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1. Caperci Silver Cupcake Standard 160 Pack

Caperci Silver Cupcake Standard 160 Pack

If you use oil to brush liners or pans, make sure you don't use extra grease. When using this product, please keep the baking pan oil-free, dry, and clean. The 160 Standard Greaseproof Caperci Cupcake Wrappers can be used to make a variety of colorful treats that can be removed from the pan without sticking. The Premium Silver Foil Cupcake Liners are ideal for colored batter and chocolate recipes. The cupcake Baking Cups are packaged in a plastic container that can be used to store liners. These cups can hold cupcakes, muffins or even mini-cheesecakes. The pan is Grease proof and easy to peel off, it's safe to use up to 350 degrees F, and it won't stain it. Birthday parties, bake sales, holiday or wedding celebrations, create dessert treats for family and friends. These cupcake liners are shiny and bright.

Brand: Caperci

👤foil muffin liners are needed to separate the muffin from the liners. If you use a paper liner for a sticky muffin, you lose part of the muffin, and they don't look pretty if you serve them to others. I purchased foil muffin liners because I was looking for them. They are foil on the outside. The inside of the cup is paper. I thought the foil cups had a paper liner in between them, but they actually have a foil outside and a paper inside. If you are expecting foil liners / cups, these won't work for you.

👤These were used for Mini Cheesecakes, they didn't have to soak the oils from the crust.

👤The photo can be seen. There is a part of the liner that looks shiny. There was no metal there. I needed foil for the muffins. These are not foil. The muffins which work well when in foil were torn in many pieces after they stuck to the paper liners, because they were glue to the liners. I will try to get this product to Amazon.

👤The cupcakes stuck to the bottom of the muffin pan made me think that I would have given 5 stars. The muffin pans that I've used for years, the seasoned ones, did not stick. The muffin pans that I have that look new and barely used are the ones that the liners stuck to on the bottom. The key may be using seasoned muffin pans. I'm disappointed that those that did stick, the liner on the bottom seemed thin, and the holes in the liner were trying to get them out of the muffin pans. The reviewers said the white foil liners looked gray. The color seems white to me since they were baked in them. You don't see the cake through the liner because they are grease-proof. I'm happy for most of the time. I wanted liners that were grease-proof, and these worked like I wanted them to.

👤I own both white and gold from this brand. This is a great product and so far they have a uniform shape and color. There is colored foil on the inside. I haven't had a separate yet. One reviewer said that the white look light gray but once baked in they look white enough that it doesn't detract or look odd when combined with other colors like white buttercream and whipped cream. I have used them for cupcakes, cornbread muffins and individual brownies. I have baked them in muffin tins and lined them up on a jelly roll sheet to make more of them. You need to use tins if you want them to be perfectly round. The sheet method works well if you are ok with a little squareness in the shaping of your treats. I keep them in the fridge to keep the humidity high, but everything I bake in them has pulled away nicely from the wrapper. The wrapper did not pull away on its own. I will order this brand again.

2. Gifbera Baking Silver 300 Count Cupcake

Gifbera Baking Silver 300 Count Cupcake

If a glass is damaged during a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately. The mini baking cups are about 1.25 inch in diameter. The cupcake liners are the latest in food grade. A quick and festive way to dress up cupcakes. Baking cups' shape is kept in a plastic container. It's perfect for your theme party.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I love them so much! I was looking for a good gold cupcake liner when I stumbled upon these. I am happy I did. After baking, they stayed vibrant and easy to decorate. I will be ordering in bulk now that I have 5 stars. Leave a thumbs up if this was helpful.

👤The seller was unwilling to work with me to resolve the problem. He kept saying that I was trying to separate the gold foil from the white liner. The white and gold is a set. The sets wouldn't come apart. I explained that I know how to separate them and the seller blamed me for not doing it right. The customer service was very disappointing.

👤When I ordered these, I assumed they had a standard size. Before you buy mini cupcake liners, check the size of your mini cupcake pan. The cups were lined with paper. I thought they were like regular foil liners that you can buy at the store and the paper was there to keep the foil liners separated. They sent me new baking cups in the new year to make sure I was happy, so I am changing to four. It came too late for the original use, but I appreciate the effort.

👤I bought these for a color coordinated event where I was going to make mini cupcakes and they were perfect: the right size for my mini-muffin tin, a great color, and the inside lining was bonded directly to the metallic shell to create a sturdy liner.

👤I like the rose gold color of these. It's perfect for a baby shower. When pulling them apart, they stick together. Not bad.

👤They are not what I needed. The cupcakes that I received were small. The seller was unwilling to work with me as far as taking them back or sending a different size. They were a pretty gold color. They tried to correct their mistake in the new year by sending me new baking cups, so I am changing from two stars to four. It came too late, but they still tried.

👤I searched for Mini cupcake liners before buying, hoping to avoid the "too small" issues that seem to be mentioned often. The regular size liners from Gifbera are also nice. I was looking for a Rose Gold color for cupcakes. I used the liners in my mini cupcake pans. They held up well. Did not change color. The liners are easy to peel from the cake. These are a nice size, and seem to match my mini cupcake pans.

👤A friend of mine has a baking business on the side. She loves the color purple and is a ravens fan. I searched all over the place to find something she could use for her cupcakes in her favorite color. I ordered it online. She loves them and said that she would make me something with them.

👤Too small, not worth the money. They have a nice colour and look nice. It is recommended to people who want to make small cupcakes.

3. Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, Holiday Party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. The Selizo cupcake liner set comes with 600 pieces of cupcake papers in a clear plastic tube. Baking large quantity for an event is great. Food grade material is safe. The cupcake liners are made of grease proof paper. Grease resistant liners are high temperature resistant. There are bright rain colors. The baking cupcake liners are a quick and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins, making them more attractive and impressive. The liners measure 2 in. The dia. is 5 cm. Baking cups for every day. It's great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, and candy making. The cupcake holder is perfect for small items. It's fun for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding.

Brand: Selizo

👤We are not going to run out of cupcake liners soon. My toddler likes to help line the baking tray. Awesome purchase.

👤The amount you get with the colors is something you love. They bake in a paper cup. I didn't like how transparent they became after baking and the butter just got absorbed in the liners, you couldn't tell the paper from the color it was suppose to be. You could barely see the color, I double layers before and after baking, and the oil soaked through the liner.

👤I had to borrow some from my neighbor because I ran out of cupcake liners. I buy these at the supermarket often, but run out more often. There are a lot of liners in this pack. I won't run out anytime soon. I am happy to pay my neighbor back. The colors and packaging were very well packaged.

👤These were great! I use these for crafts with my daughter in my 2nd grade class and I love the colors and value.

👤The colors are bright. It's very convenient and seems to bake well.

👤The colors are pretty. They smell terrible. I don't recommend.

👤I couldn't use them because they smell like chemicals.

👤I like the vibrant colors and the quality is good, but I don't like that it smells weird, I'm too picky.

4. Gifbera Rainbow Standard Colorful 400 Count

Gifbera Rainbow Standard Colorful 400 Count

At Baker's Signature they take customer satisfaction very seriously. They will make sure that the things are made right if they know that the cupcake and muffin liners don't live up to your expectations. Their products are crafted by trusted artisans from carefully selected materials that have been approved by approved suppliers. Their priority is quality. Baking for the years to come is hassle free with the baking paper cups. The standard rainbow muffin liners include 400 solid-color liners in 8 colors: red, orange, yellow, purple, green, and tiffany blue. Gifbera Multi-colored cupcake liners are a quick and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins. The standard size is 2 in. The bottom dia. is 5 cm. Paper baking cups are used for cupcakes and muffin pans. Colorful rainbow baking cups are ideal for cupcakes, muffins, holding nuts and desserts. If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They'll make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Gifbera

👤The liners smell terrible. It was like rancid bad. I can say that the cake removed 2 stars-ish, because my daughter baked cupcakes with them. Not the worst I've experienced, but definitely not the same brand I've bought. The SMELL is the worst. It was very unappetizing. I would definitely ask for a refund if I were out of the return window. The colors are bright.

👤The chemical smell of the Liners is so strong that it can't be used. I unstacked them on the counter and the smell lingered. We have to order in person. Very disappointed and not recommended.

👤My grandson's birthday party will be using these. I was impressed by how thick they were. They kept their color in the oven. I have used many brands over the years, including name brands that fade or turn brownish in color from the oven. These were a vibrant color. I would order them again.

👤I made cupcakes for my granddaugher's birthday party, but the liners separated from the cupcakes so disappointing. I went to the dollar store and bought the usual ones, 90 liners for $1.00, and baked the cupcakes all over again, no problems at all. The first picture is the ones that were separated and the second picture is the ones from the dollar store. Would not recommend it.

👤This style releases better than plain paper cups, but not as easily as a PaperChef. Rolling a section across a flat surface frees up the edges so they can be separated, as the cups tend to stick together at first. The top few groups are packed. The rainbow colors seem to be plain paper cups. They will stick to the muffins if the recipe has a fair amount of oil or butter. Three stars for the rainbow version.

👤You get a lot of vibrant colors and it's a great value. I didn't notice any wear on my pans like I've noticed with other brightly colored wrappers.

👤The product is great. The broken storage case makes it impossible to keep their shape. I'm going to have to buy something to hold them. They must have been crammed into the mailbox.

👤I have used half of my supply. Good quality. It's great for homemade peanut butter cups. The price is great. They come in a container so they don't get bent or crushed.

👤The other half tells me that these are really good quality for the price and would be ordering again. I am giving them 4 stars based on her opinion.

👤Allegri come in foto macd. No ancora utilizzarli quindi. Se dovessero rivelarsi deludenti.

👤J'avais est un souci sur Amazon. Dans ces conditions est hors de question. voire le retour du commerant, qui est justifiée.

👤I pirottini per muffin. Sono allegri, I muffin, staccano, rimanendo integri. Ottimo materiale.

👤A super person! Livraison rapide!

5. Sumind Colors Baking Cupcake Decoration

Sumind Colors Baking Cupcake Decoration

The mini foil cupcake liners are made of food grade paper and Grease resistant inside. The standard size of the cupcake liners is approx. The height is about 3 cm and the bottom is about 1 cm. 5 cm and 2 inches. The muffins, cakes, biscuit and pastries are more attractive and impressive with the 10 different colors in one set. The quantity is enough to meet your various use, and it's convenient to use. A wide application: convenient disposable foil cupcake liners with a fun color, nice choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, baby shower, anniversaries and themed celebrations; will cheer your kids, friends up all the day.

Brand: Sumind

👤I make cupcakes weekly. I needed cupcake paper. The first time I used them, they stained my muffin pan. I couldn't get it off. I tried another color but it did the same thing. I threw away my muffin tin because I saw the green foil still there.

👤I don't bake much. When I ran out of others, I ordered these back in 2019. I made cupcakes today and I was disappointed. The bakeware on the bottom of the cups was stained by the heat of the recipe. I have pans with cups in them. Nothing I have used can remove stains.

👤I was happy with my purchase. I am a teacher. I bake for my class and my son's events in school. The liners are strong and vibrant. I will be ordering again when these run out.

👤I usually have great success with foil cupcake liners. There was no orange in my birthday cupcakes order. I got 2 sets of rose gold instead of orange and rose gold. The rest of the colors are great, but I really needed orange this time around.

👤The colors bleed through to the muffin tin. I received the papers today. The colors are lovely. I decided to make some muffins for the Fourth of July. The muffins came out fine but the color melted from the cupcake papers onto my muffin tin.

👤It is beautiful. I line my cupcake baking pan with regular silver foil Reynolds cup liners so that the color doesn't bleed into the pan, like I read in other comments. It works well and the colors match.

👤As expected. They're shiny and sturdy.

👤Tad bit flimsy. I thought the foil would hold better than the cupcake liners I bought at the supermarket. I was wrong. I think they served their purpose and were a great deal. I wouldn't buy again.

👤I loved these, they are very good quality and good price, sadly they arrived badly packaged and the top two colors were badly mis-shapen, luckily I didn't need the clolour. If I put them in muffin tins or silicone moulds they will be ok. They performed well for soap cupcakes, I was really pleased with them. I was very pleased with the range of colors in the pack, it was the only supplier I could find with such a wide range of colors.

👤In the first photo you can see that the colour had rubbed off. I had to prise the muffin from the tray after the cups stuck to it in the two pics in blue. I have never had this happen with any other muffin cases. It's easy to get a piece of foil stuck on the side of the muffins when you remove them from the cases, as the sides are ribbed. Most people don't see this when they eat muffins. The stain on the red cases is shown in the 4th picture. I tried to remove it with a steelo, but it wouldn't budge. My muffin tray has been ruined by these cases. Better quality cases are the best to invest in.

6. Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

It's the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations. The muffin papers materials are all made of the best and safest material. The cupcake liners are made from food grade metallic foil. Baking cups are worry free. The baking cups have passed all the tests. The average baking temperature is 350 degrees fahrenheit. When it is expanded, the total diameter is 11 cm/ 4 inches. The quantity is198. It's easy to store the cylindrical box for food. The gold foil cupcake liners are the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party. cupcake liners are used for themed celebrations.

Brand: Eoonfirst

👤I was not happy with the product. The cupcake liners are hard to separate. The cupcake liners are made of foil and do not have a wax lining. The shape of the liner is ruined when the liners are removed. I am not satisfied with the liners and the price is cheap. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I would give this item 0 stars if it was possible. You expect a gold wrapper to be shiny. This one is not right. It has a bad smell when you open the container. If it is for commercial use, I would not recommend it. This was a total waste of money. I wouldn't use this for myself or my customers.

👤The item doesn't match the description. The package received states it contains only 176 pieces. After opening it, I counted and verified there were only 176.

👤I was concerned about the quality of the product, but was pleasantly surprised. The package has a screw top lid. The liners are snug. The silver Reynolds brand I find in my grocery store has no paper liner inside. The gold paper on the outside is the same as the white paper on the inside. Make sure you have one per cupcake slot when you separate the liners. They stick together, but you ease them apart. Pulling apart is not a big deal. Push against the cupcake slot of the baking pan. It will hold it's shape if you fill it. You can't see where that happened after baking. I used them to bake cupcakes for a bridal shower. Would definitely order them again. PS- After sitting overnight, about 5 wrappers separated from the cupcakes. It was on one of the recipes. The kitchen was humid and the flavor was moist. I will use them again because it was a minor cause.

👤I have made over half a million cupcakes in my life and have never had a problem with the LINER. They don't look the same after bending after being difficult to remove from the packaging. I had to cut the packaging to get them out. The lines stuck to the pan. Not the cupcake. The pan's liner had to be pried out with a fork. I have never had that happen with the cheapest liners. Don't recommend throwing away the extras.

👤I bought these for a party. After they leave the oven, I remove them immediately. The cupcake liners were stuck to the pan. I have made thousands of cupcakes in these pans. I had a problem getting them out of the pan, so I had to destroy the cupcake to make them look better. I ran to get cupcake liners. If you buy this product to test it out weeks prior to the day, you won't have to endure what I went through.

👤The color was perfect when I took these out of the box. I was a little frustrated when I used them. It was difficult to separate them. I've worked with foil liners many times, but never had this much trouble getting them apart. Some of the final product looked a little sloppy because three out of five of them wouldn't have a nice, smooth edge. I was able to disguise most of them. I had to be very careful how I displayed them because they were for a wedding cupcake tier. I don't know if I got a bad batches. I won't be buying them again. The only reason I'm giving it a 3 rating is because they all weren't crumpled, it held the color nicely after baking.

7. Disposable Ramekin Aluminum Cupcake Reheating

Disposable Ramekin Aluminum Cupcake Reheating

A set of 300 pieces of aluminum foil baking cups has a capacity of 4 ounces. The baking cups are made of food-level aluminum foil which allow the food stand well and prevent oil and food splashing. It would be convenient and safe to clean the oven quickly. These Non stick aluminum foil ramekin baking cups are ideal for picnic, camping, cookouts and daily baking. It's easy to carry with many restaurants, bakeries, and caterers using it for birthday party, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations etc. The aluminum foil baking cups have a top diameter of 3.22”, a bottom diameter of 2.12” and a height of 1.5. It's suitable for baking cakes, pies, flans, cooking and more. The cupcakes cups have a full curl rim design that provides excellent strength. You can bend easily after using and throwing to the dustbins, they are disposable, foldable and eco-friendly. Metal materials can't be heated in a microwave, please use oven to heat these aluminum foil muffin baking cups.

Brand: Immise

👤If you're looking for a single serving on the go, these were a good size. The cups were packed well and did not damage my shipment.

👤My son's classroom bake sale is where I bought these. I thought these pies would be a lot of fun. They were a big hit. They are very sturdy and the size is perfect for a single serving. I was able to get many pieces at a low price.

👤It's perfect for baking muffins or cupcakes. Peels off baked item without taking it.

👤I couldn't use 13 of them because they were so bent. These are the perfect size for brownies. They allow me to make a variety of brownies.

👤The baking cup size is perfect for making an egg tart. I don't need to buy the homemade egg tarts outside. Yeah... It was safe and saved money. It's very easy to use and very valuable.

👤It was very good, bought and made a baked pudding and cupcake for a friend's birthday.

👤When received, it was smashed. Very thin. The quality is low.

👤The person received bent and collapsed. They were eventually discarded.

8. Gifbera Cupcake Liners Metallic 160 Count

Gifbera Cupcake Liners Metallic 160 Count

It's perfect for your theme party. These gold jumbo metallic foil muffin liners add a festive shine to cupcakes and other treats. The tall foil baking cups fit jumbo cupcake/muffin pans and are easy to clean. Gifbera jumbo cupcake liners are a must-have for jumbo cupcake/muffin pans. These gold foil cupcake baking cups can be used to hold nuts and candy. Convenient plastic storage keeps baking cups' shape.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I bought the cupcake liners in the silver color despite the issue of getting them apart. I liked them for their size and appearance. It can be done if you have the time and patience. They are worth it. Before you mix your batter, get them apart. The cupcake liners are rose gold. They are beautiful and all that I hoped for. The quality seems to be right up there, too, as far as sturdiness and keeping their color after baking. It is very difficult to separate them without mangling the shape. What a shame! The problem needs to be fixed by the manufacturer.

👤After baking was done, held up well. The color is strong and makes a nice presentation. The cups were stuck together. I had to use force to separate the metallic pattern. I am happy with this purchase.

👤These are difficult to take apart and don't hold their shape. I only tested 6 of them, so I was happy. I have never had a problem with the ones I buy. It was an option to wish 0 stars.

👤The Reynolds foil cupcake liners are hard to find. They work well with making mini cheesecakes. The paper ones stick more. I received a larger quantity which sounded good. Here's the thing. The foil liners don't get stuck together if Reynolds uses paper liners between them. These have been made with a thin paper. This makes it hard to separate them. You end up with liners stuck together. The helpfulness of foil liners is ruined by the glue on paper. The paper has the cheesecake stuck to it. The paper is soft and can tear easily. The foil doesn't give any advantage, so these are probably ok for using with cake batter.

👤The cupcake liners are terrible to separate. I used a toothpick to get between the liners. The shape is destroyed by taking them apart. The process is tiring. You spend more time trying to separate them then you have to bake a bunch. It's inescapable. The first set I ordered was already out of the container. I re-ordered. The second set was better than the first, but they were still outside of the original packaging. Even though they are the perfect size, I don't think I'll buy them again.

👤I wanted to make individual graduation cakes for some seniors since they didn't get to have a graduation ceremony, but I wanted them to be bigger than a cupcake. I used these liners in a jumbo muffin tin and they were perfect. The silver looked nice. I deducted a star because they were difficult to separate.

👤I wanted to make jumbo muffins. I use other liners that end up soaking through because my muffins are very moist. These don't. My muffins are neat and tidy. The muffins look first class because of the gold color. I will definitely be buying these again.

👤These are terrible to use. Getting the individual liners separated is very difficult. The foil stuck to the muffin tin made a mess of the cupcakes and the tin. After soaking in hot water and scrubbing, I haven't gotten all the foil off of the tin. Don't use them.

9. Gold Cupcake Liners Muffin Baking

Gold Cupcake Liners Muffin Baking

50 sets of aluminum foil cupcake containers are what you will get. The size of the pan is 4.3 x 4.3 x 1.6 inches and the capacity is 8 ounces, perfect for use. The set of 60 foil cups can be used to hold a variety of different treats. Place these cupcake liners on the dessert or buffet table to dress up cupcakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. The gold cupcake liners are made from durable baking paper that can last up to 2200 degrees fahrenheit. The gold foil cupcake liners measure approximately 1.96 x 1.8 inches.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤The little cups were used to hold a half cup of fruit on a lunch plate. The foil finish is perfect. I had taken a picture. It was topped with a strawberry flower and I used them for St Patrick gold pots.

👤It is small for a cupcake.

👤I was expecting these to fit over a regular cupcake, but they were a bit tight and did not expand. I was able to use them.

👤I bought multiple times. It fits most cupcakes.

👤Great cups. It's small but sturdy.

👤The cupcakes were perfect for the table.

👤These were what I was hoping for. I baked my cupcakes in plain white liners and then put them in these adorable gold cups. These made the presentation look better. I can think of many other uses for these. I'm sure that I'll buy them again once I've used all of the cups in this package, I'm glad that I purchased these.

10. Aluminum Cupcake Eusoar Disposable Ramekin

Aluminum Cupcake Eusoar Disposable Ramekin

Baking cups' shape is kept in a plastic container. Their cups are made of eco-friendly aluminum foil which is a kind of food grade material and is safe for kids and adults. It's not easy to be flexible. Premium quality aluminum foil makes these muffin cups strong and sturdy. Put them in the oven. There was no baking tray needed. No-stick aluminum foil ramekin cups are ideal for indoor and outdoor usages. It's used by many restaurants and bakeries. You don't need to spend a lot of time washing dishes after a party with these quick disposal foil cups. Baking will make you happy and life will be colorful. The package includes 100pcs X aluminum foil muffin cups.

Brand: Eusoar

👤I received silver and ordered gold, so I gave this product 2 stars. If you order gold and the picture shows silver, you will not receive it. I was going to order another set based on the photo. I'm afraid I'll get another set of silver. I had to get the cupcake out of the container after I decorated it, but I used three cupcakes. The cupcake will dry out if you take it out of the cup. It can be used again after washing. It was easy to clean. I sprayed it after the cupcake dropped out. I am going to use paper liners to see if it will help with the issue of using the container to cook in and then guests can use the paper to remove. I like using these cups because they are taller than a standard cupcake tray.

👤I use these for home use. I had to spray the cups to keep the egg mixture from sticking. The little quiches came out in one piece. They weren't pretty. Eggs tend to cave in after cooling. They keep me from having to clean a muffin tin. The sheets were sturdy to place on.

👤The cups arrived in one day. I used them in my kitchen for individual pies. I put the crusts in the freezer. I baked 40 pies on the day of the event. They were on a stand. It is easy to bake and clean up.

👤I use this product for my son's graduation party. Work is great because of COVID19.

👤I am a high school teacher and a pastry chef. I wanted my students to make chocolate lava cakes. The 3.5oz worked perfectly because I didn't want a huge size.

👤The cups are great. They had individual flan and pumpkin cheesecake in them. It was perfect!

👤The pans are listed. I use them to make creme brlée. They come out okay.

11. Standard Sized Cupcake Liners Baking

Standard Sized Cupcake Liners Baking

Convenient plastic storage keeps baking cups' shape. It is made of sturdy and bright colored paper. The bottom is 2 inches. The top diameter is 2.6 inches. The height is 1.3 inches. Grease-resistant liners keep the outsides bright and shiny. Baking cups are used for cupcakes, desserts, nuts, and Appetizers. It's perfect for birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday Party, themed celebrations.

Brand: Warmtree

👤The smell is unbearable. They smell like something. It's strong. I didn't feel comfortable baking with them because I thought the smell would overtake the cupcakes and what chemicals would ruin the food? I didn't want my guests to get sick. I plan to use them for kid's crafts.

👤The ink smell is unbearable.

👤I love baking cups. I ordered the red and green for Christmas. I have used the red cups for Christmas and other occasions. I love the shine on these. I will be ordering more colors for baking. These are a good deal for the price.

👤The red on the muffins is gone. If you crumpled them up, that's what they look like. I didn't feel like they were safe to use.

👤The liners came in somewhat bent but the other issue was a lot of the wrappers pulled away from the cupcakes. It's not good to make cupcakes for an event.

👤It was cheap and flimsy. After baking, the gold color fades. Also if you. Adding alcohol or moist to your cupcakes will cause the gold to come off of your hands.

👤These are small enough to fit in our pockets and stretch our strawberries.


What is the best product for baking cups cupcake liners foil?

Baking cups cupcake liners foil products from Caperci. In this article about baking cups cupcake liners foil you can see why people choose the product. Gifbera and Selizo are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups cupcake liners foil.

What are the best brands for baking cups cupcake liners foil?

Caperci, Gifbera and Selizo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups cupcake liners foil. Find the detail in this article. Gifbera, Sumind and Eoonfirst are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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