Best Baking Chocolate Wafers

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1. Wilton Candy Flavored Bright Vanilla

Wilton Candy Flavored Bright Vanilla

The wafers are creamy and easy to melt, ideal for candy making. The colors are not real. The package contains 12 ounces of candy. Comes in a variety of colors. Each was sold separately. It was made in the USA. Follow the directions on the bag if candy can melt at warmer temperatures.

Brand: Wilton

👤Don't buy from this seller. These were terrible, and probably the standard for melting chocolates. I have a chocolate melter that I can use, but it wasn't able to get these to a dipping consistency, and after a little while the chocolate got even harder and thicker. I did not add anything to cool them or start the setting. I will return the packages that I didn't use because they were a waste of money.

👤I wanted to use them for my chocolate covered cookies. It wouldn't melt when I put them in the microwave. The bowl was burning hot but the chocolate was too hard to work with. I bought another bag at Michaels and it worked perfectly.

👤I didn't get to use the melted candy because they wouldn't thin out like normal. It was not what I expected. I've bought these before but this time the candy wouldn't melt or thin out.

👤These are terrible. Even with coconut oil, they were still very strong. I followed the instructions and it turned out bad. They are cheap, but not worth the money. I am very disappointed that Wilton changed their recipe.

👤Did not melt! I tried heating with a double boiler after buying two bags and following their directions. The chocolate looked like baby puke. I tried to follow the directions without shortening and heating the microwave. This is now a blob of cement. terrible product I went to the store and bought Ghirardelli brand white chocolate melt, they worked perfectly.

👤I used the melted chocolate to make chocolate covered cookies. The chocolate tasted good and the white color was still there. I would microwave a quarter of the bag in a bowl for 30 seconds, then use a spatula to stir the chocolate until it was smooth. Warming in the microwave can take over a minute. It was easier to melt small batches of chocolate and fill up pastry bags than it was to melt a large chunk at once. The chocolate would come out shiny and smooth.

👤I wasted my money because it tasted horrible when melting.

👤The product does not melt consistently. The cake pops are inedible due to the flavor of the chips. This was a good test run. I will return to my discs of white chocolate. They taste good.

👤The candy melt melted easily despite all of the negative reviews. It turned out ok after having to thin it out a bit with vegetable oil, but it became clumpy on a cooled cake. It tastes very artificial. They are popular for cake pops and decorating. Next time, I will use real white chocolate ganache with bright white gel food coloring.

👤It's not hard to coat cake pops.

👤It's pretty good, you just have to know how to work with them, heat it for 30 second intervals with stirring in between, and you're good! I didn't like the taste of the flavour, despite the label saying it's vanilla flavoured.

👤Everything was great. Thank you.

2. Pascha Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Baking

Pascha Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Baking

Almond, soy, and dairy free chocolate. There is a delicious healthy world of chocolate. There is a single ingredient product. They only use cocoa liquor and never add any other ingredients during the chocolate making process. The source and characteristics of the cocoa bean are important to get an acceptable flavor. The cocoa beans in this chocolate come from 4 different regions in the foothills of the Andes leading down to the Amazon Basin. The beans there are light and mild. The distinct cocoa beans allow the 100% cacao product to be perfectly palatable on its own, but ideal in any recipe that brings in sweetness from somewhere else. 100% Cocoa Mass is an all organic ingredient. Their chocolate collection is Kosher and vegan.

Brand: Pascha

👤I stopped eating sugar and artificial sweeteners a long time ago because I realized how harmful sugar is to human health. I eat chocolate that is 100% cacao bakers chocolate to satisfy my chocolate craving. The chips are more convenient for snacking than having to break up a bar of chocolate. These chips are the best tasting chocolate I've ever eaten.

👤Was looking for something that was not sweetened. It's been over a month since I bought these, a pack of 6 that tasted like sour. They should be thrown in the garbage.

👤It is ok to make cake and muffin like, but it does not taste good to make chocolate mousse.

👤Good quality, not melted, despite the heat. Will order again when necessary.

👤The shape is great for snacking. The flavor of pascha is great, and it has an interesting flavor that tastes "Dutched".

👤I didn't eat the chips directly, so I can't attest to the flavor. I needed them for a new brownie recipe. Everyone loved the brownies.

👤I've purchased these chips before. They were found at a better price on Amazon. They are not sweetened. They are organic. I use them to make sweetened chocolate. They are very good.

👤There is only one ingredient. There is no sugar. I like it this way.

3. Bakers Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate Squares

Bakers Semi Sweet Baking Chocolate Squares

There is a box of Baker's Premium Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bar. America's favorite premium chocolate since 1780 is Baker's Premium Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bar. The chocolate has a smooth finish. A semi-sweet chocolate made with a high percentage of cacao. Convenient easy-break bar for portioning. Chocolate is used for baking, dipping or candy making. Store in a dry place.

Brand: Baker's

👤My girl loved it when I melted it down and put her strawberries in it. It has more cocoa butter that chocolate usually has which makes it smooth and it is good for baking. My girl said it was good. It must be good.

👤The product was not good for baking and I lost my money on 2 of them.

👤I liked the plain chocolate flavor. It can be melted in the microwave or on the stove. It is priced well for its value.

👤I used it to make coco bombs and my niece loved them. It's easy to work with.

👤Don't expect anything gourmet for $2. It's fine for baking, and always comes with a bit of a twist.

👤I should have thought about it when I ordered chocolate in the middle of Summer.

👤This chocolate is great for baking.

👤Fast delivery as stated. Ty. Will be buying again. It's a good thing.

4. Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers Container

Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers Container

There are two boxes of chocolate wafers. It was made from enriched wheat flour, cocoa and chocolate. Low in cholesterol and saturated fat. It is mildly sweet and can be used for chocolate crumb crusts. Nabisco introduced these wafers in 1924.

Brand: Nabisco

👤This review should be of Amazon delivery since the item I purchased was fulfilled by Amazon. Good luck trying to find a place, if you can actually review Amazon. If you are buying these, you know what they are, they have been used for pies and cheesecakes for decades. The boxes I received were exactly what I expected. There wasn't a single guillotine that was broken to PIECES. I am not sure if they are just that ridiculously fragile, or if some Amazon warehouse employee stepped on them all, but the "best wafers" of which there were maybe 2 per box were broken in half. Most of them were crushed. I need to crush them anyways since I used them for a cheesecake. I had to get out the food scale to figure out when I was close to 22 wafers, but it wasn't a big deal for me. If you intend to use these for something that you expect to see nice round wafers, it's not going to happen.

👤I used to love using Nabisco chocolate wafers for my desserts. I ordered these because my local store no longer carries them. The cookies in both boxes tasted weird, not like the ones I've eaten before. I wonder if they were exposed to something that affected their taste. Was it an old oil tanker that they were shipped in? I definitely won't buy these again, so I'm stuck looking for replacements.

👤They were a mess. I was going to use them for dessert, but they were not usable.

👤It took 14 days to arrive. There is nothing to like here.

👤I ordered two boxes of wafers to make a cake. The boxes were intact, but the wafers were in crumbles. There were no intact, circular wafers in either box. It was not possible to stack the wafers with whipped cream. I wouldn't order them again.

👤I received my order on time, but the first 3 boxes I opened had only 2 cookies remaining. The rest was broken. It was very difficult to make my delicious icebox cake with the pieces of these delicious cookies. The other boxes are open. The price is triple Walmart, but they rarely stock them.

👤I have had a dessert log from Nabisco for my birthday since I was 7. I'm now 72. The wafers are hard to find in May and I have to make it myself. They do appear in a few places during the winter holidays, but you have to ask the store for them because they are in strange places. I don't know why I have never eaten the cookies. They are great. It was wonderful. It is unique. If you are a chocolateaholic, you would like them, they are made to be used in other desserts, not to be eaten alone. The wafer dessert is not too sweet, just use the recipe on the package. If you haven't tried it, do. You could order the chocolate wafers on Amazon.

👤I had to make a whole dessert out of cookies because they were in crumbs. I only got 9 whole cookies from both packages.

5. Wilton Bright White Candy Melts

Wilton Bright White Candy Melts

A family recipe has been used since 1925 to create this product in the heart of the Alps. It's easy. You can now buy these candy melts in bulk, they are made in the USA. Use the bright white candy melt to dip strawberries, or make shaped candy out of pretzels or mold them into shapes for special occasions. CONVENIENT: Candy Melts candy can be used for cake pops, cookies and molded candies. They can be used to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes, because they are covered in candy. More from Wilson. You can create treats for any occasion with the wide variety of candy molds and other tools. It is a great way to spend time together when you are looking for an easy and tasty activity to do. There are six packages of Bright White Candy Melts candy, made in a facility that processes wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought these for myself. I ran out of melt and ran to my local Michaels, but they were out of stock. The last time I bought melts from Wilton, they had changed their packaging. I ordered these to match my other ones, which were Wilton Bright White. They are completely different in terms of quality. I think it's possible that Wilton changed packaging as well as ingredients. They don't melt fully without adding crisco, and the color is off. I have never had to add a fat or crisco to the melted candy. Forget about flavor. The old melt tastes like white chocolate. These don't. The bright white color doesn't match my melt. I rate 1 star because they serve their purpose, but I will switch brands next time.

👤The bomb is cake pops. I make them easy and fun. I usually go to the local grocery store to get the ingredients. I bought these candy melts because I thought they would be better than the store brand I usually buy. They were hard to dip in and ended up being squishy. The Suppper was bummed! I ran to the store late at night to buy a regular store brand. The store brand is not bright white, but I can make it more presentable. The way they melt is off, but they are bright white. The cake pops taste alright. I posted pictures of what I made. I am not a professional and neither are I professional looking. The finished product of the candy melts from my local grocery store are very different from the finished product from these.

👤My daughter is getting married and I wanted to make cakeballs. Although cakeballs are an example in the advertising, these do not melt into a consistency that is satisfactory for that purpose. I wonder if they are not up to date because the products I bought from Wal-mart worked great in my melt pot. These did not do that. The melted candy sat on the side of the bowl. Just missed the deadline for returns. It was disgusting and distasteful.

👤I bought a candy melting pot. I added crisco to thin the consistency but it was too think and had some lump that wouldn't melt. I made them work, but it wasn't pretty and I'm thankful for the sprinkles which cover up the ugly coating on my cake pops. I used the wafers from Michaels and they worked just fine. Maybe it is a new recipe or a new size wafer.

👤First of all. It was difficult to melt this chocolate. I normally melt my chocolate on a double boiler, but it wouldn't melt after 12 minutes. It took 4-5 tries to melt after I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It only melted into a consistency like a marshmallows, but not like a flowy melted chocolate consistency. I thought I might have over heated it. Nope. This chocolate is very different than it was a few years ago. It took me forever to get smooth chocolate shapes for my cake pop decorations. Use regular supermarket chocolate instead of this.

6. Ghirardelli Premium Baking Unsweetened Chocolate

Ghirardelli Premium Baking Unsweetened Chocolate

Ghirardelli Premium 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bars are 4 ounces. The Ghirardelli baking bar is made with a single ingredient. Any chocolate recipe can use a chocolate baking bar. It is possible to bake chocolate made from high quality cocoa beans. The chocolate bar is kosher.

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤The product was great. When you purchase from the seller, they give you a receipt and a coupon code that you can use in your next purchase. The seller's website that is written on the receipt does not work. I reached out to the seller for clarification, but they didn't reply. The seller had poor management and communication.

👤The box only had 11 bars in it and I was pretty angry. The chocolate box was not put inside another box, it was put in a box that was not very sturdy, because it was designed to remove the side/top to make a display. You could see where it came apart and where it opened. I need 8 bars tomorrow for baking, no time to get more, so I would return for a refund.

👤I got this because of the price, but it turns out to be more expensive because there are only 9 bars in the box. Count the chocolates.

👤This is the best chocolate I've tasted. Chocolate candy is usually too sweet for preservation. If you want to make it less sweet, why not go for the pure bitter real stuff? Allow to re-harden to eat by microwave. Another way to eat this chocolate is to place a piece on top of a cookie and zap it for a minute at 50% power. You can make this bitter chocolate a real treat by using the cookie as a base.

👤"Gosh these candy bars are bitter" would have been silly. I used Ghirardelli in my baking so I bought these instead of the Bakers brand. They have worked well in many recipes. It will take a while to get through the expired date. The multi-pack was the only thing available. I have to remember to increase the sweetener when I use it for baking because I have been using 80-90% chocolate bars until now. I can't think of anything else to say in a review of 100% cacao bars.

👤I make my own pudding because I don't like a lot of sugar, and I get to control the amt of sugar in my pudding. I make 4 small dishes. I make chocolate pudding by breaking up a small square of ghiradelli. I mix the hot milk with non gmo cornstarch, less then a quarter cup of raw sugar, and a egg yolk and then add to the pudding mixture on the stove. I stir until it's thick. I put a cookie on the bottom of the two dishes. I mix my chocolate with hot pudding. You can make all four chocolate. I would add 4 squares to the pudding mixture. They make a healthy snack with only ingredients and small amounts of sugar. All natural, and no ingredients I can't pronounce! . Hope you enjoy! There is a If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to adjust the amount of sugar.

👤The chocolate is very good. I don't like sweet things and a square of this gives me the perfect chocolate "hit" after a meal. It is very good with some natural peanut butter.

7. Atkins Decadent Chocolatey Walnuts Keto Friendly

Atkins Decadent Chocolatey Walnuts Keto Friendly

There is a woman named Nancy Dudge Brownie Bar. Let this treat delight your taste buds and keep you true to your lifestyle. There is a pack of 5 individually wrapped bars. Stay on track. The Nutty fudge brownies have 7 grams ofProtein and 5 grams ofFiber per serving to help you achieve your daily goals. This treat has 2 grams of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per serving. All the taste. No judge. These bars are made with brownies and walnuts and have a chocolate coating. It is a smart sleight of hand. The perfect balance of smart snacking and indulgence is struck by the delicious treats of Atkins. Something for everyone. The variety of flavors and textures offered by Atkins Endulge treats help support your lifestyle. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Atkins

👤There are only a few real sweeteners that are keto friendly, and they are Erythritol, Monk Fruit, and Stevia. Most of the sweeteners here are above that. Fructose has a glycemic index of 25. This product contains maltitol, 35 Polydextrose, 4 to 9 Lactitol, and 3 to 7 and it will cause spikes in blood sugar. More than real sugar can be found in some cases. Stay away from anything that has maltitol, dextrose, Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, etc.

👤This is a joke. I no longer trust the brand of products. Apparently you can't deduct the sugar alcohol of Maltitol from the count. So disappointed. I bought two boxes and they were a total waste of money.

👤The bars taste good for a low-cholesterol option. They are processed and have a sweet taste. They are made with a large amount of artificial sweetener called Maltitol. If you were unlucky enough to eat more than one of these bars at a time and spend the rest of your day in the bathroom, you might be familiar with this sweetener. Your body can't digest maltitol, which can lead to gas and time spent on your toilet than you would like. I threw them out because I knew the effects and wanted to warn everyone else.

👤Not all sugar alcohols are the same. The impact of maltitol on your blood sugar is similar to that of sugar. These are not 2 net calories as advertised. There are products with Erythritol. You can subtract the entire amount from the total amount of carbs and fiber because the body does not process it. If you're on a low-fat diet, do research on sugar alcohols. Don't trust him.

👤The Nutty fudge brownies are not as sweet and delightful as the fluffy cake-y brownies, but they have the look and feel of a thin brownie. They're only 2g of net carbs, but they're better than many other late night snacks. The nuts on top help to sell the illusion, so these snack bars aren't as bad as those squares. These bars let you feel less deprived if you're trying to cut down on your diet. They allow me to feel less hostile towards the world because I have to stick with my stupid diet. That's a plus.

👤I don't understand how a diet with no net carbs can still be packaged. It has 17 total calories, 5 gram of fiber, and 12 total net calories. If you go online, you will see the correct way to count net carbs. People who just started a program are being deceived.

👤My sweet tooth has not gotten the message yet, even though I am doing a low-cholesterol diet. I decided to try them out, as they were an add-on for a reasonable price. I was not impressed. There is a These are better for people who are dying for chocolate than for people who are low in calories. I didn't care for the flavor at all and the artificial sweetener they use causes a lot of gas. I've never paid full price for these, but they're not the worst thing I've ever tasted. They aren't on my re- purchase list.

8. Loacker Classic 45g Double Choc

Loacker Classic 45g Double Choc

A handy box contains 12 individually wrapped, 45g bite-sized dark chocolate wafer fingers. Premium ingredients include fine cocoa, creamy Alpine milk, and fresh mountain water. Enjoy their cookies with friends, colleagues, and loved ones, or just by yourself with a cup of coffee. They don't use artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients derived from bio engineered crops. They are also certified Kosher. A family recipe has been used since 1925 to create this product in the heart of the Alps.

Brand: Loacker

👤There are many lemon-flavored wafers on the market today, but none has the strong lemon flavor of Loacker. Why? Lemon powder in the creme filling, essential lemon oil in the wafer, coconut oil and Bourbon vanilla are quality ingredients you don't find in competing products. I had many different brands. There are lemon wafers. I will stay with the brand.

👤I'm hesitant to write a review because they are so goood. The lemon flavor was purchased by me. I would like to keep them a secret. It's a good thing. They can't be fresh or delicious. I have never had a cookie like this before. A quality treat. Well packaged and well made. The best.

👤I am on a diet and want to have some light-taste sweets for energy support. I like dark chocolate and I don't like dessert that is too sweet. This is the perfect Wafers for my track. It is not really sweet but it is enough for me. If you like dark chocolate or snack food. Definitely try it!

👤I liked these cookies. These are my favorite lemon cookies. The lemon taste is not overpowering and the texture is great. These are great for snacking and are very cheap.

👤There are 33 reviews on the product page, but only 8 are printed. 7 of the 8 are 5-star reviews and one is a 3-star review that criticizes the "poor shipping" but states the product is excellent. There are no 1-star reviews, even though the summary chart says 6% for the 1-star. The cookies are not good. The chocolate is average and the cookie part overwhelms it.

👤Theses taste better than any other wafers I have had and have lower sugar than other brands in the market. I was not sure if these would melt in the heat of summer in Texas. It wasn't at all. There is a If you like dark chocolate, I also recommend that you try the LoackerFondente. The price is the only reason I sometimes hesitate to buy these.

👤It's difficult to find a better treat. If I dare, this leaves competition behind. Excellent wafer, great texture. This was a game-changing event for me. Everything is applicable to the one with the vanilla flavor. The reason I am doing only 3 stars is because of the matcha flavor. The product quality is good. You have to hands down. The lack of the flavor was the disappointment. I'm looking for a specific flavor that will fully embrace my mouth, and that's what I'm looking for. I think they toned down the intensity to be more acceptable to people who are not used to it. It's fine, but it takes some of the highlights for those who love matcha. There is a This is the fifth time I have used the word. Enough said.

👤I bought a second box because I accidentally purchased one. When you're craving something chocolatey, it's not overly sweet. The melted filling was stuck to the inside wrapper and the second box opened but not the individual cookies. I didn't want to have to return it. I've been eating these delicious chocolates for over 20 years and they are in the top 3.

9. NESTLE HOUSE Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels

NESTLE HOUSE Semi Sweet Chocolate Morsels

A bag of chocolate chips. EBT item in some states. Adding semi sweet chocolate baking chips to chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or pancakes is a great way to make them taste better. Baking chips are made from real chocolate. Enjoy semi sweet chocolate chips as a snack or dessert. The chocolate baking chips are certified Kosher.

Brand: Toll House

👤I can't remember ordering it, but it showed up and was beautiful. I carefully inspected the bag and the chips were all intact. I ordered a box frame so that I can show off the bag of chocolate chips and the perfectly preserved bag of Doritos in my museum. Very surprised and impressed.

👤The product was in a clump of chips. When I opened the bag, they were white and tasted old, so I thought I'd just use them for bars and melt them all the way. I threw the bags in the garbage. I will pay more for groceries at my local store.

👤I am not able to make chocolate chip cookies because the chips were melted into a block. This has happened with both deliveries of this product. I had 6 bags in each delivery and all of them were melted.

👤It took nearly two months for two bags of chocolate chips to arrive and, thanks to Amazon's delivery service, they left it in the sun and never rang the doorbell, so now both bags have melted into a giant chocolate chip which also tastes. My advice is not to.

👤I knew I would be better off buying them from the grocery store. The bag melted into a large clump. The small remnants were not fresh. Purchasing chocolate chips from the grocery store is a better option.

👤These were completely melted, unlike chocolate chips. Provisions should be made for delivery on a hot sunny day. I had a cooler there that could have saved them.

👤I ordered a lot of things to dip pretzel rods in. This was the only thing that I had a problem with when I ordered online. It was in one big clump. It was a waste of money and time because I couldn't melt them properly because they had already been melted once before, I had to buy others from my grocery store. If they have to pay more to ship it in a cooled situation, then they shouldn't sell it, but if they don't ship it well, then they should not. You can't melt seized chocolate and you can't make cookies from it, so keep that in mind when ordering. I ordered other chocolate and it came with ice packs. If you are going to read how they ship, it would be wise.

👤It is nothing like it in Britain. Traditional English chocolate is different to the USA origin chocolate of the Nestlé brand. It would be the same as the Hershey brand, which is a 'amerikun' styled chocolate. I make my biccies with one part milk chocolate and three parts Nestlé or Hershey's'semi-sweet' chocolate. I can't even cook and have won two chocolate-chip andwal nut baking contests, but I'm so grateful that I found these. I have the skills of a pig. It has been an addictive winner for me when I follow my simple directions that I wrote down many years ago. Don't be shy. Over the holidays, what's a few extra pounds? We're all getting older and everything is going to go down. Enjoy!

10. Ghirardelli Chocolate Beverage 48 Ounce Canister

Ghirardelli Chocolate Beverage 48 Ounce Canister

Ghirardelli is the premium baking brand because they use their expertise in chocolate to create high quality products that have luxuriously deep flavor and smooth texture. You can make impressive, yet easy to make deserts with Ghirardelli. It is made with real chocolate. There is a pack of 1 - 48 ounce canister.

Brand: Ghiradelli

👤The can I ordered was labeled "Sweet Ground Powder" instead of "Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa", and the ingredients list now puts sugar first. I'm disappointed that Ghirardelli has made changes to a great product, as the ingredients list from my old canister read: "Sweet ground chocolate and cocoa (sugar, cocoa - processed with alkali, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecthin - an emulsifier, vanilla)" The photo on the Amazon page here needs to be updated to reflect that it doesn't look or taste the same as it has in the last 21 times I've ordered it. It's not bad; it's fine. It's not the same product we've been getting for the money, but I use it to make mochas. Disappointed.

👤I discovered this at a coffee shop I worked at in 2003 and again in 2004. I discovered it again at a coffee shop that makes amazing iced mochas, after years of not tasting it. I found out that they use Ghirardelli. The mochas are amazing. I recently discovered that I can buy this in 10lb boxes on Amazon, which I'm doing now since it lasts longer than the 48oz can. I make hot chocolate or chocolate milk for my kids whenever I throw this in coffee because they love it. I have to follow the method the coffee shops use, which is to blend this into cold drinks using a blender, or it doesn't mix well. It's delicious when you have foamy chocolate milk. It's a good thing.

👤This is great if you like hot chocolate. More flavor than what you get in the store. It isn't possible to get hot chocolate that isn't in pre-measured pouches in our stores. You can make it stronger if you want. Milk is better than water. The Godiva dark chocolate mix is for serious chocoholics. You can combine them if you are in between. Amazon also carries the Godiva.

👤We can't spend Christmas with our children and grandchildren because we're in the middle of a Pandemic. It's so dang doable. I am going to treat myself to a can of cocoa.

👤This is too sweet and you need to mix it with milk which defeats the purpose of a cocoa mix. When you could just boil water in a kettle, who would want to heat milk? It tasted like sugar if I had just put it in my coffee. I think I will get a lot of powdered milk to mix with it. It is still too sweet. I will probably add cocoa powder to it to cut the sweetness. I was trying to avoid purchasing a ready made mix at this point, but I would have been better off making it from scratch. This is the same as nesquick except that it is sweeter. If you want hot cocoa mix, save a few bucks and get Swiss miss, if you want chocolate milk, get nesquick or something. I don't understand the product. It is gross. I would like to give it zero stars.

11. Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 12

Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 12

Baking chocolate chips has a sweet, classic chocolate flavor. Great for snacking, including chocolate chip cookies, brownies, muffins and cakes. It was made with cocoa butter, chocolate and cane sugar.

Brand: Ghirardelli

👤I couldn't find anything that looked like a clear expiration date, but what I received had been sitting around for too long, or both. Large chunks of chips were stuck together at least, and giant chunks of solid chocolate were in new shapes, because the chocolate had been partially melted. It's all discolored with white speckles, which indicates age and/or inappropriate storage. Some of it had a weird texture that was not what the solid snap chocolate should have. I needed it for baking and it melted okay, but I wouldn't have shown it to anyone or eaten it straight, it was gross. I'll bake with it and leave the review. Don't use them in something visible or eat them. You could try to bake with them.

👤I had problems with the chocolate chips I ordered. The first issue is that the chips lost their temper and came out of the bag brittle and chalky. I think the chocolate got too hot. I bought these premium chips based on the ingredients listed on Amazon. The ingredients are: Sugar, UNSWEETENED CHOCOLATE, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin. My wife and I have an allergy to dairy. Whole milk powder is on the list of ingredients. It's frustrating to pay top dollar for a premium product and then for it to be adulterated with unlisted ingredients, and your body considers it poisonous.

👤I haven't opened the bags. The contents look like they were either old or melted together and hardened in many sections. I tried to submit a photo for the form, but my browser wouldn't let me do it. I am hesitant to ever use Amazon Fresh Delivery again because these items merit zero stars.

👤This is about what came in my order. I got one bag that was bad for $16.11. I will not go this route again. I needed this item and thought it would save me time. My friends will help me get the groceries I need.

👤We disliked the fact that we only got one of the bags paid for. There is no way to get money back. As far as I can see, Amazon doesn't have a way to get a refund or the correct amount. I need help setting up a refund or re send please. I was sent to you by the seller. Thanks!

👤We have been trying different chocolate chips to replace the Nestlé ones that are so bad we stole people's water, and finally came across these that have a great taste and are a great replacement! The 3 pack had the best values. I bake a lot of cookies and need the volume.

👤Ghiraradelli makes something. My opinion is that the best chocolate chip is chocolate. The chips are smaller than before.

👤The purpose was lost when they arrived melted. I guess I will chop them up. The brand is quality, but it melted.


What is the best product for baking chocolate wafers?

Baking chocolate wafers products from Wilton. In this article about baking chocolate wafers you can see why people choose the product. Pascha and Baker's are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking chocolate wafers.

What are the best brands for baking chocolate wafers?

Wilton, Pascha and Baker's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking chocolate wafers. Find the detail in this article. Nabisco, Ghiradelli and Atkins are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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