Best Baking Clay for Kids

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1. QMay Polymer Modeling Sculpting Non Toxic

QMay Polymer Modeling Sculpting Non Toxic

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. The set includes 32 pieces of clay, 0.7 oz (20g) / block, 22.57 oz /640g in total, 5 modeling tools, accessories, and project project booklet in a storage box. It's easy to carry and store. The material is non-toxic and environment friendly. For the crowd, it's fun for kids and beginners to make small ornaments, model animals, characters, Easter eggs,baskets and other items. Great for both home and classroom use. Non-hardening modeling clay is blendable. Individually wrapped packs are easy to use. The clay is not dry, once you knead, it will be soft. Back and forth. It is recommended for ages 3 and up. They treat their customers with respect. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Qmay

👤I loved this kit. I didn't ruin anything during the baking process because it was easy to open it and get started. The amount of clay included was very reasonable and will be hours of fun. You can mix all of the clays to get new colors. The baking instructions were written in broken English, so I looked at online instructions to make it up. I baked them at 260 for 15 minutes per.25 inch, if they were bigger I let them cool a bit, then put them back in for 30 minutes. The plastic tools are not good for creative adults and I have recently purchased a set of more detailed tools. Kids will find them adequate. The plastic has some seams in it, and the tools theysleves are big and clumsy. The metal loops are too long for the tiny creations I wanted to make, and the accessories are not ideal. I have also bought a different type of those.

👤I work with clay and my daughter wanted her own. She used her allowance to buy this. I was pleasantly surprised by the clay. It is easy to use and good for a beginner. It is perfect for my daughter to start out with. She is still making basic things so it is great for kids.

👤I have ordered clay kits before and this one was the best. She has the same art skills as a 12 year old. She created miniature sushi sets, mugs with water in them, small detailed animals, other food items, and jewelry. She had a younger friend make things with her and the thicknesses varied which made the baking time vary. That was okay. The directions were great and the baking times are quite forgiving, so it would be easy to start with if you have not used a baking type clay before. There are a lot of tools to use. This is the best value, variety, and option on Amazon. I would buy it again.

👤I loved this clay. I like hard clay because it is easier to maneuver. Soft clay is hard to make jewelry with. I love this clay. Looking for another brand. The 50 pack was bought by me. I am running a great business with clay, so I hope it is always stocked up.

👤My kids enjoyed this clay a lot. The clay was hard to cut with the plastic tool they give you, we used a butter knife and it was easier to mold after a bit. It was a favorite to make keychains with the pieces. I would buy more.

👤I got this for my daughter and I because it was fun and we had experience with clay before. It is very easy to mix with other colors when you don't want it to, because these are very quick in your hands and stick to your skin. Brown was not included in our set like in the photos and description. We baked some small Christmas objects to use as earrings and snowmen for 30 minutes at 250 degrees F. We had to scrub off the clay from our hands.

2. Jewelry Crafts Creative Baking Polymer

Jewelry Crafts Creative Baking Polymer

The kids are suitable for many activities, such as drawing classes, handmade craft classes, cooking or baking classes, or daily wearing aprons to protect the kids from dirty activities. Art projects from nature. Are you looking for a way to bring your love of the outdoors to your home? This is a pretty clay leaf dish. It's ideal for kids and adults. Family time with arts and crafts. Perfect for gift ideas. Both girls and boys can personalize the craft kits for a birthday or Christmas gift. A nice little treat for yourself, or a jewelry dish for a family member, is what it is. A gorgeous Clay ring holder. Kids like to draw and write. You can use any of the metallic paints to decorate the clay bowl. Add a pretty elegant look. The clay is specially designed for making leaf dishes. The vibrant clay kit is great for baking. The instructions are easy for the kids to follow on their own. They're sure you'll love your clay dish craft set, but if you have any problems, just contact them and they'll send you a free replacement pack.

Brand: Leyzan

👤I took 4 kids on vacation, two boys and two girls. They needed help from adults, but they all enjoyed it. We painted the clay after we collected leaves and did the clay the day before. Each day it took about an hour. It was nice to do it with cousins on vacation, and they had something to take home to remember it.

👤A gift for my niece. She is 5 years old. She could sit there all day and play. She is helped with her creativity.

👤The clay never bakes hard. The instructions were followed. Never tried hard. Stayed gummy. 3 of them broke.

👤The activity helps the kids express their creativity. I had fun with my daughter. The clay was flexible and soft.

👤The clay was dried out and unless you have fresh leaves to use it will break and stick to the clay, we revived it and opened it. It was a waste of money.

👤The age group described this item as too complex. For a 10 year old, it was ok.

👤I am happy with what came for the price, but we have not used them yet.

👤This product is very enjoyable. I have two girls, ages 6 and 3. I like the clay and the instructions. The starter kit is good. It is easy to make and operate. This product will bring my daughter a lot of fun.

3. Crayola Modeling Non Toxic Traditional Sculpting

Crayola Modeling Non Toxic Traditional Sculpting

The Play-Doh cans and lids are also recyclable and easy to open, making them an easy way to build a more sustainable world. There is no flying modeling clay. The material sticks to itself, not your hands. Doesn't dry out, so you can shape it. There are 8 classic colors in 4 ounce mylar packages. This modeling compound is clean and flexible, which makes it a good choice for creating simple shapes and intricate dioramas. It doesn't dry out, so you can shape and shape to your heart's content. Whether you're creating a landscape masterpiece or decorating t-shirts with your Girl Scouts troop, Crayola has the markers, pens, kids markers, paints, colored pencils and crayons you need to make your project pop in bold, bright colors. Allow your artist to express themselves through sculpting, modeling and mold. Kids like the 3D nature of clay. Their Modeling Clay can be sculpted, and can be reused without drying out. They have markers for kids or adults, paints for kids or adults, bright crayons, and scented markers. The power of Crayola is to inspire kids as they explore, discover, play, pretend, create and dream. Trusted quality. Crayola is passionate about helping parents and teachers raise children who are creative. Since the first box of crayons rolled off the assembly line, they've inspired artistic creativity in children.

Brand: Crayola

👤Our 4 year old loves this pack, I cut the clay into 4 strips, give him 8/1 strip of each color, and he loves playing with it. Dollar General used to sell this in a tiny pack with 10 tiny strips for $1 and our son really liked those, I hope they bring them back. His smile makes it worth it to me. The possibilities are endless with this clay.

👤The kids I plan to use this with will probably love it, but here's why I'm not giving it 5 stars. 1. There is no handles on the container and it is not a resealable container. It's useless for storage because the box has cut outs to show the colors. The container factor was a big reason I bought this set. I agree with the reviewer who said that the box looks like there's more in it than it really is because of the cardboard in the middle.

👤The middle slot is empty. It can hold another 3 packages. You only get 6 small packages. Had I gotten 9, the packaging was able to hold it. I think it would be worth it and I would give a better review. I feel like it's a waste when the packaging clearly holds 9. If I'd received 9 it would have been worth the price. It's too expensive to get 6 in the package. It's too expensive for what you get.

👤I like this product. I bought it for my kids. It always dries out. This stuff doesn't. They love that they can play with it and if it's left out overnight, it's not dry in the morning. No money was wasted. The consistency of the clay is harder and my son loves how well it holds up when he is making new creations. This is a very high value. I was able to get this at a much lower price. The 8 colors make it much better than the 4 pack of standard colors.

👤My children have been big playdoh people. I have given them a lot of it. It gets left to dry. I thought I would try this clay since it wouldn't have that problem. You have to work with it to make it softer. It leaves a mark on your hands so you need to wash them. The colors are bright but it seemed that it was too stiff to play with. Playdoh has an advantage.

👤This stuff doesn't dry out. I use it for therapy with the kids I work with, as it works great for kids who like to play and are dealing with anger issues. It is fun to sculpt. It does leave a bit of a mark on your hands, but it comes off when you wash them.

👤I might have bought two packages if I had known how big the hit would be. My kid is always playing with it, I find her little decorations and creatures all over the house in random places. She can keep using it over and over again because it doesn't dry out. It's easier to clean out the carpet or barbie's hair when kids are messy. You can't beat the price for so many lovely colors.

4. VANKERTER Bright Colors Modeling Accessories

VANKERTER Bright Colors Modeling Accessories

Three Stereotypes Methods are Oven bake, boil and hair blower heating. 24 colors air dry clay, 0.45oz per pack, packed in bags with sculpting tools, a project booklet and accessories are ideal for kids and adults. Good Quality: Soft smooth light weight magic clay, strong ductility, not sticky, no mess, kindly to kids or beginners for small arts projects. Their items are made of natural and organic material, so they are safe for kids. It's easy to use and change shape for kids with no bake and self-hardening. If you don't use the clay, the package should be sealed because it will be hard to open when exposed to the air for 24 hours. After drying, you can paint on them. Colorful clays are a good tool for children to have fun and enhance hand-eye coordination. shaping and modeling clay

Brand: Vankerter

👤This was fun to do with the kids and beat the monotony of being bored. I found a hidden talent in making snakes with party hats and accessories, and I am pretty sure I made the snake myself.

👤My kids love clay. My child uses it as a toy. The others like to sculpt with it. If you are new to this style of clay, I will give you my perks. Bright colors with no transfer on your hands. The texture is soft and unique. When you first eat it, it's very soft and stringsy, but it's also very soft and less stringsy, so use dough with less strings. 3. It's a good alternative to make a mess. It's easy to mold and work with. You can blend the colors easily and work out gross surprise colors. 5. When it dries, it's light weight. A friend of mine likes to mold clay into weights for paperweights. 6. It's easy to control. You can glue the pieces together in larger craft projects. 7. The colors do not bleed together without intent. There are 8. The finished product feels soft and lightweight in your hands. The edges are not sharp, have a small amount of give and are not as fragile as a hard clay. You can't draw on the clay with pens or markers. The ink is wet into the clay. For the style, as a whole, not just this brand. 2. The plastic snapping tools are good but not for adults. This is just a half con. 3. The set is wrapped in plastic. I like the way those packages are easy to give gifts in. Make our break a con. If you're looking for one that comes in a box for later storage, just a small, I wish, may matter. Once you unpack the supplies, you'll need a place to put them. The set is not worth removing a star because of the con. Not only do I recommend. I sent the link to two other periods who asked where to get it. Will probably buy more at some point.

👤It was very pleasing like marshmallows. Not sticky. It was very elastic and didn't dry in my hands while I worked with it. The colors are bright and satisfying. The test I took showed a few things. A half inch cube was wet in the middle after 24 hours. Give this plenty of time to dry. It can not be mixed with water. I did a test on a board that was very thin and it did not dry in a day. If you need something that will behave like earthen clay, this is not the air dry clay you want. For what it is, it is enjoyable. I think kids would like this stuff. The booklet is glossy and appealing. It looks like a lot of money went into making it. They wouldn't shell out the dough to have an actual native English speaker look at it to make sure it didn't sound crazy. I don't understand. Thousands of people are doing that kind of work online. It undermines professionalism.

5. POZEAN Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginners

POZEAN Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginners

50 colorpolymer clay starter kit includes 50 colors of clay blocks, portable storage box, wooden sculpting tools, rolling pin, and more. Pottery 50 colors modeling clay blocks are eco-friendly, well-testing standards to assure its' perfect quality. Intellectual development of children isducive to imagination. The kit comes with a lot of accessories and tools. It's perfect for creating cartoon characters, jewelry, ring, earring, Jewelry, phone&key chains, small ornaments, decorations and more. It is an ideal gift for beginners. It is advisable to bake a test piece before baking your artistic work. The work has been created. Place a foil sheet or ceramic tile in the oven for 30 minutes. Then bake your clay project in the oven for 10-30 minutes at a temperature of 135C. Baking time can vary depending on clay thickness and as a general rule allow 30 minutes for every 6mm thickness. It comes with small parts so it's a good choice for children over 3 years old. It would be better if it was accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have a question, please contact their customers service. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problem.

Brand: Pozean

👤I was very nervous after reading 100 of these reviews. We wanted to make Clay Earrings. I read that it was sticky, didn't come with directions, and didn't bake well. I had no problems with the clay sticking bad when rolling it out. The instructions for baking are in the description of the post. We baked for about 12 minutes and it didn't make our earrings very hard. They were not flimsy! We could have put them back in the oven for a more brick hard effect but we decided it was good enough because they didn't bend and we're a good amount of stif! We have a lot of colors to choose from, but we only used 3 of them and put the rest in the container for the next time. We had a lot of fun doing this and I think it is worth it for the price and everything you get in the kit. We can probably make 100 pairs of earrings. The quality is good for the price. You get a bang for your buck.

👤There is an update. The seller contacted me after he noticed my unhappiness. They were very helpful and quick to help me find a solution. I would consider buying from them again in the future if I could purchase the clay on its own or in different colors. I bought this set because of the variety of colors, the tools, and the price. I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but it seems like there are a couple of duplicate colors. The tools aren't great. Before using, make sure the roller is clean. I used it with my white clay, and it turned my clay gray. The jewlery-making accessories were bent. The first time I used it, it splintered. I will probably purchase a new tool set with an acrylic roller and different tools, which will cancel out my money saving attempt at purchasing this set with the tools included. Oh well. You get what you pay for. I'm happy with the colors in this set. It works well for a beginner like me.

👤I bought this set for my daughter to try because she is really into working with clay right now. I think it is great for her age, but her siblings had a harder time making small pieces from this clay and so I think they are more used to playing with play-doh and slime. This is for children at least 6 years old. I really enjoyed it as an adult. I like the variety of colors and the carrying case makes it easy to keep everything organized. When I opened the clay, I thought it was very stiff, but as I worked with it, it became easier to mold and move. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes because it didn't come with instructions. The tools that came with this set were very strong and sturdy, which was a contrast to other sets. I keep the clay in a sandwich bag until it is baked. I am very pleased! I have included a few photos and a video to show the consistency to give you a better idea of what to expect.

6. Modeling Shoppe Critters Activity Molding

Modeling Shoppe Critters Activity Molding

We treat their customers with respect. If you have a question, please contact them. Kids love playing with this air dry dry clay. It's fun, educational, and promotes creativity. There are 36 unique colors, 36 reuse containers, 2 full color large image activity books, 3 plastic cutting tools, 10 keychains, and endless hours of fun! 100% safe. The D4236 is certified by the LHAMA. Kid friendly and parent approved. Their clay is easy to play with. The smallest of fingers can easily shape whatever they want, without the help of an adult. Activities like no other. Kids love ourBake Shoppe and Cute Critters activity books. They show your child how to make some really tasty looking treats and lovable little creatures.

Brand: Wee Creators

👤It doesn't smell messy like play doh, but it is satisfying to play with these with my daughter. Kids like it. I keep the kids away from a phone.

👤I broke the color into pieces and put them on a plate and added water to make it humid, so that's what I did. I used the fork and it worked just fine, you should be fine with the water, but if you need to add it by the drops, keep working. There is a It is easy to take off the hands if you use too much water, just keep playing with it and let it dry out a bit. Hope that helps.

👤I got this for my daughter. The clay is not dense like traditional clay, it feels like foam when dried. The girls took their keys home. It's very cool.

👤The clay that wasn't dried out was perfect. We had several colors that were hard to open. My daughter decided to use the dry colors as sprinkles after she was disappointed at first. The babysitter opened the dry clay for the kids and had no idea it was turning into sprinkles. The kids had fun with it, even though I would have returned it.

👤The 9 year old loves clay and has made lots of fun creations with it. It is easy to mold clay. I put 4 stars instead of 5 because three of the containers were open and the colors were useless.

👤My children loved playing with it. It is like foam. My children get excited when I bust it out.

👤We were very excited to receive this clay. We saw a floating lid when we opened it. I assumed it was an extra thrown in. The light yellow was completely dried out and unusable. Along with 4 other colors that weren't filled all the way, and were also dried out.

👤This doesn't have the consistency of modeling clay. It's very sticky. I won't be buying this again because it got the job done. It won't come off if it gets on clothes or paper. Some containers were so sticky that they couldn't be worked with. The product was misrepresented.

7. Fimo Soft Modelling Clay White

Fimo Soft Modelling Clay White

We care about their customers so they want to make sure you have a great experience with their products. Their team is proud of the products they create. They will make it right if you have any issues with their products. No special equipment is needed to make your own crafts. FIMO clay can be baked in any oven for 30 minutes. FIMO oven-bake clay is flexible and workable until you bake it. Solid pieces can be carved after baking. All oven-hardening FIMO types can be mixed together. You can make Poly beads, flowers, plates, brooches, bookmarks, animals and more with FIMO's modeling clay. Staedtler's clay opens up a world of crafting and deco art to anyone, whether you're just starting out or already an experienced artist. Kids on up to their parents can sculpt clay. Staedtler brings ideas to life wherever he goes.

Brand: Staedtler

👤The piece of clay is small. Very little. It's not enough to make 3 ornaments. I wish I would have gone to Michael's and gotten a bigger piece of clay, since I spent $6.00 on this. Don't put your money in a bag.

👤It was small for the price. Quality is ok. It's probably cheaper somewhere else.

👤The packages ordered are not usable. If it's old or not left out, the easiest way to make this clay softer would be by using a mixture. It should not be happening with new.

👤The original image used for this product is four times the amount I actually received, and I fee incredibly ripped off. 7 dollars for a package of clay is ridiculous. Come on, man.

👤When I received my package, it was only 2 ounces, so I was completely underwhelmed. It was my fault that I didn't read the description. I used this clay to make eyeballs for a skeleton model. It is easy to mistake the degrees Celsius for the Fahrenheit in the instructions, so be sure to set your oven to the right temperature. Despite being expensive, it was a great product.

👤I used some of the soft clay I ordered. It was hard, dry and crumbled. It was hard to use, so you don't know how old it is. Hope the other one isn't too hard.

👤I've tried other well known clays, but they are too difficult to manage. This brand is easy to model and hold its shape because I don't have the strongest hand. It makes it easier to understand.

👤The package was very small. I was expecting more than that. I should have bought somewhere else.

👤It was very difficult to use as it was very dry, and it was disappointing. I wanted to colour it, but it wasn't flexible enough. It worked to make mini flatbreads, but couldn't make anything with more detail. It was cooked and hardened.

👤It's a small pack, but it's a great way to try Fimo. The quality is good and I'm enjoying using it. I'm making hanging animal shapes and they're perfect for this. It's great to mix with other colors, such as for a black and white cat. I'm going to be trying to add texture to the surface and my practice efforts are working well. It took much longer than expected. I contacted the seller to let them know that it had not arrived in time.

👤I had enough left over to make a few more things after buying this. It's easier to make things than air dry clay which cracks, but the same issue doesn't happen with fimo! In the future, definitely be buying more in larger quantities.

👤I bought this to try out a new clay. It made it hard for me to try again. It doesn't change at all. I hurt my fingers trying to shape it. I received a different brand as a gift and noticed the difference immediately, even though I thought it was my newness to the material. Maybe it was old stock, maybe it's just the way this brand is. It's not for me.

8. CiaraQ Modelling Clay´╝îBaking Sculpting Accessories

CiaraQ Modelling Clay%EF%BC%8CBaking Sculpting Accessories

Less screen time and more fun time. The Artsity Air Dry Clay Set is a wonderful gift for any occasion, backed by a no-hassle 30-day guarantee. The set includes 24 packs of clay in 24 different colors, a block of 20g, a tool pack, an accessory pack, and a project booklet. The material is non-toxic and safe and bright colored. Non-hardening modeling clay is blendable. Individually wrapped packs are easy to use. For the crowd, it's fun for kids and beginners to make small ornaments. Great for both home and classroom use. For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them.

Brand: Ciaraq

👤It worked well for the first time I used it. It's small, but it's enough for kids to get used to working with clay. We baked ours in the oven for 20 minutes. I have to say something about the booklet. My sons almost died laughing when my 12 year old read out the instructions for making the 'Little Cock'. Just saying. I would have told them not to be so stupid, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't say anything.

👤I like the brand of clay so far, even though I don't have a lot of experience with it. I bought this kit for my bff. We are making small animals. If the clay sticks to our fingers too much, we just add a little cornstarch and it's perfect for what we're using it for. Can't beat the price.

👤I was able to make contact with the seller and they sent me a new box to include the extras. They went above and beyond when I sold them just to send the extras. Thank you! Don't buy if you're warned. The clay is included, but the extras are not. I have the yellow tools and clay. The extras to make the jewelry were not included. I bought this kit because it had everything I needed. I guess I was wrong.

👤I'm going to use a quarter of the colors to make four coasters, but I got this clay to make marbled coasters. Usually four packs will make four coasters, because the packs looked at the size of the ones I have previously purchased. I was only able to make two coasters because I only used half of the clay packs. The size of the clay packs varies between colors. The clay seems to be good quality but the amount in the box is less than what you can get at craft stores for the same price.

👤The starter set is a good place to start trying out clay crafts. I bought it for my son to make figures to give as holiday gifts. A budding crafter's perfect set includes tools and instructions.

👤There were different colors in this clay set. Attachements for the clay to make things. It was a nice assortment. The bright colors are nice. The kid is friendly until the oven bakes the clay. Each Clay was packed in a nice box. I wish the clay pieces were bigger and had more storage for the clay that wasn't used.

👤It's great for small projects. I had to use the whole box for my claymation, so pay attention to size and purpose, I love the quality and color variety, but had to use the whole box for my claymation. It would be a good idea for jewelry projects. I made a cute pair of shoes, and it comes with a guide book.

👤I bought it for my kids. They love it! There are so many things to do. I found a way to get them away from electronics.

9. Jovi Plastilina Reusable Non Drying Modeling

Jovi Plastilina Reusable Non Drying Modeling

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. Premium non-drying modeling clay is vegetable-based. Jovi Clay is easy to clean. Smooth texture is ideal for young artists and is easy to use. The clay will not dry out. Jovi plastilina has more volume per ounce than mineral-based modeling clay. There is a box of 30 bars weighing 1.75 ounces. Each. There are 15 colors, each with 2 bars, and they are white, yellow, dark Yellow, orange, red, Ruby, pink, peach, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, and black. The clay weight was 3 lbs. 5 ounces. Jovi has been producing outstanding creative products since 1939. It was made in Barcelona. Jovi products are safe for kids and adults.

Brand: Jovi

👤I'm a stop motion animator and only use this product because of it's ability for fine detail and the fact that the colors don't bleed into one another!

👤This product is terrible. It is great for art projects. It never dries like other clay products that can be used to make art. I can't say how much clothing has been ruined because it won't come off his nails, but it does ruin his nails. The clay is on everything he touches. It is horrible. It is like a clay monster that will not die. The entire box had to be thrown out after the third block. There are better products that won't ruin clothes or household items. It is like giving a child a permanent marker. No thanks.

👤My daughter and I have been using this plastiline to make fun stuff. We created a caterpillar that loves lollipops. She loved it because it was easy to use and make shapes, and it was non-drying for a long time. I will re-order more for future fun creations. Thanks a lot!

👤I bought this modeling clay for my science classes because it was supposed to be oil-based. It was not the case, which resulted in it melting when water was applied to it. It didn't work for many of our experiments, and made a huge mess. I didn't find the clay to be very flexible.

👤My kids loved it. My daughter is six years old and it is hard to handle, it is the only complaint we have. They had a lot of fun with some help. It is worth it for the variety of colors and amount. It does not stain or smell bad, just like any other clay, so you have to clean it after use.

👤The best plasticine ever! It is plant-based, I love the smell, and it is free of wheat. It's a bit harder than playing dough, so it's perfect for little hands. It doesn't get stuck in the skin and doesn't dry. A high quality product from Spain. All the kids use it. I am happy I found it here.

👤Every year we buy clay for our students to use. Our students love using this clay. The box of clay lasts all year. We used to have to buy it from a company with high shipping costs, but we were happy to find it here for a great price.

👤This clay is too hard for a 2.5 year old. She enjoys making objects, but she gets frustrated when she can't mold them. My husband is very sensitive to smell. It does everything it says it will. It doesn't dry out, which is nice.

👤La caja de paquetera de Amazon is perfect. Abierta de malas formas, se ve en la imagen, verde oscura, and rosa. Me parece alucinante.

👤The product was very soft. We don't have any problems mixing it or using it. We love to paint using a plasticine and we are stuck on the paper. The technique is used by an art teacher.

10. Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

Sago Brothers air dry clay is the greatest gift. Kids will be thrilled and won't be able to put it down if you make it your go-to present. Most favorite gifts for boys and girls are magic clay and craft kits. The air dry clay kit is the ideal arts and crafts activity for kids and adults alike, and it is easy to use for everyone. 24 modeling clay in 24 colors, a project booklet, 3 small tools, and 34 animal accessories are included. Kids are occupied for hours. They'll be busy with these sculpting clay making accessories all day while engaging in fun, sensory play, and the best activity for rainy days, play-dates, birthday parties, and more. This modeling clay is soft to the touch, non messy, and doesn't leave a mess; it's a stress-free way to create exciting modeling magic clay and art projects. The clay is not food. Please contact them if your product does not perform as expected. Problems with their products will be the priority.

Brand: Essenson

👤My son loves it, but it has some drawbacks. The perfect age range is 3 - 5 or 6. There are a lot of tiny pieces to make silly faces with. If you want to give this to a young child, I would remove the bag of pieces and give them the clay. The clay feels very different. It feels wet when you first touch it. That didn't bother my son. I could see how some kids would be upset. There are 1 positives. The pieces to make silly faces are wonderful. My son loves the characters we make. 2. There are many colors. 3. The colors are vibrant. There are 1. The clay dries out more than expected. If you don't put it away for a while, it's still usable. It's not as good. 2. Some kids will like it and others won't. 3. It leaves a lot of little pieces on the floor because it's stringy. My 3-year-old loves it. It's a good value for money.

👤The clay was easy to work with. We created monsters and snakes. I hear them scream a few hours later. The animals got hurt. They had not been hit. The had deflated. They wouldn't recommend this clay. I have used other clays and have been very pleased.

👤My son asked for clay after completing his clay project. The package was very well received. The tools helped him make the right shapes and he loved the many choices of colors. The cute eyes and hats he made come to life with the accessories he made. The clay didn't crack when it dried, which I liked. If you are looking for a variety pack, this is the one for you.

👤My granddaughter is 3 years old. We had a lot of fun with the clay. She was excited to mix a small amount of yellow with my blue and make green. We made the balls and bluebirds. I put the green ball under the faucet to add a little water andKneaded it really good and put it in a bag. The ball was easier to mold today. She made a ball after making a frog and elephant. She made two pancakes out of it. They bounced and rolled. The water was on the ball and bag. Next time, we will see consistency.

👤This is a big hit in my house. It was my daughter's favorite gift of the year because we bought it for her 8th birthday. My 5 year old is obsessed as well. It feels neat when it dries. Will definitely be buying more.

👤The colors are vibrant and my daughter loves them. It is easy to use with instructions. My daughter plays with it.

👤The clay inside the product was open and ready to be used. It's a pain to have to go through the entire process.

👤The clay sets are for our grandson's birthday which is a few months away, so hopefully all of the above is true. The only way I could get to know you was by completing the survey. I opened the boxes and everything appeared to be okay. I hope the clay is easy to work with. Thank you for that.

11. Colors Polymer Creative Jewelry Accessories

Colors Polymer Creative Jewelry Accessories

If your product is malfunctioning, please contact them for a replacement. The material complies with the standards. The clay is enviromentally friendly and has no smell or stick hand. The 50 pieces of clay and modeling tools, clay accessories, project instruction came in a storage box. It is portable and easy to take with you. The best gift for children. Baking time depends on the size of the clay and the temperature of the oven. It is easy to bend and stretch. Good toughness, non-stick, Moderate hardness, and non-toxIC are some of the things that are protected. Let them know if you have a question about your purchase. They will always give you the best service. They can help with any issues you may have.

Brand: Jalvde

👤The kit is great. It's easy to store and carry around the two decks. It comes with jewelry making kits. The clay is very hard to put together. I am not sure if the clay is dry or not. The clay seems to be easy to form and soft. I got a brand that can't form a shape. There are cracks when you roll into a ball. I give a three star because of that.

👤These are barely the size of an eraser, but I wasn't expecting them to be that large. Can't do much. The pictures used for this product are not accurate. I wouldn't recommend buying this.

👤This clay is great for beginners. My 9 yo is into making small things out of clay and it will last a long time. The ideas are endless because you get so many colors. It's nearly impossible to work with this clay until it cools down, and rolling it in your hands makes it soft. It should be good if you keep it in a cool place, use the provided tools, and don't destroy it too much. It's a great deal for what you get.

👤I wanted to like this kit. It is a cute package with tools and many colors. The clay was lacking. My children love working with clay, but we thought it was thin. The clay was very thin and the color selection was good. It didn't behave like the other clay I have with name brands when it was put in the oven. I was hoping this would be great, but sadly it isn't. Buy a better brand of clay.

👤I have not touched clay in years because I lack the discipline and patience to really commit to any particular craft. I saw an increase in the use of clay based crafts recently and hoped it could be a fun way to make Christmas ornaments. I was able to make a llama with this kit. I baked him in my oven and used markers for the detail. Not the best, but not the train wreck I was afraid of. I can confirm that it is easy for anyone to get started and have fun with it.

👤I would love to use it, but it's hard to do anything with it. I tried to get it for my husband so we could use it.

👤It's great for beginners or for experimenting.

👤The starter is great to play with. I wanted to add it quickly.


What is the best product for baking clay for kids?

Baking clay for kids products from Qmay. In this article about baking clay for kids you can see why people choose the product. Leyzan and Crayola are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking clay for kids.

What are the best brands for baking clay for kids?

Qmay, Leyzan and Crayola are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking clay for kids. Find the detail in this article. Vankerter, Pozean and Wee Creators are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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