Best Baking Bowls Mixing Set Ceramic

Set 4 Jun 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Glad Nesting Non Slip Dishwasher Supplies

Glad Nesting Non Slip Dishwasher Supplies

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The set includes 3 sizes. The largest bowl is 8 inches in diameter. 69 quarts. 5L. The medium bowl is 7 inches in diameter. 5 inches holds 1. 9 quarts. 8L. The smallest bowl is 6 inches in diameter. 5 inches and holds 2 quarts. 2L. These bowls are made of plastic that is food safe. They are dishwasher-safe and safe to use in the freezer. Each bowl has a pour spout on one end and a lip on the other for easy handling. These bowls make it easy to mix, stir and pour batter or sauces. Stack the 3 bowls for easy storage and organization when not in use. Extra space in the cupboard for other kitchen tools can be freed up by the nested design. The bowls will not slip or skitter because of the rubber layer at the base. The non-stick surface of the bowl makes long mixing less tiring.

Brand: Glad

👤These are bowls. They bowl. You can wear it like a hat. Things should be put in it. Like a cat. Or... Stuff can be mixed in them.

👤These aren't really large bowls. This is what I wanted. I don't need big bowls to cook for myself. I took a picture with a pop can. I like the rubber ring on the bottom to keep them out of the counter. I love the blue color.

👤I no longer need all the big bowls and bake ware I used before, but my bowls were heavy ceramic. When cooking for two, the amount of food, tools, and equipment are all reduced. These bowls are wonderful. The sizes are what I need. I might order another set if the one I need is already in use. I won't be able to address that feature because I never microwave plastic.

👤The website says it is microwave safe, but the packaging only says it is dishwasher safe. I used it in the microwave. It's easy to clean.

👤It was great for mixing because it was deeper than we were expecting. The rubber grip on the bottom helps keep it from moving.

👤These are what I was looking for. They are light weight and easy to handle, but they are also very sturdy and easy to clean. Since they are plastic, I don't have to worry about breaking them. The grip ring on the bottom of the bowls keeps them from sliding around on my counter. The interior surface of my mixer has not been damaged. I hope I can still say that. These bowls are very good. I have been using these for nearly a year. They don't get a lot of use, but they still look new. This purchase was still very happy with.

👤I am mostly happy with these bowls, but red sauce stains them.

👤The smaller bowls have been helpful, but the biggest one cracked. I was going to use it and I saw a crack in the middle. That is the reason I am not happy. My return window already passed.

👤The bowls are sturdy, well weighted on the bottom and have a rubber ring on the counter to keep them stable. When I was in need of popcorn, I discovered that you cannot put them in the microwave. Even after multiple dishwashings, there is a coating that comes off. You will not be able to use the bowl after that. Designed and built well again. The packaging didn't tell me that this was okay to do. I want to warn other popcorn lovers. These will be the ones I buy if I buy more bowls.

👤The rubber bottom keeps them in place. You can't use the beater in them because it breaks pieces of the bowl. I made a big bowl with only hand mixing in it because it wrecked my big bowl.

👤Infelizmente demorou! Entretanto as tigelas so timas, elas aviso no anncio.

👤Los uso en la preparacin de pastels. Me gusta mucho la forma. Me acomodaron bastante. Llegaron al siguiente da.

2. Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

The cake pan is ideal as a lasagna pan, cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners, and round cake pans are perfect for roasting. The bowl is made of high quality food gradestainless steel for better shock-proof and rust-proof. Plastic is harmful chemicals. Silicone bottom is used in the bowls to make them stable while mixing, kneading or whipping food. The bowls are easier to hold with the silicone bottoms. There are 7 different sizes. The capacity is deeper to better meet your needs. A set of 7 can be placed together to save space. The egg whisk, spreader spatula, and basting brush are included. The bowls have their own lid that is air tight and can fit in the bowls and make sure food is fresh and clean. To seal them, push down and make sure it is tight. It's great for food storage. Simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. Bowl sizes fit on the fridge shelf. To minimize exposure to heat, please wash the lids. A great gift idea for a bridal shower, house warming or any other occasion.

Brand: Chareada

👤My daughter moved into a new apartment and needed some mixing bowls. I gave her the ones I had so she could buy the new ones. I am a great mom. It's a funny thing. I like these bowls more than the other ones. The best part is that the lids nest together as well. Having containers that stack together and then have the lids all over is worse. I save a lot of space with these. I have more space in my cabinet for new tools. The bottoms are non-slip. When mixing brownies, no more bowls. When storing leftover food, the 7 different sizes are very helpful. The lids fit nicely and are easy to use. I found out the other night that they are tight. I tripped over the dog while I was going to put soup in the refrigerator. The bowl fell and landed on its top. I'm sold on these bowls after that. I might buy my daughter a set. It's a funny thing. If you're looking for a quality set of bowls, I recommend you.

👤I was not happy with these. I didn't expect them to be so flimsy. One bang against another surface in my kitchen would cause a lot of damage. The primary problem with them is not that. I found that there was a black substance on them that wouldn't come off. I guess the company that made these decided to cheap out on the final cleaning processes, but I don't know. I couldn't get it off. I tried washing them by hand, but nothing got the substance off the bowls, and I ran them through my dishwasher twice, one time on the most aggressive settings I had. There was a problem underneath the outside rim of the bowls. I would end up with a weird substance on my skin if I ran my finger along, and it was hard to wash it off. If these bowls were very well-made, I would have tried to get this substance removed, but they are so light and flimsy, it is unbelievable. The lids are very cheap. I might have lived with the quality, but not with this problem. They don't need to include measuring cups and mixing utensils. The things look like they would be difficult to use. The cups look like they would break.

👤I don't believe in one star reviews but I had to read them. The bowls are sturdy. They have a non-slip coating on the bottom. The lids are not advertised as airtight. The larger bowls have lids that pop out on their own. I have Tupperware from the 80's with better lid. It's a 1 star for having worthless lids. If you want a better review, change your description. The lids are gross.

👤My wife likes to make her own Kimchi and we bake a lot of breads. The bowls are what we needed. It is possible to stack it to save space, but I will not suggest to tip it over as it is not drip proof. The mixing accessories are a nice addition. The last one we had was chipping in less than 6 months, so I picked this one. There is a The non skid bottom helps my kids not tip it over. Happy with the purchase.

3. Zak Designs 2325 7005 Confetti 4 Piece

Zak Designs 2325 7005 Confetti 4 Piece

Their french baking dish round set is the perfect gift for housewarmings, bridal showers, holidays, Christmas and more; it is also ideal for Caterings, restaurants or daily use and comes in many sizes. A great everyday kitchen set has four different sizes and is suited for a variety of different situations. The serving bowl set is dishwasher safe and made with 40% post-industrial recycled melamine, a durable and material that is not harmful to the environment. There is a multi-PURPOSE. These bowls are ideal for a number of uses, such as preparing, mixing, stirring, and baking. The bowls are dishwasher safe when you are done. The Confetti line makes a bright statement with a modern feel. The Confetti mixing bowl set is great for everyday use and special occasions. The salad bowls are the best way to save space.

Brand: Zak Designs

👤I bought these bowls to use in the kitchen and they were plastic. I dropped a bowl and it broke. I contacted Zak designs about the shattered bowl since they don't stand behind their product. They won't replace the shattered bowl.

👤The bowls were all broken, but the pink one was the only one that had padding in the box.

👤I like the look of these bowls but I wish they were a bit tougher. We've lost 2 out of 4 due to cracks and we've been careful with them after reading reviews about their durability. It's not the same without all the colors being represented. It's a pity.

👤I was happy to find and buy the recycled plastic mixing bowls I was looking for. The bowls are fine. Why am I upset? Zak Designs is determined to set an example in protecting the environment. They described the bowls as recycled plastic bowls. It was a huge failure, Zac Designs. I was expecting better.

👤I've bought multiple sets of these bowls over the years and would recommend them overall, but only if they are in good shape. They're cute and colorful, and the sizes included in this set will cover the vast majority of mixing-related tasks, which I use when making things in. The bowls made out of other types of plastic are more difficult to break. It will shatter if you drop it on the floor. The bowls can crack when hot or cold liquid is poured into them. If you're prone to dropping things it may be better to choose something made from a different material.

👤These bowls are lightweight and can be used for snacks in the kitchen. I originally thought the bowls were odd because of the flare out, but it makes them easier to handle if you have wet or slippery hands. The colors on my screen are the same as those on my screen. If you drop it just so it can break, it's sturdy and no problems so far, but it can get more brittle with age. These are more durable than any ceramic or glass bowl. Highly recommended.

👤I purchased this bowl set many years ago. I was really sad when my 2nd smallest bowl got a huge crack and I use that bowl everyday. No one seems to know what happened to the crack, but I think it was either dropped or bumped hard. I was going to replace this one, but decided to get the whole set again. I love them!

👤I love this set of bowls. They are very heavy duty and have been used a lot. I don't have to worry about their longevity. Many mixing bowls have thin walls, but this set is high quality. I could have used another set this past holiday baking season, so I'm going to buy a second set for holiday cooking.

👤The sizes are perfect. I have dropped them a few times and nothing had broken or chipped.

👤FiancĂ© likes the product. It was what she was looking for. A great set of bowls.

4. JoyJolt Kitchen Mixing Bowls BPA Free

JoyJolt Kitchen Mixing Bowls BPA Free

When it comes to glass mixing bowls, you want them to be sturdy, clear, and space saving. If you like thick mixing bowls with lids, you will love them. Cook for Joy is a song by Joy Jolt. 8 percent. The next big bowl is 7.5x4in and the 2qt bowl is 8in wide and . There are two glass bowls, and they are both small. Nothing gets lost in your cupboard when each bowl has a lid on it. The Thick Strong Glass Mixing Bowl Set is made from thicker and more durable glass and is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe. The bowls are fridge safe. It's not oven safe for mixing chilling and heating. The air tight lids make it possible to use them for a food prep bowl or leftovers without odors or air getting in or out. The easy thumb tabs make them easy to remove when needed. JoyJolt Nesting Mixing Bowls are gift boxed like all JoyJolt Glassware and come with a 12-month warranty. They only have one rule - Live JoyFul and Cook for Joy!

Brand: Joyjolt

👤The lids do not provide a seal and are difficult to remove. I tried to remove the lid on the bowl of soup, but it spilled all over. Storage of liquids is not recommended.

👤Would like a larger bowl.

👤The dishes are large and heavy. The rim and sides are very smooth, but it is slippery. I move slowly when lifting them. I don't want to break them. These would be perfect if there was a better grip. I like that they are easy to clean and the home has a lid.

👤The bowls were packaged and delivered. They are study and a thicker glass which gives me a piece of mind. I had to get some right away because I couldn't believe the price for these bowls. I have been looking for the right deal for a long time and I am happy with these. Thank you!

👤I didn't read the sizes of the bowls. They are small.

👤A nice set of bowls. It is easy to clean. Good quality glass.

5. DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

The perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans or regular daily dinners, simply put them in the dishwasher when you are done, the lids need to be hand washed. The Versatile Bowl Set can be used as a serving bowl for a variety of dishes. 22/12/ For soup, ice cream, and dessert. Food can be kept fresh by the lid. The food storage bowls are easy to prepare and serve. The ceramic bowls can hold leftovers or meal prep. The bowls with lids keep food fresh and warm. The salad bowls are made of ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They can be used for microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. The ceramic serving bowls can stack together to save space. These dishes are scratch resistant because of smooth porcelain. The storage time should be marked by the date dial. The date can be marked by the small dial on top of the lids. You can easily store your leftover with cover. Instead of cleaning another container, move directly from table to fridge.

Brand: Dowan

👤These are great for serving but they are not mixing bowls. It's too small for mixing bowls.

👤I needed a new mixing bowl so I ordered these bowls. The bowls are smooth. Great for serving food. You can put a lid on them when they're finished. The seal is pretty good. I don't want to risk a mess so I haven't gone all out on testing. Bad news. The bowls are not really mixing. The biggest bowl isn't big enough to mix things. I made a mess when I tried to bake pizza, brownies, and cookies because the biggest bowl was too small. I'm just a single person and I cook for one. The lid will come off when you put them in the freezer. They still work well as serving bowls. I was disappointed that I wasn't big enough for decent mixing.

👤I found these mixing bowls on Amazon. These are amazing. I can mix and store items and they come with lids. I love them. I am a little health conscious and I prefer steel over plastic because they don't work in microwaves. The bowls seem to be the answer to both. Since receiving them, I have been using them for a lot of different things, like mixing flour for tortillas, storing cupcakes, and even heating up stuff.

👤Absolutely love the product! They are not too heavy, but just right. The color is nice without flaws. I love the fact that they are nested bowls and the matching lids. I will be purchasing more Dowan products.

👤The bowls are very convenient. These are used for my side dishes when I serve dinner to my family. We just have to put it in the fridge and slip it on the lid. When I am ready to warm it up, I just need to pop it in the microwave, there is an opening on the top that you can open to let the steam out, which prevents the lid from popping off the bowl. The lid opening has a dial on it, but I'm not sure why. The smallest bowl is great for my toddler. When he doesn't finish his food, I can put it on the lid and keep it for him to eat later. I think this is great for busy mothers.

👤The bowls can go from table to fridge because of the lids. The seals are tightly sealed.

👤The picture shows my two sets together. These bowls are great for mixing, transporting, storing, serving and more. I searched far and wide for bowls that could nest. I was willing to pay more for something better, but I found these and they are perfect. They look great as serve ware and it is easy to take the lid off. 10 stars for a presentation. I bought two sets and they are perfect for space saving.

👤I had made chicken wings and put it in the bowl, but I heard a pop and thought it was something else, as I was getting another piece of chicken. I was confused. How does a bowl break? It was not even moved?

6. KooK Ceramic Mixing Serving Nesting

KooK Ceramic Mixing Serving Nesting

Multi-use allows you to measure, mix, pour and serve food in one kitchen tool, perfect for mixing, baking, cooking, serving or even as storage bowls, ideal gift for Christmas, holidays, housewarming and other. These bowls are great for the kitchen. These bowls are made with a great Ceramic make. Can be used for serving salads and snacks. There is a set of 3. The color of these bowls makes them look vibrant. They're perfect for stacking so you don't have to worry about the space in your cabinets.

Brand: Kook

👤I needed a set of bowls to use in my camper. Being seasonal campers, we set up 2 households. The colors match my kitchen and I loved the look of this set. The sizes work well for what I wanted. The bowls seem to be well made and a little heavier than they should be. I can use them in the microwave or dishwasher because they wash up easily. I hope to have them for a while. The small bowl is the perfect size for my husband's bowl, and the middle bowl is great for mixing pancakes.

👤I wanted a dishwasher safe bowl. When they arrived, there were no broken bowls. They were well packed for shipping. The picture does not do it justice. It was pretty and sturdy. Totally what I was looking for. Definitely an A+.

👤I bought these as a gift and the colors are beautiful, they are well made and smooth inside and out, so it would be easy to clean. Excellent buy!

👤The bowls are better than any brand name I have ever seen. The colors can be used in the microwave. I was very pleased when I bought from the unknown vendor. My grandson is buying a set as well.

👤The bowls are shiny and the colors are true to the picture. I needed a large ceramic bowl that wouldn't crack easily because I bake all of our breads and muffins. Done. The small is perfect for cereals and the middle is great for large salads. I ordered a different set, but they were out of stock. I'm glad I bought these instead.

👤The bowls are heavy and great for my kitchen. They are used for food prep and baking. They are strong enough to handle an electric mixer without cracking. It is true to life that colors are a negative for some, but which match my decor.

👤I was given a bowl set that was similar to the one I received for Christmas. The set got a lot of little nicks and chips. I dropped one on the counter and it smashed. I was not upset. It's a good thing. I found a set that was very similar. I'm very happy with them. I have been using them for several weeks now and have not had a single chip or nick, and they are clearly made with a more durable ceramic. They have been through the dishwasher many times and still look new.

👤I bought these for the bride at the wedding shower. They were richer in color than the photo shows. I really like that. The sizes will be useful. She will hopefully enjoy the balls for many years.

👤A nice set. I was worried that it could be damaged when it arrives. Mind arrived in perfect condition. Shipping was packed very well.

👤No dislikes. It was everything we wanted. Great product.

👤Excellent product and service.

👤I wish they were larger.

7. KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The set of bowls includes a 2.5 quart bowl, 3.5 quart bowl and 4.5 quart bowl. The bowls don't slip when mixing. Each bowl has a non-slip base that increases stability. The pour spout on each bowl helps to reduce the chance of spills when transferring mixes. Bowls nest together when not in use for easy storage. The mixing bowls are dishwasher safe. They have a one year hassle-free replacement and lifetime limited.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The previous edition of the bowls was in a different color than the one I owned. The quality was great. They dropped on the floor after years of use. I bought a replacement set because I loved them so much. I felt how muchINNER and less-durable these would be when they arrived. Corporations have become slaves to profits over other considerations, like QUALITY, and they cut corners more and more, and send out cheap products for a steep price. That seems to be the rule of thumb. What results? They lose a customer for life. I used to buy KitchenAid products. But no more. Did you think people wouldn't notice KITCHEN AID? We do. You have lost my business. I will use glass bowls. Not paying the premium price for plastic that will be in the trash bin within a year.

👤They said they are dishwasher safe, but they began to warp and change shape as they passed through the dishwasher. The water in our house is only set at 120 degrees, so it is not like we have a boiling water situation. We returned them because they are not dishwasher safe.

👤The product was disappointing and mediocre. The design of the spout is too shallow for pouring anything. The feel is cheap and thin. The old bowls broke and gave out. They are not as sturdy, good-feeling or functional as the ones they replaced. I couldn't find anything better.

👤The bowls are nicely sized and the color is great, but they are made of a cheap plastic that is rigid. I think they would crack if accidentally dropped on a tile kitchen floor, and I don't know what a hot dishwasher would do to them. KitchenAid's stuff is usually top quality. Returned and was replaced by the OXO Good Grips set.

👤It's lightweight. It was a pretty color. These are not durable. I don't think they are dishwasher safe. Two of the bowls have cracks in the bottom of them, and one of them will be cracking soon. I really liked them, they were light in weight, and easy to use. I liked the number of sizes that came in the set. KitchenAid accessories are not very good. The stand mixers and other appliances are great.

👤In Nov 2020. Hardly used. The 2.5 quart bowl has a crack in the bottom, so I tried to use it. It leaks information. It was a disappointment. Kitchen Aid was reliable. I would probably not buy it again. The bowls were just right and the color is nice, but if you can't use them more than a few times, it's not good. The buyer should beware. I tried to send a note to them. They need a model number and a part number. What? I got the info from Amazon. The mail bombs out. Gave up after three tries. Good luck!

👤It had been dragged around the storeroom floor before it was damaged. Quality control is terrible. Disappointed.

👤These bowls are sturdy, easy to hold, easy to maneuver, don't slide around on the counter, and are the best mixing bowls I've ever seen. They are as perfect as you can get. Bowls are amazing. I wish there was more of a larger size. The largest bowl is not a large, but a medium-sized bowl. 5 stars all around. These are great for mixing and baking. The handle is a perfect size and balance for single-hand pouring/mixing, and they look great as well. A lot of thought and testing was put into this design. It's great.

8. Rorence Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Rorence Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Their number one goal is customer satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure your edge order experience is as good as their products. High quality steel is resistant to rust and dents. The interior won't retain odors or colors. Adding a great look to your kitchen is done with a beautiful color painting exterior. There are 3 different sizes for Multipurpose. The set includes three mixing bowls. Each size is ideal for different things. Bowls for saving space. 3 bowls can be stored in a cupboard and take up a small amount of space. The design is ergonomics. The wide flat rims allow for a solid grip. No worry about spatter, deepen design. The flat bottom gives balance and stability. Food can be fresh longer with the help of plastic lid.

Brand: Rorence

👤The paint on the bowls falls off as soon as it touches a hard surface, so it looks terrible, but the bowls are good for storing things.

👤It's a great alternative to glass that may be too heavy for some older people. Glass is non pourous, so it preserves food. This steel is easy to clean and is a nice alternative to glass. I still prefer glass over steel, but my mom finds it harder to carry heavy items with glass. The measures inside the bowls are helpful in estimating portions.

👤I was a bit disappointed with the product right out of the box, as there are some tiny places where the paint is missing. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm still hoping that the bowls don't peel the way other reviewers did. I don't intend to stack these or put them in the dishwasher or submerge them in water, so maybe I will get lucky. I really wanted them because they were the right size and color. They are replacing a set of heavy bowls.

👤The paint is peeling after a few months of use. They were pretty when I bought them a few months ago, but now the paint is peeling and not as pretty. They're good mixing bowls, light weight, and you don't mind ugly peeling bowls.

👤These bowls are gorgeous. The bowl had paint chipping off it. I was disappointed in them for that.

👤The bowls are just as pictured. They're light and sturdy. They have tight fitting lids. When the recipe says "cover with plastic wrap", I can just get out my bowl and lid and not worry about the plastic ending up in our oceans and land fills.

👤I like these bowls a lot, but my only complaint is that the finish seems to scratch very easily. They look cute, but not quite as nice after one use. The kids are great for storing food. It is very easy to wash.

👤The bowls fit in my kitchen. The bowls are becoming the most used in the house because of their colors. I will probably buy another set. When I bake, I like to have my measurements inside the bowls. They make popcorn bowls. They are lightweight so adjust your expectations accordingly. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤Ich erwartet das die Schsseln so teuer waren. Die Farbe is geht die ersten Gebrauch.

👤Meine Erwartungen ist voll erfllt.

9. Luvan Mixing Storage Cooking Prepping

Luvan Mixing Storage Cooking Prepping

Pyrex Glass has a 2 year warranty. The glass mixing bowl is made of high borosilicate material, and can tolerate -4F to 1100F, access to microwave,oven,fridge and freezer directly. The 4.5 quart capacity prevents spillover and the thicker rim increases durability. Finest lead free glass for ultimate safety, sparkle and clarity. The wide rim provides convenience for mixing, pouring and cleaning. The glass is stain and odor resistant.

Brand: Luvan

👤I am very happy with these bowls. The quality is very thick, it is strong, durable and well made with heavy duty glass. Not cheap at all. There is a The sizes are very large. I use the smaller of the 3 as an onion bowl. I use the bigger ones for mixing and storing fruits when I am preparing to make a dessert or meal. They fit in my fridge shelves well, they stack well in the cabinet and hold up in the microwave. I have used it in the freezer and it held up well. I replaced my plastic mixing bowls with glass ones and am very happy with them. They are easy to maintain and clean. They don't get stuck on grease. I haven't had any problems with food getting stuck to the glass, the wash and rice was good. Plastic bowls are more appealing. The cost was reasonable because these are made well and will last a long time. I accidentally banged two of them together while making a dessert and no damage was done. I was happy! I don't normally recommend things but I would do so for this set. If you still use plastic to upgrade, you will be much easier to clean and maintain.

👤I needed a glass bowl that I could use to make bread. The bowl is large enough for that. The smaller ones are useful for prep bowls.

👤I paid little for an open box one, so I was very happy when I received these bowls, they were very thick and sturdy, even though I am not sure what the regular price is. It's not a high quality glass if you tap it with your finger nail, it will give you cheap vibration/sensation that high quality glass doesn't give. I can't complain about the price I paid. I don't know if I would trust these in an oven.

👤The bowls come in 3 sizes and I love them all. My favorite large bowl did not survive the move. I couldn't find a replacement glass bowl that was large enough. I decided to give it a try because I was desperate. So far, so good! The bowls are light. I don't know if they will last 20 plus years, like my last bowl, so I give them 4 stars. They look nice as serving bowls and are useful for mixing bowls. I didn't know that a bonus was included.

👤I was skeptical because of some bad reviews. These bowls are strong and pretty. The people give it a bad rating because of the delivery failure. They should not be allowed to review products for Amazon.

👤One of the bowls had shattered and there was glass in the box. I needed a simple mixing bowl and thought I would get a replacement. The second set arrived in tact but two of the lids don't fit their bowl, which requires serious wrestling only to pop off. Maybe it is because I put them through the dishwasher, but I would just chalk it up to a cheap buy. The bowls are thick and useful, but I don't really need lids that much, but they are not an investment piece. Be aware!

10. Multicolor Stainless Airtight Non Slip Stability

Multicolor Stainless Airtight Non Slip Stability

The bowls will not slip or skitter because of the rubber layer at the base. The non-stick surface of the bowl makes long mixing less tiring. There are vegetarian bowls. The mixing bowls in the range of 34, 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts are great for adding variety and function to your kitchen. Quality STAINLESS-STEEL INTERIOR - and plastic exteriors protect your hands from extreme temperatures. These are odor, stain, and taste resistant. The bowl set is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. A rolled rim ensures seamless, mess-free pouring and the salad bowl with flat nonslip rubber bottoms offers dependable stability and a firm grip when using the bowls to mix and beat ingredients. The serving bowls have air sealed noodles to keep food fresh. The serving design is bright and fun with a fridge-safe design. Remove the easy-visibility lid and identify the contents. NEST for SPACE SAVING is mixing bowls with lids that nest inside each other and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify kitchen counters and cupboards.

Brand: Finedine

👤They are fine. There are a couple suggestions I have that are nit picky. The color is more cranberry. I put a picture of the bowl against a red wall for reference. When they are all flush with each other, adjust height so that the tallest is the largest. It is odd that the blue one is higher than the others, because it is less stable to put things on top of the bowls. The green and cranberry are so close together that it's difficult to get one out of the other when you're in a nest. If you do a lot of flipping, the lids will nest nicely within each other. I like to stack my bowls on top of the lids, but that is not possible with these. The two largest bowls are tight, but the smaller ones rest there instead of being sealed. The smaller bowls would not be protected from spills if the bowls were knocked over with liquid. They will in the larger two. These are nit picky things, but they could have been great.

👤I was very happy with the product. The bowls are nicely made but the lid is not. The bowl has a non-skid at the bottom that is useful when mixing things on the counter top. The bowls seem to give off a metallic taste to whatever you have in them, especially if it is warm. There are black marks on the inside of the bowl. There is a chemical reaction to salt. That is my best guess. I don't think these bowls are really made of steel. I have never had this happen to a mixing bowl before. I don't want to use them for fear of metal or toxins in my food. I will be contacting the seller to get a refund.

👤It is only a piece of pure garbage that is covering up something that looks great. They are useless after a few months because they are coming apart and rusting. If you really want to throw your money away, then you should buy these. You will be sorry. They are not returnable in a few months. It was very coincidental. Kitchen ware like this should last a long time. This is barely used. If I used them daily, they would fall apart within the time period for return to Amazon. Shame on the seller. You know who made this garbage.

👤These have been washed and used twice. The bowls have cracks in the inner shell that traps water between the rubber base. If the bowl is tipped, the water will pour out and into your food. The set is garbage.

👤I've had plastic mixing bowls for a while but now that I'm starting to cook more and be more of a proper adult, I decided to buy something higher quality. These mixing bowls give you a higher quality without being that much more expensive. They work well and come with lids. The lids are easy to put on and take off, and it's easy to store away since I rarely leave things in my mixing bowls that need to be stored. It is easy to clean and the colors are bright. I've seen myself admiring the bowls a few times.

11. JoyJolt Kitchen Mixing Bowls Glass

JoyJolt Kitchen Mixing Bowls Glass

USA Amazon fast shipping. Premium products and customer service are what they believe in. If you have a question about their bowls, please contact them. Peace of mind risk-free satisfaction guarantee is offered by the after sale respond guarantee. When it comes to glass mixing bowls, you want them sturdy, thick, clear, and space saving. These five strong mixing bowls have lids. They have a handle on top for easy storage. Joy Jolt wrote "Cook for Joy, JoyFul". The big bowl is 11in wide and 5.9in tall, while the 2qt bowl is 9x 3.9in. The small glass bowl is 4.5x2.4in and the med glass bowl is 7.5x 3.5in. Nothing gets lost in your cupboard because each one has the lid on. The bowls are made from space shuttle glass and are robust. They are Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe to 1040DegF, Freezer Safe to minus 104DegF, and Microwave Safe containers. The bowls are fridge safe. Air tight lid for fresh food means you can use them for a food prep bowl or leftovers without odors and air getting in or out. The large bowl lid with handle locks securely so you can grab your nested set all at once. JoyJolt Glassware comes in gift boxed like all JoyJolt Glassware and comes with a 12-Month Warranty. If anything goes wrong, please contact them. They only have one rule when it comes to using them for baking bowls or serving bowls - Live JoyFul and Cook for Joy!

Brand: Joyjolt

👤I ordered these bowls from Amazon because they had lids. They came and they were everything I wanted. There is a medium and a small one, and then there is a really small one. I love the fact that each one of them has a lid. The lids are easy to attach. There is only one side that is hard to go on. It is almost like you have to move the lid. They were all pop off if you weren't careful. I like the lids. The whole set. The dishwasher says it is safe to put the balls in the air, but I don't think that's right. I believe it shrinks them.

👤Like a toiger, air toight. Couldn't ask for better bowls. Highly recommend 10/10

👤Glass mixing/food storage bowls have sealed lids. A large bowl is great for storing salads and other food. Also good for baking. The largest bowl lid has a handle for lifting, which is the best feature. Very strong. The gasket is easy to clean. Since they are glass, you don't have to worry about scratching them.

👤I was excited about the way they stack with a handle on the lid. Storage is easy! I was disappointed as I began unpacking to find that the clip was broken in the bowl of a mid sized bowl. The box for the product was fine. It is clearly a quality and manufacturing issue. The bowls were protected with plastic and cardboard. I ordered a new one thinking it could be a mistake. This is Amazon's fault after a week. I received the replacement only to find the smallest bowl had a broken clip. Poorly made containers. They are not going to last if they are just from packing. I would spend money elsewhere.

👤I needed storage bowls that were sturdy and fit nicely. The larger bowls have a slightly wider shape than I would have liked, but it works well. The largest bowl has a very tight fitting lid that is easy to get off if you put warm food in it and top it off. The fit creates a vacuum which requires some type of pry to open the lid. It's a bit annoying to have to grab something to pry the lid off after the clasps have been released. If you want a sturdy set of bowls with lids, this is one to consider.

👤I was hoping the bowl was a bit deeper than it is. I thought it would be the perfect size for mixing batter, since it was 11in across. It's not very deep so any mixing will be messy. I will keep them because I'm happy with the product. I want people to know that these are not big bowls and they are shallow in depth.

👤I received these bowls yesterday and I love them. They are washed and put in a drawer. They're called mixing bowls, but I think they're everything bowls. The air tight seal is created by the locking lids. They are oven, microwave and freezer safe. I will serve and store in these. They are very similar to the Lock n Lock brand and that is a big plus for me. The bowls are heavy duty, so plan to use them for many years.


What is the best product for baking bowls mixing set ceramic?

Baking bowls mixing set ceramic products from Glad. In this article about baking bowls mixing set ceramic you can see why people choose the product. Chareada and Zak Designs are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking bowls mixing set ceramic.

What are the best brands for baking bowls mixing set ceramic?

Glad, Chareada and Zak Designs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking bowls mixing set ceramic. Find the detail in this article. Joyjolt, Dowan and Kook are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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