust the ring's size. It is difficult to keep in place because it is made of Silicon. After wrestling with the floppy piece ofSilicon, I was able to get it on my plate. After 2 attempts to get the pie in the oven, I finally put the ring on the plate and it sat on the rack. When I open the oven to check the ring, I see it has come off and is hanging through the oven rack. The old school way of doing it was to wrap the crust in aluminum. I will not recommend this item to anyone and I will be looking for an alternative.

👤The product works well, but when I ordered it, they had photos of the product that had extra things. There is a decorative crust press and a crust cutter. I thought these were a kit. I don't feel right. I bought a product that was less expensive.

👤There's no way that this crust protector is going to fit a pie crust of that size. It's barely 112 feet tall. When I don't close it over my pie plate, there is a small gap which will look like a burned pie crust. It was a waste of time to order it. I'll get a refund from Amazon, without having to go to the store and mail it back. I might try to paperclip a chunk of aluminum foil over the gap.

4. Mrs Andersons Baking Protector 9 5 Inch

Mrs Andersons Baking Protector 9 5 Inch

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. Mrs. Anderson's Pie Crust Shield allows pies to rise, reduces spillage, and prevents pie crusts from burning. It is made from aluminum and fits pie plates. It is possible to bake frozen and homemade pies without burnt crusts. It's more convenient and economical to put in a place that stays in place. The dishwasher is safe for easy clean up. The item is round.

Brand: Mrs. Anderson's Baking

👤I didn't read the reviews. I believed the seller that it would fit a pie pan. Nope. It's too small by about a quarter of a inch all around. That will teach me!

👤I read reviews that said the pie shields were too small. I decided to purchase the shields because my glass pie dishes have a wider edge. They fit perfectly on my plates. I have Pyrex pie plates that are marked with a measurement of 24 cm. The inside diameter of my pie plates is approximately 9.5" from my own measurements. I wash by hand because some people complained about the discolored shields from the dishwasher. These functions are the same as I would expect and beats out wrapping the edge in aluminum foil, which is tedious, frustrating and wasteful.

👤Dumb me. I was expecting it to fit a pie pan. Wrong. Not mine, anyway. The only ones that will fit are the disposable pans that the ready made pies come in. I may return it on principle. Then buy the 10” hoping it will fit my pan.

👤I decided to buy this one because I have been using the other ones and they are so bad that I will never use them again. The one I use is easy to use and fits perfectly over my favorite pie plate, the silicone ones are too small and fall off. I use this as a guide to cut my top crust to the perfect size and shape for the pie, as an added bonus. I love it! There are no burnt crusts here.

👤These pie shields fit my pans, even though they have pie dough shapes around them. Light enough to not cause any damage to the designs or the pies. There is plenty of room for the center of the pie to expand if needed, and the protective part is wide to protect my design. After about 15 minutes of baking, I put these on the pies.

👤I gave my daughter my Mrs Anderson's shield a long time ago after she had gotten it675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 It's easy to use and does a great job protecting the pumpkin pie. I bought another one for myself. It works and is inexpensive. It's important as those pies have to bake for so long, even though I will probably only use it at Thanksgiving. No more messing with foil falling off.

👤I haven't used them in a while, and this is what they looked like when they came out of the dishwasher. I would not have put them in there if I knew they would oxidize.

👤The size I bought was 10 inches. They fit my 9 inch Pyrex pans with handles. I'm not sure if the 9 inch size would have been a better choice. I washed my shields in the dishwasher and they were discolored. Is it possible to put them in the dishwasher?

👤Two weeks earlier than predicted, the USA received 21.05.20, which raised questions about the speed of UK Royal Mail. I was happy with the purchase of the item. It could do with a lot of improvement.

5. Weights Homemade Colorful Ceramic Kitchen

Weights Homemade Colorful Ceramic Kitchen

Silicone is softer than aluminum foil and can be put on the edge of a pie. It is easier to make pies with this Pie Crust Shield. It's easy to bake frozen and homemade pies because they don't burn pies. Does your blind baking pie have the perfect shape? Try the colorful pie weights and you will be able to make a perfect pir crust. Are you drooling over the fruit pie/tart, pudding pie, quiche, cream pie, lemon meringue, strawberry rhubarb pie, banoffee pie in the bakery? Fail to make it yourself? You haven't tried the pie weights. homemade pie baking is easier with WelifeUp colorful pie weights. Not enough to cover your pie plate? WelifeUp pie weights are enough for most home pie pans that are not over 10 inch, such as Pyrex glass pie plate, USA Pan aluminzed pie pan, etc. COLORFUL PIE WEIGHTS- Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware, heat resistant to 480-degrees Fahrenheit. Pie weights are safe for baking. There is eye-catching decor in your kitchen. There is a lifetime replacement guarantee. The best customer service of pie weights will be created by them. Contact them if you're dissatisfied. You will receive a lifetime guarantee. WelifeUp pie weights will help you bake pies. Birthday gifts, christmas gifts, stocking stuffers for women andpie lovers.

Brand: Welifeup

👤They were nicely packed with a plastic bag. Nothing was noted differently than other reviewers. There are bright colors. I haven't tried baking with them yet, but unless they don't like the heat, there's not much mystery to it. There needs to be a layer of paper or foil between the weights and the dough in order for them to "sunk" in their dough.

👤I needed pie weights and I liked the multicolor ones offered by this seller. Most of them have small chips in their finish. I haven't baked with them yet, but I think they will be fine. I bought them for a functional use. There are many of them which will fit in a pie pan of any size.

👤Baking weights are perfectly adequate. There were some "chipped" weights in the packaging but no chips in the bag so it wasn't in transit. The bad is that they are not very attractive for pie weights, but the good is that the colors come out nicely when washed and dried. There's enough in the package to get the job done, and they're just about the right size. We are looking forward to baking with them. We won't be blind baking anything until November if anything goes sideways in the oven.

👤The container had several broken or chipping objects out of it. I had to redo my first crust after Sunk into my dough. I threw them out because I was worried they would break in the future.

👤The quality of the lid was very flimsy and bendable so it wouldn't fit on the rim of the container, which was the most annoying part. It looks and feels substandard and not trustworthy as a container to hold all those small pieces without a chance of them landing on the counter or floor.

👤These little balls are used. They clean up well.

👤I needed a Lemon Meringue Pie and these Pie Weights worked great. They were cleaned in a strainer and put on a baking sheet to dry. When they arrived, the Jar was open and the weights were rolling around in the box. The product was decent.

👤The colors work well for me. They should be washed and dried before use.

👤There was no packing around the jars when the bottles of beads burst open. The metal lids were damaged. The beads are small and light. I am not convinced that the coloured beads were worth the extra cost.

6. LeonBach Weights Canvas Ceramic Stoneware

LeonBach Weights Canvas Ceramic Stoneware

Baking essentials gift for someone you know who loves to bake is Blind baking beads pie weights for baking gifts. There will be ceramic powder in the canvas bag when you receive it. Before use, please clean the beads. The package has 2.2lb / 1000g 10mm white pie weights for baking and a thickened canvas bag. Their ceramic particles can be used safely. The size of each baking beans is 10mm. After the baking beans are cleaned and dried, put baking paper on the pie and put the beans on the paper.

Brand: Leonbach

👤They do the job for which they were designed. The bag in which they come makes for easy and convenient storage, and there is enough quantity to cover one, let me repeat, one 9-inch pie plate completely. I don't expect from pie weights.

👤These were a problem for us. We were working with bite-sized pies. We washed them and let them dry, but they stuck to the crusts. We oiled the crusts lightly, but it didn't help. They didn't stick to the line we bought them to line.

👤I used dried beans before, but hadn't used realpie weights. If you make your own pies, this is a must have.

👤Exactly what I needed to bake my pie crusts. I like the quantity and the bag they came in, it's perfect for storing.

👤I didn't know pie baking weights were different. These are smaller than my others. Still usable. I have to separate them from my other ones.

👤If the coating on the beads is flour-esque, the bag will let you put puffs of white powder when you pick it up. The beads range in size and are balls.

👤These pie weights can be filled with the whole pie crust to keep it flat.

7. Ceramic Reusable Pre Washed Stoneware Stainless

Ceramic Reusable Pre Washed Stoneware Stainless

It's great for rolling cookie, pastry, pizza, and pasta dough too. Natural Ore is safe and heat resistant, pre-washed. Perfect pie or tarts can be created. It prevents pastry blisters. Banana cream and chocolate cream pie is one of the blind bake pie crusts. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange, and weigh down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming. It's easy to use, it's great for any size frozen and homemade pie crust, and you can wash it with a dry cloth or soapy water before storing. 2 LB ceramic pie weights with one food grade 304stainless steel can are included in the pakage. The can can hold 1 liters.

Brand: Sarosora

👤These are perfect! If you wash them and let them air out on a towel, then stick them in an oven on a low temp for an hour, they will be dusty. They are good to go. I don't recommend air drying them as they will not dry out completely on their own, and if you live in a humid place, you will have sticking complaints. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone. Make sure you use them correctly.

👤There were no instructions for this product. If you purchase this product, you should be prepared to wash it before using because the weights were not dust free. The bag holding the weights was covered in white dust. I poured the weights into the unbaked pie crust. The weights wouldn't budge when I removed the cooked crust. When I tried to remove the weights from the pie shell, the weight of the pellets caused it to fall out of the pan and break into pieces. I saw that the Amazon website said to line the pie crust with "cooking" paper before placing weights in it. The instructions should have been included with the product. The description of the product did not include them. They were at the bottom of the page. I will use the weights as a cookie cutter, because they came in a nice tin.

👤I like to bake the pie's crust to prevent sogginess. The beads work well. When done, just dump the paper in a strainer and wash it well, then spread it out on a towel and dry. Don't put them back in the container until they are completely dry. The container is nice.

👤The beans are smaller than I thought, and they don't weigh as much. I used a full bag of brown rice, which was really fiddley when loose on the parchment. These will be fine weight wise, and not as annoying. It's not good having to pick stray rice grains from your baked goods. The step up is defined as the step up. I have already cleaned them. They were dumped into a sink of soapy water, then put into a tea towel on the counter. It took about 5 minutes. They came out okay. They were a bit dusty when they arrived.

👤This product is the best value for the price. It is made of all natural minerals and comes with a container to hold the beads. I have never used anything like that.

👤The set has more weights in it than other sets I looked at. The storage tin is something I like.

👤These weights are perfect for pies. I like the can they arrived in. I don't have to worry that a box or bag will degrade over time.

👤They work, but not as well as I 888-276-5932s. They get very hot and hard to remove from pie. The dust was powdery. I think piercing with a fork is a better solution, but may be an individual choice.

8. Gretel Baking Weights Borosilicate Drawstring

Gretel Baking Weights Borosilicate Drawstring

Storage container with drainage It is normal if there are traces of pottery on the surface of the weights. Make sure to wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water. The draining box and canvas bag could be used to dry and store the weights inventilated environments. Pre-baking your pastry will prevent it from puffing up, bubbling or shrinking during blind baking. 2.5 pounds is enough to fill a 9 or 10 inch pie pan. It is easy to clean and will not retain oils or odors. The bag is convenient for easy storage. For a long time, this is a reusable.

Brand: Gretel Baking

👤I was happy to read that the glass marbles were easy to clean and weigh down my pie crust, after reading a lot of reviews. They come in a thick bag for easy storage. They are not worried about absorbing or discoloring water. Before pouring the marbles in, be sure to put down a layer of paper on top of the raw crust. I no longer use dried beans or rice for food.

👤There are a lot of weights for my pan. A good bead. It is easy to clean. The cloth bag had some loose threads, but I prefer the plastic box.

👤I have used these many times and they have been very good. They did their job as expected. I put the paper on top of the pie crust and then put the beads on top of it. I like the cloth storage bag.

👤Great pie weights. It is easier to clean the ceramic ones. The peanut butter pie crust was great.

👤These worked well for blind baking. There is plenty for one pie. The bag is sturdy and good for storing them.

👤I like glass pie weights.

👤I discovered that you should put a piece of paper down first. I keep the cru from forming bubbles. I had a problem with that.

👤I like them. I don't want to poke my pie shells anymore.

9. ROCKSHEAT Ceramic Utensils Container 2 2Lb 1000g

ROCKSHEAT Ceramic Utensils Container 2 2Lb 1000g

Great for blind baking, it prevents pie crust or other pastry from forming bubbles. It's easy to place and arrange, no more big air bubbles, just a smooth crust ready for its filling. It's an important tip. Before pouring on the weights, baking paper must be placed on the pie crust. The eco-friendly, food grade wheat straw container does not contain any harmful substance or odor. The competitors are heat resistant up to 600F. Under high temperature baking, high thermal conductivity will not break easily. Reusable, rock hard and solid, for a long time. The pie should be weighted by at least 1.1Lb(500g) beads for a 7-inch pie and 2.2Lb( 1000g) for a 9-inch pie. It is easy to use and clean, non porous and non absorbent, does not absorb flavors or odors. Before storing, hand wash and dry thoroughly. If the pie weights stick with oil, clean them well with detergent and dry them before the next bake, or the oil on the deads will be burnt, and the beads will turn yellow and black.

Brand: K Rocksheat

👤The pictures for this product were not accurate. It seems like you will get a quantity that will fill up your pie. The smaller the pie's crust, the more illusion it gives. I'm tired of faking it. The beads work well, but only covered the bottom of my pie shell, which wasn't big enough to support the sides. I didn't find them dusty, but it was a bit of a bait and switch. That is the reason they only got 3 stars. All ceramic pie weight beads are porous and have to be thrown away. The less expensive ones are the same as these. If I had a do-over, I would choose two brands. I don't bake that much anymore, so I wanted to inform others. If you want to get enough beads to fill a pie plate with enough beads to support the sides, you need two of these 2.2 pound containers. That's a lot of money.

👤I've never used pie weights before, but last week I was baking pies for a coworker's birthday, and didn't want the butter crust to fall in the pan. I picked these because I love the storage container and I'm glad I finally got some, but mostly because I love having a place to put them safely away. You can use dried beans, but these seem to be more sanitary, and they worked well. I'm sure they'll be used a lot in the future.

👤The ceramic balls were intact when they arrived. It's easy to clean and store. It works for one deep dish pie crust or two regular pie crusts.

👤The item was ordered yesterday and delivered about 2 hours ago. Rocksheat was purchased because I no longer wanted to use dried beans or rice and because of the price and reviews. I'm often skeptical of items that are cheap. The packaging was good. All weights are in uniform. I washed them, dried them and used them to make a plum tart. The weights were washed in soapy water and then dried and put back in their container. That is very easy. I would buy them again.

👤Only one of the ceramic beans was not perfect. You have to be sure that the beans are dry before you put them in the container.

👤It's perfect for a pie crust of 9 inches. There were no collapsing sides. There were no broken or chipped beads. I washed them off before using. It was very easy to clean. A good product.

👤I like the look of the pie weights and container. I was looking for a replacement for my bag of pennies or beans, which were gross and started to break after a few times. After watching the video, I decided to try them out. I thought that any company that took that much time to make a useful video and not just one full of salesbling likely made a good product as well. I have not been disappointed. The product arrived undamaged. The container is easy to fit in my cabinet. If you like sitting out, you can put it on the counter. The air hole on the top allows them to vent. There is an instruction booklet that can be put in the container with the weights. I made a delicious quiche in a pan. I would be cautious around little ones at the age of putting everything in their mouth since these could look tempting and be a choking hazard. Buy that goes for many things and make sure they are safe.

10. Norpro 3262 Ceramic Pie Bird

Norpro 3262 Ceramic Pie Bird

Care: Easy to store, dishwasher safe, food grade silicone, noBPA, and it's food grade. The measures are 3.5 x 1.75 x 1.75. It's handy, useful, decorative and playful. A must have in the kitchen. Works well at releasing double crusted pies. Place the bird in the center of the pie and place the filling and pastry top around it. Bird releases steam through its mouth, which allows steam to escape from your pie, preventing bubbles and juices from boiling over and preventing a soggy pie crust. It's made of oven safe ceramic.

Brand: Norpro

👤I bought this for my wife at the end of June. It seems to be well made. She hasn't baked me a pie yet. When I gave her the item, she asked what the hell it was. I told her. She thought it was cute. She mentioned four and twenty blackbirds. I'm pretty disappointed that I haven't received a pie.

👤I was eager to use the ceramic pie bird after I received it. The one I used previously was from my grandmother in England, and I am 80 years old, so it must have been an antique. It got broken in transit during my move last year. I found another one on Amazon. It wasn't to be. It cracked after I baked it in an apple pie, probably from the heat of the oven. It wasn't made of the stuff that its predecessor was. The bird was put down in the garbage can.

👤The little bird is adorable. He works well for the top of a pie. The bottom of the pie bird doesn't get soggy like it used to. I've pinched a few holes in the top crust for all of my adult life and am so glad I found out about pie birds. I'll trade the round hole in the center of the pie for a better bottom crust.

👤This bird is great. I did a bit of research after seeing one in the Old Butte Creek Mill. In the 1800's, you could place one of these in your fruit PIE before going into the oven, so that it would burn more cleanly. Thank you for bringing the dead birds back for use.

👤The Norpro Ceramic Pie Bird can be used in a baker's kitchen. The pie bird is very effective at releasing double crusted pies. Simply place the bird in the center of a double crusted pie before baking, and you can cut a small hole on the top of the pie. The bird's open mouth will release steam as the pie bakes. Adding decorative cuts to the top of my pies ensures that the pie filling won't leak out and be lost to the bottom of the oven. The bird makes a cute shelf decoration when not in use. The little black bird is very sturdy. The bird I received had no chips or cracks, and his color was consistent all over. The silly little bird is both a useful and adorable tool to use when baking filled pies.

👤As a teenager, I was very curious and loved learning to bake and cook like my Grandmother. I don't know what happened to a lot of her kitchen stuff when she passed away, but I did read an article about vintage cookware and found out they still make and sell them. If you've read this far, try using milk instead of water in your pie crusts, they were always tender and very delicious.

👤The little bird is strong. He helped us make four pies in a day. This is a cute gift for a pie maker.

11. Pieces Baking Set Adjustable Vallenwood

Pieces Baking Set Adjustable Vallenwood

Lashary offers a 12 months warranty and friendly service. You can email them if you have a problem with their product. They will reply as soon as they can, and they would be happy to help you. Buy it together and save more. You will save a lot if you packed all the essentials together. The ceramic pie weights are perfect for blind baking pies. It is made from ceramic. The working temperature can be as high as 480F. Adaptable to any frozen pie crust. The Pie Crust Shield is made of Silicone. Silicone shields can be adjusted to any mold. The tab lock should be secured into the notch. Why choose their products? They are quality and they understand what customers want. LIFETIME GOODS: If you love them, they'll buy them back from you.

Brand: Vallenwood

👤There is not enough pie weights to blind bake a pie. It is a good start for a novice baker and the adustable pie crust shield is very handy and easy to store with it being silicone rather than metal.

👤I haven't used them yet, but they seem really good quality. The pie cutter is comfortable to hold.

👤The item arrived. I had to wait to review it. It was what she needed for baking.

👤I like the pie weights for blind baking the pie crust, I have not used the pie dough cutter yet, but the silicone pie crust shield is a nice set and good value for the money.

👤They are a great gift and love them so much.

👤I will definitely need to buy again because it works so well.

👤The cutter is terrible. It would warp at every move when I was trying to cut the cold butter. It's flimsy and dangerous.

👤The set was great for the price. Pie weights work well, but pastry cutter bent with first use works better. It does the job and is still usable.


What is the best product for baking beans pie weights?

Baking beans pie weights products from Rongrong. In this article about baking beans pie weights you can see why people choose the product. Baocuan and Talisman Designs are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking beans pie weights.

What are the best brands for baking beans pie weights?

Rongrong, Baocuan and Talisman Designs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking beans pie weights. Find the detail in this article. Mrs. Anderson's Baking, Welifeup and Leonbach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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