Best Baking Containers with Lids

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1. OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. This must-have set is needed to keep baking ingredients fresh. The set includes 5 POP containers. There are 2 Qt and 2 POP accessories, one of which is the Brown Sugar Saver. 1 lbs of brown sugar, 5 lbs of flour and sugar, baking soda, baking powder, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and more are included. Push the button to open the seal. The button is used as a handle. The Brown Sugar Saver keeps brown sugar soft and the 12 cup scoops are perfect for measuring. The design stacks are dishwasher safe and can be tailored to fit any space. Always use the button to open and close. Do not carry the containers by the lid. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. The dishwasher safe is top-rack.

Brand: Oxo

👤Wow! This product has saved my life. I had no pest problem before the storm. I had a lot of ants in my house after the flood waters subsided. They were in everything. I searched the internet for something that would keep my pantry items out. I ordered them on the spot after finding them with great reviews. I called a pest control service and scheduled an appointment to have them come spray my house while I waited for them. These arrived. I put my new sugars and spices in the containers. I had some ice cream and put my bowl in the sink. I woke up to a lot of ants. I was in full panic because our pest control guy wasn't coming until the next day. I couldn't believe I was so stupid. I cleaned my counter again. Everything in my cabinets was untouched when I opened them. The ants did not approach the cabinet. They couldn't smell the sugar. The containers are life saving. If we have flood waters again, I'm no longer worried. They are very easy to use. I am so thankful for the amazing product made by OXO.

👤Love the product. They opened them to find out that the smaller containers didn't seal properly. I wasted a lot of time trying to get Amazon to stand behind the product. I was told to contact the manufacturer. Don't waste your time getting this product, because if it's faulty, Amazon won't stand behind it.

👤I bought these about a month ago to organize my pantry. They look nice and seem to be sturdy, but they are advertised as being air tight. The sugar formed into a brick and the cereals were not fresh after a couple weeks. The freshness of sugar and cereals in their original opened bags is more important than the freshness of these containers. You would expect these to work for $100. The seal is so weak that I can easily pull the lid off after pressing the button. It looks like it might be a fairly common occurrence, but I think mine are malfunctioning.

👤I cried and it was not in a good way. The original version was very good, from how strong the suction is to how well they wash. The new ones don't come apart the same, and my cookies went rancid in under a week. I spent a lot of money expecting the original quality. I am very disappointed. Why Oxo?

👤If you grab them from the top of the container, the lid will come off. The old style of containers have a rounded lid. Your food will become old.

👤It was arrived in a timely manner. Storage containers from OXO are great. The seal works well and protects items. The container size of the brown sugar is the biggest issue with this set. I don't know what bags of brown sugar they are putting in there, but the ones available in my area barely fit, leaving no room or space for the clay piece to keep the brown sugar moist and not hardened. The container should have been half the size of the containers. It should have been like the 2 quart size. This set would have been perfect if not for that.

2. 9x13 Aluminum Foil Pan Lid

9x13 Aluminum Foil Pan Lid

A set of 10 food storage containers includes one 19.9-cup, one 16-cup, one 12-cup, one 8.1-cup, one 7.8-cup, one 6.6-cup, one 3.2-cup, one 1.3-cup, and two 0.5 cup mini containers. It is perfect for BBQ Grilling and can be used to start the party. You can do it all with their aluminum foil pan value pack. Baking cakes, grilling meats, preserving fruits and vegetables, and so much more are just some of the things that can be done. These foils pans are great for storing food for delivery or take-out. Their sturdy, silver pans are great for presentations. The 9” x 13” aluminum foil pan and lid value pack from Stock Your Home is ecofriendly and recyclable. Don't worry about cleaning up, just throw them away. The pack includes 25 aluminum foil pan and 25 aluminum foil lid. The pan is 10.25 x 10.25 and the lid is 10.25 x 10.25. Premium aluminum pans are eco-friendly. They are dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤Make sure you look over them. Don't make a mistake. When I received them, I noticed they were not as big as my casserole dish, which is 9 x 13 The outside edges of the pans are measured. I cannot fit the products in these pans into my casserole dish. I didn't notice that the photo on the website clearly shows this. The pans have a floor that is only 10 x 7. I need them right away and won't be returning them. I will not fall for that again. Next time, I will scrutinize the info more carefully.

👤We wanted to freeze our meals so we bought these. I'm sure there would be freezer burn if we left it in for a while, but that is not the fault of the pans. We could use plastic wrap or tin foil. We were unable to stack them on top of each other, more than a few, because we couldn't stack them opposite directions. I'm not sure if I can fault the pans since they weren't designed for that. My husband is trying to find a long term storage solution, not the basic storage price. These work great for basic storage stacked no more than 3 high opposite directions. They are not very strong, but once again, there is only so much you can expect at this price point, and these definitely meet that.

👤These are great for taking meals to people. There are many ways to help others in my church. I can give people food and they don't have to worry about it. I had missionaries to feed last week. I used 2 of these large ones to put the meatballs in. The covers were easy to use. I know how to balance them on my hands when lifting them up. I put the pans in a sturdy box to send them off. I pack salads and desserts in the smaller pans. I like to have these on hand. Great purchase.

👤The pans were everything we needed. I needed disposable pans for a fundraiser, but I usually make lasagna in a glass dish. I was concerned that the lasagna would burn. We had great reviews. The best part was that the lids were thick and didn't cause any risk of tearing or sinking on to the melted cheese. How to work with smaller dimensions on the bottom was one of the unknowns. It was easy to solve that by pinching the corners off of the noodles. I bought them for a cause. I'm thinking of using them for my family. They're cheap and convenient, less expensive than the pan bottom in most stores. I did not get paid for this plug. These pans are awesome!

👤Since they are the same size as half-size steam pans, but don't work for that purpose since they will fall into the pan, I got them. They don't hold a full gallon of regular half-size steam pans, which hold more than . They overflow if you put a gallon of liquid in them. Since the weight would cause them to collapse, you wouldn't fill them with a gallon of anything. I will use them for baking and other things, but I wish they were larger, like 9x13, so I don't have to use foil to cover dishes.

3. Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Roasting

Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Roasting

Don't clean up. Are you a fan of that? That means no digging into the nooks and crevices of your pans to clean them. Order yours and start cooking. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The base is 7.12 inches and the inner dimensions are 8 inches x 8 inches. The snap on plastic dome lids will allow you to keep your food safe. It's perfect for everything from restaurant to-go containers, meal prep containers, school trips, camping, lunch, roasting, sample dishes, outdoor events, and more. 35 plastic dome lid and 35 square pans are included.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤It's perfect for our bake sale. These were great for the bake sale. We ordered three sets of lids and they fit well on all of us.

👤The last one I ordered was so brittle that it fell apart when touched. The foil pans are thicker than the ones in the grocery store. The lids are strong. I will buy them again after this purchase.

👤We've always used these for our bakery, but with the Pandemic these went out of stock and we couldn't get them in time for our customers. Reynolds Heavy Duty tins were terrible. I looked at them and they were very flimsy. I will never be caught again without fig and leaf. Their products are heavy duty, well made and they donate their proceeds. Great company and product.

👤I got all my supplies from Walmart but they ran out of trays so I decided to get some here. When I placed an order for square pans, I waited for a few days to receive them, but the trays that came were round! I thought it was okay as it was for raising money and people wont worry if I use square or round pans for the baked goods. I felt a little guilt when I delivered them because some people thought the square pans would fit more items than the round ones.

👤This is the first time I have ordered aluminum containers and I was very pleased with the quality and size of the container. I sell 12 pieces of croissant puddings. I discovered that there were two missing lids. There were only 33 containers in this pack and they were foil square. I only gave it a 4 star review because I was not happy about this. I hope this doesn't happen again.

👤These pans are great for bake sales. I usually make a recipe for a 9 x 13 pan and split it into two different pans. I used to buy these pans at the store. It is cheaper to buy a large pack than it is to buy a small one.

👤A good size and clear lid. You can either bake cake or prepare food. I made 20 mashed potatoes for food baskets and baked 4 coffee cakes. I don't recommend using the cracked lid for storage of items that you need to open frequently. The bottoms are thin and can bend if not supported. Ex. The potatoes need to be moved using a cookie sheet. They are practical because once you remove the lid, you can cook again.

👤These are strong. We like the cover for the pans.

👤It was on time and right for what I needed.

4. Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

Storage Containers Dispenser Airtight Measuring

The kitchen essentials are innovative. Over the past 40 years, they've innovated kitchen products and housewares with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh. The measuring cup needs a screw on the pour spout. The container is ideal for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage. The container is small and portable to fit your pantry and refrigerator. Perfect for your rice cooker, the rice dispensers are enough to hold 2KG of rice.

Brand: Tbmax

👤This is a nice product and I appreciate its handiness, but it is very small and the photos in the product description can be tricky and deceptive. It's about 3.5 in x 6 in and 9.5 in tall, but that includes the cup that sits on top. For perspective, a typical phone is about 3x6, so imagine your phone going straight up for less than the height of a sheet of paper. Before you buy this container, make sure you know it's a small one. The larger container's photos look exactly like the small version, which is why there are larger options by this same seller.

👤It doesn't fit a five pound bag of rice. At least not for me. There are two more The cup is a bit clumsy putting it back on. There are 3 more The cups are hard to read. I think it's expensive for what you get. I would say it was worth it, but not at this price.

👤I keep my rice in these bins. The containers can hold a bit of rice. I like them in my pantry. Thanks!

👤I ordered it for rice. The pictures implied it was bigger than it really was. There is no way a box of cereals will fit in a small bag of rice. I will be back. This is the size to hold a bag of sugar. It's a good holder for something small, but not for what it was advertised to hold.

👤I bought two for rice and one for oatmeal. The container is smaller than I thought, it's suppose to be over 4 lbs. I attached a picture of a 5lb bag of oatmeal that I had already made a couple bowls of oatmeal with before filling one of the containers. The bag of oatmeal has quite a bit left. The quality seems decent, but the lid is a real problem. I jiggled the front into place after putting the lid on the back end. I don't think it's worth it for the size and price.

👤It's much easier to measure how much I feed the cats with the measuring cup I got. I use it daily and the markings on the measuring cup are starting to fade, but it is still as good.

👤I already had one of these and I bought another. I used the first one to store rice. It's hard to seal a box of rice up tightly enough to keep bugs out. This item helps to keep whatever you put in it fresh. I will use the new one to store pasta. The measuring cup on the lid is a bonus. It makes getting the right amount very easy. I may buy more in the future if the need arises. Great product.

👤Good products. The rice can be stored safely to avoid contact with the insect.

👤Le cabe tiene un buen material.

👤I use this container for rice.

5. Storage Containers PRAKI Airtight Supplies

Storage Containers PRAKI Airtight Supplies

CONVENIENT and light weight: foil lined lids for an airtight seal, easy to remove for everyday use, built in handle for transport and pouring, wide mouth opening for ease of cleaning and refilling, transparent to easily identify contents. The large flour and sugar containers set comes with 4 large canisters, 20 labels, and 1 marker that will allow you to organize your pantry like never before. These containers are perfect for storing flour, sugar, cereals, rice, nuts, coffee and beans, so you can have a happy and beautiful baking time. It was made from high grade plastic. The pantry kitchen storage containers are made from high grade plastic and have decent quality. The containers are sturdy and nice looking, which is worth every cent you paid for them. You can get what you want without opening every container with the clear plastic. Kitchen and pantry organize. PRAKI pantry kitchen organization and storage set will make your kitchen more efficient by giving you a upscale and organized kitchen after baking. These containers will help you organize your kitchen and pantry better, whether you have a large or small pantry. 100% airtight keep food fresh. These food storage containers are sealed with side-locking lids and have a gasket on them. The tight storage system will keep your food fresh. All of them have the same lids that make it easy to wash and reuse. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. If you don't like their containers or feel they are not worth the investment, they will give you a full payment back and you can keep the containers as well. You can simplify your kitchen and pantry storage by clicking Buy Now.

Brand: Praki

👤These are amazing drawers for my baking and cooking supplies. Fit in. I can see what I am running out of. I can find everything if I put the tops on. Quality containers and lids. It would work well on the shelves. I want to get more of the same and different sizes. These will hold up to 10 lbs of flour, sugar, and other items. It is one of the best purchases to keep food fresh.

👤They help organize the pantry with these containers. It was difficult to pull them apart from the packaging. They are in a shipping box with a thin piece of plastic between them to keep them from getting stuck. They get stuck together worse than chewing gum on the school desk. I almost couldn't get them apart. I had to get the husband involved. They are nice and air tight once you get them apart, keeping the food fresh.

👤Great product, exactly as advertised. A tight snap lock closure. It's convenient size holds a lot of dry dog food and treats, and still fits in a cabinet. It comes with markers and labels. I would definitely shop there again.

👤The granddaughter rearranged the food pantry to surprise her dad on his birthday. Rice, sugar, flour, and cereals were put in see through containers with a label on the front. Very nice! The lid is tight!

👤I wanted to be able to hold 5 lbs of sugar/flour with the new glass canisters. These were huge. It is easy to remove the lid. They are very nice, but I would have gotten a smaller size.

👤Great containers. My pantry is still a work in progress, but these are helping me get there.

👤I have been meaning to organize my pantry. These are great and I will order more soon.

👤I have used all of the containers since they were purchased. The locking flaps are reluctant to stay down until all of them are secured, which is a concern because lining up the lid is difficult. As it is broken in, hopefully this will change.

👤These are large enough to hold a bag of flour. I accidentally bought a 22lb bag. It's a good thing. They fit perfectly in my pantry. Highly recommended.

👤They are really cloudy. I can't get them apart because they are stuck together. Will be coming back.

👤Pour sauver de la place, plein de sacs qui faut sortir pour arriver, ou des Boites qui prennent beaucoup d'espace.

👤These are great, look nice and love that they come with chalkboard labels and a white chalk marker. Very happy with them. I bought different sizes.

6. TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

The silicone seal is easy to clean. The dishwasher has a top rack that you can put the locking lids on. The dishwasher is safe for any rack. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh, measuring cup need screw on over the pour spout. Rice container withBPA Free plastic is safe for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc. The container is small and convenient to fit your pantry and refrigerator. The rice dispensers are perfect for your rice cooker.

Brand: Tbmax

👤I knew I had made a mistake when I saw the size of the box. When I opened it, they were even smaller than I thought. The measuring cup on the top is the only positive thing about them, the container is much smaller than the photos show.

👤These containers are gorgeous. Making my small pantry more organized is my new obsession. These are great, but only on my top shelf. I would tell everyone to buy them for their rice, oatmeal, and other food. I wish they came in small sizes, as my shelves don't have the right height, but they are amazing.

👤Dollar store quality plastic is very cheap. The design is great but the product is terrible. The plastic is cheap and the little tabs that keep the lid closed are not going to last very long. The paint job on the measurement is cheap and poorly done. I would have paid three or four dollars for these.

👤Love the design. It's easy to see the contents. The measuring cup "lid" doesn't fit very tightly, and it's annoying that the top can be accidentally knocked off, because I'm storing dry ingredients. I'll be buying more if the need arises.

👤It's very sturdy, easy to fill and lock closed.

👤I like the product. The ad is not telling the whole truth. It is very small. There is no box of cereals here. Forget the bag of sugar. The product is good but overpriced and I won't buy it again because of the deceptive advertising.

👤The smell is like chemicals. A strong smell. The smell didn't get any better after I washed it. It is definitely not a good idea to eat food that has been stored in this. I wouldn't be surprised if something in my food is harmful.

👤The bag of cereals next to it would not fit in just one container. Someone messed up on making the measurements correctly labeled.

7. Storage Container Vegetables Casserole Roasting

Storage Container Vegetables Casserole Roasting

The largest glass container has an airtight locking lid. Quality Design is the largest glass container you can find on Amazon, it has a locking lid and is 112 ounces. Premium grade material is used by Razab to bring industrial and restaurant grade glass to your home kitchen. Multipurpose can be used as bakeware. It's the perfect solution to store your meat and chicken for dinner and lunch. The plastic lid is not microwave or oven safe. The container is leak proof and air tight. A square glass food container can be used to keep leftovers fresh. Food can be cooked in the microwave or oven. The square shape of the refrigerator makes it less dead space. The top shelf of the dishwasher is recommended for thermal shock resistant up to 248F. Also, note: The plastic lid isn't microwave or oven safe.

Brand: Razab

👤This is for the food we make for our dog. We store the chicken and vegetable mix in a container. It's easy to clean and fits in the fridge. We wanted glass. The cover is put in place. If need be, it would get another one. The price was good. Would definitely recommend.

👤The size was ideal and the lid was secure. I washed it after unpackaged it. I noticed it was chipping. The glass hit my finger. What a bad item. I don't want this glass to be in the food and someone will bite into it.

👤This thing is too small. I don't know which pan they use to advertise, but this is not one. Its not a family size. The lid is cheap and easy to crack if you don't make a family dinner with this. It's not worth the price. I returned it.

👤These containers are great for storing things. I only had them for 2 weeks. They get 4 stars because of that. They are a tad awkward because of their size. These containers are what I wanted to get rid of. Storage for big salads and other vegetables. It's the perfect size for a roast chicken or beef roast. The lid is tight and sturdy. I love them so far.

👤The size and quality are great. It appears to be sturdy due to the large size. Good for storing and baking. Like the blue lid. Good gift idea need some ideas for holidays.

👤If there are any problems, I will update this review. The dishwasher gets glass cleaner and the dryer gets plastic less.

👤It works with items that are too tall for glass containers.

👤I washed the container once and noticed that the lid was broken.

8. Round Disposable Aluminum Containers Baking

Round Disposable Aluminum Containers Baking

The rice dispensers are perfect for your rice cooker. 45 pans and 45 lids are perfect for storing food in the fridge or freezer. 9 in diameter and 2 in height. The capacity is 1.5 quarts, 29 LB, 46 Oz. Storage and organization can be done with containers. It's ideal to bake and serve in the same container for any types of baked dishes. The aluminun pan and lid have heavy gauge locks. And. It provides safe transportation. It is made of 100% eco-friendly aluminum. Do not use microwave.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep

👤We make freezer meals for our family. I divide the casserole recipe between the containers. They store great in the freezer. We bake on the day we want to eat. These are perfect! You could feed 5 people with this size. We usually have enough left for one lunch the next day.

👤I use these in my air fryer. The size is perfect for making cornbread, and with a bit of manipulation, the result is perfect. The pans are closer to nine inches than the eight inches that would fit in the basket. I fold the lip up with my fingers and push the sides in an inch. The pan looks like a flower. The cornbread has an interesting shape, it fits nicely in the basket, and the pushed-in places give a grip for removing it. If the pans fit into the larger tub perfectly without modification, air fryers will operate with the basket removed. These pans are very good.

👤I've never left a bad review for anyone, but this seller did not describe the item in the right way. I purchased this item because I want a 9 x 9 pan, and this was not what I received. I tried to fit my cake into the item, however I would have returned it.

👤The disposable aluminum foil pan was a hit. Guests wrote their name on the lid and took leftovers home.

👤These are hard to find in the grocery store. Thank you, Amazon. The aluminum worked well for my needs, even though it was a little flimsier than I had thought. The clear top is easy to put on and doesn't pop off by itself like other brands. They are easy to stack for carrying.

👤I bought 50 pans. The last few were crumpled. I have ordered this type of pan before and they often arrive damaged. I know I can rehabilitate them. A great product. There were 2 damaged pans in the middle of the stack. They had slices taken from the bottom edge. Not going to be able to use them. I left 4 stars instead of 5 because I was hesitant to purchase this product again.

👤We make "TV Dinners" with the leftovers every year. These pans are perfect for that. I can stack the pans in the freezer without damaging them. They worked well for stuffed shells in the freezer. I take the frozen meal off and put it in the oven, but I can't find any information on whether the top is oven-proof. I would definitely order again, I'm very pleased.

👤I ordered it because it doesn't fit in my pressure cooker. A strainer of that size does. Too bad. I will use them for other things.

👤The plates are large enough to make a meal for 1/2 person, but not large enough to take up much room.

👤A container with a lid is great for leftovers. It's perfect for fitting my cookware. The cost per container is reasonable. Will buy again.

👤I tried to return it because it was too small for my needs, but the post office wanted $45.00, which I am sure is not refunds, so I was very disappointed. I don't know what to do with them.

9. Cambro RFS6PP190 Container RFSC6PP190 Translucent

Cambro RFS6PP190 Container RFSC6PP190 Translucent

Silicone is safe for your family and good for the environment; make healthy all natural snacks and avoid harmful chemicals found in store bought products; their free recipes show you how! The container has a matching lid. The material is made of polypropylene. Store ingredients or transport ready-to- serve or partially prepared foods. Air circulation around the container is promoted by a round shape.

Brand: Cambro

👤I bought a second one after loving the first one. They are being used to rest my dough in the fridge. I have what I need. It was perfect!

👤I was very pleased to find Made in USA stamped on this item. I need that for all future purchases on Amazon.

👤I use this almost daily to proof bread and then throw it in the dishwasher to clean. It's pretty much perfect because it hasn't warped or cracked.

👤I bought this because it was recommended in a bread book. It's the perfect size, and the round shape assures that the dough whisk can get in the bottom without flour stuck in corners. My friends borrowed my first purchase. I contacted the company to find out more about food safety and plastic. They were helpful.

👤I feel like I've graduated to the next level with these containers. They allow you to see how much dough has risen. When not in use, the containers are very sturdy. They are easy to clean and the lids stay in place. After reading about all the different uses for them, I want more in different sizes.

👤It's perfect for my bread making needs. I like having the dough measurement on the side.

👤Compared to other choices, the price is good. If you choose, the lid snaps on tight. It is easier to reach the bottom with slightly tapered sides. Dough doesn't stick to the sides so it's easy to remove. The dough is easy to see through the side. It works in the fridge. There was no downside found.

👤I'm using a sourdough starter. So far, so good. It's easy to stir in new flour. It's a perfect size for a fridge.

👤J'avais, "Lots of 2 housses Cambro, 6 quart with lid" J'aurai d, aux détails de cette vente. There is a Rendu l c est quasiment de la fraude. Je ne recommande. I didn't go to read the details because I didn't see "pack of two" in the title, and I feel like I'm being tricked. I do not command this seller.

👤This container worked well as a dough proof coatainer. The dough rose well and the lid eliminates the need for Saran wrap. It works great if you coat it with cooking spray or oil. The dough rose and stayed up. The handles make it easy to move the dough back to the working area after it has risen. The first time I used it, I made a small dough so the measurements weren't important. The side measures are useful for knowing when the dough has doubled in size. The only problem I had was with the stickers on top of it. There were 3. 2 of them were easy to remove. The last was not good. I was able to peel the paper part off, but I could not get off the glue patch. I found an online site suggesting that I try a mixture of water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. I was left with a permanent mark when it was removed completely. I love this container. I will continue to use it and enjoy what comes out of it. The top is discolored and makes me unhappy.

10. DecorRack Rectangular Reheating Containers Environmentally

DecorRack Rectangular Reheating Containers Environmentally

35 plastic dome lid and 35 square pans are included. Great value! 14 rectangular pans with 14 flat board lid are heavy duty. Store a lot of food. Capacity disposable tin pan is perfect for cooking, baking, and keeping food warm or cold. Use as To-Go containers, Meal Prep containers, Flat Board Lids with one side made of aluminum foil stays on tight and keeps food fresh. It's perfect for big parties, cook outs, picnics, holidays, get togethers, and no need to wash and scrub dishes. Environmentally Friendly and Convenient for Storage.

Brand: Decorrack

👤These are very small. It is barely larger than a Clorox wipes container. I think it will be fine. The pictures of the seller are very deceptive.

👤People give this product a 1 or 2 stars because the pans are small. Yes, they are! On the description, it says so. It's easier for some to complain than to read about the product they're buying. The aluminum pans are great for cooking. I use them for that. To cook potatoes in the oven. Meal prep could be done with them as well. It's a good product for what it's intended for.

👤They show a casserole being baked. I didn't read through all of them, but these won't fit. They're the length of a tv remote and as wide as a face mask, but they're not for full size meals like mac, dressing, lasagna, or cheaper to go to dollar tree for this size.

👤When this was advertised, it had great savings and you would think it was a real steal. It looked like a lot of stuff. I was wondering if they made a mistake when I received the item. It looks like the picture that was advertised. I looked at the ad again and realized it only had 14 pieces. I was not really happy with it. I really needed them and didn't want to return it. Looks are not what they appear to be.

👤The pans were supposed to be a little bigger. I didn't pay attention to the size. I don't think I'll order again. I used them when I needed to warm up. They are very thin. They are not durable.

👤I keep 2 small grandsons for a few nights a week. I can make dinner ahead of time and freeze it for the 3 of us, so we can eat it later. There is no food waste for boys. I let the boys help put it all together.

👤The plastic top trays work better than the lids. I love these! When we make caramel, I buy them. I attached pictures with a measuring tape. They are a good price.

👤What do you think about a container? It does a good job and is affordable. It's a bonus if I can reuse some. If you have a freezer and like to cook meals ahead and have good leftovers, you want these. It is acceptable for the purpose when the price is right. It's easy to write on the lid.

11. Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. The right gift for a wedding is a set of ramekins. The large food grade baking pan set is made of borosilicate glass and can be used in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher, without the risk of cracking or shattering. Cadmium and Lead are free. The set includes 4 baking dishes and 4 gray plastic tight fitting lids, which are designed to keep your food fresh longer. You can stack these containers with lids on top of each other in your fridge or freezer for space saving storage. They are also resistant to spilling. The ideal set for storing and serving food. Evolutionary design and convenience hands: The clear glass baking pan is a charming decoration in your dining table and kitchen. You can easily identify leftovers, serve your meals in a stylish and elegant fashion, and monitor the baking process with it. The edge of the bakeware is round and smooth, with a widened, thickened, and anti-scalding handle design, providing a secure grip while taking to and from the oven. The bakeware set includes 4 pieces that are perfect for different uses. It's perfect for baking desserts, casseroles, stew, lasagna, spaghetti, brownies, chicken, meat, fish, veggies, and all your favorite delicacies, as a serving dish for added convenience. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤The picture is what I wanted but the video is what I got. 3 stars for inaccurate description, other wise seem to be a great quality. I wanted to like them. I am sending them back because they are not as big as I thought. The dimensions on the description are for the outside dimensions, not the inside, so they are a lot smaller than I need. The description says that they are deep in their eyes, but I don't think so. The size is not the main problem. These are not as deep as a cookie tray. They should be called deep trays. I hope this will help you not make the same mistake.

👤Do not get it. I never write reviews but I will do this one. WASTE OF DOLLARS! They are very cheap to make. When I was cooking, there were two busted in the oven. I didn't even set it down hard.

👤These dishes are great for storing. The lid seals well. The weight and thickness surprised me. The quality is better than expected.

👤This set of pans is perfect for holiday cooking. It was easy to cook with this set. I am going to buy another one. They can be put in the refrigerator for leftovers. The dishwasher lid snapped on and came out in great shape. The price was lower than other sets made me hesitant to buy them. I am so happy I bought them. I ordered another set because I am so happy with them.

👤I was looking to purchase a Pyrex deep dish that was much more expensive than the one on the left, but I was able to find the right one. The 4 dish set is being kept for other purposes.

👤I needed a 9x13 glass pan to make a casserole and I needed it quick so I decided to look at Amazon and get this set, it came with 4 different sized pans and a bonus was they all came with lids. It was perfect for what I needed it for, but I knocked it off because it was hard to get the lid off. It can be a huge pain when I do use them, but most of the time I don't. I have only one complaint with this set, other than that they're great!

👤This set is a must have. Throw the lid in the dishwasher. Great purchase!

👤The class looks heavy and stable. I used it to bake my favorite cookies. It's so easy... I put it in the freezer and let it cool down. I used to have to change the dish to make it wash. There is no more dish to wash. I love it!


What is the best product for baking containers with lids?

Baking containers with lids products from Oxo. In this article about baking containers with lids you can see why people choose the product. Stock Your Home and Fig & Leaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking containers with lids.

What are the best brands for baking containers with lids?

Oxo, Stock Your Home and Fig & Leaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking containers with lids. Find the detail in this article. Tbmax, Praki and Tbmax are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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