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1. 365 Everyday Value Semi Sweet Chocolate

365 Everyday Value Semi Sweet Chocolate

Whole Foods Market's products give you that dance-down-the-aisles feeling. Their huge range of choices with premium ingredients at prices you can get down with makes grocery shopping so much more than tossing the basics in your cart.

Brand: 365 By Whole Foods Market

👤Whole Foods chocolate chip cookies worked well in my recipes. I only needed chocolate and chips. Will work for you as well. No one can judge you if you mix them in a recipe or eat them out of hand. That's between you and your chocolate chips.

👤When we wanted to bake, we bought these. They are easy to add into any recipe. The dark chocolate is amazing and will buy it again when I run out.

👤These are good. They taste great in baking. If you plan to sprinkle these on top of anything, I would look for alternatives.

👤Too sweet for chocolate. The percentage on the packaging isn't mentioned. It tasted like chocolate.

👤It's good for baking and eating straight from the bag, so you can't go wrong with this price. Other similarly priced brands split on me more often.

👤I wanted to bake these chips. I ended up eating the rest of 24 ounces over a period of days because they were way over what I needed. I gained some weight but the chips were delicious.

👤They are good but not as good as the Tollhouse Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels. It is a good price.

👤These are chocolate chips. The chips are good and cheap. There was no weird under taste.

👤It doesn't have a great taste, but it's good for homemade brownies, even though it doesn't have a great taste.

👤Really good. Will purchase again.

2. HERSHEYS Kitchens Sugar Chocolate Chips

HERSHEYS Kitchens Sugar Chocolate Chips

There are twelve bags of Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Baking Chips in the bulk box. Baking morsels are ready for all your chocolate recipes. There are no artificial colors, flavors or Preservatives in the 8 bulk bags of sugar-free chocolate. Birthday treats, holiday desserts, and other homemade recipes can be made with sugar-free baking chips. The chips are full of Hershey's chocolate and are great for all your baking recipes.

Brand: Hershey's

👤I thought I had bought a 12 pack for $12, but only one 8oz pack came. "pack of 12" is what the description says. This is fraudulent advertising. It is not permissible for return. The chocolate chips will be bitter to eat. In the future, I will be looking into that business. They are selling 3 packs for $24 with no maltitol. They will be sending 3 packs. This is a rip off. Do not buy 12 packs.

👤The description says a pack of 12. Only one package arrived. It looks like you're screwed because it's non returnable. The price wasRefunded to me by Amazon. You just have to keep going and not give up. Tell them that they are damaged or missing. The chips are good, but not worth what you pay to get 12 packages.

👤You're going to hate me for saying that, but Hershey's chips are better than the Lily's brand. I didn't care for the flavor. They spiked my husband's blood sugar like crazy, whereas Hershey's barely touched it. I use these in my sugar free cookies.

👤It was supposed to be a great buy for me. There are 8 bags of sugar free chocolate chips. They took about a month to arrive. Not worth the money you spend.

👤The taste of traditional chocolate chips is not close to this nasty flavor. Any cookie recipe calls for 12 ounces of chips, so this was only an 8 ounce bag. It would take 2 bags to make one batches of cookies. A warning note was put on the post office about chocolate not melting. It is not the responsibility of the post office to store items. Everyone knows that the post office store things in non air conditioned warehouses and non air conditioned mail trucks. When I let it get solid again in my air conditioned home, it looked like dehydrated chocolate. If you don't take proper precautions to make sure the item doesn't melt, it shouldn't be available for online purchase. INRDeals

👤There are 12 packages. I received one. What is happening? There are remaining 11 8 oz packages.

👤I was suppose to get 12 units, but only got 1. The package couldn't hold 12 8 oz. units and the label said 6.7 lbs. The package weighed 1.0 lbs. It is a little expensive for chocolate chips.

👤The taste was terrific and the use was for baking and to reduce sugar in our diet.

3. Kirkland Signature Semi Sweet Chocolate Pounds

Kirkland Signature Semi Sweet Chocolate Pounds

Great for snacking and baking. Cocoa is ethical and sustainable. Each bag has a size of 2.04 kilograms.

Brand: Kirkland Signature

👤I paid $17 for this and the bag I received has a big part in it that makes it useless and I can't get a refund. This feels like a scam.

👤This was the vendor's first purchase. I did not open the package until I baked cookies today. I used up all of my chips today and opened the package to find only a small portion of the bag that was useful for the remaining batches. I know they didn't melt when they arrived because they were stored in my cupboard.

👤I love the flavor of chocolate chips. Very dissatisfied with the shipping of the product. There was a plastic bag. The chips were melted together in a 4.5 pound block of chocolate. How am I supposed to bake cookies with it?

👤The package of chocolate chips, 4 pounds in total, sat outside in the sun and melted into a blob when I was not at home. It's still useful for snacking from the cupboard, but less useful for baking cookies. The dollars are worth less when not melted.

👤I have ordered chocolate chips in the past, but I will not order them in the summer. They were delivered to the lockers and by the time I got to them, they were mostly melted. They were cooled to a grey block. It's a pain in the backside area, but still able to use them.

👤The bag of chocolate chips is four and a half pounds. My wife put the bags in the freezer with the bags that weren't used for chocolate chip cookies. It is every bit as good as the other one.

👤A nice chocolate at a good price. It is hard to ignore these chocolates. It's hard to stop eating after having a few. You need to hide this bag of goodness if someone is on a diet.

👤I was hesitant after trying so many brands. I decided to try it because I was stuck in the house. I think these taste better than any other brand. The cost was a little more than I would have liked, but it was a good deal compared to other on line chips. You will not be disappointed in the flavor.

👤It was perfect! It is as pictured. The delivery was fast. Thank you so much!

4. Viva Naturals Organic Cacao Nibs

Viva Naturals Organic Cacao Nibs

Nature's Chocolate Chips are a guilt-free way to add a chocolatey crunch to all your favorite healthy recipes. Satisfy your chocolate craving while sticking to a low-carb or plant-based diet. With their rich flavor, cacao nibs add a delicious twist to sweet or savory recipes. You can blend them in your morning smoothie, sprinkle them onto breakfast favorites, or bake vegan snacks out of them. The perfect snack for adults is made with chocolate nibs, a plant-based superfood. Enjoy the rich pleasure of chocolate without the extra processing and sugar. They are the perfect topping for hot cocoa bombs. Their cacao nibs are grown in the Amazon rainforest and lightly roasted for their peak flavor. The taste of criollo beans is rich and deep. Their Cacao Nibs are certified organic, non-gmo, vegan, paleo, and Keto. Since they are from crushed cacao beans, your pouch may contain a few stems and bits of hard shells. Keep an eye out for them.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤I was not happy with the nibs. The flavor was fine, but a bit more bark and other bits were not usable. It was difficult to sort out which pieces I could and could not add to my food. I read that in other reviews and thought I would give it a try. I'm here to tell you not to waste your time or money. The actual nibs were good, but I don't like having to throw away a lot of the product I bought, so I'm giving it 2 stars. The "Navitas Naturals" brand is a better choice. I haven't encountered pieces that I couldn't eat yet, but I have enjoyed those so far. They are a little more, but a lot of the Viva brand nibs I couldn't eat so keep that in mind.

👤Will order again. The company is great. The benefits of cocoa nibs can be found in the form of pure cacao. The beans themselves are one of the purest forms because they have the least processing. The roasted beans are separated from their husks and broken into smaller pieces. Their health benefits include 1. One of the best magnesium-rich foods is the Cacao beans. There are more than 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies, and magnesium and cacao nibs are needed for them. The heart rhythm is maintained by the Magnesium is key to muscle and nerve function. The effects of epicatechin, along with the high magnesium content, have helped improve muscle structure and nerve function. 3, 4, and 2. Help you lose weight. You can lose weight when you eat cacao. It is important that you keep this in check, as cacao is high in fat and calories, but if you eat pure cacao or cacao nibs, you can get lots of fiber, which makes you feel full. You don't get any fiber in a chocolate bar, but one ounce of cacao nibs has nine grams. That makes it the ultimate high-fiber food. The fiber in cacao may help keep your bowels moving. In a clinical study, subjects were given cocoa powder supplemented with high-fiber cocoa Bran twice daily for two four-week periods, separated by a three-week period in which cocoa was not consumed. During the time when cocoa powder was consumed, the feelings of snoozing decreased. There are five The supplements contained raw cacao. 3. cacao can help fight anemic symptoms by being an iron-rich food. 6 percent of your daily iron intake can be obtained from raw cacao nibs. There are side effects of iron deficiency. Iron is abundant in cacao. Pair it with a piece of fruit to ensure proper absorption. There are 6 Chocolate has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Cacao beans are rich in anti-oxidants and help absorb the free radicals that cause damage in the body. The epidemiological data shows that regular intake of plant-derived foods and beverages reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. The study showed the benefits of cacao on blood pressure and other functions. There are five. Cocoa beans have historically been used as a treatment for diarrhea due to the polyphenols contained in cacao. The possible prevention of the build-up of fluid in the small intestine that is associated with diarrhea can be prevented by the dose-dependent effects of the compounds in cacao. There are 8 and 9. Enhance Mood Neurotransmitters are the little messengers in our brains that tell us how to act. The neurotransmitters can be acted on by Cacao and Cacao nibs. The brain can be stimulated by chocolate in the form of cacao. When we eat cacao, there are two chemicals in our bodies. PEA is a chemical that our bodies make naturally. When we are excited, PEA is produced, which causes the pulse to quicken, giving us more focus and awareness. Anandamide is a molecule found in cacao and is known as the bliss molecule. The name was obtained due to its natural shape, which represents the active ingredient in marijuana. There are (12)

5. Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips Bittersweet

Ghirardelli Chocolate Baking Chips Bittersweet

Easter cookies have a decadent flavor due to the baking chocolate chips. Easter treats like Easter cookies, Easter cake and other Easter desserts can be made with GhirardELLI chocolate chips. The chocolate morsels are made with cocoa butter, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla extract and just the right amount of cane sugar. Dark roast chocolate chips have a rich flavor and 888-270-6611

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤There were 6 packs of chocolate chips in the box. The cold packs were not cold anymore. I opened one of the packs to see if it survived. Some of the chips were stuck to each other. They still tasted good. The picture has a Ghirardelli chip in it. The one on the right was the one that was delivered. You can see how it has grown. I grabbed the shipment when it arrived. The inside of the packages would have melted if it was left outside. I live on the East Coast and the shipment had a stop in Indiana. I don't think cold packing works in the Summer heat, especially if the shipping is across the country.

👤I'm very happy with my purchase. The bags of chocolate chips were for about 18 bucks. I like a price drop. They had an ice pack with them. It's really hot in Nashville, so I was very happy. Excellent 5 stars.

👤Amazon saves me when I don't have a local source for these chips. The vendor/shipper packed the product so that it wouldn't get damaged from the heat. Your price is good for me, even though it had to increase. I'll be back.

👤Ghirardelli chocolate chips are delicious. The care with which my order was packaged was what I wanted to review. There were three cold packs in a cardboard box. The chips were not warm. Some reviews complain that the chocolate chips melted together. The supplier was very good to me.

👤I used these to make my own chocolate truffles. I was able to make a huge amount of truffles, three different flavors, and have their own chocolate shell after buying two bundles. The chocolate in this product is superior to what you can get at your local grocery store and is more than likely the same price if not a little cheaper for the quantity you are buying. My father and I did a taste test of these and the Tollhouse chocolate chips that we had on hand and found that these are definitely richer in taste and a little smoother. If you want to make something special for the holidays or someone special, I highly recommend using this product as one of your ingredients.

👤The chips on are made with unbleached wheat flour. I contacted Ghiradelli to get clarification since these are advertised as being "gluten free" on Ghiradelli replied to my inquiry, "Thank you for contacting Ghirardelli Chocolate." Milk Hazelnut Crisp Squares are one of the products that Ghirardelli currently offers. The Milk Hazelnut Crisp Squares are made with malt. Our chocolate bars and squares are produced on the same line as the barley gluten. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips and powder line are free of all types of ingredients. The Classic White Chips are made in a facility that uses wheat. Ghirardelli takes a number of measures to reduce cross contamination on their production lines. There is a correct ingredient list for the Semi Sweet Chips. A bag of chocolate chips. Semi-sweet chocolate has sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and an emulsifier. May contain milk. Kof K is a dairy. The shelf life is 2 years. Thank you for notifying us. Ramisha Alexander Consumer Affairs Response Team Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

6. HERSHEYS Kitchens Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

HERSHEYS Kitchens Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

There are 12 bags of Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. Baking chocolate is good for all your chocolate recipes. A laydown bag contains a semi-sweet chocolate that's kosher certified with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The chips are full of Hershey's chocolate. Add semi-sweet chocolate chips to your holiday desserts to spread the Christmas spirit.

Brand: Hershey's

👤I can't find these chocolate chips near me. My first order was for 1 bag, not 12. I received a case of 12 but half of them were melted into a giant chocolate blob and were discolored from the bloom. I am stuck and cannot return because it was a replacement item for the messed up order.

👤The description states that this is a pack of 12 bags of chocolate chips, but the description says this is a pack of 6. I ordered 3 chips and only got 18 bags. The price per bag is ridiculous.

👤We like our chocolate covered everything and the price was good enough that we will be adding some to our nut mix and ice cream. The home candy shop makes a variety of candy, including homemade Snickers and Nestle Crunch. The Ghirardelli and Guittard are expensive so we tried it out since it is not in our food store. I am glad we did it. The price was excellent, it was here a few days after I ordered, and it was not as sweet as I remembered it to be. We used to live near Hershey, PA and it was always sweeter than the others, but sometimes that is a good thing and these mix well with others to get a more tailored flavor. It arrived in chip form and did not melt, so no complaints here. A reviewer mentioned the nice packaging with ice, but ours came in a retail box with an end flap that could be removed for it to be placed on a store shelf. Having some stock in the pantry ensures I won't go without my snacks anytime soon.

👤I can't call this a recipe because it's too easy. Here goes. I add an 8 ounce bag of chopped pecans after melting the 1 and 1/2 bags of milk chocolate chips in the microwave. Put them in the refrigerator at least 1/2 hour to set, and spread them out on a foil cookie sheet. Break them into pieces and put them in bags to keep them fresh. It costs about $5 a pound, compared to the $12 a pound for chocolate pecans with hardly any pecans. I liked the taste of the Hershey's milk chocolate more than the chocolate that I bought. These could be a very popular treat at a party, just get some tiny petit four cups, spoon in the chocolate pecans, and become very, very popular. The petit four cups make sharing and transporting easier and less messy. The chocolate covered pecans were prepared by SweetGourmet. Since they are a food item, they don't qualify for a return, and I can't return items because I am home-bound, I was not impressed by them. I ate them, as I say they were just "okay", a lot of chocolate, and a few pieces of pecan. The picture implies that there are big chunks of pecans. I will not buy them again. Oh my gosh! The price of the pecans I purchased has doubled since I bought them. Unless this price goes back down, I will not purchase them again, and would not recommend anyone else to purchase them. They were only $4.78 for an 8 ounce bag when I bought them. I like the taste of Hershey's milk chocolate more than the prepared Chocolate Pecans. There is a song called "YUMMY."

7. Andes Creme Menthe Baking Chips

Andes Creme Menthe Baking Chips

The baker's kitchen has recently been expanded by Andes. There are full-sized snacking names. The same great taste can be found in the Peppermint Crunch Baking Chips.

Brand: Andes

👤Don't buy this! The chips are not black. Everyone knows what old chocolate chips look like. I expected the price to be fresh. The item is covered by a sticker. I ignored the same thing that someone else posted. I went to look for the expired date after I received the package and found a white sticker on the bag that said the code wouldn't come off. It's one of those sticky stickers that come off in shreds. Save money. The item can't be returned or exchanged.

👤The chips tasted okay, but looked old. I needed these chips for a special Christmas cookie recipe, but I couldn't find them anywhere, so I asked another customer for them. There is no expiration date on chips.

👤The cut up of the candy is smaller than expected and that gives you more cookies. Everyone loved the flavor.

👤The chips didn't have the same flavor as the regular Andes Candies mints. They vanished before the mug cake could be made, but I intended to use them in mug cakes. Ahem!

👤I found these in a store last winter and fell in love, but as they are seasonal, I can only find them on Amazon.

👤These are very good. An extra bag is a must.

👤It was completely melted when it arrived. You can't return this product.

👤The discription states that it's 1.86 kilograms. I didn't receive a bag of that size. This product was very disappointing. Never again!

8. Hersheys Sugar Semi Sweet Baking Chips

Hersheys Sugar Semi Sweet Baking Chips

There is a pack of 2 bags. With no sugar, make delicious treats. Being sugar-free doesn't mean you have to eat dessert. Simple. It's sugar free. It was delicious.

Brand: Hershey's

👤I like the taste and add them to my recipes but I found them at Walmart for $3 a bag.

👤I have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I created when I started on the Keto diet. I was cutting up the sugar-free candy bars before finding the babies. I tried these on Amazon. They are great! They taste great in cookies. Walmart has them for less than half the price, which is still high but closer to reasonable. They are good. You should try them.

👤If it were a low-fat food, it would have gotten 5 stars. These are delicious. The original ones taste the same. The original ones only have 1 more calories than the sugar free ones. People with diabetes beware. This is not a low-fat food. If you don't want chocolate with a specific number of calories, and just want chocolate that is a bit lower in calories, this is the product for you.

👤This product is not true. People who are on a diet that is low in calories are more likely to go for sugar-free. The product is free of sugar but uses maltitol as a substitute. I was shocked because I had been using this in several recipes, and I realized it was maltitol, which is slightly less in glycemic index than sugar. My blood-sugar went up a lot.

👤It was very disappointing. I ordered four packs of chips for my mom. The package they arrived in had been resealed. Suspicious? Yes, indeed! The four packages were all in one solid chunk. These can't be used as chocolate chips. They must have come from the center of the universe and were melted by the magma in the earth's layers. They tell me they can't be returned. Don't buy these from this vendor. They are useless. I give them a rating of zero.

👤I used a bag of these to make a cookie. The cookies did not raise my blood sugar. I have been looking for ways to satisfy my husband's sweet tooth without having things around that I can't eat. It was nice to try these because our local Walmart grocery is always dirty. I will order again.

👤I found these for a quarter of the price at the store and didn't know I was getting ripped off. Before buying these, make sure to check your local grocery store. It's way over-priced. I think it's my fault for not checking before. The product was good, but the price was crazy.

👤I'm on the ketogenic diet for medical reasons and I was so sick of eating chocolate chip cookies that I had to leave. I couldn't find anything low in sugar at the store. For an occasional treat, these are not bad. I will buy them again. I would recommend trying them.

9. Belgian Chocolate Baking Callets Chips

Belgian Chocolate Baking Callets Chips

Callebaut is a brand from Belgium. Product will be shipped via FedEx overnight. Usually ships within 1 business day.

Brand: Callebaut

👤The product was perfect. I was concerned after reading some of the previous posts about non descript packaging and whether it was real or not. It arrived in authentic Callebaut packaging and is the real deal.

👤The Callebaut bag did not have these chocolates in it. They arrived in a clear bag. They look different than the Callebaut chocolates and do not look authentic. This was not good.

👤The chocolate I received was in a different package. It is not original chocolate.

👤The Callebaut Belgian brand baking callets are one of the best tasting and workable chocolates I've ever used. The callets melt quickly and are versatile. I have recently purchased the milk chocolate variety and have enjoyed both the semi-sweet and white chocolate flavors. The flavor of these little gems is amazing. If you want to make a dipping sauce for strawberries or for a delicious drinking chocolate, add 1/2 cup of milk chocolate and 1/2 cup of cacao powder to a small sauce pan and cook for a few minutes. Add espresso or milk chocolate callets to make it a mocha, or blend the two flavors to make a mocha. You will find yourself trying to not eat them by the handful.

👤I started cooking French food just before the lock downs started. We couldn't eat out during all of that, so I threw myself into it. I wanted to practice with chocolate. I found myself grabbing a handful of this stuff whenever I was in the kitchen. It was a great snack. I need another bag.

👤It's not a lump or a puddle, it's actually here. The location is relevant in that we are still experiencing daily temperatures in the 98-102F range and the package was on its way from the west coast for a few days and spent most of today on the truck for local delivery. This was in a retail style bag. There are lots of instructions on the bag. It is not the clear plastic bag shown in earlier reviews. I have no doubt that cooling packs helped, but by the time the package got to me, there were 2, they were inside a thermal bubble wrap that was well taped along with the product. There was enough condensation inside the thermal bag to make a puddle. The condensation didn't get inside the bag. July 2020 is the best date on the bag. This is fine for about 10 months. If you can't finish this in 10 months, you're not right. Some of the chips melted together because of the heat. Most of the hunks that were 1/3 cup in size didn't break up with a little pressure after the product cooled down. There was no choice but to put the ones that didn't break down in the sampling cup next to the keyboard. Most of the chips were stuck to a sister chip. Those pairs are not in danger. For now. The taste and coloration seem to have not been affected by the slight deformation. The chips are softer than a grocery store semisweet chocolate chip. A very smooth consistency. The chips are a little under a half inch in diameter and have a smooth dome top, but are not a point. If you think of a dress shirt button, you'll be close to the size.

10. Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

Arm Hammer Baking Soda 16

For over 170 years, the solution is versatile, effective and affordable. Baking, cleaning, deodorizing and more can be done with this use. It's free of harsh chemicals and gentle to use. There are hundreds of uses for the Fresh Box for Baking.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤Baking soda was used for life needs before everyone realized how amazing it was. This is my honest review. You will thank me later! I can't think of a bad thing about baking-soda. Not being able to mix with the other stuff. I use it for a lot of things, including: laundry, cleaning, normal stuff, teeth Whitening, and even working out to reduce lactic and even my PH. H20 is the same as when suffering from gas, pain, or even if you are pregnant. Trust me! I have been putting in my son's bath water due to his sensitive skin and allergies. He has helped reduce the symptoms of thrush that can come on quickly, his hair looks great, he has gotten into a bath, and I wash him off with his soap and water before he plays in the water. It keeps my skin looking good for a few days. I clean my dishwasher. Have always fixed a sink problem. Removes any orders from cleaning with a little bit in the sink. Add my tomato soil for a sweeter taste. My grandpa was a landscaper. Clears canker sores right away. It helps to soothe the throat with salt. If you get a new-sting, spider-bite or mosquito bite, immediately make a tiny paste on the bite, let it dry and boom, the bumps gone too! A manicure hack is to soak your hands in a warm H20 & BalingSoda mix. Do you need a new hairbrush? If you can help it, place the bush portion only if you can help it, and mix up a bit of shampoo, baking soda, and a bit of detergent, and clean as much as you can from your brush. The hot water will give you a good mix and the heat for the soak. If you don't notice much, put the old sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch it for 45 seconds. If necessary, use a new mix in the bowl. Once you are done, wipe your microwave out and you will have it all done. The same thing works for white grapevine. There is more! I have a bag of Arm & Hammer OG Baking Soda in my house, and I have 4 of these boxes around.

👤I started using baking soda and vinegar to clean my washing machine to get rid of the smell. This works well. I added two cups of baking soda. It works well in the washing machine dispensers. I cleaned the washer myself. The smell is gone! This has worked better than anything else I have tried. The Arm & Hammer is versatile. I put it inside my freezer and refrigerator. I pour it down my disposal to make it sweeter. It is cheap to use and works well. I hope this is helpful.

👤The price was less than a dollar for a pound. I was shocked. I was going to buy 10 of them. It didn't let me. It only allowed four. I wish they would have given more. Baking soda is my favorite. It is used for laundry and to whiten my teeth. I use it for everything at home. I have an obsession. I gave 3 stars because the box spilled all over my couch when I opened it. As soon as I find the pics, I will post them. It was really cheap, so I didn't want to complain. Didn't want to go through the hassle. I am thankful to both seller and Amazon.

11. GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

There are 12 bags of Gourmet Baking Chips for Easter Cookies. The white baking chips have a rich, smooth flavor. Great for snacking or baking, including Easter treats. It was made with whole milk powder, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract. The perfect amount of sweet and silky texture is offered by GrardELLI baking chips.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤White chocolate is what I supposedly found when I searched for it. The chocolate has cocoa butter in it, but the white does not. The ingredients on this are soy sugar, palm oil, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, palm oil, lecithin and vanilla extract. I was led to believe that it was chocolate, as some of the reviews said it was. Ghirardelli did not call it white chocolate. How to dispose of 6 packages of this white? The purpose of candy making is served by the chocolate.

👤It's hard to find Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I make it with 2 bags of white chocolate, 15oz bag of small pretzels, 12oz bag of peanuts, and 6 cups of Chex. If you want to add salt to the bowl, cut a small hole in the pretzel bag. Chocolate and oil can be put in a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir. 30 seconds of microwave. Stir. If it's not completely melted, microwave it for only a few seconds at a time. If your microwave is 1000 watt or more, reduce power to 70%. Spread out on the paper. Enjoy!

👤They are usable for baking, but have been mishandled and stored in a heated warehouse. Poorly packaged. Many were melted together in large chunks and had to be broken apart. Some of them were to be used as topping and look poor for it. It's good for mixing inside cookies.

👤It happened twice. The pack of 6 was listed. One arrived. No sane person would spend $19 for a single 11oz. bag. It took a long time. A bag from a pack arrived. The 5 bags were reported missing. Replacement took a long time and was one bag again.

👤Amazon says 12 units as of March 25. 6 units were received. The invoice says 6 units. For 6 units, the price is okay. Worse things in the world to care about, but I thought of those with bigger baking plans. Stay well.

👤I got a replacement order which only had one. The ad says 6 packages of chips for 19.99, but I want my money back. I only have one left. If I thought it was one, I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm not happy at $20 for a bag of chocolate chips.

👤I placed this order on Tuesday evening and it said it would arrive on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it was true. I was hopeful. The seller was able to get through. I was able to finish preparing my cookies after the package arrived on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

👤I've purchased them from a store before. Those were delicious. These were not as creamy and not as good.


What is the best product for baking chocolate chips?

Baking chocolate chips products from 365 By Whole Foods Market. In this article about baking chocolate chips you can see why people choose the product. Hershey's and Kirkland Signature are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking chocolate chips.

What are the best brands for baking chocolate chips?

365 By Whole Foods Market, Hershey's and Kirkland Signature are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking chocolate chips. Find the detail in this article. Viva Naturals, Ghiradelli and Hershey's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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