Best Baking Chips for Cookies

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1. Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

There are 56 snack packs in this bulk variety package. There are chocolate chip cookies and butter sandwich cookies. These treats are very popular. Cream with chocolate or golden wafer cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or peanut butter sandwich cookies are some of the most popular cookies. Everything is sweeter with these cookies, from work to the classroom to lunch, bus trips, gift bags, goodie jars, party favors, and dessert baskets. They can be added to your favorite recipes. Individually wrapped snack-sized packs are a quick and easy way to prepare for last-minute parties, movie nights, game days, school lunches, office snacks, and crowds of all ages. Each pack has 100 calories per pack.

Brand: Oreo

👤I liked that they were only 2 cookies. I only had one cookie in it. Buying cookies and putting them in your own baggies has no value compared to the price. The cookies are not normal sized.

👤The package was very poorly packaged and the cookies were out of the packages.

👤I think I'll order this again, because the package was undamaged, and several of the two cookie packs where busted open with cookies in the box. This happened when the products were put into the first box.

👤This was a gift that we were expecting to be neatly displayed, however it was thrown in the box very embarrassing.

👤The box was half full. The description says I will 14 packages of cookies, but that didn't happen. The chips taste like cardboard. I didn't want soft chew bars. It was very disappointing.

👤It's perfect for lunches, care packages and during the Pandemic. I love the individual packaging.

👤It works well for a snack.

2. Andes Baking Chips 10 Unit

Andes Baking Chips 10 Unit

There are recipes for Andes Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Marbled Andes Brownies. The cookies have the original Andes Chocolate Mint flavor. Adding a fun twist to every cookie recipe is fun.

Brand: Andes

👤The smell, taste and appearance of the baking chips are very similar to those of the Andes. It's great for so many things: baking, ice cream, pancakes, eat as they are; the only limit is your own imagination.

👤I loved the convenience. They are used for topping a fudge recipe. I used to have to buy candy and open it to get pieces. These are great.

👤These were used to make cookies. They were a hit with my kids and adults.

👤At least I could find them, even though they were a little pricey.

👤The packages were half melted with some loose and one large lump of melted mints.

👤The product was delivered on time.

👤It's great for making molded chocolates.

👤These chips make my cookies taste great.

3. Ghirardelli 60 Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

Ghirardelli 60 Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

There is one bag of chocolate chips that can be used for cookies. Chocolate chips with hints of vanilla extract add decadent flavor to cookies. The chocolate chips are great for baking, including treats like cookies and cakes. The chocolate chips are made with cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, and just the right amount of cane sugar. Dark roast chocolate chips have a rich flavor and 888-270-6611

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤I have nothing bad to say about these chips. They're a good product from a well-known brand. I haven't had any melting issues, but I have read other reviews. Its dark chocolate has a good amount of coaco and it tastes great. If you want more distribution in a cookie, you need to chop the large chips up a bit. I like eating them because they're healthier than milk chocolate chips.

👤The best chips for chocolate chip cookies. The discs are larger than the chips.

👤My roommate ate the entire bag of cookies that I was going to use. It must be good. It's funny. I've used this brand in the past for cooking and for easily portionable snacks. It's great.

👤I love eating chocolate chips. The best chocolate chip on the market. I eat them out of a bag, in oatmeal chocolate ships, as a dipping chocolate. The list continues. They are creamy and smooth, and have an amazing chocolate taste. I used to buy them from the grocery store. I don't have to go through withdrawals because they are in Amazon. They arrive in perfect condition. Ghirardelli knows chocolate. The bags were packaged in a lined box with frozen gel packs. The packs were still frozen. Absolutely amazing. I stood there in awe and called my boyfriend to check out the packaging. We will reuse the gel packs to keep our food cool when we hike.

👤There were chocolate chips in the shipping box when the package was opened. That's messed up.

👤I have been a customer of ghiradelli for many years. I will not buy any other chocolate chips. The chocolate chip cookie dough recipe is on the back of the package.

👤The product was sold at a good price on Amazon. The supermarkets did not run any sales during the coronavirus times.

👤My daughter made some great cookies by mixing the chocolate.

4. Krusteaz Bakery Cookie Chocolate 15 5 Ounce

Krusteaz Bakery Cookie Chocolate 15 5 Ounce

Easily prepare a bunch of their triple chocolate chunk cookies. Each box of cookies makes a lot of different-sized cookies that are perfect for desserts, snack time, and more. It's easy to make, but hard to put down: just three simple steps - stir together egg, butter, and cookie mix until dough forms, scoop or press dough for desired cookie (or cookie bar) size and place onto a cookie sheet and bake to perfection. The Krusteaz mix is the perfect kind of cookies for any time of the day. A pack of twelve, 15.5-ounce boxes with a shelf life of 548 days is included in every order of this cookie mix. This 12 box pack is great for buying to always keep a Krusteaz mix on hand. Individual box best buy dates should be seen.

Brand: Krusteaz

👤I use butter because I am addicted but don't want to have all the calories and cholesterol that butter has. They taste great and are easy to do. Substitute veg oil or peanut oil for butter. You can use printed directions for 1/3 cup oil and 1/3 cup water.

👤I like to send a case of cookies or brownies to family members when we get closer to the holidays as their kids always need something for school, the unexpected company stops by, or you just want something good and easy to make. The chocolate chip cookies only need one egg and half a stick of butter. You will get them from a prepackage. There are three types of chocolate chips. I sometimes add cocoa powder for my family's chocolate lovers. I've used many Krusteaz products and have always been satisfied. The ingredients list for these cookies is quite good, except for the fact that they say natural and artificial flavors. They are very easy to make.

👤I added a log of Odense almond paste to make them even more delicious, but I didn't add pinoli nuts because I wasn't sure how these would taste. Man, what a cookie! I paid $19.01 for 12 boxes because of a $4.75 coupon, but I'm happy with the price. I doubt these will last that long, but they have an extra bonus.

👤It was easy and delicious. The product is amazing because of the little effort that goes into it. I had a package that was a few years old. I thought I would try it and see if it killed me. They would never have known they were expired. It was delicious!

👤This is the best cookies I have ever made. I remember the ones my Aunt used to make when I was small. I haven't tasted good ones since she gave them to me. You can only eat a few when it's fresh out of the oven because after the 2nd one it tastes too sweet but it's perfect after the first day. The peanut butter taste is not too sweet. My family loves it.

👤The only mixes that taste like I made them are made by Krusteaz. I was sad when the cookie mixes disappeared from my local stores. I make homemade treats from a case of Snickerdoodle mix occasionally for my family.

👤Krutsteaz is a great brand. I like to make cookies from the bag of chip recipe. These are very good and take a bit of time to mix. I add butter and egg. Can you really have so many chocolate chips in a cookie? I can get a box done in 30 minutes and I use a scoop to make 30 cookies.

👤This cookie mix has been a favorite of mine for a long time. They are easy to make. A box of mix, an egg, and a stick of butter. You can make little balls of the size you want your cookies to be. If you bake 14 minutes, you will have chocolate chip cookies.

5. Miss Jones Baking Organic Cookie

Miss Jones Baking Organic Cookie

There are 6 boxes of organic cookie mix. Their amazing cookie mix is made from scratch and has the most amazing taste. It's made with the best ingredients to give it the best taste. All of their products are made from sustainable ingredients in tree nut and peanut-free facilities. Artificial colors, trans fats, and flavors are not allowed.

Brand: Miss Jones Baking

👤These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten, that includes any homemade cookies I've ever had and they are organic, get out of here. When I need to indulge my sweet tooth, I only trust Miss Jones. If you ever have an overwhelming craving for wedding cake like I do, Miss Jones cake mix and frosting is the only substitute I have ever found organic or otherwise. It is great to find a company that takes the time to perfect things. Thanks for your excellence!

👤These are amazing! Miss Jones organic cookie mix will be in my Amazon subscription box until the day I die, I have had to accept that. They are better than my homemade. I like them that way, but they aren't as sweet as store-bought cookies. Even though they are made with whole wheat, they are not heavy. The chips are not as sweet as some. I can add the butter and eggs I want. The dough seems too wet, but bake it up. Just perfect. It's just magic. There is a The Miss Jones organic confetti cookies are equally delicious.

👤These cookies are delicious. Miss Jones' erratic supply makes me a little crazy, as they have become an addiction. I've found that these cookies are even better frozen than fresh. I put them in a package of two and then in the freezer, so I can have them whenever I want them. I think they're even better if they're out of the freezer for a few minutes. Miss Jones needs to make sure there's a steady supply of these. I tried another brand and they were terrible despite the great reviews. They are in the freezer waiting for someone who wants a cookie to come and get them.

👤This is my favorite brand of cookie mix. I don't often write reviews, but I felt compelled to write one for these because they are so much better than tollhouse, pillsbury, or generic market brand. The organic market ran out of them after I tried them. I bought the three pack on Amazon and opened it the day it was delivered, making a pack.

👤I would take a picture of the cookies, but we ate them all in a second. Cookie mix would make great cake pops. The confetti is vegetable based. If you haven't already checked out the Miss Jones frostings, you should. It's amazing! I can allow my daughter to have it without guilt because it's made without oils and fake stuff. I've tried all three flavors and they were great.

👤We tasted one from the 3 pack one. It was nice, but not so sweet. It's easy to find directions. It should add how thick the cookies should be.

👤The dough couldn't mix in with the unsalted butter and egg that I used to make these cookies. It was hard to work with because it kept balling up. I'm not sure if this is because of the actual product or that it was an older batches that caused this, but I continued to mix it and finally formed it into balls to bake. The end product reminded me of a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie. Very disappointed.

6. Betty Crocker Baking Gluten Chocolate

Betty Crocker Baking Gluten Chocolate

Both kids and adults will love the delicious chocolate chip cookies that you can make in minutes. There are 22 cookies that are made with no artificial flavors orPreservatives. It's quick and easy. Prepare cookie mix without the usual mess, just add oil, water and eggs for a sweet treat. Homemade taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it. The pack contains 19 ounces.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤It's easy to make and the cookies taste great. How can they not? You need to add an entire stick of butter. When I was a child, my mother made cookies from scratch. I purchased three packages. I will cook three packages. I won't buy more if they taste good or are easy to make. I don't mind butter, but an entire stick is a little excessive. That's a lot of cholesterol. I take a pill to reduce my cholesterol. One of my coronary arteries is completely blocked and the other is partially blocked. Let's not make it worse. I will bake these cookies, but won't eat them myself. I will pass them on to my still healthy sons who will eat them even if they were butter. I butter my toast and fudge, and they are delicious. I like baked and sweet things, but I will find something else that is less harmful. One heart attack is all it takes. What about the cholesterol in the egg? I don't eat half a dozen eggs in a month because I have my own chickens. Discipline and moderation.

👤I loved the old mix when I added a bit of applesauce. The new cookies do taste good, but that's not the only thing I'm looking for. The change to the product is the biggest factor in this review. They changed the ingredients and now warn that it may contain milk. It's frustrating since there are many diseases that go together. They added milk to the brownie mix. Why add top 8 allergens to a mix when they weren't there before? I want to know that I am eating safe food, not rolling the dice with health, so I will look for a new solution for my family.

👤I have made these cookies for a long time and everyone thinks they are my secret recipe. To take them out of the paper before they're done is the key. They should look like they're wet in the middle. Put them on a plate and sit them for an hour. They will be soft for a while. If you like chocolate chip cookie bites, melt the butter, add the mix and do not add an egg. You should keep mixing until you have dough. Roll the dough into balls and dip them in chocolate. Place the paper on the floor. You can have the chocolate covered cookie dough bites without the egg. These cookies are amazing.

👤These are too expensive for what you get. This brand and mix is the best if you're free of wheat. I am a "from scratch" baker, but I discovered a new world that wasn't exactly baker friendly after I stopped eating wheat. The first time I used this mix, I crinkled my nose because of the dry taste. I found that the non-gluten free people can't keep their hands off these cookies. Some people mix with applesauce. I haven't been able to do that. I add an extra small egg and Hellmann's mayonnaise. No, not salad dressing or any other brand. I roll into small ping pong sized balls, press a flat, and bake. It was perfect.

7. Pascha Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Baking

Pascha Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Baking

Almond, soy, and dairy free chocolate. There is a delicious healthy world of chocolate. There is a single ingredient product. They only use cocoa liquor and never add any other ingredients during the chocolate making process. The source and characteristics of the cocoa bean are important to get an acceptable flavor. The cocoa beans in this chocolate come from 4 different regions in the foothills of the Andes leading down to the Amazon Basin. The beans there are light and mild. The distinct cocoa beans allow the 100% cacao product to be perfectly palatable on its own, but ideal in any recipe that brings in sweetness from somewhere else. 100% Cocoa Mass is an all organic ingredient. Their chocolate collection is Kosher and vegan.

Brand: Pascha

👤I stopped eating sugar and artificial sweeteners a long time ago because I realized how harmful sugar is to human health. I eat chocolate that is 100% cacao bakers chocolate to satisfy my chocolate craving. The chips are more convenient for snacking than having to break up a bar of chocolate. These chips are the best tasting chocolate I've ever eaten.

👤Was looking for something that was not sweetened. It's been over a month since I bought these, a pack of 6 that tasted like sour. They should be thrown in the garbage.

👤It is ok to make cake and muffin like, but it does not taste good to make chocolate mousse.

👤Good quality, not melted, despite the heat. Will order again when necessary.

👤The shape is great for snacking. The flavor of pascha is great, and it has an interesting flavor that tastes "Dutched".

👤I didn't eat the chips directly, so I can't attest to the flavor. I needed them for a new brownie recipe. Everyone loved the brownies.

👤I've purchased these chips before. They were found at a better price on Amazon. They are not sweetened. They are organic. I use them to make sweetened chocolate. They are very good.

👤There is only one ingredient. There is no sugar. I like it this way.

8. GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

There are 12 bags of Gourmet Baking Chips for Easter Cookies. The white baking chips have a rich, smooth flavor. Great for snacking or baking, including Easter treats. It was made with whole milk powder, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract. The perfect amount of sweet and silky texture is offered by GrardELLI baking chips.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤White chocolate is what I supposedly found when I searched for it. The chocolate has cocoa butter in it, but the white does not. The ingredients on this are soy sugar, palm oil, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, palm oil, lecithin and vanilla extract. I was led to believe that it was chocolate, as some of the reviews said it was. Ghirardelli did not call it white chocolate. How to dispose of 6 packages of this white? The purpose of candy making is served by the chocolate.

👤It's hard to find Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I make it with 2 bags of white chocolate, 15oz bag of small pretzels, 12oz bag of peanuts, and 6 cups of Chex. If you want to add salt to the bowl, cut a small hole in the pretzel bag. Chocolate and oil can be put in a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir. 30 seconds of microwave. Stir. If it's not completely melted, microwave it for only a few seconds at a time. If your microwave is 1000 watt or more, reduce power to 70%. Spread out on the paper. Enjoy!

👤They are usable for baking, but have been mishandled and stored in a heated warehouse. Poorly packaged. Many were melted together in large chunks and had to be broken apart. Some of them were to be used as topping and look poor for it. It's good for mixing inside cookies.

👤It happened twice. The pack of 6 was listed. One arrived. No sane person would spend $19 for a single 11oz. bag. It took a long time. A bag from a pack arrived. The 5 bags were reported missing. Replacement took a long time and was one bag again.

👤Amazon says 12 units as of March 25. 6 units were received. The invoice says 6 units. For 6 units, the price is okay. Worse things in the world to care about, but I thought of those with bigger baking plans. Stay well.

👤I got a replacement order which only had one. The ad says 6 packages of chips for 19.99, but I want my money back. I only have one left. If I thought it was one, I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm not happy at $20 for a bag of chocolate chips.

👤I placed this order on Tuesday evening and it said it would arrive on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it was true. I was hopeful. The seller was able to get through. I was able to finish preparing my cookies after the package arrived on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

👤I've purchased them from a store before. Those were delicious. These were not as creamy and not as good.

9. Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips Bittersweet

Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips Bittersweet

Easter cookies have a decadent flavor due to the baking chocolate chips. Easter treats like Easter cookies, Easter cake and other Easter desserts can be made with GhirardELLI chocolate chips. The chocolate morsels are made with cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract and just the right amount of cane sugar. Dark roast chocolate chips have a rich flavor and 888-270-6611

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤There were 6 packs of chocolate chips in the box. The cold packs were not cold anymore. I opened one of the packs to see if it survived. Some of the chips were stuck to each other. They still tasted good. The picture has a Ghirardelli chip in it. The one on the right was the one that was delivered. You can see how it has grown. I grabbed the shipment when it arrived. The inside of the packages would have melted if it was left outside. I live on the East Coast and the shipment had a stop in Indiana. I don't think cold packing works in the Summer heat, especially if the shipping is across the country.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase. The bags of chocolate chips were for about 18 bucks. I like a price drop. They had an ice pack with them. It's really hot in Nashville, so I was very happy. Excellent 5 stars.

👤Amazon saves me when I don't have a local source for these chips. The vendor/shipper packed the product so that it wouldn't get damaged from the heat. Your price is good for me, even though it had to increase. I'll be back.

👤Ghirardelli chocolate chips are delicious. The care with which my order was packaged was what I wanted to review. There were three cold packs in a cardboard box. The chips were not warm. Some reviews complain that the chocolate chips melted together. The supplier was very good to me.

👤I used these to make my own chocolate truffles. I was able to make a huge amount of truffles, three different flavors, and have their own chocolate shell after buying two bundles. The chocolate in this product is superior to what you can get at your local grocery store and is more than likely the same price if not a little cheaper for the quantity you are buying. My father and I did a taste test of these and the Tollhouse chocolate chips that we had on hand and found that these are definitely richer in taste and a little smoother. If you want to make something special for the holidays or someone special, I highly recommend using this product as one of your ingredients.

👤The chips on are made with unbleached wheat flour. I contacted Ghiradelli to get clarification since these are advertised as being "gluten free" on Ghiradelli replied to my inquiry, "Thank you for contacting Ghirardelli Chocolate." Milk Hazelnut Crisp Squares are one of the products that Ghirardelli currently offers. The Milk Hazelnut Crisp Squares are made with malt. Our chocolate bars and squares are produced on the same line as the barley gluten. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and powder line are free of all types of ingredients. The Classic White Chips are made in a facility that uses wheat. Ghirardelli takes a number of measures to reduce cross contamination on their production lines. There is a correct ingredient list for the Semi Sweet Chips. A bag of chocolate chips. Semi-sweet chocolate has sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and an emulsifier. May contain milk. Kof K is a dairy. The shelf life is 2 years. Thank you for notifying us. Ramisha Alexander Consumer Affairs Response Team Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

10. Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Calorie

Blue Diamond Almonds Roasted Calorie

Blue Diamond oven roasted dark chocolate snack almonds have 100 calories per pack. It's great for your next party because it's covered with real cocoa power. Tasty and high in fiber. This snack is perfect for travel, as it is in single serving packs. Free of cholesterol and trans fat and an excellent source of vitamins E and C.

Brand: Blue Diamond Almonds

👤I used to eat these almonds everyday, until I found a worm in one. I will no longer be buying products from Blue Diamond.

👤The chocolate almond flavor is reviewed. I was buying chocolate covered almonds. I thought I would try them out. These are the best! It is not as sweet as the ones that have a coating of chocolate candy over them, but that is a good thing. There is a dusting of cocoa powder on them. Adding a bunch of sugar alcohol was not something I was willing to do when trying to lose weight. I define getting healthy as having a plant in it. The dark Cocoa is baked into almonds and has a nice chocolate flavor. You don't feel like eating candy, but it seems like a healthy snack with a touch of sweetness. The portion in each small packet is perfect for snacking.

👤It's cheaper to buy a big bag. If I stopped, I could eat an entire bag in a day. Finding healthy snacks in reasonable portions is important as I try to lose weight. This is a great solution. Who knew that a single 13 almonds is 100 calories? It's a great snack that I can have once or twice a day without feeling guilty.

👤I think of myself as a good mom. Raising my kids to make healthy food choices is part of that title. I like to give my kids a variety of options in the cupboard, but also only buy snacks that have some type of nutrition value. Twinkies aren't in this house. No sir. I buy this brand of almonds all the time. We usually have these in the kitchen. They're a quick and easy way to satisfy our hunger. Dropping a few into my purse or in my kids backpacks is convenient for me. There are 32 packets of nuts in each box. Each package has about 625 ounces. That's about half full. See my pictures. That's the right amount for a snack. These are good for you. Each package has 4 grams of meat. It's only 100 calories in the entire pack, that makes it an excellent choice for anyone trying to maintain their weight or even lose some. I hope this review has helped you.

👤It was almost too good. I can't just eat one package. I thought a package of just 100 calories would be enough for a dieter, but it's like potato chips, you can't just eat one. At least I can't. You have iron discipline, so indulge. I have learned my lesson.

👤I eat almonds every day in Thailand. I buy the same brand there. Almonds are an extremely healthy food that I like to eat. They are rich in vitamins and have been shown to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They can help stop the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Discipline is the major issue with them. They are high in calories and can be hard to resist as a snack food. This idea is cool. It's not possible to determine how many calories were just eaten by having them packaged this way.

11. Nestle TOLL HOUSE Chocolate Morsels

Nestle TOLL HOUSE Chocolate Morsels

There is a bag of Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips. EBT item in some states. The Toll House chocolate baking chips have a sweet flavor. Adding chocolate cookies, brownies, or pancakes is a great way to add dessert recipes. Milk chocolate morsels are free of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Enjoy baking chcolate as a snack or as a dessert. There are chocolate treats.

Brand: Toll House

👤I can't remember ordering it, but it showed up and was beautiful. I carefully inspected the bag and the chips were all intact. I ordered a box frame so that I can show off the bag of chocolate chips and the perfectly preserved bag of Doritos in my museum. Very surprised and impressed.

👤The product was in a clump of chips. When I opened the bag, they were white and tasted old, so I thought I'd just use them for bars and melt them all the way. I threw the bags in the garbage. I will pay more for groceries at my local store.

👤I am not able to make chocolate chip cookies because the chips were melted into a block. This has happened with both deliveries of this product. I had 6 bags in each delivery and all of them were melted.

👤It took nearly two months for two bags of chocolate chips to arrive and, thanks to Amazon's delivery service, they left it in the sun and never rang the doorbell, so now both bags have melted into a giant chocolate chip which also tastes. My advice is not to.

👤I knew I would be better off buying them from the grocery store. The bag melted into a large clump. The small remnants were not fresh. Purchasing chocolate chips from the grocery store is a better option.

👤These were completely melted, unlike chocolate chips. Provisions should be made for delivery on a hot sunny day. I had a cooler there that could have saved them.

👤I ordered a lot of things to dip pretzel rods in. This was the only thing that I had a problem with when I ordered online. It was in one big clump. It was a waste of money and time because I couldn't melt them properly because they had already been melted once before, I had to buy others from my grocery store. If they have to pay more to ship it in a cooled situation, then they shouldn't sell it, but if they don't ship it well, then they should not. You can't melt seized chocolate and you can't make cookies from it, so keep that in mind when ordering. I ordered other chocolate and it came with ice packs. If you are going to read how they ship, it would be wise.

👤It is nothing like it in Britain. Traditional English chocolate is different to the USA origin chocolate of the NestlĂ© brand. It would be the same as the Hershey brand, which is a 'amerikun' styled chocolate. I make my biccies with one part milk chocolate and three parts NestlĂ© or Hershey's'semi-sweet' chocolate. I can't even cook and have won two chocolate-chip andwal nut baking contests, but I'm so grateful that I found these. I have the skills of a pig. It has been an addictive winner for me when I follow my simple directions that I wrote down many years ago. Don't be shy. Over the holidays, what's a few extra pounds? We're all getting older and everything is going to go down. Enjoy!


What is the best product for baking chips for cookies?

Baking chips for cookies products from Oreo. In this article about baking chips for cookies you can see why people choose the product. Andes and Ghiradelli are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking chips for cookies.

What are the best brands for baking chips for cookies?

Oreo, Andes and Ghiradelli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking chips for cookies. Find the detail in this article. Krusteaz, Miss Jones Baking and Betty Crocker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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