Best Baking Bowls Mixing Set Glass

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1. Stainless Steel Mixing Grater Attachments

Stainless Steel Mixing Grater Attachments

It is easy to clean. The bowls are arranged in such a way that they are easy to see and organize in your cabinets. Bowl sizes fit on your standard size refrigerator shelf, cabinets and pantry, perfect for as a wedding gift or housewarming gift, Simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. Hand-wash the lids for the tightness of the lid. A kitchen tool. Specialty features make the bowls convenient for daily use. With its non-slip bottoms, handles, pour spouts, measurement marks, air-tight lids and special-fitted graters, preparing, storing and serving food will be a breeze. Kitchen supplies made of steel are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean by hand. stack one inside the other and you'll be able to store them easily. These aren't simple mixing bowls. They are made to be useful. There are measurement marks inside. You can store the food in the fridge or freezer by grating directly into the kitchen bowl. Extra large mixing bowl. The small mixing bowl and the large bowls make it easy to have enough bowls for cooking or baking projects. There are 5, 3 and 1.5 QT sizes in the set. CONVENIENT - The silicone bottom is non-slip, which means no noise or shaking as you mix. They look nice. The handles on the mixing bowls make it easier to hold them. The set is free of harmful substances.

Brand: Belwares

👤The inside of the mixing bowl scratched up very bad after the first use, I thought I could live with that since I really like the design, but I think it is made with steel. The quality is a real concern, so it might be better to use a serving bowl or regular container, not as a mixing bowl.

👤When I was whipping the heavy cream for a recipe, the amount of "slop" on the counter and cabinets was reduced by the container. The handheld mixer was put into it by the small opening that caught most of the slop. This was perfect to put into the refrigerator to chill before whipping since it is metal. The tops were made of plastic and not Silicone that I had expected. The chicken salad had to be changed to a different container to be kept fresh because I didn't feel like it was air-tight. If you were going on a picnic, you could use the lid on the food to open the middle opening to get the food out of the way, and it would still work well. These containers could be used to store chips or other food for a gathering of friends or family. It would be nice if they "snapped" to make it air-tight when storing the food longer than just serving it. I will be able to use them for a lot of things.

👤The bowls were securely packed and delivered. Fast two day delivery by a nice person. The bowls are of good quality. The base of the metal handles is covered with silicone to prevent it from sliding. The bowls with the spill resistant lid have pictures in them. Just washed them. Very happy.

👤The bowls are in good shape. The graters fit the lids. They feel cheap. Don't get these expecting a set of bowls that will last a long time. My expectations were very high. A good set of bowls costs more than you think. Is it possible that I'm keeping them? Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with them. I was expecting a lot more from them.

👤My husband loves to cook and bake and I just bought him a bowl. As soon as they arrived, they were washed and put to use. The bowls are non-slip and I like that because I am not the most graceful in the kitchen. I was looking for a bowl that had one and I love the handle. We are both very pleased with the order that came in quickly. The mixing bowls have everything. Thank you.

👤I'd been looking for a bowl set with bottoms. I never thought to look for handles. The handles are small and would make it easier to store the bowls in my kitchen. The handles are small and still help when pouring batter from the bowl. The slicer/grater inserts are not very good. The surface space was not very sharp. I did not buy the bowls for this feature.

👤The item with the missing handle was the first item I used and it came out gross. I can't get it off by hand. Very disappointed.

2. DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

DOWAN Porcelain Serving Airtight Mixing

The perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans or regular daily dinners, simply put them in the dishwasher when you are done, the lids need to be hand washed. The Versatile Bowl Set can be used as a serving bowl for a variety of dishes. 22/12/ For soup, ice cream, and dessert. Food can be kept fresh by the lid. The food storage bowls are easy to prepare and serve. The ceramic bowls can hold leftovers or meal prep. The bowls with lids keep food fresh and warm. The salad bowls are made of ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They can be used for microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer. The ceramic serving bowls can stack together to save space. These dishes are scratch resistant because of smooth porcelain. The storage time should be marked by the date dial. The date can be marked by the small dial on top of the lids. You can easily store your leftover with cover. Instead of cleaning another container, move directly from table to fridge.

Brand: Dowan

👤These are great for serving but they are not mixing bowls. It's too small for mixing bowls.

👤I needed a new mixing bowl so I ordered these bowls. The bowls are smooth. Great for serving food. You can put a lid on them when they're finished. The seal is pretty good. I don't want to risk a mess so I haven't gone all out on testing. Bad news. The bowls are not really mixing. The biggest bowl isn't big enough to mix things. I made a mess when I tried to bake pizza, brownies, and cookies because the biggest bowl was too small. I'm just a single person and I cook for one. The lid will come off when you put them in the freezer. They still work well as serving bowls. I was disappointed that I wasn't big enough for decent mixing.

👤I found these mixing bowls on Amazon. These are amazing. I can mix and store items and they come with lids. I love them. I am a little health conscious and I prefer steel over plastic because they don't work in microwaves. The bowls seem to be the answer to both. Since receiving them, I have been using them for a lot of different things, like mixing flour for tortillas, storing cupcakes, and even heating up stuff.

👤Absolutely love the product! They are not too heavy, but just right. The color is nice without flaws. I love the fact that they are nested bowls and the matching lids. I will be purchasing more Dowan products.

👤The bowls are very convenient. These are used for my side dishes when I serve dinner to my family. We just have to put it in the fridge and slip it on the lid. When I am ready to warm it up, I just need to pop it in the microwave, there is an opening on the top that you can open to let the steam out, which prevents the lid from popping off the bowl. The lid opening has a dial on it, but I'm not sure why. The smallest bowl is great for my toddler. When he doesn't finish his food, I can put it on the lid and keep it for him to eat later. I think this is great for busy mothers.

👤The bowls can go from table to fridge because of the lids. The seals are tightly sealed.

👤The picture shows my two sets together. These bowls are great for mixing, transporting, storing, serving and more. I searched far and wide for bowls that could nest. I was willing to pay more for something better, but I found these and they are perfect. They look great as serve ware and it is easy to take the lid off. 10 stars for a presentation. I bought two sets and they are perfect for space saving.

👤I had made chicken wings and put it in the bowl, but I heard a pop and thought it was something else, as I was getting another piece of chicken. I was confused. How does a bowl break? It was not even moved?

3. PriorityChef Capacity Stainless Silicone Stackable

PriorityChef Capacity Stainless Silicone Stackable

100% MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. They give a 1 year money back warranty. If you don't like their product or have any issues with it, just return it to Amazon and they will give you a full refund or replace it. You're not going to do that. BUY IT NOW! Premium quality with thicker steel. The set of mixing bowls is made with thicker than industry standard steel that can last a lifetime, yet they are still lightweight and easy to handle. No matter how passionately you mix with their non-toxic, non slip Silicone bottom, you will keep your bowl exactly where you want it to be. With the PriorityChef mixing bowl set, they have used etched measurements that double as measuring cups, making cooking and baking preparation a breeze. The sizes are 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5 quart. Quality tight fitting BPA free lids keep your food fresh for longer. This premium mixing bowl set is dishwasher safe and also top rack. You can wash the lids by hand.

Brand: Priority Chef

👤I bought these bowls thinking they would be air tight and spill proof. The lids can be placed on top of the bowls if they fit the bowls. They're made from cheaper plastic. I use them in the refrigerator over night and when the temperatures get cold, they shrink a bit and see even worse. See the video. Storage capacity and easy to clean get high marks.

👤Over the years, I have used various mixing bowls. These bowls look great, don't seem to scratch easily, and if you must, can even go in the dishwasher. The entire set fits well within eachother and the leakproof lids fit snug. The bottom is made of silicone. I highly recommend these bowls, they have a great finish and a leakproof lid. Will update the condition of the bowls.

👤When I first got these bowls, I loved them. They are advertised as dishwasher safe, but you need to read the fine print to know that they are not. I found it hard. The lid on several bowls is no longer perfect because of this.

👤I've never owned a mixing bowl before, but decided to go with a steel bowl because I felt it would be more durable than glass. I liked the fact that lids were included in the event that I made a large portion of something and wanted to keep it out of harms way. I've only used the smallest bowls and haven't used the lids yet, but everything seems to seal very well. The bowls are easy to clean after use. I mostly use them for cooking sauces, but one that I use over and over again has a lot of scratches on the inside of the blender, but it's to be expected. It doesn't seem like there are any actual injuries out of the bowl, which would be a concern. I would buy again. I think $50 is a little pricey, but it's not completely ridiculous and you won't be disappointed with what you spend it on.

👤There is so much to say about these bowls. I love them! After opening the package, I threw away my other bowls. I love 1. The bottom of the rubber grip is great. It keeps the bowls in place when using a mixer. 2. The quality of the steel is great. It looks like a high end product. 3. The bowls and lids are close together. It's easy to store. I wish the lids were larger so that everything was contained. I use these bowls on a daily basis for a variety of purposes, from baking to storing left over dinner, or serving a side dish.

👤I like the protective bottoms of these bowls. Silicone bottoms make it difficult to remove the inner bowls from the nest because they can't slide out from one another. I have some thoughts after using these for awhile. I like the fact that the lids seal and allow you to stack in the fridge, whereas stretch wrap without lids would not. The bowls are so closely nested together that it's almost impossible to separate them from each other, because of the non-slip action of the silicone bottom. My solution was to separate the alternate sizes and store them in my cabinets. If you have the room to store like this, the alternating sizes in each stack makes it easier to grab a bowl out of the stack.

4. Spring Chef Handles Cooking Non Skid

Spring Chef Handles Cooking Non Skid

Food can be fresh longer with the help of plastic lid. You get all the sizes you need for mixing ingredients with the Spring Chef baking bowls. Each set has three different sizes: 1.5 quart, 3 quart and 5 quart. It's easy to whip up your favorite recipes. Stack the bowls after use to save space around your kitchen. The set is together. You will never have to worry about missing your mixing bowls again. You can stay in place while you mix in the kitchen mixing bowls. Even if you have to tilt them while making doughs, they stay in place because of their rubber bottom. The bowls are made of high quality plastic that is very sturdy and lightweight. You can use them for a long time. The baking bowls mixing set has specially designed pour spouts so you can transfer contents easily. They are designed with the right depth so you can mix without spills.

Brand: Spring Chef

👤I wanted Pyrex, but wanted to save. The plastic mixing bowls that I got had a high quality feel and were inexpensive. I haven't used my mixer yet but I think they will last for a long time. I think you could stand on them and they wouldn't give up. Very happy with the purchase. The picture I include has chopsticks in a bowl to give you an idea of their size. They have a sticky base and lip on top. It was unexpected. It's a good purchase.

👤We've always used glass bowls, but we thought it would be better to use unbreakable bowls. We should have bought these bowls a long time ago because they are so easy to clean and seem non stick.

👤I am very pleased with my purchase and used these the day I received them. They are what I was looking for. It is easy to handle. The grip handle is a big plus. They can't go in the dishwasher, but they can clean up. How many products have a lifetime warranty? Register for that very thing! There are many wonderful colors to choose from. They will be used a lot in my kitchen.

👤The bowls are easy to work with and look like they will last forever, they are much more sturdy than I had thought.

👤These bowls are wonderful. They're light weight, but stay put on the counter because of the ring on the bottom. It is comfortable. Nice handles. It is Stackable! Good price. These bowls are very good.

👤If you struggle with heavy mixing bowls, this product is still lightweight.

👤I like the fact that it has a little bit of weight to it, and it doesn't slide away when mixed in. Delivery was on time. I think this product is worth it.

5. Airtight Colander Colorful Stainless Measuring

Airtight Colander Colorful Stainless Measuring

The mixing bowls kits are suitable for multiple different use scenarios in the kitchen, like making salads, mixing large batters,egg mixing,serving and storage food. Premium STAINLESS STEEL is used in the 5 mixing bowls and 1 colander, which are easy to clean. The inside of the mixing bowl is mirror-coated for easy cleaning, the outside is a frosted surface, no need to worry about fingerprints affecting the beauty of the mixing bowl. There are multiple sizes that meet all your needs. Their bowls are deeper than standard bowls. There are measurement marks inside the set of bowls. The best choice for mixing ingredients is in a mixing bowl. The fruits and vegetables can be easily cleaned with a colander close to 5QT. Different sizes can be used for cooking. There is a non-SLIP SILICONBOTTOM design. Food can be kept fresh and dry with flexible plastic lids. The base design is non-slip and prevents it from slipping off the table. The design of the mixing bowls is lightweight. The design of the mixing bowls allow you to fully enjoy kitchen life. The dishwasher is safe. The bowls are easier to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. If you put the lid into the dishwasher, it will cause damage to the lid. The mixing bowl can be put in the dishwasher. SPACE SAVING & MULTIPULE USE The nested bowls make the kitchen more clean and tidy. A set of mixing bowls is convenient. It can be used for many things.

Brand: Lonoven

👤I don't think buying the set with the colander is a good idea. Just getting the bowls, returning mine. The colander is not worth saving your money on. I took it out of the box and it fell apart, but I couldn't put it back together. It would not be a good idea to put food in that needed to be drained. The bowls seem to fit well.

👤The strainer bowl broke after 2 washes, but I didn't need it, they have lids that fit each one, and the bottoms are Silicone, so they stay in place, I like that. It was a little disappointing that it had to be thrown away. I wouldn't recommend the bowls for heavy use because of the thin metal and the quality of the metal, but overall for the price, it's fine.

👤I have been looking for bowls made of steel. I make ice cream during the summer. Bowls made of metal are the best for storing. I tested if the bowls leaked when they arrived. I only tested the one that leaked in my video. I checked the others and they all did the same thing. I tried a lot of different things to make sure the lids were put on correctly. No luck. Some bowls leaked more than others. The mixing bowls are not as strong as they should be. The colors are pretty. The lid color was matched by the bottom silicone. I need to return the set and buy a different one because the one I received included a colander.

👤The bowls are nice, and I like the fact that they have lids. The strainer and the lids are cheap. The strainer and lids work just fine. I like having good bowls and cheaper ones. The bowls are light. My other bowls are made of glass. They are also heavy and breakable. I get tired of being careful.

👤Bowls are good quality.

👤The colander fell apart.

👤The sealed lids appeared to be what we needed. There is a The lids don't stay on and don't seal at all. They were not allowed to use them before they were outside the return window or they would have returned them.

👤I was very disappointed in the way the set came.

6. Glass Mixing Bowls Lids 14 Piece

Glass Mixing Bowls Lids 14 Piece

Their smooth, kid-safe toy kitchen accessories are easy to handle, feature rounded edges and are non-toxic colors and prints, and hold up to tough and tumble play by young toddlers of all ages. They pride ourselves in creating play sets that are fun, gender neutral, and inspire children of all ages to be more active. If you have questions, contact them. The set includes 7 pieces glass salad bowls and 7 pieces of free-flowing glass. High quality material. Their glass salad bowls are made of high quality borosilicate glass, which is strong, more resistant to breakage and chipping than cheaper glass, and can be used in dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven. They can be used in the microwave or oven, and they are lead and cadmium free, which makes them safer than cheaper glass bowls. The food will remain healthy. There are airway droplets and multi-plane droplets. The protective lid on each bowl keeps food fresh and warm. These salad bowls can be used to prepare meals, serve and store leftovers. The bowls are easily portable. The glass containers are great for storing food or snacks. Beautiful bowls and elegant design. The bowls are made of clear borosilicate glass, which allows you to see exactly what you put into each bowl, serve your meals in a stylish and elegant fashion, and easily identify leftovers. A charming decoration in your dining table and kitchen is a result of elegant design. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤It's not hard to clean a bowl of food, but you can't protect it. The lid won't close. I thought I was not applying enough pressure. Not true. I thought my husband was closing it wrong. I tried different things. There was food in it and no food in it. It doesn't close. I have to buy another set.

👤The glass is not as thick as I would have liked and the lids are not very good. Some of them click on which is great but others don't fit snug and will fall off.

👤These are great! I had a problem with my favorite size after I bought it. If you don't click the lid on the fridge, the glass container won't open and it's going to hit the floor. It's a pity. It can be difficult to get them out since they don't have a lip on them. My children can't open the lid. I would like the lids to be easier to take on and off.

👤The bowls are easy to use.

👤It's hard to get out just one bowl at a time when all the sizes are so close, that's why these bowls are great. I store them in 2 piles so that my hand can get in between bowls.

👤Great purchase! It's one of the few sets that have many size options and matching lids.

👤They are very sturdy. The plastic lid is a bit hard. The largest bowl lid isn't closing correctly. The bowls are nice.

👤The bowls are hard to put on. I have not had any issues. They can stack. There are enough sizes for different leftovers to go into the microwave. If I needed to replace a bowl, I would order them again.

7. Superior Glass Mixing Bowls Lids

Superior Glass Mixing Bowls Lids

NEST for SPACE SAVING is mixing bowls with lids that nest inside each other and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify kitchen counters and cupboards. Beautiful bowls. The bowls are made of glass and give your table a stunning effect. You can see what is inside with the full view of the glass. The bowls will not be damaged or warped. The bowls are free of chemicals found in plastic and steel. The food will remain wholesome. There is a protection for lIDS. The bowl has an airtight lid to keep the contents fresh and prevent flies from inducing your food. These bowls are the only ones that have clear lids, so you can see your dishes while keeping an eye on what is inside. Glass bowls are more stable and heavier, so they won't slip and slide while you mix. The batter doesn't stick to the sides if the walls are slick. The bowls are completely microwave safe and won't absorb odors or flavors of food stored in them. The store is clean. The set has bowls of 4 quarts, 2.5 quarts, 1.5 quarts, and 27 quarts. Oz. The bowls are neatly stacked inside each other. The bowls should be washed by hand.

Brand: Finedine

👤I bought my Pyrex glass bowls a decade ago. I wanted to buy a set of glass bowls. My order arrived at my house. I put them in a drying rack after washing them. I put one bowl away in a cabinet. See the picture. It splintered into thousands of pieces. Don't buy them! Pyrex is better.

👤The bowl was shattered while mixing up salsa. Very frightening!

👤I put the bowls on the counter and they shattered, sending glass all over me and my kitchen. They are not shatter proof.

👤I had a bowl of potato salad in the fridge. I put it in a brown paper bag and put it in the car for a short drive so it wouldn't get bumped. I put it on the kitchen counter when I got to my destination. The bowl fell apart when I removed the lid. I was shocked to hear that. The bowl did not have any problems when I put the salad in it, and it did not get bumped, dropped, or subjected to the temperature extremes that we live in. It is difficult for me to trust the remaining bowls.

👤My mother had a set of mixing bowls when she was a child. They're in great shape. I love them for practical and sentimental reasons. I only have one large Pyrex mixing bowl, and I do a lot of baking. Glass is better for mixing batter or bread dough because you can see if there is any dry ingredients stuck to the side or bottom of the bowl. It is easier to see how much bread dough has risen. I decided to buy a set of Pyrex bowls. I gave them a look because they were less expensive and had a good customer rating. The Pyrex had great reviews, so I bought these instead. I'm so happy I did. I haven't had them long. They've already been used a lot. Likes daily use. The clear lids are a real convenience when making bread and they feel just as sturdy as Pyrex. The bowls and lids have been through the dishwasher many times without any harm being done to them. They are easy to clean when washed by hand, but be careful. I have a porcelain coated cast iron sink and the bowls on the side of it have not been damaged. I'm quite impressed. I don't have a problem with them being separated, they nest nicely together, and it's not a deal breaker. I'm probably going to get another set because I often bake more than one thing at a time and end up wishing I had two of each. Oh! The large Pyrex bowl is perfect for my kitchen because it doesn't have a lot of storage space. I would buy these bowls again. They are a great gift for anyone who bakes a lot. I won't miss the metal bowls when I pass them on to one of my daughters since I've been using them more.

👤The plastic ones are hard to get rid of when you bake and use butter. I use glass bowls all the time. I bake and cook. I waited so long and it was very sturdy and easy to clean.

8. Oggi 3 Piece Mixing Bowl White

Oggi 3 Piece Mixing Bowl White

American made glassware. Since 1905. The quality of the mixing bowls is very strong and durable. The plastic mixing bowls are not as durable. Space saving storage can be achieved by mixing bowls with handles. Best quality, food-safe. There are three distinctive sizes ofTILE mixing bowls for kitchen and home. The bowls kitchen must have items because of the non slip base, pour spout and easy grip handle. The classic and emigrate. The mixing bowls set is a must have. Use as a salad bowl set or a serving bowl set, the batter bowl is elegant enough to be used as a salad bowl set. The dishwasher is easy to clean with sleek lines and white coloring.

Brand: Oggi

👤Really? A spoon made a hole in the bowl when I dropped it. This is ridiculous.

👤I was happy to find these bowls because I used to use one of them. I don't know how I got it, but it was my go to bowl for everything. Unfortunately it ended up with a crack in it, which wasn't a big deal, it wasn't bad, and it was still holding everything we needed so we kept using it. It was torn apart by taking it out of the fridge and putting it under hot water to wash it. I can't say that I shouldn't have expected that result given that it was already cracked when I did it, but as surprised as I was, I can't say that I shouldn't have done it. I didn't replace it because I have other bowls in my house, but after using some other bowls, I realized what I liked about this one. It's not the cheap thin plastic that a lot of these white generic bowls are and feels more brittle with temperature extremes as I found out. I like the non slip base. I decided to look for a replacement for the shape because I missed it the most. These are taller and deeper than they are wide. I have a nice set of glass bowls that are more bowl shaped, but they take up too much space in the fridge, and I don't like them. The previous bowl I used lasted me many years and I'm confident that the new one will do the same. I looked at the bottom of the bowl before throwing out the pieces. This came with 3 bowls and was a very reasonable price. I only had the largest bowl. I'm excited to have the smaller ones now.

👤I bought this set to replace my 40 year old Copco bowls which were beginning to show wear from too much whisking. I hope the new sat will be as durable as the old one. The handles are smaller than the Copco, making it more difficult to hold the bowl in place when mixing.

👤There are 3 bowls in each order and they are easy to hold and sturdy. I compared them to my older bowl and found them to be the same thickness. I hope they last as long as my previous set. I have not dropped one. I think they are adequate for the purpose of a mixing bowl. I like that they are more solid than other plastic bowls which may lose shape. The poor write-up description of this item made me wonder how many bowls came in the 1 order.

👤I bought this set a couple of years ago and have been using them for everything, they're great for microwaving, and cleaning after cooking is easy, food just doesn't stick, and I can say that after hundreds of uses! My family borrows them and I never see them again. I refuse to let out of the house the biggest one, so I have to order it. I recommend this bowl set to anyone who hates the clean-up after cooking, it almost cleans itself!

9. Pyrex 8 Piece Years Mixing Limited

Pyrex 8 Piece Years Mixing Limited

Each of the bowls has a colorful cover that helps you easily identify what's in them, and the plastic lid seals tightly so you can keep your food in the fridge or take it on the go. The set includes 1 each 3-cup, 6-cup, 10-cup, and 4.5 quarts with red, green, and purple lids. ribbed design glass bowls The fridge, freezer, and microwave are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Pyrex

👤This is not the official 100 year set. The item number is 1136447 and the item number is 735870. This is a standard set. Look at pictures.

👤The 10 cup bowl exploded in the microwave, as if there was a piece of metal inside the glass. I found that the glass shattered after soaking the dish. My husband thinks it was an air bubble, but what would cause it to break? Why did the spot catch fire? How can it be considered microwave safe? This was my first Pyrex purchase as an adult. Very disappointed.

👤This wasn't as described. I wanted a set to match my existing set that was the 100 year limited edition so I didn't receive the colored lids listed in the description. I feel like I paid a premium for the website description and it's not what I received.

👤The size and feel of the older version is the same. It does not feel less sturdy. It has a strong turquoise tint, which makes it look like a cheaper glass, and makes judging food colors more difficult because you need to see subtle color differences. The old "original" bowl set is left and the new turquoise-tinted set is right in the attached image. There is a This is not the 100 Years set.

👤The assortment was well packaged and described. One of the lid's edges was not perfect, so it will not completely seal. I contacted Pyrex after following the instructions. They told me to contact Amazon. Customer service from the manufacturer was terrible. Next time, I will buy Amazon basics and save money.

👤I paid the upcharge because I liked the color scheme of the 100 year anniversary edition that I ordered from this listing. It matches the color of my kitchen. The ones I received were different from each other. I paid double for the set I received because it retails for only$15-20, which is a lot of money. I spent extra money on these and didn't get what was advertised in the listing.

👤The bowls are pretty. They inspire a good feeling that something like this is still made in the U.S. Those that complain about the bowls being green should first get an eye exam and then reach down with both hands and get a grip. The bowls are made of glass. Get over it. Do you want clear glass? When you sneeze on it, cheap junk will break. You still can.

👤You will use the largest bowl at family gatherings for salads; green salad, potato salad or a large pasta salad. The smallest bowl can be used for leftover gravy or sauces. Why? This is Pyrex. Reheat in the microwave. It was perfect! I owned the 3-bowl set. I now have 2 of the smaller sizes, and I love the large bowl. The covers are neatly stacked on top of each other for neat storage.

👤I found the bowls at Wal-mart for less than I paid on Amazon.

👤I have owned a set of these bowls for more than a decade and they are one of the most used items in my kitchen. They are used to prepare all types of items. I've purchased four sets of these bowls over the years, two of which are at the cottage. The usual set has three bowls, but this set has four. The extra one is small enough to fit in my kitchen cabinets, so it will be useful.

10. KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

KitchenAid KE175OSPIA Classic Mixing Pistachio

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The set of bowls includes a 2.5 quart bowl, 3.5 quart bowl and 4.5 quart bowl. The bowls don't slip when mixing. Each bowl has a non-slip base that increases stability. The pour spout on each bowl helps to reduce the chance of spills when transferring mixes. Bowls nest together when not in use for easy storage. The mixing bowls are dishwasher safe. They have a one year hassle-free replacement and lifetime limited.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The previous edition of the bowls was in a different color than the one I owned. The quality was great. They dropped on the floor after years of use. I bought a replacement set because I loved them so much. I felt how muchINNER and less-durable these would be when they arrived. Corporations have become slaves to profits over other considerations, like QUALITY, and they cut corners more and more, and send out cheap products for a steep price. That seems to be the rule of thumb. What results? They lose a customer for life. I used to buy KitchenAid products. But no more. Did you think people wouldn't notice KITCHEN AID? We do. You have lost my business. I will use glass bowls. Not paying the premium price for plastic that will be in the trash bin within a year.

👤They said they are dishwasher safe, but they began to warp and change shape as they passed through the dishwasher. The water in our house is only set at 120 degrees, so it is not like we have a boiling water situation. We returned them because they are not dishwasher safe.

👤The product was disappointing and mediocre. The design of the spout is too shallow for pouring anything. The feel is cheap and thin. The old bowls broke and gave out. They are not as sturdy, good-feeling or functional as the ones they replaced. I couldn't find anything better.

👤The bowls are nicely sized and the color is great, but they are made of a cheap plastic that is rigid. I think they would crack if accidentally dropped on a tile kitchen floor, and I don't know what a hot dishwasher would do to them. KitchenAid's stuff is usually top quality. Returned and was replaced by the OXO Good Grips set.

👤It's lightweight. It was a pretty color. These are not durable. I don't think they are dishwasher safe. Two of the bowls have cracks in the bottom of them, and one of them will be cracking soon. I really liked them, they were light in weight, and easy to use. I liked the number of sizes that came in the set. KitchenAid accessories are not very good. The stand mixers and other appliances are great.

👤In Nov 2020. Hardly used. The 2.5 quart bowl has a crack in the bottom, so I tried to use it. It leaks information. It was a disappointment. Kitchen Aid was reliable. I would probably not buy it again. The bowls were just right and the color is nice, but if you can't use them more than a few times, it's not good. The buyer should beware. I tried to send a note to them. They need a model number and a part number. What? I got the info from Amazon. The mail bombs out. Gave up after three tries. Good luck!

👤It had been dragged around the storeroom floor before it was damaged. Quality control is terrible. Disappointed.

👤These bowls are sturdy, easy to hold, easy to maneuver, don't slide around on the counter, and are the best mixing bowls I've ever seen. They are as perfect as you can get. Bowls are amazing. I wish there was more of a larger size. The largest bowl is not a large, but a medium-sized bowl. 5 stars all around. These are great for mixing and baking. The handle is a perfect size and balance for single-hand pouring/mixing, and they look great as well. A lot of thought and testing was put into this design. It's great.

11. Cuisinart CTG 00 SMB Stainless Steel Mixing

Cuisinart CTG 00 SMB Stainless Steel Mixing

The plastic and glass lids can be used for cooking and serving. The bowls are 1-Quart, 3-Quart and 5-Quart. High quality steel.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤They look nice, but they are just okay in my book. I don't like the lids. I can't remove a lid without making a mess. I think the second issue is my fault as I never thought of mustard as acidic. I have had an old, cheap bowl that I've used for over 30 years and thrown in the dishwasher, it looks better than the bowl that I've used three times and been hand washed. I might try to get some Bar Keepers friend on it. The old cheap no-name on the right is the Cuisinart.

👤After one use, there were Rust stains after 20 minutes on the phone waiting for a person. Have to go back to Amazon. Will try other brands.

👤They rusted in less than 2 months, but I love the design and the lids.

👤The bowls began to oxidize after a single use. The large and medium bowls were washed and dried by hand. This is disappointing for something that is claimed to be "stainless steel." Until this product is updated, look elsewhere. The bowls are still usable and it gets two stars instead of one.

👤If you're cooking for yourself or a partner, this is a good set of bowls. They are light and can take a beating. You don't have to struggle to get the middle bowl from the upper cabinet. If you drop one, it won't break and you don't need to put it in the sink. I used my electric hand mixer in these and it did make a few small marks on the inside, but it's only a cosmetic thing. I'm sure they'll stand up to that abuse for a long time. The tall lip kept the ingredients from splashing out too much. You can't use them in the microwave. I've never had a mixing bowl with lids, but they are a nice feature. I'm not sure if it's any more effective than plastic wrap, but it's still appreciated. If you cook for more than two people, you might want to consider a set that goes to a larger size, but otherwise, this set will serve you well, and at a great price.

👤I almost didn't order them after reading some reviews that said they were lightweight. The three bowl set is better than the six bowl set I ordered. The KitchenAid stand mixer has a mixing bowl.

👤I was very excited about the bowls. I have been using inferior quality for too long and wanted the deeper dimensions and heavier gauge I would get with Cuisinart. I went to make a salad with the medium bowl and there was a crack in the rim. I have thrown out the packing materials and don't have the strength to return. I guess I will have to be careful when I use that bowl.

👤After a single use and washing, these rusted. Absurd.

👤It is light and a pleasure to use. I have had them for a few weeks now and they get almost daily use, I don't wash them, they just go in the dishwasher, which works well with them. I am happy to report that I have not had any rust problems.


What is the best product for baking bowls mixing set glass?

Baking bowls mixing set glass products from Belwares. In this article about baking bowls mixing set glass you can see why people choose the product. Dowan and Priority Chef are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking bowls mixing set glass.

What are the best brands for baking bowls mixing set glass?

Belwares, Dowan and Priority Chef are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking bowls mixing set glass. Find the detail in this article. Spring Chef, Lonoven and M Mcirco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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