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1. HERSHEYS Holiday Baking Cocoa SPECIAL

HERSHEYS Holiday Baking Cocoa SPECIAL

There are twelve cans of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa in the bulk case. Hershey's Special Dark cocoa can be used to make delicious desserts with a mildly sweet taste. Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder is packaged in 12 cans with sealable lids to retain freshness. Birthday treats, celebratory desserts, and favorite anniversary date recipes with Hershey's cocoa. The HERSHEY'S cocoa for bakers of every level is delicious and perfectly balanced.

Brand: Hershey's

👤I want to say that this is pure cocoa powder and it is bitter. It is not a hot cocoa mix, in case anyone didn't know it was cocoa powder for baking. You can use it to make hot chocolate, but you have to add sugar. I like this cocoa, I think it tastes great, but the taste of coarse is not something I like. It tastes good when I mix it with ice cream and it becomes chocolate ice cream. There is a The Hershey's Special Dark label says it is a blend of natural and dutched cocoas. The dutch processed cocoa is treated to make it alkaline, which makes the natural cocoa more acidic. Natural cocoa is more bitter and has a milder flavor, dutch processing it decreases the bitterness and gives it a milder flavor. Hershey's blended the two types of cocoas to make health benefit claims, because natural cocoa has a lower level of a substance called flavonoids in it. I used to use a 100% dutch processed extra brut cocoa powder before I got this Hershey's, and it was a purer or truer chocolate flavor. I don't know if this is true, but the combination of acidic natural and alkaline dutched cocoas might make a ph neutral cocoa powder meaning, you might have to use different amounts of baking. There are chocolate cake recipes on the label. I have only made one batches of brownies so far, but I have used Hershey's to make both ice cream and pudding. I think the two cocoas in this blend give it a flavor similar to a hot cocoa mix, but with a truer chocolate flavor. Some of the negative reviews said that their containers had spilled cocoa powder in the delivery box. I was a little worried about that when I was considering buying this, but everything turned out ok, and all the containers that were delivered to me were intact and sealed... just thought I would throw that in there... I like cocoa powder.

👤This has the best flavor. If you love dark chocolate, you will be happy to switch to this. It makes the best frosting and has a different flavor than the regular cocoa powder. We have been making the cake on the back of the Hershey's container for years and when they came out with this dark flavor, we thought we'd give it a try. We never went back to the regular cocoa, it was always a requested item. I was able to buy the 6 pack at a great price. Since this is the one we buy now, it was great to find this deal since it is smaller than the regular cocoa powder.

👤Best dark chocolate on the market for its bitter taste. The pair-up is perfect for a Rich chocolate packet. Special Dark can be added with boiling water. There is an update. So good. The Six-pack was re-ordered by me. The product arrived on time. It is very secure. The safety labels are intact. There were no signs of tampering. Another winner! That's three pounds of Cocoa per canister. It was delicious!

2. Breville RM JE98XL Extractor Certified Refurbished

Breville RM JE98XL Extractor Certified Refurbished

There are two 8 1/4" long basting brushes. The product is certified by Breville to look and work like new. The product has a 6 month warranty. An extra-wide 3-inch feeder chute is included in the 850- watt unit. For denser fruits and harder vegetables, choose high speed (12,000 RPMs) and for leafy vegetables and soft fruit, choose low speed. A froth separator, a cleaning brush, and a micro mesh filter basket are included in the accessories. The machine is two-speed. 90-day limited warranty. Refer to the PDF attached below for the User Manual and Troubleshooting steps.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The odor came from the box. The basket was covered in mold and I scrubbed it thinking it was a problem with packing and wanted no hassle. The inside was covered in mold.

👤I only had this juicer for 3 days before it stopped working. I only used it for juice in the morning and then cleaned it. I am sending it back because it won't turn on now, and I hope it will turn on again next time. I have to pack it up and send it back now because it is disrupting my meal planning and schedule. The filter/strainer part was difficult to clean because it was impossible to get clean after 3 days. I tried running it through a second time, but it ended up making the juice part bigger. I think you get what you pay for, and this is a less expensive option.

👤I had previously owned a store bought version of a juicer that was very basic and messy, and produced very little juice, so I was going to purchase a new one. I decided on a budget of $100 to $150 because I don't plan to juice every day, but still want a quality item that would get the job done. The Breville Compact Juice fountain was on back order for 1-2 months, but I found it for around the same price as the refurbished item, so I decided to buy it. I was hesitant to purchase but I was reassured by the excellent reviews and Amazon has always stood behind its product. The additional 4-year warranty was cheap but peace of mind. It arrived in a new box, looking brand new and wrapped in all the manufacturing packaging - not a mark or flaw to be seen, so my guess is these might simply be returns that once shipped cannot be marked as new even if never used. I will post a video next time. I had a bunch of fruit and veggies that I needed to use in a recipe, so I mixed apples, parsley, pineapple, lemons, and cucumber. It took just minutes to make a full jug of juice. It squeezed through the produce. It did work better with apples and even the cucumber, though it did struggle with the pineapple, though it did better than I expected. I just took all the fruit, threw it in my machine, added a few berries and a banana, and I have a smoothie ready for work tomorrow which is thicker as a lot of the watery content became tonight's juice! I plan to use the juice to make popsicles for the kids in the summer as a way to sneak some greens into their diet. One of the easiest parts of all was the part that I had been anticipating, and that was clean up. The parts are dishwasher safe, and it was easy to rinse them off. It is easier than my old model and the juice was caught cleanly in the jug with no spills during juicing! I was happy to go with this, it was refurbished and all. There is an update. One of my favorite juice shots is lemon, apple cider vinegar and ginger. I had been making it with ginger, but after watching my local juice place use fresh ginger juice, we tried juicing ginger. I am getting the real deal because I don't have to peel it and it's in a mason jar.

3. Ghirardelli Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Pouch

Ghirardelli Chocolate Unsweetened Cocoa Pouch

There is one bag of Ghirardelli Premium Baking Cocoa. Baking cocoa powder with roasted chocolate. It's great for any baking need, including chocolate cake, cookies and brownies. Cocoa powder is processed without alkaline.

Brand: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

👤This stuff is delicious. I bought it for a recipe. I didn't do anything for the chili. I started using it in my coffee. I like Major Dickinson brand of coffee and I would like to make a cup of strong coffee. 3 packets of Truvia sugar substitute, heavy cream and cocoa are added. Ohh la! A guilt free, delicious cafe drink! It is unbelievable! Your welcome.

👤On the diet, I can't have regular chocolate, but I can have iced coffees. I use it with a little whipping cream. Sorry.

👤The best powdered cocoas you can get. It is three times as expensive as Valrhona, a speciality high end product. I use it as an add on to reach my 5 subscribed and save items and get the maximum discount on all. A great chocolate cookie. Add 1c unsalted butter, 1.5c sugar, 1 egg, and 2 pinches of vanilla, and mix with 1.5c flour, a generous half cup Cocoa, and a pinch of baking powder. Do not over mix. For the best results before baking, chill dough for hours. Roll into balls, roll ball of dough in sugar and bake on a mat or sheet of paper at 350F. Baking time depends on the size cookie you make. These are great if you make them very large with about 3oz dough per cookie, but still fine if you make them small. When baked with chilled dough, do not flatten dough balls on the sheet. If you have the time, you can put the dough back in the fridge or freezer for 5 minutes before baking it better. If you don't have the time or can't wait, you can bake them right after mixing at room temp. When I make a few cookies, I keep the dough in the fridge and bake a few at a time. If you bake after the dough has been refrigerated for 72 hours, you will see that they get better and better and reach a peak. Substitute coconut oil for the butter and almond oil for the almond oil to make a sugar cookie. When baked until they are crisp at the edges but still soft in the center, they are the best. This simple style sugar cookie has the flavor and quality of Ghiradelli chocolate. I received a new bag of cocoa from Amazon yesterday, but I have no more dough left in the fridge. There are sugar cookies, a cake, and chocolate biscotti.

👤Most chocolate has heavy metals in it because of where the trees are grown. Cadmium is worse than lead and we can eliminate most of the heavy medals from our body by removing it from our body. Ghiradelli is the only chocolate that has no Cadmium. Ghiardelli is the only chocolate that I will not give up completely. I cleanse myself of mercury from Omega fish oils. And chocolate. Most of the soil that our food is grown in, especially root veggies, has heavy metals in it. It's important to live a healthy life without toxic poisons.

4. Navitas Organics Cacao Powder Pouch

Navitas Organics Cacao Powder Pouch

The Cacao Powder is grown and processed to benefit its farmers, their planet and help your body thrive. The chocolate taste is rich and bold. Simply swap 1 for 1 for regular, unsweetened cocoa powder in smoothie, shakes, hot chocolate, brownies, and more. The cocoa powder has 25% DV magnesium, 10%DV iron, 19%DV fiber, and 195MG of flavanols per serving. They are proud to invest in cacao co-ops, farmer field schools, and just labor practices in Sierra Leone, where they grow their Cacao Powder. Kosher, vegan, and non-GMO are included. All products are tested to verify quality and nutrition.

Brand: Navitas Organics

👤This cacao powder is not organic and is not a good buy. There is a warning about chemicals that cause birth defects. I am not sure if this product is a superfood.

👤The warnings on the package that everyone is commenting on here are from a California law that says that if there is an excessive amount of a toxic substance in a product, it must be made clear to the purchaser. You will find them on almost all COCAO POWDER, organic or not. The culprit is Cadmium according to the first feedback comment. The wish package would state that. I got the info from Consumer Labs, which I have been consuming for years. There was only one Cocao powder that was recommended because it had low amounts of lead and Cadmium. It is currently sold out. I am going to use "Bakers Unsweetened" bars and melt them down to make a hot drink like the first person who commented. This stuff is addicting and I don't eat sugar. I was glad to find out about this and everyone should be aware. The study said that organic brands can be worse. Hope they can figure out a way to make a toxic free form, given the number of people who drink and make a living from it. The flavor is fine, but I add coconut milk to make it sweeter. One gets used to not having sugar and starts to dislike it. He was used to another brand first and this is the worst tasting. I started with this and everything else tastes weird.

👤This came with a warning about birth defects and reproductive harm for women trying to get pregnant. I will probably use it since my kids have fur.

👤I thought this was a good cocoa powder option, but I read a recent review and found that it contained high levels of a toxic metal, which you shouldn't be consuming regularly. CocoaVia was the top pick of the several cocoa products they tested. I ordered that instead and will report back. I believe in the health benefits of cocoa and take it almost every day so it is important to me that I am not consuming harmful contaminants by accident.

👤The organic and cold pressed Navitas cacao powder tastes amazing. I'm hooked on it! I don't like the overly sweet chocolate, so I prefer the Dutch pressed, raw stuff. I look for a rich, bitter, and complex flavor in the Navitas cacao powder. There is a The powder is not very fine, it has some heavyness, but mixed well eventually. I use it in many ways, from oatmeal to hot chocolate, from pancakes to brownies, from microwave mug cakes to simply mixing it to yogurt or pumpkin puree. If I stir it well, it will mix well with flours and liquids. It's a substitute for cocoa powder for pancakes and baked goods. Depending on how much chocolate I want, I use 10g for cooked oatmeal. I like to use 10g of hot chocolate and a little bit of xanthan gum, it's very delicious and creamy, I don't have a sweet tooth, I sometimes skip the sweetener, but I only tried it with almond and cashews milk. I like to mix it in yogurt or canned pumpkin, it makes a creamy almost like custard, if you add a little more liquid it gets too dry. The price on Amazon often goes below what it costs in my local stores. If I followed the guideline, I wouldn't be able to enter my apartment complex or grocery store. I trust that the brand puts out safe good quality products, nothing will ever be 100% heavy metal free; I assume there are tiny traces that sensitive instruments detect but don't actually harm healthy adults.

5. Navitas Organics Keto Cacao Powder

Navitas Organics Keto Cacao Powder

All of the fat from the cacao bean is retained by the cold-milled cacao nibs. The ideal cacao powder for high fat, low cholesterol needs is the Navitas Organics Keto Cacao Powder. You can swap cocoa powder for regular cocoa powder in a variety of shakes and drinks. The cocoa powder has 5x more plant-based fat than traditional cocoa powder. 8g fat, 0g sugar, 2g net carbs per serving. There was no added sugar, fillers or Preservative. 15 Servings are USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, and vegetarian.

Brand: Navitas

👤I got this stuff after trying mushroom infused products. I had to buy it here because the market ran out. I'm a chocolatier so I never buy chocolate products, but something about this hit the spot. I don't know if it's the reishi or something, but it makes me feel great.

👤This isn't a powder. It was hard as rocks. It can't be measured properly so it can't be used.

👤I'm not sure what happened to my food. I can't return it. It's :-

👤This combo is amazing. Adding it to coffee with coconut oil and manuka honey has been something I have been doing. I will add it to yogurt and make a dessert with chopped fruit and shredded coconut. Wow! It helps with stress levels and feels strong. Love is in the air. I sent this to so many friends to try and fall in love with them.

👤I drink my coffee with the Navitas Keto Cacao Powder in it. I set up a subscription for this product on Amazon to save myself from having to buy it from the grocery store every week. I canceled all future orders after throwing away all four packs of my first shipment. I always feel the bag when I buy the powder from the store because it's a sign that the powder is not fresh or that there is some sort of problem with the bag. The Cacao Powder that I received in my order had chunks, which is already a sign that they aren't fresh, but the powder had congealed into a single gigantic chunk, which I had never seen before. Each bag had a block of powder. The product was not fresh. I will never buy this product again on Amazon. Don't buy this product on AMAZON!

👤I bought a bag of this at my local store, but I can't find it now, so I ordered it from Amazon. It was a hard rock and not usable. I wanted this powder since it is higher in fat and lower in calories than regular cacao powder. I hope this issue is solved.

👤Over the past week, I received this product 3 times, and 2 of the bags were rock solid. The powder was completely clumped together, and it was completely inedible. It is in powder form after I received a 3rd bag. I don't think you'll waste your time with this one. It is a new product and they are still working on it. The regular cacao powder is better.

👤There were hard chunks in the bag when I received it. There is at least one piece that is not easy to crush. Very dissatisfied. Hope this issue is solved.

6. Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder Extra

Cacao Barry Cocoa Powder Extra

It's ideal for ice-creams, desserts, and coverings. A large bag for family. One of Europe's most renowned chocolatiers made it. Cocoa powder is a premium quality.

Brand: Cacao Barry

👤I cannot live without this cocoa, it was recommended by a friend. It is addictive and bitter without being bitter. Light textured and silky. You might think that's true. That bag is large. Oh, a bit more spendy than Hershey's, please stop that misguided thinking. If you are going to make something from scratch, use the best ingredients available. You can now find a resource to The Good Stuff on Amazon. Your cakes and cookies will be dark, deep black-ish brown and 888-270-6611 Things will be better in the morning. It is one nasty bitch. You can increase the chocolate flavor by substituting coffee for water. No one will be able to detect it. It is like being hit with a dark chocolate hammer.

👤I bought this product for baking. I broke my jaw a day or two after it arrived. Unrelated! Why is that important? I've been eating a lot of smoothie and cocoa powder over the past six weeks. I've eaten a lot of it mixed into drinks, but I haven't baked with it yet. It's absolutely delicious. I have used it and it packs a huge amount of flavor. There is no bitterness or chalkiness in the chocolate. It mixes in beautifully, creating a much more integrated product than most mass-market brands. Even Dutch process ones. If it's good in a smoothie and good in a baked good, I can only expect it to be great. The package has a slight downside. Cocoa powder is messy and the bag is not resealable. Upon receipt, I would recommend transferring this into a canister or jar. The product is great and worth the extra money compared to what you can get at your local megamart.

👤I bought this cocoa powder to make the BraveTart "fauxreo" recipe. I was annoyed that I had to buy a 2 lbs bag of Dutch processed cocoa powder on Amazon because I couldn't find it in my local grocery store and that it was costing me almost 20 dollars. I tasted cocoa powder in a recipe and it changed everything. It is a rich chocolate flavor. I will not go back to the grocery store to get cocoa powder. The intense chocolatey flavor of the cocoa powder makes it an excellent choice for making food. I'm finding excuses to use this.

👤It was getting harder to find Starbucks cocoa powder, which we had been using for our cappuccino. I was intrigued by the other reviews when I looked through Amazon's dark chocolate powders. I decided to try it. I am very impressed. We use it to make homemade cocoa and to top off our coffee. It was perfect! It's easy to make the most delicious cocoa. The best hot cocoa we'd ever had was in Belgium and we tried to recreate it, but it was not as good as we'd remembered. The cocoa matches it. Dark chocolate has a smooth, yet rich taste.

7. GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

GHIRARDELLI Classic Premium Valentines Cookies

There are 12 bags of Gourmet Baking Chips for Easter Cookies. The white baking chips have a rich, smooth flavor. Great for snacking or baking, including Easter treats. It was made with whole milk powder, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of vanilla extract. The perfect amount of sweet and silky texture is offered by GrardELLI baking chips.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤White chocolate is what I supposedly found when I searched for it. The chocolate has cocoa butter in it, but the white does not. The ingredients on this are soy sugar, palm oil, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, palm oil, lecithin and vanilla extract. I was led to believe that it was chocolate, as some of the reviews said it was. Ghirardelli did not call it white chocolate. How to dispose of 6 packages of this white? The purpose of candy making is served by the chocolate.

👤It's hard to find Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I make it with 2 bags of white chocolate, 15oz bag of small pretzels, 12oz bag of peanuts, and 6 cups of Chex. If you want to add salt to the bowl, cut a small hole in the pretzel bag. Chocolate and oil can be put in a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir. 30 seconds of microwave. Stir. If it's not completely melted, microwave it for only a few seconds at a time. If your microwave is 1000 watt or more, reduce power to 70%. Spread out on the paper. Enjoy!

👤They are usable for baking, but have been mishandled and stored in a heated warehouse. Poorly packaged. Many were melted together in large chunks and had to be broken apart. Some of them were to be used as topping and look poor for it. It's good for mixing inside cookies.

👤It happened twice. The pack of 6 was listed. One arrived. No sane person would spend $19 for a single 11oz. bag. It took a long time. A bag from a pack arrived. The 5 bags were reported missing. Replacement took a long time and was one bag again.

👤Amazon says 12 units as of March 25. 6 units were received. The invoice says 6 units. For 6 units, the price is okay. Worse things in the world to care about, but I thought of those with bigger baking plans. Stay well.

👤I got a replacement order which only had one. The ad says 6 packages of chips for 19.99, but I want my money back. I only have one left. If I thought it was one, I wouldn't have ordered it. I'm not happy at $20 for a bag of chocolate chips.

👤I placed this order on Tuesday evening and it said it would arrive on Christmas Eve. I didn't think it was true. I was hopeful. The seller was able to get through. I was able to finish preparing my cookies after the package arrived on Christmas Eve. Thank you!

👤I've purchased them from a store before. Those were delicious. These were not as creamy and not as good.

8. Viva Naturals Selling Certified Superior

Viva Naturals Selling Certified Superior

Cacao powder has a rich taste and bold chocolate flavor without the added sugars and other ingredients found in processed treats. Their high quality cacao makes brownies, cookies and chocolate cake delicious. Viva Naturals Cacao Powder is derived from the highest quality variations of cacao, lacking traditional bitterness and offering an exquisite chocolate taste. Adding cacao to your coffee will give you an immediate boost of energy. You can transform ordinary smoothies and shakes into chocolate wonder. The power of the cacao contains powerful compounds that fight free radicals, improve the look of skin and promote cellular repair and rejuvenation. Viva Naturals Cacao Powder is not genetically modified and is certified organic.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤I like this powder. It's organic, has a fine powdered texture, and has a nice flavor to it. I freeze banana chunks on a cookie sheet in the freezer and put them in my NutriBullet with some cacao powder and a handful of cacao nibs. I blend almond milk with raw honey and then have banana chocolate ice cream. I crush walnuts and eat them. My husband loves this as well. So healthy! If this review was helpful to you, please let me know by clicking on helpful. Thank you so much! It's a good thing.

👤It has a warning about causing cancer and reproductive harm, but it doesn't say which cancer causing chemical it contains. The P65 website tells you that products that require this warning should include the name of the chemical in question. Every time someone asks which cancer causing chemicals this product contains in the Amazon Q&A, some dude just directs them to the website. This cacao made my smoothie taste gross, in addition to the cancer issue. I don't think it's a good idea.

👤I don't like to leave negative reviews but I think people need to know the truth before purchasing this product. As I was using this powder, I came across strands of hair that I had never seen before in any product in my entire life. I was able to find different hair strands in several instances. I ignored this item immediately. The company seems to provide a poor standard of food hygiene. They lost me as a customer.

👤My morning drink is a blend of cocoa and water. I have been using NOW brand organic cocoa for at least 10 years, but with so many new brands on the market, I tried three new brands. Don't know how the bag holds up, I transfer this to another tin. This brand is the one I have decided on because of its clean cocoa taste, no bitterness, and it does not settle to the bottom of my cup. I use a heaping amount of cinnamon, ginger, dashes of cayenne, and a TBSP coconut oil for anyone interested. Add a cup and a half of hot water. For a few seconds, mix with the blender and then add a couple of coconut milk and blend for a minute. This is frothy and nice. This coffee is bullet proof.

👤2 pound bag deal? Have you ever had it before? So! My new addiction is welcome! Wow! I've been off refined sugar for a long time. I haven't had any chocolate since. What was I thinking? I was educated. This is the Cacao! A small amount of chocolate will satisfy the chocolate urge without the refined sugar reaction. I made my first smoothie about 8:30PM the night it arrived. Oops. A healthy boy has no coffee for months. I was looking at the ceiling until the early hours of the morning. Lesson learned. It was a start-the-day-right smoothie in the morning. Great energy through the day. I missed the chocolate and the "up" of the caffeine, but not so much. This is what I need.

9. Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa Ounce

Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa Ounce

Cocoa is processed with alkali to reduce acidity. Dutch-processed baking cocoa is what most baking recipes call for. Large for avid bakers and savvy shoppers. It's the perfect ingredient to make rich, bold recipes like hot cocoa. The finish was dark. A rich flavor.

Brand: Rodelle

👤I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Dark chocolate has been shown to have benefits on chronic fatigue. I fill a coffee mug with 1/3 of this stuff, mixed it with boiled water and have been doing it twice a day. My sex drive is insane and my fatigue is under control. My mind is starting to work. I showed this to my doctor. This stuff has properties. Lowers blood pressure, increases sex drive, reduces fatigue, and helps with depression. This inexpensive product has changed my life. I feel great! This isn't a joke. If you can drink a lot without sugar, you will feel amazing.

👤I get that chocolate fix from 100% cocoa. I have been on the Keto diet for 6 months and have lost 48 pounds, but I still need my sweet treats. I'm good with Rodelle, monkfruit, salt and water. I've tried Hershey's regular and special dark. The cheap stuff from Ghiradelli. I tried a container from the grocery store and knew I couldn't go back to the others. There is more to say. I had to buy the 25oz bag because the 8oz container has a quality feel that you'll never get in a plastic bag, but it was a better deal than the 8oz container.

👤There is nothing wrong with this. I just added it to my coffee and cereals to use it for drinks. I have acid reflux and having something that is neutral in acidity is better for my digestion, though I know it is not as rich in the flavonoids/antioxidants as the unprocessed cocoas, so maybe you have to use twice as much to get the same effect in that regard. It all depends on what you want. It tastes good. It is not sweetened, so you can add as much as you want. Since I have to watch my BS, I like the option to add sugar in the quantity I want. It looks great and it smells great. When you first open it, don't inhale too closely!

👤I was upset that the bag leaked. Normally I wouldn't order this again, but I would decide it was a bad idea. I used it in my brownies and chocolate icing and I'll probably order it again when I run out. I like Tollhouse or Hersey's. Its not bitter. The rest of the house likes chocolate more than my daughters does. I used Tollhouse in the cake for her, but the icing made with dutch chocolate stole the show. It cost me 33 cents more to use a cup of this over Tollhouse in my recipes. Hmm.

👤I don't write reviews anymore and never thought I'd review cocoa power, but it's really good. Very dark. And very rich in chocolate. After 20 years as a home baker, I have become a serious fitness and healthy eating fanatic and now make my afternoon chocolate peanut butter Greek yogurt. Have been doing this for a long time with a lot of cocoa powder. I opened my new package of Rodelle's today after finishing a package of Anthony's. There. Are. No. Words. Holy shit! I have never tasted a better cocoa powder. Will not try another brand. I have never had a cocoa powder that was as dark and rich as this one. I am completely shocked that a cocoa powder could be that good. This may make me pull out some of my old recipes.

10. Droste Cocoa Powder 8 8 Ounce

Droste Cocoa Powder 8 8 Ounce

The package is 5.2 cm long. The package width is 10. The package is 15.2 cm. The package weight is 0.29 kilogram.

Brand: Droste

👤After watching America's Test Kitchen taste test, I bought this Dutch processed cocoa. It was great. I used to make brownies that were rich and decadent. I used to make double chocolate chip cookie recipes and they were moist and delicious, and remained that way from the first to the last that I ate. I made the best chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake was baked by a professional, according to my husband. It was great! Dutch process cocoa has more fat than natural cocoa, so it tasted rich and chocolaty. The cakes would be more dry and the frosting would be lighter when I used natural cocoa. Droste cocoa is the best cocoa I have ever used. This is the cocoa to use if you want to wow people with your sweet treats. Highly recommended!

👤The product was delivered in a bag by the office and it was busted. I will not buy this again from Amazon because I can't find a replacement.

👤I prefer Bensdorp Dutch Cocoa for baking and hot chocolate, even though this Droste cocoa powder is ok. I haven't found a better cocoa than Bensdorp. Droste tastes mild compared to Bensdorp. Bensdorp has a richer chocolate taste. The picture of the nun or the nurse on the Droste box has the most sinister expression on her face. She looks like she is about to kill someone. The box of chocolate was shipped in a plastic bag, so it was crushed, almost flat as a pancake. I had a negative first impression of the product before I tried it. Very disappointing. I will never buy it again.

👤I buy cocoa to brew coffee. I used to like the Peet's cocoa, but I can't seem to find it anymore. This may be the same. I can't be certain, but the cocoa that is in the can is made in Holland, and has the same appearance, flavor, and nutrition as the cocoa that is shipped from Holland. Dutch process cocoa is less acidic than natural process cocoa, so it's best for coffee. If you want to use natural process cocoa in a brownie recipe, you will need to use baking powder instead of baking soda, which is twice the amount called for, to make up for the lack of acidity. The Guittard Cocoa Rouge and Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa are both quite good and have a different flavor than the Droste. I will try the Valrhona next. If I could find it in a store, the price on this item seems a bit high compared to what it might be in a store. I received the item in the box. On one side it says 'Cacao' and on the other it says 'Cocoa'. The liner bag is attached to the box top to help prevent spills. It's safest to stick with a high rated seller since another person got a knock off in a box with no liner. An excellent article about cocoa was found at King Arthur Flour's site. If I put a link here, it will get stripped out, but a quick search on the internet will find it.

11. Natierra Himalania Organic Cacao Powder 8 Oz

Natierra Himalania Organic Cacao Powder 8 Oz

The "Criollo" bean is a variety of Cacao native to Peru. It's great for baking, smoothie, and hot chocolate. It's great for baking, desserts, yogurt, and smoothies.

Brand: Natierra

👤The flavor of the cacao nibs is lovely and they are highly recommendable. Coffee, rice, andlentils are all natural products that are produced in the same factory as Cacao Nibs. Quality check the item before you eat it because of this. I've never eaten a nibs that didn't have husks in the bag. The husks will make the flavor taste like dirt. There are two more I mostly use these nibs as a crunch on dessert items or as a snack when I'm craving a snack. They can be used on a variety of bowls. The product has the best flavor and quality. This product is not a replacement for chocolate. I don't eat these to replace my chocolate craving, I consider this product to have its own characteristics and uses. Some people are used to reviewing food before eating. Pick out the husks and non-NIBS before throwing a handful into your mouth. Natural bi-product is in the bag because it is a natural product. I love this item. I don't mind the taste of this brand, but it does require me to look through the nibs, which I might not like.

👤This is a product from South America. There is a warning label on the back of the bag. The product contains chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects in California. They said in an email that the density of the metals in the soil may be higher if we dry the beans and extract the butter. More than some other vegetables..." They don't test their products for heavy metals or elements, so they don't know what the actual content is, so they have to use that warning. I know of another company that does these tests for every product that comes in. The company doesn't test, yet they have the USDA organic label. Next time I'll buy another brand.

👤I like the flavor of the cacao powder, but it isn't bitter or acidic. I like that it displays its origins on the package and that it is used as a means of donating to those in need. It has a good nutrition profile with a high number of grams of calories. It has a good nutrition profile with a high number of grams of calories. I would like to know if the bag was a raw or cold-pressed cacao powder. Since it isn't labeled that way, I'm inclined to believe that it isn't, but I'm not familiar with the process of making a cacao powders. I find myself a little bit weirded out by the label on the bag that says you could be exposed to the metal. It is one of the warning labels required in California. It is a little offputting to see that on a food that you are trying to consume as a super food. The pictures show the chocolate chia seed pudding that is made with the cacao powder. Next time I would buy a different powder. It was either raw or cold-pressed. I feel like I have found a better price for that type of powder before. I feel like the cacao powder doesn't have a strong chocolate flavor. I have found it hard to achieve a strong chocolate flavor with this, even when I mix it with other ingredients.


What is the best product for baking chocolate powder?

Baking chocolate powder products from Hershey's. In this article about baking chocolate powder you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Renewed and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking chocolate powder.

What are the best brands for baking chocolate powder?

Hershey's, Amazon Renewed and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking chocolate powder. Find the detail in this article. Navitas Organics, Navitas and Cacao Barry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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