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1. Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Standard green foil baking cups are the best choice for themed celebrations. The bottom diameter is 1.97 inch and the depth is 3.15 inch, which is suitable for most standard size bakeware. The most classic colors are Brown, White and Nature Color. TheOVEN SAFE is made from natural 100% wood pulp and is fluorescent free, so it is safe and no poison is found. There is no need to worry about health issues. It can be put directly into the oven without any concern for safety because they are higher in temperature than most recipes require. Baking cups are easy to clean and use. There will not be many cakes left on the baking cups because there will not be any scrubbing or scrubbing to eliminate baked on mess. Baking will be easy with them. You can use them to make cupcakes at any party or festival. ELEGANT DESIGN- The tulip-shaped design will make the cupcakes look more elegant, and both your customers and guests will leave a deep impression on your cupcakes. It will make your display case look more delicate, and it will also make your cupcakes look better. You can make cupcakes or muffins and use it to hold other items. You can use the cupcakes you make to decorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events.

Brand: Katbite

👤My daughter is a baker and sells through her business. She wanted to use liners for her cupcakes to make them look better. We tried these liners and they are wonderful. She lightly sprayed them before baking them to help with the removal. They worked with her regular cupcakes and jumbo cupcakes. She has had a lot of praise for using them. Will be buying them again.

👤Do not recommend. The grease marks on liners look terrible. I have a baking business and I have to give my customers cupcakes with grease marks on the liners because I ordered them last minute. I've used this type of cupcake liner for a long time, but my normal seller was out of stock. This is not the recipe I've used for years and it has never happened before. It's not clear if greaseproof on package means they won't do this, but highly disappointed.

👤It worked well for single serving frittatas. There was no grease on the outside of the wrapper or the baking tin. Pulling them open was fine. If they are cooled down, less or more would come off the wrapper.

👤I didn't want to return them thinking the product would work after the box was smashed. I pulled them out and some didn't say much. The ones I used for baking were soaked in oil after I put them in the oven. You might be able to bake cupcakes with liners in them. If you need them for muffins or cupcakes, this is not the product for you.

👤The colors were vibrant and didn't fade in the oven. It's easy to open and use a square to catch crumbs. happy with the purchase, very pretty look all around

👤These liners are great for classing up cupcakes. It's a much better option than paper cups because it's easy to extract from the pans. They fit in bakery boxes with cupcake holders. No cake is lost when pulled from the cupcake. They're great if you're careful, but they're not amazing because they can be pulled back so easily. These were a good value, but a little more than paper cups per liner.

👤The cupcake holders I bought for my niece's birthday were pretty, but the paper is very thin. To make sure the batter didn't soak through, I had to use 2 cupcake holders. The paper stuck to the cupcakes after they were done. I'm not sure if I would order from this seller again, they were so thin, but I'm going to use the remaining holders.

👤I wanted to use different colors, but white was destroyed. And bent over.

👤The mixed pack of colors made these cases attractive to me. The package was small when they arrived. I found out why. The papers were small and flimsy. The main cup of the papers was shallow and the dimensions were the same as in the advert. They would have been great if I had used 2 at a time, but that wasn't what I wanted. I will be returning these and going back to the ones I used before. Don't.

2. Merckens Coating Melting Melting Chocolate

Merckens Coating Melting Melting Chocolate

It is possible to make candy out of delicious chocolate. It's perfect to make molded candy, bark, turtles, clusters, fudge, chocolate dipped caramel apples, etc.

Brand: Merckens

👤Not 5 lbs! I ordered this from a different seller and it came in a larger bag, I knew something was off. I measured it and it was under 3.5 lbs.

👤I have been melting wafers for over 30 years. I usually buy my candy from the store. I ordered this from Amazon because I didn't know a local store. The melting was worse than I have ever seen. It was not possible to use it for dipping. It was large. I tried to thin it with no success. The company received the email and didn't respond to it. Do you not waste your money?

👤I am very disappointed with the purchase. I usually order from Walmart, but found it cheaper on Amazon. I made a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries late night and the chocolate seized up and did not melt, but you can tell by the color that it is not typical merckens chocolate. The chocolate that arrived was cream colored and not bright white. It tastes like Wax and not like a milk chocolate I ordered from Walmart. It does not melt. I had to throw away the last part of the batches. I tried everything but melting this chocholate. I don't think this is a good bunch because I don't see how it's received 4.5 stars. I've been a prime customer for years and have noticed that they don't accept returns on this product. I want a new bag of chocolate.

👤I used to make cake pops with Wilton melts, but they turn out too thick in white or colored ones, so I stopped using them. I have been using white melt from Merckens for a long time and have found it easy to melt in the microwave with a smooth consistency that is perfect for dipping cake pops and even strawberries. I use my own color gels when I need colored melt, which allows for more customization, so I am happy. I appreciate being able to buy a large bag, and I will continue to use Merckens from here.

👤I had purchased this before and it was fine. It is not melting correctly. The double boiler and microwave have the same results. It is thick and clumps. I have to thin it with coconut oil just to be able to use it and it looks gross when I dip it. I have used all sorts of melting wafers, but never this one. I am not sure what is wrong with them. The cake pops were supposed to be for a bake sale, but they don't look nice.

👤I have always found the quality of the paint to be high. The coating was easy to melt and had a nice flowing quality. I was very disappointed in this purchase. The quality was not what I have come to expect. I paid a good price for this coating and feel, but I could have purchased a similar product from Wilton's Candy. I wouldn't purchase this item again if I knew the recipe had changed. I am very disappointed.

3. GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

There are 12 bags of Gourmet Baking Chips for Easter Cookies. The white baking chips have a rich, smooth flavor. Great for snacking or baking, including Easter treats. It was made with whole milk powder, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract. The perfect amount of sweet and silky texture is offered by GrardELLI baking chips.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤White chocolate is what I supposedly found when I searched for it. The chocolate has cocoa butter in it, but the white does not. The ingredients on this are soy sugar, palm oil, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, palm oil, lecithin and vanilla extract. I was led to believe that it was chocolate, as some of the reviews said it was. Ghirardelli did not call it white chocolate. How to dispose of 6 packages of this white? The purpose of candy making is served by the chocolate.

👤It's hard to find Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I make it with 2 bags of white chocolate, 15oz bag of small pretzels, 12oz bag of peanuts, and 6 cups of Chex. If you want to add salt to the bowl, cut a small hole in the pretzel bag. Chocolate and oil can be put in a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir. 30 seconds of microwave. Stir. If it's not completely melted, microwave it for only a few seconds at a time. If your microwave is 1000 watt or more, reduce power to 70%. Spread out on the paper. Enjoy!

👤They are usable for baking, but have been mishandled and stored in a heated warehouse. Poorly packaged. Many were melted together in large chunks and had to be broken apart. Some of them were to be used as topping and look poor for it. It's good for mixing inside cookies.

👤It happened twice. The pack of 6 was listed. One arrived. No sane person would spend $19 for a single 11oz. bag. It took a long time. A bag from a pack arrived. The 5 bags were reported missing. Replacement took a long time and was one bag again.

👤Amazon says 12 units as of March 25. 6 units were received. The invoice says 6 units. For 6 units, the price is okay. Worse things in the world to care about, but I thought of those with bigger baking plans. Stay well.

👤I got a replacement order which only had one. The ad says 6 packages of chips for 19.99, but I want my money back. I only have one left. If I thought it was one, I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm not happy at $20 for a bag of chocolate chips.

👤I placed this order on Tuesday evening and it said it would arrive on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it was true. I was hopeful. The seller was able to get through. I was able to finish preparing my cookies after the package arrived on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

👤I've purchased them from a store before. Those were delicious. These were not as creamy and not as good.

4. Hersheys Cinnamon Baking Chips 10

Hersheys Cinnamon Baking Chips 10

It's perfect for coffee cake. A versatile ingredient. Baking chips are free of both kosher andGluten-free ingredients. There are 2 bags of Hershey's Cinnamon Baking Chips. There are 2 bags of Hershey's Cinnamon Baking Chips.

Brand: Hershey's

👤I'm looking forward to all the fall flavors and I have a lot of favorite recipes. Everyone loves my pumpkin muffins. The cinnamon chips are amazing. I have begun to order them online because they are hard to find in stores. I took an early break from work to get the package inside after I saw they were delivered a little after 11:00am on Thursday. This was at 11:30am. I didn't open it because I knew what it was, and I was rushing to get to work, but also because I could feel the package and it's shape. I could already taste them. The kids are going to help me make these goodies. It was warm and soft on a Saturday morning. We were so wrong. When I opened the package, I could tell the chips had been softened a bit and then stuck together again, but no big deal, usually a few bangs on a hard surface would break them back up. I removed the plastic wrap that held the 2 packages of chips and used the scissors to open them. I tried hitting the packages together. These things are solid. I am trying to hit them on the counter. Give times, but no luck. I have a log of cinnamon that I can't do anything with, and a family that is very disappointed. I was willing to pay a bit more for these, even though they were already overpriced. What a waste.

👤These cinnamon chips are so delicious. The smell was so strong that it knocked me off my feet the second I opened the bag. I just made some Amish cinnamon bread and it was great. I'm sorry for the reviewers who had their chips melted. I don't know what would have happened if I'd bought them in the Summer here in GA, but the temperatures have been between 40 and 60 degrees. They weren't melted. They weren't stuck together. If you're interested in the recipe, you can go to YouTube and type in "Easy Amish Cinnamon Bread". "Tess Cooks 4u" made a video. Hershey's and the woman on that video have not asked me to write a review. These are my own words and they are not influenced by the product at all. The chips are in a bag and I made bread with them.

👤I have been a patron of Amazon for a long time and have always been very satisfied with the service. This order was not packaged in a way that would fit transit. When I arrived, the chips had melted while in transit in warmer weather and had become a consolidated mass. I couldn't break them with a hammer because each bag in the order was so solid. Maybe you can fix this situation before other people do. I was looking forward to receiving this order for a special recipe and am very dissatisfied with the receipt. Amazon has been a wonderful way for me to shop and I will continue to do so. One rotten apple doesn't ruin the barrel.

5. Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

For over 170 years, the solution is versatile, effective and affordable. Baking, cleaning, deodorizing and more can be done with this use. It's free of harsh chemicals and gentle to use. There are hundreds of uses for the Fresh Box for Baking.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Baking soda was used for life needs before everyone realized how amazing it was. This is my honest review. You will thank me later! I can't think of a bad thing about baking-soda. Not being able to mix with the other stuff. I use it for a lot of things, including: laundry, cleaning, normal stuff, teeth Whitening, and even working out to reduce lactic and even my PH. H20 is the same as when suffering from gas, pain, or even if you are pregnant. Trust me! I have been putting in my son's bath water due to his sensitive skin and allergies. He has helped reduce the symptoms of thrush that can come on quickly, his hair looks great, he has gotten into a bath, and I wash him off with his soap and water before he plays in the water. It keeps my skin looking good for a few days. I clean my dishwasher. Have always fixed a sink problem. Removes any orders from cleaning with a little bit in the sink. Add my tomato soil for a sweeter taste. My grandpa was a landscaper. Clears canker sores right away. It helps to soothe the throat with salt. If you get a new-sting, spider-bite or mosquito bite, immediately make a tiny paste on the bite, let it dry and boom, the bumps gone too! A manicure hack is to soak your hands in a warm H20 & BalingSoda mix. Do you need a new hairbrush? If you can help it, place the bush portion only if you can help it, and mix up a bit of shampoo, baking soda, and a bit of detergent, and clean as much as you can from your brush. The hot water will give you a good mix and the heat for the soak. If you don't notice much, put the old sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it for 45 seconds. If necessary, use a new mix in the bowl. Once you are done, wipe your microwave out and you will have it all done. The same thing works for white grapevine. There is more! I have a bag of Arm & Hammer OG Baking Soda in my house, and I have 4 of these boxes around.

👤I started using baking soda and vinegar to clean my washing machine to get rid of the smell. This works well. I added two cups of baking soda. It works well in the washing machine dispensers. I cleaned the washer myself. The smell is gone! This has worked better than anything else I have tried. The Arm & Hammer is versatile. I put it inside my freezer and refrigerator. I pour it down my disposal to make it sweeter. It is cheap to use and works well. I hope this is helpful.

👤The price was less than a dollar for a pound. I was shocked. I was going to buy 10 of them. It didn't let me. It only allowed four. I wish they would have given more. Baking soda is my favorite. It is used for laundry and to whiten my teeth. I use it for everything at home. I have an obsession. I gave 3 stars because the box spilled all over my couch when I opened it. As soon as I find the pics, I will post them. It was really cheap, so I didn't want to complain. Didn't want to go through the hassle. I am thankful to both seller and Amazon.

6. Sweejar Ceramic Bakeware Rectangular Lasagna

Sweejar Ceramic Bakeware Rectangular Lasagna

The rectangular baking pans set has a double handle design for easy food transport from the oven to the table. It is a charming decoration in your kitchen and dining table. Baking dish sets can be stacked to save space. You can wash it with soap or hot water, it's dishwasher safe. Theangular baking dish set is a good way to meet your daily needs. The porcelain is made of durable porcelain. It's safe for all of the above.

Brand: Sweejar

👤They are too small for baking. The turquoise color is gorgeous. I regret returning them. Some of the reviews are not accurate. Some people suggest that they were big enough for a family. That is not the case here. We need a bigger casserole because we have 2 Amazons parrots.

👤It looks great and sturdy. The color is similar to my cookware. I would like it to be in a 13 X9 size.

👤Most recipe sizes can be accommodated by the standard sizes. I don't have to put food from the oven pan to a serving plate because the look is so attractive and it looks nice on the table along side my dishes and I can take it to a party and set it on a buffet table. The inside ceramic glaze is non porous, so food does not stick. All arrived in perfect condition. It's a great gift if you're substantial and sturdy.

👤Don't get them. They are easy to break. Two pans broke in the same spot. Two days after the policy was implemented, my second pan broke, which is upsetting because I wasted money on pans that can't handle standard use. I washed them to make sure they were well cared for. Don't waste your money like I did. I used it twice and it broke. When I went to pick it up, it was broken, because I put it in the sink to be washed.

👤When I opened the box, I thought they were pretty. The large one was a bit smaller than the average pan, but I loved the 3 sizes. All 3 sizes would have been perfect for my needs. As I took out the pans, I thought I loved them. When I got to the largest pan, I put it on the counter and it was loud and wobbly. Where was the quality control? I would like to believe that the next set would be fine if I swapped them. I won't take that change so they go back. I have a hard time finding new ones because of the large pans. They were right for me. Sad!

👤The pan that I received is not flat, so when it is put on the table, it clatters. I marked off one star for this defect because I usually put some silicone pot mat below.

👤Before you buy, make sure to check the measurements. I did not. The picture makes them look bigger. Need bigger ones. If you want that size, they are beautiful. I had to return them.

👤I like the Sweejar Ceramic bakeware set. It was well-packed and there was no damage during transit. It's perfect for a small family. Meal preparation is very convenient because it's oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. It is a perfect gift for the holiday season.

👤The wife loved the set. Good price for the quality, that's what we were looking for. I used them a few times. It is easy to clean and store. Would recommend.

👤I think we all know why I've been baking a lot. It was much easier because of these. I'm glad I found this deal because ceramic is the best thing to bake with.

7. Wilton 1911 2222 Candy Melts Thin

Wilton 1911 2222 Candy Melts Thin

It was made in a facility that processes soy and wheat. It's easy. It's easier to dip Candy Melts candy with the help of the EZ Thin dipping aid. You can get the perfect consistency for cake pops by stirring the crystals. Use the bright white candy melt to dip strawberries, or make shaped candy out of pretzels or mold them into shapes for special occasions. The perfect consistency for your candy project can be achieved with the help of EZ Thin. It's easy to thin Candy Melts candy with the help of the EZ Thin dipping aid; just stir in the crystals to thin candy for cake pops, pretzels and more. More from Wilson. You can create treats for any occasion with the wide variety of candy molds and other tools. It is a great way to spend time together when you are looking for an easy and tasty activity to do. There are some things contained: This product is made in a facility that also processes egg, fish, milk, tree nuts and wheat.

Brand: Wilton

👤I used this product to make candy. After watching a video on the internet, I noticed that the person in the video placed them in the pot after 5 minutes of heating it, and then added the candy melt. The melt thinned after being tried like the video showed.

👤I make cake pops frequently and this is the best stuff to thin the colored candy. Most of the time colored melting candy is thick. It will make the cake pops too oily if you use too much. Put in a small pinch at a time.

👤These work well. You can either grab a pinch or shake it in to add to the melting chocolate. They can easily pour too many. There's not much to say, these worked amazingly, and these make it easy to thin melted chocolate without adding too much. They don't change the flavor.

👤I have used oil in my chocolate for a long time. I went to make cake pops and decided to try something new. It worked well. Just put a small amount at a time until desired consistency is achieved. I agree with the reviews that regular oil works the same, but this makes life much easier.

👤I don't know how to make cake pops. Thins chocolate to create a smooth and controllable final product. Great amount for the price. Will allow me to finish many projects.

👤It is easier to make cake pops with this product. I have used this product before and it works as promised. It was fresh when it arrived. I couldn't get to my store because it was more expensive than my local store. I think I paid for the convenience.

👤I've always used vegetable oil to thin candy melts, but could never seem to use the right amount. The melt could get clumpy or too runny. I could make it work. It was not ideal. I decided to try these out. What a change! The consistency was perfect. I will only use this product in the future.

👤The product I bought was based on a video. I don't know where the non-functional requirements were missed, but maybe it's a good idea to trace them back to the need. The product needs to be usable for a customer to receive it. I am not sure how the shipping passed the acceptance and evaluation criteria.

👤Thins candy melt for cake pops. A bit of a tastse. It's an expensive thinner compared to trex or crisco, because it's a little better for the same job.

👤It was a bit bumpy at first, but eventually it melted into the chocolate. I might have needed to warm chocolate up for a better result. Will use again.

👤I used to make my christmas tree pop cakes with candy melts that everyone loved.

👤The product thins the candy to the consistency I want and I will definitely buy it again.

👤I would recommend the product.

8. Ghirardelli Premium Baking Classic Chocolate

Ghirardelli Premium Baking Classic Chocolate

The white baking chips have a rich, smooth flavor. It's great for any snacking need, including treats like cookies and blondies. It was made with whole milk powder, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract. The perfect amount of sweet and silky texture is what the baked chips offer.

Brand: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

👤Whole Milk Powder, Palm Oil, Soy Lecithin, and Sugar are ingredients. These are not white chocolate.

👤The description has this included. The case pack has 12 bags. The bags are 11 ounces. Each. This was one case, lead me to believe that. The bag is not worth anything.

👤The chocolate chip cookies tasted better this time. I found a staple.

👤The chips taste good. They are better used to melt over the stove.

👤I have a few delicious recipes that require them, but my local grocery store doesn't carry them.

👤Muy buen producto. Para repostera, lo uso. Lleg antes de tiempo.

👤It was a bitcid. And not white chocolate. They are yellow.

9. Wilton Bright White Candy Melts

Wilton Bright White Candy Melts

A family recipe has been used since 1925 to create this product in the heart of the Alps. It's easy. You can now buy these candy melts in bulk, they are made in the USA. Use the bright white candy melt to dip strawberries, or make shaped candy out of pretzels or mold them into shapes for special occasions. CONVENIENT: Candy Melts candy can be used for cake pops, cookies and molded candies. They can be used to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes, because they are covered in candy. More from Wilson. You can create treats for any occasion with the wide variety of candy molds and other tools. It is a great way to spend time together when you are looking for an easy and tasty activity to do. There are six packages of Bright White Candy Melts candy, made in a facility that processes wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought these for myself. I ran out of melt and ran to my local Michaels, but they were out of stock. The last time I bought melts from Wilton, they had changed their packaging. I ordered these to match my other ones, which were Wilton Bright White. They are completely different in terms of quality. I think it's possible that Wilton changed packaging as well as ingredients. They don't melt fully without adding crisco, and the color is off. I have never had to add a fat or crisco to the melted candy. Forget about flavor. The old melt tastes like white chocolate. These don't. The bright white color doesn't match my melt. I rate 1 star because they serve their purpose, but I will switch brands next time.

👤The bomb is cake pops. I make them easy and fun. I usually go to the local grocery store to get the ingredients. I bought these candy melts because I thought they would be better than the store brand I usually buy. They were hard to dip in and ended up being squishy. The Suppper was bummed! I ran to the store late at night to buy a regular store brand. The store brand is not bright white, but I can make it more presentable. The way they melt is off, but they are bright white. The cake pops taste alright. I posted pictures of what I made. I am not a professional and neither are I professional looking. The finished product of the candy melts from my local grocery store are very different from the finished product from these.

👤My daughter is getting married and I wanted to make cakeballs. Although cakeballs are an example in the advertising, these do not melt into a consistency that is satisfactory for that purpose. I wonder if they are not up to date because the products I bought from Wal-mart worked great in my melt pot. These did not do that. The melted candy sat on the side of the bowl. Just missed the deadline for returns. It was disgusting and distasteful.

👤I bought a candy melting pot. I added crisco to thin the consistency but it was too think and had some lump that wouldn't melt. I made them work, but it wasn't pretty and I'm thankful for the sprinkles which cover up the ugly coating on my cake pops. I used the wafers from Michaels and they worked just fine. Maybe it is a new recipe or a new size wafer.

👤First of all. It was difficult to melt this chocolate. I normally melt my chocolate on a double boiler, but it wouldn't melt after 12 minutes. It took 4-5 tries to melt after I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It only melted into a consistency like a marshmallows, but not like a flowy melted chocolate consistency. I thought I might have over heated it. Nope. This chocolate is very different than it was a few years ago. It took me forever to get smooth chocolate shapes for my cake pop decorations. Use regular supermarket chocolate instead of this.

10. Popcorners Snacks Gluten Flavor Variety

Popcorners Snacks Gluten Flavor Variety

You can receive the old or new variety pack for a limited time. 20 Pack of PopCorners variety snack pack chips include: White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Sea Salt, Sweet Chili, and Sour Cream and Onion. Popcorner's delicious popped corn snacks are made with a pinch of sea salt and are never fried. No nuts, no gluten. Simple ingredients for better flavor. PopCorners delicious popped corn snacks are never fried. Convenient on-the-go snacks are great for a busy lifestyle.

Brand: Popcorners

👤I'm a big fan of Mexican food. I get the guilt of eating a lot of chips and salsa. It was like popcorn and tortilla chips had a secret hot sister you had no idea existed, so I gave them a try. They don't go back to normal tortilla chips anymore. I don't want to eat popcorn anymore, so give me the kettle corn flavor of these babies. I think the kettle corn is my favorite because it adds some "sweet" to the food and it's perfect with salsa. If the above review sounds like you, buy these chips. You will not regret it.

👤I like these things. I ordered the same 20 package box every time. I got a single bag. Really? Who thought it would be okay?

👤I purchased this pack in order to try some of the newer flavors that were listed. The 'Sour Cream and Onion' flavors were not included in the box. I admit to being annoyed and gutted by this, and went back to read their listing. It is important to note my complete displeasure that I had. To read everything, including to the pictures at the side, one picture and one picture alone stated that you may receive the 'old' or the 'new' box. The dog went it all! The packages are old, the flavors are not as good, and the advertising is shady. Avoid, avoid!

👤The variety pack has to be spicy queso. They remind me of doritos. The dorito with the same name is second, but sweet chili is second. They have a kick. White cheddar is quite bland. Sea salt is very thin and crunchier than a plain rice cake. Kettle corn is very sweet. I don't like sweet chips.

👤I don't like eating popcorn because of the hulls. I don't have to worry about the popcorn getting stuck in my gum because these snacks satisfy my popcorn craving. The flavors are good. The Thai seasoned kettle corn is great for a little spicy, but the sea salt is great for salty food. I've tried to pick a favorite, but they're all great. We have stopped buying potato chips in our pantry. I wouldn't say they're healthy, but they are a healthier alternative to what we used to snack on. A whole bag is usually enough to fill you up at lunch, but a half bag is usually enough to kill a craving.

👤Since I have been eating large bags of PopCorners, I had to get them. I thought the small bags would help me limit how many I eat at a time since they are addictive and I should never be left alone with an entire large bag. The flavors are good and the quantity in each bag is right. I ate the first few bags and found nothing but good things, but then I found a chip in one of the bags. It was dark. It didn't look like it had been burned. It looked like a chip with tar on it. I'm afraid of what I'll find when I open a bag.

11. Wilton Candy Flavored Bright Vanilla

Wilton Candy Flavored Bright Vanilla

The wafers are creamy and easy to melt, ideal for candy making. The colors are not real. The package contains 12 ounces of candy. Comes in a variety of colors. Each was sold separately. It was made in the USA. Follow the directions on the bag if candy can melt at warmer temperatures.

Brand: Wilton

👤Don't buy from this seller. These were terrible, and probably the standard for melting chocolates. I have a chocolate melter that I can use, but it wasn't able to get these to a dipping consistency, and after a little while the chocolate got even harder and thicker. I did not add anything to cool them or start the setting. I will return the packages that I didn't use because they were a waste of money.

👤I wanted to use them for my chocolate covered cookies. It wouldn't melt when I put them in the microwave. The bowl was burning hot but the chocolate was too hard to work with. I bought another bag at Michaels and it worked perfectly.

👤I didn't get to use the melted candy because they wouldn't thin out like normal. It was not what I expected. I've bought these before but this time the candy wouldn't melt or thin out.

👤These are terrible. Even with coconut oil, they were still very strong. I followed the instructions and it turned out bad. They are cheap, but not worth the money. I am very disappointed that Wilton changed their recipe.

👤Did not melt! I tried heating with a double boiler after buying two bags and following their directions. The chocolate looked like baby puke. I tried to follow the directions without shortening and heating the microwave. This is now a blob of cement. terrible product I went to the store and bought Ghirardelli brand white chocolate melt, they worked perfectly.

👤I used the melted chocolate to make chocolate covered cookies. The chocolate tasted good and the white color was still there. I would microwave a quarter of the bag in a bowl for 30 seconds, then use a spatula to stir the chocolate until it was smooth. Warming in the microwave can take over a minute. It was easier to melt small batches of chocolate and fill up pastry bags than it was to melt a large chunk at once. The chocolate would come out shiny and smooth.

👤I wasted my money because it tasted horrible when melting.

👤The product does not melt consistently. The cake pops are inedible due to the flavor of the chips. This was a good test run. I will return to my discs of white chocolate. They taste good.

👤The candy melt melted easily despite all of the negative reviews. It turned out ok after having to thin it out a bit with vegetable oil, but it became clumpy on a cooled cake. It tastes very artificial. They are popular for cake pops and decorating. Next time, I will use real white chocolate ganache with bright white gel food coloring.

👤It's not hard to coat cake pops.

👤It's pretty good, you just have to know how to work with them, heat it for 30 second intervals with stirring in between, and you're good! I didn't like the taste of the flavour, despite the label saying it's vanilla flavoured.

👤Everything was great. Thank you.


What is the best product for baking chips pink?

Baking chips pink products from Katbite. In this article about baking chips pink you can see why people choose the product. Merckens and Ghirardelli are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking chips pink.

What are the best brands for baking chips pink?

Katbite, Merckens and Ghirardelli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking chips pink. Find the detail in this article. Hershey's, Arm & Hammer and Sweejar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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