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1. Decony White Cupcake Muffin Liners

Decony White Cupcake Muffin Liners

Package contains: Each package contains 125 x Tulip baking cups. It is easy to use and store. The Decony baking cup is approved for direct food contact so you can be sure it's safe to use. With this cup. Reducing the labor and time intensive tasks of cleaning, soaking, and scrubbing baking pans can be accomplished without the need for greasing pans. fits in the recipe. Right non-stick muffin pan.

Brand: Decony

👤Some people have written that these are not jumbo sized. The bottom of mine is just a hair over 2 inches. The height is 1 7/8" and the top is 3. I don't know what it is. They are what I need.

👤These liners deliver both quality and value as a family owned bakery. I have the dark brown and white on hand and in stock. Buy with confidence. I use jumbo liners for my muffins.

👤The cupcake tin is slightly larger at the base than at the sides. This will not give you a large muffin, but they will double the size of your cupcake. Don't fill batter more than 1/3 of the liner. It will cause tops to expand and possibly spill over into other muffin. It is advisable to caution. I used a tin with less space between wells. To keep heat circulation even and prevent touching, it is safest to stagger these tall liners. You would get a lot of staggered height desserts. You bakers know that higher heat creates a higher rise, mounted top to cupcakes and muffins. The regular size preheats the oven to 375 and bakes for about 7 minutes, then lowers the heat to 350 for the rest of the bake time. If you are doing taller cupcakes, preheat to 475 and bake for 7 minutes. I'm usually a bake-from-box person.

👤The muffin liners are not what we ordered. They are supposed to be the size of a cupcake paper. Hit reorder because we had ordered these before. We put the old ones side by side. There was no comparison.

👤The product was perfect for our use. The items were well-preserved in the oven and were easy to remove after baking.

👤Just what I need. These are great for large muffin tins. I usually use them to make cinnamon rolls, even though they are intended for cake muffins. I make a lot of cinnamon rolls for a lot of people, so it's easier to deliver perfect rolls individually. These muffin liners make it possible for me to serve the rolls in a public setting without having to touch the roll or make a mess in my muffin tins, even though I do spray them with a bit of non-stick spray before adding the dough.

👤The cupcake sticks inside the liner. They are returning them.

👤Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes.

👤Prompt delivery was the exact size I needed.

2. If You Care JUMBO Baking

If You Care JUMBO Baking

Pure, Professional Quality Silicon. Baking goods pop out easily. Baking cups are made from greaseproof paper. They are great for baked goods. The natural easy release properties of their baking cups won't stick to your recipes. There are 2 boxes of 24 Jumbo Baking Cups. Baking cups are 3.35 x 3.35 x 1.73 inches. The maximum temperature is 428 degrees F.

Brand: If You Care

👤I like these papers. They are easy to use. I have had great success with them. I just ordered a case of 24 boxes and the price was way down.

👤These are not large. Don't be deceived! I am trying to find jumbo muffin liners. I have found them at T.J. Maxx. I haven't seen them in a while. I don't understand why I can't find them. Please reply to this review and let me know where they are. These are just a standard size. The muffin tin has an average size. The jumbo stand alone muffin top liners are what I am looking for.

👤Each Baking Cup 9s is 3.35 x 3.35 x 1.73 Inches. I don't know what 9s means, but I know what 3.35 x 3.35 x 1.73 Inches means. It's just shy, according to my ruler. The bottom and top measure just under 3 inches in diameter without being stretched. This is deceptive advertising. The cups are too small for my pan. I like that they are made without bleach, but I don't think they live up to the name "Jumbo." They are not Texas-sized cups.

👤The cups of the large muffin pan fit perfectly in the jumbo baking cups. They are easy to peel off.

👤These are great for large muffins. They are my favorite cupcake holders. The customer service replaced the package that came smashed quickly and it wasn't even a problem. When I'm not around, I will order mpre.

👤I love using jumbo baking cups. I used to buy them in the stores, but now they are hard to find. I was able to buy a pack of two for a good price on Amazon. I use this brand for my baking needs and have always been pleased with their products. These are jumbo baking cups. They are just plain tan paper cups, but work well for basic baking, and you don't need color paper liners.

👤There is an update 1/30/2022. This is a great product. I've rearranged it many times. My cupcakes and muffins don't stick to the paper at all. When I bake with these, I just place them in the muffin tins and fill them. Nothing gets left behind when the liner is removed. The product was perfect. I haven't used them before, but I'm sure they will perform well. The packaging for this product was not very good. The boxes were damaged when they arrived. I store the cupcake liners in a drawer that is shallow and I understand that this isn't a "fragile" product. I have to take the liners out to store the boxes. There is a The product has worked well if I don't update this review.

👤I felt like I was doing something to help the environment with these Jumbo Baking Cups. I use unbleached coffee filters as well, so these were a natural fit for me. It's worth the investment, but a little on the pricey side.

3. Reynolds Baking Extra Large Inches

Reynolds Baking Extra Large Inches

Reynolds Baking Cups 3 1/2 Inches 24ct - FOIL

Brand: Reynolds

👤These were small. I could have bought them at the grocery store. The liners were not the correct size. If you want large cupcake liners, don't buy these. These are small. If possible, I would give them zero stars.

👤When I read the negative reviews on the size of the muffin cups, I wondered if they weren't jumbo sized. They are Reynolds brand, right? Well... The joke was on me. The bad reviews should have been trusted by me. The muffin cups are not very tall. The jumbo sized exaggeration is the only thing that makes this product different. I was very disappointed in Reynolds and Amazon for allowing false advertisements. I don't care if it was only a $5 purchase, it's the point.

👤These were what I was looking for. I wanted to make larger cupcakes for my birthday party and these were a better size than the regular cupcakes you find in the stores. I like to make my muffins in these liners. They make my cupcakes look like they came from a bakery.

👤These cups are not jumbo cups. There are real jumbo cups on the right and left. They are not eligible for return. It's really sad.

👤These muffin tin liners are very good. They are not the size I ordered. I am not happy with Amazon this time. These are not the same as I ordered. I now have two. I buy this type of product with my grocery order if I want it.

👤These are large cupcake liners. I use them to make large meatballs. I put my muffin tins in a line. It holds the meat and can be thrown away. No need for a clean up.

👤The packaging of the product for mailing was the only issue I had. The cups were crushed.

👤These are the cups I use most. I use them in my muffin tins because they are easy to work with. I don't go shopping because of the flu. I was happy to find them on Amazon even though they are a bit more expensive.

4. BAKHUK 200pcs Cupcake Holders Wrapper

BAKHUK 200pcs Cupcake Holders Wrapper

High-quality baking cups make your cupcakes look professional. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem or inquires. There are 200 tulip baking cups, 3 different colors, 100 brown, 50 natural, and 50 white in the package. There are enough cups to meet your needs. The top is 8 cm, the bottom is 5 cm and the height is 8 cm. It is made of high quality food grade silicone paper, it is easy to remove when eating muffins, and it is safe, no odor, no fading, no sticking, and it can survive a lot of heat. If you want to make cupcakes or muffins, place them on a flat baking pan with a muffin pan or with a pleated ridge cups as a base. It can also be used as a bread tray. High quality baking cups make your cupcakes look professional and are suitable for a variety of occasions.

Brand: Bakhuk

👤I like tulip liners. I usually order in bulk from cake stores, but this was my first order from Amazon and I have already ordered 400 more. These are perfect for consistency and selling desserts. Tulip liners can be too tall for packaging and get smashed when the lid is closed, but these are a perfect height. Love them. I only gave 4 stars for thickness because they are not thick. They are perfect for what they are intended to be. I always pick brown, but this box had an assortment. I used the white ones with the white wedding cake, and you can see in the photo that it is the same as the thin white liners. It's still pretty. brown is my first choice.

👤I have been making cupcakes for 10 years. Excellent quality. They didn't stick to my cupcakes. They were not greasy. I wanted all of these for this wedding. There was only one con. The way they were packaged left some of the wrinkled tips. I used a paper bag and a flat iron to fix this. It's a pain in the backside. If they put something in the end of the packaging, it would fix this. I didn't think it was worth taking away a star. 5 stars is still 5 stars.

👤The shipping causes the liners in the stack to be crumpled and have curled edges, making them harder to fill and not look as nice. I am using a cut off plastic drinking cup to support the end liner until the seller can find a way to prevent this. Hopefully this will prevent them from being curled while they are being stored, and I hope it will help to straightened out the ones I received initially. I'm looking forward to professional looking cupcakes and muffins soon.

👤I was going to make cupcakes for my son's wedding. They were easy to use and look great. They were professional looking and definitely used instead of traditional baking cups from now on!

👤They were put into a cupcake pan and put in the oven. They were filled and put into the oven. They were oblong and weird. After using almost all of them, only 20% came out. I won't be using them again. My other brand did not curled after a couple hours after cooking. These are not my favorites. I wouldn't buy them again. I bought the ones I used before. This was supposed to be a great deal, but it turned out to be horrible. Don't buy.

👤I've bought these before in dark brown and loved them, but this time I tried the three color option so I could color-code what I'm putting out for a party. When baking on lighter colors, the batter burns. These cupcakes have burnt batter on the ends. The logical thing would be to keep the batter out of the paper.

👤They work well for what I wanted. They were curled up on one end. I had to not use the end. It might have been from shipping. It was said about that. You can see in my pictures. I tried to uncurl them but they were still curled. I will throw the other end away. I still gave them a good rating. I sent a picture of them.

5. Panificio Premium Kraft Paper Baking

Panificio Premium Kraft Paper Baking

It's easy to peel off. The cake is easy to demould when it doesn't stick to the lining. It's convenient to use oil without having to brush it. OVEN SAFE: These paper baking cups are oven safe and can bake up to 450F. You don't have to use a cupcake pan. Their paper baking cups are the perfect size to make mega-cupcakes. Special treats that are 3.25 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches tall will be anything but modest. The baking cups have a symmetrical design. Do you want to upgrade your dessert presentations? The baking cups are made from nature-friendly paper and have a light brown finish. It's great for bakers who care about the environment. The value pack is sold in 200 count boxes at the same affordable wholesale pricing that they offer to their restaurant and Catering clients.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I was excited about the cups. I made muffins with them and the cups turned dark brown in many places. Doesn't look attractive.

👤These are great to use as liners. They aren't grease proof. My muffins tend to get stuck in the paper.

👤The liners are not presentable for a cupcake.

6. Happy Sales Giant Muffin White

Happy Sales Giant Muffin White

The baking cups are 9 x 5.5 cm and can be used free standing on a baking sheet. There are 100 white paper muffin cups. You can bundle and save. It's easy to pop out of a muffin pan. The extra-large size fits jumbo muffin pans.

Brand: Happy Sales

👤Don't bother. They stick to the muffins. My liners usually peel off, but not these. I spent more time trying to remove the liner than I did eating the muffin. The money was wasted. Let me know what liners you used successfully. Thanks.

👤If you have a walmart jumbo muffin pan, they fit perfectly. My muffins seemed fine despite some reviews saying they bled through. The liners came off very easily and didn't fall apart or take a bunch of muffin with them.

👤I needed taller liners for the cupcake pan. I don't recommend removing the liners while the cupcake or muffin is still warm because a lot of the cake will stick to the liners. The cupcake/muffin remains intact after the liner is pulled loose.

👤I don't know if I got what I paid for. There is no actual packaging. I ordered 100 liners. I am not going to count them. What you see in the photos is what you get. If you ask me, it's kind of weird. I just used these to bake some muffins and they don't peel off. Will not buy again.

👤The muffin pans I use are from the Hamilton Beach and Wilton brands. The cups are too wide at the bottom to fit inside the tins. I can use them, but they need to be pressed down a bit and aren't going to end up completely level at the bottom, some may even tilt a little and bake a kinda... They might pinch in on the side to fit properly. The paper is very easy to pull apart when preparing muffin trays. The tops of the paper cups are above the muffin pan. I don't mind them sticking up, but if you want a muffin top that is spread out on the tray, you need a pan that can fit that deep into the cup.

👤The seller had bought a large quantity and then sold it off into smaller quantities because the liners were not in a sealed package. This product is used with food being eaten by people and can not be sanitized prior to use. I sent them back because I don't want to use something that can be contaminated by people handling it or being open to other outside sources, especially when I don't know where these came from or were made.

👤I ordered muffin cups a few months ago. I hit the reorder button and received cups. The second batches were different in size and had no container. The one on the left was from the first batches and came in a plastic container. The new was backed in the box.

👤I found these for a dollar and it was upsetting since I paid seven times as much for the same thing. I had to get them apart in an hour. They were thick enough, but not worth the price since they took so long to get them apart, not good when you are trying to get them in the oven and in the middle of a recipe.

7. Cupcake Weddings Birthdays Showers Natural

Cupcake Weddings Birthdays Showers Natural

Baking cups are non-stick. 120 cupcake cups in one package, 60 pack in brown and 60 pack in natural color. Grease-proof and non-sticky, high temperature resistant, anti-skid and waterproof, it's oven safe, and can endure temperature up to 450 degrees fahrenheit. The shape of tulip can make your food look even better. The Tulip Style Baking Cups have a bottom that is 2 inches in diameter. That will fit in a muffin pan. It's perfect for putting cake,biscuit,candy, dessert,cookie, fruit. For a wedding, anniversary, engagement, birthday, baby shower, Halloween or Christmas event.

Brand: Augshy

👤The grease is visible in the dark wrappers. The dark ones show grease but the tan ones are fine. I have used brands that were dark brown and never had this problem. They flap out a little because they are not sealed at the folds. I won't buy them again.

👤The only reason I don't like them is because of the packaging. I didn't care that the paper looked wet from the oil from my cupcakes, I couldn't use it for presentation purposes. If the seller found a better way to package it, I would give them all of their stars. They are very nice. I filled them with batter and they held up well in a cupcake pan.

👤I like these and they work better than the regular cupcake papers. The packaging was so bad that you lose some of the product. Amazon shipped in an envelope which made it worse.

👤I love these liners. I have used them a few times. There is a baby shower. They have been a hit. They baked up a nice meal and the cupcakes were nice as well.

👤They make your baked good look professional and pretty. The liners are very thick and stand up well in the baking tin. My cupcakes didn't stick. There is a grease stain on the cupcake liner but no one cares because you pee off the liner before eating the cupcake. They make decorating more difficult. It's worth the money and effort. I'll buy them again.

👤I was trying to find liners to fit my jumbo muffin pan, but they aren't big enough to fit my pan. It was ordered before Christmas. I like them. They are nice. Not big enough for what I need.

👤I thought they were a muffin size. Our muffins were cut down to portion sizes so my littles could enjoy them, and it worked out perfectly. You get a lot for your buck, they are so cute.

👤I love these! They were used to make cups and mix for a party. Very nice. I doubled up to hold all of the items in one place, they were more than I expected. The packaging was not very protective so the top 10 cups on each stack were small and I threw them away because they didn't look nice.

👤I would have liked it more. The cupcakes are a little smaller than usual. The top ones are bent in due to bad packaging.

👤These are lots. My cakes were really special.

👤The product was good, the delivery was good, and I would buy it again.

👤Rubbish. The cakes received the paper. Had to throw them away.

8. Mirenlife Reusable Nonstick Silicone Container

Mirenlife Reusable Nonstick Silicone Container

The hunger fan community. Purchase this product and you will become a part of the largest community of game day and entertainment enthusiasts. The quality and longevity of their products are of paramount importance to them. If you don't like their products, they will give you a money back guarantee. No questions, no hassle. High quality. Premium 100% food grade Silicone cupcake Liners are made of a high quality material. There was no chemical coating, no fillers. Their cups are made of Silicone and are disposable. It's easy-release and non-stick. Silicone BakingMolds are non stick and can pop out perfectly shaped baked treats. It will make baking easier. Silicone baking cups are non-stick. It will take a blink of an eye to wash them. Silicone cupcake baking cups can tolerate temperatures from -40 degrees to 446 degrees. It can be used in many places. Large size cups are available in multiple sizes. Silicone molds are great for baking and food, but also great for crafts, such as soaps, crayons, sidewalk chalks, bath bombs, and candles. Jumbo silicone muffin cups are great for sorting small items and they work well with a baked egg dish, preparing treats, lunch/snack cups, as food dividers or cup holder liners in the car. It's fun for a birthday, holiday party or wedding. The cup is large. At the top is a diameter of 3.75''. 2.65'' is the diameter at the bottom. The depth is 1.65''. The cups hold approx. 7 ounces to the rim. Red and gray. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return the product within 30 days if you're not completely satisfied.

Brand: Mirenlife

👤I bought these because I am on a baking frenzy and have baked many batches of muffins. I thought I'd try these instead of the disposable paper jumbo muffin cups I was used to, since it seems a lot of professionals are using Silicon-based baking tools. There are pros and cons. The muffins were moist, is that a word? I've ever had it! There are some things that are CONS: The muffin batter stuck to the cups. And I mean it! I had to soak the liners in order to get rid of the muffin mess. I was able to twirl the muffins in each well with the paper liners because the muffin pan was turned over. When I tried to extract the muffins from the liners, I had to peel the liner back to get them out. The muffins didn't break completely. The muffins didn't seem to rise as high over the wells as they did when I used paper liners. I will try to use paper liners inside the liners to see what happens.

👤These things are cool. I am not using them to bake yet. They fit perfectly into the cup holders of most cars, I read on the interweb. It keeps the cup holder clean. I can throw it away if I need to because they are easy to remove and wash.

👤These were ordered to line my cup holders. I ordered the jumbo size which fit two of my cupholders but was too big for the others. I cut two lines that fit in the smaller cup holders. I have one after it is cut and one before that.

👤These appear to be pure silicone. The cups do. When you pinch the flat part, it turns white. I bought some large 4.3” cups from another brand and they turned white as an indicator of other materials being blended into the silicone. I kept those that I returned. These seem to be Silicone without Additives. I steamed a two egg quiche in the cup without a pan. I made a muffin the same way. It was easy to clean up after both removed cleanly.

👤I made breakfast egg muffins and they didn't stick at all, and they were easy to clean.

👤These seem well made. I didn't think about it before I bought them, but it seemed like more effort to clean these and all those ridges than to clean the cupcake/muffin pan.

👤I got these to use in my cup holders as a life hack. They have been amazing for this application. I just cut a slit down each side and it solved the problem of the smaller cup holder. I used the ten that I have left to make cupcakes. They worked well. It was easy to clean and hold up in the oven. All around a great purchase. It is recommended to use a way to keep cup holders clean.

👤I use them to line the cup holders in the minivan. They fit perfectly. These catch condensation or crumbs. I rinse them off every now and then. It's easy to keep that part of the car clean. These are a little big for the smaller cup holders, but a slit down the side might make them work well there too. I like that the gray is the same color as the interior of our car.

9. Eoonfirst Standard Size Baking Natural

Eoonfirst Standard Size Baking Natural

Baking cups' shape is kept in a plastic container. 40g paper, No Smells, No Poison, No Leaking Dyes, are the materials used in muffin papers. The liners are made with water and have no bad smell or harmful chemicals. It's good for you good health. No worries when you use them. When it is expanded, the total diameter is 11.5 cm (4.53 inch) and the size is natural standard cupcake liners. The quantity is 200. It's easy to store the cylindrical box for food. Natural cupcake liners are the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, try them for peanut butter cups, cake balls, nuts, candies, and energy balls. cupcake liners are used for themed celebrations.

Brand: Eoonfirst

👤! There is a warning. The cupcakes are on fire. I have been baking for over a decade and nothing like this has ever happened. My daughter asked me to bake a cupcake on her favorite cups. The material in the baking cups has a dangerous chemical in it. If you buy, please read before you buy so that you don't end up with your house on fire. I have learned my lesson.

👤The item was terrible. Everyone else said it had an awful smell. I read the reviews before buying them. I think I was in denial because people were saying that the smell goes away after a while. I aired them out for about 36 hours and they still had a faint smell. I thought that this thing was not food safe. I have decided not to use the product that I bought and will never buy it again. I have bought cupcake liners before and they have never smelled like this. I don't think this is safe. If you have to leave a product to air out for a long time, you may still ingest chemicals when you bake in them. I don't recommend this product. I would not give any stars.

👤The cups are thick and sturdy and the color was pretty. My cupcakes burned on the sides and bottoms. I have never had a problem with my cupcakes. I burned 2 batches of cupcakes with these liners, but I didn't realize it was them. I baked 2 cupcakes to see if my theory was true. I baked both of them at the same time. The one I baked burned. The one in my old liners was perfect. I had to use my old white liners to bake and then drop them in the pink ones to get the look. I was going for it. I will not buy these again.

👤They were perfect for wedding cupcakes. They were still the perfect dark navy shade despite being thin, and I was worried they would be a problem after baking. The dark chocolate ones were not very dark. People seem to think that a bad odor is overpowering, but it was not. After baking, it was completely unnoticeable. I think it's the smell of the dye. The smell was similar to the store bought brands. To make sure the odor didn't affect the taste or smell, I did a few test cupcakes. They have no taste or smell after baking.

👤I baked with them and they stuck to my muffins and cupcakes. They either ripped it off or pulled a ton of cupcake and muffin from it.

👤cupcake liners in navy blue They look great at first glance. The standard size for cupcakes are the perfect color for me. They were easy to separate from. I don't like the smell of these liners. I don't think they smell of plastic or chemicals like some reviewers mentioned, and I can't really tell what they smell like. I don't know if they have a nice smell. I'll probably let them know. I used the cupcake liners even though they didn't help with the smell. The smell dissipated. I was afraid that using them would make the cupcakes smell like cupcake liners, but they don't. If I needed cupcake liners, I'd buy them again. The color of the liners was still very vibrant even after baking. I find that some brands will make the liner almost transparent after baking. That was not the case with these liners.

10. Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

Standard Paper Cupcake Liners Baking

If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They'll make it better by learning from your experience. The baking cups are non-stick.

Brand: Paperchef

👤So live and learn! I didn't know they made non-stick muffin tin liners, but an online search of "how to stop muffins from sticking to paper cups" yielded the suggestion to find a non-stick option. I'm living the life of a vegetarian, but my latest recipes for muffins wouldn't come out of the muffin cup, leaving a lot of my tasty muffin inside the paper. When a bunch of the muffin gets torn off and left behind, it ruins the presentation, because I find myself gnawing on the paper liner to get the last of my muffin. They seem to be an economical solution to get the most out of my muffin recipes, and I gave them a try. Verdict? It was perfect! The liners peel off with the same recipe that stuck before. My muffins are not going to be destroyed. There was nothing left on the liner. If your muffins are sticking, you can get these and solve the problem without having to grease the muffin liner. These are amazing! Highly recommended!

👤I was happy to see the 4 pack for a good price, since I loved them so much. I just opened the boxes, and they are not the same product as the one in the photo, and one is a large and the other is a mini-muffin cup. Total ripoff.

👤These are small, maybe mini, I never used mini. I don't know. I am returning them because they are not standard size. I can't use them in a muffin tin. The size description in inches is way off. I was going to return them but my friend said they were out of muffin pan liners so I had to use them. The muffin tin my friend had was smaller than the one I used, but the paper is great. My muffins were smaller than I wanted and the size of my tin was too small. My friend is happy with the muffin liners I gave her.

👤I had to order cupcake liners on line to avoid buying ones made in China. They don't make them in the USA anymore. The liners I received look like unbleached paper, but are smaller than the ones I used to buy. I put one in my muffin tin and they are about a quarter inch smaller at the base and the same height as the top of the tin. I hope my cupcakes don't end up in the muffin tin. I probably shouldn't have bought 4 boxes with 60 liners before seeing them in person.

👤It iscier than other but sure value. It works perfectly. This is made in the country of Danes. The EU has very strict rules on food and the FDA is bought by the larger food manufacturers who care less about your health than you do. This means that it is more trustworthy than other options. Your health and that of your family and friends are worth more than the dollar.

👤These things are great. Almond flour tends to stick to everything I cook. The muffins stick to the paper in regular paper cups. I had to use foil. There have been cups found in the last year. I hadn't heard of them until an episode of "How it's Made". I use a lot of the same paper in my other recipes, so I thought I'd give it a try. They slide from the stack one by one. The foil cups had paper liners in between, but not this one. They are very strong. They stood up well in the muffin pan, no folding in, no bending, as I spooned batter in them. They were able to separate from the muffins easily. I will only use these for my muffin/cupcake baking now.

11. Norpro Giant Muffin Cups White

Norpro Giant Muffin Cups White

The celebrations were packaged by the Cakesuppyshop. All Genuine products will carry the CakeSupplyShop logo. The top is 3.75” x 9 cm. Tall/Deep: 2”/6 cm. 500 muffin cups were made from white paper. Muffin cups help keep the sides of the muffin or cupcake nice and soft. The extra-large size fits the pans. It's easy to pop out of muffin pans. It is easy to clean a pan. It's great for individual desserts, hot or cold.

Brand: Norpro

👤I took a chance on ordering these after the terrible experience with supermarket jumbo cups. They are jumbo size and are actually parchment paper. One photo shows a paper square so you can see the consistency of the paper thickness of the cup compared to the supermarket cup. The cup is perfectly suited for the jumbo muffin pan shown in the other photo. The ease of peeling without losing bits of your muffin is more than compensated for. If you want a dark and thick crust on your muffins and cupcakes, you should not buy dark color muffin pans.

👤Being fair here... The jumbo muffin papers fit my pan well. The muffin is greasy to pick up and looks less appealing, but for the price, it can't be beat. The product is good at this price, and it fits tin well. My issue is with the Amazon decision. 500 paper liners are in a fragile plastic storage container. It will take me a long time to use 500 liners and I would prefer not to have a storage container smashed. The liners are fine, but the top lid and bottom are broken. I am not complaining to Amazon because it could have been in a plastic bag if the case had been mentioned. But. The extra step of boxing would make the product arrive in a container that can be used for many years. Since I am not contacting Amazon, I hope this is read and considered for future buyers to receive a perfect package.

👤I was very disappointed when I opened them because they were bigger than the jumbo muffin pans, but they were in a nice plastic tubing to keep them from getting bent out of shape. If you're using a pan like the King-Size Muffin Pan, be aware that it will not have a nice smooth lining, because the liner will bunch up to accommodate the difference in size. The quality is good.

👤The muffin cup liners fit perfectly in my pan. The muffins were easy to remove and useful for keeping the crumbs to a minimum. I recommend spraying them with a baking spray to make it easier to release the muffins from the paper.

👤jumbo muffin liners are about a tenth of an inch taller than Norpro Giant Muffin Liners, but they have a wider bottom. These liners fit my muffin pans with no issues. They are packaged in a plastic tube to prevent crushing. Standard recipes for 12 cupcakes or muffins will make 6 with room to spare, because they are slightly larger than most jumbo liners. You can increase the size of cupcakes and muffins. These liners may make it easier to remove cupcakes and muffins from your pan. The liners didn't stick to my muffins. Excellent quality for the price.

👤I have been using the Norpro Giant Muffin Cups for a long time. They are sturdy and thick enough that they won't tear or get soggy. I have thrown away most of the other brands I tried when these weren't available. These are the large Texas size muffin cups and you get a real muffin in the end instead of the small ones. If you don't cook with muffin cups, then you should start using these. I don't know how many I go in one winter, but I trust Norpro the most.


What is the best product for baking cups cupcake liners jumbo?

Baking cups cupcake liners jumbo products from Decony. In this article about baking cups cupcake liners jumbo you can see why people choose the product. If You Care and Reynolds are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups cupcake liners jumbo.

What are the best brands for baking cups cupcake liners jumbo?

Decony, If You Care and Reynolds are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups cupcake liners jumbo. Find the detail in this article. Bakhuk, Restaurantware and Happy Sales are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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