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1. Bakery Window Treats Cupcake 4x4x2 3

Bakery Window Treats Cupcake 4x4x2 3

The small box is full of blessings and is a good choice as a party gift box. It's also the best choice for parties, festivals, holidays and birthday gifts. These brown boxes are used to display and sell baked goods. The mini boxes for treats are made of 300gsm paper and designed to hold individual desserts like donuts, mini cakes, muffins, small quiches, and pies. If you want to pack up party favors or containers for cafes and restaurants, you should use the Value Pack, which comes with 50 small cookie boxes. Easily Personalize: The mini boxes for treats are easy to assemble and can be personalized with logos, stickers, and adornments. These mini pie boxes are 2.3 inches in diameter.

Brand: Juvale

👤I ordered 4 mini desserts for my wedding. I needed exactly 100. The person ordered 100 and received 92. There was no cellophane in the window of 1 of the boxes. Not good. Since the wedding is tomorrow, I had to figure out something else. I wouldn't order these again. I don't think I should have to count the boxes myself. I can understand why you would short me one. Yes. EIGHT? It's really weird.

👤These little boxes are adorable. I wish they were cheaper. I had to wipe my hands clean when packaging cookies because oil shows up on these. They need a wax coating to prevent natural oils from being absorbed into the material.

👤The boxes are not very sturdy. I was using them for the purpose of which it was a good buy. I guess that was a mistake because they are a little smaller than I thought. It was a good purchase.

👤The boxes were used to hold mini cakes but they could have been a bit stronger. I'm used to thicker boxes that weigh more and aren't flimsy. If you're in a pinch, these work well.

👤I used a cute box for hot cocoa bombs and cookies. If you use tape or a sticker, it will keep it closed. The neutral color of the stickers allows them to be changed up based on the season. I don't like making people 800-273-3217 There is a Unless it is for something specific.

👤I ordered these so people could take a slice or two with them, because I knew we'd have lots of leftover cake after my shower. We didn't end up with a ton of cake that wouldn't get eaten because we did this. I have boxes left that I can use for future dinners or holidays.

👤They are easy to assemble. They are very thin, that's my only negative. Nothing heavy can be placed in them. I used to have a mini pie and a large cookie. Both worked well. There is a lining underneath.

👤My 7 year old made mini apple pies for the bake sale. The boxes were in perfect condition. Huge hit. Thanks!

👤Me encant su diseo y el fcil armado.

👤Un listn y una tarjeta para empacar galletas y enjambres de chocolate. No se mancharan, son, pero la grasa se traspasa.

👤Muy buen tamao, tiene una resistentes.

👤El material son buenos, pero el armado es excelente.

👤Estn sper.

2. Bakery Inches Packaging Pastries Cookies

Bakery Inches Packaging Pastries Cookies

5. These boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as as a creative gift box for holiday gifts, and can also be used to sell and display your baking biscuits. It is the perfect partner for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, parties, bridal gifts, festivals, and you can personalize the baking gift boxes that are exclusively for you through brushes and stickers. The value pack has 50 mini cake boxes with a transparent window and beautiful "Thank you" stickers for a more dainty look. It can fit up to 5 average-sized cookies or 2 donuts, mini bundt cake, and plenty of macarons, and it can be folded flat for storage. The baking gift boxes are made of 350 gsm paper and can hold single desserts. Clear window design is simple and elegant, perfect to show your delicious baking creation, just personalize with logos, ribbons, and make your pies, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits, etc. These premium bakery boxes can be used as a creative gift boxes for holiday gifts, and can also be used to sell and display your baking biscuits. It is a great partner for weddings, baby showers, parties, bridal gifts and festivals.

Brand: Linshry

👤It's easy to assemble, but tedious. I loaded them up and they held up well. I thought I would have to tape the sides but they stayed in place, so I made sure to follow the directions on the sale page on Amazon. I love the thank you stickers. Would buy again.

👤It's great for a regular cupcake. It is easy to assemble. There was a plastic window in one of my boxes.

👤I gave out mini charcuterie for my baby shower and these were perfect.

👤I made boxes. I thought the box was too small, but it was a good serving size for one and could contain a lot. The plastic windows were not folding in with the side of the box because they were being glue by the edge of the fold. It is a good box for snacks.

👤The snacks were pre-packaged so that guests wouldn't be hungry. Everyone loved them. We will probably use this idea outside of COVID. It is easy to assemble and hold a lot of food.

👤The size was perfect. Can fit a cheeseburger in a small container. Didn't need directions. It was easy to figure it out.

👤They're easy to assemble, but they collapse if taped flat. They're nice. Cardboard is stable and labels are nice.

👤The mini boxes are easy to assemble. The description said I would get 36 and I only got 24. What I received was not what I was told.

3. RomanticBaking Cookies Auto Popup Brownies Cakesicle

RomanticBaking Cookies Auto Popup Brownies Cakesicle

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! The auto-popup feature lets the cookies box expand in seconds, eliminating time wasted on assembling traditional fold-and-lock boxes. There is a length of 7 and a width of 4. The pastries box puts your delicious treats front and center for a appetizing display. The bakery box is built strong to ensure your items are protected while on display or in transport. The bakery cookies box is easy to store and takes less space than other boxes.

Brand: Romanticbaking

👤The seller has increased the price by 10 dollars since I bought them. Not good.

👤The boxes are small and there is no wiggle room. I had to make them fit. I wouldn't recommend these unless you use small berries.

👤I love the perfect cookies for cake truffles.

👤These boxes are used to pack my food. It is the perfect size for six. It is easy to fold and use. I pack my food individually in 2.17in plastic containers and they fit in these boxes. This way makes the box stronger.

👤These are pretty good. There were glue stains and strings across the window. I got them off with some gunk.

👤If you have the right sizes, these boxes are the prettiest for a couple of large cookies. It's easy to put together, but my favorite part is how they clasp together. There is a big enough envelope line with a top "arrow head". It's easy to close the box by pushing down. I would like these to be white, but they are a great look. If you don't put grease proof paper down, you'll get grease spots.

👤It's lightweight and gets the job done. My clients will love being able to get smaller sets packaged nicely, because of the good price for the product. Will order more if necessary. It's great to see this available for Canadians.

👤There are tiny brown hair on the window that is held on by static so it's difficult to remove. Some of the boxes have fingerprints on them. I wouldn't use it for any food item as it's unsanitary.

👤It's a perfect box to fit in two decorated cookies. I used these boxes for my customers. I like how it turned out. Good quality as well, if there is different size options available.

👤I don't like that one side of the box isn't covered. I had to tape them all together making it hard to assemble the box. The paper is very thin. Will not buy it again.

4. Zenlogy Unbleached Parchment Square Sheets

Zenlogy Unbleached Parchment Square Sheets

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back is simple. If you don't like their bakery boxes with window, please let them know and they'll give you a replacement or refund. They strive to improve their products and service based on your reviews, as they are a customer centered organization. Click "add to cart" now while supplies last. Zenlogy Parchment Paper Sheets are non-toxic, greaseproof, and are 4 inches in diameter. The squares of 4x4 or 5x5 are perfect for a variety of uses, including separation, storing, freezing, serving, patty paper squares, and wax candy wrappers. Parchment with a Cause supports organizations that fight hunger and food waste. Their unbleached parchment paper sheets come in a convenient tab storage box where you can pullout each sheet easily. Zenlogy squares are great for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, chefs, or moms and home cooks and bakers.

Brand: Zenlogy

👤I wanted to use these as release papers for my paintings, but the sides are not even. It seems like they were put through a manual paper cutter and had exceeded the maximum amount of paper that the cutter could handle. They are not even. I don't bake or cook often so I'm not sure what other uses I can use for these. I think they work well for cooking. I would have placed an order for another square unbleached parchment paper if I had known. I hope the company checks their products.

👤I bought these squares to use in my craft projects and someone mentioned using them between ground beef patties. Great idea! I live alone and packaging has always been a problem. It's a breeze now. I buy a package of hotdogs, wrap them in a single sheet, and put them in a bag. I can pop them into the microwave at a moment's notice. Same with meat. I buy a roll, slice it up, and slip a sheet of parchment between each patty, and I can take them out at a time as needed. It's great for pork chops. I freeze everything because it's too much for one person and it comes in family size containers. It's great for packaging Bear Claws. It's not worth the time when I can just use the little squares that come with the roll of parchment. They are great for baking biscuits. Put a biscuit in the tray and pop it in the oven. The uses are endless. I think they're a good choice. I did not write a review on my first purchase, but I did use it for crafting. I use them for everything now and will buy them again.

👤My husband uses these for his cast iron burger press. I convinced him to try them despite his opposition. He will not make burgers without them. They're the perfect size, so they don't make a mess. It's not easy to be impressed. I'll be buying them again.

👤I use them for diamond painting. I have been very happy.

👤When frozen, these squares are placed between loaves of carrot/pumpkin/banana bread. It's much easier to remove one loaf from a container with these placed between each loaf. I like that these sheets are food safe.

👤I received a roll of paper. Either someone effed up at Amazon or these squares don't exist. I won't buy them again. Amazon is a bad company.

👤This is the best Unbleached Parchment Paper I have ever used. I have used it in between balls of dough when space was limited. I am so happy with this product. I highly recommend it. I have used it to stack hamburger patties in my kitchen. A must have for the kitchen. I love the box packaging they come in, it keeps them flat and clean.

👤These are great for my paintings because I can divide them and reuse them.

5. NPLUX Bakery Window 4x4x2 5 Inches

NPLUX Bakery Window 4x4x2 5 Inches

Stunning display. This box has a striking white design and a clear window front. These pretty and attractive boxes will impress your customers and friends. They make gorgeous gift boxes. You can give a present to a loved one with a bow. Eco-friendly material. Natural brown paperboard is used to make the bakery boxes. Sturdy and strong, it provides better support and storage for your delicious desserts. mini pie boxes can fit a cupcake, 4 inch pie, or 4 strawberries, and can be used as small gifts. You can peek in and see everything on display with a transparent window. It's easy to assemble. The mini treat boxes are easy to put together, no tools,glue or special skills are required. Their mini cake boxes are perfect for packaging small cakes, pies, pastries, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. It's great for birthday, wedding, baby shower, bake sale, and more.

Brand: Nplux

👤These small boxes were used to package Christmas cookies. I put the paper inside the boxes before adding the cookies. Buying precut paper is a time saver. These looked great with a simple ribbon and tag. Highly recommended.

👤These are perfect for mini cupcakes. They are sleek and can easily be decorated with stickers. The inside of the tissue paper has small gifts and cupcakes.

👤The boxes were purchased for my cookie business. The clear film was very flimsy and the glue that held it to the box didn't hold it on every well. The boxes were not functional. The boxes were not pre assembled correctly. They had to pull them apart to assemble them. Huge problem. They were shipped in a bag with no protection. The corners were bent.

👤I was going to give these to my coworkers and friends for Christmas. The cookies were given a bakery feel by the cute boxes. I lined the box with wax paper because I was making butter cookies. I bet this would have been better without it. I'm sure I can use these boxes on birthdays and other holidays since I grabbed the regular brown ones. These will fix in your hand once completely folded.

👤Will be using them for Christmas gifts. Good size for handing out a few goodies. It's a good alternative when you don't want to give so much but want to offer something. The gold foil looked festive.

👤I needed a cheap way to deliver my earrings. The boxes allow me to fit multiple orders in one box. A cute window allows you to see what is inside. I know these boxes are for baked goods, but they work perfectly for what I need and are more affordable than jewelry boxes.

👤I need something small to give out during the holidays. I could give each person the correct amount. These boxes were perfect. The boxes were sturdy and will be my go to holiday boxes, since the top can open easily. I was able to fit two bars.

👤These little box's are adorable. I sell small items at the farmers market. Customers like to look in the box to see my sculptures.

6. XP Art Cookie Giving Macaron 4x4x2 5in

XP Art Cookie Giving Macaron 4x4x2 5in

The box measures 6” x 6” x 5 12” when fully constructed. 60pack 4x4x 2.5 inches white small cookie boxes are suitable for gift giving,easily fit cookies, macaroons, chocolate strawberries, cocoa bombs, mini pies and other small-sized desserts. The boxes with the window are pre-folded to make assembling easy. They can be easily restored to a flat state, which is convenient for storage and saves kitchen space. Their donut boxes are made of food grade cardboard and can be directly in contact with food. It is convenient to protect the environment and save resources by recycling it. The cookie boxes with window design allow you to see the baking inside the package directly from the outside, and easily distinguish them. Cookie boxes are perfect for packaging your homemade baking, or as outlying boxes for pastries in bakery and coffee shops. They have a roll of high-quality black ribbon to make your gifts look more advanced, suitable for weddings, birthday parties, babies shower or Christmas gift-giving. Cookie boxes are perfect for packaging your homemade baking, or as outlying boxes for pastries in bakery and coffee shops. They have a roll of high-quality black ribbon to make your gifts look more advanced, suitable for weddings, birthday parties, babies shower or Christmas gift-giving.

Brand: Xp-art

👤I expected a box to be 2.5 inches in height and 4 inches in width. I measured the outside to see if they meant the outside was the measurement. It's not! I was going to use this for an order and now have to go out of my way and buy something in store instead. The thickness and everything else was good. The measurements were off. I don't have time to return it since I don't drive and the FEDEX is too far for me.

👤The box is a great quality. What I was looking for. It works perfectly with 2 chocolate covered strawberries. A great presentation is what it is. The ribbon is of good quality. Highly recommended.

👤Due to evidence, we have our desserts packaged for our wedding. We were able to bring our own boxes for them to put them in. Guests could still see the dessert on the table, but they looked cute. Guests easily took dessert home with them. Definitely recommend!

👤A roll of ribbon comes with the heavy duty thick cardboard. It is easy to assemble.

👤Awesome purchase! The box is sturdy and sleek. It is easy to assemble. There's a generous amount of ribbon so you can tie each box with a pretty little bow. I used these to package cakes for a wedding reception. Eight slices per cake fit perfectly in these boxes. It looked great!

👤These little boxes are used for boxing baked goods. I usually buy whichever is the best price per box, and found a good deal on these. I bought 60 packages. They were not opened until the return window was closed. The design makes folding them take forever. There is a box that folds more easily. The machine that scores these for folding, was too sharp or set too deep, and cut through most of the boxes on the top fold that makes the lid makes them AWFUL. I had to go through each box taping the score. I need about 70 per week for extra time and effort. It's so frustrating.

👤Beautiful boxes! My customers love them! It was difficult to put together. It was slightly. It will be easy to put them together with practice. I will be ordering again.

👤The boxes were easy to assemble. I put the pieces of cake in the boxes so the window could see them. I tied a bow around each box with ribbon and slid a fork into the knot of the bow. It was perfect!

7. Bakery Cupcake Boxes Cake Carrier

Bakery Cupcake Boxes Cake Carrier

Enjoy your baking time and save time by scrubbing the bake pans with your hand. If you've baked cupcakes for a special event, you need professional boxes to safely transport your treats. Their large cupcake boxes keep your baked goods fresh for days. The cupcake boxes with clear window viewing are the perfect way to carry cakes and cupcakes. The complete cupcake packaging is yours with their dessert boxes and accessories. There are a dozen cupcake packaging boxes, cupcake inserts, and pink gift ribbons. Their boxes are easy to assemble and can be used for any type of food you want to carry. Their bakery cupcake boxes are carefully designed for the perfect presentation, with all the details you need for effortless storage, transport, and presentation. Their boxes are large. The cupcakes can be held in deep and wide inserts, and a clear viewing window makes it easy to identify the goodies inside. Baking liners increase hygiene and reduce wear and tear on pans. When you show up at a bake sale with your treats in a storage box, everyone will think you picked them up from the bakery. Your box of treats will look professional, the contents won't slide around, and will stay fresh and moist until you are ready to eat. Baked goods and tasty treats are always appreciated. Whether you're celebrating a special achievement, holiday, birthday, or just showing thanks, a beautifully arranged and decorated dessert stored and displayed in one of their bakery style boxes is sure to be a hit. Baked goods and tasty treats are always appreciated. Whether you're celebrating a special achievement, holiday, birthday, or just showing thanks, a beautifully arranged and decorated dessert stored and displayed in one of their bakery style boxes is sure to be a hit.

Brand: Smirly

👤The bottom of the box is not strong enough to hold up under the weight of cupcakes, which is why these came well packaged. When the box is not strong, the cupcake insert ends up above the liner of the cupcake, which damages the frosting and makes it impossible to remove a cupcake from the box without taking half the liner off. Next time, I'd spend more on a box that's stronger.

👤They were great. One piece of carboard has to fold at an awkward angle to get it the correct folded position, which leads to one of my boxes ripping. The error could be easier. I am already buying another case. The price is better at this place than at Walmart.

👤I was raising money. I sold them as individuals, 4 packs and by the dozen. I thought I would sell about 100. I had over 500 "Cuppy Cakes" to send out. My original order was 10 boxes. The other company couldn't get the boxes to me quickly enough when I realized I needed more. I got my boxes in time for the sale, they were less expensive and better quality than the other company. You're my new "Go To" for all my baking supplies. Thank you!

👤I don't know if these have changed since I last ordered them, or if I was sent the wrong boxes. The boxes I received in December were larger than the ones I received in October. I put a small piece of tape on the sides of the boxes to make sure they hold up. The baking cups came smashed flat because the pink ribbon was too short. The December order had a lot of baking cups. As long as the boxes are consistent, I would recommend.

👤Do you own a small business and want your cupcakes ruined? These are for you if that's the case. I bought this as opposed to the usual plastic carriers I get, but it didn't hold up as well as I would have liked. I cried for about an hour and a half, wondering what I was going to do. I used plastic carriers that I had. I wouldn't buy again. I wish I had not read the reviews.

👤There are many reasons why I won't buy another cupcake box. The gift keeps giving. It had cupcake liners. It is on the boxes already put together, you just have to open them and take the cupcake holders with you. It takes 5 seconds. The cupcakes are spread apart. You don't ruin the cupcakes while taking them out. They have a cute little window and stack well.

👤These boxes work well, but they could be improved upon as I love to bake. I wish they had the option to remove the cupcake liners. The liners are very thin and flimsy, the ribbons are ugly, and the liners are hard to separate. The boxes are sturdy but need to be held underneath. I like these boxes but wish there was a better option.

8. Moretoes Cupcake 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cookies

Moretoes Cupcake 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cookies

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back is simple. If you don't like their bakery boxes with window, please let them know and they'll give you a replacement or refund. They strive to improve their products and service based on your reviews, as they are a customer centered organization. Click "add to cart" now while supplies last. 50 baking gift boxes and Jute twine are all you need to make your gifts full of love. The perfect size for baked goods is 4x4x 2.5 inches. Jute twine, stickers, ribbons, and other adornments can be used to decorate them. These cute boxes are perfect for your family, friends or customers. The transparent windows are simple and elegant, and the twine and stickers included in the package can be used to make your own baking box. Paper materials are strong and Eco-friendly. Pre-folded products are easy to assemble. These boxes can be used as creative gift boxes for holiday gifts, and can also be used to sell and display your baked biscuit creations. It is a great partner for weddings, birthdays, parties, bridal showers, and festive celebrations. You can use brushes and stickers to make your own gift box.

Brand: Moretoes

👤The product description says it includes 50 boxes. I got 18. There were no stickers. Don't buy!

👤The boxes for variety packs were perfect for our soap business. The sheet is too small to run through a printer, but otherwise it was a great purchase for a great price. The sturdy material and plastic window made it easy to fold together. Stayed closed until sticker was put on. Exactly, 4(L)4(W)2(H) exactly. The product is what it is described as.

👤I need a bigger box, but it's too small for cookies, so I'm using this for a cup cake or other small pastry.

👤The picture shows where I made a hot cocoa bomb and gave it to someone. The box was perfect for it. I was able to safely transport it. The boxes could have been a bit more sturdy, but with the twine tied around them, it took care of that issue. I highly recommend these because they are a great value and easy to assemble.

👤I was very happy with the boxes. They were the perfect size for my treats and the perfect size for my Hot Cocoa Bombs. I will save the twine and labels for other projects. I bought other labels on Amazon.

👤These small boxes are great for a single cupcake or a small amount of cookies. They have a sticker on the boxes to close them. The brown boxes are easy to assemble and you can write a nice message on the box.

👤I put one box together to see if it works. I didn't want to build all of the boxes far out from the wedding because they will be for our wedding favors. It's pretty sturdy and looks like the advertised picture. They are cute and will work well with us. I didn't have to purchase the twine and label stickers separately because they are included. Excited to see how everything comes together.

👤Excellent quality. It took a bit of ingenuity to get it. I had to use a piece of Scotch tape because removing the protective cover was impossible. Maybe another design is in order. I will re-order them.

👤Me encant, las cajas son perfectas. Lleg antes de tiempo (2 das antes de lo previsto).

👤Caja pequea pero linda, caben 12 galletas de tamao mediano. Fcil de armar.

👤Las cajas estan preciosas, tienen amigos. No vienej enceradas, por lo Cual tuve.

👤Muy detalle es una de las muestrans, pero ya venan con el logo.

👤Me encantan y la presentacin final de es hermosa, son de buena calidad, etiquetas y listones para cerrarlas.

9. Coast Koast Resistant Included Charcuterie

Coast Koast Resistant Included Charcuterie

These elegant bakery boxes are great to use as a creative gift for your guests at any event, birthday parties, wedding, holiday celebrations, and can also be used to sell and display your baking creations. Pre-assembled, Auto Pop-up 6x6x3 Inches boxes make packing very easy and fast. It's out of the way for the next time. They love mini bundt cakes at 6x6x3 inches. The 60x cupcake inserts can hold up to 4 cupcakes each and are fully frosted. Extra Sturdy, Greaseproof, Oil resistant, made of 350gsm American paper with a clear display window and 300gsm cupcake inserts. Grease-proof water-resistant gloss protects from oils and condensation. The boxes are thick and sturdy and hold up heavier sweet delights. The Clear display window has delicious treats. A complete set of Premium 60 pcs 6x6 bakery box, 60pcs cupcake holders, 98 yards of ribbon and 60pcs ready-to- write stickers. You can bake, give, and sell what you want. Some days feel like cupcake days, while others feel like doughnuts, cookies or chocolate covered strawberries. The Treat box set lets you do what you want. The boxes are made from earth-friendly material. It's safe for food to touch directly. If you want to use your own cake boards, go ahead. There is plenty of room. It's perfect for any occasion and gift giving. The quest for gifts for bakers solved with this. There are great gift boxes for events. There are a lot of different boxes and different ways to use them. If you want your money back, you have to purchase the best bakery boxes set. You have to order now.

Brand: Coast To Koast

👤I knew they were small, but I didn't think they were that big. They were used to make cupcakes and cocoa bombs. If you fill all 4 inserts with 3 1/2in liners for cocoa bombs, you'll be snug for cupcakes. I needed to hold them in place to use without inserts. The red ribbon was bright and red. Nothing I can't deal with is at the end. It's a nice view of your treats. I would buy a bigger size next time.

👤The boxes were bought to make chocolate covered strawberries. We put 6 large strawberries in the boxes. I can't speak highly enough of this product. I am impressed with their quality. They were covered in wax and came with lots of ribbon. The box was assembled. The tray needs to be inserted. They arrived quickly as well.

👤I sell cookies in dozen sets. In the past year, I've tried ten different brands of boxes. These are the best and not close. This box is not going to do better than the ease of assembly, the waxed inside, and the included ribbon. I don't mean that you're not going to do better than this box. You are not going to do better than this box. This is it. This is the box.

👤The boxes were used for gifts. Four cupcakes fit perfectly. The tray held them in place. I like the grease proof inside. I did not use the red ribbon or the stickers that came with the order. I will order these boxes. They were delivered in a convenient bag. The boxes were more than I expected.

👤I didn't need a degree in advanced origami for the first time. The boxes were sturdy enough to hold 2 homemade hot chocolate bombs, a Bailey's mini, and lots of hot chocolate add-ins. The treats were presented in a bakery box, which our nurses and support staff loved. I would buy these again.

👤This was ordered for a friend who needed containers for baking. She said the containers were a good value and were very sturdy. They arrived quickly.

👤There is no assembly required for these boxes. Attach the insert to make the box rigid. These are better than the flimsy boxes that are folded and have side tabs to assemble. I would like to see them have more sizes. If I could, I would use these exclusively. They are the best price for the quality and quantity.

👤These boxes were used for individual boxes. The window in the top gave a good view of the finished product.

10. Moretoes 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cupcakes Cookies

Moretoes 4x4x2 5 Pastries Cupcakes Cookies

Zenlogy squares are great for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, chefs, or moms and home cooks and bakers. 1. 30 baking gift boxes and beautiful Thank you stickers will make your gift full of love. 2. Perfect baking gift box size is 4x4x 2.5 inches. 3. A transparent and clear window is a great way to show your cakes, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, etc. 4. The paper plate material is firm and durable. The product is easy to assemble. If you don't need to use it, you can flatten it to make it easier to store. 5. These boxes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a creative gift box for holiday gifts, and can also be used to sell and display your baking biscuits. It is the perfect partner for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, parties, bridal gifts, festivals, and you can personalize the baking gift boxes that are exclusively for you through brushes and stickers.

Brand: Moretoes

👤The little flaps on the side don't lay down very well, but they seem sturdy. When I ordered this pack, there were only 24 in it. Not pleased.

👤I was very happy with these. It takes a bit of time to fold them. The box isn't to blame. They were cute and made to order. It's perfect for a baby shower. It made my cake look like it came from a bakery. The pieces of cake that fit nicely into the boxes were made from a 9x 13 cake. The price was good and I liked the included stickers.

👤These were very nice. I loved it! The dessert was presentable and easy to grab. Was very helpful. The one with the red flowers was a bit small in the box, but it is not noticeable. Thanks!

👤The boxes are perfect for wedding cake gifts. It is sturdy enough to fit generous portions in a box. The families and guests were overjoyed that they weren't given bite-sized pieces of cake to eat, but instead received generous slices of delicious wedding cake. This item is very good. Also can be used for small slices of cake.

👤We gave cake slices to family and friends after the zoom celebration and wrote a message on them. It will hold a couple of cake slices. Some were used for haloween goodies. The label is easy to put together. Hope this helps!

👤It's perfect for giving out holiday cookies to coworkers. I liked that they had a clear window on the top so that you could see the pretty cookies we had made. They had gold thank you stickers.

👤Sturdy boxes and easy to assemble. The little flaps on the side are something I don't like. I use a twine to wrap it around and cover the little flaps that are left on the side so they aren't as noticeable. They are made to be beautiful.

👤I bought these to distribute cupcakes for seniors in a capella, and they were very happy and would purchase them again. They were easy to assemble and sturdy. The size was perfect.

11. BILLIOTEAM Containers Packaging Christmas Birthday

BILLIOTEAM Containers Packaging Christmas Birthday

The bakery cookies box is easy to store and takes less space than other boxes. It's important to make sure your dessert is protected while on display or in transport. It's perfect for your delicious dessert, it's 7 x 4.34 x 1.5 inch and 120mm x 38mm. Cute and clear large window provides optimal visibility, allow you to show your delicious cakes,biscuits and more while keeping them fresh. The goods are easy to assemble and minimize damage during transportation. It is easy to assemble the cookie box, and you can flatten them for easy storage if you don't use them. These cookie boxes are great for storing and displaying your cookies,mini pie,biscuit,macaron,doughnut,pretzel, chocolate,mini strawberries,cakesicle,candies and more.

Brand: Billioteam

👤The boxes were perfect for my Halloween cookie sale, they fit different cookie sizes, but I had to buy more for Thanksgiving and Christmas because the sides kept getting caught, and it was difficult to close them.

👤I had to tape the inside to make the sides hold up. The window showed my fudge and I sell it by the pound, which is about all the boxes could hold. Not the most sturdy, but works for me.

👤This piece of paper is useless. I wouldn't call it a box as it's so flimsy it never stays together. Save yourself from headaches. Buy something else.

👤The cookie boxes were very cute.

👤It was cheap and flimsy. It is very hard to assemble. Don't waste your money.

👤The sides can't close the boxes. Very cute but un-usable.

👤I like the box. It's great for a single cookie. There are boxes for cookies.


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Juvale, Linshry and Romanticbaking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking boxes 4x4. Find the detail in this article. Zenlogy, Nplux and Xp-art are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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