Best Baking Bread Pans for Oven

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1. OJelay 8x4Inch Nonstick Baking Carbon

OJelay 8x4Inch Nonstick Baking Carbon

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the quality of their mini loaf pan. They are dedicated to your satisfaction so if there is ever anything you need, reach out to them. Food-grade non-stick coating, no Teflon, no harmful substances released at high temperature, and industrial grade carbon steel accelerate uniform heat are some of the food safety and health benefits. UNIQUE DESIGN A nonstick coating helps quick release and easy Cleanup, build with high quality carbon steel helps sturdiness, and a seamless one-piece design allows the dough to be heated more evenly. Rolled edge to avoid wraping and help protect hands, smooth surface for quick release and golden color are ways to dress up your kitchen. It's a great gift idea for a family member or friend. The external size is about 8 x 4 inch. This loaf pan can bake 450g/1lb of banana bread. It is heat resistant and oven safe. Before using butter, they recommend brushing it and baking it in a low temperature. If you want to avoid scrubbing the surface, wash it with warm water and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. It is not advised to use a dishwasher. The corner needs to be completely dry in the oven.

Brand: Ojelay

👤It was easy to get out of the pan when you baked a cake. It is very easy to clean.

👤The cake was stuck to the pan and had to be removed.

👤This pan was disappointing. I gave it 3 stars because it appears to be a good quality pan. This doesn't cut it if you want to bake a loaf of bread. I will use this for a loaf of bread, but I want a bigger loaf, and this isn't it.

👤I wanted a pan loaf a little smaller than the regular ones, and this one did the trick, now instead of making to large loaves, I can make 3 just the right size loaf!

👤One of the sets came with a small dent. My other more expensive ones were old. They work better than expected after baking with them.

👤I've made a lot of breads in these pans, but never had a stick. These are my go to pans.

👤These are smaller than my other pans.

👤These pans are great for sourdough loaves. I like the gold color of the bread and it was cooked nicely.

👤The first loaf pan in a long time. Love the surface.

👤On je le recommande.

2. Superior Glass Loaf Pan Cover

Superior Glass Loaf Pan Cover

We have a 100% money back guarantee, so you'll think they have the best silicone molds on the market. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime. The set is able to endure thermal shock. Transferring between the freezer, oven, and table top is safe. The heat is evenly distributed. It's safe for a dishwasher, microwave, freezer, or oven. There are included pulleys. A sturdy lid is included. The leakproof lid is a great way to store food in a convenient manner. ATILE DISH is a single pan that can be used to bake, serve, and chill any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, bread, meat loaves, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. When using glass pans, the oven temperature should be lowered to 25. Healthier and pure. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. Glass pans won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes or smells from the food inside. The loaf pan is convenient to bring to the table and small to store. The handles are easy to grip. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food.

Brand: Finedine

👤First of all, I was deceived. The description doesn't say it is a two pan set, but I see two pans in the picture. It says a two piece pan, which I thought was the pan and the cover. I go by the description. Don't order another if you need two. The lids are not sealed. They snap on. I think it's a good value for the money. The October update says that the lids are not good. Break at corners.

👤The containers looked nice, but the lid cracked in 3 places 35 days after I bought them.

👤I have used standard metal loaf pans that eventually rust, silicone molds that work well but are small, and finally this glass loaf pan, which is a tradeoff of flexibility vs strength. I bake cakes in these pans and have been impressed with the glass type. You can see how the bake is going around the edges, rather than just the top. I don't know what the lids are for. The instructions don't say that the lids don't come with a separate seal, so the company needs to look at them. It is possible that this is due to a change in manufacture or design, and possibly due to the factory being located outside of the company so that they don't check changes. I recommend this glass loaf pan for baking loaf-shaped cakes.

👤I got these because of the two pack and lids, and I don't regret it at all. They provided a nice bake on my bread and didn't break like other brands pics show. The small handles are not a problem, they are wonderful. Before putting them in the over, I recommend washing them and letting them get to room temp.

👤It's perfect for storing homemade ice cream. The pan loaf is dishwasher safe.

👤I bought this set on Black Friday. The glass is of good quality. I bought a glass pan with a lid from another company and it is difficult to take off. I used the pans for four times to bake banana bread loaves and other goodies to keep the kids happy this holiday season since they can't enjoy fully due to COVID-19. One pan fell from my hand and landed on the counter. There were no cracks. There was no chips. It is a solid set. Pans are dishwasher safe. I wash them.

👤I was looking for something that was easy to clean. Most of the bake products items that I have used are non-stick, but the problem with non-stick is scratches that can be caused when removing the item from it and may have the problem of layer mixed with food while baking. I used the glass one to avoid that and it worked perfectly. I was able to bake anything that I wanted and it was very easy to clean and no longer bothered me with scratches. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for easy handling and cleaning without causing food damage.

3. Chicago Metallic Commercial Non Stick Perforated

Chicago Metallic Commercial Non Stick Perforated

Crisp golden brown bread is eaten every time. The Chicago Metallic Perforated Baguette Pan bakes 2 loaves at a time; the air circulates freely around dough creating a golden brown crust. This pan is made from heavy-weight aluminized steel for superior heat conduction and even baking. There is a non-STICK PAN. The deep dish pizza pan has a non-stick dual coating. The pan is 16 x 8. The dishwasher is safe. The pan is dishwasher safe, however hand- washing is recommended to prolong product life.

Brand: Chicago Metallic

👤Why didn't I know about this a long time ago? I make my own bread. I like the idea of making bread with 6 ingredients. I know how to say flour, water, yeast, sugar, olive oil and salt. I only had one problem, I had to use a loaf pan or make fat french bread loaves. I found this type of device on a kitchen supply site. All of the websites that I found advertised them for less than $125. Flat loaves aren't that bad in comparison to what I would need to spend for one of these. It was called a bread shaper after learning what it was. I found it on Amazon for a good price. Two loaves of my "no-knead" bread formulas are made. I want them to do their final raise. They are formed in the oven. These are a necessity for those of us that have a life and want to not have to spend a lot of time trying to get a decent loaf of bread that can be used to make sandwiches that are more than 2 inches tall.

👤I spent over an hour trying to clean the pan after the bread came out of the oven, even though I was told it was non-stick. You have to scoop the dough into a form to make a loaf of bread. If you attempt to form a loaf from the dough and place it on a baking sheet, it will come out of the oven 12 inches wide and 1 inch high. I was told to get the pan. The width of the form is too wide to solve the problem. I ended up with 1/2' tall flat baguettes that were 6' wide because there is no pan edge. The pan will work with wheat flour. We have to keep looking because this is not the pan for making bread or baguettes of any kind.

👤I wanted to make long loaves of bread. We needed a change from the bread machine and this pan was the one. I wanted a divider to make sure the 2 loaves didn't rise into each other, and I wanted just 2 loaves. This pan is easy to use, easy to clean, and can help you bake great bread with a delicate crispy crust and fluffy interior with minimal effort. I let my bread machine make the dough, then I divide it and bake it in this pan. It's so nice to have bread that fits the machine, and has a soft fluffy interior. After proper cooling, the bread can release from the pan easily. I've never been a fan of non-stick coating on bakeware, they need to be seasoned, and they usually peel from the extreme temp cycles of oven baking...well, until now. I am careful with non-stick cookware. I always use a soft brush to apply a light layer of oil, then remove any excess using a paper towel to prevent paper from getting into the pan. The bread seems to bake fast in this pan. For a basic bread dough, 2 loaves bake in 10 minutes at 400F. The pan is a game-changer. You can bake in the same pan and have bread with a crisp top and bottom. It seems to bake quicker than a cookie sheet.

4. AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

AmazonBasics Nonstick Carbon Steel Bread

It's microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe andBPA-free. The loaf pans are ideal for baking bread, pound cake, and more. Heavy-weight steel construction is fast and durable. The nonstick coating helps with food release. Part of the Amazon Basics collection is recommended for hand washing. Each is 8.25 by 5 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The first time I used them, the product worked well, but the second time I used them, the coating came off.

👤Pans are great. I have never made bread before. I used these for the first time and it came out great. I would definitely purchase again and I would highly recommend them.

👤The pans are great for the price. I love baking sour dough bread and these work great. I used these for meatloaf and it was bad. I'm not sure why the coating is peeling off after a couple of months of use. It's good for bread, not good for meatloaf.

👤One of the pans was rusty after a single use.

👤Garbage is cheap. The dishwasher has a Rusted on first wash feature.

👤I gave the bread to the neighbours after catching this on time. I've used these pans a dozen times, all at 350F, gently washed with dish detergent and soft sponge, towel dry. A coat of olive oil on the loaves. 6 eggs, 4 lbs of flour, yeast and oil were wasted today. It's not possible to eat the coating if it bakes into the bread. The return date just passed and timing is everything. Do not buy these! I lost because I didn't use the oven again, and the neighbours were disappointed because they were going to get fresh bread today. Don't risk it.

👤Great pans and easy to clean. The banana bread fell apart and all that was left were a few crumbs. Water would have done the trick if I had used soap. I would buy again.

👤I have used it a few times and it works well. I would like it to be an inch or two taller. If you don't apply some oil, the bread will stick to the pan after a few times. The pan is very easy to clean, just soak it in water for a few minutes.

👤Die Beschichtung ist die s. Bilder. Is das beschlossigt? So was darf, die Herstellung von Lebensmitteln. Leider ist die Frist abgelaufen. Daher ist in den Mll!

👤The product has a scratch free coating. Would have liked the option to buy one piece. I only found a pair. The dimensions of usable portion are what I expect from Amazon.

👤I just got it and it's a big one, it's cheap and best go for it.

👤Tag geliefert bekommen. Handlich ideale Gre fr rund 450 to 500 g. The maximal 450 g is je Form. Habe es gleiche, die insgesamt 900 g ist. 1608 g fertigen butterweichen Brioche is the Endresultat. Formen, die Brioche glitten frmlich aus der Form heraus. . Formen ist leicht. Gutes Preis-/Leistungsverhltnis. Bin ist damit.

👤Ich backe jede. Die Formen, die fr 4 Personen gerade so weit reichen, ist schne Frischhaltung. Ich verarbeite fr die beiden Formen. Es ist optimal fr die Formen, weiter 60 Minuten in der Form. It was ca. 40 minutes bei Grad felld. Grad bei Ober-Unterhitze. In den Ofen geben die ersten 10 Minuten Wasserschale. Es nix an. There is a Es ist aussphlen reinigen. Es ist schne mittelgroe. There is a man named brote. The form was 800-900 Gramm Teig pro. It was es soll. Itempfehlung.

5. CasaWare 5 Inch Ceramic Non Stick Granite

CasaWare 5 Inch Ceramic Non Stick Granite

The loaf pan is great for making high quality family dishes, afternoon tea, banquet desserts and other delicacies. This pan has a red colored ceramic coated easy release baking surface. This bakeware has rich cream and brown accents that make it both high fashion and high function. Baking experience can be improved by ceramic non-stick technology. It is very easy to clean. The food slides off easily if you wipe it softly. The Red Granite Ceramic Surface on a 0.6mm baking pan is scratch resistant. No peel or blisters at high temperatures. The European Union approved ceramic coating. The Ceramic coating is made of Cadmium, Lead, PFOA, PTFE and PFOS Free. It's perfect for both conventional ovens and toaster ovens. The exterior and interior dimensions are 11.25 x 6 x 3-Inch. Do not immerse in water. Do not microwave. Refer to the product description for instructions.

Brand: Casaware

👤If I could, I would give 0 stars. I was excited when I found this ceramic loaf pan, I had been looking for one. I was surprised to see that it is a metal pan. Yes, metal. It is coated to look like a ceramic pan. I am so disappointed. The item is being returned. The reason why is that another reviewer commented about rust on the underside.

👤I told my wife that I was going to bake bread because I retired the first of the year and now we have the virus. The first run of bread was great, but there were some issues that took away from the experience. I killed the hand mixer with the dough hooks, but that's another story. I think the pans we had were 8 X 4.5 and plain aluminum. The loaves looked like an elephant on stilts, but they baked well. The author of the online bread recipe recommended ceramic bread pans. The loaves are now perfectly shaped and fall out of the pan, I got these pans in the 9X5 size. I only wash them with soap and water and that is very easy to do. The pans are sturdy and have handles on the end that make it easy to pick them up and move them. I saw some pans that were just a rectangular shape, but no place to grab them. I found a bread recipe that said to remove the baked bread from the pans within 10 minutes. I grabbed the pan at 12 minutes out of the oven to flip the bread over. The pan was warm to the touch and not as hot as you might think. I assume that this is a function of the ceramic coating, but it was my experience with these pans. Think about what you want to grab from the oven.

👤I've baked less than 10 banana breads since I bought this in October last year, but the non-stick coating has worn off. The handles are slick, but the inside has begun to stick despite being coated with oil. I've made sure to use a soft yellow sponge and soap to clean it each time. My bread/cake is hard to clean because it sticks and doesn't fall out. I thought this would last me a while. - It's perfect for making banana bread. I no longer have burnt crust because it works so well. It is easy to clean. So far, so good.

👤I bought three of them in different colors. I wanted to be able to make multiple loaves of break per kitchen dirtying, so I've been baking all the bread for our family. The pans have an excellent non-stick finish. They feel very substantial and are heavy gauge. It is very easy to wash between bakes. If you leave the drying rack upside down after washing, the water will get trapped in the edge of the pan. The rusty water will run out when the pans are tipped over. It's better to dry the inside and let them sit right side up in the drainer until they're dry. I wouldn't put these in the dishwasher and hand washing isn't really necessary.

6. LoafNest Incredibly Non Stick Perforated Silicone

LoafNest Incredibly Non Stick Perforated Silicone

It's dishwasher safe. 10 years. A recipe book is included. The new way to make bread at home is called LoafNest. The Dutch Oven for Home Bread Making has a professional non-stick liner. It's easy. No-Kneading, No-Shaping, No-Mess, No-Fuss, No-Cleanup. Less than 5 minutes is needed to get professional quality bread at home. Users make bread more often with LoafNest. It's a good thing that the soft airy crumb is healthy. Your own natural ingredients. Start with just flour, water, salt and yeast. Add more natural ingredients to make more delicious loaves. LIABLE: Consistently great results every time. There is no Guesswork for Great Bread. The users make better bread. The design is based on proven bread science. Made in France and China, it was designed in The Netherlands.

Brand: Loafnest

👤The description says: The Dutch Oven is made in France. The one I received was made in China. See the photo. The bottom of the pan is not shown in the photos. The pan is made in France, according to the liner. It's too small for my baking needs. There are no flaws in the workmanship that affect the performance of the pan. It is cute and does the job, but it is way over-priced. I don't recommend the purchase of this pan because of the shipping costs, but I will keep the pan.

👤I have had the bread for five days. The process that makes bread easy and successful is not just the pan and liner. There are simple ingredients. Just flour, water, salt, and yeast. If you don't have a scale that weighs in grams, you should. It's easy to fit bread making into a busy schedule. You should start the bread 10 to 18 hours before baking it. The pan should be prepared for 45 minutes. The bread should be poured in. I have been adding seeds to bake. Waiting for the bread to cool is the hardest part. I have a lot of coworkers who are willing to test the results. My dog loves it too much. She took part of the loaf. This was the first time she had committed a crime. I guess she approves. The most basic loaf is very good and I plan to experiment with various grains.

👤I was a bit hesitant to add this pan to my cart but now that I've used it many times, I'd do it again and again. I was concerned about the liner but after contacting the company, they told me that it would last for 3000 to 5000 uses. The bread comes out of the pan with no mess and it is beautiful. I've made hundreds of loaves of bread but never felt I had the skill to make quality bread. There is no need for skill with the LoafNest, it creates perfect artisan bread time after time.

👤I have baked bread for a long time and I was excited to try this. The bread looked great when I removed it from the oven. However. The first thing I noticed when I sliced it was that it didn't smell like homemade bread. The texture was dense and heavy. The taste on a scale of 1 to 10 would have to be around 1! The pan makes a wonderful crust. The original loaf was a waste of ingredients and I will try some of the other recipes.

👤I got into baking in June and am an artisan bread newbie. The loafnest is a big deal. My weakest skill was shaping when I started making high hydration bread. The dough wouldn't form a tight ball and would eventually flatten out in a Dutch oven. I've watched many videos and bought books on bread making. Sarah Owen put her proof in the fridge. There is no shaping with the loafnest. The bread that was baked in the loafnest was quite beautiful in its own right. The color is always golden or brown depending on the flour I use. You can adjust the timing to get to the level of crunchiness and hardness you want, but the crust is optimal to my taste. I've used different ingredients and different methods from different chefs. The loafnest works for me. Since I got the loafnest on Prime Day, I have been baking daily. My husband was initially skeptical when I said I was buying another kitchen accessory. The inventor of loafnest should make a banetton that fits the liner so that those of us who want to shape and score the loaf can do that more easily.

7. LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

LARGE 1800ML 1 9Qt Razab Glass

100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution. The strong loaf pan is heat resistant up to 980F and thermal shock resistant up to 526F. The heat is evenly distributed, avoiding burned spots. It is safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. A beautiful gray color Food GradeBPA Free lid is included. The leakproof lid can be used to store food in a convenient manner from the oven or microwave. Also, note: The plastic lid is not safe to use in a microwave. One pan can be used to bake, serve, freeze, and reheat any dish. It's ideal for baking casseroles, pastas, bread, meat loaves, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. When using glass pans, the oven temperature should be lowered to 25. Microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and more. It's a choice. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. Glass pans won't warp and won't absorb chemicals, tastes, or smells from the food inside. The top quality loaf pan is pleasant to bring to the table and compact to store. The handles are easy to grip. Being transparent allows you to keep an eye on the food.

Brand: Razab

👤It was purchased to bake desserts. The glass pans are a good size, but the covers don't fit. Warming them with hot water helps them fit into place. The cover pops off when it's cooled to room temperature. These are a good size for baking desserts, but they are useless as storage containers. If covered storage is the intended use, do not purchase these. 2 stars is enough.

👤If they don't fit the container, what's the point of having lids? The waste of money.

👤I don't have a container to store bread when I bake it. I now do. I baked loaves in these pans. The bread tasted great. The recipe I used called for a piece of paper. I don't know if bread removal is easy or not. It was easy to remove with the pp. These containers are really nice. It's much healthier than non-stick pans.

👤There were two sets of two and one set. Love the size and quality. Have already used them twice. The packaging and box are neat.

👤I filled my pan with water and it only held 6 and 1/3 cups of water.

👤My daughter likes these! She cooks bread for her small family every week and saves it until it's time to cut it. They are the same size as a regular loaf of bread.

👤I used these pans for pumpkin bread. Even heating of glassware causes baked goods to be baked faster. Non stick ceramic makes it easy to clean. It's perfect for baking batter breads. Came as pictured.

👤These loaf pans are perfect for freezing.

8. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Bread 2 Piece

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Bread 2 Piece

The bake ware construction provides years of long lasting, warp resistant baking performance. The coating on the inside and out provides a beautiful baking and browning. The oven is safe to 450 degrees. It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Farberware

👤I originally gave this 5 stars because I liked the smooth finish that I made. The finish is peeling off the pans even though I don't use them often. I have been careful to use non-metal or scratching utensils, but the finish is peeling off and the metal is rusty. Terrible for pans less than a year old.

👤We didn't have any pans so my husband and I bought this pan. These pans are light and have a little bit of weight. My husband likes to make bread from scratch, knowing the ingredients are fresh and there are noPreservatives put into the dough, so he uses these pans at least once a week. I am happy to report that these pans cook the bread evenly. I attached a picture of the loaves of bread that are golden brown and nice to look at. There is a nice cook. I believe we will have many more years of use and more loaves of perfectly cooked bread in these pans. If it was helpful, please push the button below. Thank you and God.

👤I bought these pans to use. It is important to note that a 9x5 pan made in the USA is 5 inches from edge to edge and 9 inches long on the top and 7.5 on the bottom. These pans are made in China and have an edge to edge and bottom that is 4.5 inches wide. The length is a full inch longer. If you are used to making bread or loaf cakes in a USA made 9x5 these will result in lower than usual rise as a result of the extra width and length.

👤I love these! I bake banana bread with them and it always comes out perfect. They are easy to clean. If you have cakes or bread that stick, try coating the inside of the pans with butter and then some light coating of all purpose flour before you add your batter. Before adding the batter, you can put the paper inside. It works for me.

👤Two stars for holding the dough in the oven. It looks and feels like a cheap imitation of my older bread pan. After I die, my old pan will hold loaves of bread, but the new one will be thrown in the recycle bin.

👤I was amazed by these. I have been using another brand for a long time, but they needed to be replaced. I had to hit the pans against the counter hard to get the loaf to come out. It was stuck to the sides. Always did. The new pans were different. When I was about to hit the pan against the counter, the loaf just slid out. There was no force. No nudging. I did the same with both loaves. The loaf slid out when I turned it over. This isn't stick! You need to remember what not to do when you are disappointed. You have to give them gloves. There were no dishwasher tablets. They recommend you wash by hand if you use the dishwasher. Don't let the water sit in it overnight. Don't use over cleaners. Do not let air dry in a dish washing rack after washing. They want you to treat them like possessions. They should put that on the ban, not on the paper that can get lost. When clothing used to have a small piece of paper with detailed washing instructions that no one could remember, remember that. The instructions are always there, even if you look inside the collar, because product labeling became mandatory. The instructions are just a piece of paper, and the rubber cement stuck to the bottom of the instruction sheet is disappointing. I can't use my scanner to read the instructions because the sticky stuff won't come off, and my sheets and sticks will hit the rubber cement. If you keep instructions sheets in a folder, they will stick to the next page because the glue won't come off. It's a shame. If you can remember all the details, it is a great pan.

9. Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Handles

Rachael Ray Nonstick Bakeware Handles

A loaf of bread can be made with a long- lasting pan that promotes good food release and easy clean up. It's time to heat it up. The sturdy loaf pan is made from heavy gauge steel and is dishwasher safe. The loaf pan handles are easy to handle and give a confident grasp when pulling from the oven. The bakeware oven mitt is 9-inch by 5-inch and gray with orange handles.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤A baker is making Burnt and Raw bread. After 12 years of using Martha Stewart loaf pans, I decided to use the Rachael Ray loaf pans. I bought a few. Every loaf of bread I've tried to make, 5 different tried and true recipes, and not done on the inside, is beyond frustrating and I have many of the great kitchen Ware and roasting pans that are great but theses are beyond frustrating. I was told to turn the oven down by 25 degrees. I had to cook longer and had to cook the banana nut loaves raw. I bake to give as gifts during the holidays. I baked a loaf in a pan that I had used before, and it turned out perfect, and these burned and raw. They are also rusty. They were thrown in the trash.

👤The photos show why this is my 2nd. Rachel Ray bake pan. It is easy to clean, withSTANDs high heat. Any baker would appreciate a product that was produced. The small colored sections are not recommended for handling knives. When cooking in a reliable pan, great taste can be found.

👤I am not a fan of Rachel Ray, but this pan is amazing. I bake banana bread once a week, and I take it out of the oven and flip it out. I bake at 25 degrees lower than the recipe calls for, use no oil or spray to prepare the pan, and always hand wash because of the dark coating. I have had many loaf pans in my 50 years of baking, but this is the best. I would buy again.

👤It is an awesome loaf pan. The pan is non stick and does not need any backing spray.

👤A banana smoothie and pound cake are what I eat in the morning. I love pound cake. I tried many loaf pans. I followed all the instructions, but my cake broke out of the pan. I bought a loaf pan. If I could, I would give it 10 stars. I grill the loaf pan after cooling the cake. The loaf pan is perfect. The handles don't burn your hands when the pan is hot. If you need a loaf of bread, look no further. This is the best.

👤I would like to give 5 stars, but I can't. The pans are great, but sad because of the rust factor. It would not be hard to make this pan trim solid so that water does not build up in it and cause a rust trail. It should not happen because it wipes off easily. These are well made. The company that makes your brand could do a better job. They still rust even if you wash them. You can't get up under to dry with the easy fix. There would not be a better pan on the market if you did that. You have priced them as if they were better. Her products could be improved. The dishwasher is very popular with modern women. All will recommend.

10. USA Pan 1175PM Bakeware Pullman

USA Pan 1175PM Bakeware Pullman

Small Pullman loaf pan bakes beautiful bread with aluminized steel and a limited lifetime. Americoat promotes quick release of baked-goods plus fast and easy clean up, and it is recommended to wash USA Pan baking pans with hot water, mild soap and gentle scrub brush or sponge. Nonstick Americoat coating is a patented Silicone coating which is Teflon, PFOA, andBPA free and provides quick and easy release of all baked-goods. The pan is 9 x 4 x 4 inches. USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤I have been making bread for 30 years. 6 months ago, I purchased 2 of these pullman pans and have used them weekly. The heavy duty pans are very good. I have not had a problem with rust/scratching despite some reviews. Every time, I use a recipe from 1906 from the Chicago Tribune for a 9” pan. The logo should be left in the top of the loaf because the lids fit well. I treat the pans and lids the same way I treat my century old cast iron. After releasing the loaf, I wipe the pans and lids down with a damp cloth, then place them back in the hot oven to cool. The performance is affected by these little extra steps.

👤I have made a few Pain de Mie using this pan. I initially liked the pan, but have come to realize that it must be better quality in the U.S. No, no. The loaf of Pain de Mie exploded the poorly fitting top off of the loaf pan and the pan material bent in the oven after about the 6th use. The lips around the pan are weak and poorly formed. I am far beyond a simple amateur baker and was using a standard Pain de Mie for this pan. French or Chinese imitations are much better than the ones you buy in the US. I have several of those and they have held up better than this pan. "Made in the U.S." Not true at all.

👤I have a pan loaf in my kitchen that has baked at least 20 loaves. The loaf pan was chosen for its size. A 2-lb. is the size of most of my recipes. The top of the loaf is close to the edge of the pan. The slices turn out larger than I wanted. These are what I wanted. The quality has held up well. The finish isn't a "no-stick" finish. You need to grease it, but I have not had a problem getting it to release the loaves. The pan isfolded into shape, and that leaves tiny vertical grooves in each corner that tend to accumulate a build-up of old crust. I suggest you keep some bamboo skewers with you if you buy this item. They are the right people to clear out those grooves.

👤I bought the pan to bake the sourdough with the lid on so I could get the bread as square as possible. My best loaf yet was produced by the pan. The loaf baked perfectly after the lid slid off. I've done my test bakes and will be buying more.

👤This extra long pan is great for bread making. I use a bread maker to bake my bread. I don't have to use the oven in the summer because it's summer. I have not been able to get a loaf of bread that sustains the rise. I thought I needed to change my recipe, but nothing changed. The 9 inch pan that I purchased isn't big enough. I get a bigger loaf with this pan, but it stays up. I have stopped using the bread maker. After many loaves, I have changed my recipe. I found that using more water made the loaf taller. I reduced my flour mix to 5 cups. I use 3 eggs instead of 4. I use 4 tbs. There is Psyllium Husk powder. 2 cups of salt. There are 1 1/2 scoops of milk powder. The large box of milk powder has a scoop in it. 1 cup. There is 1 1/2 cups of yeast. 3 cups of baking powder, 3 cups of cinnamon, and 3 cups of honey. 2 cups of water and olive or cocoanut oil. Place it in a pan, push it into it, then score the top with a knife. I place the pan on the top of the oven to get it ready for the oven to warm up. I have a loaf of bread that is tall. I toast it at a short interval. The slices shrink just enough to fit on the side of the bread that is on high. I now have some nice slices to make my sandwiches with. I use a Lock & Lock and pre mix my flour so that I don't have to mess with it when I want to make a loaf or a pizza. My flour mix is comprised of 2 cups of brown rice flour, 1 cup of potato starch, 1 cup of millet or sorghum flour, 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour, and 1/2 cup of ground roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds. I can fit 3 batches into the bin with the large Lock & Lock. A lot of ingredients, but a structured loaf. I just bought another one of these pans. I like the larger size so that I get more slices. The first one lost it's non-stick feature, so I reduced this pan a bit. I have to spray it. I don't use the pan at more than 350 degrees.

11. Heavy Disposable Aluminum Bread Standard

Heavy Disposable Aluminum Bread Standard

The pullman loaf pan is a great gift for bakers. It's a great gift for birthdays, housewarmings, and the holidays. Their foil baking loafs promise heavy-duty performance for a variety of uses. It's great for holding bread, cookie and cake batters, fruit and veggie salads, and more. The world is a better place because of the eco-friendly super value pack. Small disposable food containers help reduce your carbon footprint. Proper heat distribution for tasty results is promoted by them. 30 aluminum foil pans are in this pack. The pan is 6” L x 3.5” W x 2”H. The aluminum trays have a high thermal Conductivity which allows them to handle high temperatures in the oven. They're great to use with portable stove. Their versatile loaf pans help you easily prepare, transfer, and serve breads, cakes, casseroles, and other foods. You can make banana bread or make a loaf of meat. If you are not satisfied with the item, return it for a full refund and no questions asked. Yours today!

Brand: Waytiffer

👤My family doesn't have a microwave. We use a toasting oven to cook food. These are great for storing food and then cooking it.

👤I used it for baking holiday bread. I accidentally stuck the tine of a fork in a pan, and it caused a puncture to that pan and 3 others.

👤The product was great and the price was crazy.

👤It's easy to handle and sturdy.

👤It's great for baked gifts. It's used for fruit cakes.

👤Was what I was looking for.


What is the best product for baking bread pans for oven?

Baking bread pans for oven products from Ojelay. In this article about baking bread pans for oven you can see why people choose the product. Finedine and Chicago Metallic are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking bread pans for oven.

What are the best brands for baking bread pans for oven?

Ojelay, Finedine and Chicago Metallic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking bread pans for oven. Find the detail in this article. Amazon Basics, Casaware and Loafnest are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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