Best Baking Clay Tools

Clay 24 Mar 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Outus Plastic Ceramic Sculpting Assorted

Outus Plastic Ceramic Sculpting Assorted

It's a perfect gift for kids, it's a great tool for carving art projects. There are 7 double-ended tools, 2 pointed tools, 1 scraper and 10 pieces in the package. It can be applied to ceramic arts, plasticine modeling, clay modeling, baking, etc. Good tools for sculpting and shaping. The plastic material is durable. It is easy to clean and handle.

Brand: Outus

👤You aren't going to be good at sculpting with these. If you have a six year old that has declared that she's the next Nerdy crafter, and you have a pile of assorted doughs and clays, these are perfect. It's easy to handle, sturdy enough to hold up to her, assorted shapes and tips, and unfortunately hard to drill a hole through a brand-new pair of leggings. There are two holes. It is a good addition to any clay. They will probably want thinner and more grown-up tools at 12 or so, but these are excellent for elementary.

👤The tool pictured above broke the first day it was used. My daughter was trying to cut a small piece of clay off with a sharp triangular edge when the triangle piece snapped. I don't know how it would be fixed. It was said that it was embellished. After I left this review, the company contacted me and offered to send me a new set to replace the one that broke. I appreciated the offer. Excellent customer service. I don't think my daughter will use that piece to cut large chunks of clay in the future as we don't want it to break again. Maybe her clay is very hard? It is our first time with clay. She likes the other pieces for shaping and making designs in her clay projects. My review was changed to 4 stars.

👤I wouldn't recommend these tools to 5-year-olds. When pressing down, one tip broke off. The tips of others fall off the handle. Some tips are very sharp. The handles have some tips. The teal green ones that are used with children are not sharp and don't have breakable tips.

👤Don't use these tools. They were very flimsy and broke quickly. I waited too long to return them. The cheap plastic and heads fall off the first time they are used. Not worth the $10 I paid for them.

👤Some of the tools are flimsy. The'shell' attachment broke after some use, and some of the dotting tools seem to dislike staying within their plastic case, and pop out with little provocation. This is a decent option if you want to buy a basic starter kit for clay tooling. The needle tools are sturdy, the spatula is a good tool for Blending liquid clay and solid clay colors, and the dotting tools are not frail. 9/22 I was contacted by the seller and offered a replacement set for the broken tools. I tested all of the new tools to see if they could pop out of their plastic case, but they remained in place. The second set seems to be more durable than the first.

👤The plastic tools were a good choice because my 5yo had just gotten into sculpting. There are two pink handled knives that can be used for slicing, but are blunt enough to be safe for a kindergartener. One or two of the tools had the ends pull out of the handles, so I docked this product one star for that issue. Good value for the money and great tools.

2. 25PCS Polymer Sculpting Children Beginners

25PCS Polymer Sculpting Children Beginners

We treat their customers with respect. If your product does not work, please contact them through Amazon and they will give you a replacement or refund. If you think the clay is hard, please contact them for an electronic document about how to make it soft. Clay sculpting is the art of shaping, casting, or carving a moldable material. Their 24 different clay tools are suitable for beginners and experts. Ceramic clay tools are made of high quality materials. They are strong. They are perfect for pottery craft, nail, rock, carving, smoothing, shaping, modeling, and cleaning. It is a good idea to surround yourself with inspiration. Their clay modeling tools are perfect gifts for your family, friends, and any aspiring artist in your life. You will receive a complete set of clay working tools, including 5 wooden carving/shaping tools, 5 wooden handle ball stylus, 5 Silicone clay sculpting tools, 4 rubber handle ball stylus, and 1pottery sponge. If you have questions or are not satisfied with their products, you can contact them.

Brand: Luney

👤I'm impressed with this collection of clay tools. I gave them to my niece who is interested in working with clay. I own some of the same tools. I like that they have a carrying case to make it convenient. A variety of tools is needed by anyone who is starting out working with clay. You can either spend a lot of money buying all the tools in this set or you can buy it at a very reasonable price.

👤This would be fine to start with for me. My mistake was the first time I used one. Another one broke for the second time. Plastic tools crack when they are put under a lot of pressure. The most important tool is made out of wood and metal. It fell apart. I will return them for a refund.

👤I have some clay and I need some tools to work with it. There are a lot of sizes and types. It's a good set of tools, but there's one thing missing. I would recommend for beginners who are not sure what they need.

👤The first time my daughter tried to sculpt her baby in clay, these broke.

👤The tools will be useful for all skill levels of artists. 100% satisfied.

👤The price is great and the tools are good. The wooden tools are not very strong. If you put too much pressure on the wood, it will break.

👤The tools had dry clay on them, but the sponge was missing. Shame on people who return used stuff without cleaning it.

👤It is easy to handle. They were given to a child and taken away. The ones that are dangerous.

3. CiaraQ Modelling Clay,Baking Sculpting Accessories

CiaraQ Modelling Clay%EF%BC%8CBaking Sculpting Accessories

Less screen time and more fun time. The Artsity Air Dry Clay Set is a wonderful gift for any occasion, backed by a no-hassle 30-day guarantee. The set includes 24 packs of clay in 24 different colors, a block of 20g, a tool pack, an accessory pack, and a project booklet. The material is non-toxic and safe and bright colored. Non-hardening modeling clay is blendable. Individually wrapped packs are easy to use. For the crowd, it's fun for kids and beginners to make small ornaments. Great for both home and classroom use. For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them.

Brand: Ciaraq

👤It worked well for the first time I used it. It's small, but it's enough for kids to get used to working with clay. We baked ours in the oven for 20 minutes. I have to say something about the booklet. My sons almost died laughing when my 12 year old read out the instructions for making the 'Little Cock'. Just saying. I would have told them not to be so stupid, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't say anything.

👤I like the brand of clay so far, even though I don't have a lot of experience with it. I bought this kit for my bff. We are making small animals. If the clay sticks to our fingers too much, we just add a little cornstarch and it's perfect for what we're using it for. Can't beat the price.

👤I was able to make contact with the seller and they sent me a new box to include the extras. They went above and beyond when I sold them just to send the extras. Thank you! Don't buy if you're warned. The clay is included, but the extras are not. I have the yellow tools and clay. The extras to make the jewelry were not included. I bought this kit because it had everything I needed. I guess I was wrong.

👤I'm going to use a quarter of the colors to make four coasters, but I got this clay to make marbled coasters. Usually four packs will make four coasters, because the packs looked at the size of the ones I have previously purchased. I was only able to make two coasters because I only used half of the clay packs. The size of the clay packs varies between colors. The clay seems to be good quality but the amount in the box is less than what you can get at craft stores for the same price.

👤The starter set is a good place to start trying out clay crafts. I bought it for my son to make figures to give as holiday gifts. A budding crafter's perfect set includes tools and instructions.

👤There were different colors in this clay set. Attachements for the clay to make things. It was a nice assortment. The bright colors are nice. The kid is friendly until the oven bakes the clay. Each Clay was packed in a nice box. I wish the clay pieces were bigger and had more storage for the clay that wasn't used.

👤It's great for small projects. I had to use the whole box for my claymation, so pay attention to size and purpose, I love the quality and color variety, but had to use the whole box for my claymation. It would be a good idea for jewelry projects. I made a cute pair of shoes, and it comes with a guide book.

👤I bought it for my kids. They love it! There are so many things to do. I found a way to get them away from electronics.

4. SERONLINE Dotting Modeling Painting Sculpture

SERONLINE Dotting Modeling Painting Sculpture

The set of wood sculpting tools is ideal for beginners, students, and artists alike. They are essential tools to help creators bring their ideas to life. The package includes 5 wooden clay tools, 5 wooden handle ball stylus, 5 rubber pen, 4 rubber handle ball stylus, 4 plastic stylus, and a pottery sponge. A unique design, dual-ended design can handle any detail sculpting, meet your various craft projects need for different creative effect. The ball is made of high quality material. The handles are easy to grip and delicate. Their clay tools are widely used for sculpting, color Blending and shaping, touch-up work and other handicrafts. It's a perfect gift for kids, it's a great tool for carving art projects.

Brand: Rubfac

👤The one set has definitely been used. I haven't taken them out of their packages yet and the one set has clay, finger prints and a chip out of the rubber piece. I ordered this set because I really wanted to use it but won't be able to because of the chip. The other tools look good. There were no chips or marks on them. A great set.

👤I'm new to this and only one package had any information on it, so I'm not sure how to use it. Clay was on the handles of one package. One package is labeled "toys" and it seems like it's all generic. I'm just a new person. If you're a beginner like me, you'll have to figure it out on your own, because there's no tips or directions. I feel like I could have done better. Since I'm new to this, I'm okay with learning with this set.

👤I was very excited to get these, but it turned into disappointment very quickly. Handles came off and fell out. This was the first use. I was careful while using the clay. The ones that were Silicone tipped, even those that slipped right out of the holders, were my favorite. It's a pity.

👤When we found out she was good at making miniatures, I got these for my fiancée. I like how many tools we have. We use them daily and they work well. I prefer the metal over the plastic, but will use all of them. The sponge was a little rough for me, but I would recommend these to anyone and would buy them again if the need arises. I use sculptey clay and it helps flatten them when needed. I have been able to do more intricate designs. They help me make toes and maneuver the clay into smaller sections.

👤I am responsible for storing with my sculpey clay. The clay reacted with the brown paint on the tools. The paint was sticky to the touch before I did this. I am very disappointed as it discolored the clay and I don't like working with gloves as the paint is slimy to the touch. It was all over my hands. The tools are made of silicone. The blue plastic did not react like this. I got this set because of the silicone tools.

👤These tools are essential for making clay figures. The soft ones are firm enough to smooth out the clay, but not too firm. The plastic one has a spear head tip. The dotters are great for cups. These are amazing for the price. I did pair this set with another to get the needle tip and smaller Silicon tips in my collection of tools, but you would be fine with just this set.

👤I didn't think it was possible to make these tools bad. The wooden tools are all carved with random waves and bends, making them useless. The rubber blue tools had their tips fall out. The plastic ball tools have holes. The metal ball tools were the only good ones.

5. Shuttle Art Accessories Non Stick Non Toxic

Shuttle Art Accessories Non Stick Non Toxic

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Shuttle Art clay set contains 50 colors 0.7oz/block oven bake clay and 19 clay tools and accessories. Modeling clay is ideal for kids and beginners to make ornaments. There are completeLAY tools and creative accessories. Comes with complete clay tools, bells, beads, earring hooks, hairpin holder, brooch holder, ring holders, key ring, gem silicone mold, needles, mobile phone chains and a user manual. There are 19 clay tools and 10 accessories to create clay earrings or a necklace with polymer clay beads, an ornament, a jewellery holder, a keychain and more. It is safe, portable, and giftable and complies with the standards. It's safe for both kids and adults and easy to bend and stretch. The container with the transparent plastic storage box made it easy to store and portable. It is suitable for giving a present on Christmas, birthday or any other festival. The fake method is 1. Oven. If you want to bake, bake at 130 C (266 F) and bake for 10 minutes. The small works size is 1/3 inch. The small works size of 1-2 inch is suitable for hair blower heating. Don't microwave. There is a service guarantee. They want you to be satisfied, so please purchase their products. If you have questions or are not satisfied with their product, please contact them.

Brand: Shuttle Art

👤My daughter does a lot of clay work. I thought we would try another brand. The clay we received was so dry that it was hard to open. You couldn't get the crumbled parts to stick together. The product we received does not get a one star review in my opinion, so I wish I could leave a zero star review. The tools it comes with are good, but the clay we received made it difficult to spread or score the clay. The colors are great and I wanted to like this product. I learned from my mistake and will stick to Sculpey. We are not first time users of clay. A family of crafter use the clay on a daily basis for different pieces.

👤If you have experience, it's a good clay. I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner because it's very sticky. Smaller items that have a lot of details are the right clay to work with. It wasn't enough to stop the clay from sticking to everything. It works well for mixing with other brands that need to be softened or color mixed. I won't be buying this again. When you get a black clay that turns out to be dark blue or purple, it messes up the whole project, because there is no color label or names to tell you what color you are using. The storage box on the website says that the company doesn't have the product, so you can't look for more information.

👤There is a lot of colors. There are some doubles. I would have thought it would have broken in line segments. Blocks are small but not small, there are a lot of choices. You get a great case with some nifty tools. It's worth the price compared to other options. I might have looked somewhere else without the case. The updated 1/21 is here. I am sorry, but I think that the color of this clay is cheap and will make your hands feel worse if you wash them. It was very disappointing. The case and tools are the only worthwhile parts of the set.

👤Santa brought this to my son. We both had fun. There is a nice assortment of colors. The bakes are well done according to the instructions. The organizers is aweome too. A set like this in a store would cost triple. I will be buying another set soon. Birthday gifts for children can be made by Wild. Or adult in my case!

👤It's too sticky and soft for anything other than play. Blending is almost impossible without crushing your project, and if you need to chop tiny pieces just stick to each other and your blade. It's good for kids to play with but not for artists. Stick with Sculpey.

👤We bought this to make figurines for our fish tank. It was perfect for our theme colors and a great price. It was a nice case to keep everything in. At first it was tacky but once needed it was perfect. It was easy to mold. There were no stains on our hands or table. I baked a few minutes more than the instructions said. I love it.

6. Polymer Starter Modeling Sculpting Accessories

Polymer Starter Modeling Sculpting Accessories

The set includes 36 packs of clay in different colors and a block of 2.22 lbs. A project booklet, accessory pack, and 2-layer storage box are included. The material is non-toxic and safe and bright colored. Non-hardening modeling clay is blendable. Individually wrapped packs are easy to use. For the crowd, it's fun for kids and beginners to make small ornaments. Great for both home and classroom use. It is a perfect present for Christmas. For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them.

Brand: Ciaraq

👤I am a sculptor. My grandson would like to work with me. I bought this kit for him to play with if he used my clay. I am very happy with this clay. It's easy to make something with little hands. There are many colors. They are bright and beautiful. The clay bakes well. It is very hard to break after cooking. I am very happy with this product. The reviewer gave it 5 stars after I purchased it. This clay kit is very good.

👤Hi! I am 15 years old and like small things. I watched videos of people working on clay creations and was excited to try it out for myself. I ordered a cheap set before diving into expensive clays to practice on and it was everything I wanted it to be. The colors are great. The first one I made was smudged but the second one turned out great.

👤Soft, easy to mold, bakes well. There is a good assortment of colors. Doesn't dry out too quickly. A little more flexible after baking than Sculpey or Fimo. That is not a bad thing. The plastic tools are cheap. If you stick with clay, you will find which ones you like the most. There is a nice assortment of pins. It's perfect for anyone who wants to try out clay without spending a lot of money.

👤The clay is fresh and maliable. The clay works well. My pieces did not get hardened after following the instructions. I made leaves and flowers out of silicone molds and they all came out flexible. I baked them again for 25 minutes with a fully preheating oven, and they did not change. I have used a few different baking clays, but not this one. The clay is lovely, but I was hoping for solid pieces to use in my fairy garden.

👤My daughter loves it! She is making new pieces all the time. Baking has a learning curve. After baking for 20 minutes, the first ones were still soft, so we kept baking for 15 more minutes. The pieces will become stronger after it cools down. She ran out of all three clays, so here I go to order more.

👤I decided to give this kit a try before I invested in a lot of tools and clay because I found the earrings to be very interesting. I didn't have many expectations for it. I was impressed with the quality of the clays. If you work slowly, you don't feel pressured to rush your work because they are wet and tacky. The clay is light and bendy, which is fine because it prevents cracking of your creations. The earrings I made were just as good as the ones I own. The tools in the kit are very useful. I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants to pick up a new hobby without spending a lot of money.

👤I am a beginner when it comes to using clay. I snatched the kit when I saw it was on Lightning Deal, I've never done the craft but always wanted to. The clay stains my hands, especially the darker colors. When you're working with different colors, the stain from one will ruin your work. If you're making small charms, the variety of colors is good. I have no experience working with clay other than the ones I've used before, so I think the clay felt right to me. It picked up my fingerprints when I was working with it, which was frustrating. A lot of the tools and other products in the beginner kit are missing, so it's necessary for beginners. I think the kit would benefit from liquid clay, a roller, glaze, and a work surface, as I already have these, but the jewelry findings are not really necessary. The Pros are: good variety of colors of clay and good amount, a case to keep everything together, and a manual with directions for baking your clay. It might be more expensive, but you will have a better experience. I regret buying this product because it doesn't help me as a beginner. I wish I'd used the money I spent on this to buy what I needed individually.

7. Polymer Starter Oven Bake Sculpting Accessories

Polymer Starter Oven Bake Sculpting Accessories

You have my word, any other problem will be SATISFIED 100%. Contact them. 42 vibrant clay bars that retain their vibrancy after baking. Match and blend colors to create unique swirls and shades. The clay is easy to mold or sculpt and won't stain your hands. It bakes in your oven in a matter of minutes. At Arteza, they are passionate about creating products that inspire. Art is an expression of the human experience. They want to make their art supplies accessible to everyone. They care about their customers so they want to make sure you have a great experience with their products. Their team is proud of the products they create. They will make it right if you have any issues with their products.

Brand: Arteza

👤After using sculpey for a few years, I decided to use this clay as an experiment. The box, tools, and accessories are not great. The kit is worth it because of the unusual tools. The kit is a good one-off and would be good for kids. The kit has pros and cons. The colors are amazing. It is worth it because they are vibrant, unusual, and subtle. You can find better colors in more name brands. The colors after baking have a light, airy look to them. It was like they were mixed with clay. They condition quickly and stick to each other, making joining pieces easy. The box makes travel and storage easy. It's mixing. The color transition is amazing, I did quite a few marbled pieces. It's soft and sticky. Good luck if you want a sculpture that is free of fingerprints. When you can remove it from the surface, it will not change shape. I found it difficult to remove the baked pieces from the tile. Just be careful, it can be done. The directions are false. I baked a few pieces and they were soft and brittle even after they had cooled. If you want to use this production, cook at least 1/2 hour. Make sure you keep an eye on it. It can be less sturdy than the name brands, so using it for something that's going to sit there would be best. It's not too bad for a beginner to know about the pros and cons of it and it's probably cheaper. If you use it for very simple sculpts, it will make you less likely to get frustrated, and you will be prepared for the more expensive clay. Even though I like these colors, I'm probably going to stick with my own clay.

👤I was surprised when it arrived and it was tiny. The box is 6 x 5 x 2 1/2 and has the tools in it. Each bit of clay is about the same size. They would be the same size as Fimo clay. The thickness is disappointing. I added pictures to compare them.

👤A very cute kit. The bars are 3x1 and the box is 14x 5. The clay is nicely colored. I can't say how clean the colors are because I didn't mix any with this clay. The texture is very soft and sticky. It is not the same clay that I have used before. The bars are strong and not brittle after being baked for an hour. The thinner piece was able to bend enough to tear it, but the thicker piece did not. The thick did not bend or break. It isn't a clay for making canes or sculptures since it is so soft. It is great for small charms and journal covering. The clay allowed me to attach little balls to my test piece with no need for a bake or bond. I didn't put any pressure on the clay to attach it. I couldn't chip or pull the parts off after baking. That was impressive. It did hold the stamp even though it was soft. The clay is a nice surprise. I like it so far. The tools and other bits in the kit are not very good, but would be fine for kids. I like the box it came in and the colors are pretty.

8. Mont Marte Modeling Providing Smoothing

Mont Marte Modeling Providing Smoothing

If you have a problem with their pottery clay tools set, please contact them at any time, they will offer you the best solution. Their main concern is your satisfaction. It's the best gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday or any other festival. The set comes with 10 double ended tools and 20 shapes for a range of uses. Boxwood is durable. Each tool in this set has an ergonomics design that is comfortable and effective. The clay modeling tools are suitable for all skill levels and are the perfect addition to a clay modeling starter kit. The back of the packaging has instructions on how to use each tool.

Brand: Mont Marte

👤Some of them weren't smooth. If you want to avoid a drag line or a splinter from a splinter in your project, you should inspect each one and sanding out and rough edges. If you try to snap them, they won't break. They are wood after all.

👤There are tools for drying paper clay. I use them all the time. I wash them after each use. There are many different uses for them. It's nice and sturdy.

👤I use these tools in my ceramic work.

👤These are perfect for our Sculpey modeling, they are very well made, and we all love using them, so I recommend them for your artwork with children or adults.

👤I used it to make my rai holders. The first one is supposed to be a witch.

👤Tools to use. Very strong and able to get into small spaces.

👤Good product, good quality, and will help me with clay.

👤I got these to start my clay projects. Excellent set.

👤A bit of shaping is needed but it's a good value. I bought these to use while I look for my old set. These are 1/2 to 1/3 the price and were delivered the same day. A good art store has tools that last.

👤I suggest putting wax on the end of the bits you're going to use as they are sticky at first.

👤Good for detail, small and fine. Don't forget to fry them in oil so they last a long time.

👤Good design, simple.

👤It's not cheap, but it feels good.

9. 92Colors Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginner

92Colors Modeling Sculpting Accessories Beginner

The non-toxic clay is safe for artists of all ages since it complies with the safety standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials. These clay are made from high quality material and comply with regulations. The oven bake clay kit is safe and perfect. Baking clay is perfect for children to practice. oven bake clay is an ideal gift for children, it is stretchy, easy to bend and stretch, and it is a great gift for beginners. Polymer clay kit come with 92 colors oven clay, 1rolling pin, 1silicone mold, 5 clay tools, 14 sculpting tools, 1scraper, 1plastic sheet, 10 bells, 10 beads, 1 key chain, 2 ring trays, 30 eye pins. A big bake clay kit will make you more fun to work with. You can use your kitchen oven, place your oven bake clay onto a foil sheet or ceramic tile, preheat the oven for 10 minutes, and put your baking clay into the center of the oven. The usual rule is to allow 15 minutes per inch of clay work, or follow the instructions to heat it. The microwave will break your oven clay work. There are 92 gorgeous and bright colored Oven bake modeling clay blocks in the starter kit. Their colors are more diverse and bright. After baking, can keep color bright. Baking clay can be mixed to meet your needs for different colors and patterns. The clay kit is great for imagination, creativity and intellectual development. Parents can be with their children. If the oven baking clay does not work properly, please don't hesitate to contact them for help. Customer satisfaction is the first thing they look at. They will reply to you immediately to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory answer, so make sure to give them a great service with their clay. You have to get your clay kit now.

Brand: Igaiety

👤There were a lot of issues. It didn't come with an instruction manual. The container they are housed in came broken. The plastic had cracks in it. It's unbelievable. The packaging was cheap. The plastic was broken. The rolling pin was broken on one side. The clay isn't soft. It is barely flexible. The colors were pretty, but if you can't use them, that doesn't matter. I am very disappointed. This company should do more to make sure that the product they are sending is at least partially decent. I wouldn't buy this again. Please see the damage to the items I received.

👤It didn't arrive on time. I had to wait for another week. The carrying container was much smaller than I had expected. The carrying case was cracked and broken when I took it out of the shipping box. The colors of clay I received were not advertised. The colors in the ad are bright and vibrant, which is what drew me to order from this seller. The colors I received were completely different. The colors that I got are dull and faded. I am still looking for a vendor that sells clay in bright colors. I am very disappointed with this purchase and I doubt I will be buying from them again. I included a picture of the carrying case next to the lighter for comparison.

👤This set is very nice. It has everything you need to start. Each color of clay has a small size. I expected that. I noticed that some colors had glitter while others didn't, so I'm assuming that's why. There's a lot of tools and supplies to get started. The case is my only complaint. It was a bit flimsy, considering the weight of the clay. One of the levels is very loose. The corner that was originally positioned as the top level was cracked and missing. The lid is cracked. If it's placed in the middle or bottom, it's manageable. My only suggestion would be to make the case stronger in the future. I don't have any other complaints. When I was bored, I bought it for my teenager to mess around with. She doesn't seem interested. I'm having fun playing with it alone.

👤It all works very well.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the clay. It's very easy to work with.

👤The clay set is a good start. These are ideal for my grandkids because they share my passion for arts and crafts. They learned how to work with clay very quickly because they are easy to use. Everything is needed to do their own projects. The clay is very soft to work with and it bakes well to set their projects. This is a great beginners set. The value is great.

👤Soft enough to mold but stiff enough to carve... It's perfect for everyone. There are some repeat colors, but they are not a big deal.

👤The kit is in my possession. It is very similar to the picture and I am very excited to start carving. For beginners, kids and professionals, this set is perfect. I can't wait to carve with the tools.

10. Cutters Stainless Indentation Ceramics Dotting

Cutters Stainless Indentation Ceramics Dotting

It is easy to clean and handle. The set includes 7 circle shape cutter moldst and all the sizes of round clay cutter. Clay cutter circles are included. 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm are the diameter. Different sizes will meet your craft project needs. The shapes of the clay cutter are made of food grade steel, which is durable, anti-oxidation, and can quickly punch. There are a variety of tool combinations that can be used with wet clay. These round circle shape cutter molds are easy to use and are a good source of making supplies. Simply cut out shapes from the inside of the cut out. Perfect pottery tool for sculpting and modeling, as well as for clay, sculpture, make paper flowers, cake, sugar, craft and more.

Brand: Vidillo

👤The container for storing them was damaged when they arrived late. The mailing package was opened to see that the container was worn and damaged from previous stickers. It was opened to make sure all 7 pieces were there. If it's not new, don't sell it with a new sticker on it.

👤Wow! These are the best clay cutters I have used. They make perfect pantyhose. I bought a second set for when the sisters get together to make jewelry. You can't go wrong with these... They are a great add to your tool kit. They should have them in graduated squares and ovals.

👤These work well with nice round edges and no trimming is needed. I use them all the time.

👤Great product. It was made from one piece. Very strong. It's missing the 16mm size. I got two of the same one. If you're willing to take a chance, you might not get all 7 sizes.

👤The set is great for miniature donuts, cakes and more. Every time, they cut cleanly and perfect round shapes. The tiny ones are easy to open. If you blow it on the opposite end from where you cut it, it will come out onto your hand. They are very well made and do a great job for me. A+.

👤It was very sudden. I lost one star because I expected them to be a little bendy, but they are not. You know they'll stay circle always, that's a great thing. Go for it! I still plan to use these. They're great quality.

👤Great tools. I would definitely buy more if they had other shapes and sizes. They could have used soap and water.

👤The mini circle cutter set is perfect. A smooth circle of metal with no join. They are very versatile and can be used for a lot of different things. It is in a container to keep them all together.

👤These are great for making eyes on characters. It's a good idea to fit into the pot. Getting fondant out is the only challenge. You can blow the end if it's your personal baking. You need a brush to push them.

👤It's ideal for minutes crafting with small cutter. The container they came in has seen better days. It was scratched up and had a lot of heavy duty stickers on it. It would have been perfect to keep the cutter in.

👤Exactly what I needed. Delivery was very fast and I would order again from this supplier.

👤A great set of circle shape cutter. Excellent quality and cut well on clay. Delivery was on time.

11. Non Toxic Modeling Sculpting Accessories Children

Non Toxic Modeling Sculpting Accessories Children

Get inspired by projects by their artists, things you can make with their clay for sculpting. This starter craft kit is for beginners. A pottery kit for kids and adults. The most ideal gift is 50-color polymer clay, which is rich in visual sense, creative inspiration, and promotes brain development. The clay is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, and free of allergens, and it does not stick to hands. accompanies your child. Each 0.7 ounce piece of clay is packed in a PE bag, 5 sculpting clay tools, Silicone model, accessories and user manuals, total weight of 2.87 pounds. The hair dryer heating method is suitable for small objects of 1-2 inches. If the product can't be used, please contact them so that they can arrange a free replacement or refund.

Brand: Cyajm

👤The kids were having fun with the clay. It has 50 different colors of clay. It has sculpting tools and a plastic storage box. Earring hooks,keychains, and so much more fun. They loved that they could make their own creations and bake them. The clay was easy to work with and it brought out the creativity in the kids. They were not arguing over the clay. There is a lot of arts and crafts time.

👤The amount of quality product is impressive. Bright colors, soft moldable clay, plastic shaping-tools galore. A good value. The plastic storage box is a good way to keep things organized.

👤What we were looking for. My daughter has made a lot of things. She can do the entire process on her own.

👤My son loves this stuff.

👤Kids tried to mold with no luck with the set of tools.

👤This is a great set to start. My daughter has a passion for making rings. The clay is easy to work with and there are many colors to choose from. The set has tools for working with clay. There is a mold with cute shapes and accessories for earrings, keychains, ornaments, and hair pieces. My daughter has been using her imagination for her own creations and there is a small user manual with some suggestions. She bakes her clay items in a low oven for 20 minutes. She has done a good job of mixing the clay pieces together and they are sturdy. The colors are the same after baking. The trays that the set is in fit well. They have a handle for the top. My daughter likes to take this kit with her to her friend's house to make beautiful designs. Younger children may need adult assistance if they want to do it all by themselves.

👤The clay is soft and suitable for low to medium detail work. The clay doesn't have an odor when baking. There were bits of dirt in several colors. The tools are disposable and not something an adult would choose to use. The case is decent.

👤The set is nice, however it is pricey. The set is small and the clay blocks are small. This is probably my least favorite brand of clay we have tried. The clay was hard to mold. My child was struggling with this. There is a good variety of colors and it comes with tools and accessories. The carrying handle makes the case nice.


What is the best product for baking clay tools?

Baking clay tools products from Outus. In this article about baking clay tools you can see why people choose the product. Luney and Ciaraq are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking clay tools.

What are the best brands for baking clay tools?

Outus, Luney and Ciaraq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking clay tools. Find the detail in this article. Rubfac, Shuttle Art and Ciaraq are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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