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1. Metallic Muffin Cupcake Liners Standard

Metallic Muffin Cupcake Liners Standard

Birthday parties, bake sales, holiday or wedding celebrations, create dessert treats for family and friends. These cupcake liners are shiny and bright. 50mm (2 inch) height, 30mm (1.25inch) expanded diameter, 115mm ( 4.5 inch) 25pcs/stack. 40g foil paper/greaseproof paper, food grade paper, safe and odorless, grease resistant liners inside, high temperature resistant The method of use is to take the cups one by one from the bottom of the cups, put the cups on the baking mould, and pour the cake ingredients into the cups, bake 15 minutes at 350 F. Cautions: no exposure to fire and not suitable for cooking; no water or oils are allowed in the cup mould; the highest baking temperature should not be more than 250 degrees Celsius; and the baking time should not be too long to avoid damage to the cups and food. Storage conditions are not ideal for direct sunlight.

Brand: Lucky Star

👤The reviews should have been read by me. It was so dark that the "black camo" may have just been called black. I paid 5 dollars for something I could get at the dollar store because it fit my theme, but it sucked. The light cake batter behind it didn't help. I should have returned them. I thought it smelled like ink. I assumed it was because of the dark colors and the package was opened, but I didn't notice it after baking them. I feel like all the positive reviews have to be fake or something.

👤I didn't like the cupcake holders. They were very difficult to break apart. I messed up half of the holders. The muffin pans wouldn't fit in the shape I got them apart. The few that I salvaged smelled terrible in the oven. They smelled burnt when I got them out of the oven. The cupcakes were perfect but the holders smelled like burnt plastic. They did not change the taste of my cupcakes. Sorry. I won't be buying this product again. The color is beautiful.

👤The liners are thick and sturdy, which made me think that I was putting more than one into the tin. I was a little disappointed that even though the wrappers were thick, they were sheer, making it hard to see the camo pattern on the liner. I have only used them for chocolate cupcakes, but if I had done the pattern in vanilla it would be easier to see.

👤The color is beautiful, but the craftsmanship is terrible. It is nearly impossible to get them apart because they are so flimsy. They were thicker and stronger. There is an update. It gets worse! They will stick to your cupcake pan. I don't recommend this product, buy it somewhere else. Very cheap. It is made in China.

👤The foil was stuck to the tins. It is hard to remove. It is best to bake your cupcakes in plain white paper liners and then put them in foil liners when they are cooled. I had to throw out cupcakes. The cake tasted like metal. The bater's oils were soaked in the paper and foil. Disappointed!

👤Very nice liners. They are strong but they do stick together a bit. Taking the time to separate them before starting the baking process would be a better idea. I wrecked less that way.

👤Rose Gold is a nice color, but many are not usable because the color is not applied well and they stick together. I don't know if the color on my pans will come off when I use them. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤These are pretty and shiny. They were used for hot coco bombs. It's a little difficult to separate, but just pull the liner from the bottom made it easier.

2. Pink Foil Cupcake Liners Decorative

Pink Foil Cupcake Liners Decorative

25 pack of pink paper muffin cake baking cups are included in the package. These foil cups can be used to hold a variety of different treats such as shaped gelatins, chocolate candies, individual cheesecakes, and brownies. Place these cupcake liners on the dessert or buffet table to dress up cupcakes, muffins, and other sweet treats. It is possible to bake from oven durable baking paper that can last up to 428 degrees fahrenheit. The cupcake liners measure approximately 2 x 1 inches. 200 foil baking cups is enough for multiple parties and celebrations.

Brand: Juvale

👤The liners looked great. It leaves a pink stain in your pan. I got it out by scrubbing with a cleaner. I wish they came in a container. It would've been nice to have a little bit more of a protective packaging as I store them in my cupboard until I use them again, I only planned on using 75.

👤The color is not as light as the first photo, but it was packaged nicely and quickly. If you look at the next photos that show a muffin in the liners, you will see that the liner is a little darker than the first picture. I gave it four stars instead of five. I was hoping for a lighter pink.

👤I like the shine of the color I received, but it is not the color shown, it is more hot pink than a lighter pink. I wouldn't bake because the pink will come off in the cupcake pan. I use them as treat holders.

👤I would rate these with zero stars. The cupcakes stick to the pan when the coating on the liners is melted. The bottom of the cupcakes and the tin are ruined once they are removed. I am returning them because they are faulty. I have to buy new bakeware as well. Highly disappointed.

👤I bake often and use foil liners, but they are the worst quality I've ever seen, because they are very thin. The color of the liners transferred onto the bottom of the pan after every cupcake stuck to the bottom of the pan. Terrible.

👤They were perfect for my daughter's party. The quality and color were great. They did not turn during baking.

👤My muffin pans, my counter, and my cake plate were all pink.

👤I was not happy that the label said it had cancer causing chemicals. I used them because they are smaller than the cupcake papers.

3. Wilton Bright Standard Cupcake 300 Count

Wilton Bright Standard Cupcake 300 Count

The product is manufactured in the US. Baking cupcakes is a great way to celebrate. Can also hold candy.

Brand: Wilton

👤CorrectION: The ALUMINUM version of these were great. I thought this package was the same thing as the others. No, no! These are made of paper. My muffins came out of the liners cleanly. The paper liners were terrible. Muffin all over, stuck to the liner, broken up into pieces. They looked like my batter was soaked. I thought I might need to bake the muffins longer, but they were done. I wouldn't use these to give someone muffins or cupcakes. I will never use them again. They are garbage. They didn't smell. I will never bake muffins without these liners. They make it much easier to clean up. Several reviewers complained about the smell of the liners. I have baked muffins in the cupcake liners several times. I am sensitive to smells. I didn't notice an issue. I put my nose into the package I just bought. The smell dissipated quickly. Maybe they got a bad bunch.

👤I separated the liners from my table because they had a bad smell and I thought the scent might go away. It didn't. I put them by an open window and the smell lingered. Went to use them yesterday and they still have an odor. They are really pretty, so it's a shame. I won't use them because of the smell of my baked goods. They are going to be thrown away.

👤When I opened the package to use the cupcake papers, many of them were cut in half and not usable. The photo is below. There should be better quality control with a name like that. I will not buy cupcake papers from them in the future.

👤I only took one star because of the strong smell. I bought these a couple weeks before I needed them because I was worried they would have an odor that everyone else would complain about. The colors are beautiful, but I wish the purple was not so dark. After they have aired out for a few days, I will update my review on the smell, taste and liners. They kept the smell even after they aired out. They didn't smell like cupcakes after baking. They didn't ruin the taste of the cupcakes, but they did have a small taste of the smell in the cupcakes. Kinda disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I didn't experience any of the issues reported by other reviewers, so maybe it has something to do with the seller. Didn't stick to my pan. They released well. * After baking, the color was visible on all liners. They were not like some other brands. The package had a faint smell of dye. There are some things that are CONS: Sometimes you have to empty the tube to get at the colors on the bottom, and it can be difficult to put them back in. The package popped open. None was crushed. The "Rainbow Bright" liners did not contain red. There is a rainbow of colors. You need 7 colors if you're going to include PINK.

4. Cupcake Liners Parchment Baking Muffins

Cupcake Liners Parchment Baking Muffins

The large baking cup is 2.5 inches in width and 1.6 inches in height, while the small baking cup is 2 inches in width and 1.2 inches in height. Premium quality grease-proof paper helps to retain moist and promotes even baking for cupcakes or muffins. OVEN SAFE: This product can be used in the oven and can tolerate temperatures up to 450'F. The height is 2-1/8" and the diameter is 2. Medium Tulip Style Baking Cups can hold about 3 ounces of batter. If you are not completely satisfied with their tulip baking cups, you can return them for a full refund.

Brand: Cupcake Mate

👤I wanted to display cupcakes with Russian tip roses at my wedding. The result was amazing. We baked the cupcakes in white liners and put the decorated cupcakes in the green tulip papers before the reception. We didn't want the cupcakes sitting in the tulip liners for long because we weren't sure the papers were grease resistant. When the cupcake is eaten, they become a little plate.

👤Awesome presentation! These are fun to add to my baking. I used regular muffin liners and lemon muffins, which allowed the muffins to peel away so much more cleanly, leaving a sad looking muffin, and I also used some of the regular muffin liners, which allowed the muffins to peel away so much more cleanly. These add a bit of fun.

👤Very pretty liners. They package it in a sturdy container so the ends don't get messed to like ones I've purchased that come in a plastic bag. They take up more space than a normal liner. They do not do well in squishy plastic containers like you get at the bakery, and you will fit less in a cupcake carrier. The little boxes are fine. They worked well for my cupcakes.

👤The lotus wrappers were great. I was initially hesitant because some reviewers said the cupcake stuck to the wrapper. The quality of the wrappers was great and they worked well for my cupcakes. They came out perfect after I poured the batter in the wrapper.

👤The cupcake cake liner is very cute. I would place a lined cupcake in it after I bake it. Would make a cupcake look like a flower. The product was in an envelope. I don't know who thought the outside of the housing container was strong enough to hold an envelope, so my item was distorted. The seller was very good at fixing it.

👤I've been using lotuss for a long time and they are very expensive. The price is $.25 per piece. I made the purchase because I thought I had found these. I bought two different colors from the same company. They are horrible. There are many things wrong with these. 1. The size is not as large as other brands. Not a big deal, but not what I expected. 2. The term parchment is meaningless as the parchment is inferior. Ultra thin and flimsy. 3. The batter was not contained by the cup. The batter in the cup was pouring out of the lotus paper and collapsing the sides of the cup. There is a lot of a mess. This product and this brand are not for sale. Your bake will be ruined if you are disappointed.

👤The less expensive price is something I like. The side papers were not as tall and made it easier to pack muffins for transportation. I will order again in the future. The flimsy plastic tube they were shipped in became crushed, making the shipping method worse. It was fortunate that the product did not get ruined.

👤I like the fact that the muffin liners hold the ingredients well and don't make me have to worry about spills on the muffin tin. If you want to give as gifts, they are already in these muffin liners.

5. Cupcake Liners Metallic Muffin Baking

Cupcake Liners Metallic Muffin Baking

Pull up the upper edge of the cup and tear it, until you have a piece of paper. You can take the cupcake out without damaging the cake. The cupcake liners are made of food grade paper which is odorless,durable andwrinkle free to meet your daily baking use. It is a perfect gift for a bridal shower. Baking cups. The outsides will remain bright and shiny while baking, because of the Grease resistant liners inside. The special package is easy to store and protect. Baking cups. The outsides will remain bright and shiny while baking, because of the Grease resistant liners inside. The special package is easy to store and protect. The Gold Cupcake Liners Craft- Cup cake liners are more happy. Having fun with kids. These elegant Cupcake Liners are perfect for any occasion.

Brand: Hadoife

👤My friend was getting married and she had a theme of Rose, Gold, Silver and White. I was so excited to see them all together. I loved baking them. The cheap ones were flimsy. They were perfect. I have more to use in the future.

👤I like the extra body of aluminum foil cupcake liners, the sparkle and fancy look, and the fact that the batter doesn't soak through the paper. I bought them for my 50th birthday party. I like that they come in three different colors so that I can easily distinguish between flavors of cupcakes. I was worried about the non-removable paper liner and the cupcake problems in the reviews. It was easy to solve this by spraying Pam or some similar spray. Some of them pulled away from the liners on their own after being sprayed. Every flavor was baked beautifully. I didn't see any evidence of the color running when they sprayed them with vegetable oil. I recommend these because they removed beautifully and we were a big hit that day. I have a ton left over and there is a great value for the price. Next year's birthday party will require me to bake cupcakes again. Just use vegetable spray before baking and you'll be set.

👤The liners were easy to put in the muffin pan. The liner was easy to remove from the baked good.

👤These are more for decorative cupcakes than breakfast muffins. I had to peel the muffin out of the lined paper. I like the full metallic liners for my muffins because they are easier to remove while hot.

👤I didn't see nice packaging in another reviewers pic. They were wrapped in plastic and had a sticker on it. They are bent out of shape but not bad. I wish the packaging was better since this is a gift for my mother-in-law. I'm not sure if I would buy from this company again.

👤I am making cupcakes for a party. I wanted them to look special. I wanted something that would stand up to travel, since I'm taking them to a potluck. I ordered the metallic ones from you. They are sturdy and attractive. They looked great and I liked the cupcake holders.

👤Needed cupcake holders for a party. The shipping was fast and the price was good. I used other liners for the cupcakes and they look nice.

👤I couldn't believe it, what a great deal this was. They were used to bake chocolate muffins. They turned out perfect. The papers were sturdy and the colors were great.

6. Gifbera Standard Cupcake Liners Wrappers

Gifbera Standard Cupcake Liners Wrappers

It's perfect for birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday Party, themed celebrations. The pink metallic foil cupcake liners fit standard cupcake and muffin pans, making pan cleaning easy. The latest heavy duty food grade foil baking cups are environment friendly and separate easily. The bright colored paper cups are a great way to dress up cupcakes and muffins. It's the best choice to enhance your birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations. Easy Pick is a special plastic package that is easy to store.

Brand: Gifbera

👤I took these to a pawn shop and tried to sell them, but the guy said they were worthless and I had to leave. I told him to fight about it. "Get out of my store or I'm calling the police," he said. I backed some cupcakes when I left. The cupcakes turned out alright. They didn't get sick. They looked like jewels when I took them out of the muffin pan. They tasted okay because my buttercream didn't turn out. My failure was hidden by all that bling. Purchase these cupcake cups now.

👤I will only use Gifbera brand foil liners now that I am a professional baker. They are the best liner I have ever used. The liners are sturdy and beautiful. They separate easily. Gifbera does not have an issue with foil liner brands that are almost impossible to separate.

👤I bought the liners to use at the wedding. Two different stacks of liners had defects that made them unusable, but the liners were very nice and they baked beautifully. There was a hole in the side of the stack. The other had half the cups folded down. The rest of the cups look pretty at the wedding.

👤I have tried other brands of cupcake holders and have been disappointed when they bleed through with oil. These are shiny and do not bleed at all, and the guests like the look of them, I gave them a try and they are very good.

👤I'm not sure. When I ran out of Reynolds liners, I thought they'd be a good replacement. I used the remaining liners for the other muffins. I don't have a muffin pan so I use them. I put them on the cookie sheet. The Reynolds hold shape was good. I have a problem with the Reynolds because they are like normal aluminum foil and they melted. They stuck to the pan and I checked the bottoms to make sure the heat didn't cause it to break. Kinda weird. I would have blamed temperature or over cooking, but 2 of the muffins in that batches had liners from Reynolds. It's not the same material.

👤The cupcake tins are beautiful. My cupcakes looked beautiful for my baby's first birthday party. I received a lot of praise.

👤These cupcake liners are of excellent quality. The shape and exterior color of the cakes were perfect while baking and the rose gold color is the same as the picture the seller provided. Highly recommended!

👤I just baked about 3 dozen cupcakes and I really like the liners. These are sturdy and beautiful. I initially thought they were not quite as pretty as they should be, but they are a beautiful color and easy to work with when baking. I would purchase again.

👤I wanted the cupcake case to not collapse. I was making 150 cupcakes and 50 brownies so I was looking for good quantity and quality. I decided on these because of the reviews. These cases are bright pink. They are strong to hold the mixture and do not collapse. I found them to be great quality and they did not burn on the bottom. They did a great job. I have bought many cupcake cases that have ruined my baking so it's important to find the right ones. I recommend them. I like to bake for family events. The photos are of the end results.

7. Standard White Cupcake Baking Liners

Standard White Cupcake Baking Liners

It's perfect for your theme party. Mr Miracle cupcake paper liners are of the highest quality. It's great for cupcakes, desserts, hot and cold Appetizers and candies. Baking cups are made of white paper. As the Liners are packed into bundles very tightly, they will sometimes stick with multiple Liners. * Approx. 4.5'' x 1-7/8'' Mr. Miracle packed it.

Brand: Mr Miracle

👤Awesome value! Many of the sellers are smaller than our standard US size. I ordered 2 packs from Amazon and they are the same size as the ones from the grocery store. It was worth paying extra tax to get the correct size of the paper baking cups since they are for 2 years. They are shipped in a plastic sleeve with a white plastic bag tag. I keep mine in a wide mouth jar in my pantry. The jar holds about half of the pack. It looks clean and organized.

👤There are 450 in the pack. I buy 500 packs of liners and they are grouped in 20 clusters of 25 each. This had 18. I opened the pack to double count the clusters. Where are the other 50? Some might not notice, but I wanted what I paid for.

👤I received my order. I decided to order despite the reviews that said they were not standard size. They fit in my cup cake pan perfectly. They are all white. I put it next to the standard ones that are pink and they are the same size. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I won't order again because the sleeves seem to have been shorted. One has 17 and the other 18. I ordered 500 sleeves. I should have a lot of liners. There are 28 liners to a section. I paid for a certain amount. I could buy the same thing at the store. Not a good offer. Save postage.

👤Silicone muffin cups are great, but I burn my fingers when I use them. This gets old very quickly. These are the paper cups that fit, work, and are functional. They fit perfectly in my muffin pans and don't fold up when I put batter in them. They peel off the muffins and cupcakes. The price is correct. I like these.

👤I received about 500 to address the reviewer's concern that she only received 450 liners. The 20 stacks have not been counted, but the one I counted had 28 cupcake liners. They fit my pan. I am happy that I can avoid coloring and get a great deal. These will last a long time for me.

👤Half the package is useless because the cupcake liners were cut out in a bad way.

👤These cupcake liners are great. It doesn't give off a taste like some liners do, and it doesn't soak up grease like other liners do. I use these for my cake business.

👤The product is advertised as a pack of 500. I received 450 in an original package after buying 500. Many people have encountered this problem and it shouldn't be a packing accident. It makes me believe that the seller is making profit by shorting the shipments because they know that not everyone will want to go through the complicated return procedure. The seller is lying on the advertising. I will not buy this product again.

👤I received 450 liners instead of 500 in the package twice.

8. Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, Holiday Party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. The Selizo cupcake liner set comes with 600 pieces of cupcake papers in a clear plastic tube. Baking large quantity for an event is great. Food grade material is safe. The cupcake liners are made of grease proof paper. Grease resistant liners are high temperature resistant. There are bright rain colors. The baking cupcake liners are a quick and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins, making them more attractive and impressive. The liners measure 2 in. The dia. is 5 cm. Baking cups for every day. It's great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, and candy making. The cupcake holder is perfect for small items. It's fun for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding.

Brand: Selizo

👤We are not going to run out of cupcake liners soon. My toddler likes to help line the baking tray. Awesome purchase.

👤The amount you get with the colors is something you love. They bake in a paper cup. I didn't like how transparent they became after baking and the butter just got absorbed in the liners, you couldn't tell the paper from the color it was suppose to be. You could barely see the color, I double layers before and after baking, and the oil soaked through the liner.

👤I had to borrow some from my neighbor because I ran out of cupcake liners. I buy these at the supermarket often, but run out more often. There are a lot of liners in this pack. I won't run out anytime soon. I am happy to pay my neighbor back. The colors and packaging were very well packaged.

👤These were great! I use these for crafts with my daughter in my 2nd grade class and I love the colors and value.

👤The colors are bright. It's very convenient and seems to bake well.

👤The colors are pretty. They smell terrible. I don't recommend.

👤I couldn't use them because they smell like chemicals.

👤I like the vibrant colors and the quality is good, but I don't like that it smells weird, I'm too picky.

9. BAKHUK Standard Decoration Weddings Birthdays

BAKHUK Standard Decoration Weddings Birthdays

Baking cups are kept in their shape with a plastic container. If you have an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a replacement. There are 500 baking liners in the package, 10 colors, gold, silver, rose gold, fuchsia, purple, green, blue, red, black, and orange. Enough quantity is needed to meet the needs of the mix and match. Your muffins, cakes, biscuits and pastries are even more impressive because of the 10 vibrant colors. It's the best choice for cake sprinkles. The top diameter is 7 cm, the bottom is 5 cm, and the height is 1.18 inch. The inner layer of the paper is oil-proof, odorless, and can tolerate the high temperature up to 362F. A rich cupcake set with standard size cake liners in 10 colors for use with baking trays is a good value for money. It's suitable for a variety of occasions, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties, etc. If you use oil to brush liners or pans, make sure you don't use extra grease. When using this product, please keep the baking pan oil-free, dry, and clean.

Brand: Bakhuk

👤I liked the shiny material. The flavor of the paper makes the cupcake taste more burned than other brands. When I baked the cupcakes on my regular cupcake tray, I noticed that some of the purple coloring came off and stained my cupcake tray and granite counter top. I'm very upset with that. I am trying to clean it with strong cleaning products. I made sure to keep my cupcake tray in a good condition, but now it looks bad because of these cupcake wrappers. The wrappers look nice, but I would prefer to use regular paper.

👤I like foil baking cups for making mini cheesecakes that leak through paper cups. These liners are thick and don't allow butter or oil to leak through. The range of colors makes them great for use at different holidays and events. I found it easy to separate them and they arrived in great condition. I didn't have an issue with either of the mini cheesecakes or cupcakes sticking to the inside of the liners. Great purchase!

👤I thought they were very thin, like paper-thin. I placed them in the tray. They were easy to peel off when baked, so they serve their purpose well. I've seen other reviews that mention a strong odor, but that was not my experience. They were ready to be used outside the box and looked great with the cupcakes.

👤I used them for my moist recipe and they stayed dry. It's easy to take off for the cupcakes in the inside.

👤The green foil was baked with the extra silver foil I had left over. The other brand cooked evenly and fully through, but the cups made the muffins collapse on the bottom. I would suggest using foil cups or paper cups, not cups that are foil and paper together. I don't recommend these for baking, but they are great for decorating cupcakes to make them look better.

👤I thought they were foil with paper liner. They are not. I should have read the reviews first. The smell of this product is worse than any other. It has a paint or something smell that was over powered. I had to use it for over 3 hours. So beware! Unless the smell doesn't affect the baking product. I have to use a reinforcer with this liner, like a muffin pan or a muffin liner. I use the breville smart oven, so I don't have a lot of space. I didn't have to worry about the cupcake spreading to 2x it's width because I used reynolds muffin liners. The outside metallic color will melt off. I saw it with the purple. Don't stack on top of each other, it's not good grade paint. Don't buy again.

👤When I opened the package, they were really nice and I was nervous that they wouldn't get to me on time. Very nice colors. There's a lot of them. They stain the pain so be aware. I lightly sprayed them because they are paper inside. I recommend them.

10. Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Purchase these classic white paper cups and use them to make a masterpiece for your gathering. There is a pack of 300 standard baking cups. The cups are bright and fun. It's a quick and colorful way to dress up your cupcakes. It's great for holding party snacks. It's perfect for your theme party.

Brand: Wilton

👤I'm only giving it two stars because they arrived in perfect condition, they are really cute pre-oven. They're sturdy and don't fall apart. These aren't worth it if you're trying to make cupcakes for a party or sell them after the oven. The first picture I shared was worse than the second one, they lost their color in the oven. I decided not to use them anymore after I noticed the ink melted. The yellow ink melted in every cupcake mold, who knows how much ink is in the cupcakes. If you're using them after the oven, I would say go for it.

👤The cupcake papers are cute and perform like typical cupcake papers, but they look very oily after being stored for a little while. They seem to leak more butter into the cupcake cups for whatever reason. The papers absorb some of the cupcake or muffin's moist content and are likely to be just as strong as normal cupcake papers. At. The butter in the pan was as yellow as butter flavor crisco spray because the yellow papers leaked dye into the grease that goes into the pan. I am comparing these to cupcake papers in the grocery store. I used the same recipe for banana muffins. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil, but I've been substituting butter for a while now, and it made no difference in oiliness when using standard grocery store cupcake papers. My cupcake pans were stained by the pink and yellow ones. I didn't try the black ones. The green, red, and light purple did not oxidize. The buyer should beware. Should I say "dyer"?

👤Don't buy these! I looked at the reviews when I bought them, but decided to order them anyway. The product was in a bad condition with the plastic tube cracked down and several of the wrappers badly damaged. I took the wrappers out of the tube and immediately smelled something. I left them sitting out for a while to try and get rid of the smell so I could let them air out. I needed to bake a bunch of muffins for an event after 2 1/2 weeks. I got them out and they smelled the same. I used them despite the fact that they were the only wrapper I had. After baking, the smell got stronger and ruined my muffins. I should have listened to the reviews before buying. Stay away from this product.

👤These are lovely to look at, but they smell of something. I thought buying a product from Wilton would make sure their quality. It did not. I've used some of them, but I wish I could return them. I didn't use them on my cupcakes. I put the plain liners over the other liners when the cupcakes were already baked for presentation because I didn't trust them on my baked goods. I didn't want my baked goods to taste bad. Not a good purchase.

👤Don't buy this purchase. I didn't read the reviews before buying this item because I didn't want to worry about cupcake liners from a good company. I regret that a lot. The liners smell like chemical smell when they're in the oven. It took me a few minutes to determine that it was the cupcake liners after I thought something was burning in my home. I had to throw out my entire baked goods because of the smell. I'll start tonight. There is an issue with these liners and they should be looked into. Amazon should pull this item from it'slves based on this and other reviews. The colors are fun and vibrant. As I start over again, I'll be grabbing my basic Reynolds tin foil liners.

11. Cupcake Liners Rainbow Standard Baking

Cupcake Liners Rainbow Standard Baking

The temperature can be as high as 260 degrees Celsius. The paper cupcake cups are healthy and grease-proof. The bottom diameter is 5.0 cm/ 2 inches, the height is 2.8 cm/ 1.12 inches, and the expanded diameter is 7.0 cm/ 2.75 inch. The paper cupcake liners are convenient and disposable, which makes them a good choice for themed celebrations. Simple and elegant Christmas Brightly colored paper cups can be used securely. The cake can be put in the oven and come off easily. Bright Colorful. Colored paper cupcake wrappers are great for baking large quantities of cupcakes for an event or party.

Brand: Hadoife

👤Good colors that are sturdy. I didn't get all of them so my rating was lower. There are at least 50 missing liners. The wrapper was loose. I won't be using the top few because the wrapper has an opening at the top.

👤These seem to be okay. They are not as fancy as the parchment. I bought them for muffins and they work well. I like the different colors so I can distinguish between flavors. No matter what muffin I am making, I give them a quick spray of cooking spray. The color selection is cute and it is a good value.

👤The colors are beautiful. I put liners in to make the color stand out. They held up well. You get a lot of liners for the price. The product was great and the color was great. I would order them again.

👤The paper is thin, but it's still fine to me. They are not fancy but they still have enough pop of color to complement my other decorations. I've used purple, pink, and blue so far. I'm not sure how well the yellow will stand out.

👤You can get three pair for a very reasonable price. They don't stay on without putting a finger in the air, and perhaps they should be in different sizes. If you have a fear of being burned by hair accessories such as flat iron or hairdryers, they are definitely worth trying.

👤The quality is low but the work is good. I was hoping for bright cupcakes, but the chocolate cake really shows. Paper becomes flimsy when it absorbs oil. They work for the price.

👤The cupcakes liners are very cheap. They are not very large. The color of the liner was not noticeable after baking. The quality of the liner may be the reason for this. I was expecting bright colored liners to show its color on display, but they didn't.

👤They should not reach the top of the muffin pan.


What is the best product for baking cups cupcake liners pink?

Baking cups cupcake liners pink products from Lucky Star. In this article about baking cups cupcake liners pink you can see why people choose the product. Juvale and Wilton are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups cupcake liners pink.

What are the best brands for baking cups cupcake liners pink?

Lucky Star, Juvale and Wilton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups cupcake liners pink. Find the detail in this article. Cupcake Mate, Hadoife and Gifbera are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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