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1. Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

The baking mat is approximately 18.6 x 16 inches. The metal mixing bowls have a range of 6 sizes, so they can be used for everything. For all-purpose workhorses in the kitchen from preparing, mixing, stirring, and kneading dough. STAINLESS STEEL has an attractive mirror finish for an elegant look. The metal bowls are easy to clean and stain resistant. Durability yet light weight - that's what it is. Their bowls are made from freezer- and dishwasher-safe materials and shatterproof to last a lifetime. It was intricately designed. The wide rolled rims allow for a solid grip. Balance and stability are provided by flat bases. Capacity marked outside bowls for easy identification. The salad bowlsseamlessly nest together and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify the kitchen. Kitchen mixing bowl sets.

Brand: Finedine

👤They are made like junk.

👤I was excited until I got them. I could tell by the package that it was a bad purchase. 3 of the 6 are dents and won't sit on the counter so they rock back and forth. If you push on the bottom of the bowl, they pop. Not worth the money or time. They go back.

👤I am not sure if these are 100% steel. I believe that the company misrepresented the origin of the manufacturer. There is no indication of what material the bowls were made of. Every product I buy in a store has an inscription on it that says "stainless steel." I am not sure if they are made of the correct material, and I will not use them myself, even for food consumption.

👤Unless people have never seen decent bowls before, I don't understand the positive reviews. The bowls are light and easy to use. These aren't strong enough to hold up to cooking. I returned them after I pulled them out of the box. If you like things that last you look elsewhere, you'll get a lot of bowls.

👤I opened the box and found that 2 of the 6 bowls had been damaged. The package was intact. I believe this happened before the manufacturing process began. I returned the bowls to Amazon. Initially I was thinking of giving it away as a Christmas gift, but decided to try it out first and buy a second set if I liked it. Imagine keeping the box closed for a while and opening it during the holidays. This is a lesson I have learned before. Look.

👤I just received the shipment and examined the bowls, 5 out of 6 were in good condition but one was banged up so much that I was surprised it passed evaluation and was shipped out. For the price, I suppose this is acceptable, but it makes me feel bad about the whole experience and makes me not want to buy any more bowls. These are not stains that can be wiped off. They're either bumps or cuts through the shiny finish, or they're under the finish.

👤These are gorgeous! Photo doesn't do them justice. They are not the least bit flimsy. I like the large lip on the rim. Perfect gifts will be made by these. Not a single ding came from the carefully packed car. It would be nice if the quart size was stamped on the bottom of the bowl. Unless it is, I can't catch it. The size is easy to estimate, so it is not an issue. I didn't get these at a discount. I am sick of seeing those reviews.

👤Nice size bowls. The largest one is very large. I have only used it to mix 2 lbs of baked macaroni and cheese, with 6 cheeses, and it doesn't even get close to filling the bowl. I use it when I make cornbread dressing because I have to make 3 different versions, one for myself, my husband and our son, so it will come in handy when mixing the main ingredients. I only had it for a week or so and there are already marks on my favorite bowl. That is a bit disappointing. It's not a dealbreaker. 4.5 stars.

2. Cocotte Casserole Dutch Ceramic Charcoal

Cocotte Casserole Dutch Ceramic Charcoal

The salad bowls are the best way to save space. The cocottes are made of stoneware. The nice size handles make them easy to serve. The cocotte has a round knob on top. This way your contents are safe and warm. It's perfect for a single serving of casseroles, mac n' cheese, pot pies, cobblers and other hot dishes. The oven is safe. The microwave is safe. The dishwasher is safe. Lead free.

Brand: Kook

👤If you want to impress your future ex-in-laws, look no further. novice chefs will seem like Hell's Kitchen veterans with these four best friends. They look great on your table. They are heavy and have a rich deep color that doesn't fade after many washings and are dishwasher safe.

👤The French onion crock is perfect. My family and I love using them. French onion soup, baked Mac and Cheese, and an assortment of dips were all made by me. They look beautiful on my open shelves and are very versatile, heat and dishwasher safe.

👤These casserole dishes can be used to make serving sizes for me to cook in the oven or in my fridge. They help me keep my meals small and I can eat multiple portions in a rush.

👤These were bought to be used as a gift for an elderly person who no longer cooks. It's nicer to have food in containers. They work in the microwave, and they include lids. It has enough capacity for a good-sized individual portion, and I liked the 10oz. size.

👤These are cute and classy. They are small but good for a side to share, like green beans, and perfect for a single person meal. I am excited to make chicken pot pies this weekend, I made lentil soup in it to try them out. They are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. What else could you ask for? These are perfect for my meals because I am not eating what I make for my family. These are cute, but not really durable. I made chicken pot pies in the oven for 35 minutes and then cooled them on the stove top. They are cracked. I don't know if I will get more uses out of them. Unless you want them for display, save your money.

👤The bread and cheese can still be placed on top of the eight ounces of French onion soup. The soup/chowder will leave a quarter inch margin at the top of the rim. I got navy with white interior which would complement Fiesta-ware.

👤I had the same ones with the black knot on the lid top. I broke one. Most of the mini ones are too small to replace. I have bought similar mini dishes from this seller before. The colors on the pictures don't look appealing but when I receive them, they like the green. I inquired about the size of the item but did not get a reply from the seller. They were almost the exact size when they arrived here. It was a very happy ending. A good purchase. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤These are small Crock / Dutch Oven Pots. They are perfect for individual size shepherds pies, meat pies, soups with dumplings, mini baked apple pies etc. There are many uses for these pots. You think they are only a cup and a half, but they are bigger than you think. They came quickly and were well packed. They are not light garbage material and have a good weight to them. Delivery from Texas to Montreal is great for microwaves, ovens, and air fryers. I highly recommend these for cooking.

3. Zak Designs 2325 7005 Confetti 4 Piece

Zak Designs 2325 7005 Confetti 4 Piece

Their french baking dish round set is the perfect gift for housewarmings, bridal showers, holidays, Christmas and more; it is also ideal for Caterings, restaurants or daily use and comes in many sizes. A great everyday kitchen set has four different sizes and is suited for a variety of different situations. The serving bowl set is dishwasher safe and made with 40% post-industrial recycled melamine, a durable and material that is not harmful to the environment. There is a multi-PURPOSE. These bowls are ideal for a number of uses, such as preparing, mixing, stirring, and baking. The bowls are dishwasher safe when you are done. The Confetti line makes a bright statement with a modern feel. The Confetti mixing bowl set is great for everyday use and special occasions. The salad bowls are the best way to save space.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤I bought these bowls to use in the kitchen and they were plastic. I dropped a bowl and it broke. I contacted Zak designs about the shattered bowl since they don't stand behind their product. They won't replace the shattered bowl.

👤The bowls were all broken, but the pink one was the only one that had padding in the box.

👤I like the look of these bowls but I wish they were a bit tougher. We've lost 2 out of 4 due to cracks and we've been careful with them after reading reviews about their durability. It's not the same without all the colors being represented. It's a pity.

👤I was happy to find and buy the recycled plastic mixing bowls I was looking for. The bowls are fine. Why am I upset? Zak Designs is determined to set an example in protecting the environment. They described the bowls as recycled plastic bowls. It was a huge failure, Zac Designs. I was expecting better.

👤I've bought multiple sets of these bowls over the years and would recommend them overall, but only if they are in good shape. They're cute and colorful, and the sizes included in this set will cover the vast majority of mixing-related tasks, which I use when making things in. The bowls made out of other types of plastic are more difficult to break. It will shatter if you drop it on the floor. The bowls can crack when hot or cold liquid is poured into them. If you're prone to dropping things it may be better to choose something made from a different material.

👤These bowls are lightweight and can be used for snacks in the kitchen. I originally thought the bowls were odd because of the flare out, but it makes them easier to handle if you have wet or slippery hands. The colors on my screen are the same as those on my screen. If you drop it just so it can break, it's sturdy and no problems so far, but it can get more brittle with age. These are more durable than any ceramic or glass bowl. Highly recommended.

👤I purchased this bowl set many years ago. I was really sad when my 2nd smallest bowl got a huge crack and I use that bowl everyday. No one seems to know what happened to the crack, but I think it was either dropped or bumped hard. I was going to replace this one, but decided to get the whole set again. I love them!

👤I love this set of bowls. They are very heavy duty and have been used a lot. I don't have to worry about their longevity. Many mixing bowls have thin walls, but this set is high quality. I could have used another set this past holiday baking season, so I'm going to buy a second set for holiday cooking.

👤The sizes are perfect. I have dropped them a few times and nothing had broken or chipped.

👤Fiancé likes the product. It was what she was looking for. A great set of bowls.

4. TAUCI Ramekins Souffle Dishes Ramekin

TAUCI Ramekins Souffle Dishes Ramekin

Zero risk. If you have any issues with the bowls, they will support a replacement or refund. The Ramekins Versatile Baking Experience can be measured in size as small as 4.3 inches in diameter, 2.1 inches in height, and 8 ounces. The Ramekins are great for souffle, mini flans, creme brlée, lava cakes and condiments. They can provide you with great experiences for your family and guests. Doric Ramekin is designed to be highly stackable, taking inspiration from ancient Greek Doric columns. If you pile them up in your cabinet, you will be able to manage your kitchen space. The bottoms of the dishes are glazed to make it easier to clean them. You can choose your personal style with the variety of color choices. Their ramekins are always ready to meet your expectations, no matter what dish you serve. If you're tired of using the same things, use your creativity and combination of ideas to discover more about the possibilities of ramekins. The ceramic product is high-fired using natural clay, water and gas. It can tolerate high temperatures up to 482F. The fridge and microwave are safe. Ceramic is free of heavy metals and doesn't absorb food odors or flavors. ThePleasing Gift Set is a great gift option for weddings, housewarmings, and Christmas. It is a perfect present for your friends and family.

Brand: Le Tauci

👤I made some peach cobbler with the set I received. It was perfect for desserts. I love the quality. The size for each serving was perfect. Kids who came over to my place loved it. They look pretty and I would use them for house parties. Will try to make other desserts with it. Excellent set!

👤I have nothing to compare them to since I have never eaten anything made or served in a ramekin. I didn't find any damage or defects in the box that the manufacturer put the ramekins in. All six are on top of each other.

👤The cermaic is not as dense as the better brands, but it will work for what I paid for.

👤I gave 2 stars instead of 1 because I really like the product, but one arrived with a chip. The pieces in the box aren't big enough to cover the chip, so I think it was chip when it was packaged. Pay attention to people. We'll see how it is after I replace it. There was only one cushion between the two stacks of cardboard, which was between the ramekins. The kind of stuff that should be encased in styrofoam is this. Take note of Le Tauci!

👤I got my package an hour ago. I opened the package and found one of the bowls cracked. I was very disappointed. The bowls should have been wrapped a little better to prevent them from breaking. I was issued a new set after I contacted the company and they insisted that I keep the current set. Great customer service.

👤These have been perfect for my needs so far. I ordered them to make a creme brulee with my new cooker that will be so rich that my mother will not eat it, but I say more is more. I cooked everything in a bag and then transferred it over, because you could probably just cook the creme brulee inside of these if you can seal it. It's easy to clean, just soak it in water and wipe it off, then pop it in the top rack of my dishwasher. Really good.

👤Many of the ramekins don't nestle properly, they sit too deep into the dish. When filled, making them unstackable. These are about perfect. The bases fit very well into the lip of the inner rim. They will tilt a little and touch the food. You can only stack without the bottoms touching the dish at about 6oz. None of the others were close to being this good.

👤I ordered the white ones. They are of good quality. The company cares about their product and the consumer. They are easy to clean once you soak them in warm water. The bottoms are strong and the ramekins are bigger than 8oz. It's important that you don't have to fill them all the way to the top as this will allow for a safe rise if you are cooking something that uses yeast, baking powder or soda. I made chili with a cornbread topping and it was perfect for serving with a salad. I ordered a set of 6 to try, and now I'll be ordering another set for a total of 12. Will be a great gift. I think they're a good choice.

5. KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The set of bowls includes a 2.5 quart bowl, 3.5 quart bowl and 4.5 quart bowl. The bowls don't slip when mixing. Each bowl has a non-slip base that increases stability. The pour spout on each bowl helps to reduce the chance of spills when transferring mixes. Bowls nest together when not in use for easy storage. The mixing bowls are dishwasher safe. They have a one year hassle-free replacement and lifetime limited.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The previous edition of the bowls was in a different color than the one I owned. The quality was great. They dropped on the floor after years of use. I bought a replacement set because I loved them so much. I felt how muchINNER and less-durable these would be when they arrived. Corporations have become slaves to profits over other considerations, like QUALITY, and they cut corners more and more, and send out cheap products for a steep price. That seems to be the rule of thumb. What results? They lose a customer for life. I used to buy KitchenAid products. But no more. Did you think people wouldn't notice KITCHEN AID? We do. You have lost my business. I will use glass bowls. Not paying the premium price for plastic that will be in the trash bin within a year.

👤They said they are dishwasher safe, but they began to warp and change shape as they passed through the dishwasher. The water in our house is only set at 120 degrees, so it is not like we have a boiling water situation. We returned them because they are not dishwasher safe.

👤The product was disappointing and mediocre. The design of the spout is too shallow for pouring anything. The feel is cheap and thin. The old bowls broke and gave out. They are not as sturdy, good-feeling or functional as the ones they replaced. I couldn't find anything better.

👤The bowls are nicely sized and the color is great, but they are made of a cheap plastic that is rigid. I think they would crack if accidentally dropped on a tile kitchen floor, and I don't know what a hot dishwasher would do to them. KitchenAid's stuff is usually top quality. Returned and was replaced by the OXO Good Grips set.

👤It's lightweight. It was a pretty color. These are not durable. I don't think they are dishwasher safe. Two of the bowls have cracks in the bottom of them, and one of them will be cracking soon. I really liked them, they were light in weight, and easy to use. I liked the number of sizes that came in the set. KitchenAid accessories are not very good. The stand mixers and other appliances are great.

👤In Nov 2020. Hardly used. The 2.5 quart bowl has a crack in the bottom, so I tried to use it. It leaks information. It was a disappointment. Kitchen Aid was reliable. I would probably not buy it again. The bowls were just right and the color is nice, but if you can't use them more than a few times, it's not good. The buyer should beware. I tried to send a note to them. They need a model number and a part number. What? I got the info from Amazon. The mail bombs out. Gave up after three tries. Good luck!

👤It had been dragged around the storeroom floor before it was damaged. Quality control is terrible. Disappointed.

👤These bowls are sturdy, easy to hold, easy to maneuver, don't slide around on the counter, and are the best mixing bowls I've ever seen. They are as perfect as you can get. Bowls are amazing. I wish there was more of a larger size. The largest bowl is not a large, but a medium-sized bowl. 5 stars all around. These are great for mixing and baking. The handle is a perfect size and balance for single-hand pouring/mixing, and they look great as well. A lot of thought and testing was put into this design. It's great.

6. Mixing Bowls Lids Kitchen Stainless

Mixing Bowls Lids Kitchen Stainless

Your purchase is risk free. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a problem with their products or if the product is damaged upon arrival. QUALITY MIXING BOWLS The mixing bowl set is made of quality heavy gauge food-grade STAINLESS steel, which is resistant and rustproof. The interior and exterior of the bowls are mirror finish. The design of the mixing bowls can improve your cooking pleasure. The mixing bowls have 7 different colors in the lid which makes it easy to identify the food in the bowl. The mixing bowl lid is very sturdy and durable, it's not even made of a BPA free material. It is great for storing food and keeping it fresh. There are 7 different sizes of mixing bowls, including 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5 QT. The accessories include spreader spatula,basting brush,spatula spoon,egg whisk,egg separator and 6 measuring colorful spoons. The space saving and easy to clean features of the 7 piece mixing bowls kits make the kitchen more tidy and clean. It is easy to clean mixing bowls. Don't use the dishwasher to clean bowls. The mixing bowls kits are suitable for multiple different use scenarios in the kitchen, like making salads, mixing large batters,egg mixing,serving and storage food.

Brand: Leidawn

👤I didn't expect such quality for the price, I'm going to be honest and say that! It comes with 7 bowls and some measuring spoons. It's easier to spot the right lid for a bowl that has a color match than it is for a bowl that doesn't have a color match. They are all very light and sturdy. It was a good deal.

👤The metal mixing bowl set has everything you need for a standard household. My daughter just moved into her first apartment and needed a lot. I thought this set would be a nice addition to her home. It comes with 7 different sized bowls. They all have the same lids. A set of measuring spoons, an egg seperater, a spatula, and a couple other silicone utensils are included in the package. My daughter loves these bowls and tells me she uses 1 every day. She has had them for a while now and they are holding up well. They are easy to store and wash.

👤Beautiful bowls! The colors are pretty and the lids are non plastic. It's already a great set, but then they add the measuring cups and utensils. I like the colorful measuring cups. The bowls are very secure. The bowl isn't like a Rubbermaid or Tupperware seal, so don't lift it by the lid. I wouldn't turn it upside down and expect it to hold because it's airtight. I got this set to cut down on plastic use and to store food in containers. Not just for the environment but for health as well. The bowls are made of steel. Light but strong. This would be a great wedding gift.

👤They were used to serve food at a party. I loved how colorful they were. The other tools in this set are easy to store since they stack together.

👤These are easy to clean and great for storing things. All of the utensils that came with them are made of silicone, which is safe to use on pans. I attached a picture of my own, but I couldn't fit everything in the picture, so some of the bowls are still stacked up. This would be a great gift for someone who is just getting out on their own or someone who wants a rainbow in their kitchen.

👤It was a good deal on the day price. The colors would be great, especially with the matching lids. Not a bad deal for the kitchen. The lids are not air tight like a plastic container so they wouldn't travel well. They're snug, but good for the refrigerator. They are easy to store. The colors are bright, but it looks like spray paint. It is already chipping from normal use. They were used during holiday cooking. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher.

👤I was excited to get the bowls. The are very thin, I have washed them once and the paints are already chipping off. They will be fine. I will be replacing them before my holiday baking.

7. Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Legend Planner family recipe book is guaranteed to work, or they will give your money back no questions asked. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your blank recipe book, they will exchange it for a new one. They'd love to hear from you via an Amazon message. You can serve it in a single bowl. It's easy to clean up thanks to dishwasher safe glass that's neatly placed to save cabinet space. The glass is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. There is a limited warranty on glass.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The package came with a safety package. I love the dishes. Nice and hard! It's heavy too. I love it! It holds on. ORDER NOW! Actually big in person.

👤pyrex is amazing if you don't already know. There are some of the best glass items. I ordered them without the lid. I already own a set with the lids. I am mixing bowls instead of storing them. I like to mix cake batter, salads, eggs, and everything in between. There are three different sizes. Sometimes you need a bigger bowl, sometimes you need a smaller one. Your needs are covered in this set. If you don't have a set with lids, you should. I love my set. You don't have to use plastic wrap or tin foil to fit them. The bowls and lids can be used in the dishwasher. I like to cook and do so daily. These bowls are used a lot. The quality is so good that they will last a long time. The glass is very hard to break and food can easily come off it. I love that it's made in the USA. I would recommend these bowls to anyone. Even if you don't cook a lot. These will come in handy when you cook. There is a If you found my review helpful, please click the button.

👤It's unbelievable! Amazon needs to act. The fake Pyrex I was sent was fulfilled by Amazon. I recieved a bowl that was not from my old set. The stamps are blurry, the glass has a grey tint to it, and there are chips and defects in the glass. Real Pyrex is heavy with rounded edges and a teal hue. This is a fake from someone who knows where. If you buy, I'm sending them back immediately. I have to return these and then go to the store to get a real set. I guess you pay for convenience.

👤Every household needs a set of Pyrex bowls. If you read between the lines, you'll see that it's in the Constitution. I received the bowls. There were small bubbles in the glass at the lip of the two smaller bowls and at the bottom of the largest bowl. Since I don't plan on using these bowls in the oven, I figured I'd give World these bubbles. The day after I sent them the email, they asked for photos of the bubbles and the size of the bowls. World Kitchen is replacing Pyrex pieces that have a warranty. The bowls themselves get 5 stars because they're exactly what I needed and they work, and World Kitchen gets 5 stars for their awesome customer service.

👤I poured boiling water into it to clean, and it broke into little pieces.

👤The following are the size of the bowls. The small size is great for dips. The middle bowl can be used for fruit salad or vegetables. The mixing bowl is large. The largest bowl seems to be the best for mixing food, but the smallest bowl is perfect for mixing food like cheese dip or guacamole. I'm in love with these. The lip on the edge makes it easier to grab the bowls when they are in the fridge, oven or microwave. Love these bowls! Great product by Pyrex!

8. Ello 139 0841 061 2 Duraglass 9x13 3Qt Tropical

Ello 139 0841 061 2 Duraglass 9x13 3Qt Tropical

It is easy to clean. The surface is easy to clean. The lid has a gasket for cleaning. The container is dishwasher safe. It's portable and perfect for serving dinner. The Tritan lids are leak proof and air tight. The glass does not break when temperature changes. The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals. A freezer, oven, and microwave safe.

Brand: Ello

👤I wanted to eat this dish. The Silicone sleeve is a clever idea. The lavender color makes me happy. I took it out for its first voyage and it cracked in two. The oven should have been low enough to not crack a good oven-dish. This was not a crack that could be patched with glue. This was a horizontal crack, going all the way across. I would have liked to have saved the silicone sleeve. Maybe I could have used it on my dish. I used it far to late to return the pieces. I threw it into the trash because I was so upset. It seems like other reviewers had better luck than me. I will write to the seller if there is a chance that a replacement will be sent. I will make this review more positive if they do. I'm giving this one star.

👤It is beautiful for presentation of 9x13 cakes and desserts. I like that it comes with a lid that fits. The Silicone protective sleeve is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and is my first baking dish to feature it. The bake dish can be moved from the oven to the table to the dishwasher. It is good to know that my bake wear is dishwasher safe.

👤I love these dishes. They keep the food fresh. You have to be careful with the rubber outside. You have to remove the dish to use it. I think it is worth it. I have many of them.

👤I bought it as a gift for a later date and after it heated up they had pit holes that looked like it was in the glass and the first time they showed it. Since I bought it early, I have to throw it away.

👤The glass is great for the oven and the top is my favorite color. It was a little like burnt plastic at first, but it got better.

👤I love them so much! They look great, they clean well, and they are durable. They don't slide around, so be careful when you go to slide something into or out of the oven. Otherwise it is wonderful. Highly recommended.

👤LOVED using this dish. It broke in the dishwasher. If this is the life of it, we should not purchase anymore.

👤These are very well made. I found them on Amazon. I have had some for over a year that work just as well as the brand new one.

9. Souffle Dish Ramekins Baking Assorted

Souffle Dish Ramekins Baking Assorted

Porcelain and safety are non-toxic. It's safe for all of them. The 8 ounce Souffle Dish Set includes 6 Souffle Ramekins in Yellow, Orange, Aqua, Sky Blue, Navy Blue and White with 6 extra spoons in matching colors. These multicolor baking dishes with spoons are ideal for mini souffle dishes, creme brulee, molten lava cakes, individual cobblers, Toppings, Desserts, Fruit Cups, Pudding, Ice Cream, Dips, Muffin, Mug Cake, Snacks, and Guacamole. The oven, microwave, freeZER, and dishwasher are safe. Their souffle bowls are made with high quality and durable ceramic that is safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher or freezer, which is why they ensure their soufle dish set is Food-Grade, Non-Toxic and Lead free. Their oven-to-table souffle mold is perfect for serving food to guests and their 8-ounce souffle pan is perfect to individually. Their french baking dish round set is the perfect gift for housewarmings, bridal showers, holidays, Christmas and more; it is also ideal for Caterings, restaurants or daily use and comes in many sizes.

Brand: Duido

👤The item I ordered was an 8 pack and I only received 6 ramekins. One of the dishes was broken. There are flaws in the glaze/paint. The two remaining stars were quick to arrive.

👤I love this set. Customer service is also great. They apologized and said they would replace the broken spoon. I received another full set instead of the spoon, which I thought was very kind. I have been using this set in my instant pot and it is worth every penny.

👤I measured them as soon as they arrived, even though the one star reviews said the size was wrong. They hold a perfect 6 ounces up to the brim. That is what they are supposed to be. The spoons are made of ceramic. They make me happy.

👤I bought a set of candy dishes to use at a Christmas party. There was a scene of the Christmas story from the Bible in the center of the table. The figures and settings had a lot of brown with bright accents, and the ramekins picked up the colors well. They are bright without being crazy colors. I have used them for individual portions of guacamole or vegetable relish. The little ceramic spoons are adorable. They're a nice accent, whether we use them for eating or decor.

👤I was looking for cups that were cute. A lot of the cups I found were large. People that like to make cheese boards will love these cute, perfect size ramekins. They have small ceramic serving spoons that match the ramekins. I will most likely order another set of these.

👤The glaze on the little spoons matches the color of the ramekins. It's great for people like me who put things down and forget who their food is for. I accidentally dropped one as I was unpacking, but it didn't break on my brick floor, so I'm happy forDurability!

👤It's just the right size. I was worried they would be small. The matching spoons also came with them. I was very pleased with the product. It is easy to use and clean. They arrived on time and I practiced cooking in them so my dinner would go well. He was very pleased with the results. Would definitely recommend!

👤I love the colors, they cheer me up when I look at them. One of the small bowls had to be thrown away since they are china, but there are plenty more in the set. I mostly use them for snacks and occasionally for individual dishes of things like applesauce, which is fine with the size. I haven't used the spoons yet, but I'm pleased with the ones I have.

👤Estn bellos, creo deberan de venir ms protegidos, a pedir porque me.

👤Muy buen trata para pequeos postres, lindos colores, and la Cucharita de cada color.

👤Me encanto el tamao de las ollitas me encantara.

👤I hagan la devolucin de dos productos, pero porque llegaron rotos dos productos, I estoy disgustada. I repongan los dos productos.

10. HIC Souffle Porcelain 32 Ounce Capacity

HIC Souffle Porcelain 32 Ounce Capacity

The oven is safe. The microwave is safe. The dishwasher is safe. Lead free. Souffle Ramekin is a recipe for baking and serving souffles. It's made from fine-quality porcelain and it's safe for freezer, microwave, oven, and the like. The edges are specially designed for the oven and the broiler to bake decorative souffle, cheese or egg dishes, baked mac and cheese, even desserts. Add seasonings, condiments, and even dipping sauce to your entree. It's durable, versatile and safe to clean.

Brand: Hic Harold Import Co.

👤This dish was sent to me today in order to make pressure cooker kornless tomato salad. Fit inside of it perfectly. I will make a cheese soufflé in the oven. I'm looking forward to finding many more uses for it, it was functioning as promised.

👤The souffle dish performed well. I was hesitant to purchase a souffle dish from another country. I'm happy to report that the Chinese still produce top quality product. The pictures of the cheese and chocolate souffles I baked in the HIC Porcelain Souffle 6-inch dish are posted below.

👤This is for use with my Instant Pot. The handles on the Instant pot make it easier to remove the trivet. frittatas for breakfast can be made with it.

👤I usually make rice in my pressure cooker. That is a simple way to cook rice, which involves placing it in a covered bowl, on a trivit, with a cup of water under that, and pressure cooking it for a few minutes. The bowl is attractive and easy to fit into my Instant Pot.

👤I can't tell you what this dish is like, since it was shattered when it arrived on my porch. I mean in pieces. There was no padding around the dish. It looked like it had been dropped from a height. Disappointing. This is the third time I've ordered from Amazon and had it arrive broken. There was nothing on the box that said it was fragile. It's time for Amazon to get it together.

👤I bought this to replace a dish that had been in service for 20 years. The HIC bowl is listed as being 8 by 4 inches. A circular bowl cannot have three dimensions. The HIC bowl is about 3 and 1/2 inches tall and is slightly under 8 inches in diameter. The old Dansk dish is on the right in the picture, while the HIC dish is on the left. They have 64 ounces of water. The Dansk dish allows you to expand your food by about half an inch. The HIC dish only holds 64 ounces. The HIC bowl is smaller than listed and does not hold 64 ounces. I'll probably keep the two that were bought but will look for a better dish for the future.

👤It works well in my 6 quart. I can use the Instant Pot in the microwave or oven. Nice!

👤I love this dish. I can always get a larger one, even though it is a little smaller than I 888-276-5932. I made my first soufflé and it was perfect. Even with a cheese soufflé, it was easy to clean. I think it was a good purchase.

👤It's great for souffles. I like the depth. The color is not bad. It arrived with a small chip. The chip is just a decoration, but for the money, I would have liked it more.

👤En lo particular, hice una devolucin ya, no calculé en el tamao.

👤The little baking dish is cute. This is to be used in an air fryer. It works well. I recommend.

11. Heartland Home Porcelain Cauliflower Individual

Heartland Home Porcelain Cauliflower Individual

We will offer a strong package and a 90 days free replacement if there is a problem with the purchase. Perfect Porcelain Equals Perfect Food. The porcelain mini ovals are non porous, thermo-resistant and won't taint food, making them the perfect personal portions of anything. The deep is 1.75” with a capacity of 14.5oz. What is on the menu? There are no limits. Use your bakeware set for a variety of dishes, including a casserole with banana split boats, personal shepherds pie, oven baked shrimp scampi, crab and fish chowder, and individual lasagna baking dishes. There is an oven and a fridge. Safe serving dishes are made from high grade porcelain and can be used up to 500 degrees. Don't need to bake dishes or plates when cleaning up from the oven to the table. You can make desserts in the fridge and freezer. Have you noticed how handles on similar small baking dishes come into the wall? It is difficult to grab when baking hot and can become messy. Their handles are proper. It's easier to hold and keep clean. The way a porcelain dish is supposed to be, this gift is thick and hefty with solid grabbable handles. They also come Gift Boxed for Housewarming Gifts, Christmas Presents, Birthday Gifts or Wedding Gifts. Heartland Home sells Au Gratin Dishes Individual 4-Piece Set.

Brand: Heartland Home

👤I have been looking for a large dish that would fit on my white crockery but not too large for individual serving. The price point is great, the white color is perfect, and the packaging ensured that every dish arrived in pristine condition. A good recommendation!

👤It was exactly what I wanted. Well packed and nice.

👤These are nice. They are the perfect size for individual serving.

👤The mini casserole dishes are perfect for baking pasta.

👤It's pretty to serve on your plate.


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What are the best brands for baking bowls ceramic?

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