Best Baking Clay Kit

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1. Acrylic Rectangle Supplies Sculpting Modelling

Acrylic Rectangle Supplies Sculpting Modelling

There is a service guarantee. They want you to be satisfied, so please purchase their products. If you have questions or are not satisfied with their product, please contact them. You will get 2 clay rolling pins. The roller is 20 cm/ 7.8 inches in height and 2 cm/0.8 inches in diameter. The view will not be blocked by the roller. The size of the rectangular transparent acrylic sheet is 15 x 10 cm. Please tear off the paper before using the sheet. You will get 4 clay cutters, including 2 long knives and 2 short knives. The long clay cutter is 20x1.8 cm/7.87x0.7inch, and the short clay cutter is 10x1.8 cm/3.93x0.7inch. The clay blade has a box to protect it. The product material is. The roller and sheet are made of the same material. The clay blade is made of carbon steel. They are your best choice. Clay tools are suitable for schools and homes. This is a good sculpting tool that can be used for a lot of things. You can make your own crafts. Clay tools are suitable for schools and homes. This is a good sculpting tool that can be used for a lot of things. You can make your own crafts.

Brand: Stickit Graphix

👤The products seem to be of good quality, however I am missing two of the four cutting blades. I received one long and one short, when the description was for two of them. You will get 4 clay cutters, including 2 long knives and 2 short knives.

👤I was confused when I received this set because the clear plates have a protective layer on either side. It looked like they sent me two plastic pieces of plastic, because it was so well-Adhered to the acrylic underneath. This was my mistake. It is possible to see a clear acrylic surface after the protective coating is pealed away. Careful use of an exact-o knife helped get the protective layer off. This set is very good.

👤The razor and rollers were fine, but the plate is cheap and porous. All of my clay sticks to it. The tray is useless when I try to remove my items from it with the flat razor. Both of them are cheap garbage and I only used one of them.

👤Exactly as pictured. The two sheets are small, the rollers are perfect size, and the cutter is sharp but wont slice your hand open unless you use a lot of pressure. I'm very happy with my purchase. The only other suggestion I have is for the 2 sheets to have a "peel here" tab to remove them.

👤I use some great tools for clay work. The blades are sharp and ready to use. The boards are covered to prevent scratching. The cutting blades should be used with care. They are sharp. Before using the rolling pins, be sure to remove the covering from the cutting boards. To be an amateur artist. A nice set of tools.

👤I like it. The smaller plates for the sculptor came used. I washed it thoroughly. It has stains that are years old. The other pieces are new and clear.

👤The second set of blades was missing. Returned and rearranged, but the second set of blades was missing. Pissed. I don't have time to ask for the wrong package. I should have kept the first and waited to put the 2 blades in.

👤The tools work well for beginners. They were covered in some weird dust that was easy to wipe away, but still annoying as it could have mixed in with the clay. The paper was getting stuck on the board. It doesn't come off easily. It is a good place to start building your tool collection.

2. Polymer Starter Oven Bake Sculpting Accessories

Polymer Starter Oven Bake Sculpting Accessories

You have my word, any other problem will be SATISFIED 100%. Contact them. 42 vibrant clay bars that retain their vibrancy after baking. Match and blend colors to create unique swirls and shades. The clay is easy to mold or sculpt and won't stain your hands. It bakes in your oven in a matter of minutes. At Arteza, they are passionate about creating products that inspire. Art is an expression of the human experience. They want to make their art supplies accessible to everyone. They care about their customers so they want to make sure you have a great experience with their products. Their team is proud of the products they create. They will make it right if you have any issues with their products.

Brand: Arteza

👤After using sculpey for a few years, I decided to use this clay as an experiment. The box, tools, and accessories are not great. The kit is worth it because of the unusual tools. The kit is a good one-off and would be good for kids. The kit has pros and cons. The colors are amazing. It is worth it because they are vibrant, unusual, and subtle. You can find better colors in more name brands. The colors after baking have a light, airy look to them. It was like they were mixed with clay. They condition quickly and stick to each other, making joining pieces easy. The box makes travel and storage easy. It's mixing. The color transition is amazing, I did quite a few marbled pieces. It's soft and sticky. Good luck if you want a sculpture that is free of fingerprints. When you can remove it from the surface, it will not change shape. I found it difficult to remove the baked pieces from the tile. Just be careful, it can be done. The directions are false. I baked a few pieces and they were soft and brittle even after they had cooled. If you want to use this production, cook at least 1/2 hour. Make sure you keep an eye on it. It can be less sturdy than the name brands, so using it for something that's going to sit there would be best. It's not too bad for a beginner to know about the pros and cons of it and it's probably cheaper. If you use it for very simple sculpts, it will make you less likely to get frustrated, and you will be prepared for the more expensive clay. Even though I like these colors, I'm probably going to stick with my own clay.

👤I was surprised when it arrived and it was tiny. The box is 6 x 5 x 2 1/2 and has the tools in it. Each bit of clay is about the same size. They would be the same size as Fimo clay. The thickness is disappointing. I added pictures to compare them.

👤A very cute kit. The bars are 3x1 and the box is 14x 5. The clay is nicely colored. I can't say how clean the colors are because I didn't mix any with this clay. The texture is very soft and sticky. It is not the same clay that I have used before. The bars are strong and not brittle after being baked for an hour. The thinner piece was able to bend enough to tear it, but the thicker piece did not. The thick did not bend or break. It isn't a clay for making canes or sculptures since it is so soft. It is great for small charms and journal covering. The clay allowed me to attach little balls to my test piece with no need for a bake or bond. I didn't put any pressure on the clay to attach it. I couldn't chip or pull the parts off after baking. That was impressive. It did hold the stamp even though it was soft. The clay is a nice surprise. I like it so far. The tools and other bits in the kit are not very good, but would be fine for kids. I like the box it came in and the colors are pretty.

3. POZEAN Modeling Supplies Portable Beginners

POZEAN Modeling Supplies Portable Beginners

If you have questions or are not satisfied with their products, you can contact them. 70 colors clay blocks, portable storage box, user manual, 5 sculpting tools, rolling pin, and 16 kinds of creative accessories are included in the kit. Brightly colored and well-testing standards are what the material is made of. Intellectual development of children isducive to imagination. Their tools and supplies come with a lot of accessories. It's perfect for making cartoon characters, jewelry, ring, earring, phone, and key chains. It is an ideal gift for beginners. It is advisable to bake a test piece before baking your artistic work. The work has been created. Place a foil sheet or ceramic tile in the oven for 30 minutes. Then bake your clay project in the oven for 10-30 minutes at a temperature of 135C. Baking time can vary depending on clay thickness and as a general rule allow 30 minutes for every 6mm thickness. It comes with small parts, so it's a good idea for over 3 year old children. It would be better if it was accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have a question, please contact their customers service. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problem.

Brand: Pozean

👤Most of these are very soft. They are easy to work with, but don't hold their shape as rigidly as sculpy variant would. It's a good idea to have some experience with a nicer clay before using it, because it can be difficult for someone who has not used poly clay to keep them smooth and rigid. There is a One of the pink colors melted in the oven, but only the one color. I didn't allow my students to use any Additives, so I'm not sure what's going on. As a teacher, I can't complain about the value and quantity of the product, because I am happy with them.

👤I like this product. Some of the rectangles were easy to work with. The color does not fade or bleed into other colors. It becomes stiff after you bake it. The colors do not lose their color after baking. I would buy again. I did not use the tools, but they are helpful and the right size.

👤The clay bars had small metal particles in them. We have only opened a small portion of the colors. The rest will be sent back.

👤The case is nice, but the amount of clay in each color is small. I don't know what I will do with this stuff. There wasn't enough clay to make a patio water fountain. It would have been nicer if it had larger prices and less color.

👤I haven't used it yet but I can see that it is missing some items.

👤This is a fun way to make mini sculptures. If you want to make very thin designs it will break easily once baked.

👤The clay is fun. My kids and I like to make food. It bakes well.

👤It's a good kit for begginners. I bought it to make rings. The assortment of colors is okay, but my concern is that among the 70 colors they only put one white, and some packages came open. Everything is okay until now.

4. Non Toxic Modeling Sculpting Accessories Children

Non Toxic Modeling Sculpting Accessories Children

Get inspired by projects by their artists, things you can make with their clay for sculpting. This starter craft kit is for beginners. A pottery kit for kids and adults. The most ideal gift is 50-color polymer clay, which is rich in visual sense, creative inspiration, and promotes brain development. The clay is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, and free of allergens, and it does not stick to hands. accompanies your child. Each 0.7 ounce piece of clay is packed in a PE bag, 5 sculpting clay tools, Silicone model, accessories and user manuals, total weight of 2.87 pounds. The hair dryer heating method is suitable for small objects of 1-2 inches. If the product can't be used, please contact them so that they can arrange a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Cyajm

👤The kids were having fun with the clay. It has 50 different colors of clay. It has sculpting tools and a plastic storage box. Earring hooks,keychains, and so much more fun. They loved that they could make their own creations and bake them. The clay was easy to work with and it brought out the creativity in the kids. They were not arguing over the clay. There is a lot of arts and crafts time.

👤The amount of quality product is impressive. Bright colors, soft moldable clay, plastic shaping-tools galore. A good value. The plastic storage box is a good way to keep things organized.

👤What we were looking for. My daughter has made a lot of things. She can do the entire process on her own.

👤My son loves this stuff.

👤Kids tried to mold with no luck with the set of tools.

👤This is a great set to start. My daughter has a passion for making rings. The clay is easy to work with and there are many colors to choose from. The set has tools for working with clay. There is a mold with cute shapes and accessories for earrings, keychains, ornaments, and hair pieces. My daughter has been using her imagination for her own creations and there is a small user manual with some suggestions. She bakes her clay items in a low oven for 20 minutes. She has done a good job of mixing the clay pieces together and they are sturdy. The colors are the same after baking. The trays that the set is in fit well. They have a handle for the top. My daughter likes to take this kit with her to her friend's house to make beautiful designs. Younger children may need adult assistance if they want to do it all by themselves.

👤The clay is soft and suitable for low to medium detail work. The clay doesn't have an odor when baking. There were bits of dirt in several colors. The tools are disposable and not something an adult would choose to use. The case is decent.

👤The set is nice, however it is pricey. The set is small and the clay blocks are small. This is probably my least favorite brand of clay we have tried. The clay was hard to mold. My child was struggling with this. There is a good variety of colors and it comes with tools and accessories. The carrying handle makes the case nice.

5. Bearals Polymer Colors Modeling Accessories

Bearals Polymer Colors Modeling Accessories

If your product is malfunctioning, please contact them for a replacement or refund. Their modeling clay has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have a question, they can answer it in 24 hours. The clay is non-toxic, odor-free, and non-sticky and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. They put the clay kits in a transparent storage box to make it easy to store them. The easiest way to bake is to set the oven temperature at 135C (275F) and bake for 10 minutes. The small works size is 1/3 inch. The small works size of 1-2 inch is suitable for hair blower heating. 50 pieces of soft oven baking clay, 6 sculpting tools, 43 jewelry accessories, and a manual are included in the cost effective clay set. The clay is much larger than the regular size. It helps kids release their creativity. Enjoy using Bearals clay and making things for friends and family. It's ideal for beginners and children to make ornaments. It is a great way to expand your child's imagination, creativity and intellectual development. It is also great for adults to make their own jewelry. They treat their customers with respect. If your product does not work, please contact them through Amazon and they will give you a replacement or refund. If you think the clay is hard, please contact them for an electronic document about how to make it soft.

Brand: B Bearals

👤The colors I used to create a beautiful shaped for earrings were breaking up when I was making the wholes. Very disappointed. The dark orange and the two pearl colors did this, so far I have not used many more colors, and I will try to find one that is good. I will post a picture of my broken pieces.

👤It is easy to use with other brands.

👤I didn't get the colors that were advertised. If the dingiest ones are repeated, there are repeats. Some of them had a lot of dust. The forgotten left overs were like that.

👤The clay is easy to work with. The tools are not the best, but you can use things around the house.

👤The starter pack is really great. My child loves this.

👤I bought this for my daughter's 12th birthday and she absolutely loves it. She's had fun making jewelry and she found the instructions easy to follow.

👤The clay was easy to sculpt but not very strong.

👤My granddaughter loved this. She made a lot of animals and earrings.

6. POZEAN Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginners

POZEAN Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginners

50 colorpolymer clay starter kit includes 50 colors of clay blocks, portable storage box, wooden sculpting tools, rolling pin, and more. Pottery 50 colors modeling clay blocks are eco-friendly, well-testing standards to assure its' perfect quality. Intellectual development of children isducive to imagination. The kit comes with a lot of accessories and tools. It's perfect for creating cartoon characters, jewelry, ring, earring, Jewelry, phone&key chains, small ornaments, decorations and more. It is an ideal gift for beginners. It is advisable to bake a test piece before baking your artistic work. The work has been created. Place a foil sheet or ceramic tile in the oven for 30 minutes. Then bake your clay project in the oven for 10-30 minutes at a temperature of 135C. Baking time can vary depending on clay thickness and as a general rule allow 30 minutes for every 6mm thickness. It comes with small parts so it's a good choice for children over 3 years old. It would be better if it was accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have a question, please contact their customers service. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problem.

Brand: Pozean

👤I was very nervous after reading 100 of these reviews. We wanted to make Clay Earrings. I read that it was sticky, didn't come with directions, and didn't bake well. I had no problems with the clay sticking bad when rolling it out. The instructions for baking are in the description of the post. We baked for about 12 minutes and it didn't make our earrings very hard. They were not flimsy! We could have put them back in the oven for a more brick hard effect but we decided it was good enough because they didn't bend and we're a good amount of stif! We have a lot of colors to choose from, but we only used 3 of them and put the rest in the container for the next time. We had a lot of fun doing this and I think it is worth it for the price and everything you get in the kit. We can probably make 100 pairs of earrings. The quality is good for the price. You get a bang for your buck.

👤There is an update. The seller contacted me after he noticed my unhappiness. They were very helpful and quick to help me find a solution. I would consider buying from them again in the future if I could purchase the clay on its own or in different colors. I bought this set because of the variety of colors, the tools, and the price. I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but it seems like there are a couple of duplicate colors. The tools aren't great. Before using, make sure the roller is clean. I used it with my white clay, and it turned my clay gray. The jewlery-making accessories were bent. The first time I used it, it splintered. I will probably purchase a new tool set with an acrylic roller and different tools, which will cancel out my money saving attempt at purchasing this set with the tools included. Oh well. You get what you pay for. I'm happy with the colors in this set. It works well for a beginner like me.

👤I bought this set for my daughter to try because she is really into working with clay right now. I think it is great for her age, but her siblings had a harder time making small pieces from this clay and so I think they are more used to playing with play-doh and slime. This is for children at least 6 years old. I really enjoyed it as an adult. I like the variety of colors and the carrying case makes it easy to keep everything organized. When I opened the clay, I thought it was very stiff, but as I worked with it, it became easier to mold and move. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes because it didn't come with instructions. The tools that came with this set were very strong and sturdy, which was a contrast to other sets. I keep the clay in a sandwich bag until it is baked. I am very pleased! I have included a few photos and a video to show the consistency to give you a better idea of what to expect.

7. 50 Colorful Polymer Clay Modeling

50 Colorful Polymer Clay Modeling

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The 50 colors polymer clay kit is an ideal gift for kids, it is smooth, good toughness, non-stick, moderate hardness, easy to shape, bend and stretch, and could be an amazing gift. 0.7oz. is the weight and accessories. The people were wrapped in a bag. The user manual, modeling tools, accessories, and storage box are included with the clay tools. There is a non-toxic material. The standards and requirements are from the American Society for Testing and Materials. Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly soft clay, it's stretchy and bright. All instructions are included in the kit. Oven bake, boil method, and hair blower heating are suitable for small works sizes. Their modeling clay comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. They provide professional quality service.

Brand: Meetyou

👤I subtracted one star because there were no instructions in our box for using the jewelry materials. I assumed that they would have included how to use them, suggestions or ideas. It would have been nice to have more instructions in the box, but we could easily find it on the internet. All of the clay is good. We had a lot of fun with it.

👤I buy this stuff for my child with a learning disability who likes to model dragons in online classes because it makes it easier for her to listen and pay attention. The clay in this box is really nice. She doesn't like it that you get the same amount of every color, but you usually use more basic colors, like black and white. If you have a child who is obsessed with bakeable modeling clay, you should buy bigger blocks of certain colors from the craft store.

👤My son bought this product for his friend. They had a meeting to work on their clay projects. They were both happy with the clay. They had fun. We will buy this product again.

👤I ordered this for my son's birthday. It was slimy and watery. He is a big fan of clay. I was very disappointed when I ordered this, it didn't look like it.

👤There is a good amount of colors. Good value for a beginner. I like this kit.

👤Two children have enjoyed making things with this set. My grandson keeps every character he makes and plays with, and has used them in stop motion videos.

👤I bought this for my daughter. She loves that it comes with some jewelry making supplies and lots of clay. A great present for a teen. My child also loved this. This product has a lot of clay and will last a long time.

👤For anyone serious about working with clay, look somewhere else, next time I will color it myself, there is not a lot of clay in this. It does not break in the oven like it says.

8. Modeling CiaraQ Non Toxic Project Accessories

Modeling CiaraQ Non Toxic Project Accessories

It comes with small parts, so it's a good idea for over 3 year old children. It would be better if it was accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have a question, please contact their customers service. Within 24 hours, they will solve your problem. The total weight of the set is 585g (20.64 oz), which includes 24 modeling clay in 24 colors, 1 project booklet, 3 clay tools, 1 friction car base, 60 decorative accessories, and 24 extra sealed bags. Soft and non-sticky will not fade. The clay is air dry and can be used with Slime. Strictly is environment-friendly and complies with the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Air-Hardening modeling clay is perfect for parent-child interaction. It's a nice Easter gift, Birthday gift, Christmas gift for children. It is recommended for ages 3 and up. Fun for the kids and easy to mold, great for both classroom and home use. Please let them know if you have a quality problem.

Brand: Ciaraq

👤Natural, safe, and clay were some of the key words that were misleading. It wasn't natural clay. It wasn't safe for me. It caused a dangerous allergic reaction. I couldn't breathe.

👤The clay is very soft and stretchy, so my kids can keep playing with it.

👤I thought I had lost my kids in the house. They play for hours with this clay.

👤The clay was fun to use. The packaging was the biggest problem. I bought another kit with clay. The clay is hard to get out of the little bags. The kids had a good time.

👤My kids are loving it! Storage bags are not ideal. It is difficult to get clay out of the small bags. I spent $30 on empty containers. The product is great.

👤The box popped open inside the large delivery box when the clay bags were full. The small bags did not open because of the heat and temperatures. It would have been a mess. If it affected the modeling clay, that's my only concern. I won't know until my kids try it out. Very disappointed.

👤Not worth the money. The modeling clay was drying when product expanded and caused the wrapper to split open.

👤I got one for my grandsons.

9. Sago Brothers Modeling Molding Colors

Sago Brothers Modeling Molding Colors

Jovi has been producing outstanding creative products since 1939. It was made in Barcelona. Jovi products are non-toxic and certified by the CPSIA. DEVELOPS CREATIVITY Sago Brothers air dry clay kids gifts can help kids improve their logical thinking ability. Keeping kids away from electronics. 24 colors of clay is a good choice for toys, christmas gifts, arts and crafts for kids. There are 72 pages of footnotes. Simple and easy steps for kids are in the Idea Book. Including over 50 kinds of common shapes, foods, and animals that benefit for color recognition, mixing and matching, as well as learning how to paint. Kids can start from imitation, until they can create their own work. Air dry clay is a popular gift for girls. Soft and flexible material helps kids to create wonderful works easily. It's a great favor for parents to have their kids play them and not leave a mess. The package includes 24 colors of air dry clay, 24 x extra sealed bags for storage, 3 x clay tools, and a 72 page book. Not including any small parts leads to choking dangers. Have passed all of the certifications, including the non toxic one. There are wheat, tree nut and peanut-free foods. Kid-friendly and parent approved clay for kids. There are toys for boys and toys for girls. Sago Brothers air dry clay is the greatest gift. Kids will be thrilled and won't be able to put it down if you make it your go-to present. Most favorite gifts for boys and girls are magic clay and craft kits.

Brand: Sago Brothers

👤This clay is magic. My boys have many food allergies and we have been thrilled to not have any issues with this magic clay. It's free of wheat, which is huge considering it's competition with crayola's product. We have allergies to dairy, egg, soy, peanut, and tree nuts. There were no issues with the clay. It's soft and lightweight. It's fun to just play with it, it has a cool sensation when you touch it. It doesn't always stick together, so you need to use toothpicks to attach body parts, or glue the parts that fall off, on. We have had them stick and leave a mark on our windowsill when left there, so be careful where you let them dry. My 4yr old pressed them down a bit on that sill, so it was only his pieces. Place a surface to dry for a while. I wish they would add in more black and white. There are only two colors in the box, white and black. You can't buy the white separately because it's the first one to go. It's been worth it since I know it's safe for my boys food allergies and we've had good results thus far. We would recommend it to others.

👤I am used to working with clay that is very lightweight and dries quickly, but this clay is very different, it is very lightweight and dries quickly, so you have to have a water bowl next to it while you are working with it.

👤My kids are having a blast playing with this set. The set comes in many different colors. There are many different shades of each color. It comes with tools for cutting and working with clay. There's a book that has lots of different ideas, it gives clear instructions on how to make some really fun stuff. The clay is very soft and easy to work with. If left out, it will dry very quickly so it's important to keep it in a sealed bag or container. Adding a little water to the clay made it softer. We make a lot of slime at home and usually use air soft clay to make it into butter slime, which is my favorite kind of slime. The clay worked great when we tried it. The butter slime was just as good as the other clays. It's a must have clay set for kids. The clay can be used over and over again. It was worth the money spent.

👤I am not an artist, but my son and I wanted to try our hand at modeling, so we did. We decided on this brand because of the selection of colors and tools. I'm glad we did. This isn't like modeling clay in that it doesn't break. It's still soft, like a foam. The book was perfect for the teeth. I was grateful that the company included bags to transfer opened clay to, as the bags are not resealable once opened. It is non-toxic and I am very grateful for that. My dog likes to steal things from us. We were reassured that the product is non-toxic. This was not a gift, but it is giftable and I think we will order another for our upcoming birthday. Make sure you test your work surface. My son used a cardboard box to squash his ball. It did not stick to the table but it did stick to the cardboard. I wasn't able to get all of it off of it.

10. Polymer Vivimee Modeling Creation Accessories

Polymer Vivimee Modeling Creation Accessories

Fun for the kids and easy to mold, great for both classroom and home use. Please let them know if you have a quality problem. The clay is safe for both kids and adults, and it's made of a good material, which is easy to bend and stretch. Not only is it good in shape, but also in no waste. It's worth a try and you can make friends. There is a full range of colors. The starter kit has 100 colors. Their colors are bright and diverse. Brightly-colored Clay is non-stick to your hands. Baking clay is great for both classroom and home use and is perfect to practice children's operation skills. There are creative alternatives. Comes with clay tools, bells, beads, pairs of earring hooks, hairpin hoder, ring holders, key ring, gem silicone mold, 9-needles, mobile phone chains and a manual tools. It's ideal for beginners and kids to create ornaments. The oven bake clay was a great gift. Just use your kitchen oven to bake. If you want to bake your clay project in the oven, you need to preheat the oven for 10 minutes, then put it in the oven for 10-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the clay. The microwave will break your oven clay work. It is easy to store and carry things in a storage box. It is portable. Baking clay blocks are a great gift for kids.

Brand: Vivimee

👤The clay is in a nice storage bin and comes in a lot of colors. The tools are useful, but the pros stop there. It is difficult to work with, even after trying all the softening tips in the package insert. I read that this set was great for beginners, but I would disagree. This is the second clay set I have purchased for my daughter, and this one is very difficult to build with. She gets upset when the clay doesn't change.

👤This was used or made to be unsanitary, with personal hairs in multiple blocks opening hardened glitter in a few blocks. This was not cheap. I hope you replace the blocks that are not acceptable. My daughter has a condition called lupus and handling random body hairs and used items can help her. If I send too many returns I will have my account closed and you will have to replace the items if you don't like them. The total 8 blocks were affected. Upset customer. Don't buy.

👤The product description states that there should be one color for every shade. In the photo, you can clearly see that the colors are repeated a lot. There are no pebble/stone looking colors. That was a little bit disappointing.

👤My daughter got a birthday kit. I was worried because I thought it would be bigger. The kit has so much. She has a lot of different colors to choose from and it comes with accessories. The leftover clay is stored in the case.

👤The clay kit is perfect for kids or people who are interested in mold making. I washed my hands with soap and water and it didn't leave a color stain on them. Clay didn't take much kneading to work with. A great buy for the price, with tons of colors.

👤This clay has all the colors and shades of the rainbow and some more colors, but I didn't know there were so many. This helps prevent a mess with the container. There are lots of different tools and they are nice to have.

👤Baking clay and supplies are amazing. My 9 year old loves Femo clay, it's easy to mold and it's easy to use. It's easy to bake. It is hard forever. It's a good thing. Soft clay that can be baked. There are great accessories included.

👤I bought 4 sets of these. 2 for my kids and 2 for gifts. It's a great gift, and kids like it. It's easy to work with lots of colors.

11. Fashion Angels Extra Small Super

Fashion Angels Extra Small Super

Clay tools are suitable for schools and homes. This is a good sculpting tool that can be used for a lot of things. You can make your own crafts. Ultra Cute Tiny Food Clay can be used to build a cafe or restaurant. There are 10 mini food clay kits, each with a different meal and treat like a pancake breakfast, burger and fries, rainbow cake, spaghetti, candy, sushi, donuts, pizza party, cupcakes, and taco dinner. The clay is easy to use for kids. You don't need to heat it to dry because it dries in normal room temperatures. The mini art kits are fun and will keep kids entertained for hours. There are lots of great activities for birthday parties, school breaks, and weekends. Easy to Follow Instructions is a series of instructional videos on the internet. 10 mini-food themed clay kits with video insruction for kids are included. It's recommended for boys and girls of a certain age.

Brand: Fashion Angels

👤These packages are good. The clay and supplies are good. These are great party favors. The boxes look like high quality. It is hard to create the exact project now reality. If you tell your child that they can make anything they want, they are great.

👤The item never arrived. One was ordered and loved. Still looking for a refund for the first order.

👤The clay we received was not dry and it was very thin. Most air dry clay kits arrive with half the packets dried solid, so that could have been a good thing. The clay was very squishy, almost liquidy to the touch, and it was very frustrating. We tried freezing it for 30 minutes. We tried to touch it as little as possible because I thought the heat from our hands was causing issues. It's clay! The two kits we did on Christmas were of this creamy consistency, but 1-2 were normal. We were supposed to get this brand, but we are not sure if it is a knock off or a cheap brand. If you get such a bunch, you're going to have to change your plan a bit to make anything. My daughter and I did our best. The challenge of getting the clay to represent the foods was more fun than we thought. Chili lime taco shells? The donuts are more delicious, but that was part of the fun. The veggie condiments we created with the sticky clay looked pretty cool. We tried to mix black and green for the skin of the avocados, but it ended up in the sink, on our dog, and on the sofa. Our clay was sticky like fudge and people said to work it a bit to get it into usable shape. There was no way to handle it. Maybe you should try to squeeze it out of the bags and let it sit for a couple hours to dry out? If you're thinking of buying this kit, don't. If you've purchased already, I'd not waste time returning it and just try to do your best, squeeze out a tiny hole in bags, and then have at it.

👤My daughter has been watching videos of people making similar items for a long time, so when I saw these, I immediately grabbed them for her birthday. I thought I was going to win the'mom of the year' award for this one. It wasn't easy. The clay in most of the packs is hard to use. It's slimy and sticky. I read the reviews and realized this was a common issue. I usually do my due diligence before buying a product, but I was so excited I didn't bother with the reviews. If your clay is sticky, make sure to add flour to it. It helps to make it moldable, but also makes it less colorful. I would not have paid $35 for this kit if I had known how bad it would be.

👤The kit comes with everything you need to make clay items. My kids have been having fun making them. The clay creations are enhanced by the accessories. The rest of the clay was very easy to work with, even though two of the tiny clay packets were dried up and unable to be used.


What is the best product for baking clay kit?

Baking clay kit products from Stickit Graphix. In this article about baking clay kit you can see why people choose the product. Arteza and Pozean are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking clay kit.

What are the best brands for baking clay kit?

Stickit Graphix, Arteza and Pozean are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking clay kit. Find the detail in this article. Cyajm, B Bearals and Pozean are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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