Best Baking Decorating Kit Kids

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1. Toy Van Honeybake Collection Birthday

Toy Van Honeybake Collection Birthday

A template for color planning. Birthday Candle Wooden food cake. This cake wooden toy food is a great way to celebrate. This wooden happy birthday play food with 6 birthday candles and cake cutter is great for pretend play. Beautifully designed play food. The cake decoration allows your little one to make happy memories and incorporate them in a positive play environment. An excellent addition to any kids tea set. Great for active play, play with the wooden toy food. The 2 year old girl has a toy tea set. With 6 slices of cake, teach them to have fun. There is a jewelry collection. The chocolate gateau, cake stand set, cupcakes, tea and treats trolley and the shop and cafe are all included in the honey bake range. Children's toy kitchen accessories are finished to the highest safety standards. These wooden toys are decorated with non-toxic paint and are perfect for hours of fun.

Brand: Le Toy Van

👤There was an update on 1/27/2021. No regrets! LO is 14 months old and still loves this cake. Maybe more than before. She knows how to cut it apart and put it back together. It is beautiful and well-constructed, and we're getting our money's worth with the amount of time she spends playing with it. --- I bought this cake for my LO's first birthday party, since I didn't want her to have real candles yet. I didn't open it after paying 20 bucks, but I could tell it was small by the box. The reviews said it was small, but I was still disappointed. I started the process of returning it. I gave it to her anyway, using Bday money from her great-grandma towards it, and we sang to her on her birthday. My LO loves it! She likes to take all the pieces apart and replace the candles with new ones. It is well built and adorable. I'm happy that she enjoys it. It made for a cute birthday picture. It has some small painting flaws that are not noticeable, but I immediately notice that sort of thing. It gives it a hand-painted look which is charming, but I wish it was less expensive as it makes me more critical of the slight flaws. The candles fit in the cake perfectly and the construction is very good. The cake is a bit pricey. It's nice if you have someone else's money.

👤Not worth the price. This cake is very small. The size of my hand is the same as the size of my phone. Don't spend your money on something that isn't worth it. You can get a bigger cake with more pieces with the same price. I wish I had gone with the M&D set myself.

👤This item is great. My daughter says the colors look like real candy. We will enjoy playing with them.

👤I like the colors and the food choices.

👤I really wanted to play with this toy. It is cute, but I have two major issues with it. The candles are not attached to the cake. 2. The cake is not as large as I would like it to be. If you glue the candles in, this could work just fine. You could just go with it. I did.

👤The wooden candy is very cute. The wood shapes are similar to candy. It is very high quality. I think you get what you pay for. You also get a cute bag. The paint is reminiscent of 60s movies. I would buy it.

👤The quality is smaller than I expected, but that doesn't matter to my 5yr old. She's having a lot of fun.

👤My 3.5 year old grandchild had a hard time cutting the cake. The "cake knife" that comes with the set is difficult to cut through. One of the candles had to be sanded down to keep it upright. The quality is questionable. Next time, I would try a cake by Doug and Melissa.

2. Sneaky Chef Child Safe Essential Protection

Sneaky Chef Child Safe Essential Protection

Match the set with aprons from Handstand Kids for even more fun. When working with junior chefs, safety is their main priority. All of their protective gear is tested to make sure it is safe for smaller hands. Parents can rest assured that their child's safety is protected with their slip-free design. These are real cooking utensils and not a toy. BPA-free high-quality material The Sneaky Chef Kids Cooking Set is made from high-quality, non-toxic food-grade materials to ensure the safety of your junior chef, as well as the durability of the kit, even through all the drops, spills, and bangs! The junior cooking set is ideal for the curious child, the picky eater, or the adventurous pre-teen to learn real-life skills at their fingertips, in the comfort of their own home. Kitchen safety, rolling, mixing, tasting, and cleaning up! The set includes 5 healthy and delicious recipes, as well as 7 exclusive recipe cards with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for a cook of any level to experiment with. Children will be happy to try and cook new healthy foods on their own, and finally, some peace at the dinner table. If you don't like your Kids Cooking Set within 1 month of purchase, a full replacement will be sent to you.

Brand: The Sneaky Chef

👤The cooking set for kids is amazing. These are high quality cooking utensils. Not a toy like the ones we have bought for the kids. We are making healthy and delicious sneaky chef recipes.

👤I gave it to a neighbor's children. The Sneaky Chef's cooking and baking kit was just the activity my two girls needed to keep them busy during these stay at home orders. Dressing like chefs and using the enclosed tools that were clearly made for them was their favorite part. My seven year old was able to follow the recipes because they were simple. Everything we made tasted great. This will be our go-to activity for a long time.

👤I bought this set to bake with my niece. We had the best time when they saw it, and it was even better that we were making healthy treats. A big win! We need more products like this to give us fun, safe family activities and a focus on health and well-being. I'm going to buy this for my friends with kids. Thank you Sneaky Chef, you are awesome!

👤This is the perfect set for my daughter to play in the kitchen with. The utensils are a great quality for the price and don't feel like toys which makes it more fun for kids to really feel included in the cooking fun. All are good enough to be used for cooking when she is older.

👤I bought this for my son who loves baking and cooking. He still likes the cookie cutters even though they are more appropriate for younger children.

👤Everything was the same as I had. My granddaughter loved it! We haven't had a chance to use it yet, but everything looks great.

👤The kit is perfect for cooking with kids. I get my kids to eat new veggies because it includes chef recipes. happy! It's perfect for keeping you and your kids busy when stuck inside.

👤My grandson liked the gift. The kit is perfect for a small person who wants to help in the kitchen.

3. Creativity Kids Magical Unicorn Garden

Creativity Kids Magical Unicorn Garden

You can grow your own mini magical terrarium in a unicorn egg-shaped environment with the help of this gift. The completed garden measures 5.25” h x 3” w. There is a complete terrarIUM kit. Everything you need to grow your own garden is included. The complete craft kit has fun mini figures and colored sand. The quick grow plant growing kit is easy to use. Their guaranteed to grow gardening kit for kids is a green thumb for all. chia seeds can be sprouted within 3 days of planting for immediate results. A mini terrarium is a great way to learn about nature and science. This science activity is fun to do. While creating a habitat for your unicorn, spark curiosity, inspire creativity and wonder about the magic of unicorns. Growing your own unicorn garden is a fun activity that encourages independent play and creative confidence while developing nurturing skills, responsibility, and patience. The craft for kids is recommended for ages 6+.

Brand: Creativity For Kids

👤I bought the ones for my daughters. The products are cute, but the set did not include the little figurines for watering. My 4-year-old had fun putting it all together and wasn't disappointed for long. The company should be aware of and improve its packing process in the future.

👤My daughter had fun with this project. It is not big. It is a great project for a small child. We just finished it and are waiting to see our seeds grow. My daughter is a big fan of the movies and this was fun to find a project with her favorite theme. I highly recommend that you do a fun project for your child. Including sensory fun. We used the ziploc to add water to the dirt and clump it up so she could have sensory play. She didn't use all the jewels and pearl stickers that came with because she loved them so much and wanted to use them on another craft.

👤I am very upset that my daughter found one of her Christmas presents in the mail, I would be happy to pay extra to hide what is being delivered... I swear she has seen almost all of her Christmas presents this year because everyone apparently no longer cares about their jobs... please take. It is perfect for her and she will love it.

👤The directions were confusing and the activity was fun. The chia seeds grew quickly and began to stink in their little terrarium. I think I should have kept the leftover dirt from the project. My girl is sad that she had to give up her things. It would be great if the seeds included were something we could transfer to our garden.

👤A project for little girls. My nieces are five and three. They had a lot of fun. The kit was nice and easy to follow, but the top of the Tyrrhenian fell off easily and caused a lot of mess.

👤He was so excited after getting this for his family member. The plastic egg was decorated with many stickers. The colored sand, little pebbles, and colored dinosaurs added to the fun of this egg. We added half the chia seeds and put them in a window sill out of sight of everyone. We had a forest of chia growing behind the dinosaurs. He was excited to see it grow. It was fun and easy. A great gift idea, easy to put together, low energy project for the assistant, all around a real treat.

👤I am obsessed with plants and my daughter started to like plants as well. This was a gift from Santa and we didn't think to open the box before we wrapped it. I didn't think about it when the box arrived from Amazon. The seeds were missing after we put the kit together. The seeds are what you need to grow the plants. They weren't where to be found. We opened the second kit that we had bought and found the same type of seeds. We split the seeds in half and used them for the kit. It only took about 3 days for my kid to grow. We would be out of luck if we didn't have that second kit because she had a lot of fun decorating it and watching them grow.

4. BigNoseDeer Birthday Childrens Cutting Children

BigNoseDeer Birthday Childrens Cutting Children

There are lots of creative ways to cope with the economy. Play-Doh candies, topping, or even a birthday candle can be made with the decorating tool, pretend frosting, and pretend sprinkles. Children can have fun with their little partner, or they can make their own birthday cake. Your children love serving cake. Encourages imagination and creativity by making a big elaborate birthday cake. This cake comes in 6 pieces with small attachment inside so it can be sliced and served like a real cake and then put back together for easy clean up and storage.

Brand: Bignosedeer

👤Kids love it. If you are giving a gift, you have to put all the stickers on the candles and cake slices. The toy is fun to play with. Kids broke a knife. Plastic knives are being used from to-go packs. There are a few candle sticks that broke. We lost a few pieces as they are small, but it's nice that it comes with a pouch to put parts back in. I wish it had more pieces so kids could try different combinations. Good value for money. It's definitely not for small kids. If you find this review helpful, please like it.

👤It's cheap. I knew that when I bought it. I didn't expect to have to put the cake stickers on myself, so I should've checked the review images. I tried to put them on evenly, but they rip so fast you can't really do it again. I still had some issues with my application. My daughter loves it because she was given it for her 4th birthday. I caution all parents with younger kids or kids who like to put pretend food in their mouths that there are so many tiny pieces. It was an inexpensive gift and made my little baker happy.

👤This is a cute toy. My kids liked decorating it. The pieces that make up the cake snapped off after a few uses. Less than half of the pieces can't be inserted into the cake after a day of playing with it.

👤The stickers are very unforgiving and the concept is great. They are hard to place and once it touches, it will tear. The manufacturer should have applied the stickers themselves. The cake stickers are crumpled. It's a pity. Everything else seems okay. I wouldn't spend more than ten dollars on it.

👤My daughter likes it! It would be nice if they used magnets instead of Velcro. You can't separate the pieces with a knife.

👤It is much smaller than I expected and has a cheap look. It's cute and my daughter loves it, but I'm not sure if the glue on the velcro will last. The pieces are very small and pose a hazard. I think 3 is a little young for this, due to the small parts. Unless it is used under adult supervision.

👤I bought this as a free time activity for my classroom. The kids like this toy. They come to my room and ask about it a lot. I work with children of all ages and they all want to play with this toy. It has lasted all year and is of decent quality. I would buy this 100 times because it has more than paid for itself. It has small parts, so be careful with little ones.

👤I only gave one star because there was no other choice. This is the cheapest toy of all time and not worth much less than the price I paid. It is made of plastic and has a sticker on it that is similar to a cake design. It's about 6 inches in diameter. There are little pegs that stick into the cake. Cheap product!

5. Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Decorating

Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Decorating

It is a perfect gift for little chef. Highly recommended as Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Holiday gift or Festival gift. All package boxes are marked 3+ if you select the right size. Animals-shaped cookie cutters can make cute cookies. Kid can make cakes with muffin cups, scrapers and decorating supplies. The egg separator and whisk can be used to bake. The rolling pin and scraper are easy to use. A high-quality suitcase can hold all the tools. Children dream of the all-round baking set. The apron is suitable for different ages and can be washed in a machine. There is an elastic band on the back of the chef's hat. Machine wash, comfortable to wear. Pass the safety tests of the standards. Role playing is a favorite game of children. They like to pretend they are doing grown up things. Children should be given a chance to play a chef and teach baking. The chef costume for kids will give your children a novel experience of being a real chef and will encourage their interest in cooking. The kids baking chef set helps you teach your kids how to bake and brings you some wonderful family time. Children will learn to bake from their parents. The growth of children helps to create more lasting sweet memories. This is a great gift. Baking supplies inspire children to play the role of chefs, improve their sense of responsibility and project management skills. The children made cakes and graphics with cookie molds. Children's imagination can be used without restriction. The girls like pink. It is a good gift for children over 3 years old.

Brand: Veitch Fairytales

👤This is a great Christmas gift for our granddaughter. The item is similar to the carrying case.

👤It's well made with a lot of cooking utensils. The apron and chef hat are very cute. My granddaughter likes it. It was a Christmas gift.

👤The kit is fun but flimsy. Don't hope for it to last, it's a good gift.

👤This set is cute and appealing to little ones. My 4yo was happy. It's a great value because of the apron and hat.

👤A nice case filled with all the baking/ cooking tools that a parent can teach a little girl how to bake. Well done! A nice gift!

👤The quality of the chef's hat was good. There were a lot of cooking supplies. My great-granddaughter loves it.

👤She loves it because it looks like my items in the kitchen.

6. Real Cooking Princess Deluxe Baking

Real Cooking Princess Deluxe Baking

There is a warning Small parts of a hazard. Not for children under 3 years old. Specialty utensils can be used again when baking other treats at home. There are cake mix, pink fondant, green fondant and two sprinkle pouches in the food. A specialty pan, roller, cutter, cake stand and rolling mat are all used in this example. There is a pink and green fairy princess with wings.

Brand: Real Cooking

👤I bought this because it looked more up to date and it didn't look weird. I was pleasantly surprised that the dolls' faces looked the same as they did on the box. One of the fun times we had was with my niece. The tools are sturdy. The roller reminded me of the Joseph Joseph rolling pin I use. The cake you bake with the included mix tastes like a muffin. The fondant is not a sweet substance. It's a great purchase and can be used to decorate a sweets bar or bake with your kids. We made our green fairy cake in less than 30 minutes.

👤My three year old granddaughter kept asking her mom to make her princess cupcakes that she saw in a cupcake cookbook. We are not bakers. I found this kit on Amazon. A grandma delivered. The best is grandma. When I opened the box, I didn't find the instructions, but I hid them in the box. The instructions were easy to understand. As I read her instructions, my three year old granddaughter was able to execute. She was very proud of herself. It came out great. I have been sending links to my friends with little ones. We made cupcakes that looked good. I love that there are refill options. We are going to have a tea party with cupcakes. Great product!

👤My daughter and I made cakes for her 4th birthday. She could do a lot of it, but I helped a lot. An 8+ year old could decorate them on their own. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. The kit only comes with one cake stand. There is a plastic stick that hooks into the stand. The stick is too long without the stand. The maker thinks the user will make one at a time, but we made both for the same occasion. I used a dinner roll and covered it in left over fondant to make it taller. It is not as strong as I would like. You can cut the bottom of the plastic stick with a bolt cutter, but you can't use it with the cake stand. You can use your own cake mix and make frosting. The included mix isn't that good and it wasn't enough to fill the molds twice. I will fill above the fill line next time so I can cut more off. I made a simple buttercream to help stack the cakes and provide a crumb layer for the fondant to cling to. The fondant is not as good as other products you can buy. It was easy to work with. You can only add a small amount of water to the dry powder. You might think you need to add more liquid, but not. It will come together if you keep mixing. I'll reuse the doll pieces and cake stand when I make these again. The cutters are cute. The bow cutter and flower press tool are my favorites. The kit is a good value.

7. BAKETIVITY Kids Baking DIY Activity

BAKETIVITY Kids Baking DIY Activity

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. Baking is more than just a dessert, it is a way to bond with children and build skills in an informal way. There are sweet treats for all occasions. Whip up the fun. The perfect gift for a young aspiring chef is a baketivity baking kit. LAUGH AND LEARN: The cake pops kit has all dry ingredients. Awesome educational activities can be enjoyed while the cookies bake. There is a best birthday party activity. The Fail-Proof Baking Kit helps kids and teens have fun while improving their self-esteem by showing off their ability to create something special in the kitchen. WholesOME INGREDIENTS: Kosher ingredients are manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Baketivity

👤I was lazy when I bought this for my son, but he loves baking sweets and I thought it was creative. I didn't know what a horrible value it was until it arrived with no packaging, no box, just a bunch of plastic pouches. I have to give this to my son because it is non returnable, but he won't know what it is unless I make my own packaging for it. I have a lot of these ingredients at home and could have looked up a recipe online. The candy letter pieces were broken. This is all for forty bucks. What was I thinking?

👤When I got the package, I was disappointed. It is very small. You would think you would get a decent amount of product for the price. You have a bag of flour, sugar, and a flavor. This is not more than $5 worth of ingredients. The value is not good. This wouldn't be a good idea for anyone. You can get your moneys worth somewhere else.

👤I have never left a negative review but felt the need to share so others can avoid this recipe and I have never left a negative review before. The instructions are very bad. I got an email to solve the oil amount issue. Only one egg is included in the steps after the first two eggs are listed. The cinnamon mix is called a filling mixture in the instructions. I like meal subscription services and can follow the instructions very easily. You are expecting children to follow these, but they were not clear.

👤Everything was easy to use. My daughter needs very little help. It was a great activity on Sunday. I will be buying these for my niece and will try the other kits as well.

👤I don't understand how anyone could give a good review. I spent over forty dollars on dry ingredients for muffins, crayons, and instructions for a game. I bought this in a rush to finish Christmas shopping, even though I felt foolish for purchasing it in the first place. The biggest waste of money was the free apron and hat that they sent me after I complained about the value. You can bake with your child if you buy a box of mix.

👤I never give reviews but felt compelled to do so this time. I thought it was a joke when it arrived. It's horrible. The shipping label ruins the outside of the box because it is about 5 dollars worth of supplies. A look for a gift is not good. Go to the store and save your money. You can get a cake pop mold for 19 dollars on Amazon. I wanted to warn others that it is not returnable. I would like to thank Amazon customer service for their assistance. They were great.

👤These bake kits are wonderful! They are out of stock and unavailable. I have ordered several of them and they are perfect for my 9 year old granddaughter. She is learning to bake. They are fun and a great way to spend time with your kids, niece, nephew, grandchildren, etc. They are learning at the same time as doing an activity indoors.

8. Play Circle Battat 21 Piece Toddlers

Play Circle Battat 21 Piece Toddlers

The baking rack with smooth edge and no rough spot is a good gift. The ice cream set is perfect for small hands and larger imaginations. Stack the ice cream scoops in the bowls or cones with the easy-to- grab scooper, and top off your dessert with a delicious banana! The ice cream scooper has a working handle that pops out scoops of toy ice cream, and you can use the pop-open syrup lids to make more delicious ice cream. Includes: ice cream scoops, cream topping, bottles of sprinkles, syrup bottles, ice cream swirls, sugar cones, banana split dish, cups, spoons, and ice cream scooper. Encourages creativity, develops fine motor and social skills. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Hand wash plastic items with warm water and dish detergent.

Brand: Play Circle

👤This is one of the most cool items I have ever bought off Amazon. It is not cheap, but it is good quality. The chocolate and strawberry sauce are both open to make it more realistic. The ice cream stays on the scooper. I would buy this again if I could, but I would also consider it for other people.

👤This set is adorable. I decided on this set over the one from Doug andMelissa because my son is a big fan of ice cream. It is less expensive and it is cute. It is a sturdy plastic. I expected that plastic to be easy to collapse, but it wasn't. All the children I care for are loving this set and love pretending to make sundaes for each other. You can't go wrong here! They like to make a giant ice cream cone by stacking the scoops. I never thought I would leave a passionate review for a pretend ice cream set.

👤It has held up to every day play for 2 years. Kids like it. Highly recommended. The original review had good value and decent quality. The set is better than dollar store quality. The ice cream scoop on this set picks up the ice cream tops and releases them. Some parts will break if kids play too rough with it. The cute ice cream play set is a good one.

👤This set is perfect for us. We bought an alternative to the set. We play with the M&D set at the museum, but that cost was much higher than this set so we went with these. They are awesome. I like them better than the more expensive ones. My kids play with them all the time. If you're on the fence between the 2, get these!

👤My granddaughter was here when I got this afternoon. She has made everyone an ice cream. It's a harder plastic, sturdy, and quite nice, but I can't say for sure it's durable. The ice cream cones do not topple if you add too many ice cream layers. My granddaughter likes the sound of the sprinkles. The tip of the scoop helps to attach the ice cream layers. I tried to show that in the picture. It works as it was designed. If I had to find fault, I would say that the other half of the banana should be included. Who makes a banana split with half of it?

👤I remember the better quality toys from when I was a child. My 3 year old loves this toy. The scoops of ice cream are released by the ice cream scoop. My 3 year old can depress the handle on her own. I will be buying it again for my niece's birthday. Highly recommended.

👤My 2 year old son is obsessed with this toy, we only had it for 2 days. He loves ice cream in general, so I wanted to get him the popular Leapfrog ice cream cart, but I don't have that much room for storage and it's kind of bulky. I can get a lot of wood toys that are more expensive, but can't afford some plastic ice cream. The set is priced perfect and had great reviews. I had doubts about how much he will play with it. It is not a very elaborate toy. He played for hours on and off between playing on his own and pretending to play with us. The next day. The toy is a great price point. The ice cream scoop is easy to use and hold child's attention for a long time, it is a great price point and I like to keep toys like these in a ziplock to keep the pieces together and separate from other similar toys. My son can see what is inside and ask to play with it, instead of tossing it all over the place. The ice cream scooper is hard to release for a 2 year old. He can just gently pull it off to unscoop since he is not strong enough to squeeze the release lever. It wasn't hard for him to use or figure it out. The ice cream sometimes falls off, but I think they don't want to make it so tight that the child can't easily scoop it. It is definitely worth it. Minor CONs are not really CONS. Pretend your kid likes ice cream. This will be a great gift. It doesn't hurt the wallet when they're done.

9. Real Cooking Ultimate Princess Baking

Real Cooking Ultimate Princess Baking

There are 3 salty pretzel mixes, 1 nacho cheese sauce mix, 1 egg wash mix, and instructions. The Ultimate Princess Baking Set is a value set that combines Real Cooking's Ultimate Baking Set and Real Cooking's Princess Cakes Baking Set. Egg cracker, no spill bowls, and silicone trays are just some of the specialty utensils that are made for kids. Add fresh eggs and milk to the mix.

Brand: Real Cooking

👤I'm sad to say I'm not happy with this set. My older daughter received a gift for Christmas. We had a great time making and baking everything. There were two sets of hands and one set of tools. When I saw the Ultimate Princess Baking Set, I jumped on it. Our younger daughter was excited to have her own set of tools, we were looking forward to making our favorite tuxedo cupcakes again, and we were also looking forward to trying princess cakes. This set is not as described. The box said pink frosted cupcakes with star sprinkles were included, instead of the tuxedo cupcakes which came with chocolate and white candy pearls. The box we received was plain, vanilla frosting packets. There is no pink in sight despite the instructions. I can get over this but there are tools missing. Our set does not include a small bowl, measuring cups, whisk, or tray as indicated on the posting. We shared our initial set of tools because my kids were so excited about making the items that I couldn't return and wait for a reshipment. I don't think I'll be able to buy these sets anymore. They're a fun alternative to an easy bake oven.

👤The box of the Ultimate Princess Baking set is huge and you will get your money's worth. The cupcakes and princess cakes are already in the box, even though I have included pictures. The tools are cute. I baked the Princess Cakes and decorated them. It was easy and great. We can always save it for another day because we weren't able to bake everything at once. The mix asks you to measure out the egg instead of using the whole egg. I guess it makes sense since the size of the baked goods could get messy if you aren't careful. The mats and molds are very cool.

👤I'm very happy with the price, but I know something is missing from this set, so I'm grateful for the reviews. The things in this box are in the photos. My daughter is 3 years old. I think the girls around 10 will love it and can make it all themselves. You can compare the size of the cake to the juice box. The bowl works well if you push the handle bar toward the table first and then click.

👤I bought it for my 5 year-old's birthday because I thought it was going to be a huge disaster. I was wrong. We did an amazing job and everything tastes great. This set was great.

👤This product was terrible. There are missing pieces and stuff that doesn't work. It's complete waste of time and money. My daughter had a bad time with this travesty and so did I, so I am happy for everyone with their cute princess cakes. I used less water on the pink than on the green because the green fondant was not as good as I wanted it to be. How can you make a mess of the powder mix in a bowl with some water? The same with the icing. Both were too small to get into the piping bags. The cupcakes are naked and all the icing is wasted. I could spit. Unless you are a professional baker, you should face your money. I will never buy a self contained baking kit again.

10. Mojo Stuff Galore Childrens Cupcakes

Mojo Stuff Galore Childrens Cupcakes

It was made and packaged in the US. The Ultimate Oven is sold separately. Real food is recommended for ages 8 and up. It is easy to bake fun. There are strawberry, cotton candy, bubble gum cake mix and sugar cookies. It was made and packaged in the US.

Brand: Mojo Stuff Galore

👤These mixes are perfect for my granddaughters because they love baking. I can't keep them in stock.

11. SmartLab Toys SL322431 Tiny Baking

SmartLab Toys SL322431 Tiny Baking

It is compatible with 6. The Ninja foodi is 5 and 8 quarts. Real food. Real science. Real fun! The baking set fits into a 5.2 x 3.4 x 2.2-inch tin and is great for baking pies, cupcakes, pastries, and pizzas. There is a 17-PIECE TINY BAKING SET. There is a storage tin with top, a wee-knife, pizza/dough cutter, mixing spoon, 3 wee-spoons, a bowl, a sheet pan, and a recipe book. A book about the prison in the YUM is 48 pages. The acid and base in baking powder start a reaction when liquid is added, producing gas bubbles to cause the batter to rise. There are 20 irresistibly delicious recipes. Buttercream frosting, chocolate chip cook-wees, and more are available. It's perfect for food scientists.

Brand: Smartlab Toys

👤Excellent cooking kit. My daughter makes brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. I was surprised. We will use this kit a lot.

👤I gave this to my sister for Christmas and she immediately used it to make mini treats. They love it! I was 800-273-3217

👤I bought this set because my daughter loved playing with her barbie pans and utensils. She would mix things and microwave them to make decorations. She can make tiny food that we can actually eat with this set. That's true, but it's not as great as I had expected. I thought "small" would mean "quick and easy". The first recipe required us to bake a small plate of food for 20 minutes. We lost half of it because it was a mess when we tried to cut it. The same thing happened when I tried the same recipe again. The tiny measuring spoons are very tedious to use when you need a lot of wee-spoons. When the recipe turns out to be delicious, there's only one small bite as a reward for all your hard work. I don't feel like it's worth the time or the energy that goes into it, even though I appreciate the cuteness of the set.

👤It's fun and cute. Kids love it!

👤This is a cute set. It is very small. It seems to come with most of the things you need, but it can be confusing because recipes don't correspond to the items. The cake recipe calls for 1 and 1/2 small spoons, but the smaller spoons are larger. It may be hard for kids to understand guestimation. Some of these items take as long to prepare or cook as their regular sized counterparts, so you're not necessarily saving yourself time with these tiny snacks. Some of the recipes seem very intensive for that size. This seems like a fun project that could quickly fall to the wayside but is definitely eye catching.

👤I gave this to my son for Christmas. He is not interested in many things, with the exception of LEGOs. The little robot kit is small. He asked if he could open it while I was in the shower. I was expecting this little kit to keep him calm until he needed help. The instructions from the robot were enough to give me some sweet, mercy solitude for the entire shower and beyond. He put the whole thing together on his own. If you take one wheel off, it will go in a circle. He attached a marker to the gripping arm to draw designs while going round and round. The robot was dismantled and put back together. He opened it two days ago. He is learning some engineering and cause/effect basics while he is at it. I went back to Amazon to see if there were any more robot kits. I would scoop them up as soon as I saw them.


What is the best product for baking decorating kit kids?

Baking decorating kit kids products from Le Toy Van. In this article about baking decorating kit kids you can see why people choose the product. The Sneaky Chef and Creativity For Kids are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking decorating kit kids.

What are the best brands for baking decorating kit kids?

Le Toy Van, The Sneaky Chef and Creativity For Kids are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking decorating kit kids. Find the detail in this article. Bignosedeer, Veitch Fairytales and Real Cooking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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