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1. Disposable Oven Safe Cupcake Party Festival

Disposable Oven Safe Cupcake Party Festival

If you don't like the product, you can return it in 30 days and get full money back. There are 25 pieces in a transparent plastic bucket. These cups are easy to use, they are freezer and oven safe. There is no need for a muffin tin. The paper won't fade in color, it's made with sturdy paper that won't leak or show grease after baking. They are perfect for many occasions. They're great for cupcakes, ice cream, muffins, snacks, nuts, treats, and more. It's perfect for birthday parties, weddings, and gift giving. The cute cups are made with pre-greased paper so you don't have to worry about peeling the paper after baking cupcakes. The diameter is 2.75 and the height is 2.15. 4.5 ounces. It's perfect for baking cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, cake, and more.

Brand: Partyhippo

👤They look like they are in the pictures. The oils do not show through as advertised. I would suggest baking them in cupcake paper and putting them in cups. The oil takes away from the cupcake you've spent a lot of time on.

👤They weren't grease proof so there was some staining on the outside that took from their appearance. They wouldn't fit in a standard cupcake tray.

👤The batter stained the outside of the cup.

👤These cups are great. It is very easy to use, just pour your batter in and bake. U decorate cupcakes. It is as easy as that.

👤Everyone liked these cups. The people were asking, "Who catered this event?", because of the containers. It's perfect for a low-touch pot luck where each person can grab a container of cookies or other items. Sturdy and attractive.

👤The colors of the baby shower were gold, pink, and white. I use them to hold my cupcakes instead of baking them. Great presentation!

👤I love using these for muffins and cupcakes. The color is nice. I think they are worth it.

2. Tulip Cupcake Liners Baking Wrappers

Tulip Cupcake Liners Baking Wrappers

200 foil baking cups is enough for multiple parties and celebrations. Premium quality grease-proof paper helps to retain moist air and promotes baking. OVEN SAFE: This product can be used in the oven and can tolerate temperatures up to 450' F. The diameter of the 2-1/8" height is 2. Medium Tulip Style Baking Cups can hold about 3 ounces of batter. If you are not completely satisfied with their tulip baking cups, you can return them for a full refund.

Brand: Cupcakemate

👤The cupcake liner is very nice. The cupcake size is larger than the bottom of the liner. I used them out of desperation because I didn't have another option. The cupcakes caused the liner to open.

👤I like using these liners instead of the regular ones. These can be used with the cupcake wraps. It is a great presentation.

👤I think the problems were caused by the crushing of these when they were received. The were folded down and hit the centers. The folds baked into the cupcakes give them an odd shape and take most of the room for decorating. These would have been great for muffins or without decoration, but I won't buy them again.

👤I like that I can bake using regular cupcake liners and then slip them into the liners. Classier looking!

👤I was worried that they would lose their shape or colour, but they came out as pretty as they went in. I would definitely buy it again.

👤They are cute. I haven't baked with them yet. The first few in the box were bent down, which was upsetting.

👤Tulip papers are better than regular cupcake papers. From now on, they will be my "signature". This pink is very sweet. I used them for a baby shower and breast cancer survival anniversary party.

👤These are only for cupcakes. These are small.

3. Barrys Home Cupcake Standard Wrappers

Barrys Home Cupcake Standard Wrappers

50 pink and gold polka dot cupcake cups are included. There are 192 paper rainbow muffin wrappers in the package. The Barry's Home muffin liners have a unique design that would make a great choice to dress up cupcakes for a birthday, wedding, festival, or holiday party. Standard size, base dia 2.1 inch (5 cm), top dia 2.8 inch (7 cm) and 1.4 inch ( 3.5 cm) tall, fit standard cupcake/muffin pans. Baking cups made of grease proof paper can directly contact food. The cupcake liners are easy to store in the kitchen with the box.

Brand: Barry's Home

👤After baking, kept its color. Very sturdy. Great item.

👤Just as described. It was great for what I needed.

👤I liked the cupcake liners. Good price!

👤The colors are great. Cupcakes will be noticed. It will add to the party.

4. Sparkle Bash Confetti Cupcake Wrappers

Sparkle Bash Confetti Cupcake Wrappers

The cupcake liners are convenient and practical. They are a nice tool for making muffin. Their cupcake holders are 2.2-inch in diameter and can be used to bake large cupcakes for an upcoming bake sale, baby shower, kids birthday party, or bridal shower. The pink cupcake holders can be used to hold a variety of delicious snacks and appetizers. Add an extra egg or baking powder to the jumbo baking cups if you want to get the perfect rise. The cupcake cups are made from greaseproof baking paper that can tolerate temperatures up to . 50 pink and gold polka dot cupcake cups are included.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤These are very strong. I used one in the oven and it held up. They are very large and should be kept in mind. The batter of two cupcakes was needed to fill it. These are perfect if you want a very large cupcake and don't have to worry about putting collars on them.

👤The packaging was not in a good condition, but the liners came in on time. The packaging was greasy and sticky. I opened it after cleaning it. The liners were damaged. They were greasy and torn. I was wondering if someone opened the package and then returned it. The whole experience was gross. I need the liners today. I will have to use the ones that look good. I would return them if I didn't need them. The purchase was a waste of money because I can only use a few.

👤First time using cups. These were perfect! It was just as lovely when they left the oven. There was no fading. Definitely using again.

👤These cups are thick and easy to use. Put them on a baking sheet, pour your batter in the cups, and bake them. It's easy, and you can tear it open from the side. It's easy as that.

👤I purchased these for cupcakes for a baby shower and they match the other items I purchased in pink and gold. They are sturdy and will be perfect to bake cupcakes.

👤So cute! My sister loved them for her baby shower.

👤I was very impressed. Excellent value for money and they look great! Will be using for my wedding cakes.

👤Belli, ben fatti. Ho dovuto fare il reso perché troppo grandi per l'utilizzo. Ma qualitativamente ineccepibili.

👤I trovo benissimo con questi pirottini a parte l'estetica. O nutella rimangono perfetti anche esteticamente invece.

5. Cupcake Rainbow Baking Wedding Birthday

Cupcake Rainbow Baking Wedding Birthday

It's great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, and candy making. The cupcake holder is perfect for small items. It's fun for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding. The cake paper cup has a top diameter of 6.8 cm and a bottom diameter of 5 cm. Grease-proof, natural food grade paper cupcake cups, suitable for oven, microwave, steam cooking, are specially designed to keep colors from fading after baking, to keep colors bright and fun for every moment. Embellish You Life: Their cupcake liners are a great way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins for a themed party, with colorful and festive ways to hold party snacks. For birthdays or holidays, a great decoration is a biscuit, cookie, cupcake, lunch cup or snack cup. The temperature can be as high as 260 degrees Celsius.

Brand: Kongjies

👤They faded in the oven. Don't buy them!

👤I ordered 96 cupcakes and purchased cupcake liners. There were only 88 liners. I was short on an order for a customer. This wasn't a good experience because it wasn't realized until baking started.

👤Awesome. Looking for colorful cupcake wrappers.

👤The colors fade after baking. Why is it so expensive? These should have cost $3. What a scam.

👤They worked perfectly for a rainbow themed birthday party. The colors were bright.

👤These were used for a part.

👤I need as many cupcakes as I can get for my granddaughter school, but only one package of cupcake holders will be delivered, and it will cost eight dollars.

6. Paper Eskimo Baking Marshmallow 25 Pack

Paper Eskimo Baking Marshmallow 25 Pack

BEASEa aluminum foil cups can be used for many occasions, such as dessert, puddings, cupcakes, cheese cakes, etc. Baking cups are pink and white. 25 paper baking cups are in the pack. It's perfect for cupcakes, desserts, ice cream or snack holder. Each pack has a recipe and ideas brochure. The cup is 1.75 inches tall.

Brand: Paper Eskimo

👤I'm a merchandiser and we have different brands of cupcake holders. We don't stock them in the color I need, so I thought I'd find some on Amazon. The quality and thickness of these are so poor that they are not comparable to the other brands I have used. They cost more and have less in count than the other brands I usually buy, and in the cup size I purchased, they had 6 fewer in count than I used to. The thinness of them makes them not good for decorative baking cups because you can't see light through them. The most frustrating part for me was that someone thought it would be a good idea to ship these delicate cups in very thin packaging, with a thickness thinner than standard stock paper and too soft to hold its shape under the slightest pressure, in a bubble wrap lined shipping envelope. I don't have enough time to exchange cups before the party they're meant for, so I have fewer to work with. Would not recommend it.

👤These are sturdy and not as big as a normal cupcake liner, but they are taller. I think this is a good thing because you will end up with a slightly smaller cupcake. These liners are a great choice if you want to keep the look of your cupcake clean, and they won't turn translucent from the fats in the cupcake batter. The cardboard is easy to peel away and you can just use a spoon. The only downside is that these are pretty expensive for cupcake liners, but given all the 'pros' to this product and the overall quality it's absolutely worth the cost in certain situations.

👤I had to provide 100 cupcakes for the party. These cups are the perfect size for people who don't want a whole big cupcake. I was a bit disappointed that they weren't grease proof, but they were still adorable. They are an easy way to make a treat look cute. I got dessert spoons because they're harder to tear open and are more resistant to being broken. I baked the cupcakes on a cookie sheet and laid them out. I could do less batches and bake faster. I would definitely use them again.

👤These cups are cute. They are soft pink and perfect for baby showers. When I ordered them, I thought they were larger cups, and I could fill them with marshmallows. I was surprised that they are small for the cupcakes, since I was going to bake cupcakes anyways and put them in a Ferris wheel cupcake holder. They will look better in these cups. The packaging looked different when it arrived, but it's packaged nicely. Definitely recommend this product.

👤Cute. A bit smaller than a normal cupcake, but hold up well to bake in. Would buy again. You peel the paper off if people say the cupcake doesn't come out. It comes with an instruction paper to show you that.

👤The color in photos was different. Couldn't use it for my shower. There is a light teal or aqua color. The product is over priced. Good quality and attractive. It will be fun for different occasions but will be shopping for a better value.

7. Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Cupcake Wrappers Muffins Cupcakes Assorted

Birthday, wedding, baby shower, Holiday Party, themed celebrations with standard cupcake liner is the best choice. The Selizo cupcake liner set comes with 600 pieces of cupcake papers in a clear plastic tube. Baking large quantity for an event is great. Food grade material is safe. The cupcake liners are made of grease proof paper. Grease resistant liners are high temperature resistant. There are bright rain colors. The baking cupcake liners are a quick and festive way to dress up your cupcakes and muffins, making them more attractive and impressive. The liners measure 2 in. The dia. is 5 cm. Baking cups for every day. It's great for baking muffins, cupcakes, and breads, preparing frozen treats, desserts on a baking sheet, and candy making. The cupcake holder is perfect for small items. It's fun for a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding.

Brand: Selizo

👤We are not going to run out of cupcake liners soon. My toddler likes to help line the baking tray. Awesome purchase.

👤The amount you get with the colors is something you love. They bake in a paper cup. I didn't like how transparent they became after baking and the butter just got absorbed in the liners, you couldn't tell the paper from the color it was suppose to be. You could barely see the color, I double layers before and after baking, and the oil soaked through the liner.

👤I had to borrow some from my neighbor because I ran out of cupcake liners. I buy these at the supermarket often, but run out more often. There are a lot of liners in this pack. I won't run out anytime soon. I am happy to pay my neighbor back. The colors and packaging were very well packaged.

👤These were great! I use these for crafts with my daughter in my 2nd grade class and I love the colors and value.

👤The colors are bright. It's very convenient and seems to bake well.

👤The colors are pretty. They smell terrible. I don't recommend.

👤I couldn't use them because they smell like chemicals.

👤I like the vibrant colors and the quality is good, but I don't like that it smells weird, I'm too picky.

8. Standard Nonstick Parchment Cupcakes Decoration

Standard Nonstick Parchment Cupcakes Decoration

If you experience an issue with your product, get in touch with them for a return or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience. Grease resistant liners inside the baking cups are 100% brand new, and the cups are made from food-safe grade grease-proof paper. The standard size is 7 cm/ 2.8 inches, the height is 3 cm/ 1.25 inches, and the bottom diameter is 5 cm/ 2.0 inches. It's convenient to match the number of mini cupcake liners in your favorite color. The disposable cup cakes paper with a fun design bright colors is the best choice for you to dress up your birthday, wedding, holiday party, baby shower and other theme party. Will make your friends happy all day. A rich cupcake set with standard size cake liners in 6 colors is convenient to use. If you experience an issue with Pinwei product, get in touch with them for a repair or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Pinwei

👤I don't know if they are made of wood. They ruined a lot of popovers. Everyone stuck to the popover. I threw them out.

👤I own a custom cupcake business and only purchase cupcake liners. The price was excellent and the description said "Nonstick Parchment Papers Baking Cups" and "Grease Proof Cupcake Liners". These are cupcake liners from the dollar store. It was too good to be true.

👤The cupcake cases are not the standard size. They are too narrow, close to 1.75" instead of 2. They aren't the right size for mini cupcakes, so I'm not sure what "standard" size they are for. I made sure these were labeled greaseproof so that the colors wouldn't fade in the oven. They were barely visible on strawberry or chocolate, and faded even further on the cupcakes. That description is not accurate. Don't buy them!

👤I used these to make my cupcakes for savesay They are pink. After cupcakes were baked in them, the color didn't show up as well as I would have liked. Otherwise, they were fine.

👤Most cupcake liners don't leave any color on the pan, but they do leave some color on the pan. It worked well for a party for kids.

👤I was not happy with the color. In the pictures, it looks like a deep pink, but when I opened the package, it was more coral.

👤I was afraid to use these cupcake liners for my bakery goods because they smelled so bad.

👤We had a baby shower with tutu themed marshmallows.

9. Webake Baking Cupcake Valentines Decoration

Webake Baking Cupcake Valentines Decoration

If you are not completely satisfied with their tulip baking cups, you can return them for a full refund. Food grade paper is used to make baking cups. Each cup is 2.2 inches high and has jumbo size cupcake liners. Perfect for making cupcakes, ice cream, muffin, cheese, chili, salad and more. There are many occasions: Christmas, Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Celebrations, Festivals, Baby showers and more. 25 pack of pink paper muffin cake baking cups are included in the package.

Brand: Webake

👤I liked these. Cute and sturdy. During football season, my family has weekly parties. These were great for holding the fries. You can keep mingling at the party if you put other treats like trail mix.

👤Great product. I would order again.

👤I was expecting a more substantial product, but this product will be adequate for my purpose.

👤I love these cups. It's easy to bake. Just pour the batter into the oven. The cupcake does not stick to the cup. It's perfect! I would buy them again if they came in a lot of colors.

👤No se rompieron en ningn momento, pero lo recomiendo al 100.

👤My son had a vintage race car themed birthday party and the cupcake liners went great.

👤It's a baking cup for cupckes. Does not hold up when you pick it up. I had purchased thicker versions of these cups and they felt like paper liners. I bought replacements at the dollar store. They are very expensive. I gave 2 stars because of that.

10. Evelots Silicone Saucers Cupcake Mold Tea Set Reusable 24

Evelots Silicone Saucers Cupcake Mold Tea Set Reusable 24

The 8 inch cake pan is very sturdy. The pan is easy to clean. It is simple to clean with a sponge. Not recommended for dishwasher. A bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, tea party, or any special event will be enhanced by this set. Teacup-shaped cupcake molds can be used with any of your favorite cake mixes or from-scratch recipes, and can be decorated after baking for a delicious and beautiful treat. The cupcake molds are made of food-grade oven-safe silicone. The individual serving saucers are not oven safe. The set includes cupcake molds and serving saucers. A real estate seller. Evelots has provided unique products with a 30-day easy return policy for years.

Brand: Evelots

👤I bought 2 of the sets because I love the concept so much. I was very disappointed after seeing the size. They appear to be about the same size as a regular tea cup. They are too small for me. I thought they might have been about the size of a regilar cupcake mold. Not true. Very disappointed.

👤It's a great looking product and I will use it for party favor holders for a "Tea Party" baby shower theme. The quantity on the seller's add says " 24 sets", but it's not. It's called " 24 Pieces" and it's 12 cups and 12 saucers. It's true.

👤I was upset that my order was incorrect. I got 6 teacup molds instead of 12. Evelots reached out to me the next day and corrected my order. I am very pleased with how quickly they sent the corrected order and how adament they were to make this correction. I am going to try these out for my daughter's birthday. I would buy again. Thank you Evelots! I was excited to get these for my daughter's birthday party. I paid for a set of 12 and the description said to open the box and find a set of 6. Not happy with the misleading advertisement.

👤I'm giving 4 stars because it leads you to think you're getting 24 instead of 12. I had to make a cake because I didn't know until last minute. I don't understand people saying they are too small or fold with being baked. I don't agree. If you know how to bake, they all come out perfect. I will have 24 for my daughter's birthday party when I get another set. It's hard to eat but the cuteness makes it worth it.

👤I was going to use these as a prize for a tea party themed bday, but couldn't. I thought the cups would be strong. I would be nervous to bake these because they have a lot of bend. I returned them.

👤I was hesitant after reading the reviews but decided to take the plunge. I was glad I did. They are perfect for a tea party. You should know that they're not good for drinking from. It's perfect for a child's hand or someone who doesn't want a face full of icing. I'm in love with this product.

👤The listing says it comes with 12 but it only comes with 6. I can't get another set. The listing needs to be updated so people know it. I was going to use these for my daughter's birthday. I will have to return them and find something else.

👤My granddaughter loved these teacup cupcake baking molds. The set of 12 meant 6 cups and 6 saucers, but I was a little disappointed. I was expecting a lot of cups. They are hard to get completely clean, but still worth it.

11. Standard White Cupcake Baking Liners

Standard White Cupcake Baking Liners

It's perfect for your theme party. Mr Miracle cupcake paper liners are of the highest quality. It's great for cupcakes, desserts, hot and cold Appetizers and candies. Baking cups are made of white paper. As the Liners are packed into bundles very tightly, they will sometimes stick with multiple Liners. * Approx. 4.5'' x 1-7/8'' Mr. Miracle packed it.

Brand: Mr Miracle

👤Awesome value! Many of the sellers are smaller than our standard US size. I ordered 2 packs from Amazon and they are the same size as the ones from the grocery store. It was worth paying extra tax to get the correct size of the paper baking cups since they are for 2 years. They are shipped in a plastic sleeve with a white plastic bag tag. I keep mine in a wide mouth jar in my pantry. The jar holds about half of the pack. It looks clean and organized.

👤There are 450 in the pack. I buy 500 packs of liners and they are grouped in 20 clusters of 25 each. This had 18. I opened the pack to double count the clusters. Where are the other 50? Some might not notice, but I wanted what I paid for.

👤I received my order. I decided to order despite the reviews that said they were not standard size. They fit in my cup cake pan perfectly. They are all white. I put it next to the standard ones that are pink and they are the same size. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I won't order again because the sleeves seem to have been shorted. One has 17 and the other 18. I ordered 500 sleeves. I should have a lot of liners. There are 28 liners to a section. I paid for a certain amount. I could buy the same thing at the store. Not a good offer. Save postage.

👤Silicone muffin cups are great, but I burn my fingers when I use them. This gets old very quickly. These are the paper cups that fit, work, and are functional. They fit perfectly in my muffin pans and don't fold up when I put batter in them. They peel off the muffins and cupcakes. The price is correct. I like these.

👤I received about 500 to address the reviewer's concern that she only received 450 liners. The 20 stacks have not been counted, but the one I counted had 28 cupcake liners. They fit my pan. I am happy that I can avoid coloring and get a great deal. These will last a long time for me.

👤Half the package is useless because the cupcake liners were cut out in a bad way.

👤These cupcake liners are great. It doesn't give off a taste like some liners do, and it doesn't soak up grease like other liners do. I use these for my cake business.

👤The product is advertised as a pack of 500. I received 450 in an original package after buying 500. Many people have encountered this problem and it shouldn't be a packing accident. It makes me believe that the seller is making profit by shorting the shipments because they know that not everyone will want to go through the complicated return procedure. The seller is lying on the advertising. I will not buy this product again.

👤I received 450 liners instead of 500 in the package twice.


What is the best product for baking cups pink?

Baking cups pink products from Partyhippo. In this article about baking cups pink you can see why people choose the product. Cupcakemate and Barry's Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking cups pink.

What are the best brands for baking cups pink?

Partyhippo, Cupcakemate and Barry's Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking cups pink. Find the detail in this article. Sparkle And Bash, Kongjies and Paper Eskimo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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