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1. Cook Color Mixing Bowls Lids

Cook Color Mixing Bowls Lids

We are confident that the white porcelain ramekins will be your best choice. The products and customer service they provide are of the highest quality. If you don't like the porcelain, you can get a full refund in 30 days. A set of easy to clean kitchen bowls can be used for food prep, serving and storing. The bowl capacity is.2 quarts per square inch, 0.74 quarts per square inch, 1.37 quarts per square inch, 2.22 quarts per square inch, 3.69 quarts per square inch and 5.8 quarts per square inch. The plastic mixing bowl set is food safe. There are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safes. A variety of bowls with tight fitting lids make it easy to store and transport food. It's great for cut up fruit, salads, snacks and for on the go. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤I think this is a great product. I received my package in the mail and it was cracked and missing pieces, but the bowl was in pieces. I am not going to send it back due to all the garbage that is happening right now. I won't be buying this again. If you pay $26 for an effin bowl, they should package it correctly so that it doesn't get broken in the mail. There is an update on this. I can say that I am still not impressed with the bowls I have used. The lids don't fit right. They don't fit the bowls so I threw them in the drawer. After my initial review, I checked the package. The package was fine. There were no dents or holes. The bowl set was damaged in the warehouse. It was not a shipping issue.

👤The bowls are very sturdy, which is what I wanted for baking, and the quality is better than I thought. You can keep food in them. They are dishwasher safe too. Everything was perfect, my lids were not broken or anything. It took them a while to come in, but that was my only complaint. You get a lot of different size bowls. The big bowl colors are so pretty that I wanted to reference them.

👤I tried to clean the bowls for the first time, and I thought they were cute. The description states that they are dishwasher safe. Good luck getting the lids back on, I washed them once in the dishwasher. I tried for 20 minutes to get the lid on the largest bowl to open. I put a heavy object on the bowl and lid and tried to push it on, but it wouldn't click to secure the lid. If you like spending more money than you should for items that don't work, then this is for you. I have a lot of glass storage containers, so I will recommend potential buyers to stick to those.

👤The lid is so tight. It was difficult to get them back on. This was washed in the dishwasher so the lids were not affected. It took several minutes to get the lids on. It was very frustrating. Glad it seals. Maybe a little too good.

👤Don't waste your money. The lid doesn't fit. It was used in our trailer. Just got to see them for the first time. Can't return them.

👤These are pretty colors. The manufacturing is not perfect but it is fine for the price. There are little pieces of plastic hanging off the bottom of the bowls, which are difficult to get off. I will have to return the set because one of the bowls was missing a lid.

👤The good. The clean up is very easy. We rinse them when we finish using them. The majority of lids go on. Storage is easy when all can stack inside one another. The bad. They had a strong chemical smell when they arrived. Go figure, it's made in China. The largest bowl doesn't stay on well, and not all the lids go on easily. Would I buy a new set? If it's all I can afford, that's what I would do. We will probably try to find another set if we want another set. 5 stars for the price and clean up. There is a chemical smell and some lids are not staying on. That is the reason I give it 4 stars.

2. Cook Color Mixing Bowls Nesting

Cook Color Mixing Bowls Nesting

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The mixing bowl set is easy to clean and has non slip bowls. The mixing bowls are safe for food and drink, and are free of the harmful substance, B.A. The set includes 1 liter bowl, 1.5 liter bowl, 2 liter bowl, and 3 liter bowl. A functional set that saves you space is set nest. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste.

Brand: Cook With Color

👤The colors are nice, but I thought the sizes were going to be bigger. I put a picture of a Starbucks drink inside the largest bowl to compare. The largest bowl isn't that big. They are still useful for mixing and holding small items.

👤This set was disappointing. The first time I made cookies with one, my beaters went through the bottom of the bowl. As the bowl goes from the rim to the bottom, the thickness of the bowl decreases, as does the integrity of the bottom of the bowl. I gave them a 2 star rating because they are cute. They are only for light jobs.

👤I was disappointed by the flimsy nature of the bowls. The bowls were packaged in a box but there was no packaging or wrap for them.

👤Within a minute of use, the bowl cracked.

👤I had a set of plastic mixing bowls that shattered in my tile floor. I liked the curved bottom for whisking eggs and the pour spout for pouring cleanly, so I bought them 3x's. The same features make these a more durable material. These are dishwasher safe, and I use them a lot for mixing salads together, prep work for meals, and most of all using my eggbeater/mixer with less splattering out. I use them in the fridge for fresh eggs. This is great because it is easy to wash in the dishwasher.

👤The rubber ring on the bottom is not worth much. The bowl is small and slides over the counter. Non slip material is needed on the entire bottom of the design. The colors are pretty.

👤The bottom of the largest bowl cracked during normal use. They're not strong, and as another reviewer pointed out, are smaller than I expected.

👤These bowls are wonderful. The sizes and shape are perfect for different things in the kitchen. My 92-year-old mother likes to use one of the smaller bowls for popcorn or potato chips. She can stick her thumb through the handle of the bowl and not lose her grip since she walks with a cane. I used to collect ingredients in the kitchen. They're great.

👤I bought these as a treat and they looked great. I have used whiskers in two of them and they look really nice and the sizes are perfect. The pourer spout is very useful when making pancakes or yorkshire puds. The smaller one is great for whisking up a few eggs, and the larger one is great for mixing a large cake mix in. I would have loved to receive these as a gift. Bowls don't make me smile.

👤I would recommend the item but not the price, it has been cheaper in TKMaxx.

👤The photos in the ad are larger than these. There's no way they'll be big enough to make soap. The package was torn. They look like they'd been sitting on a shelf for a long time. The plastic rings fell off the bowls. The bottom is not worth the cost. They'll be back.

3. US Acrylic 10 Inch Plastic Serving

US Acrylic 10 Inch Plastic Serving

The worst part of cooking or baking isn't the food, it's the mess! With the high quality plastic finish of these mixing bowls, the food comes off with a simple soapy scrub and light wash. There is no time to wash them. Put them in the dishwasher. The sieve is not dishwasher safe. The 10-inch diameter is made in the United States. A step up from disposable serveware. The bowls are dishwasher safe. Stacking to save space in kitchen cabinets. Also available in other colors and sizes is a set of 6 in pink berry.

Brand: Us Acrylic

👤The bowls are perfect for what I needed. They are durable, sturdy, a great size, a good amount of bowls, and most importantly, they include shades of pink. I use the same shade of pink in one of the bowls as my business theme. I will be using these bowls on social media to show how my products are made. I used one to make myself one of my products and I have no complaints about it. The bowl did not move during the clean up process. I am very happy with the looks and quality of these.

👤The bowls are large enough to hold a bowl of popcorn or treats. They are easy to wash and can be used for a lot of different things.

👤Perfect size for snacks, cereals or soup.

👤They are very light and large.

👤Bowls are not the right size for me. Returned.

👤I got these for my daughter's first birthday party. They will make nice bowls. Nothing special. I recommend them for the price.

4. Stainless Steel Mixing Fitzroy Fox

Stainless Steel Mixing Fitzroy Fox

It is easy to clean a dishwasher. Put them in the dishwasher when you're done, it's the perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans. There are bowls with leaves. These bowls keep your food fresh in the refrigerator, freezer, or when you need serving bowls that keep food warm. The set has bowls and lids. There are four colors: Red, Blue, Black and Pink. The bowls are dishwasher safe, compact and designed to fit in your kitchen cupboard. The space saving design of the bowls is great for smaller kitchens. A rolled lip makes pouring easy and precise. Non slip bottoms. Their bottoms are non slip and keep your bowls in place. The flat bottom and no slip rubber base make it safe to use as a double boiler when melting chocolate for baking and keep your recipes on the counter when whisking. All materials are safe for kids and adults. The top rated mixing bowl set is made of premium steel, polished to a luxurious mirror finish on the inside, and has a fingerprints resistant brushed finish on the outside. The professional grade bowl set is of the highest quality and will last a lifetime. The bowls in red, blue, black and pink are easy to use, with a lightweight design that features an extra wide rim and collar for better grip. Busy bakers can measure out big recipes without measuring cups with the etched volume measurements inside the bowls. The pasta bowls are great.

Brand: Fitzroy And Fox

👤There is an update: I discovered a trick with the lids. Push down on the "bulls-eye" circles in the center of the lid. The air out of the bowl creates a great fit. To open side tabs, lift them. My husband and I like to cook and invest in high quality goods for our kitchen. These are our new favorite and they are a steal of a deal. Three sets of mixing bowls have been acquired over the years, including a set with no lids, a set with three bowls and a set with five bowls. The set was too heavy and took up too much space. The hand was not comfortable with the sharp lip. They didn't have a bottom that would slide when whisking whipped cream or salad dressing. When dropped, the bowls cracked or were shattered, as they were comfortable to hold and had a narrow silicone ring on the bottom to prevent slipping. We needed a new set of all-purpose mixing bowls. There are a lot of good things about these bowls. First of all, they are beautiful. The exterior and interior finish are very attractive. I like the dark blue contrast. The measuring marks on the inside of the bowls are very functional and not taking away from the beautiful exterior aesthetic. They are light but not too light. The bowls have rounded lips that are comfortable to hold. The bottoms are made of silicone. I was able to whisk my salad dressing with ease while holding my baby, because I didn't slip on the counter. The lids are snug. They all nest nicely together. I love! You will not be disappointed.

👤My wife likes them. The three year old likes them. The middle bowl is his favorite hat. I cook in them. I like that they're not sharp. I wash them after I use them. Some bowls are not really clean. Maybe they are made from cheaper metal. Even though I have to use force to crush tomatoes or mix thick batter, these bowls are large enough to stay put. Good bowls. The caps fit well.

👤I put them on the counter top after opening the box. The middle bowl was warped on the bottom and wouldn't sit flat. I could hear the metal popping in and out when I pressed on the bottom of the bowl. It went for a refund because it was not great quality. Dissapointing! I might consider re-ordering if I could be certain that this was a one-off. The measure marks on the inside of the bowls made me like the non-slip bottom. Nice features and poor quality. Continue shopping.

👤These are quite sturdy and lovely. The cats meow at the bases. A bowl should stay on the counter. The lids are also included. Adds another for use. They are also represented in the photos. I wash them. I always update my reviews if new information seems useful. Hope this information was helpful to you.

👤The bowls are in my kitchen. They are nice to use as serving bowls for parties, or mixing bowls for cooking and baking events with family and friends. The rubber bottoms and air-tight seals make them very functional for preventing slips and spills and keeping food fresh in the fridge. Thanks for the great product. I recommend these to anyone who spends time in the kitchen.

5. Mixing Bowls Lids Kitchen Stainless

Mixing Bowls Lids Kitchen Stainless

Your purchase is risk free. They will reply within 24 hours if you have a problem with their products or if the product is damaged upon arrival. QUALITY MIXING BOWLS The mixing bowl set is made of quality heavy gauge food-grade STAINLESS steel, which is resistant and rustproof. The interior and exterior of the bowls are mirror finish. The design of the mixing bowls can improve your cooking pleasure. The mixing bowls have 7 different colors in the lid which makes it easy to identify the food in the bowl. The mixing bowl lid is very sturdy and durable, it's not even made of a BPA free material. It is great for storing food and keeping it fresh. There are 7 different sizes of mixing bowls, including 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5 QT. The accessories include spreader spatula,basting brush,spatula spoon,egg whisk,egg separator and 6 measuring colorful spoons. The space saving and easy to clean features of the 7 piece mixing bowls kits make the kitchen more tidy and clean. It is easy to clean mixing bowls. Don't use the dishwasher to clean bowls. The mixing bowls kits are suitable for multiple different use scenarios in the kitchen, like making salads, mixing large batters,egg mixing,serving and storage food.

Brand: Leidawn

👤I didn't expect such quality for the price, I'm going to be honest and say that! It comes with 7 bowls and some measuring spoons. It's easier to spot the right lid for a bowl that has a color match than it is for a bowl that doesn't have a color match. They are all very light and sturdy. It was a good deal.

👤The metal mixing bowl set has everything you need for a standard household. My daughter just moved into her first apartment and needed a lot. I thought this set would be a nice addition to her home. It comes with 7 different sized bowls. They all have the same lids. A set of measuring spoons, an egg seperater, a spatula, and a couple other silicone utensils are included in the package. My daughter loves these bowls and tells me she uses 1 every day. She has had them for a while now and they are holding up well. They are easy to store and wash.

👤Beautiful bowls! The colors are pretty and the lids are non plastic. It's already a great set, but then they add the measuring cups and utensils. I like the colorful measuring cups. The bowls are very secure. The bowl isn't like a Rubbermaid or Tupperware seal, so don't lift it by the lid. I wouldn't turn it upside down and expect it to hold because it's airtight. I got this set to cut down on plastic use and to store food in containers. Not just for the environment but for health as well. The bowls are made of steel. Light but strong. This would be a great wedding gift.

👤They were used to serve food at a party. I loved how colorful they were. The other tools in this set are easy to store since they stack together.

👤These are easy to clean and great for storing things. All of the utensils that came with them are made of silicone, which is safe to use on pans. I attached a picture of my own, but I couldn't fit everything in the picture, so some of the bowls are still stacked up. This would be a great gift for someone who is just getting out on their own or someone who wants a rainbow in their kitchen.

👤It was a good deal on the day price. The colors would be great, especially with the matching lids. Not a bad deal for the kitchen. The lids are not air tight like a plastic container so they wouldn't travel well. They're snug, but good for the refrigerator. They are easy to store. The colors are bright, but it looks like spray paint. It is already chipping from normal use. They were used during holiday cooking. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher.

👤I was excited to get the bowls. The are very thin, I have washed them once and the paints are already chipping off. They will be fine. I will be replacing them before my holiday baking.

6. Stainless WHYSKO Refrigerator Organizers Ecofriendly

Stainless WHYSKO Refrigerator Organizers Ecofriendly

The bowls will not slip or skitter because of the rubber layer at the base. The non-stick surface of the bowl makes long mixing less tiring. The Complete Mixing Bowls Set is ideal for meal prep, or making pancakes. The deep mixing bowls are rust and corrosion resistant, and feature a smooth steel design that is easy to use. TheNested Storage bowls nest inside one another to save cabinet space. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. Put them in the dishwasher when you're done, it's the perfect choice for your healthy meal prep plans.

Brand: Whysko

👤These stink. They have a smell that is very bad. I have never bought anything that stinks. I didn't want to scratch them to see if the coating came off. I wouldn't use them for food purposes.

👤I washed them and haven't used them yet. I didn't notice the depth of the bowls when I ordered them. I imagine batter flying everywhere when I use a hand mixer. They are shaped like serving bowls and I don't serve food from kitchen ware. I'm sure the metal will last for a long time because it's a nice gauge. I'm not sure if I should send them back or keep them.

👤The bowls are not flimsy. They are dishwasher safe and have not discolored or rusted. I think they will last for a while. I have never needed to use anything bigger than the largest bowl included. The starter kit is great for college students.

👤I was excited that they came with kids, even though they were more expensive and smaller than other options. I received them with very strong chemicals.

👤I was looking for a bowl that was light and portable. When a guest drops the bowl on the porch, the food will be lost. They are lightweight and easy to carry and open when full. The bowls are not uniform in weight, but it seems like it is intentional. The bowls have heavier gauge metal. Two of the smallest are "thinner". The smallest is good for beating an egg, and the largest is good for holding a 4lb chicken or fruit salad. I can't vouch for the quality of the STAINLESS, but they are shiny and clean, and I don't expect them to stay that way forever, but my very good STAINLESS steel pots develop some discoloration. It looks like it may be a good coating of metal over some light metal, but for my purposes. I have mixmaster bowls that come with the machine that are perfect for quick mixing on the porch or patio. I didn't think they were too shallow, although I was taken back when I saw the box and it was only 6 inches deep. The bowls are wide. She said that mixing cake flour into batter was not a good idea. You can assess the usefulness of 1/3 bag of party size potato chips, salad for 6 egg salad, potato salad for buffets, smaller sizes of dipping sauce and trail mix. They're a breeze to clean, but they shouldn't be your only choice for all purposes. They fit nicely in a large kitchen drawer or on a shelf. Most of the time you would use smaller refrigerator dishes for storage. Don't hesitate if you're thinking about it. Will post again if my impression changes.

👤The mixing bowls don't come with lids but the photo shows they do. There is false advertising.

👤They are still solid mixing bowls for all size jobs, even though they are a little smaller than I thought. I would buy these again.

7. Cuisinart CTG 00 SMB Stainless Steel Mixing

Cuisinart CTG 00 SMB Stainless Steel Mixing

The plastic and glass lids can be used for cooking and serving. The bowls are 1-Quart, 3-Quart and 5-Quart. High quality steel.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤They look nice, but they are just okay in my book. I don't like the lids. I can't remove a lid without making a mess. I think the second issue is my fault as I never thought of mustard as acidic. I have had an old, cheap bowl that I've used for over 30 years and thrown in the dishwasher, it looks better than the bowl that I've used three times and been hand washed. I might try to get some Bar Keepers friend on it. The old cheap no-name on the right is the Cuisinart.

👤After one use, there were Rust stains after 20 minutes on the phone waiting for a person. Have to go back to Amazon. Will try other brands.

👤They rusted in less than 2 months, but I love the design and the lids.

👤The bowls began to oxidize after a single use. The large and medium bowls were washed and dried by hand. This is disappointing for something that is claimed to be "stainless steel." Until this product is updated, look elsewhere. The bowls are still usable and it gets two stars instead of one.

👤If you're cooking for yourself or a partner, this is a good set of bowls. They are light and can take a beating. You don't have to struggle to get the middle bowl from the upper cabinet. If you drop one, it won't break and you don't need to put it in the sink. I used my electric hand mixer in these and it did make a few small marks on the inside, but it's only a cosmetic thing. I'm sure they'll stand up to that abuse for a long time. The tall lip kept the ingredients from splashing out too much. You can't use them in the microwave. I've never had a mixing bowl with lids, but they are a nice feature. I'm not sure if it's any more effective than plastic wrap, but it's still appreciated. If you cook for more than two people, you might want to consider a set that goes to a larger size, but otherwise, this set will serve you well, and at a great price.

👤I almost didn't order them after reading some reviews that said they were lightweight. The three bowl set is better than the six bowl set I ordered. The KitchenAid stand mixer has a mixing bowl.

👤I was very excited about the bowls. I have been using inferior quality for too long and wanted the deeper dimensions and heavier gauge I would get with Cuisinart. I went to make a salad with the medium bowl and there was a crack in the rim. I have thrown out the packing materials and don't have the strength to return. I guess I will have to be careful when I use that bowl.

👤After a single use and washing, these rusted. Absurd.

👤It is light and a pleasure to use. I have had them for a few weeks now and they get almost daily use, I don't wash them, they just go in the dishwasher, which works well with them. I am happy to report that I have not had any rust problems.

8. Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

The baking mat is approximately 18.6 x 16 inches. The metal mixing bowls have a range of 6 sizes, so they can be used for everything. For all-purpose workhorses in the kitchen from preparing, mixing, stirring, and kneading dough. STAINLESS STEEL has an attractive mirror finish for an elegant look. The metal bowls are easy to clean and stain resistant. Durability yet light weight - that's what it is. Their bowls are made from freezer- and dishwasher-safe materials and shatterproof to last a lifetime. It was intricately designed. The wide rolled rims allow for a solid grip. Balance and stability are provided by flat bases. Capacity marked outside bowls for easy identification. The salad bowlsseamlessly nest together and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify the kitchen. Kitchen mixing bowl sets.

Brand: Finedine

👤They are made like junk.

👤I was excited until I got them. I could tell by the package that it was a bad purchase. 3 of the 6 are dents and won't sit on the counter so they rock back and forth. If you push on the bottom of the bowl, they pop. Not worth the money or time. They go back.

👤I am not sure if these are 100% steel. I believe that the company misrepresented the origin of the manufacturer. There is no indication of what material the bowls were made of. Every product I buy in a store has an inscription on it that says "stainless steel." I am not sure if they are made of the correct material, and I will not use them myself, even for food consumption.

👤Unless people have never seen decent bowls before, I don't understand the positive reviews. The bowls are light and easy to use. These aren't strong enough to hold up to cooking. I returned them after I pulled them out of the box. If you like things that last you look elsewhere, you'll get a lot of bowls.

👤I opened the box and found that 2 of the 6 bowls had been damaged. The package was intact. I believe this happened before the manufacturing process began. I returned the bowls to Amazon. Initially I was thinking of giving it away as a Christmas gift, but decided to try it out first and buy a second set if I liked it. Imagine keeping the box closed for a while and opening it during the holidays. This is a lesson I have learned before. Look.

👤I just received the shipment and examined the bowls, 5 out of 6 were in good condition but one was banged up so much that I was surprised it passed evaluation and was shipped out. For the price, I suppose this is acceptable, but it makes me feel bad about the whole experience and makes me not want to buy any more bowls. These are not stains that can be wiped off. They're either bumps or cuts through the shiny finish, or they're under the finish.

👤These are gorgeous! Photo doesn't do them justice. They are not the least bit flimsy. I like the large lip on the rim. Perfect gifts will be made by these. Not a single ding came from the carefully packed car. It would be nice if the quart size was stamped on the bottom of the bowl. Unless it is, I can't catch it. The size is easy to estimate, so it is not an issue. I didn't get these at a discount. I am sick of seeing those reviews.

👤Nice size bowls. The largest one is very large. I have only used it to mix 2 lbs of baked macaroni and cheese, with 6 cheeses, and it doesn't even get close to filling the bowl. I use it when I make cornbread dressing because I have to make 3 different versions, one for myself, my husband and our son, so it will come in handy when mixing the main ingredients. I only had it for a week or so and there are already marks on my favorite bowl. That is a bit disappointing. It's not a dealbreaker. 4.5 stars.

9. Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

Mixing Airtight CHAREADA Stainless Nesting

The cake pan is ideal as a lasagna pan, cookie pans are great for sheet pan dinners, and round cake pans are perfect for roasting. The bowl is made of high quality food gradestainless steel for better shock-proof and rust-proof. Plastic is harmful chemicals. Silicone bottom is used in the bowls to make them stable while mixing, kneading or whipping food. The bowls are easier to hold with the silicone bottoms. There are 7 different sizes. The capacity is deeper to better meet your needs. A set of 7 can be placed together to save space. The egg whisk, spreader spatula, and basting brush are included. The bowls have their own lid that is air tight and can fit in the bowls and make sure food is fresh and clean. To seal them, push down and make sure it is tight. It's great for food storage. Simple to clean by hand and dishwasher safe. Bowl sizes fit on the fridge shelf. To minimize exposure to heat, please wash the lids. A great gift idea for a bridal shower, house warming or any other occasion.

Brand: Chareada

👤My daughter moved into a new apartment and needed some mixing bowls. I gave her the ones I had so she could buy the new ones. I am a great mom. It's a funny thing. I like these bowls more than the other ones. The best part is that the lids nest together as well. Having containers that stack together and then have the lids all over is worse. I save a lot of space with these. I have more space in my cabinet for new tools. The bottoms are non-slip. When mixing brownies, no more bowls. When storing leftover food, the 7 different sizes are very helpful. The lids fit nicely and are easy to use. I found out the other night that they are tight. I tripped over the dog while I was going to put soup in the refrigerator. The bowl fell and landed on its top. I'm sold on these bowls after that. I might buy my daughter a set. It's a funny thing. If you're looking for a quality set of bowls, I recommend you.

👤I was not happy with these. I didn't expect them to be so flimsy. One bang against another surface in my kitchen would cause a lot of damage. The primary problem with them is not that. I found that there was a black substance on them that wouldn't come off. I guess the company that made these decided to cheap out on the final cleaning processes, but I don't know. I couldn't get it off. I tried washing them by hand, but nothing got the substance off the bowls, and I ran them through my dishwasher twice, one time on the most aggressive settings I had. There was a problem underneath the outside rim of the bowls. I would end up with a weird substance on my skin if I ran my finger along, and it was hard to wash it off. If these bowls were very well-made, I would have tried to get this substance removed, but they are so light and flimsy, it is unbelievable. The lids are very cheap. I might have lived with the quality, but not with this problem. They don't need to include measuring cups and mixing utensils. The things look like they would be difficult to use. The cups look like they would break.

👤I don't believe in one star reviews but I had to read them. The bowls are sturdy. They have a non-slip coating on the bottom. The lids are not advertised as airtight. The larger bowls have lids that pop out on their own. I have Tupperware from the 80's with better lid. It's a 1 star for having worthless lids. If you want a better review, change your description. The lids are gross.

👤My wife likes to make her own Kimchi and we bake a lot of breads. The bowls are what we needed. It is possible to stack it to save space, but I will not suggest to tip it over as it is not drip proof. The mixing accessories are a nice addition. The last one we had was chipping in less than 6 months, so I picked this one. There is a The non skid bottom helps my kids not tip it over. Happy with the purchase.

10. Gorilla Grip Original Resistant Dishwasher

Gorilla Grip Original Resistant Dishwasher

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or comments so that they can make sure that your Cook with Color experience adds just the right color and taste. The slip resistant bottom of the mixing bowl set is designed to stay in place on your counter, even during heavy mixing or when tilted, so you can easily mix everything, and the handle is extra wide and sturdy, so you can easily mix everything from. The bowls are made of heavy duty, ultra thick material and are ideal for any type of mixing; use to beat ingredients with a hand mixer, blend with an immersion blender, or simply whisk with a handheld tool; no matter how tough the mixing is, the bowls will endure long lasting usage The set includes 2 bowls that are large enough to serve nearly any recipe, and bowls that nest neatly in one another for easy storage. A Perfect Pour bowls feature a wide lip and spout, which helps to contain pours and stop spills from happening all over the bowls and on your countertops, as well as easy to grip, soft touch handle, which makes pouring easier and more seamless than ever. The mixing bowls can be placed in the dishwasher, so you can easily clean them without the hassle, and do not put them in the freezer or microwave.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I tried to like the bowls, but I was too excited to. I find myself saying words that I shouldn't say every time. These are bowls. I mix a lot. I bake for my family frequently. The first set I ordered had a defect in the black base grip part. I ordered another set after sending them back. The issue is here. The bowls are large. At the top, they flare outward. This is a poor design for a number of reasons. The wide brim is bad for cracking eggs. There is a thin spot near the pour spout that is okay for this task, but don't pay attention to it anywhere else. The bowls are a tad too shallow and a tad too wide, but probably the culprit is the outward flare at the top. The flour goes everywhere when I mix it. The sides should be straight up. I find it hard to be so careful, but inevitably whatever I am mixing ends up spilling out several times. It's too frustrating. The flared brim and an inch too shallow are the only problems with these bowls.

👤These bowls are really nice. They are the right size. We have washed them in the dishwasher several times and they are holding up. The only criticism is that the description doesn't say what type of plastic they are or the fact that they are not microwaveable, which may have impacted the purchase.

👤These are getting a lot of positive reviews. The issue is that the rubber isn't close to the bowl. These just end up feeling cheap because GoodGrips is flush. There is a 1 MM gap. The plastic where the rubber is applied is very thin compared to the rest of the bowl. These feel cheap.

👤I am very impressed with the products. I am looking at other products like chopping boards because I was impressed by this set of white bowls. The bowls are easy to clean. They are stain-proof, unlike some bowls that I have bought before. The bottom grip and handle grip are very strong and do not slip. It's very comfortable to use as a mixing bowl.

👤Our purchase of a set of your Gorilla Mixing Bowls arrived on schedule and are already in use, they are perfect for our many recipes, they did not slip on our counter, and they were delivered on time.

👤I like the large mixing bowls. They are nothing I have had before. The bowls are light. They have a slip resistant bottom. The handle is slip resistant and has a good grip. The 2 bowls can be used for mixing. They have wide lips. I use the bowl to mix pancake batter, which is easy to pour on the griddle. There is a The bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. These bowls are very easy to store and I highly recommend them.

👤The edges of the bowls look like they could be used to remove film. The black rubber 'handle' portion is not fitted properly in the photo. The area shows scratches. These bowls do not measure up to Oxo brand.

11. Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Pyrex Tempered 1 5 Quart Microwave Dishwasher

Legend Planner family recipe book is guaranteed to work, or they will give your money back no questions asked. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your blank recipe book, they will exchange it for a new one. They'd love to hear from you via an Amazon message. You can serve it in a single bowl. It's easy to clean up thanks to dishwasher safe glass that's neatly placed to save cabinet space. The glass is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. There is a limited warranty on glass.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The package came with a safety package. I love the dishes. Nice and hard! It's heavy too. I love it! It holds on. ORDER NOW! Actually big in person.

👤pyrex is amazing if you don't already know. There are some of the best glass items. I ordered them without the lid. I already own a set with the lids. I am mixing bowls instead of storing them. I like to mix cake batter, salads, eggs, and everything in between. There are three different sizes. Sometimes you need a bigger bowl, sometimes you need a smaller one. Your needs are covered in this set. If you don't have a set with lids, you should. I love my set. You don't have to use plastic wrap or tin foil to fit them. The bowls and lids can be used in the dishwasher. I like to cook and do so daily. These bowls are used a lot. The quality is so good that they will last a long time. The glass is very hard to break and food can easily come off it. I love that it's made in the USA. I would recommend these bowls to anyone. Even if you don't cook a lot. These will come in handy when you cook. There is a If you found my review helpful, please click the button.

👤It's unbelievable! Amazon needs to act. The fake Pyrex I was sent was fulfilled by Amazon. I recieved a bowl that was not from my old set. The stamps are blurry, the glass has a grey tint to it, and there are chips and defects in the glass. Real Pyrex is heavy with rounded edges and a teal hue. This is a fake from someone who knows where. If you buy, I'm sending them back immediately. I have to return these and then go to the store to get a real set. I guess you pay for convenience.

👤Every household needs a set of Pyrex bowls. If you read between the lines, you'll see that it's in the Constitution. I received the bowls. There were small bubbles in the glass at the lip of the two smaller bowls and at the bottom of the largest bowl. Since I don't plan on using these bowls in the oven, I figured I'd give World these bubbles. The day after I sent them the email, they asked for photos of the bubbles and the size of the bowls. World Kitchen is replacing Pyrex pieces that have a warranty. The bowls themselves get 5 stars because they're exactly what I needed and they work, and World Kitchen gets 5 stars for their awesome customer service.

👤I poured boiling water into it to clean, and it broke into little pieces.

👤The following are the size of the bowls. The small size is great for dips. The middle bowl can be used for fruit salad or vegetables. The mixing bowl is large. The largest bowl seems to be the best for mixing food, but the smallest bowl is perfect for mixing food like cheese dip or guacamole. I'm in love with these. The lip on the edge makes it easier to grab the bowls when they are in the fridge, oven or microwave. Love these bowls! Great product by Pyrex!


What is the best product for baking bowls pink?

Baking bowls pink products from Cook With Color. In this article about baking bowls pink you can see why people choose the product. Cook With Color and Us Acrylic are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking bowls pink.

What are the best brands for baking bowls pink?

Cook With Color, Cook With Color and Us Acrylic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking bowls pink. Find the detail in this article. Fitzroy And Fox, Leidawn and Whysko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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