Best Baking Clay for Sculpting White

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1. Sculpey Oven Bake Sculpting Projects Perfect Beginners

Sculpey Oven Bake Sculpting Projects Perfect Beginners

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Sculpey III has 44 vibrant colors. This is a basic White that is perfect for clay projects. Does not dry out. No kiln is needed until it is baked in your home oven. Store extra clay for later use. You can use your hands or clay tools to create your pieces. The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Brand: Sculpey

👤It's a good thing... I thought the photo was for a few bars of clay. I could only laugh when this bar arrived. My fault was not reading the description.

👤I returned the item. I thought 2oz would be bigger. At the time of purchase, it was $11. They have the same item at Michaels for less than $2 and you can use a coupon.

👤I have never done sculpting before. I am a fabric artist, and have two commissions for teeth. I live in a home where I don't have an oven. I found out that Sculpy could be baked in a crockpot, despite not being recommended. It worked. These two guys are my answers. I had a post taken down by Facebook because I could not sell live animals on the site. It's true!!

👤This is the second time I have bought from this seller. The Sculpey comes quickly in a bubble mailer. The clay is soft. It's not too emotional. I can still make tiny arms and legs for my figures. The figures are not designed to stand upright. I don't recommend this clay for upright sculptures. If you use a lot of clay, you will probably want to buy one of the more economical options, however this is great for someone like me who uses a moderate amount of clay. I can make character charms from these bars. I usually order two at a time. I want to invest in a larger amount of white Sculpey eventually, but for now this is the perfect amount. This is a good seller. They ship right away.

👤This clay was made in 2016! These were 3.5 years old.

👤I haven't experienced any issues with Sculpey III, it works great for me, I hear a lot of people complain about it, but I haven't experienced any issues with it.

👤If it's small enough for me to make sculptures, it's not very functional, but they have a bigger size. I don't know what to think about this version.

👤Sculpey clays are easy to condition and come in wonderful colors.

2. Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

Modeling Clay Kit Stretchy Accessories

No kiln or oven is necessary for the do-it-yourself clay projects. Their air dry clay kit is the ideal arts and crafts activity for kids and adults alike because it is easy to use and it is also known as kids modeling clay. 50 modeling clay in 50 colors, a project booklet, 6 clay tools, 4 spring seats, 47 animal and decorative accessories, and 50 extra sealed bags are included. They'll be busy with these sculpting clay making accessories all day while engaging in fun, sensory play, and the best activity for rainy days, play-dates, birthday parties. This modeling clay is soft to the touch, non messy, and doesn't leave a trace, it's perfect for gift idea, and it's stress-free to create exciting modeling magic clay and art projects. The clay is not food. If your product doesn't perform right, please contact them for a service.

Brand: Essenson

👤I am loving it as an adult. Everyone is enjoying it because the kids want what I made for them. There is a better instruction on how to do more sophisticated things, and how to preserve the clay, and how to stick the pieces together when they start to dry. I have some clay sculpting skills that I can use, but others should give me more instructions. There were a lot of potentials that were not shown in the simple instruction book.

👤This stuff is not as messy as either playdoh or slime. It doesn't stick to everything like playdoh. It's fun. It was so soft. It is airy and Fluffy. Air is dried up into a foam. It's fun for the kids to make creatures and play with them. It smells good. It's kind of fruity. It's not something you play with the same pack of it over and over again. My kids like to make things with it. The result is much more stable than dry playdoh. Not meant to be used in playdoh machines. It's much thicker and softer than playdoh, but rolling pins and cookie cutter work great on it.

👤I bought this for my daughter's school project, which was to make a clay model of our galaxy. This isn't clay. The resemblance stops when it is as air dry modeling compound. It is more of a moldable foam. The compound is very easy to create with, but it tears very easily. The colors remain well after drying. The compound is foam-like and it is hard to get consistent sizes. It tries to return it's previous shape. There is a The biggest issue with this product is that it is a false representation of what it actually is, and this seems to be a growing trend with products on Amazon. Sometimes requirements in schools are rigid and this product is not clay, so please represent it correctly in the product description. My child lost points on a project because the product description was false.

👤The other reviews were worried that it was not real modeling clay. My daughter likes it. She makes cute animals and food out of it. It's great for us because we're not going to put it in a kiln and sell it on the show.

👤We bought this Magic Clay Kit for our 10 year old niece and 8 year old nephew and the other two kids wanted to join in on the fun. It's a great kit for children of all ages, and it's even fun for adults. The kit has a lot of craft supplies and utensils. They came with small bags in case you don't use all of your clay. Next time, seal them up and use them. If you leave the clay exposed to air for a while, it will begin to oxidize, so be careful while you're sculpting! I read that the clay sticks to the packaging when it is removed. We had a problem that we experienced minimally. You don't have to be upset about losing a little clay to the bag. This was a great gift for the kids and I would buy it again.

3. Polymer Starter Modeling Sculpting Accessories

Polymer Starter Modeling Sculpting Accessories

The set includes 36 packs of clay in different colors and a block of 2.22 lbs. A project booklet, accessory pack, and 2-layer storage box are included. The material is non-toxic and safe and bright colored. Non-hardening modeling clay is blendable. Individually wrapped packs are easy to use. For the crowd, it's fun for kids and beginners to make small ornaments. Great for both home and classroom use. It is a perfect present for Christmas. For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them.

Brand: Ciaraq

👤I am a sculptor. My grandson would like to work with me. I bought this kit for him to play with if he used my clay. I am very happy with this clay. It's easy to make something with little hands. There are many colors. They are bright and beautiful. The clay bakes well. It is very hard to break after cooking. I am very happy with this product. The reviewer gave it 5 stars after I purchased it. This clay kit is very good.

👤Hi! I am 15 years old and like small things. I watched videos of people working on clay creations and was excited to try it out for myself. I ordered a cheap set before diving into expensive clays to practice on and it was everything I wanted it to be. The colors are great. The first one I made was smudged but the second one turned out great.

👤Soft, easy to mold, bakes well. There is a good assortment of colors. Doesn't dry out too quickly. A little more flexible after baking than Sculpey or Fimo. That is not a bad thing. The plastic tools are cheap. If you stick with clay, you will find which ones you like the most. There is a nice assortment of pins. It's perfect for anyone who wants to try out clay without spending a lot of money.

👤The clay is fresh and maliable. The clay works well. My pieces did not get hardened after following the instructions. I made leaves and flowers out of silicone molds and they all came out flexible. I baked them again for 25 minutes with a fully preheating oven, and they did not change. I have used a few different baking clays, but not this one. The clay is lovely, but I was hoping for solid pieces to use in my fairy garden.

👤My daughter loves it! She is making new pieces all the time. Baking has a learning curve. After baking for 20 minutes, the first ones were still soft, so we kept baking for 15 more minutes. The pieces will become stronger after it cools down. She ran out of all three clays, so here I go to order more.

👤I decided to give this kit a try before I invested in a lot of tools and clay because I found the earrings to be very interesting. I didn't have many expectations for it. I was impressed with the quality of the clays. If you work slowly, you don't feel pressured to rush your work because they are wet and tacky. The clay is light and bendy, which is fine because it prevents cracking of your creations. The earrings I made were just as good as the ones I own. The tools in the kit are very useful. I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants to pick up a new hobby without spending a lot of money.

👤I am a beginner when it comes to using clay. I snatched the kit when I saw it was on Lightning Deal, I've never done the craft but always wanted to. The clay stains my hands, especially the darker colors. When you're working with different colors, the stain from one will ruin your work. If you're making small charms, the variety of colors is good. I have no experience working with clay other than the ones I've used before, so I think the clay felt right to me. It picked up my fingerprints when I was working with it, which was frustrating. A lot of the tools and other products in the beginner kit are missing, so it's necessary for beginners. I think the kit would benefit from liquid clay, a roller, glaze, and a work surface, as I already have these, but the jewelry findings are not really necessary. The Pros are: good variety of colors of clay and good amount, a case to keep everything together, and a manual with directions for baking your clay. It might be more expensive, but you will have a better experience. I regret buying this product because it doesn't help me as a beginner. I wish I'd used the money I spent on this to buy what I needed individually.

4. Original Sculpey Sculpting Compound Oven Bake

Original Sculpey Sculpting Compound Oven Bake

Sago Brothers air dry clay is the greatest gift. Kids will be thrilled and won't be able to put it down if you make it your go-to present. Most favorite gifts for boys and girls are magic clay and craft kits. Stays soft until baked. The Original Sculpey is soft and flexible until it is baked. The first oven bake bake. America's first oven bake clay is the Original Sculpey. People have been using it for a long time. Clays are great for art projects as they provide many creative possibilities. It's perfect for making jewelry pieces. There is original white. White is where the clay is available. There are three packs. The item can be found in three 1 lbs sections.

Brand: Sculpey

👤I have been using this clay for a long time. The clay is like a magnet so make sure your work area is clean. The dust will be picked up by it. Before you start, wash your hands. Plus every now and then. Once you get it soft enough to sculpt with, you need a clean paper towel to lay your work on. The heat from your hand will make it soft. This isn't a bad thing about the Sclupey. All clays do the same thing. Buy a small oven with a tempeture setting. You can test to make sure the tempeture is right. Allow it to cool before touching. Tinfoil bakes all the way through, it uses less clay, and it makes a good armature. Don't use styrofoam when baking, it will expand and crack, and use glass eyes or sculpt your own, don't over bake or use the house oven. You don't want the fumes from the clay in your food.

👤I ordered some after working with sculpey at a friend's house. I ordered the regular sculpey when I should have gotten one of the other ones. You should read the descriptions of the different types to make sure you get what you want. If you are a beginner or a parent with kids, this is the perfect thing for you. If you want a more detailed version, you're probably going to want a harder one.

👤I've been using Sculpey Original in beige since December and I've never had a problem. I wanted to try the medium blend but couldn't find it on Amazon. They had technical issues. When I came back to Amazon, I had a hard time finding what I wanted, since they had an awesome selection at great prices. I found this 3 lbs of Original Sculpey in White for $30 and thought it was cheap. I paint my sculptures. It arrived today. I decided to make something special for my mom after I painted some sculptures. The clay didn't smell right. It had a funky chemical smell and it was tacky, soft and moist, even the plastic inside had white remnants. The clay was so sticky that the plastic wouldn't let go of it. The slabs wouldn't pull apart, but rather were "crumbled", which is weird because I didn't break or pull it. It's strange to have all these different textures for Sculpey. Soft clay is usually a good sign that it's fresh, but this was so soft that any pressure flattened it, as if there was no substance to it. I thought it needed to be worked on. I put the clay in the Sculpey clay roller. It almost ruined it. I was surprised that it stuck to the machine. I tried sculpting a small part to use later and it almost ruined my tools. I was unsure if I'd have to throw it away because it took a lot of stuff to clean it. I don't know what happened. I will not buy it again. It's terrible. I need to find something else. I hope no one else has the same experience.

5. Crayola Natural White Modeling Bucket

Crayola Natural White Modeling Bucket

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. A Rayola Air Dry Clay includes 5 pounds of sculpting clay in a re-sealable bucket. The cargo storage is CONVENIENT. The modeling clay is sealed in plastic. The storage bucket can be used to keep clay soft. There is a natural clay. It is easy for little hands to shape and mold clay. No kiln or oven is necessary for the do-it-yourself clay projects.

Brand: Crayola

👤I like this stuff. It's amazing if you keep it moist. I have not had any problems with drilling holes in small thin hearts that have already healed. Most photos are incomplete. I post them because I'm able to go back and work on the detail even days after I start the project. The sculpture of my two girls with the heart in the middle is going on for four days. I painted a portion of the sculpture of my daughter and her dad to see how it was painted. I can add detail to her dad before painting him. I use small paintbrushes and water. Mary and Jesus in the manger are sealed with a high-gloss spray and are not complete. Joseph needs to touch up. The sculpture of my daughter behind me is incomplete and will be smoothed out when it's complete. The side view shows how thin the star is but it doesn't feel brittle. It feels like a store and is very sturdy. I have to have two tubs of this on hand all the time to feel secure, and Mary's cloak is thin, so I am not afraid to handle it. It's funny. I really like it. Just keep it moist. It's amazing.

👤We liked it at first. They all broke once they dried. Once it was picked up, it was into a bunch of little pieces. The clay does not work. I wouldn't buy this kind again. The clay that we bought before did not break once dried.

👤The bucket is broken and dry. How am I supposed to keep it out of the air?

👤This is not the light weight air dry clay you see in other colors. I bought this thinking that it was true. The product works well. It is not white. There is a light tan off white. This could be the norm because this is coming from an amateur who just started. It wasn't as I expected. It works.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of all the negative reviews, but I decided to get it anyway. The clay was preserved and usable after my case cracked. If you are looking to make something not complicated and fast drying, this is a good product. It is easy to wash and clean. It works well with water and brushes. It doesn't crack if you have thick layers of clay. It would be a good recommendation for both kids and adults.

👤I wanted to make a really quick yarn bowl, nothing fancy, so I thought I'd give it a try. I let it dry for a few days. It was dry when I picked it up. This does not have strength. The bowl was 1/3 of an inch and crumbled when I held it with one hand. I thought it wasn't dry. I looked at where it had cracked. It was dry all the way through. It almost felt like chalk. I thought it was weak in that one spot, so I moved it to a different spot, and that part crumbled a bit, but not as badly since it was a bit thicker in that area. If you're going to do something like a bowl, give it some internal structure to give it more strength. You can use water to smooth it if you find a clay that can hold itself better. I used water to help prevent cracking as it dried, but not inside, since I used the outside of a glass bowl as a template to back this clay one.

6. Ultralight Lightweight Sculpting Oven Bake Cosplayers

Ultralight Lightweight Sculpting Oven Bake Cosplayers

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Does not dry out until baked. It will be workable and flexible until it is baked in your home oven. Store extra clay for later use. The clay is lightweight. It can float. It's perfect for cosplay, aramatures, papercrafting, bead cores and in keepsake handprint projects. It can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints after baking. The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Brand: Polyform

👤I've wanted to work with this clay for a long time. I started learning how to make art with clay after watching a show on the internet. Early on they used wire, jewelry, masking tape and foil to bulk. I leave behind too many accidental pressure points and fingerprints when I use all the same products, and I still haven't learned how to get a smooth finish. They all started using this clay as a substitute when they became sponsored by Sculpey and loving it, despite using Sculpey products, openly admitting they thought it was only for kids. I wasn't sure what to expect other than fluffy, light weight and can float in water. It has a chalk-like texture with a "dry skin" while being soft and pliable. I used a wooden sculpting knife to cut it, and then used my Sculpey rolling machine to roll it on a sheet of glass. I was experimenting with it because it had a chalk-like texture and the thinner it was rolled, the more it sticks to everything. The texture changed completely when I only used my hands to knead it. It felt like a heavier clay and became slightly sticky. The clay went back to it's original texture after being pulled from the worked piece. I found it odd. This is a beautiful thing. I can smooth it with my fingers. I love it! I found it to be trouble, but it was how badly it crumbled as you worked with it. I have pets and I found tiny white flecks during my cleaning, so I will be keeping an eye on that. There is a The finish product is great. Light weight, smooth, soft and workable without cracking; I mean textured and sanded. I haven't tried yet. I'm looking forward to mixing it with my colored clay and seeing how it holds paint. I can't wait to make jewelry out of it.

👤This clay was terrible. I am so sorry I didn't open it sooner so I could get my money back. The package was brittle when I opened it, and I intended to use it today. It was not wet. I wanted to see if it had gotten too dry. I was able to create a clay-like material by adding water. I made a small round tester to see if it would work. After 3 minutes, it started smoking. I let it dry after taking it out. It fell in my hand. I'm not happy with the quality of the product.

👤This was a chance to make a pizza sculpture. Polyclay is becoming more and more expensive. I decided to try other types. I was surprised by what I could do with this clay. I don't know about longevity of work using this polyclay. It seems to work well for simple details. Check the pictures. I applied paint and glaze.

👤This is not the fault of the manufacturer. Ultralight is a clay. It was a brick and cracked when I tried to bend it, and it was shipped from the Amazon warehouse. It's funny. It was not soft or squishy as it should have been.

7. Original Sculpey Modeling Sculpting Projects

Original Sculpey Modeling Sculpting Projects

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. Does not dry out. No kiln is needed until it is baked in your home oven. Store extra clay for later use. Children can explore their creativity in the classroom. It can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints after baking. It is easy to build a piece with a variety of clay tools and armatures. The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Brand: Sculpey

👤This product works. However, it is dangerous. I tried to make a bowl with a candle under it. The sculpture was in flames within 2 minutes of the candle being lit.

👤I have been buying clay here for a long time. Always fresh clay. The weather and heat should be considered by those who claim it is sticky. Put the box in the fridge for half an hour. Recommended sellers.

👤A small amount of clay is great. We will not get it again.

👤I made clay dishes out of these for Christmas gifts. The clay bakes. I have had it open for over a year, and it seems like it would be feasible to make another project.

👤Sculpy is very easy to use. The ease of use is really great, but it is a little bit on the expensive side. I decided to make needed feet for my little gnomes after using it for years. Sculpy was the answer.

👤When my grandsons come to visit, the first thing they do is lay down. I appreciate being able to buy a big chunk at a time, and at a decent price, because we go through quite a bit of polymer clay here. Highly recommend this seller.

👤It's great for the hobby person. Can make small model things. It needs to be put in the regular oven.

👤I didn't like it. I needed some white for my jewelry making but it was too soft to really do what I needed, and it stuck to my fingers. I will find other uses for it. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good, not for what I wanted.

👤I bought this clay a few days ago for $12 and came back to buy it again for $25, but it is now $25. Clay is great, but the price jump is outrageous.

👤It's good for making hair clips.

👤Its soft and sticky. Sticks to your fingers too much. It's not possible to mold or form something without it being sticky.

8. Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling 5 Pound

Sargent Art Plastilina Modeling 5 Pound

Even if you are working to create costumes or props for plays or movie sets, you can rely on this foam clay to last. Non-hardening clay is mineral based. Use for science projects and flower arrangements. Never dries out. Non-Toxic; Conforms to the standard. It is suitable for all ages.

Brand: Sargent Art

👤Not a fan of this stuff. It's like a dryer. It's difficult to work with. The clay on the left is oven bake clay. It's much easier to work with and it's a bit like silly putty. I tried to recreate it with this stuff, but couldn't. I just got it for fun. Maybe it's for professionals.

👤This clay is perfect for sculpting and making models. I needed a clay that was easy to work with and could be removed from a cast. I have been able to reuse this clay several times because it is new after doing that. Ceramic casts take hours to dry and heat up as they cure. This clay was being cooked as well. If you plan on doing modeling, I recommend it.

👤I was excited to try out the new clay, but it was hard to sculpt, as it was so hard. I don't live in a cold place. I have to use a heat source to get the clay to be softer. The clay is still very hard even then. It sounds like a brick if I hit it on the table. It's nice that it doesn't get messy. The money was wasted and the clay was barely usable. I have been trying to warm up the clay for over an hour but it is still hard.

👤My house was built in 1968. In the back of the house there is a dip in the top of the wall which with heavy rains accumulates water on the outside of the brick ledge which flows over the dip into the basement floor. The drain tiles at the footing are where the water finds its way down. The water comes in until it stops. I thought of making a dam on the inside and filling the dip with concrete that was supposed to stick to the old concrete but I found out that it should only be a fraction of an inch thick. I needed the dam to hold caulk from running into the basement, even though I considered self leveling it. A foam plastic dam would have been difficult to install because the inside of the basement walls is not level. I bought this clay for the lips of the wall. I wondered if it was wise to put something in if it failed. It came down to only using this clay to push into every crack and possible path for water to appear. It won't crack because it doesn't harden. It's water proof so far and it's easy to remove.

👤I don't think it's a good idea to use this stuff to sculpt into, it's really sticky and soft. It sticks to tools and leaves a lot of oil on your hands. I purchased this clay to help protect my head cast when I make a jacket mold out of fiberglass, I did not purchase this clay as a sculpting medium. It is wonderful for that purpose. It is soft and flexible and does not need to be heated prior to use. Since it is sulfur free, it won't affect the silicone. I used the 5-pound block to make registration keys, even though it doesn't seem like much.

9. Shuttle Art Sculpting Accessories Non Stick

Shuttle Art Sculpting Accessories Non Stick

It is safe for children. The manufacturing process is non-toxic. 60 colors polymer clay kit The Shuttle Art clay set contains 60 colors 0.7oz/block oven bake clay, 19 useful clay tools, and 16 kinds of accessories. Modeling clay is ideal for kids and beginners to make ornaments. There are completeLAY tools and creative accessories. Comes with complete clay tools, bells, beads, earring hooks, hairpin holder, brooch holder, ring holders, key ring, gem silicone mold, needles, mobile phone chains, user manual and more. There are 19 clay tools and 16 accessories to create clay earrings or a necklace with polymer clay beads, an ornament, a jewellery holder, and more. It is safe, portable, and giftable and complies with the standards. It's safe for both kids and adults and easy to bend and stretch. The container with the transparent plastic storage box made it easy to store and portable. It is suitable for giving a present on Christmas, birthday or any other festival. The fake method is 1. Oven. If you want to bake, bake at 130 C (266 F) and bake for 10 minutes. The small works size is 1/3 inch. The small works size of 1-2 inch is suitable for hair blower heating. Don't microwave. There is a service guarantee. They want you to be satisfied, so please purchase their products. If you have questions or are not satisfied with their product, please contact them.

Brand: Shuttle Art

👤I was excited to get all the colors of clay and tools in one set because I am a beginner when it comes to polymer clay. A user manual, cutting/shaping tools, a silicone mold, and some other jewelry hooks and charms are included in this set. The heavy weight of the box made it hard for it to break, but luckily it did not. I like to organize things by color, so as I was nearing the end of doing so, I realized that one of the clay blocks had a piece of hair in it. I opened the package to confirm that it was a strand of hair. I put that one aside in hopes of reaching out to the company to let them know that I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it. I checked the rest and didn't find any issues. I used the clay to make charms. I agree with others that the clay is soft and sticky, so you may not be able to do much detail. It is good for beginners or people who just want to do simple shapes. A decent set.

👤Did not get all that goes with clay. No tools or anything else that comes with it.

👤I bought this for my kids. The container and tools are great and I gave it 3 stars. It is so dry and flaky. I bought a set of the S brand and it was a huge difference in quality. I am very disappointed, not sure if I can come back.

👤The clay is terrible. It breaks and crumbles after a long time of rolling.

👤It looks like this is much bigger than it is, so be prepared.

👤This clay is great for beginners. Tools and colors included. I make lots of little clay foods for my daughters. She loves them. It can be used with a hair dryer.

👤This product is terrible. The clay starts hard for some colors, then becomes soft once it warms up, which is too soft to control. The clay took twice as long to bake as the time stated, because the sculpture I made turned a completely different color in the oven. It wasn't completely hardened after the additional time. If you intend to use what you make, don't buy this. I intend to give it to my littles for play.

👤I am really disappointed in this clay. I bought it for my daughter. Several packages of clay are incredibly hard and some of the clay is workable. After adding baby oil and trying to condition the clay, it still isn't usable. I would have bought some Sculpty clay from the store. I would not buy clay if you wanted consistent clay.

👤Product is nicely packaged and has a variety of colors. We cooked it for longer than suggested but it was still softer than other clays. It was manufactured in China, so we don't know if they make it differently. I don't think I'd buy it again.

10. Sargent Art Polymer Baking Clay

Sargent Art Polymer Baking Clay

It's easy to use Sargent Art baking clays for clay sculpting projects. Once hardened, your sculpture can be sanded, drilled, and painted. It's perfect for home projects, school projects, building models, creating jewelry, flower arrangements, crafts, science projects, and many more. Eco-friendly clay is safe and non-toxic. Kids and adults will love this gift. The clay is versatile. When baked, the clay is soft and pliable, even left out in the air. It can be painted once hardened. Clay will be firm at first but will start to change shape as you knead it. Divide the clay into smaller pieces if kneading large portions is too difficult.

Brand: Sargent Art

👤This is not a firm clay. I can't see how anyone would think that this clay was too firm because it is so sticky and malleable. I bought this clay because of the reviews, and I was disappointed.

👤It needed a stiff roll to warm it up. It is great clay. These are for a toy. I am working on an accessory so the eyes are not in yet. I am happy with the process.

👤I used clay for the first time and it went well. It was relatively easy to work with the clay once it was warmed up and softened up. The biggest problem I ran into was getting the clay to blend with other parts. I was happy with the results and the clay.

👤Does not paint well with other brands. Next time, will try a white. It is hard at first and you have to work on it. It is very good texture. The instructions say it takes twice as long to bake.

👤Good for baking. It is easy to mold, just heat it up and you are good to go. You have to bake it for it to stay hard while it sits out. I liked that you can bake multiple times as you add details.

👤It's a great value for the money and requires a lot of conditioning. I would buy again.

👤The clay is soft and sticky, but it is a good starting point. I put it in the freezer to stiffen it up but it lasts 20 minutes. I had to sandwich it between two pieces of paper to get some of the oil out of it. It worked but it became too sticky to work with again. My figures were pretty weird. They look okay after baking and painting.

11. Sculpey Oven Bake Sculpting Projects Beginners

Sculpey Oven Bake Sculpting Projects Beginners

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. Does not dry out. No kiln is needed until it is baked in your home oven. Store extra clay for later use. Children can explore their creativity in the classroom. You can use your hands or clay tools to create your pieces. It can be sanded, drilled, carved and painted with water-based acrylic paints after baking. The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Brand: Sculpey

👤I usually use Premo clays. When I ordered a large box of Polyform Sculpey in the white, it was less expensive than Premo clay, and I absolutely loved it. I am glad I tried the black. It is easy to condition and work with. It is much easier to condition than the Premo clays. It is a little harder to get out of some of the smaller molds because it can get super soft, but I love this clay. It's easy to use and it would be a nice soft clay for children to play with. The colors of this black clay are absolutely gorgeous, a completely different look than the white clay. Very happy with the clay. I will definitely buy it again.

👤It's easy to use. We made maleficent staffs when the product was long lasting. We baked the clay in the oven for 7 minutes and they turned out perfect.

👤I don't understand why the price of the clay has gone up. It's 10 dollars more than craft stores on Amazon. Why?

👤It was a great project to complete quickly. It was a little stiff and needed to be rolled and folded a number of times before it could be used.

👤It was exactly what I wanted and was cheaper than in the store. I will definitely recommend sculpey clay from this seller.

👤It's nice to work with, it's moldable and doesn't stain my hands.

👤This is a dark gray and not black and it is nice and soft. I won't be buying this again because I am using color shift mica powders on the pieces I'm making. Next time will be more expensive. Really disappointed!

👤It's good for practice. I tried to make a sculpture with thin parts, but they would break all the time even after baking a few times.


What is the best product for baking clay for sculpting white?

Baking clay for sculpting white products from Sculpey. In this article about baking clay for sculpting white you can see why people choose the product. Essenson and Ciaraq are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking clay for sculpting white.

What are the best brands for baking clay for sculpting white?

Sculpey, Essenson and Ciaraq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking clay for sculpting white. Find the detail in this article. Crayola, Polyform and Sargent Art are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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