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1. Chef Craft Parchment Cupcake Liners

Chef Craft Parchment Cupcake Liners

It's perfect for putting cake,biscuit,candy, dessert,cookie, fruit and more. For a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower, Halloween or Christmas event. 50 cupcake liners are in each pack. Parchment paper construction makes it easy to remove the liner from a baked good. Simply fill the liner and bake. Most muffin tins have liners. The paper is made of high quality paper.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤I have never used Parchment paper cupcake liners before. I am trying to stick to a low-cholesterol lifestyle and have found a great low-cholesterol muffin recipe, but it stuck to the regular paper liner when they were cooked. There was a lot of waste. The muffin falls out with these liners. No sticking at all! No waste!

👤I bought these baking cups. They fit in cupcake pans. The height is 1-1/4", the base is 1-7/8" and the width is 2-3/4". The cupcakes were supposed to be placed in a ruffled liner for the wedding. The thin liner didn't bother me. It was perfect if you didn't separate from the liner while baking. It is easy to unwrap when consuming.

👤The liners were mashed flat by the heavy items in the box. I was going to use the liners, but the wrapper burst on both sides. The liners were protected. I threw the entire package away because of the emphasis on keeping things germ free.

👤It's not a paper, it's garbage, Smith doesn't work at all. Very bad! The delivery was on time.

👤Get rid of the tins. The best muffin cup liners are for paleo muffins. We are trying to eat more muffins. These are notorious for sticking to cups. Frustrating! They fall out with these liners. No preparing or oiling. It's the best muffin liner you can use.

👤I bought these because I wanted them to release from the cupcake easily. I would not have been able to serve them without using additional wrappers because they separated completely from the cupcake when I took them out of the pans. They could be perfect if you are looking for something.

👤Rather flimsy. It wasn't what I expected, even though I had the dimensions. I'll use them. They don't fit in my cupcake pans. I used them in my pans. They didn't stick, as you can see from my picture.

👤They are exactly as expected. Came in good shape. It was easy to remove the cupcakes. They held their shape.

👤The price is high but I love the product. No more stuck muffins!

2. Aluminum Cupcake Eusoar Disposable Ramekins

Aluminum Cupcake Eusoar Disposable Ramekins

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will love their bakebaking mini muffin cups molds, and that you will be able to buy it from them. They want to keep you happy. Their cupcakes liners can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 220C/428F. Just put them in the oven and bake. Premium sturdy food-grade aluminum foil is used to make their ramekin cups with faster heating,mooth surface, slightly waterproof and oil proof. It's pretty and functional to have disposable cups that can be used for single serve and little dessert dish pans. Perfect size baking mold cups and high quality for any kind of treat and dessert are some of the applications. It's great for party favors, holiday gifts,colleagues' holiday gifts, beautiful presentation for cake shop etc. Seal to perfection-Free clear lids seals tightly to the cup, keep food fresh and clean, also facilitate you to carry the cupcakes out with no need of cupcake boxes.

Brand: Eusoar

👤It was perfect for my cupcake project. I was able to make over 200 cupcakes. The day of the event, they put them in the freezer and thaw them out. The tightly fit lids must be kept clean.

👤I will definitely purchase this product again. They are the perfect size for the climate we are in. I gave sturdiness a one star because I need 100 lids to go with 100 containers and 4 of them were cracked beyond use. The packing was too tight. I am really happy.

👤I used them to make creme brulee. I piped creme brulee into these cups from a gallon bag. I can give these desserts away without having to get them back. There were no strange odors on the cups. I didn't wash.

👤Cuando le colocas la tapa. Las tapas estn. No son funcionales. No cierran, porque se ven hermoso, pero la segunda vez compro productos. No encajaron, la primera vez algunas. Entrecajan de 25 amigos, solo dos tapas. Estoy.

👤I received 70, but it was advertised as a pack of 100, and about 10 of them were damaged. They must have shipped damaged because the outside box wasn't messed up. The lids had been crushed and the ramekins had been bent. The ones that didn't damage are nice, but I wish I'd gotten all 100 packaged better so I could use them all. If you need an exact amount, you might want to order extra.

👤Hey, update! The pans make brownies hard. It did not work when I tried to spray each pan. Only good for cold products. I have experienced that the pans don't go with the lids. I immediately connected the leads to the pans. The photos show that the lids are not strong. It is very easy to fit the tops on the pans. I am happy that I went ahead and put the pans with the lids on them. The stars are low because of that. The removal of a star because I don't have the right lid, and the removal of another star because the right lid has to be put on with force. The price needs to be lower to remove another star. I don't have time for me to return them and get something different because my event is this week and I don't have time for that.

👤These were in good shape when they arrived. They baked well. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the lids were a little shallow. You can't put a lot of icing on a cupcake and not have it crack. I would order them again. They are on top of each other. They seem to be a good deal.

👤Absolutely loved them! I made mini cakes for the grad party, but needed to bake and freeze them. Each used a bit more batter than a regular cupcake. Put cups without lids in baggies to help with freshness, then frosted the day before the party and popped on the lids. The guests thought the treats were from the bakery. I served them with lids on. I just need to put them on firmly. The cups were a bit easier to eat after I lightly greased them. Those that weren't greased were fine. The mini cakes were served with a fork. They are too expensive to use often.

3. Baking Cupcake Liners Standard Sized

Baking Cupcake Liners Standard Sized

The multiuse paper baking cups are the perfect disposable dish for any entertaining occasion because they can be used for cupcakes, desserts, candies and other party snacks. Sturdy and bright colored paper for cupcakes. The bottom diameter is 2. The top diameter is 2.6. Grease-resistant liners keep the outsides bright and shiny. Baking cups are great for cupcakes. The plastic tube container is easy to store.

Brand: Warmparty

👤The price is great for the amount that you get. I used these for both cupcakes and muffins and they worked well.

👤These were a good price for my cocoa bombs. I haven't tried baking in them.

👤These wouldn't leave my muffins. I didn't think I'd have to grease the liners.

👤The only thing I needed was basic white liners.

👤It was used for cupcakes. It worked out fine.

👤I would order without hesitation.

👤They soak up a lot of grease.

4. Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They'll make it better by learning from your experience. The baking cups are non-stick.

Brand: Paperchef

👤So live and learn! I didn't know they made non-stick muffin tin liners, but an online search of "how to stop muffins from sticking to paper cups" yielded the suggestion to find a non-stick option. I'm living the life of a vegetarian, but my latest recipes for muffins wouldn't come out of the muffin cup, leaving a lot of my tasty muffin inside the paper. When a bunch of the muffin gets torn off and left behind, it ruins the presentation, because I find myself gnawing on the paper liner to get the last of my muffin. They seem to be an economical solution to get the most out of my muffin recipes, and I gave them a try. Verdict? It was perfect! The liners peel off with the same recipe that stuck before. My muffins are not going to be destroyed. There was nothing left on the liner. If your muffins are sticking, you can get these and solve the problem without having to grease the muffin liner. These are amazing! Highly recommended!

👤I was happy to see the 4 pack for a good price, since I loved them so much. I just opened the boxes, and they are not the same product as the one in the photo, and one is a large and the other is a mini-muffin cup. Total ripoff.

👤These are small, maybe mini, I never used mini. I don't know. I am returning them because they are not standard size. I can't use them in a muffin tin. The size description in inches is way off. I was going to return them but my friend said they were out of muffin pan liners so I had to use them. The muffin tin my friend had was smaller than the one I used, but the paper is great. My muffins were smaller than I wanted and the size of my tin was too small. My friend is happy with the muffin liners I gave her.

👤I had to order cupcake liners on line to avoid buying ones made in China. They don't make them in the USA anymore. The liners I received look like unbleached paper, but are smaller than the ones I used to buy. I put one in my muffin tin and they are about a quarter inch smaller at the base and the same height as the top of the tin. I hope my cupcakes don't end up in the muffin tin. I probably shouldn't have bought 4 boxes with 60 liners before seeing them in person.

👤It iscier than other but sure value. It works perfectly. This is made in the country of Danes. The EU has very strict rules on food and the FDA is bought by the larger food manufacturers who care less about your health than you do. This means that it is more trustworthy than other options. Your health and that of your family and friends are worth more than the dollar.

👤These things are great. Almond flour tends to stick to everything I cook. The muffins stick to the paper in regular paper cups. I had to use foil. There have been cups found in the last year. I hadn't heard of them until an episode of "How it's Made". I use a lot of the same paper in my other recipes, so I thought I'd give it a try. They slide from the stack one by one. The foil cups had paper liners in between, but not this one. They are very strong. They stood up well in the muffin pan, no folding in, no bending, as I spooned batter in them. They were able to separate from the muffins easily. I will only use these for my muffin/cupcake baking now.

5. Cupcake Disposable Ramekins Aluminum Holders

Cupcake Disposable Ramekins Aluminum Holders

These cupcake boxes are versatile. You don't have to worry about how to package cupcakes. You can put cupcakes in these containers and share them with friends and family. These muffin cups are made of food grade aluminum foil which makes them stand well. Just put them in the oven and bake them. Good Quality is made from premium sturdy aluminum foil, smooth surface, slightly waterproof and oil proof, and can tolerate temperatures up to . Sturdy cups with lids make it easy to carry cupcakes out with no need for cupcake boxes. It's ideal for indoor and outdoor usages such as picnic, camping, cookouts, all kinds of parties, and so on. Enjoy your baking time and save time by scrubbing the bake pans with your hand.

Brand: Eusoar

👤I like the color. The bottom foil piece is very strong. They were great for baking. My complaints are the same as others. A lot of the lids don't work. Is there a second complaint? They are very large. They weren't all crushed and bent. A few were. Why did I purchase these? These bottoms were pretty and the color of blue was what I needed. I did not need many. I hoped they would be undamaged and usable. I was done.

👤I ordered 2 sets of the cupcake tins, and both packages were damaged and can't be used. The Tins are supposed to slip off the tightly packed lid, but they don't.

👤I have used this product for all of my events. It is very portable. It has a lid for safety and looks classy. My clients love it because it looks good in my desert station. I will use this product for the rest of my life. I used it to make mini cheesecakes.

👤I use this product to package my bath bombs. The cup is strong enough to protect my bombs from damage during transport. It looks lovely. I chose black because it was good with all the colors. I like these.

👤Negative reviews are not for me. The product bakes well and the lids work. You have to be careful putting them on, they do fit and look professional, I ordered more and will keep ordering them. The portion size is more valuable for customers.

👤These were a huge hit. They were beautiful even though they were unable to download pictures. No broken or bent lids were found in the package. I put cheesecake in them to make it easier to stack them. I placed my second order.

👤I used these for a baby shower and many of the guests took them home. They came out great, top rack, after we threw them in the dishwasher. I will use them for craft projects. Some of the tarts were frozen as well. The lids worked well.

👤I used these for my birthday. People are more likely to take desserts home when they are in small containers, because I am not much of a sweet eater. These exceeded my expectations. My bday desserts left so fast and everyone commented on how they made it so easy to eat the dessert in one sitting without it being too much. You won't regret your purchase.

👤Many of the lids were crushed. Someone is wrapping the lids in a death grip. It's not sure if it's the fault of Amazon or Eusoar. The crushed lids weren't tight enough on the cups. The cups look similar to the picture. The aluminum cups will become damaged if too much force is applied to them. I haven't counted the cups. Mini cheesecakes made in the Williams Sonoma Goldtouch pan fit perfectly in the cups. I like the cups. It works for my need. I have stored the cups in the freezer, stacked them and then thaw the cheesecake, no freezer burn, no crushed lids. The cups can be re-used if they are washed well. The cups are made of aluminum and could be cut. I like the cups. They are presenting a professional presentation. The vendor needs to wrap the lids.

6. Gifbera Standard Cupcake Liners 200 Count

Gifbera Standard Cupcake Liners 200 Count

It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more. A pack of 200 rose gold baking cups fit standard cupcake and muffin pans. The latest heavy duty food grade foil cupcake liner cups are environment friendly and separate easily. The bright colored paper cups are a great way to dress up cupcakes and muffins. These rose gold cupcake liners are a great way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins for a wedding, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or any other elegant party. Easy Pick is a special plastic package that is easy to store.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I took these to a pawn shop and tried to sell them, but the guy said they were worthless and I had to leave. I told him to fight about it. "Get out of my store or I'm calling the police," he said. I backed some cupcakes when I left. The cupcakes turned out alright. They didn't get sick. They looked like jewels when I took them out of the muffin pan. They tasted okay because my buttercream didn't turn out. My failure was hidden by all that bling. Purchase these cupcake cups now.

👤I will only use Gifbera brand foil liners now that I am a professional baker. They are the best liner I have ever used. The liners are sturdy and beautiful. They separate easily. Gifbera does not have an issue with foil liner brands that are almost impossible to separate.

👤I bought the liners to use at the wedding. Two different stacks of liners had defects that made them unusable, but the liners were very nice and they baked beautifully. There was a hole in the side of the stack. The other had half the cups folded down. The rest of the cups look pretty at the wedding.

👤I have tried other brands of cupcake holders and have been disappointed when they bleed through with oil. These are shiny and do not bleed at all, and the guests like the look of them, I gave them a try and they are very good.

👤I'm not sure. When I ran out of Reynolds liners, I thought they'd be a good replacement. I used the remaining liners for the other muffins. I don't have a muffin pan so I use them. I put them on the cookie sheet. The Reynolds hold shape was good. I have a problem with the Reynolds because they are like normal aluminum foil and they melted. They stuck to the pan and I checked the bottoms to make sure the heat didn't cause it to break. Kinda weird. I would have blamed temperature or over cooking, but 2 of the muffins in that batches had liners from Reynolds. It's not the same material.

👤The cupcake tins are beautiful. My cupcakes looked beautiful for my baby's first birthday party. I received a lot of praise.

👤These cupcake liners are of excellent quality. The shape and exterior color of the cakes were perfect while baking and the rose gold color is the same as the picture the seller provided. Highly recommended!

👤I just baked about 3 dozen cupcakes and I really like the liners. These are sturdy and beautiful. I initially thought they were not quite as pretty as they should be, but they are a beautiful color and easy to work with when baking. I would purchase again.

👤I wanted the cupcake case to not collapse. I was making 150 cupcakes and 50 brownies so I was looking for good quantity and quality. I decided on these because of the reviews. These cases are bright pink. They are strong to hold the mixture and do not collapse. I found them to be great quality and they did not burn on the bottom. They did a great job. I have bought many cupcake cases that have ruined my baking so it's important to find the right ones. I recommend them. I like to bake for family events. The photos are of the end results.

7. Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Standard Blue

Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Standard Blue

Enjoy your baking time and save time by scrubbing the bake pans with your hand. The muffin papers materials are all made of the best and safest material. The cupcake liners are made from food grade metallic foil. Baking cups are worry free. The baking cups have passed all the tests. The average baking temperature is 350 degrees fahrenheit. The cupcake baking cups are navy blue. When it is expanded, the total diameter is 11.5 cm (4.53 inch) and the bottom diameter is 5.1 cm/1.97inch. The navy blue foil baking cups are the best choice for themed celebrations.

Brand: Eoonfirst

👤It's thick and true to colour. I haven't used them yet because I can't say how well they keep up when baked in. Disappointed that majority are crushed and not from shipping. A quality assurance division is needed by this company.

👤These are the best cupcake liners I have ever used. I bake a lot. The blue color is brilliant, shiny and metallic. They don't peel away or lose color during the baking process, but are easy to take off when needed, and don't stick to the cupcake. I have already purchased 3 other colors of them. These cupcake liners are very good.

👤It is easy to remove because of the inner foil lining and I don't have to worry about the oil stains after the cupcakes are baked off. It made my cupcakes look delicious and classy.

👤The cupcake liners are attractive and hold their shape. I was called away from the kitchen for a while after I removed the cupcakes from the oven, because they were too hot. The liners were stuck to the pans when I removed them. I had to hit the pans on my counter to get the cupcakes out. I will have to use a solution to remove the black foil from my pans. I assume the moist under the cupcakes caused the pans to stick. I will use them again, but I will have to remove them from the pans.

👤These cupcake holders were very nice. The colors scheme was perfect. The cupcakes were easy to come out of.

👤They were a hit at the Autumn styled gender reveal. We brought a cardboard display stand with us and people asked if we had cupcakes. They were easy to remove from the cake.

👤It was perfect for my party. I will use the cups again. I will order more when I run our.

👤The ones that were thicker worked great.

8. Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

The complete Circulon collection of bakeware can be used with other bakeware for even more healthy cooking solutions. You should dress your cupcakes. It's ideal for holiday candy and nuts. It's every celebration. The Mini is 1.25 in diameter.

Brand: Wilton

👤The reviews said that it would stick together and you would be able to use a lot. I was able to make 100 of these cupcakes with no issues, be sure to order the correct pan, and in a few minutes you will all set the cupcakes, they are so perfect in these liners that they peel right off! Great purchase and will buy again.

👤I don't use them for baking muffins or cupcakes. I use them to make rice. The rice maker has a vent hole in the lid that allows steam to escape, but it also spits hot water over the counter. I put a small baking cup upside down over the vent hole to stop the steam from escaping. Works well!

👤I have a muffin tin that needs small cups, but they are smaller than I expected. The bottom of the cup doesn't fill the depressions in the tin and the top of the cups extend beyond the tops in the tin making them tippy. I don't think I can fill them with a melon ball tool, and then how would I get the dough out? The smallest cupcake/cookie dough tool with a spring release is too large to fit into the tiny liners. I threw out the liners I had on hand because they were too small to be useful, and they were made of a study material so that they could be filled if you were into such delicate work. These are small as well as flimsy. I can't see how they can be filled with a piping bag, but that may be possible for those who are willing to do it. Not for me.

👤If you have a "muffin tin" type thing with holes, these cups will work. They were flattened out when I poured jello liquid in them. I will put the jello in the cups and then put the cold jello in them. The cups wouldn't hold jello without flattening out. They don't have their shape. I tried to make them more stable by quadrupling them, but that didn't work. The picture shows how they were flattened when I spooned the jello mixture. I can't imagine how they would hold cake batter if they didn't hold jello. These are not worth the money.

👤I make a lot of muffins. The "If you care" ones work the best.

👤I used these to bake cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. They were easy to line with muffin tins. It was easy to dump them out once they cooled because they held up nicely and did not stick to the muffin tin. The parents had to help toddlers with this part, not the fault of the baking cups, but the general toddler learning curve. It's a great price for the amount of baking cups you get.

👤The paper cup liners are perfect for mini cupcakes. This is a great price for the quality products made by Wilton. They will be used for gifts of mini dog treats for my Min Pin and his friends. I will make mini cupcakes for myself and my friends when the dogs are treated well. I always buy products from the company. They are the best. I was looking for liners that were similar to what I was looking for. If you want to make regular cupcakes, you need the next size up. I just ordered a smaller size of truffles from Wilton. My Min Pin is very excited for the party. Thank you Amazon for another great product.

9. Gifbera Odorless Standard Greaseproof 200 Count

Gifbera Odorless Standard Greaseproof 200 Count

Non-Kstic and easy release: It's easy to clean, just release fingers. Save time to enjoy healthy treats. Natural Greaseproof standard cupcake liners are ideal for cupcakes, muffins, holding nuts and desserts. Greaseproof paper cupcake cups are odorless, natural color, and food-grade. 2 in. The bottom dia. is 5 cm. Baking cups fit muffin pans. Gifbera natural cupcake liners are a quick way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins. If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They'll make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Gifbera

👤Wow! I don't know what the other reviewers were saying when they said it sticks to the muffins. I haven't made cornbread yet, but I have made several types of muffins. The papers fall off. They are made of wax paper or something. I would not want to buy anything else from now on. I didn't need to wash the muffin tin after. They look professional.

👤These are not a good reproduction of the cups. These cups are not from the baked goods. I've used cups from another brand, but this is a big difference. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤The last time I bought them, they were 20% larger and fit my muffin tin perfectly. They are small and dark. The description on this site and the labeling on the plastic tube are the same, even though the plastic tube has been 888-282-0465. It's bait and switch! What a ripoff. These are not the standard size.

👤I have several muffin tins with standard size openings, including the 12 muffin metal version and the 6 muffin ceramic ones from Tempations. These liners fit all of them andpeal off the baked muffins. I made a mess of sticking to the pan and the liner, but these did better than most at releasing even those. I will be buying this type again.

👤I like the natural color. It goes well with many occasions. The take off is clean. The cheesecake is not stuck on the wrapper like most paper cups and there is no change in the color of the paper.

👤One other reviewer mentioned that. A photo. The cups are small for cupcake tins. I've found that they do the trick. I made my first batches of muffins using my home-grown fruit. The muffins keep the frozen berries. Oh, so moist. The muffins were a bit smaller than usual. I really like them! I don't think I'll feel like I'm eating too much when I eat at least two hot fresh-from-the-oven muffins now. I ate two of them with butter when they were larger and flowing over the cups. I can do that now and not feel stuffed. The paper pulls clean from the muffin and there is no messy cake on the papers. Very nice papers. They make me happy. What more could I ask for?

👤I like the fact that they are unbleached. These hold up well when I make chocolate peanut butter cups. They are a little difficult to separate, but I still give them 5 stars.

👤I use these for my wax fire starters, and go through them by the hundreds. These are brown and rustic. They are perfect for the look I am looking for. The quality is great and the price is good.

👤Thank you for the quick delivery of these minis. The colour blends in with the cake once cooked. These little babies are just perfect with no nasty niffs, and some cases can be a bit whiffy. I had the same problem, but I found a way to separate the cases by gently running your finger over the edges, then gently easing them into a boat. Most of the cases were back in shape by the time I was done filling them. I'm going to order the standard cupcake size because I like them so much.

10. Disposable Ramekins Aluminum Containers Cheesecake

Disposable Ramekins Aluminum Containers Cheesecake

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact them by clicking contact seller, they will give you a full refund or a replacement. These cupcake cups are ideal for many purposes. These disposable ramekins can be used to make cupcakes, pudding, muffins, cheesecake, creme brulee, ideal for snack cups and dessert cups. These sturdy foil baking cups are made of food-grade aluminum foil material which is safe and eco-friendly. The temperature range is from -4 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. These dessert containers are convenient because they allow you to clean bake pans without having to use your hand. You can reuse these cups as many times as you need. It's easy to carry the cupcakes out without the boxes. The cupcake liners can be put into the oven without a tray. You can make cakes or desserts for your lover, family or friends at festivals like Mother's day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday, anniversary or special days. 50 sets of aluminum foil cupcake containers are what you will get. The size of the pan is 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches and the capacity is 8 ounces, perfect for use.

Brand: Heyyumi

👤I received them in two days. I was happy that they are perfect. I made a dessert for my granddaughter. The oven is out and ready to use. I will give them as a Christmas gift to my friends who like baking. 100% satisfaction!

👤I wanted to give out my own Shepherd's Pie to people without having to ask for it back. I will let people know that they can reuse them. Very nice! The packing was beautiful. Very happy.

👤I wanted to make individual apple dumplings for my co-workers, so I bought these. It's just right for me.

👤I did not receive all of the lids. It was hard to fit the lids to the ramekins. The ones that fit are perfect!

👤The box stated 20 cups and 7 lids, but only 8 of them were inside.

👤Good for mothers day cakes.

👤They were in a box and not crushed.

11. Green Direct Standard Cupcake Baking

Green Direct Standard Cupcake Baking

These multiuse paper muffin cup wrappers can be used for a lot of different things. Try making your own peanut butter cups, serve cake balls, nuts, or candy, use them on popsicles to catch drips, or try your hand at muffin cup crafts. Baking cups for every day are of the best quality. 500 pieces per pack of white paper baking cups for large quantities of baking. Excellent cupcakes desserts hot and cold. Purchase these classic white paper cups and use them to make a masterpiece for your gathering.

Brand: Green Direct

👤The liners were great and I have purchased this item before. I ordered four more. They were all very small. They came in a completely different package. I don't know if this company is taking a different direction or trying to cut corners with their product production, but this is unacceptable! The liners don't fit in a cupcake pan. I will no longer order these if this is the quality that will be delivered from now on.

👤These do not fit in a standard cupcake/muffin tin. I was disappointed that they were not the standard ones, they were too small. If you are trying to stretch out your batter into more treats, this might work for you, but I wanted them to fit the tin. They are being returned.

👤It seems like we're always running out, so I was excited to get a big pack of baking cups/liners. These were packaged well and in good shape. The first three things we've used have stuck to them like crazy. We had no problems with other brands of liners and had problems with both muffins and cupcakes with recipes we've used before. We'll be sending them back to the bakery.

👤I can't say if the colors changed after baking because they didn't make it into the pans, but after opening the case, I noticed an off gas smell coming from the liners. I'm going back to natural liners.

👤These aren't tall enough. When I baked my cupcakes in my cupcake pan, they came up 1/3 to the top of the pan. My cupcakes got stuck in the pan. I was happy that my pan was not damaged. These are not good for baking muffins and cupcakes.

👤They are advertised as standard size, but they are tiny. They are below the cupcake tin. They aren't usable for cupcakes tins. I will not purchase again and I am very disappointed that I have 500 of these. The standard sized liner is on the left in the picture.

👤I didn't notice this when I bought these, maybe they have changed their manufacturing. These papers are so thin that they tear into tiny pieces when you try to remove them from cupcakes or muffins. It's hard to tell if they're there after they're baked. I will spray them first, but I have never done that before.

👤I like to taste my batter before putting it in tins. I baked cupcakes using these liners because my batter was delicious. The first sign that something was wrong was that my cupcakes were in the middle. After removing the pan, there was a pool of grease, and the finished products tasted terrible. Maybe it was my eggs, I thought. There is a I made another batches with different eggs and the batter tasted great. Same thing happened. The smell is terrible. Grease messes with baking. Won't purchase again.


What is the best product for baking cups cupcake liners clear?

Baking cups cupcake liners clear products from Chef Craft. In this article about baking cups cupcake liners clear you can see why people choose the product. Eusoar and Warmparty are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups cupcake liners clear.

What are the best brands for baking cups cupcake liners clear?

Chef Craft, Eusoar and Warmparty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups cupcake liners clear. Find the detail in this article. Paperchef, Eusoar and Gifbera are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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