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1. Standard Nonstick Parchment Cupcakes Decoration

Standard Nonstick Parchment Cupcakes Decoration

50 pieces, 5 oz disposable paper baking cups. Grease resistant liners inside the baking cups are 100% brand new, and the cups are made from food-safe grade grease-proof paper. The standard size is 7 cm/ 2.8 inches, the height is 3 cm/ 1.25 inches, and the bottom diameter is 5 cm/ 2.0 inches. It's convenient to match the number of mini cupcake liners in your favorite color. The disposable cup cakes paper with a fun design bright colors is the best choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, holiday party, baby shower and other theme party. Will make your friends happy all day. A rich cupcake set with standard size cake liners in 6 colors is convenient to use. If you experience an issue with Pinwei product, get in touch with them for a repair or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Pinwei

👤I don't know if they are made of wood. They ruined a lot of popovers. Everyone stuck to the popover. I threw them out.

👤I own a custom cupcake business and only purchase cupcake liners. The price was excellent and the description said "Nonstick Parchment Papers Baking Cups" and "Grease Proof Cupcake Liners". These are cupcake liners from the dollar store. It was too good to be true.

👤The cupcake cases are not the standard size. They are too narrow, close to 1.75" instead of 2. They aren't the right size for mini cupcakes, so I'm not sure what "standard" size they are for. I made sure these were labeled greaseproof so that the colors wouldn't fade in the oven. They were barely visible on strawberry or chocolate, and faded even further on the cupcakes. That description is not accurate. Don't buy them!

👤I used these to make my cupcakes for savesay They are pink. After cupcakes were baked in them, the color didn't show up as well as I would have liked. Otherwise, they were fine.

👤Most cupcake liners don't leave any color on the pan, but they do leave some color on the pan. It worked well for a party for kids.

👤I was not happy with the color. In the pictures, it looks like a deep pink, but when I opened the package, it was more coral.

👤I was afraid to use these cupcake liners for my bakery goods because they smelled so bad.

👤We had a baby shower with tutu themed marshmallows.

2. Gifbera Silver Standard Cupcake 200 Count

Gifbera Silver Standard Cupcake 200 Count

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. The muffin liners are heavy duty and easy to release. The cupcake liners are 2 3/4" high. The bottom diam. is 2 x 2. The standard size cupcake/muffin pans can be fitted with this high. The metallic foil liner is a quick and festive way to dress up cupcakes and muffins. It's the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations. Baking cups are kept in their shape with a plastic container. If you have an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a replacement.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I took these to a pawn shop and tried to sell them, but the guy said they were worthless and I had to leave. I told him to fight about it. "Get out of my store or I'm calling the police," he said. I backed some cupcakes when I left. The cupcakes turned out alright. They didn't get sick. They looked like jewels when I took them out of the muffin pan. They tasted okay because my buttercream didn't turn out. My failure was hidden by all that bling. Purchase these cupcake cups now.

👤I will only use Gifbera brand foil liners now that I am a professional baker. They are the best liner I have ever used. The liners are sturdy and beautiful. They separate easily. Gifbera does not have an issue with foil liner brands that are almost impossible to separate.

👤I bought the liners to use at the wedding. Two different stacks of liners had defects that made them unusable, but the liners were very nice and they baked beautifully. There was a hole in the side of the stack. The other had half the cups folded down. The rest of the cups look pretty at the wedding.

👤I have tried other brands of cupcake holders and have been disappointed when they bleed through with oil. These are shiny and do not bleed at all, and the guests like the look of them, I gave them a try and they are very good.

👤I'm not sure. When I ran out of Reynolds liners, I thought they'd be a good replacement. I used the remaining liners for the other muffins. I don't have a muffin pan so I use them. I put them on the cookie sheet. The Reynolds hold shape was good. I have a problem with the Reynolds because they are like normal aluminum foil and they melted. They stuck to the pan and I checked the bottoms to make sure the heat didn't cause it to break. Kinda weird. I would have blamed temperature or over cooking, but 2 of the muffins in that batches had liners from Reynolds. It's not the same material.

👤The cupcake tins are beautiful. My cupcakes looked beautiful for my baby's first birthday party. I received a lot of praise.

👤These cupcake liners are of excellent quality. The shape and exterior color of the cakes were perfect while baking and the rose gold color is the same as the picture the seller provided. Highly recommended!

👤I just baked about 3 dozen cupcakes and I really like the liners. These are sturdy and beautiful. I initially thought they were not quite as pretty as they should be, but they are a beautiful color and easy to work with when baking. I would purchase again.

👤I wanted the cupcake case to not collapse. I was making 150 cupcakes and 50 brownies so I was looking for good quantity and quality. I decided on these because of the reviews. These cases are bright pink. They are strong to hold the mixture and do not collapse. I found them to be great quality and they did not burn on the bottom. They did a great job. I have bought many cupcake cases that have ruined my baking so it's important to find the right ones. I recommend them. I like to bake for family events. The photos are of the end results.

3. Cupcake Weddings Birthdays Showers Natural

Cupcake Weddings Birthdays Showers Natural

The shelf life is three years, with no exposure to direct sunlight. Premium quality grease-proof paper is used to make these tulip baking cups. This product can be used in the oven, and can tolerate temperatures up to 450 degrees. There are different sizes of this baking cup. The Baking Cups bottom is 2 inches in diameter. That will fit in a muffin pan. It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, cake shops, coffee shops, and more.

Brand: Golden Apple

👤It's the best way to elevate cupcakes. Simple cupcakes look bakery bought.

👤Lots of stores around me don't carry what I need for my home bakery business. These come with a lot for the price. They hold up to all my batter.

👤I was very disappointed with this product. The paper sticks to your baking and is difficult to remove. I have used other cups that were better. Will not buy again.

👤These cupcake cups are gorgeous. They are more expensive than regular cupcake cups, but they are worth it. They are strong. The paper can be easily removed from the cupcake. I think they are professional.

👤I liked the cups, but I didn't like the packaging and the cup set didn't have a scoop. I filled cups with two heaping amounts.

👤Food is about presentation and taste. It makes a muffin seem special. It's easy to clean. The muffin is intact and ready to eat. Will buy again.

👤They are packaged nicely and the size is nice. Egg breakfast muffins stuck to the paper. I wanted to see if the paper came off easier. It did not. It was worse. It was impossible to remove the shreds from the egg because of the soggy paper. Next time, I will greasing them.

👤These are nice quality and hold up well. It's pretty too!

4. Cupcake Liners Baking Parchment Standard

Cupcake Liners Baking Parchment Standard

Baking tips. The highest baking temperature should not be more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). They baked their foil liners for 20 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). After tests, there were no signs of color changes, transfer of color or chemical odor. 100 tulip baking cups, 2 different colors, 50 brown and 50 natural are included in the package. There are enough cups to meet your needs. It is made of high quality food grade silicone paper, it is easy to remove when eating muffins, and it is safe, no odor, no fading, no sticking, and it can survive a lot of heat. The tulip cupcake liners have a standard size of 1.97 x 3.15 x 3.15 IN. Their tulip cupcake cases can be used at will, they are fit for all kinds of muffin/cupcake baking pan. The tulip flower design makes the entire appearance look very elegant, and adds exquisite style to showcases and plates, also would they decorate your wonderful food, making your treats look even more delicious! High quality baking cups make your cupcakes professional for a variety of occasions.

Brand: Iefoah

👤I was hesitant to buy because of the reviews on other seller's pages, but I'm glad I did! Everyone was impressed with how cute my muffins were. I don't like you, but food tastes better when it's more pleasing. I only used dark papers because I was afraid of grease stains. Grease will show even if it is paper. Unless you use something like Silicone of foil liners, it is inevitable. I didn't use a spray that would get stuck in the sides, which is great! I will buy these again and again. It makes me want to bake all the time. Hello calories! They were packaged so they didn't get crushed.

👤For a Gentleman's birthday party cupcakes are perfect. The colors were bold. I place regular cupcake liners in Them because I wasn't sure how they would hold up.

👤I didn't have a problem getting the Muffins out of them. I put a cupcake liner inside of them, and the muffin stuck to them, because people said they stuck.

👤Dark brown liners don't work. The light brown were great! I used the same dough to fill both. The muffins were stuck on the papers. The ones in the light brown papers were perfect. If they were light brown, I would have given them 5 stars.

👤I bought these to put in a basket for the bridal shower. The liners fell out of the plastic sleeve because it was open at the end. The product was ok but needs a better container.

👤I was looking for something to bake egg muffins.

👤I was unsure if I would ever use this many, if you bake them fast. They stayed together really well and I had no problem using them. We're just as good after warming in the microwave and defrosting muffins, because I also made them and froze them.

👤I used them for Christmas goodies and they were great for muffins. They were what I wanted.

👤Pour faire des gros muffins.

👤It's nice to make bigger muffins. There were no issues with the baked product.

👤High rise muffins can be made with the cups.

👤J'ai beaucoup de muffins. chaque fois sur le muffins. Achat.

5. Bakers Signature Cupcake Resistant Wrappers

Bakers Signature Cupcake Resistant Wrappers

fits in the recipe. Right non-stick muffin pan. Looking to add a beautiful finished look to your muffins or cupcakes? Your search is over. Their grease resistant baking cups will add an elegant and unique feel to your baked goods, they will take the hassle out of baking. Their cups are precut and ready to go so you don't have to waste time cutting and folding paper. Baker's Signature cups come in a convenient box that is easy to store without folding or tearing. The baking cups will be in the box until next time. Their lotus baking cups fit into a standard muffin or cupcake pan with a bottom of 2 inches. The cup has a capacity of 3 Oz and is 2.2 in at the low point and 3.2 in at the high point. The right cups for making your favorites. Their cups are non-toxic, waterproof, and grease resistant. They are more resistant to temperatures of 220C/450F than most recipes require. It's perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events. Their baking cups are made from natural 100% wood pulp and are a healthier alternative to Quilon based products. There is a chemical called Chromium that can be harmful. Do you like baking but don't like cleaning up? Cleanup will be easier than ever. All of their cups are white, brown and natural colored and are perfect for muffin and cupcake baking pans. At Baker's Signature they take customer satisfaction very seriously. They will make sure that the things are made right if they know that the cupcake and muffin liners don't live up to your expectations. Their products are crafted by trusted artisans from carefully selected materials that have been approved by approved suppliers. Their priority is quality. Baking for the years to come is hassle free with the baking paper cups.

Brand: Baker's Signature

👤These cups are great. It was much nicer than I anticipated. I will never use those flimsy papers again. The plastic container came crushed. I had to come up with a different container to hold them. I would appreciate it if you could solve this problem, I will buy them again and again.

👤I've never used these before, but I love them! I will never go back to traditional cupcake liners if I can find them in different colors. You can put more batter and liners.

👤These cupcake paper cups look great. There is one caveat. I would use 2 papers at the same time. I used two different colors and that looked really good and worked better than using one at a time, but it's not more expensive because you get so many.

👤They were perfect shape. There was no damage. I baked muffins and did well.

👤I make muffins a lot. These liners are the best I have used. I don't recommend using them without a muffin/cupcake tin for support because they are thin and 888-270-6611 They are great for preventing batter spills. These liners prevent muffins from leaving a mess in the pans, they usually leave a bit of a mess. I lightly oil the liners so I can't say if they stick to the finish product. I'm ordering more.

👤I bought these for the occasions I need to make my cupcakes look a little more fancy. I made vegan chocolate cupcakes for my sister's birthday. They are pre-folded into cups but are still loose so you cannot use them without a muffin tin. They worked just like regular muffin liners, but with extras on top. When eating, they fold out flat into mini plates. It's a good thing. I am happy with the quality of them. I can't say if the colors will bleed into the cake because I used white ones. I will update this if it does.

👤I like these liners. You can fit more batter in each muffin without getting muffin tops. The only downside for me is that the liners have a tendency to bend outward as the muffins expand, and that is not a dealbreaker for me. I will be purchasing again.

👤My son had a wedding and I used tulip cupcake holders. The cupcake holders kept the cupcakes snug. The cupcake holders should not be used to hold the cupcake batter on the sides. It will be baked on the liners.

👤Me est marca, pero eran resistentes a la grasa. No. Amigos, pero tienen una otro. I solo es ese detalle de la grasa.

👤No se decoloran, mantienen su forma. Para hornear cupcakes o muffins, se pueden utilizar. Muy buena compra.

6. Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Purchase these classic white paper cups and use them to make a masterpiece for your gathering. There is a pack of 300 standard baking cups. The cups are bright and fun. It's a quick and colorful way to dress up your cupcakes. It's great for holding party snacks. It's perfect for your theme party.

Brand: Wilton

👤I'm only giving it two stars because they arrived in perfect condition, they are really cute pre-oven. They're sturdy and don't fall apart. These aren't worth it if you're trying to make cupcakes for a party or sell them after the oven. The first picture I shared was worse than the second one, they lost their color in the oven. I decided not to use them anymore after I noticed the ink melted. The yellow ink melted in every cupcake mold, who knows how much ink is in the cupcakes. If you're using them after the oven, I would say go for it.

👤The cupcake papers are cute and perform like typical cupcake papers, but they look very oily after being stored for a little while. They seem to leak more butter into the cupcake cups for whatever reason. The papers absorb some of the cupcake or muffin's moist content and are likely to be just as strong as normal cupcake papers. At. The butter in the pan was as yellow as butter flavor crisco spray because the yellow papers leaked dye into the grease that goes into the pan. I am comparing these to cupcake papers in the grocery store. I used the same recipe for banana muffins. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil, but I've been substituting butter for a while now, and it made no difference in oiliness when using standard grocery store cupcake papers. My cupcake pans were stained by the pink and yellow ones. I didn't try the black ones. The green, red, and light purple did not oxidize. The buyer should beware. Should I say "dyer"?

👤Don't buy these! I looked at the reviews when I bought them, but decided to order them anyway. The product was in a bad condition with the plastic tube cracked down and several of the wrappers badly damaged. I took the wrappers out of the tube and immediately smelled something. I left them sitting out for a while to try and get rid of the smell so I could let them air out. I needed to bake a bunch of muffins for an event after 2 1/2 weeks. I got them out and they smelled the same. I used them despite the fact that they were the only wrapper I had. After baking, the smell got stronger and ruined my muffins. I should have listened to the reviews before buying. Stay away from this product.

👤These are lovely to look at, but they smell of something. I thought buying a product from Wilton would make sure their quality. It did not. I've used some of them, but I wish I could return them. I didn't use them on my cupcakes. I put the plain liners over the other liners when the cupcakes were already baked for presentation because I didn't trust them on my baked goods. I didn't want my baked goods to taste bad. Not a good purchase.

👤Don't buy this purchase. I didn't read the reviews before buying this item because I didn't want to worry about cupcake liners from a good company. I regret that a lot. The liners smell like chemical smell when they're in the oven. It took me a few minutes to determine that it was the cupcake liners after I thought something was burning in my home. I had to throw out my entire baked goods because of the smell. I'll start tonight. There is an issue with these liners and they should be looked into. Amazon should pull this item from it'slves based on this and other reviews. The colors are fun and vibrant. As I start over again, I'll be grabbing my basic Reynolds tin foil liners.

7. Cupcake GOLF Standard Wrappers Metallic

Cupcake GOLF Standard Wrappers Metallic

The package weight is 0. The weight is 20062065842 pounds. Blue foil cupcake liners are the best choice for any occasion, they are perfect for birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations and more. These elegant cupcake liners are great for making fancy cupcakes. The cups are blue standard foil. The total diameter is 115mm when it is expanded. The muffin papers materials are all made of the best and safest material. Fluted cupcake papers with a bright Blue color are a quick and festive way to dress up cupcakes and muffins. Baking tips. The highest baking temperature should not be more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). They baked their foil liners for 20 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). After tests, there were no signs of color changes, transfer of color or chemical odor.

Brand: Golf

👤I expected foil liners where the food doesn't stick. There is a I usually get them with white liners in between the foil, however, they are only "look" like foil on the inside and are white paper. You will have to spray them if you can get them apart. Everything sticks! It's so frustrating!

👤The red color came off my metal cupcake pan and I couldn't remove it with a magic eraser. It did not affect my cupcake pan. I had to scrub the cupcakes with a magic eraser after they came off my counter. It cooked the cupcakes well and peeled them off.

👤The red on the cupcake pan is caused by the shiny foil finish on these. The pan won't come out. They fit the purpose.

👤It's hard to take apart when you're ready to use. Not as strong as foil liners. Get what you pay for.

👤There is a picture of INK. I would give 0 stars if I could. I am so frustrated. I bought these because I needed the color for my graduation party. The ink is all over my pans. I am so frustrated. This product is not good. It was super flimsy and not foil. It looks like they painted them. I'm returning. Do not buy them.

👤They were hard to separate from each other to put in the pan. I don't think they were cut right. I almost gave up on them. The cupcakes were stuck to the cups. After spraying the insides of them with non stick spray, the cupcakes came out better.

👤They are cut on a slope. The long side is 3.25 cm tall. The cupcakes were not baked in the defected foil liners.

👤Came in good condition.

8. Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Katbite Cupcake Birthday Christmas Decorations

Standard green foil baking cups are the best choice for themed celebrations. The bottom diameter is 1.97 inch and the depth is 3.15 inch, which is suitable for most standard size bakeware. The most classic colors are Brown, White and Nature Color. TheOVEN SAFE is made from natural 100% wood pulp and is fluorescent free, so it is safe and no poison is found. There is no need to worry about health issues. It can be put directly into the oven without any concern for safety because they are higher in temperature than most recipes require. Baking cups are easy to clean and use. There will not be many cakes left on the baking cups because there will not be any scrubbing or scrubbing to eliminate baked on mess. Baking will be easy with them. You can use them to make cupcakes at any party or festival. ELEGANT DESIGN- The tulip-shaped design will make the cupcakes look more elegant, and both your customers and guests will leave a deep impression on your cupcakes. It will make your display case look more delicate, and it will also make your cupcakes look better. You can make cupcakes or muffins and use it to hold other items. You can use the cupcakes you make to decorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events.

Brand: Katbite

👤My daughter is a baker and sells through her business. She wanted to use liners for her cupcakes to make them look better. We tried these liners and they are wonderful. She lightly sprayed them before baking them to help with the removal. They worked with her regular cupcakes and jumbo cupcakes. She has had a lot of praise for using them. Will be buying them again.

👤Do not recommend. The grease marks on liners look terrible. I have a baking business and I have to give my customers cupcakes with grease marks on the liners because I ordered them last minute. I've used this type of cupcake liner for a long time, but my normal seller was out of stock. This is not the recipe I've used for years and it has never happened before. It's not clear if greaseproof on package means they won't do this, but highly disappointed.

👤It worked well for single serving frittatas. There was no grease on the outside of the wrapper or the baking tin. Pulling them open was fine. If they are cooled down, less or more would come off the wrapper.

👤I didn't want to return them thinking the product would work after the box was smashed. I pulled them out and some didn't say much. The ones I used for baking were soaked in oil after I put them in the oven. You might be able to bake cupcakes with liners in them. If you need them for muffins or cupcakes, this is not the product for you.

👤The colors were vibrant and didn't fade in the oven. It's easy to open and use a square to catch crumbs. happy with the purchase, very pretty look all around

👤These liners are great for classing up cupcakes. It's a much better option than paper cups because it's easy to extract from the pans. They fit in bakery boxes with cupcake holders. No cake is lost when pulled from the cupcake. They're great if you're careful, but they're not amazing because they can be pulled back so easily. These were a good value, but a little more than paper cups per liner.

👤The cupcake holders I bought for my niece's birthday were pretty, but the paper is very thin. To make sure the batter didn't soak through, I had to use 2 cupcake holders. The paper stuck to the cupcakes after they were done. I'm not sure if I would order from this seller again, they were so thin, but I'm going to use the remaining holders.

👤I wanted to use different colors, but white was destroyed. And bent over.

👤The mixed pack of colors made these cases attractive to me. The package was small when they arrived. I found out why. The papers were small and flimsy. The main cup of the papers was shallow and the dimensions were the same as in the advert. They would have been great if I had used 2 at a time, but that wasn't what I wanted. I will be returning these and going back to the ones I used before. Don't.

9. OXO Grips Reusable Silicone Baking

OXO Grips Reusable Silicone Baking

Seal to perfection-Free clear lids seals tightly to the cup, keep food fresh and clean, also facilitate you to carry the cupcakes out with no need of cupcake boxes. Remove treats in one piece with easy-lift tabs. Convenient tabs for quickly removing cupcakes or muffins. All your treats are the same size. Line up on a baking sheet in a muffin tin. It's also great for bento box lunches.

Brand: Oxo

👤I absolutely adore them! They are perfect for breakfast items. They are great because they can stand up on their own. The tabs are perfect for rearranging and moving. They are easy to clean. The sides don't have the classic cupcake liner ridges, which are hard to clean and hard to pop the cakes out of. These don't hold on to anything and have a softer ridge.

👤I wanted to try these out so I could use them in my small oven to make muffins when I don't have time or want to heat up my big oven. I put them on a small pan that fits in my oven and filled them with a cookie scoop. I was unsure if I needed to spray them. I did and nothing stuck. The muffins popped out. Great purchase. I have used these several times with spray and everything pops out. The two tabs on the edges give you something to pick up the cups with. Great purchase.

👤I bake a lot. I love these cups. I used an ice cream scooper to measure the batter in the muffins. Each cup should be placed in a cupcake pan. I got what I was expecting. The muffins were baked to perfection. The best part? It's easy to pop out and clean up. There were a few crumbs in the cups. Place the cups in a warm pot of water for a few minutes and rinse them clean. It's so easy. I don't have to worry about paper baking cups collapsing or folding when I fill them with cupcakes or muffins. I ordered 2 sets for 24 cups so they would fit in my pan that is 24 cups. Baking cups are no longer being run out. Happy baker!

👤The side handles on these baking cups are not as thin as I was expecting. They are smaller than I thought. They are the same size as paper liners and hold 1/3 cup of water. There is a The inside is smooth and they are easier to clean than the ridged ones.

👤I used Silicone for the first time. It doesn't seem right. My son had a rusty muffin pan. I ordered them to bake at his house. I wouldn't leave a pan in his small kitchen. I took them home because I liked them so much. Paper cups or metal are much better for your muffin than it is for you. They don't need to be greased. The bottoms of muffins looked baked. I was worried that they would be hard to cook. The bottoms won't burn. I thought the strength of these was not very strong. I used them many times. And in the dishwasher. They are new. They feel thin. What do I know? They pop out frozen and can be stored in a baggie.

👤These cups are beyond thankful for. They make my egg cups not stick, which makes me make them even more, so I am eating healthy breakfasts more frequently. Winning. I don't use oil on them and the egg cups come out. I put them out on a towel and rinse them off. It's so easy. Love them.

10. Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

It's the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations. The muffin papers materials are all made of the best and safest material. The cupcake liners are made from food grade metallic foil. Baking cups are worry free. The baking cups have passed all the tests. The average baking temperature is 350 degrees fahrenheit. When it is expanded, the total diameter is 11 cm/ 4 inches. The quantity is198. It's easy to store the cylindrical box for food. The gold foil cupcake liners are the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party. cupcake liners are used for themed celebrations.

Brand: Eoonfirst

👤I was not happy with the product. The cupcake liners are hard to separate. The cupcake liners are made of foil and do not have a wax lining. The shape of the liner is ruined when the liners are removed. I am not satisfied with the liners and the price is cheap. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I would give this item 0 stars if it was possible. You expect a gold wrapper to be shiny. This one is not right. It has a bad smell when you open the container. If it is for commercial use, I would not recommend it. This was a total waste of money. I wouldn't use this for myself or my customers.

👤The item doesn't match the description. The package received states it contains only 176 pieces. After opening it, I counted and verified there were only 176.

👤I was concerned about the quality of the product, but was pleasantly surprised. The package has a screw top lid. The liners are snug. The silver Reynolds brand I find in my grocery store has no paper liner inside. The gold paper on the outside is the same as the white paper on the inside. Make sure you have one per cupcake slot when you separate the liners. They stick together, but you ease them apart. Pulling apart is not a big deal. Push against the cupcake slot of the baking pan. It will hold it's shape if you fill it. You can't see where that happened after baking. I used them to bake cupcakes for a bridal shower. Would definitely order them again. PS- After sitting overnight, about 5 wrappers separated from the cupcakes. It was on one of the recipes. The kitchen was humid and the flavor was moist. I will use them again because it was a minor cause.

👤I have made over half a million cupcakes in my life and have never had a problem with the LINER. They don't look the same after bending after being difficult to remove from the packaging. I had to cut the packaging to get them out. The lines stuck to the pan. Not the cupcake. The pan's liner had to be pried out with a fork. I have never had that happen with the cheapest liners. Don't recommend throwing away the extras.

👤I bought these for a party. After they leave the oven, I remove them immediately. The cupcake liners were stuck to the pan. I have made thousands of cupcakes in these pans. I had a problem getting them out of the pan, so I had to destroy the cupcake to make them look better. I ran to get cupcake liners. If you buy this product to test it out weeks prior to the day, you won't have to endure what I went through.

👤The color was perfect when I took these out of the box. I was a little frustrated when I used them. It was difficult to separate them. I've worked with foil liners many times, but never had this much trouble getting them apart. Some of the final product looked a little sloppy because three out of five of them wouldn't have a nice, smooth edge. I was able to disguise most of them. I had to be very careful how I displayed them because they were for a wedding cupcake tier. I don't know if I got a bad batches. I won't be buying them again. The only reason I'm giving it a 3 rating is because they all weren't crumpled, it held the color nicely after baking.

11. Tulip Cupcake Liners 100 Pack Restaurants

Tulip Cupcake Liners 100 Pack Restaurants

If you experience an issue with Pinwei product, get in touch with them for a repair or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience. TULIPC CUPCAKE LINERS. There is an oven safe and cupcake liners. These tulip cupcake liners are made for baking. These liners look more professional and add a sense of refinement. Get 100 tulip cupcake liners for a value price. It's perfect for bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants. Saves time. Line muffin pans with baking cups to save time. It's not necessary to scrub muffin pans. DIMENSIONS The base is 2.5 inches at the lowest point and 3.5 inches at the highest point. They fit in a muffin pan.

Brand: Juvale

👤They are small. The top ones are not usable. I'll update the number after I open the packaging. I have an event in 2 days so it's too late to come back. There is an update on GREASEPROOF. I received a set that was better quality than the one I purchased. 1. I did not fit standard cupcake pans. I had to use Reynolds Jumbo cupcake liners. 2. After baking, they had to put in an extra liner to make them look nice. 3. Is there a 100 USABLE? No! There were 36 cupcakes. I had to use 2 for each cupcake. That's 72 used. 3 USABLE left. The rest are not acceptable.

👤The pink tulip liners were perfect for a baby shower. My cupcakes didn't bake neatly, that's my issue with them. Batter was able to get behind the folds. When they baked, the batter expanded, making it difficult to ice. I've tried a lot of different brands, but I haven't had that problem with tulip liners.

👤They were used to make cupcakes. The quality is good for the price. When cupcakes are baked, they loose their shape and expand when the batter is added. They still worked well and got the job done, even though they were just hoping for a tighter circular shape.

👤These are gorgeous and were used for a baby shower. You can make bigger cupcakes by adding more batter. The liners are tall. You can eat the paper with a fork after it opens. Oh my! Beautiful liners, great deal!

👤These were frightening. I had to hide the tape to keep them together. Won't order them again.

👤This is junk. I don't have aUPS in my area so I want a refund. I need a shipping label.

👤It was what I wanted. I only needed 24. It looked good after being baked.

👤I like how I can make a bigger cupcake. If there is ever awrinkle, I just take a flat iron to the edge. The soft pink was perfect for our granddaughters baptism and made for a beautiful presentation on the dessert table.

👤The title says a lot of wrappers but not quality.

👤There is no bleeding of colour onto my cupcakes. It's not a surprise that they are a bit smaller in size. I used these in my regular cupcake tin and filled them up to the lowest point, as I wanted normal sized cupcakes. This made the papers open up. If you don't want this to happen to you, fill it less. The cupcakes were as clean as paper liners.

👤Frmchen ist hbsch und lassen. The Frmchen schnell reien ist der Papier. Fr das Qualitt viel!

👤Ich ist in anderem Design fr 12,50 bestellt.


What is the best product for baking cups cupcake liners paper?

Baking cups cupcake liners paper products from Pinwei. In this article about baking cups cupcake liners paper you can see why people choose the product. Gifbera and Golden Apple are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups cupcake liners paper.

What are the best brands for baking cups cupcake liners paper?

Pinwei, Gifbera and Golden Apple are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups cupcake liners paper. Find the detail in this article. Iefoah, Baker's Signature and Wilton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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