Best Baking Bowls for Oven

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1. DOWAN Oz Porcelain Ramekins Souffle

DOWAN Oz Porcelain Ramekins Souffle

There is a limited warranty on glass. Ramekins Bowls are versatile. These 8 ounce oven safes are perfect for presenting individual portions, including souffle, creme brulee, lava cakes, french onion soup, snacks, and ice cream. It can serve condiments and sauces while you cook. Sturdy and healthy, the souffle ramekins are made of high-fired porcelain and stick-resistant glaze. Lead-free and chip-resistant make them strong and healthy. It is safe for the dishwasher and freezer and can be used in the microwave or oven. It is easy to clean and store because of the interior and exterior glaze. The baking ramekins have a uniform profile and a rigorous stacked test that allow them to be stacked with minimal use of space. When stacked, not wobbling will limit breakage and glaze abrasion. These creme brulee ramekins are classic style, bright and smooth glaze, elegant and pretty color, and give a timeless look to your table presentation, which adds to the dining experience. Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. This set is a great gift for a wedding or a birthday.

Brand: Dowan

👤My Sweetie was not happy about not finding enough Ramekins. What is a Ramekin? I looked it up and found a reasonable size and ordered 2 sets. When they arrived, my sweetie asked "Where did these come from?"... Hee, hee, hee! Brownie points at the girls. I said I was up. She gave me rave reviews for my generous deed. I think so! So? Buy some. What is it that you have to lose? .... Maybe dessert? Is it possible that there are smooches?

👤Excellent quality and perfect for my air fryer. The package was delivered fast and intact.

👤These Tiffany blue ramekins are so pretty! They are beautiful and have inspired some great desserts. Some people asked about the lids. I found that they fit into my plastic containers so that they could be stacked in the fridge. It works well.

👤I got these so I can make mini flans, they came out perfect.

👤Beautifully made cups. It was easy to clean, and the portion size was good.

👤The style of these ramekins is simple and elegant. They're hand-made so no 2 ramekins are the same and the quality is better than others. It's perfect for ice cream and creme brulee. I bought a second set of 8 oz. because I was so pleased with the quality. The colorful Ramekins are porcelain. I contacted the seller because I had issues with the colorful ramekins. I was happy that my concerns were addressed immediately and that their customer service was great. Excellent customer service and a great product make this customer happy.

👤I ordered pretty ramekins and they arrived quickly. They are what I wanted.

👤I made Mexican Chocolate Soufflé for Mother's Day. They looked very attractive and were the perfect size. I bought them to use as prep bowls, but will also use them for many other things.

👤We were looking for small dishes. A lot of choices, but ended up buying these. I like the light blue color and it looks good with white. The ramekins are great. soufflé was great and we already made it. They are very easy to wash after being exposed to heat. They look beautiful and can be served at any event. The product and brand are great.

👤They were used to make individual pies. I like to cook pies with game meat. The price of these ramekins has impressed me. They make nice bowls for nuts and olives at Christmas.

👤The package was nicely packaged and arrived on time. There is a note inside. Clean and white. I am very happy with them and used them today. No chips, no marks, no stains. When put in the oven, it didn't crack or discolour. It is reasonably priced.

👤We can have a dessert without having too much. It was easy to cook and clean. I was tempted to get the bigger size.

👤I was very pleased with these, they are a little larger than my previous ones, so they are even more useful for individual starters, desserts, "nibbles", dips, and storing leftovers in the fridge. Porcelain is very tough. It's so easy to stack.

2. Roasting Individual Porcelain Ramekins Vegetables

Roasting Individual Porcelain Ramekins Vegetables

Safe and affordable, porcelain oven safes keep you safe from harmful toxins in food and a great value for money. The Au gratin baking dishes for oven measure is 7.5"L x 4.5"W x 1.4"H and can be used for casseroles, pastas, meat, and other items. The casserole dish is made of premium ceramic material, which is free of heavy metal and lead, and thick enough to keep food warm, great to be stacked to save more cabinet space. Easy Cleanup. The surface of ceramic gratin dishes is smooth because of the high density glazed coating, only throw them into the top rack of the dishwasher or scrub them by hand. The Au Gratin Backing Pans are suited for any table setting or occasion. This ceramic bakeware is a great gift option for weddings, housewarmings, and Christmas. The best shopping experience for each customer is provided by the exceptional customer service of the UIBCWN porcelain baking dish. If you received damage to your baking dishes, please contact them for a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Uibfcwn

👤These baking dishes are very good. They hold 12 ounces, perfect for a single serving entree. They are sturdy and well made, and the packaging was outstanding, not a chance that one would break or be damaged. I was hesitant when I read that they barely held 8 ounces. I measured with a measuring cup after receipt. They hold 12 ounces. I wish people would be more careful with their reviews, but at least they know the volume is 12 ounces. It is worth the price.

👤I sent them back because they were not advertised as much as they should have been. They were nice, but not what I needed.

👤I use the little plates for everything. I seal my dinners inside a Foodsaver bag. They are the perfect size for my dinner with room at one end for a salad. They are great for delivering a dinner to a neighbor because I love to cook. I am waiting to see if I need to order more, but everyone wants me to refill them so they find their way home. It's the perfect size for seniors.

👤The dishes are notglazed. They were loose in an Amazon box. Who knows what they are made of, the bottom isn't even glazed.

👤I was hoping to use these for a small side salad, but it didn't work out.

👤If you already own a few of the French White individual baking dishes and can't find them or they are too expensive, this is the product to buy. I wanted to buy more of those types of dishes, but they were too expensive for just one dish. We bake individual squash in these dishes.

👤I use these bowls to serve food to my dogs. They look better with my aesthetic than the pet themed dishes you see at pet stores. They serve the purpose we bought them for.

👤I have been making baked oatmeal. They are easy to clean. 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, dash of salt, chia seeds, cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla extract are included in the baked oatmeal recipe. Place plant milk in the cover. I like frozen wild fruits. Place a spoon in the bottom of the dish. Top with frozen fruit. The oven is at a very high degree of temperature. When it is done, top it with maple or vanilla yogurt. Maple syrup or honey can be used. If you add sweetened yogurt, it will be sweeter. That is it! Enjoy!

👤The perfect size for one person is these. My wife and I made six dishes for a dinner with friends and they all liked the size of the dishes. The dishes were clean as well.

3. Delling Geometric Porcelain Ramekins Dessert

Delling Geometric Porcelain Ramekins Dessert

ThePleasing Gift Set is a great gift option for weddings, housewarmings, and Christmas. It is a perfect present for your friends and family. Delling porcelain ramekins is a nice change from the traditional circle style and is the best gift for Housewarming, Wedding, and Thanksgiving. A variety of dishes can be prepared and served with Classic and simple ramekins. High quality. The dessert bowls of Ramekins are thicker and stronger than other bowls. It is safe for the dishwasher, microwave and oven if small ramekins are applied within the temperature range of -40F - 450F. The rorcelain ramekins are easy to clean and handle in the kitchen. The stacking of snack bowls allows you to place them where you please. They offer 4 ounces, 6 ounces, and 8 ounces of Delling geometric ramekins. The Geometric bowl, 6.4 in Appetizer Plates/serving plates, 11 in dinner plates, and 13.8 serving platter are all in their shop.

Brand: Delling

👤I am very happy. These worked well in my electric pressure cooker. I have an 8 quart which was able to hold 2 of these bowls at a time. To give an idea of how much food one can hold, I combined 2 eggs, one slice of broken up cheese, a few grape tomatoes and a few bits of green onion. The room left for the food to expand was enough. These were packed in a box and secured with tape. Customer service sent me an e-book with dessert recipes after these arrived. I have yet to try any of them, but I appreciate the tags added to each recipe that lets the cook know if the recipe is appropriate for a person with diabetes. If you wanted a small bowl of cereals, a snack or hold dip for chips, these would be great. I contacted the seller's customer service after purchasing and they responded quickly and courteously. I would be happy to do business with this seller again. Thank you so much!

👤The bowls are large enough for ice cream or dessert. Modern foodies will love these, they look awesome even with fruit or a snack in it. They are great to set the table or lay around with snacks.

👤These are useful for small portions. Delightful! The company offers a 30% discount on a next order that I never was given access to even though I ordered twice and wrote the company and asked for the code.

👤The small bowls are very nice. It was well packaged. They stack and do not take a lot of space. I got these because they are too deep for a creme brulee, but they are not a problem at all. They will give you a portion of ice cream or fruit. I will put them to a test in the oven this holiday season. I like their modern look, but they are still very classic due to the clean white color. The small bowls survived the torching. I got soup bowls and dinner plates. Nice set!

👤I like these dishes. I'm slightly more worried about breaking them if I do something stupid because they are a little thinner than standard ones. I worry about breaking them under normal use case scenarios. These are subtle enough to not be over the top or weird like having a Death Star shaped ramekin. Something is off the norm. They did well for flan and souffle. The oven is easy to clean. There's no ridges in standard ramekins. I like them.

👤I love these bowls. They are beautiful and well made. They came out of the dishwasher clean. They are in my cabinet. The packaging was great and received earlier than expected. The follow-up letter was appreciated. Many thanks!

👤tl;dr: The bowls are cute, but I only received two non-broken ones, and the seller leaves a great deal to be desired. The Pros are unique looking. They add a bit of interest to a table, and I haven't seen anything like them before. Quality? The lower-end bone china dishes you can find in TJ Maxx are not as strong as English bone china, but are not thick or bad. They're just as thick as the glass plates. Two arrived shattered and two more were damaged. The set of six left me with two perfect bowls and two broken-but-functional bowls. The bowls. They arrived with a lot of manufacturing dust on their bottoms. I know you should wash things, but this was gross. The buyer. The seller. I was offered replacements for the bowls that broke in transit. Excellent, great. They offered to make it right. Two weeks ago, nothing was sent, yet I've received multiple requests to leave a review. It's starting to feel like they're holding my replacements hostage in exchange for the review. I'm almost certain that it goes against Amazon's ToS, because there was a flyer in the box with a 30% off coupon for a future order of china from Delling. I wouldn't buy anything from them again, but it adds insult to injury. I was going to get the matching plates and the rectangle plates because I like how the bowls look. I don't feel like going through this again, so that's hard. No now. I threw the broken ones out in the packaging because I didn't want to cut myself, and I received a reply from Delling about a replacement, so that's not correct. Great. And Delling? Your review is here. Send my replacements. My replacements arrived today. The first batches were dirty, but they seem undamaged.

4. DOWAN Ramekins Pudding Porcelain Ramekin

DOWAN Ramekins Pudding Porcelain Ramekin

Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. The Ramekins Oven and Microwave Safe are cast in 3000-degree temperatures for a thicker and more durable ramekin, they will never warp, break, or chip. In the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, air fryer, and instant pot. The white ramekins are ideal for baking a variety of desserts, including creme brulee, pudding, souffle, lava cake, mug cake, chocolate meltdown, ice cream, side dish or dessert. The DOWAN souffle ramekins could make you want to bake more. Creative & Fun Design: "D" type design on appearance, classic white color and creative design help you wind down while you are baking." If you are tired of the traditional round ramekin bowls, you can try the DOWAN fun set to make use of your creativity and a combination of ideas to discover more delicious. The store is easy to clean because of the interior and exterior glaze. The smooth edges allow you to stack the creme brulees up for easy storage. Please make sure you receive 6.3 ounces of ramekins if you need them, if you have any need, please feel free to contact DOWAN.

Brand: Dowan

👤The unique flat side of these are very useful in tight spaces. I can get 4 of them in my air fryer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that just soaking them in the sink resulted in a really easy clean-up after making an egg in each one and having egg white stick to the sides. I'm thankful that I chose the smooth-sided ones instead of the harder to clean one of the fluted ones. I bought the 4 oz ones because I had a recipe for a particular egg dish which required me to add 2 eggs to each ramekin. I was not sure if they would be big enough for that. I was correct. The 4 oz size doesn't seem to be good for much except "poaching" 1 egg apiece in an air fryer or oven, but they will be great for recipe pre-prep of multiple ingredients, or pretty versatile for lots of creative uses besides.

👤I love these bowls so much that I bought them again. My purpose is to use these as food dishes for my birds. They're the perfect size to fit in the cages. I have used these bowls to eat small snacks. I highly recommend them.

👤These are perfect for creme brlée. The creme brlée can be obtained in the water bath. They are perfect. I would buy again.

👤These are large and unique. They were packed well and protected. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of them, they seem to be very thick and sturdy. The quality is excellent.

👤Love the quality of the product.

👤I was searching on Amazon for 6 oz ramekins and discovered yours. The Dowan Ramekins are just the right size for a good portion of creme brlée and I am glad they were in the results. I will do another review after I use them. Thanks.

👤A large size without being too big and with an interesting shape.

👤The portion size of these easy to clean ramekins is larger than I anticipated and I am very satisfied. I will be ordering more for the holidays.

5. DOWAN 6oz Porcelain Ramekins Packs

DOWAN 6oz Porcelain Ramekins Packs

If there are ever any issues with their products, just contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. The 6 oz oven safe is perfect for serving individual portions of a variety of dishes, including creme brulee, souffle, snacks, baked eggs and more. It's also great for dips, sides, condiments, and even pet bowls. Sturdy and healthy: Square ramekins are made from durable porcelain, a type of premium lead-free, chip- resistant and more sturdy than stoneware. Don't worry about toxins in your food. It makes their baking ramekins strong and safe to put in a number of places. It is easy to clean and store because of the interior and exterior glaze. For easier storage, creme brulee ramekins are stacked. These oven safes are perfectly stacked so they don't take up a lot of space and don't worry about breaking. The square shape, bright and smooth glaze, bright white color make these ramekins never get out of style, giving a timeless look to your table presentation and creating optimal contrast with your dessert. Shallow sides and larger surface area make it easier to decorate the dessert. Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. The right gift for a wedding is a set of ramekins.

Brand: Dowan

👤I was very pleased with the product and the customer service. I needed 80 for a party. The delivery was made by Becky at Dowan. Customer service, fast delivery, and great communication are some of the things that make SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA is SALVAGEDATA I will order from them again. No for the product. It was what was described. The dish is perfect for tasting. They are safe in the oven. We put them in the refrigerator, put them in the oven, and slammed them in the dishwasher. Not a single loss. Don't be afraid of porcelain. These aren't fragile. Like me you are buying sight unseen. I will be clear and accurate. The details might help you decide if this is the dish for you. The dish is about 3 feet tall. The inside diameter is 1 inch deep. I measured the dish at the top and bottom to see how wide it was at the top and how narrow it was at the bottom. The outside is 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches. The ring on the base of the square dish is what makes it elevate the dish. I think it makes the dish sit nicely on a table. Don't think the side walls of the square dish fall to the table. I like this construction, but it might not be obvious when looking on line. Volume: If filled to the brim, the dish holds over 5 ounces. You can't use it that way. I found four ounces worked well and the dish was presented with as little as 1 ounce. I call it a bistro dish. The finish is not perfect for fine dining. The finish is imperfect, but I am using all of my dishes with it. Again. It is a bistro dish. A good price for porcelain. This is the most difficult to describe. They matched my other plates perfectly and met my expectations. If you are unsure, order a set. If it is a miss, you will think of something to use them for. I have found that "white" can mean anything from pure snow white to a light taupe. This is my best description of these. It isn't chalk white. The dish is not as bright because I held it up to my phone and a sheet of white paper. It is not what I would call a cream. Most people would say the dish was white if it was sitting on a wood table. If it were put on a snow white table cloth, half would call it cream and the other half would still call it white. That is the best I can do. The bottom line. I liked my purchase and buying experience. I hope this helps.

👤I bought these and gold foil vinyl to make ring dishes. They came out great!

6. Moss Stone Casserole Borosilicate Dishwasher

Moss Stone Casserole Borosilicate Dishwasher

The French Onion Crocks have been carefully packaged and will arrive in perfect condition. The one thing that your serving bowls with lids must be is 100% borosilicate. The glass casserole dish with glass cover set is just that. It is made of 100% borosilicate glass and does not retain stains or odors. Looks good and pretty. They care about the design of the casserole dish set, in the meantime they want to keep your food in good condition. You can serve your creation in style with clear glass pot holders and cover. Large handles for improved handling are found in glass bake-ware. This glass pyrex casserole set with lids comes in different sizes to fit all of your kitchen needs, it's an amazing basic kitchen. The glass casserole dish is the healthiest option as it does not contain chemicals that can be found in food. They are just a perfect baking dish and as safe as it gets. Customer support. They at Moss & Stone offer top quality casserole dishes and customer service that is second to none, but they also have a 1-year no questions asked warranty policy, which you won't get with other brands that sell baking supplies.

Brand: Moss & Stone

👤I am happy to have this set of casserole dishes. The box had no information on the range of use for the dishes, so I am suspect of their quality. Good quality glassware usually has this info stamped into the glassware itself, even though it should be okay to 400 F / -40 C. I'm not sure if it's borosilicate glass, because the box says it was made in China. I kept the casseroles warm in the oven at about 300 degrees while I prepared the table. The dishes seem to be on the thin side for bakeware, as noted by others. I will change my review if they don't last.

👤I love this set. The smart design makes it easy to see what's inside, easy to store when not in use, and easy to clean. The sizes are perfect for soups, salads, chili, leftovers, and more. The lids can be used to serve dishes. You can use them in a number of places. They're cute. I used this dish at a group party and everyone loved it. When it was first shipped, it wasn't packed properly and items were broken and missing. The item was replaced and received again without any issues.

👤The order was received quickly. I received them in perfect condition and they were packed well. There are different sized bowls. The bowl and lid is pictured in the pic. I agree with some of the reviews that these are not thick. I believe they will hold up. If you don't have a lot of storage space for dishes and containers, they're perfect because you can use the lids as serving dishes so they will work well for dorms, etc.

👤I've used the Pyrex bowls since the 1980's. The sizes are perfect for our smaller microwaves. I was worried that the biggest dish in the set wouldn't be able to spin freely on the turntable. There is no clearance issue despite the ample handles. I'm not sure if there is a claim to the color of the glass. It is very faint blueish-green when viewed cross sectional. The walls, lid and bottom of the bowls are the same as they were 30 years ago, but are slightly thinner. They seem to be made for me. These are difficult to find. I gave my grandson one set because he loves them and hasn't tried them in the oven. I can't speak to that use. If you've ever had a set of Anchor Ovenware, they are basically the same thing. You will love them.

👤I don't care if it's not turquoise at all, it's clear glass. I care that the glass is broken and shattered. We got that stuff all over the place when we opened the box. The only way to remove the dust was with a vacuum. It's dangerous.

👤I like the new bowls. The Pyrex bowls I've used for years always require a soft scrub pad to remove cooked on food and a second wash after they have dried. The old Pyrex bowls were a lot heavier in weight than the newBorosilicate bowls. No scrub pad is required, the dish rag can be used, and there is no cloudy white mess after the bowls are dried. The handles on the bowl and lid are not as large as the diameter of the lid, so it is not possible to lift it off the bowl. They are a bit slippery when stacking them. I only stack them one on the other with the lid on the bowls if I take a picture for this review. The bowls pass Panasonic's "Container Test" for safe microwave oven use, which can be found in the owner's manual. Since buying these bowls, I'm using the microwave oven a lot more.

7. Foraineam 10 Piece Porcelain Ramekins Ramekin

Foraineam 10 Piece Porcelain Ramekins Ramekin

The porcelain is dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe. The Value Pack includes a set of 10 square white porcelain ramekins, which can be used for baking or dipping. The material that can handle it all is made of porcelain. It's safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer or dishwasher. It was designed to meet all your needs. It's easy to clean a dishwasher. Cleanup is easy because of the smooth porcelain. They can be washed with soap and hot water. The square ramekins are designed with style and function in mind. They are just as functional as they are elegant. Any modern kitchen can stand out with the classic white color. The versatile Ramekin Set is suitable for crme brulée, soufflés, custards, puddings, pot pies or serving dips, salsas, condiments, dressings, sauces, ice cream, dessert, appetizers, nuts, candies, side dishes.

Brand: Foraineam

👤I decided to get these over other ramekins because they were attractive and one of the few that had a perfect ten piece in each set. I made the creme brulees and they came out perfect, Searing sugar was easy with the even flat surfaces. It was easy to stack them for storage and delivery because of their shape. They were able to survive being boiled/steamed. I tested a few in the oven. I will be making many more desserts and dips with these. All came with a lot of care and styrofoam. No damage or chips. There are items that are true to the measurement. You can't beat the price.

👤These were made into art trinket trays. They turned out to be very cute. Sturdy.

👤My family and I now use them for everything, even though I bought them to use for sauces at individual place settings. They're very useful. I thought they would be a little bigger than they are, but that was not the case. It's great for Asian hot mustards, cream cheese, and jams on a cheese board. It's too small to bake in like a ramekin, but it's handy for sauces and dips.

👤I used the little ramekins to make our Thanksgiving board. I am very pleased with them and will be using them for every event I have.

👤These look nice, but they are too small for me. I should have realized that the base is smaller than the outer edges. I wish that products like this would give us the top and base measurement so that we know what we are buying.

👤Great bowls! They look great. I've used them to set out nuts and dried fruits. These are more than just one thing.

👤These were purchased to make ring dishes for college girls who just received their college ring. They are the perfect size.

👤I initially bought these to make creme brlée, but have found other uses for them as well. The price was a great deal, and I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤Arrivé rapidement. Un coin légrement brisé. A des imperfections, et le prix ne m'y attendais un peu. Plus petit, je vais. Leurs are able to use the utilité sans doute. It's a pity!

👤They are used for Miji crme brulée. Smaller. Good! It's nice to have more than four.

👤Poor package and quality. Two plates are damaged.

8. Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Legend Planner family recipe book is guaranteed to work, or they will give your money back no questions asked. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your blank recipe book, they will exchange it for a new one. They'd love to hear from you via an Amazon message. You can serve it in a single bowl. It's easy to clean up thanks to dishwasher safe glass that's neatly placed to save cabinet space. The glass is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. There is a limited warranty on glass.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The package came with a safety package. I love the dishes. Nice and hard! It's heavy too. I love it! It holds on. ORDER NOW! Actually big in person.

👤pyrex is amazing if you don't already know. There are some of the best glass items. I ordered them without the lid. I already own a set with the lids. I am mixing bowls instead of storing them. I like to mix cake batter, salads, eggs, and everything in between. There are three different sizes. Sometimes you need a bigger bowl, sometimes you need a smaller one. Your needs are covered in this set. If you don't have a set with lids, you should. I love my set. You don't have to use plastic wrap or tin foil to fit them. The bowls and lids can be used in the dishwasher. I like to cook and do so daily. These bowls are used a lot. The quality is so good that they will last a long time. The glass is very hard to break and food can easily come off it. I love that it's made in the USA. I would recommend these bowls to anyone. Even if you don't cook a lot. These will come in handy when you cook. There is a If you found my review helpful, please click the button.

👤It's unbelievable! Amazon needs to act. The fake Pyrex I was sent was fulfilled by Amazon. I recieved a bowl that was not from my old set. The stamps are blurry, the glass has a grey tint to it, and there are chips and defects in the glass. Real Pyrex is heavy with rounded edges and a teal hue. This is a fake from someone who knows where. If you buy, I'm sending them back immediately. I have to return these and then go to the store to get a real set. I guess you pay for convenience.

👤Every household needs a set of Pyrex bowls. If you read between the lines, you'll see that it's in the Constitution. I received the bowls. There were small bubbles in the glass at the lip of the two smaller bowls and at the bottom of the largest bowl. Since I don't plan on using these bowls in the oven, I figured I'd give World these bubbles. The day after I sent them the email, they asked for photos of the bubbles and the size of the bowls. World Kitchen is replacing Pyrex pieces that have a warranty. The bowls themselves get 5 stars because they're exactly what I needed and they work, and World Kitchen gets 5 stars for their awesome customer service.

👤I poured boiling water into it to clean, and it broke into little pieces.

👤The following are the size of the bowls. The small size is great for dips. The middle bowl can be used for fruit salad or vegetables. The mixing bowl is large. The largest bowl seems to be the best for mixing food, but the smallest bowl is perfect for mixing food like cheese dip or guacamole. I'm in love with these. The lip on the edge makes it easier to grab the bowls when they are in the fridge, oven or microwave. Love these bowls! Great product by Pyrex!

9. DOWAN Oz Porcelain Ramekins Colorful

DOWAN Oz Porcelain Ramekins Colorful

We offer 4 ounces, 6 ounces, and 8 ounces of Delling geometric ramekins. The Geometric bowl, 6.4 in Appetizer Plates/serving plates, 11 in dinner plates, and 13.8 serving platter are all in their shop. Ramekins Bowls are versatile. These 8 ounce oven safes are perfect for presenting individual portions, including souffle, creme brulee, lava cakes, french onion soup, snacks, and ice cream. It can serve condiments and sauces while you cook. Sturdy and healthy, the souffle ramekins are made of high-fired porcelain and stick-resistant glaze. Lead-free and chip-resistant make them strong and healthy. It is safe for the dishwasher and freezer and can be used in the microwave or oven. It is easy to clean and store because of the interior and exterior glaze. The baking ramekins have a uniform profile and a rigorous stacked test that allow them to be stacked with minimal use of space. When stacked, not wobbling will limit breakage and glaze abrasion. These creme brulee ramekins are classic style, bright and smooth glaze, elegant and pretty color, and give a timeless look to your table presentation, which adds to the dining experience. Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. The right gift for a wedding is a set of ramekins.

Brand: Dowan

👤The 8 oz is better for things like creek brlée and the 4 oz is more of a pinch bowl. I like the colors.

👤I bought these for my bunny. I wanted ceramic bowls so he wouldn't topple them over, but they are pricey. I didn't think twice when I found these. The quality is excellent. He only needs 3 at a time so it's great to have 3 backups as well. The colors match my apartment's decor, so I couldn't be happier. I can't say enough good things about these.

👤The packing was not up to par. The ramekins were on top of each other. The dark grey ramekin was broken. A small chip is found in a 2nd ramekin. I don't want to return the rest because of the situation. I would like replacements that are not broken. There is no return except to request service on Amazon. 2 out of 6 are not good. The larger size of the ramekins is cute. It's easy to clean up. The rim is good for gripping. I could put up with that if they had packed them better for shipping. I'm trying to add a photo of the broken one in the original box, but I don't see an option for that. There is a text box to enter. The Add a Photo button won't let me past a photo into the text box. There is a I'm happy to send you the photo if the seller reads this.

👤I have never had to use ramekins until I bought my cosori air fryer. Couldn't wait to try out the egg dishes and found them on Amazon. I didn't want the Silicone ones because of the fear of chemicals in my food. These were pretty. I thought I would make a nice presentation. They didn't miss a beat. All in one package. Pyrex has been known to do this, but they did not shatter in the air fryers.

👤The size is what I love the most. The 8 oz is perfect for us because we enjoy creme brlée. They are not afraid to break in the oven and I have Stack 3 high in my cupboard. The item arrived in perfect condition and well packaged.

👤We need more ramikens because we use them so often. The color combination is very nice and blends nicely with our other set. They are easy to clean. Yougsters put small craft items in them so they don't get lost, adults use them for screws and bolts for putting together "projects" around the house, and yougsters put small craft items in them so they don't get lost. It's perfect to make mug cakes, round eggs in the microwave, and hold single serving cheese and crackers. They are used for grapes and fruit. Well made and multi use.

👤It's perfect for melting a little butter, microwaving a little leftovers snack, or a modest portion soup bowl. The colors are pretty. Well made and very sturdy. These STACK! The lip around the edge makes them stack very easily. I own other ramekins that don't nest at all. These "lock in" and stay put. One of the most frequently used items in my kitchen is the ramekin, which is a great size, dishwasher safe, microwavable, and the variety of colors is pretty and stylish. I'm very happy with these. I might buy in other sizes.

10. Foraineam Porcelain Ramekins Ceramic Souffle

Foraineam Porcelain Ramekins Ceramic Souffle

The gift choice is ideal for the food lover. It's a perfect gift for any occasion. The 10 ounce set is perfect for a single serving. They are the right size to portion your food, so you can enjoy your food and not worry about eating too much. The porcelain is food safe and free of lead and arsenic. The dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave are safe. It's elegant, bright white color with special oval shape, will go well with any color dinnerware or table settings and show off your creations. The small ears on both sides give it an interesting look. It's easy to clean and store, you can simply wash it by hand or use the dishwasher. You can save space on your table and cabinet by stacking it. The Ramekin set is versatile and can be used to serve sauces, salsas, condiments, ice cream, desserts, and side dishes.

Brand: Foraineam

👤This set of 10oz ramekin/au gratin/casserole dishes are designed to provide perfect portion control when making a number of dishes. I am a very advanced Home and Personal Chef, and these dishes are great for baking, serving, warming, and other uses for a lot of creations where I want to provide equal portions for multiple guests. I make a couple of examples, including Lobster Newburg in lobster stock and cream sauce. The perfect size for lobster tails. A Japanese creation is seafood or Prawn Doria with a seasoned cream sauce and proteins over rice and then baked in these dishes. There is a It was very delicious! It is dishwasher safe and built to resist high baking or broiling heat. This doesn't get much better. The handles on the sides make handling them very easy. This set is very easy to rate five stars with me. Superb! Bon Appetit! If you found my review helpful, please let Amazon know by clicking the "helpFUL" button below.

👤The price and size of the chicken pot pie was perfect. The dish will look great plated with a side. It's great for single serving dessert. Highly recommended!

👤I am very happy that they are more rugged than I thought, since I have 3 kids and they can be rough on equipment. The finish is easy to clean. I don't know if they are made of wood. I bake macaroni and cheese in them. They take the oven heat just fine, even with a fully brown butter and bread crumb crust on top. The size is versatile and I love it. If I were to do it again, I would order them without the little arms on them because they are well made and sturdy, but I would throw them away because I don't do chipped ceramics. The price is correct.

👤I have been waiting for these for a long time. When I opened the package, I was prepared to find a broken one. Some reviews said theirs did. The ramekins were well packaged, and there were no broken ones. It's a perfect personal serving for the main dish because they are deeper than I expected. I washed them and prepared dinner. They are worth your money because they look smaller in pictures. They look expensive. I think I'll use them to make individual tiramisu.

👤Excellent quality, well glazed, cooks well in the oven, cleans well, looks pretty at each place setting. I can make individual casseroles for people with food allergies. The portion size is good, but most will need another side for a complete meal. The company's slightly larger, more rectangular dish is better for making individual lasagnas. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤A great buy. These cute little ramekins are just enough to make it worthwhile. It is very easy to use. It's perfect for baked fruit desserts.

👤These are better than I anticipated. It's a good idea to use an oven safe, well glazed, not a delicate piece, for everything from a small salad or side dish to a casserole or a small french onion soup. I made a couple Grand Marnier souffles after testing two of them. It was baked nicely and washed up.

11. Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls

Anchor Hocking Glass Mixing Bowls

The dishwasher safe feature of the Bovado glass bowl makes it easy to clean. Also included: The Anchor Hocking set contains two mixing bowls. How you prepare, serve and mix should be celebrated. It isdurable: The set of bowls was designed to be used for lunch or dinner. Prepare it and serve it. No need to clean the dishes. Less work means more enjoyment. It's safe. The glass is made from Anchor Hocking. It won't taint food or drinks with dangerous chemicals. If you want to avoid sudden temperature changes, use your Anchor Hocking Glass in gas and electric ovens. The glass mixing bowls are protected by a limited five-year warranty. American made glassware. Since 1905.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤The perfect price for these is the perfect size. The way they were packaged is something I want to highlight. My package was almost stolen, but luckily my neighbor saw them and yelled out. The package was dropped by the thief. I was sure I would find cracked and broken, but I couldn't find a single scratch.

👤The bowls are perfect. The glass allows you to see what's happening and is a good material to use in electronics. These bowls can hold more than one batches. We like that they are a consistent round and deep bowl, it takes up less room in the fridge, and it is not wider at the top which is nice. My 3 year old is holding one of them and they are sturdy and not heavy. He is holding it with one arm in the second picture, but in the first picture it looks like he is struggling. There is plenty of room to work the dough, let it rise and proof, use for cookies, cakes or make delicious treats. We will use this bowl for many years and look forward to using it for mixing, salads and breads. We like the fact that we are supporting American jobs.

👤I was very excited to get a good deal on these bowls. There was a glass shards in the food in the bowl. I've only had 3 of the bowls for a few weeks, but they have happened a few times. They aren't durable at all. I am not rough with them. Please be careful with the rim and food. I won't buy again. The good old Anchor Hocking is not what it used to be.

👤The thick and heavy glass bowls are very sturdy and can be used a lot. I wanted my dogs to not be exposed to the harmful substances in plastic or metal water bowls. Since the package contained 2 bowls, I am able to keep a full water container for my dogs at all times, even if the other bowl is in the dishwasher. I was surprised that the bowls I received were taller and narrower than I thought. I didn't like that part, but they seem to work well anyway.

👤They arrived in perfect condition. They are gorgeous! The design is smart. The bottom is small. I can whip 2 eggs in the bowl, it's huge and I can whip 9 eggs in it, just 6 large eggs and 1 cup of sugar over warm heat can easily expand to 1.75 quart after 8 minutes beating. I'm sure they are sturdy because they are very heavy. They are very slippery when washed. I'm going to use the glass mixing bowl to beat eggs over a pot of water on low heat in my sponge cake making. I have to use glass because the steam will cook the eggs in the bowl if I use the old fashioned method. The eggs are heat evenly by the glass. I have a lot of glass ware from Anchor. They are good for microwaves, freezer and ovens. If you're careful with the hand mixer, they don't scratch. Use a rubber spatula to get stuff out of it. If I can later, I'll add more related pictures. I found out I can get this at Walmart for $5, but with the Pandemic going on, you decide.


What is the best product for baking bowls for oven?

Baking bowls for oven products from Dowan. In this article about baking bowls for oven you can see why people choose the product. Uibfcwn and Delling are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking bowls for oven.

What are the best brands for baking bowls for oven?

Dowan, Uibfcwn and Delling are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking bowls for oven. Find the detail in this article. Dowan, Dowan and Moss & Stone are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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