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1. Wilton Sprinkles Dessert Decorating 8 Piece

Wilton Sprinkles Dessert Decorating 8 Piece

Is the product expirationated? Sprinkle Pouches are colorful and shaped to decorate cupcakes and other treats. There are blue jimmies sprinkles and nonpareils, purple jimmies sprinkles and nonpareils, black Jumbo and regular nonpareils, and silver stars and confetti sprinkles. Nonpareils and Jumbo nonpareils have a weight of 4 ounces. The jimmies are 13 ounces. confetti: 1 oz. (32 g) A facility that also processes soy and wheat makes nonpareils, Jumbo nonpareils, confetti and stars. The equipment that processes tree nuts is also used to make jinks. The sprinkles are not recommended for baking.

Brand: Wilton

👤The colors are vibrant and beautiful. The quality of the sprinkles was very good. They created a perfect topping for my niece's birthday cake.

👤I took a chance since I didn't list the Country of Origin on the Amazon sellers page. The package states that the sprinkles are not to be used for baking. Misleading doesn't begin to cover it. I threw them away because of the hassle of a return. If you required Country of Origin on your products, you would save a lot of hassle.

👤The bigger sphere sprinkles are hard to bite into, and we didn't use them on our cake and cupcakes. The other ones were very bright. We made a two tier 8 inch round cake, a one tier 10 inch round cake, and 36 cupcakes, and we used the sprinkles and still have a lot of them left. There were lots of sprinkles in the set.

👤My favorite set of sprinkles. There are eight small individual packages and you can find silver and golden stars, little pearls and confetti. It has a pleasant flavor and doesn't have a chemical taste. I use them for cakes, cookies and cupcakes a lot. I highly recommend this product and will buy it again and again.

👤The gold/silver/white sprinkles were purchased to decorate the bottom tier of the cake. I was glad that I bought the correct color of dust, as my cake would have turned out dark. I am a beginner baker and have never tried to bake a tiered cake or work with glitter. I covered the 4 layers of cake with the bags. The sprinkles gave my cake a classy, chic look that I was trying to achieve and they did not fall off or get soggy. Thank you for creating a product that is easy to use, and adds that "awwwww" factor to your baked treats!

👤It was gross. These are just nasty and aren't meant for flavor. The product tastes old and tired. Not a good look for a company. The sprinkles look plastic. Maybe they are made of plastic. No thanks!

👤I needed gold sanding sugar to make some cake-pops. The gold in this was what I was looking for. This was the only product I could find that fit the color I needed and it was delivered quickly. It would take too long to get a version of just their sanding sugar. It feels like a deep gold color, not yellow like some other sanding sugars out there. I ran out of cake pops after making about 18 and didn't use the other sprinkles because they were hard and not what I wanted to cover my pops with. If you're going to use all of them, I think it's a good idea to use all of the left over sprinkles.

👤These aren't recommended for baking. The gold color bled all over the frosting. It wouldn't be a good idea to let the gold stars touch anything liquidy. The silver stars dissolved inside the cake. It says somewhere not for baking. It tasted good and was nice to decorate. If it bleeds in frosting, decorating is limited. It's still pretty happy with it. The colors are bright.

2. Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Decorating Supplies Springform Turntable Beginners

Everything you need to start making cakes like a pro is included in the CAKE SET. 3 PCS Leakproof Cake Pans.cake levler, chocolate mold,flour flag,Egg Beaters,Muffin CupMolds, Paper CupCakes,Carved Pens, Icing tips, disposable bags, flags, Russian tips,Scrapper sets,Silicone The Flower Nail&Lifter has 50 muffin cups. All the cake kits are made of high quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and are compliant with US Food-Grade standards. It's safe for family cake making. It is a good cake decoration kit for making cheese cakes. There are 3 different sizes of cake pans for you to use. The Springform Pans are made of high quality carbon steel and are easy to release. Great cake baking set for beginners. Their cake decoration supplies include 48 icing tips with a number and chart, 7 Russian tips and 9 carved Pens. All cake decorating kits can be used to decorate cakes. The muffin cup molds are included. A hand-made cake can be used as a gift, it is good for daily desserts, birthday parties, wedding parties, and merry Christma decoration. For Birthday, Anniversary and Easter, the ideal gift is a Baker and Women. You will get a complete cake decorating tools with cake stand to make any cakes as a cake making starter and professional. There is a notice! You will get a PCS cake pan and blue decorating pen. Use a soft brush to wash cake pans. There are 50 cupcakes and 50 mini flags.

Brand: Kosbon

👤I have never done cakes with fondant. I love the pans and tools. The turn table was useful. The smoothers worked well for the buttercream. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤It came with a nice looking package which is great for those who want to gift it. My wife is very fond of it. She was able to decorate my birthday cake with these items, even though she had never baked a cake.

👤I am a beginner baker, but I enjoy making delicious things for my loved ones. One family. Every housewife will find her at a point where she needs some things that are easy to get. Reviews and price made me buy this set, it was hard to find between all brands best. Every part of the kit is packed well and smells good. I was surprised that the box was small. You can buy this as a gift. I am in love with table and cake molds, but I need 2 of them, and they are very high quality, so I thought why I need 2 of them? You need as many appliances as you can if you want to make something big. piping bags, cake knives, and decorating tools are very helpful. I'm happy baker and ready to create more delicious masterpieces with this set.

👤I picked this out myself because I wanted to bake my own cake for my birthday and this was everything I needed. I got everything in perfect condition except for the tips manual, but after reading the questions on Amazon, a lady told me to email them, and I got an email back with the tips manual, so their customer service was on point. I love this. It was a great purchase. The only thing I can say is that the smaller tips should have been bigger. This was my first time decorating a cake or baking a cake and this kit helped me achieve my birthday goal.

👤I have been buying different decorating items in the store to use in cake decorating for my family and some of my friends birthdays. I realized I should check out what is offered online since I was spending a lot of money on different pieces. The cost per item for this is insane. I am excited to try all of the products because they don't feel cheap. It might take a while.

👤It has a lot of pieces. We didn't use all of the tips but my wife made me a birthday cake. The pan is good for cakes and also for making cheesecakes. You need to keep the box so that you can keep the set together.

👤I didn't use it because I was too skeptical after opening everything. I was not sure how safe it was to use because some things had a harsh chemical smell, others were dirty looking and all scratched up, and other things looked like plastic pieces were breaking off the edges. The cake leveler's strings were too long and flimsy. The quality is really bad, but I bought it because of the thousands of good reviews and not because of the small amount of bad reviews. I was so concerned about the quality of my cakes that I didn't want to risk baking with anything that could leak into my cakes. You get what you pay for. I invested 40 extra dollars in quality products after returning it.

3. Decorating 115 Piece Supplies Frosting Cupcake

Decorating 115 Piece Supplies Frosting Cupcake

Eltow has a seal of excellence that makes it important to make sure their customers are happy. That is the reason why all of their kitchen products come with an Ironclad, No Questions Asked 1 Year Warranty. There are 36 numbered icing tips for cake decorating, dishwasher safe, plenty of styles, and a pattern chart to help choose the needed tips style. The Cake Supplies Storage Box is patent pending and is a handy storage box that helps to store your cake kit well organized and protects cake tools. 50 disposable cake frosting piping bags, 2 reuse piping bags, 2 big cake nozzles, and 3 ties for cake decorating bags are included. The cake and cupcake tools include flower lifter and flower nail, 6 cupcake cups, 3 cake decorating scrapers, icing spatula, cake decorating pen, and more. Is it frustrating to have to choose between a hundred different cake decorating tools? There is no reason for you to waste time. The all-in-one solution to your cake decorating problems is the Cakebe 246-Piece Piping Bags and Tips Set. It has everything you need to make cake decorations.

Brand: Cakebe

👤In love with this set. There are so many tips to choose from. I was helped to learn how to decorate cakes with ease, and photos should show how easy it was to learn. Pink flowers were the first cake to be baked using this set. My daughter loves it too. She is 12.

👤I was somewhat disappointed when I received it, but realized how small it was. The case was broken when it was taken out of the box. The majority of the tips are bent. The bags are thin and the plastic ones aren't going to hold anything. It is a waste of money.

👤This is the first thing I bought to use in my at- home cake decorating kit. The kit comes with a small amount of everything I needed for the cupcakes I made for my child's first birthday party. As the years go on, I will be replacing some of the items with higher quality ones. I'm a little above your average at- home baker because I worked in a commercial bakery for many years and did some basic decorating. The kit gave me everything I needed, a great array of decorating tips, and easy storage to keep it all together. If you've been in the business for a while, you should keep looking. This is a great little kit for beginners.

👤I was expecting more. Some of the tips were bent and it looked like they were going to separate. The look was bad. I kept them because I took too long to open them. I gave them to my 13 year old to practice with. I bought more from the store and a different seller on Amazon. A friend of mine wanted the exact set and the large star tip was bent. I was very disappointed.

👤I found a very cheap set. The tips worked well when used with a different bag that doesn't split and a coupler that stays together. I bought it to give to the girl next door. She would give up on decorating if I had her.

👤The picture is true to life. The spatula is the size of the lid. The box is the size of an index card. The piping bags and offset spatula are not in the case. There are many piping tips. My daughter thinks that a YouTuber is the creator so it has been impressive to her. I don't think anyone besides a kid would see this as great. This is for a teenager who is breaking into cake decorating.

👤A lot smaller than expected. Unless you match the book with the tips, you don't know they're not numbered.

👤I received my order in record time. The communication on delivery days and times was very good. I only have 3 stars because it was smaller than I expected. There is a lot of stuff. Not all the stuff fits in the box. If the product gives you all this awesome stuff, you would think it would fit in the cute box they sell with it. Maybe I'm just expecting a lot.

4. Wilton Dab N Hold Edible Adhesive Oz

Wilton Dab N Hold Edible Adhesive Oz

Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water. It's important to make sure your decorations stay in place. Just add a few dots to your sugar sheets. Attach and allow to dry. It is made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, egg, milk, soy and wheat. Is the product expirationated?

Brand: Wilton

👤It was the first time I used this and I am glad I stumbled upon it. Don't do too much. You just need to apply it. It will not work if you put too much glue, like any other glue, because it will make your decoration slide off. I did not taste it when I ate cake, but please note that this taste is disgusting. I placed the cake on my hand out of curiosity as to what I was going to place on it. It would taste like Gorilla Glue. It does the job.

👤I wanted to glue the small shark teeth to the fondant shark. I'm not sure how long you're supposed to hold this for, but it's been 25 minutes and it's still wet. It's not tacky. I can live with it. This is like a gel that never sets. I'm only writing a review because I wanted to read reviews on how long it takes to set. I want to glue the upper teeth tonight. A lot of the reviews are good. This is not a good time to make a bad cake for my daughter's birthday. Have a backup plan.

👤I think I got too bad bottles, but they both poured brown puddles. I dripped drops. I shook it very hard. I thought it would be like liquid royal icing. It was terrible. When colored decorations fell off, my white fondant was ruined. It was out for a long time. I used sugar icing on a tube. I'm angry about this junk. I would like to see how reviewers use this stuff. Looked like water. The money was wasted.

👤It was supposed to glue the decorations on the cake. It does not. The glue that I was trying to use on the cake was so hard to clean that it left a horrible glue trace behind it. The cake looked bad. I was angry.

👤It's easy to use, held on all my pieces. I worried about the weight of a few items so I got this. It will bleed the fondant colors in large amounts if you don't have much. I put too much on my first mouse silhouette and just spread it all over, the black fondant bled into the white and it slid down. Use small dots on the back to prevent this. That worked well for me.

👤I had better luck using a small amount of melted white chocolate to hold things in place. We didn't use the glue after the first few attempts because it took too long to set it up.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was made with gum pasta ballet shoes. I used the paint brush to apply the small amount I poured into the plate. For a short time, it was somewhat reposition-able, but it dried out. I had to work quickly because it hardened quickly. Gum paste isn't very tasty. The flavor of the glue didn't matter because no one ate the shoes. It had a strong sour flavor. If you are planning to eat this one, be advised if you use pan to do so.

5. Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Their products are inspected and packaged before shipment. Customer satisfaction is their service standard. They will solve your problem within 24 hours if you have any questions. They will provide you with a better shopping experience. Order with confidence. The complete cake decoration tool set includes 7 pieces cake decorating brushes, 6 pieces stir needles, 2 pieces elbow and straight kitchen tweezers, 15 pieces in total, Sufficient quantity and nice combination set can satisfy your daily do-it-yourself and decorative demands. The sugar needle scribingrs are made of plastic and metal, the baking decorating brushes are made of plastic and fiber, and the practical tweezers are made of steel, which are sturdy and safe to use. Simple operation: this cake paint brush is practical for depicting a variety of patterns, also appropriate for removing fingerprints on surface impurities, soft, reliable and easy to clean, and the tweezers make it convenient to pick up. The size of the stir scribing needles is approx. The cake decoration brush is about 5 inches in length. The tweezer is approximately 16.7 to 13.9 cm/ 6.7 to 5.56 inch in length. Proper dimensions make them comfortable to handle when decorating cake and cookie. The cookie decorating tools set is a nice choice for you to enjoy a happy baking time with your family and friends, which can serve as meaning and well prepared gifts for baking lovers on birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, Mother's.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤Clean and fast shipment. It's great for details in decorating with royal frosting.

👤A fun project with a teenage daughter. It is easy to clean and use great tools.

👤Soft brushes for applying colors. The picks are great for spreading royal icing and ensuring chocolate makes it into all the nooks and crevices of your molds, and the tweezers are great for applying small details. Useful tools have a great value.

👤The items arrived before the time they were supposed to. I use the brushes for chocolate and the tweaser set for dipping amd decorating. This set is very good.

👤They are what I needed to decorate cookies.

👤Tienen una textura Sueve. I permite poner las piedras.

6. Wilton 710 1768 Ready White Royal

Wilton 710 1768 Ready White Royal

Try to get all six fronds. Their other delicious flavors include Chocolate Espresso,Vanilla Cream, Mint Chocolate Truffle, andCinnamon Swirl. This stiff consistency white royal icing can be used to decorate cookies, pipe decorations and more. It's great to use on roll-out sugar cookie dough. Can be used to make decorations such as flowers, leaves, dots and more. Icing dries hard so cookies can be stacked and gifted with ease. Royal icing is easy to color using gel icing colors, and can be made with powdered sugar or water. Once opened, use within 14 days and keep lid on to prevent drying. The net weight was 14 ounces. 377 g. A facility that processes milk, soy and tree nuts also processes egg.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't know why this isn't being packaged better. The plastic is thin. The airspace in the lid will not resist impact at all. You would think that they would have caught on by now or put it in a bag before shipping. It's roughly the size of a small amount of ice cream. We didn't get to use it yet, but it has easy instructions. Add sugar that is too thin. I took the chance to order it after seeing some of the review pictures because the ad clearly states that it is eligible for return/replacement. Amazon made good on it, but not until a chat inquiry was initiated. For people who have never had to return something, there is usually a relatively simple process. It was denied when I tried it. I had to find the chat function to fix it. It's not the end of the world, but it's an obnoxious step for a product that says it's return/replaceable. A replacement is on the way. I hope it works for holiday cookies. Just in case, you should buy some meringue to be prepared.

👤This is a non returnable item, so I have to buy another one. I would like a replacement or a refund.

👤I assumed that the issue would have been resolved and took a chance, even though I had read other reviews that said the same thing. This item is not eligible for return. Very disappointed.

👤This frosting is called icening. Once it's applied to the cake, it should be hardened. That never happens. It formed a wet goopy substance around the base and left the cake exposed. The result was the same no matter what we did. The cakes were covered with flowers to hide the defects of the product.

👤Product was stiff/firm consistency which it specified on the tub. Soft, medium and stiff/firm are the types. The description does not say that this would be stiff orfirm. It was hard to get out of my bag.

👤It looked old. It wasn't creamy. To hard. I threw it back in the box because I didn't use it. Setting up. Was looking forward to using it. I wouldn't buy it again. I will stick to the bottles.

👤I think I would have given it a better review but the container cracked and the frosting was not easy to spread.

👤I bought a tub of royal icing to make decorations for a baby shower. Will use some to make santa and snowmen. I had to use a small amount of water. It was ready to use.

👤A small tub with a big Crack in the bottom looks like a decent size tub after waiting for a long time. Not happy. The tub should be locked to keep it from drying out. It tastes good.

7. McCormick Everyday Grilling Montreal Hamburger

McCormick Everyday Grilling Montreal Hamburger

Four most-loved Grill Mates Seasonings are in one set. You can add bold flavor to your food on the grill. Not just for food. Adding flavor to mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. Everyone will appreciate grilling spices as a gift. Add roasted garlic and herb seasoning to salads.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I was not happy with the 4 pack of grill Mate Seasonings. I removed the caps to make sure the seals were still in place. The one labeled Barbecue was missing a seal, but no one put something in it. Put it in the trash.

👤Salt is the first ingredient so expect to taste it. It's odd that in a world of so many spices there would be so much SALT in these. Tasty, but very salty. Be warned if you have concerns about sodium.

👤You can't beat the price of buying them individually. The only way to eat a steak or hamburger here is in Montreal. Adding flavor to veggies and pasta is possible with the others. If you only have 4 spices in your kitchen, make them these.

👤They gave me an extra Montreal Chicken seasoning instead of the roasted garlic seasoning. I really wanted the Garlic seasoning, but I am not happy with the false advertising. 3 stars for the seasonings. If all seasonings were included, I would have provided a bonus star.

👤It arrived in a timely manner. I usually have these seasonings on hand, but they ran out. It was hard to find them in grocery stores during the Pandemic. They were completely empty on the shelves. I found them here. These seasonings are great for grilling.

👤I was disappointed that I received different forms of the same spice. I was expecting a variety.

👤The flavors are good. I have used them for a lot of different things. It is easy to store in the pantry. It was hard to find a good one that was cut from the ground because the robust flavors were so good. I like them and will most likely order more.

👤For Father's Day, I bought my dad an indoor grill. He calls me every day to let me know what new food he has. He is satisfied to say the least.

8. Wilton Bright Colored Sprinkles Medley

Wilton Bright Colored Sprinkles Medley

There is a pop to baked goods and ice cream with colorful sugars. The net weight was 4.4 ounces. There is a total of 122 g. It is made in a facility that processes both soy and wheat.

Brand: Wilton

👤I wanted others to know that the product I received was not made in the USA, but in China.

👤It's great for Carnival. You need sprinkles any time. These are awesome! The best squirtles ever. Love them. Winning...or waiting. Go to the team Wilton. I am making it my personal mission to review things with the most extreme reviews ever because Amazon keeps asking me to. Thank you Amazon. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you to my agent. My mother. My father. This was possible because of you. There are long live squirrelles.

👤This wasn't good to eat. Three dozen butter sugar cookies were thrown away. Work for nothing is not mentioned in the time and money. This tasted nothing like sugar. I went to the grocery store and bought the real sugar. This did not have a label at all. I should have known better.

👤Making a King cake for the first time, I loved that it has the three colors of sugar needed. It is cheaper to have this in my cupboard than it is to have 3 separate bottles.

👤This was bought to use on a cake. Sometimes the other color leaks out when using one color.

👤These worked out great for my daughter's birthday party, they tasted like normal sugar.

👤It was all in one place. It did well.

👤These are not the vibrant colors shown in the description, but pastels and they are being used to make treats for clients. How disappointing.

👤Donne un d├ęcoration.

9. Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

The candy melt and chocolate melting pot has dimensions of 5.7 inches by 6.3 inches by 16 inches.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought these for a gender reveal I was hosting and they were not mentioned that the item was processed with nuts. I have a severe allergy and can't have any nuts. The description says it is processed in a facility with tree nuts, but as soon as I opened the package, I realized it was not true. I am very happy that Amazon gave me a refund immediately since I have to find someone to give these to. I am very disappointed in the quality control of Wilton. If I had not been trained to check ingredients every time I use something, this could have led to an ER trip. I am disappointed that I don't have something to use for the decorations, but I am happy that it didn't turn into something worse.

👤Such a great product! I'm not a big fan of Wilton but this is a great product. It's subtle and doesn't add anything. There are many in one tube. I was able to use for 40 cupcakes and still have some left. The product arrived quickly and I am very happy with it.

👤It's a great addition to the treats. Very small. It was used for 28 pops, 21 cones, and 12 cupcakes.

👤A little goes a long way with this. Everyone maintains the star shape because they are beautiful and don't break apart like sprinkles. I did not like the brownie pops they were on. I was happy that they were for decoration.

👤Beautiful color! Exactly what I was looking for. They are a bit thin. I had to sprinkle them on so they wouldn't stick together.

👤These were great! I didn't think they'd go far because the tube is tiny. I used 1/3 of a tube for 30 cupcakes. I thought they would be easier to handle. They were great for my daughter's party.

👤These are pretty stars. They are not shiny or shimmering, but they do look striking against a dark chocolate frosting with Beauty and the Beast characters. They taste terrible. They are not as sweet as some of the other topping for cakes. They don't have much of a liking for food. It was just bland. Period. The gold ones are the best for that.

👤I am incredibly disappointed. When I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small it was. I am embarrassed to give it away because I bought it as a birthday gift. I wish I hadn't spent it.

👤These aren't gold, they are a dull yellow color. They don't have any flavor or shapes that are good. I used the container on a small cake and didn't have enough. I won't buy these again.

👤Pour tre l'├ętoile de la situation. Partant de ce principe, le gteaux et le patisseries de tout acabit. Le got pourrait tre un tant soi. Une seule a passe, non. Faire attention pour remiser. A user.

👤I would love to give zero stars. Most of the stars don't look like stars. They are not stable. Very small. A picture is magnified. It can't be returned because of the waste of money.

10. Pieces Cookie Decorating Piping Plastic

Pieces Cookie Decorating Piping Plastic

Before each use, wash tips in warm, soapy water to make sure they are dishwasher safe. The amount of package is 100 pieces of disposable pastry bags, 10 pieces of silicone pastry bag ties, 10 pieces of pastry bag clips, and 2 pieces plastic awls. Their pastry bags are soft on hands and can be cut into the size you need, then you can decorate cookies or cakes with them. Bag clips can be used to clip the cutting hole of piping pastry bags, keep your table clean, and keep your countertop clean. You can use cake decorating supplies to create many kinds of flowers and patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, candy, fondants, muffin that requires a variety of creams, frostings or filling that will increase your appetite and enable you to have a taste of delicious desserts with your family The cookie decorating tools are made of plastic and Silicone and are safe to use and portable.

Brand: Patelai

👤The tip clips are very strong so bags don't leak. The bags included are a little weird and need getting used to, but they have worked great! This is a great set for people just starting with decorating.

👤The bags got the job done. They are a little thin. I had no issues with their use. I was surprised that they didn't split, they did feel thin. The clips worked well to keep the icing from hardening. The only complaint I have is that 2 bands broke while being put on the bags.

👤This is perfect for decorating cookies. I haven't used the rubber ties, but I love the little clips to clip your piping bag closed. I haven't had a fall off since mid-decorating. The metal tools have held up. The piping bags are disposable and have only had one bust on me, but the hole was too small and it busted, so overall definitely recommend!

👤The kit was used to decorate cookies over the holidays. It was great. I was able to make a lot of bags. I love the band for the top of the icing bags and the clips to keep it fresh. The gingerbread houses were fun for the kids.

👤The bags were really good for the price, there were some cheap bags, but there were some really nice bags in the batches I would buy again.

👤I have used many brands of icing bags, but these are the worst I have ever used. Bag pops when using ice cookies. There are a lot of small holes in the seam. I have to rebag many times. I can get a different brand if I use it up. The clips and bands are working. The bands are the same as other generic brands.

👤I just used the pastry bags that arrived. The bags are large and very good quality, even though they are thinner than others I have used. Las recomiendo.

👤These tools are awesome! They've helped me with my decorating skills. I didn't know how much I needed until I had the ties. The bags last a long time. All of these items are recommended by me.

👤These are easy to use.

11. Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

A 15 count package is great for a surprise treat, Chinese New Year gift, and party favors for boys and girls. There is a treat on one side of the egg and a toy on the other. Two delicious cream layers, one sweet milk-cream and one cocoa, with two delicious wafer bites. Mystery toys are designed to engage kids through imagination and interaction, for play that goes beyond the moment of discovery. It may be the sweetest idea yet, to have candy on February 14th. The sweetest gift for kids on February 14th is the sweet cream and milk chocolate toy called "Kinder Joy". A great gift for Chinese New Year.

Brand: Kinder Joy

👤I like eggs. I am pretty much hooked on them. I thought I was getting more than what I ordered. The shipping update I received said they would arrive on Monday. Why should I wait for them today? They sat in my mailbox for a while. It was well over 100 inside my mailbox. That is what the picture is for, and that is after they have been in the refrigerator. My daughter and I both ate one with plastic taste. We are in September and these eggs are from Easter. You should just spend the extra money in the store. They look worse than they taste. I wasted money. I should have put a $20 bill on fire. I would have had to watch the flame.

👤Eggs were delivered broken and crashed, very disappointed. I tried to return the items, but the seller doesn't accept returns and doesn't issue refunds. There is nothing in the description or pictures that says it will be gender neutral. I was looking for a gender neutral option.

👤It said that packaging may be different. I did not expect to get Christmas eggs. The ornaments on the eggs were Christmas themed. It is Easter after all. There were newer toys on the box. It is possible that packaging may vary. I didn't expect to get old Christmas inventory. Just what my kids want... Christmas ornaments for Easter. It was a dirty trick.

👤I was happy that the eggs arrived on time and in good condition, but I was disappointed that the product I ordered was for standard eggs. I have a daughter that loves Avenger eggs, so I'm not upset about them. I ordered the standard eggs so I wouldn't have to buy "princess" eggs for my other daughter. I thought Standard would work for both, but now I have to order princess eggs or send them back. I would have said 5 if I had given this 3 stars. I got a better product, but it wasn't what I ordered.

👤The item was "shipped" to arrive around 3 weeks ago, one of the 15 was still recognizable. The rest were all messiness. It shouldn't make a huge difference. She doesn't like melted/broken foods and they are my 4yr olds "potty treat". They don't like the change, it doesn't look right and is upsetting. It's not worth it to buy them at a local shop.

👤Some reviewers have stated that the eggs are Christmas eggs. I would have no problem with this if I ordered them in December. The kids were disappointed. It's a gamble that you may get stuck with, so probably wouldn't order them again. The candy was not melted and the eggs were not crushed so that's a plus.

👤No lo recomiendo the producto. Se venci en Abril del 2019. No money.

👤These eggs were once great. The toys that they have are of decent quality. It is getting worse these days. The price is reasonable. We got 8 very tiny cheap paint brush sets and we only opened 10 of them. Eggs of any theme have been loaded with them. My child is so disappointed every time. He was allowed to open one every Friday to reward him for his hard work. He loves the dessert. The so-called paint set is not very good.


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