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1. Silicone Kitchen Reusable Mini Baking

Silicone Kitchen Reusable Mini Baking

It's perfect for your theme party. Each pack of 24 includes 24 food-grade mini-sized Silicone Baking cups in four beautiful colors designed to be as beautiful and functional as your kitchen. The baking cups are made of food grade silicone and are free of odor and taste. The set is easy to clean. Baking cups are easy to use, they can be used in a muffin tin or free standing, no need for grease or non-stick spray. Baking cups can be used to line mini muffin tins and can also be used free standing on a baking sheet.

Brand: The Silicone Kitchen

👤The company is amazing. These cups are great for work. These are withstanding the test of time. I want to give a shout out to them for their customer service. My set only came with 11 cups. I reached out to the company and they immediately responded to me. She asked for my address to be sent to her because she was sorry about the mixup. A replacement cup arrived at my door a few days later with a hand written note and a dozen new cups. Rachel did not have to do that. I will buy more in the future.

👤These aren't 100% Silicone. It would be great if you could see what type of material it is and what kind of filler they use on it. I bought them after I read that it passed the pinch test. It did not. I have other kitchen items that pass the pinch test.

👤I used Silicone cupcake liners for the first time. I am replacing all of my plastic utensils and pans with Silicone, cast iron, STAINLESS STEEL and ceramic pans. No toxic chemicals! The cupcakes came out easy because they didn't need to grease the liners. I put them in the dishwasher.

👤These are wonderful. But small. There are larger, jumbo sizes. I was happy to find holders that didn't look like they were from a toy set. I would love a plain white one in a muffin. Please make them! They were packaged well. They are too small to be used for anything other than making candy bites.

👤These cups are more eco-friendly. They were a pretty color when they arrived. My muffins were not as big as I expected. The baking cups are stained after use. The stain won't come out even though I've tried to clean them thoroughly. Light colors like white, blue, and green are easier to see. It only took one use to destroy these cups. This is not a good product.

👤greasing it isn't necessary is Silicone doesn't mean that. I was surprised how easy they popped out after I used minimum amount of oil to grease them. They are stiff enough to use without a cupcake pan. They had a fabric storage bag, that seems odd to me. Maybe a plastic tube would be better, but maybe that wouldn't be in line with their environmental views. If you don't want to keep the baking cups in the bag, you can use it for other things.

👤I need another set for cupcakes because these do run small. I end up with too much batter. After a few uses, the inside of the cups have stains. Food is starting to stick, and cups are not as slick after several uses. I like them more than paper cup liners. The silicone cups are one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I make cups for eggs and sausage. They stick to the eggs when using paper liners. I have to peel the eggs. Not with these cup molds. Eggs fall out of these. No need to oil the cups. Natural colors. They are easy to clean. They have a cloth net bag for storage. I put them inside my muffin tin, but they won't stand on a baking sheet. There was no strange smell or taste from the silicone. I am very happy with these.

2. Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Wilton 415 2286 Count Standard Baking

Purchase these classic white paper cups and use them to make a masterpiece for your gathering. There is a pack of 300 standard baking cups. The cups are bright and fun. It's a quick and colorful way to dress up your cupcakes. It's great for holding party snacks. It's perfect for your theme party.

Brand: Wilton

👤I'm only giving it two stars because they arrived in perfect condition, they are really cute pre-oven. They're sturdy and don't fall apart. These aren't worth it if you're trying to make cupcakes for a party or sell them after the oven. The first picture I shared was worse than the second one, they lost their color in the oven. I decided not to use them anymore after I noticed the ink melted. The yellow ink melted in every cupcake mold, who knows how much ink is in the cupcakes. If you're using them after the oven, I would say go for it.

👤The cupcake papers are cute and perform like typical cupcake papers, but they look very oily after being stored for a little while. They seem to leak more butter into the cupcake cups for whatever reason. The papers absorb some of the cupcake or muffin's moist content and are likely to be just as strong as normal cupcake papers. At. The butter in the pan was as yellow as butter flavor crisco spray because the yellow papers leaked dye into the grease that goes into the pan. I am comparing these to cupcake papers in the grocery store. I used the same recipe for banana muffins. The recipe calls for 1/3 cup of oil, but I've been substituting butter for a while now, and it made no difference in oiliness when using standard grocery store cupcake papers. My cupcake pans were stained by the pink and yellow ones. I didn't try the black ones. The green, red, and light purple did not oxidize. The buyer should beware. Should I say "dyer"?

👤Don't buy these! I looked at the reviews when I bought them, but decided to order them anyway. The product was in a bad condition with the plastic tube cracked down and several of the wrappers badly damaged. I took the wrappers out of the tube and immediately smelled something. I left them sitting out for a while to try and get rid of the smell so I could let them air out. I needed to bake a bunch of muffins for an event after 2 1/2 weeks. I got them out and they smelled the same. I used them despite the fact that they were the only wrapper I had. After baking, the smell got stronger and ruined my muffins. I should have listened to the reviews before buying. Stay away from this product.

👤These are lovely to look at, but they smell of something. I thought buying a product from Wilton would make sure their quality. It did not. I've used some of them, but I wish I could return them. I didn't use them on my cupcakes. I put the plain liners over the other liners when the cupcakes were already baked for presentation because I didn't trust them on my baked goods. I didn't want my baked goods to taste bad. Not a good purchase.

👤Don't buy this purchase. I didn't read the reviews before buying this item because I didn't want to worry about cupcake liners from a good company. I regret that a lot. The liners smell like chemical smell when they're in the oven. It took me a few minutes to determine that it was the cupcake liners after I thought something was burning in my home. I had to throw out my entire baked goods because of the smell. I'll start tonight. There is an issue with these liners and they should be looked into. Amazon should pull this item from it'slves based on this and other reviews. The colors are fun and vibrant. As I start over again, I'll be grabbing my basic Reynolds tin foil liners.

3. BakeBaking Mini Muffin Pan Reusable

BakeBaking Mini Muffin Pan Reusable

Feel free to contact them if you have a problem or inquires. Quality muffin cups are made of 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic, eco-friendly, flexible, and durable. Baking cups will be more fun with bright rainbow colors. The cupcake liners are only approx. The top diameter is 1.97-inch and the bottom is . It is easy to clean. The mini muffin pans are dishwasher safe, easy-release, and heat resistant. TILE CUPS These mini cups can be used for many other things, such as for chocolate, cake pop, small chicken pot pies, mini quiches and jello, and even as molds for making soap! Enjoy mini muffins with your family. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. They are confident that you will love their bakebaking mini muffin cups molds, and that you will be able to buy it from them. They want to keep you happy.

Brand: Bakebaking

👤I wanted to make a healthier version of peanut butter cups. The chocolate was melted with some heavy cream and peanut butter. For 30 seconds, put the Lily's in a container with some heavy cream and microwave it. Take out and stir. The chocolate mixture should be put in the cups. Add a small amount of peanut butter or chocolate and cover it with a thin layer of chocolate. I put the cups in the freezer. They are kept there until they are wanted for something. It's a good thing. If there are any chocolate particles, they pop out of the mini-cups and are ready to refill for more peanut butter cups.

👤These are soft and cute. There is a They are easy to clean when you flip them inside. When removing the cupcakes, they fall out of the cups. Highly recommend these! Will definitely buy a bigger set. Warm soapy water can be used to clean these. Then scrub em. If you are going to clean them in a dishwasher, put them in a dishwasher basket for bottle parts. That will prevent them from flying.

👤These are adorable. I have a non stick mini muffin pan that holds 48 mini muffins. I ended up with 24 partially stuck muffins or brownies that were not cute. I received them yesterday after purchasing them. I washed and dried them after 2 hours. I noticed that 3 of them had extra silicone mini blobs that needed to be cleaned off, like when these came off the mold, a little extra silicone was left on them. We are told to wash them before using, so I didn't think this was a big deal. I could remove the tiny amount of silicone from it. It takes a little bit of time to wash and dry 48, but it was with it. I put them in a muffin pan. It was sprayed with olive oil. I read that it was suggested for easy removal. Put about a quarter of the boxed brownie mix batter in each one. For about 15 minutes. After taking them out of the pan, let them cool down for a few minutes. They popped out when they folded down the sides. Perfect brownie bites! So happy! The perfect size treat for little kids. No wrappers to clean up trash. I put all 48 liners in a big bowl and let them soak in soapy water for an hour. I washed them. After drying with a towel, lay it upside down and partially dry. I am going to keep them in a cute little clear cup that has a twist on lid. I think this size is too small for the dishwasher. I have liners in the standard size that perform well. These may be a bit thinner. I did the punch test and didn't see white. Which means they are probably all silicone.

👤These cups are fun. Fat Bombs are called Fat Bombs because they work perfect for the Ketogenic diet. They are easy to clean.

4. Caperci Standard Natural Cupcake Grease Proof

Caperci Standard Natural Cupcake Grease Proof

Regular size. The baking cups are best used free standing on a baking sheet and are slightly smaller than a standard muffin tin. The top of the paper cupcake liners is 7.0 cm/2.75 inch, the bottom is 5 cm/2.0 inch, and the height is 2.2 cm/1.29 inches. The muffin papers materials are all made of food grade material. This will make sure there are no smells, poison, or leaking dyes. These cups are worry-free. cupcake wrappers can be used in the oven and microwave, ideal for cupcakes, muffins. The refrigerator, oven, and microwave are safe. High-quality baking cups make your cupcakes look professional. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem or inquires.

Brand: Caperci

👤These papers are grease proof. They don't become see through after baking butter loaded cupcakes in them.

👤I was looking for paper cups. They are just paper and hard to separate from each other, and food sticks to them. The first picture shows the paper cups with the egg muffins stuck to them, and the second picture shows the actual paper cup where the egg muffin came out clean. These are cheap, but won't be buying them again. Might use them in a project.

👤These are vacuum packed and come in a large tube. When you add batter to the muffin tin, they expand to the standard size. The muffin liners you get from the store are not as good as these. I would go for the natural color since you can't see the design on muffins or cupcakes.

👤These were used for a specific event. These are not greaseproof. If you try to double up, forget it. The second paper stays in place once baked. If you frost the cupcake, it will no longer be in the paper. They are a disaster. If I used these for the actual event, I would have been in a real bind.

👤After trying to separate, what are they glueing together? I kept smelling sulfur. I looked at my eggs to see if they had gone bad. I've made 6 different batches over the last couple of weeks and it's the same smell.

👤I wanted to like them because of their quality. They feel good. They are so frustrating to separate. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make batter and bake. I don't know what they are doing at the factory, but these things are practically glue together along the edges. I assume the press that cuts the papers needs to be adjusted because it cuts the cut edge before cutting the stack. I will go back to buying them at the restaurant depot.

👤Excellent price. I have purchased at the grocery store. They are white. I was surprised to see how much cheaper they were compared to a discount store. They work the same way. I'm glad they don't have a color as some of the ones I saw today did. These are the best!

👤I bake a lot of muffins and have found that they are cheap, plentiful and perfect for what I need. I don't have to think about whether to get more at the store. I will be buying more in the future.

5. Aluminum Cupcake Wedding Festival Cupcake

Aluminum Cupcake Wedding Festival Cupcake

The value pack is sold in 200 count boxes at the same affordable wholesale pricing that they offer to their restaurant and Catering clients. The baking cup is 2 inches in width and 1.2 inches in height. The muffin cups are made of 120g double-sided aluminum foil paper,hard texture, not easy to bend, strong sense of shape. The baking cups can be placed in the oven and baked directly, as they are both cake baking molds. Metal can't be used in a microwave because it's easy to catch fire. It's ok if used in the oven for baking. The baking time is 20 minutes. disposable and fashionable workship, anti-stick and oil-proof, flavorless, clean and environment friendly.

Brand: Golden Apple

👤These were perfect for my project. I was going to a Harry Potter themed party and needed pots for treats. I didn't want to spend a fortune on pots and these were the perfect solution. They are sturdy and cute. I was very impressed.

👤These were great. I loved them and will be buying more. I had to make a large amount of cupcakes and though they were a little more expensive than the typical cupcake liner, they made up for it in time. I was able to bake 24 sheets of cookie sheets and 48 cupcakes in the oven at the same time, split between two oven racks. They are bright white, have a good shape, and the goldish/ copper color didn't dull. I did rainbow batter cupcakes and the color didn't come through. I didn't pay much attention to the dimensions, but they were the same size as a standard cupcake, which was ok. I'm glad I didn't get the small because I would have ended up with a mini-sized cupcake which I wouldn't have been able to use for the order. Be careful not to overfill. If you go more than 1/3 full with batter, they will spill over the side. When you don't use a muffin tin, you get a nice dome shape, but don't get the "muffin top edges" that you get with a muffin tin.

👤I was looking for liners that would hold shape without the support of a muffin pan. The trick was done by these. They are good to go if you fill and place on a cookie sheet. They are sturdy and large. The colors are gorgeous. I will definitely be buying more.

👤The presentation is beautiful. I used them three times in a row. They make a statement. Nice sturdy. I can bake without a pan.

👤I sometimes make cake balls for money. I'm always looking for a cute way to display them. These are perfect for Covid times, so no one touches anyone else's cake balls. They are the perfect size for the version that is free of wheat.

👤It is pretty but very thought out. This product took a long time to arrive. The shipping time will stop me from buying them again. It was too long to arrive. It was over priced.

👤A+ presentation. A lot of people don't know how to open these wrappers and that made for a lot of confusion and mess.

👤A great cupcake holder. I bake for my team. The liners are easy to handle.

6. YouCare J25018 Mini Baking Brown

YouCare J25018 Mini Baking Brown

The mini baking cups are 3.5 cm in bottom diameter, cute and lovely, most people will like them. The material is the same as their paper. Premium quality greaseproof paper. No chlorine is used in their production.

Brand: Youcare

👤I make 100 muffins for the grandkids. Since non-stick finishes can cause harm, I bake in heavy duty commercial steel mini muffin pans. My muffins don't stick when I use these baking cups.

👤They were happy with my purchase.

👤The boxes are small and cute, and I laughed when I opened them. The pan liners worked well for cornbread, they peeled off the baked muffins with no sticky spots or dough stuck in the crease. A nice product that does what it's supposed to do.

👤These are the healthiest brand of mini muffin cups I have found. They work great for muffins.

👤I like the quality of these liners but in the description they say the bottom is 1.7 inches but on the box it says the bottom is 1.37 inches. I wanted to fit a small square pretzel on the bottom of these for the candy I make with pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate. It would have been better if they were smaller. I don't know what the height is but they are about 7 inches tall.

👤I like keeping the YouCare J25018 mini baking cups on hand. The mini cups are friendly to the environment. They work well for toddler sized banana muffins. From now on, I will be purchasing them from another seller. The mini cups arrived today and the paper box smelled like laundry detergent perfumes. The mini cups are not wrapped in plastic, so they have absorbed the smell. It was very unappetizing. The smell is strong. I had to recycle them.

👤I use these for cupcakes of different sizes. They are chlorine and bleach free. Sometimes the cupcake paper comes away from the cupcake before you want it to. It doesn't always happen in south Florida, but it is possible that it is the humidity. Still use and enjoy it.

👤Product was nice but not as deep as another brand I have had before, so I didn't get my pan slots to the top. These would work perfectly if your pan is the smaller version of mini's. There are different sizes of cupcake pans.

7. Panificio Premium 0 4 Oz Baking Cups

Panificio Premium 0 4 Oz Baking Cups

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, holiday party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. Cease-resistant coATING: The mini cupcake wrappers have a grease-resistant coating. These don't have greasy fingers or oily fingers. These mini cupcake baking cups are oven and freezer safe because they are made from greaseproof paper with flared ridges. These baking cups are small enough to fit in a mini cupcake and are perfect for making chocolate covered berries. They can be used for bite-sized desserts. These vintage floral cupcake wrappers give your treats a luxurious look. The flared paper wrappers are sure to impress your guests. The value pack is sold in 200 count boxes at the same affordable wholesale pricing that they offer to their restaurant and Catering clients.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I didn't think I'd go through 200 baking cups. The product is excellent. I have used these cups for a variety of baking purposes, and they have allowed me to make new configurations for traditional recipes. Key lime muffins, pumpkin bread and corn bread muffin tops, and Zuccini chocolate cake muffins are just some of the items on the list. Instead of baking a loaf of pumpkin bread, I can bake smaller portions that are really sweet, keep some, and give some away or freeze for later use. The cups can be placed on a baking sheet. They fill easily, bake up nicely, and empty easily. These are the best. On to my second 200.

👤I used the cup liners for my son's wedding. I made 300 mini cupcakes from the 1.6 oz cups. I was able to fill and bake them on the same cookie sheet without having to use muffin pans. The liners did not collapse and the color did not fade. The only downfall was that we had to provide small dessert sporks because the liners were hard to peel off to eat the cupcake. I would use them again.

👤Excellent holders. The coating on the inside is perfect for keeping the espresso from leaking through and I want them for tiramisu. I originally gave these 4 stars because the large cups are stacked in groups of 10 or so and the top group is shoved upside down in the stack to make the stack appear nicer but distorts the first cups. If you use them to bake, they will expand back out, but not if you use a pre-made desert. They were raised to 5 stars because they worked well. I baked a crumb crust in the cups and it held up.

👤We were shorted by 15 cups and needed all 200, so I only gave 3 stars. They are being used for our son's wedding. I don't want to pay for more shipping to get them here fast. It shouldn't have happened. It's a pity.

👤These are great! It's difficult to find something this large. It's perfect for cornbread. The top of the cornbread is the most delicious part, so just baking in a regular muffin tin or cupcake liner wasn't doing it for me. I think so. The perfect solution is these.

👤I was very happy with the cups. I wanted to display my cookies at the wedding. They are stiff, so they hold their shape. I put mini lemon curd cookie cups on the table. snowball cookies were put in them. I am buying them again.

👤I don't usually do many reviews unless I'm amazed by the product and these baking cups are a game-changer. You can bake them on a cookie sheet. They don't need to grease or flour the cups because they have a wax inside. No sticking. The cups don't get soggy after they have been frozen. They are larger than standard cupcake liners, but when you see how beautiful they look and you get more cake, they don't disappoint.

8. Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

Eoonfirst Metallic Cupcake Liners Baking

The foil cupcake liners with fun color are convenient and disposable, which will cheer your kids, friends up all the day, and it's a good choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, baby shower, anniversaries and themed celebrations. The mini cupcake paper baking cups have a base diameter of 1.27 inch and a height of 0.78 inch. Fit mini cupcake/muffin pans. It is easy to separate, no greasy mess and every celebration. Can be used to hold nuts and candy. The cupcake liners are perfect for your theme party. Baking cups' shape is kept in a plastic container.

Brand: Eoonfirst

👤Absolutely love these foil wrappers. They are very high quality. They look new after baking. I usually spray the wrappers before pouring the batter, so the bread doesn't stick onto it. Many wrappers fade after being sprayed with oil. These are not these. There were too many wrappers pressed together. They're difficult to take out one by one. They mess up because they're foil. You have to separate the wrappers in a gentle way. I took too long to separate the wrappers. It's good for baking. If you do batches of 100 at a time, you should skip. You will be there forever. My kids helped me. They got annoyed. Great compliment!

👤I received something that was damaged/flawed, and I was never aware of how tough these are to separate. It looked like something had hit them from above and the pressure smashed the stack together even tighter than they had been when packed, causing the bottom of the packaging to blow out. The result was that the bottom cups were wider across the bottom than they should have been, as opposed to the bottom gold cups. I didn't notice that all the stacks had horizontal wrinkling damage. The outer few cups are nice and look good, but dig in to the middle of the stack of each and every color and you find that most of the cups have these horriblewrinkles. I have 10 of each color that is nice to use. I'm not sure if this is manufacturing damage. Quality Control didn't care that they came from the factory. If it were associated with the impact, one would think that all the cups, inner and outer, would have thesewrinkles. I contacted the seller to get an exchange. The seller was very quick to respond, but there was a serious problem with them understanding my issue and that I just wanted an exchange for an undamaged product. I went to Amazon and did a return. I don't like the look of these anymore and will use plain cups that are a lot cheaper. Most people won't care that the cup isn't shiny or colored if it's tasty.

👤I only used these cups to place strawberries. They were great. They were small but still held large strawberries, which was fine. The thickness was good. The red color is very nice. Would buy again for the purpose of holding strawberries, but not sure about baking.

👤There were beautiful before they were used. I have been running a bakery in my home for 15 years. I used the cups to balance the cupcakes. All of the cups had pulled away from the cupcakes when I woke up the next morning. I had to redo the order before the wedding because they were all useless. It was very nerve-racking. This was the first product to do that in 15 years. All 10 batches of baking did the same thing. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.

👤I make little truffles and these are perfect for them. The gold is very nice. They are difficult to separate but no complaints. I would buy them again.

9. Decony Mini White Baking Candy

Decony Mini White Baking Candy

The tulip shape is classic and elegant. Mini cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and candy are included in the 1000/Pack. Simply line your muffin pans with these mini muffin baking cups for easy clean-up and a ready-to-go presentation. The cups are an ideal use for holding chocolate covered strawberries and candy. You can be sure that the baking cup is safe to use because it is approved for direct food contact. With this baking cup, you can eliminate the need for greasing pans, thus reducing the labor and time intensive tasks of cleaning, soaking, and scrubbing dirty baking pans. The baked product can be handled without being touched in the baking cup. When the paper is removed, it won't damage the finished product. Overal dimensions

Brand: Decony

👤I wish it was a little bit bigger but it works for what I use it for. I have no problem.

👤I like to make flowers for bird toys. Food coloring is safe.

👤Too small looks bigger in the picture.

👤Does not fit candy or fruit. It barely fits a piece of chocolate. Don't buy.

👤They were bought for mini-cupcakes. The bottom diameter was too small for that purpose. They're better for candy than mini-cupcakes. We bought them because they were called "baking cups", but I would buy another product for that purpose.

10. Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

Wilton Baking Cups White 350 Count

The complete Circulon collection of bakeware can be used with other bakeware for even more healthy cooking solutions. You should dress your cupcakes. It's ideal for holiday candy and nuts. It's every celebration. The Mini is 1.25 in diameter.

Brand: Wilton

👤The reviews said that it would stick together and you would be able to use a lot. I was able to make 100 of these cupcakes with no issues, be sure to order the correct pan, and in a few minutes you will all set the cupcakes, they are so perfect in these liners that they peel right off! Great purchase and will buy again.

👤I don't use them for baking muffins or cupcakes. I use them to make rice. The rice maker has a vent hole in the lid that allows steam to escape, but it also spits hot water over the counter. I put a small baking cup upside down over the vent hole to stop the steam from escaping. Works well!

👤I have a muffin tin that needs small cups, but they are smaller than I expected. The bottom of the cup doesn't fill the depressions in the tin and the top of the cups extend beyond the tops in the tin making them tippy. I don't think I can fill them with a melon ball tool, and then how would I get the dough out? The smallest cupcake/cookie dough tool with a spring release is too large to fit into the tiny liners. I threw out the liners I had on hand because they were too small to be useful, and they were made of a study material so that they could be filled if you were into such delicate work. These are small as well as flimsy. I can't see how they can be filled with a piping bag, but that may be possible for those who are willing to do it. Not for me.

👤If you have a "muffin tin" type thing with holes, these cups will work. They were flattened out when I poured jello liquid in them. I will put the jello in the cups and then put the cold jello in them. The cups wouldn't hold jello without flattening out. They don't have their shape. I tried to make them more stable by quadrupling them, but that didn't work. The picture shows how they were flattened when I spooned the jello mixture. I can't imagine how they would hold cake batter if they didn't hold jello. These are not worth the money.

👤I make a lot of muffins. The "If you care" ones work the best.

👤I used these to bake cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. They were easy to line with muffin tins. It was easy to dump them out once they cooled because they held up nicely and did not stick to the muffin tin. The parents had to help toddlers with this part, not the fault of the baking cups, but the general toddler learning curve. It's a great price for the amount of baking cups you get.

👤The paper cup liners are perfect for mini cupcakes. This is a great price for the quality products made by Wilton. They will be used for gifts of mini dog treats for my Min Pin and his friends. I will make mini cupcakes for myself and my friends when the dogs are treated well. I always buy products from the company. They are the best. I was looking for liners that were similar to what I was looking for. If you want to make regular cupcakes, you need the next size up. I just ordered a smaller size of truffles from Wilton. My Min Pin is very excited for the party. Thank you Amazon for another great product.

11. Paper Cupcake Liners Baking 90 Ct

Paper Cupcake Liners Baking 90 Ct

The foil cupcake liners with fun color are convenient and disposable, which will cheer your kids, friends up all the day, and it's a good choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, festival, holiday party, baby shower, anniversaries and themed celebrations. 180 non-bleached baking cups.

Brand: Paperchef

👤They are more expensive than regular paper liners, but I would rather not make cupcakes if I can't use parchment liners. Half your cupcake tears off and sticks to your liner, which results in a reduced calories treat. I would rather eat the whole thing. Parchment or nothing. I have tried a cheaper brand that claimed to be parchment. The color was correct. They tore easily when trying to peel off. I don't want to get extra fiber in my diet by using pieces of liner paper still adhering to my cupcake or muffin. I make muffins with non fat and sweetened with sticky fruit purée that are easy to peel off. I buy this brand often. Always. It comes in both standard and jumbo sizes.

👤They were too big for the pan. See the photo. It was so frustrating to fill. They come off the muffin beautifully and are for my toddlers, who don't know the difference. If they were a standard min muffin size, I would order them again.

👤I never tried these again because they did not work out for my cake batter. I have ordered 6 more boxes and they work great with my brownies and butter cups. I didn't work out for banana muffins or cake batter with these. It was stuck to the product. I used a different brand after these cooled. The gift box was presented much nicer. Did not have to peel apart.

👤The mini Mac n Cheese hor d'oerves were perfect for these. My guests loved them and the liners made it easy to clean them up. I don't know how well the Mac n Cheese came out of the liners. It's funny.

👤I use the mini cupcake liners to bake my cupcakes. I bake mostly paleo muffins and they always stick to the pan or the cupcake liner. I bought these after reading reviews. I've been very pleased with how my muffins come out. I will never go back to regular liners again. These liners are very good.

👤These cups were unbleached and had no paint on them. There is a These were too big to fit in the cupcake tray. They don't stay in the tray until you pour the content, but you need to push them by hand inside to make sure they don't spill. Unless you have a mini cupcake tray, it's too big.

👤The mini muffin liners are small. It's really easy to clean up when I bake banana muffins. The price was fair and I highly recommend them.

👤These cups are awesome! We still need another wrapper to keep the hands free, so prefer this over Silicone cups. I never liked to use non-stick sprays on paper cups, so fell in love with this product. Happy kids because they can peel the paper.

👤These are fine. The price is too high.

👤Baking mini quiches without using cooking sprays is easy. I have found them at half the price in the stores. The mini paper cupcake liners are hard to find. Love them.


What is the best product for baking cups mini?

Baking cups mini products from The Silicone Kitchen. In this article about baking cups mini you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Bakebaking are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups mini.

What are the best brands for baking cups mini?

The Silicone Kitchen, Wilton and Bakebaking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups mini. Find the detail in this article. Caperci, Golden Apple and Youcare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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