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1. VICRAYS Bakeware Porcelain Rectangular Casserole

VICRAYS Bakeware Porcelain Rectangular Casserole

You can use the baking pan to make desserts and roast chicken for yourself, it's an ideal gift. It's an ideal gift for friends or family, and will be a bright decoration for your kitchen. The casserole set of three is different in size and can be used for casserole, pizza, bread, pasta, chicken, roast, beef, vegetables, baking, food heating and storage. Medium:13.5L x 7.4"W x 2.48"H, Small: 9.7L x 5.4"W x 2.28"H. There is reagent haze. The Victorias bakeware set has a unique reactive glaze color. It's possible to make your dining table and kitchen a charming decoration with a remarkable display. Baking dish sets can be stacked to save space. You can wash it with soap or hot water, it's dishwasher safe. These baking pans are made of high temperature stoneware and are oven safe to 500F. It can be used in many places. Also, note: There was no direct fire or instument cooker. Victoria's promise is to give a free replacement or refund for any defects. Let them know what happened. You are important to them so they offer daily customer service.

Brand: Vicrays

👤These have a great finish. Also efficient. The sizes are perfect for many different recipes. I am in a small family and leftovers are risky. These are perfect for casseroles, brownies, and more. If it was produced, I would buy it. The finish is easy to clean.

👤These things work well and are easy to clean. I wish the pan was a little bit bigger but it's not a big deal.

👤The dishes are pretty and look good. I wish they were an inch bigger, just like everyone else. Their beauty makes up for it. The largest dish is 12”x8 1/2”

👤I think that they are so beautiful that I should test them out in the oven to make sure they don't break before writing the review, but I know I should. I have dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls and they hold up well to heat. The only complaint I have so far is that they are a bit smaller than I 888-276-5932s The big one is a bit smaller than I would like, but it isn't as big as a serving pan. You won't get as much as you think you will. For one small serving of something, the small one is good. The middle one is twice as big as the smallest one. There won't be leftovers in the largest one. This was an added bonus for someone who spent months looking for dishes she liked. I love that the company is making more things and that they have a wide range of shades of blue. I just love buying all the products from this store. I wish they had single dishes to sell, as I dropped a bowl a few weeks ago and it broke. I can't wait to see what they release next, I love how they keep releasing more product. Maybe a casserole dish?

👤This set is good for serving food in the oven. I would prefer handles that are more resistant to heat. Two of the pans are good for serving dishes and the other is not. I've used them many times and they clean up easily.

👤The color is beautiful and they are very well made. I use the sizes for casseroles because they are great for making many different things. They are easy to clean after. I've used them many times and they still look great.

👤I was embarrassed by how small each piece was. I didn't know it was too small to make a lasagna. The set is beautiful.

2. Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Bakeware

Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Bakeware

Product 2. You can quickly find the dish you need with the convenient dimensions. The 8-Inch Glass bakeware dish is included. Nonporous glass won't warp, stain, or absorb odors. Glass is dishwasher safe. Large handles for improved handling are found in glass bakeware. Pyrex Glass has a 2 year warranty.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The dish is 8 inches square, but I like the handles very much. The sides slope so the bottom of the dish is 7 inches square. Pillsbury crescent dough can be a problem when used as the top and bottom for a dessert.

👤Dear seller... Thanks a million for getting this dish to me. I know I will be happy with this product because I know it is a quality product. Barb Cuzick is priced within my fixed income.

👤This is my new favorite dessert. Might get another. It is clean and perfect for my casserole. This gives us two meals, it's just the two of us. Cooks evenly.

👤The Pyrex baking dish is square. Having handles is wonderful. I wish they came in more than one size. I only found 8x8.

👤The Pyrex liner was missing from the tolerate holder. This size has the benefit of side pieces grabbing on to. Pyrex is easy to clean.

👤The glass handles on either side of the kitchen classic made something great. Seattle is known for its GRIZ.

👤It's a very simple pan. It's square. It's clear. It's easy to clean. The handles are gorgeous. It's easy to grab. Highly recommended.

👤A great dish for baking. The handles make it much easier to remove it from the oven without burning your hands.

3. Rachael Ray 5055RR2585 Lasagna Lugger

Rachael Ray 5055RR2585 Lasagna Lugger

The porcelain is made of durable porcelain. It's safe for all of the above. LUGGER COMBO: You can carry any combo you want. The large bag fits in a baking dish of 9 x 13 inches. The small bag holds a pan. You can loop the handles through the small bag to carry both dishes. Food is secured inside with reinforced zippers. The top pocket of the larger insulated bag has accessories in it. The small carrier can fit in the large bag. State-of-the-art immigration: The Lasagna liggers are amazing. It keeps the temperature of food or drink cold or hot for hours. It's lined with innovative Triple-Tek foam insulation and top-tier Temperfoil lining and ready for any kind of transport. This is the perfect bag for packing a piping hot pan to the neighborhood potluck or a cold dessert to a family barbecue. This is a great accessory for every season, whether it's a BBQ or a winter party. The lightweight combo will keep your food fresh. There's nothing this bag can't handle. There's always something to celebrate in all four seasons, and the Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger has you covered every day of the year. Taking leakproof to another level is what leakproof is. The lining and seams of the Temperfoil are heat-welded. It is easy to clean with a wet cloth, paper towel or napkin. The bag's premium exterior fabric resists dirt and abrasion. The contents are protected inside and out. The Rock Star is the chef and host of "Rachael Ray" A multi-Emmy Award-winning syndicated TV star, icon of the Food Network, bestselling cookbook author, and founder of the Yum-o and The Rachael Ray Foundation, you can't go wrong with the name of the man. With her innovative insulated bag line, you can also deliver delicious meals. You can find a solution for every on-the-go meal with the help of Rachael.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤The standard 9x13 pyrex casserol dish is too short and the handles make it too long in this container. The standard aluminum 9x13 aluminum lasagna dish will fit. The pyrex will fit in the container.

👤I bought this for a friend. I knew my friend would love it. The product has a smaller food carrier. Both are well made, keep food hot, and only used for hot items, which matches the description on Amazon. If I ever need another food carrier, I would buy another one. My friend was very excited to receive this product.

👤I received a replacement for my first carrier that was not good. Even though the fabric was intact, the zippers were the same as on the first one. They stick as you go around corners of the carrier and sometimes stick even when you pull the zip up. Yes, they are Rachel Ray. I wonder if she knows what type of product she sold? Even though I know it is personal, the color is so dark that it is not like the vivid colors I am used to with her cookware and other carriers. I think this will break in a short period of time. It was very disappointing.

👤It does leak. I had grease in my mouth. It was a shame because it kept it hot, but the melted cheese leaked all the way through and left a grease mark on my car seat. It was too much money for an inferior product. They should mean leakproof when they say it. I am angry. A big waste of money. There is a ruined car seat on top of it.

👤I used these carriers to bring stuffing to a Thanksgiving gathering away from home. I covered the baking dishes with foil and transferred them to the insulated carriers as quickly as I could. I didn't need to warm the stuffing in an oven because it was steaming when I got to my family's house. I think that is a win. This is a purchase where you buy once and you are set for life. If you're thinking about it, you should buy it since it's worth the price.

👤Nice color. It works well. It's difficult to find a casserole dish with a lid that fits the large one. Most of the lids have handles that go beyond the carrier. I would like the combo to have an option to get a dish at the same time that it was guaranteed to fit. The small was easier to use and I was able to use it with my round dish as well.

👤This is a casserole carrier. It holds a pan very securely. The insulation works. I wish it had a different configuration of the zippers, but 2 of them would be better.

👤I wanted something to carry casseroles. This set is great. Cute fabric. They keep the food warm for a long time. The larger one can fit a 9x11 dish. The fit is snug around the sides and top and bottom so the dishes don't move. The two can be bundled together.

4. Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

The dishwasher is made in the USA. The baking dish is 9 x 13 inches. The non-porous surface does not absorb odors. The plastic lids are free of harmful chemicals. Pre-heated oven safe, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and pre-heated oven safe.

Brand: Pyrex

👤What the hell? I tried to bake chicken in this dish and it exploded in my oven. What the hell? My dinner is ruined. I'm out of the purchase of this item and my over is covered in shards of glass. Stay away from this thing. Is this a serving dish or a cooking dish? I thought "Pyrex" meant over safe.

👤Zero stars! There is a defect in my bake tray. The tray exploded in my hands as I was transferring it from the fridge to the kitchen counter. I gently placed the tray into the counter, rather than bang it on the counter. The glass was not able to handle the temperature change from the cold fridge to the cool kitchen counter. I have never had a problem with my ten-year old tray. I think there are some major quality control issues. The shards were so sharp and heavy that they tore chunks out of my mats. I had cuts on my hands.

👤The first time I used this pan, it exploded in the oven. When it was put in the oven, it was room temperature. I've heard of it but never believed it. There are dangerous glass shards and hot cake mix in the oven.

👤The lid was cracked all the way down one side when it arrived. Not happy. I used the dish for cooking because I needed it for Thanksgiving. Very disappointed.

👤The first time the product came, the glass was scratched and the top didn't seal, but I could have lived with it. I replaced the glass and it looked good, but the lid was dirty and didn't come close to being sealed. Twice in a week is a problem if I assume it's an outliner.

👤Very happy. When I ordered 2 of them, the lid style was not consistent. One had the lid and handles pictured but the other had a lid that fit inside the handles, which provided less clearance for items sitting higher in the dish. The dish was a bit wider than I wanted because of the gaps in the handles. I received a replacement that was not the same as the one pictured, but it was the same type with open handle grips and a lid that fit inside. Gave up but still happy with both styles. This would be air tight to protect what is inside and prevent light spillage. Regardless of style, still recommend.

👤I only used it a few times after buying it a few months ago. I roasted some hazelnuts in the oven for 15 minutes and then took it off the oven. I felt the all thing explode in my hand. Millions of tiny pieces were everywhere, and it was glasses that exploded so much it wasn't like a couple small pieces. It took a long time to clean up. This item may have a factory defect. Buy this. It's a great way to ruin your day. I don't know why Amazon chose this. It's hard to understand why Amazon made this mistake.

5. Sweejar Ceramic Bakeware Rectangular Lasagna

Sweejar Ceramic Bakeware Rectangular Lasagna

The rectangular baking pans set has a double handle design for easy food transport from the oven to the table. It is a charming decoration in your kitchen and dining table. Baking dish sets can be stacked to save space. You can wash it with soap or hot water, it's dishwasher safe. Theangular baking dish set is a good way to meet your daily needs. The porcelain is made of durable porcelain. It's safe for all of the above.

Brand: Sweejar

👤They are too small for baking. The turquoise color is gorgeous. I regret returning them. Some of the reviews are not accurate. Some people suggest that they were big enough for a family. That is not the case here. We need a bigger casserole because we have 2 Amazons parrots.

👤It looks great and sturdy. The color is similar to my cookware. I would like it to be in a 13 X9 size.

👤Most recipe sizes can be accommodated by the standard sizes. I don't have to put food from the oven pan to a serving plate because the look is so attractive and it looks nice on the table along side my dishes and I can take it to a party and set it on a buffet table. The inside ceramic glaze is non porous, so food does not stick. All arrived in perfect condition. It's a great gift if you're substantial and sturdy.

👤Don't get them. They are easy to break. Two pans broke in the same spot. Two days after the policy was implemented, my second pan broke, which is upsetting because I wasted money on pans that can't handle standard use. I washed them to make sure they were well cared for. Don't waste your money like I did. I used it twice and it broke. When I went to pick it up, it was broken, because I put it in the sink to be washed.

👤When I opened the box, I thought they were pretty. The large one was a bit smaller than the average pan, but I loved the 3 sizes. All 3 sizes would have been perfect for my needs. As I took out the pans, I thought I loved them. When I got to the largest pan, I put it on the counter and it was loud and wobbly. Where was the quality control? I would like to believe that the next set would be fine if I swapped them. I won't take that change so they go back. I have a hard time finding new ones because of the large pans. They were right for me. Sad!

👤The pan that I received is not flat, so when it is put on the table, it clatters. I marked off one star for this defect because I usually put some silicone pot mat below.

👤Before you buy, make sure to check the measurements. I did not. The picture makes them look bigger. Need bigger ones. If you want that size, they are beautiful. I had to return them.

👤I like the Sweejar Ceramic bakeware set. It was well-packed and there was no damage during transit. It's perfect for a small family. Meal preparation is very convenient because it's oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. It is a perfect gift for the holiday season.

👤The wife loved the set. Good price for the quality, that's what we were looking for. I used them a few times. It is easy to clean and store. Would recommend.

👤I think we all know why I've been baking a lot. It was much easier because of these. I'm glad I found this deal because ceramic is the best thing to bake with.

6. NJCharms Ceramic Porcelain Kitchen Bakeware

NJCharms Ceramic Porcelain Kitchen Bakeware

Hompiks porcelain baking dish strives to provide the best shopping experience to each customer. If you received damage to your baking dishes, please contact them for a free replacement or refund. There is a unification design. The flared handles on both sides make it easy to handle into and out of the oven. NJ Charms ceramic bakewares are Cadmium and Lead-free and dishwasher safe. The high-quality ceramics materials will prevent cracking. You won't have to replace them once you have them. The set of 6 porcelain baking dishes is 8.25” L X 4.75” W. The surface of ceramic gratin dishes is easy to clean because of the high density glazed coating, only throw them into the top rack of the dishwasher or scrub by hand. NJCharms Au Gratin Pans can be used as a gift. They hope that you can use their products to share happiness with your family and friends.

Brand: Njcharms

👤There is no markings on the bottoms as to their safe use in microwave, oven and max temperature, dishwasher safe, and brand name products do. The box had no information to save for the future. If you don't know someone else can use a microwave or oven, you will make a mistake on the safe side and use something that is marked on the bottom.

👤Skyforce95 has a HD channel where you can watch my video reviews in HD.

👤I plan to use the dishes in the next few days. They are the right size, how well they work in the oven, and then to the table. That will determine the longevity. To make a remembered meal, the whole purpose was to have individual baking and serving dishes. [.

👤This is a dish that we use for a lot of things. We roast a small chicken breast to use in soups. It is nice to have many dishes like this, but we had a few. They're great for serving a single serving of dishes like crab imperial, small casseroles, and Au gratins. They fit nicely on a larger plate.

👤These dishes are really good. I was worried that they wouldn't clean up after being broiled in the oven, but I was wrong. They look new. Their appearance is appealing. I would buy it again.

👤Cute plates. We look for the plates for our oven for a long time. Our oven is perfect with these plates. We used it to cook oxtail and vegetables. We use it for our snakes. Excellent quality and pretty. One more set is what we plan to have.

👤The plates are very convenient to use. A way to get from the oven to the table. I am throwing out all the glass plates.

👤We wanted to make individual services of dishes. These have been perfect, exactly what we were looking for. I've washed them in the dishwasher several times and they clean up great. I would buy again.

7. Toptier Ceramic Casserole Rectangular Bakeware

Toptier Ceramic Casserole Rectangular Bakeware

Their products are carefully designed and packaged. The inner packaging uses foam cotton for support, and the compartment uses pearl cotton for protection. casserole pans are ideal for creating a full dinner. The dishes are easy to carry and store. The tier baking dish set has 3 pieces of lasagna pans. Medium: 12L x 7.3W x 2.3H, Small: 10L x 6W x 2H. It's difficult to cook a dish. The heat is evenly distributed, avoiding burnt spots. It's safe for the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. The recommended oven-safe temperature is under 400F. A set of pans for baking casseroles, pasta, bread, meatloaves, and pound cakes. The pan is perfect for freezing ice cream logs. Place the frozen dish in a room-temperature oven and bring both to the temperature at the same time, if you want to transfer from the freezer to the hot oven. The set adds a regal effect to the table and is designed with a uniquely modern design. A colorful display can be a great addition to your home. A nice gift for mom, friends, family, housewarming, weddings, parties, thanksgiving, etc. is the lasagna baking dish. Healthier and pure. It's the healthiest option for baking and serving. The ceramic bakeware set won't warp or absorb chemicals, tastes or smells from the food inside.

Brand: Toptier

👤Three different sized baking dishes are in this set. The large dish is great for a casserole and the small dish is the size of a loaf pan. The ceramic is heavy duty, which means that it is evenly brown on 888-739-5110 All of the bakeware is dishwasher and oven safe and has two easy trip handles to make it easy to get out of the oven. The ceramic glaze is pretty and can be used in many ways. The rich blue is shiny and does not appear to scratch easily. This set was very good.

👤The red coloring of the baking set matches my kitchen. I can leave the nested set out on the counter as decor and use the pans when I need them. I have been receiving a lot of praise. The shipping was great. They secured each dish with plastic and styrofoam. The pans are listed in the photos. I have used all of the dishes and they have cooked evenly. I was wondering how the brownies would come out, and how they would slide out of the baking dish. I love how the nest is together with this set. This set of baking dishes is gorgeous.

👤The color of these dishes is Tiffany-like blue. The handles on the dishes have dips to help with grip. The smallest size is perfect for dipping or dessert. It's perfect for a casserole or Mac n cheese. They have a bit of weight to them which makes them feel good.

👤The baking dishes are beautiful, but the largest one is much smaller than advertised. They are not giving you the size of the usable part of the dish. I wanted to make a small version of the dish tonight, but it was too small to fit the full length of the noodles. Toptier needs to update its product listing to reflect the dimensions of its bakeware. 2 stars only because they are pretty, but not family-sized.

👤These are beautiful and retro and I was excited to own them. I make a lot of casseroles. They are so small that using them is a waste of time. The largest of the three is less than 11 inches long and excludes the handles. They are too small to be used for dessert breads. I thought I would use them to broil vegetables, but the care instructions warn against high heat, so that was a no-go. I haven't found a use for them, although they are pretty. For a romantic dinner for two, these might be great.

👤I was expecting them to be much larger than they are. The description and measurement are not accurate. The handles shown are not clear in the picture. The baking interior of the largest pan is only 11 x 8. Likewise, 12 x 7.3 is 9 x 7 and 10 x 6 is 8 x 5.5. I have not used them, so cannot comment on much more than above. I was hoping that this set would work for roasting chicken, casserole side dishes, and so on, but it would have to be a small chicken.

8. Lodge Casserole Enamel Handles Island

Lodge Casserole Enamel Handles Island

The ceramic lasagna pan is a great gift for friends and family on a variety of occasions. The Unicasa Ceramic Stonewear Baking Pans are great for baking. Braising, bake or roasting can be done up to 500 degrees F. On any stove, saute, cook or fry. The right tool is needed to cook and serve. It is unparalleled in heat retention and heating. The smooth glass surface won't react to the ingredients. It's measures 14.05 x 12.55 x 3.4.

Brand: Lodge

👤I loved this pan so much when it arrived that it was my main pan and I used it daily. It was easy to clean and I liked the way the cook cooked my food. I was very disappointed when the enamel started peeling off. I never used metal utensils and always hand washed them. Would like to come back. It's out of the return time. I spent my money on this one.

👤It works like a charm, crisps up whatever you want to fry. In a few moments, raising and steaming is done. You can fry your eggs with just a pat of butter. If you need to finish it off in the oven, you can use this method. The potatoes are in a hurry. It's a dream to clean up and it can be done with a little soak and soft sponge scrubber. There are no metal spatulas. Allow a little extra time before adding food because preheating is necessary for this pan. I have used cast iron for my whole life and this one has a non-stick lining. If you cook on your stove top, turn off the heat about 15 minutes before you finish. Don't put it in the sink, add water to soak it up. It's just a precautionary measure. I like to coat my grandmothers pans with a coat of inner coating and not need to season them. I use the best pan I have. Trust me, this will be your go–to pan. The weight is down side. I am an old lady and it is heavy. Enjoy. There is peace.

👤Long term Le Creuset owner and very satisfied with the product. When we decided it was time to own a braiser, we looked at Le Creuset, but then I came across the Lodge. I own quite a few Lodge traditional cast iron pots and pans and thought it would be fun to try this at close to the price. I read reviews that said to check the quality as the quality may not be as good. Ours was perfect and I like the finish of the Lodge. The Le Creuset requires a pot holder to get the handle out of the oven, but this one requires a mitt or pot holder to get the handle out. Do you need a braiser? It's the best value on the market. I immediately ordered a Lodge Dutch Oven for our daughter.

👤The first casserole I received had a bulge on the bottom that wouldn't fit on the burner. I called the lodge to see if it was normal and they told me to return it. The second casserole was perfect. It works well as an open or covered skillet and as a casserole. I washed it and applied a small amount of oil or butter. Eggs, potatoes, pancakes, caramelizing onions, and etc. cook great and do not stick. It's great for cooking on top of the stove and baking in the oven. This pan can be used to cook anything and is great to use all the time. It is a beautiful color and it is very good quality like my lodge enameled 6 quart. I use the Dutch Oven all the time. The size is convenient for two people. I don't think you can go wrong with this pan. I use this covered casserole all the time, not only for casseroles, chili, soups, stew, etc., but also for bacon, eggs, sauteed foods, and a plethora of other tasks! I underestimated how much room I needed to add potatoes to my shepherds pie. The results were quite messy in the oven. This was the biggest test so far for my pan. I was going to have to get my Scrub Daddy out to work on it. It came out looking brand new after being soaked in warm, soapy water for 5 minutes. I am impressed. Nothing I have cooked in this pan has stuck, and it cooks everything great! After baking in the oven, the pan keeps everything hotter for a longer period of time. This pan is amazing.

9. Ceramic Lareina Bakeware Rectangular Casserole

Ceramic Lareina Bakeware Rectangular Casserole

TheLEETOYI baking dish uses foam packaging to replace the previous packaging, which is upgraded to ensure the safety of the goods. The bakeware set includes 3 pieces of different sizes of lasagna pans. And 9.3"L x 6.8"W x 2.3"H. It's suitable for storing and reheating leftovers, and it's 6.3"L x 5"W x 1.9"H. The ceramic baking dish set has a colorful design. There is a charming display in your dining table. Exquisite double ear handles are for more safety. Also, note: The bakeware should be taken out when it is still hot. The baking trays can be put in different places. The baking pan set is made of high quality stoneware and is oven safe to 500F. It can be used in many places. Also, note: There was no direct fire and cooker. They provide a manufacturer's warranty on all of their products. Please send them a message if there is a defect. Within 12 hours, you will get a response. This warranty time allows for refunds and replacements.

Brand: Lareina

👤The dishes are heavy and durable and the colors are cheery. I've only had them a few days but have already used each of the baking dishes at least once and I'm very happy with them.

👤This is the best bakeware set I have ever purchased. I was worried about the packaging and handling of these since I have had a fair share of broken items in the past, but I am so thankful for the secure packaging! The bakeware is heavy duty and cooks evenly when I make brownies. It's easy to wash up with this non-stick coating.

👤I was very happy with the service I received from this company. Their bakeware is easy to clean. I would recommend anyone to buy bakeware.

👤It's pretty and I'm very pleased with the product. The colors are gray and yellow.

👤My daughter received these as a gift. The color is pretty and matches her kitchen. There are some nice dishes for cassaroles. She loved them.

10. Enameled Square Casserole Baking Griddle

Enameled Square Casserole Baking Griddle

The porcelain is made of durable porcelain. It's safe for all of the above. There are multi- functions and practices. The Bruntmor Cast Iron Baking Pan is intended to be both functional and practical. Thanks to its high-quality cast iron, the baking pan can serve more than one purpose. Comes with different colors. It is great to work with tools that are in your favorite colors. Their baking pans are available in a variety of vibrant colors, which will compliment the kitchen theme and look fantastic in any setting. The material is safe and durable. These cast iron square casserole pans are food safe and resistant to staining, chipping, and cracking. They can tolerate temperatures up to 450 degrees. TheBruntmor Seasoned Baking Cast Iron Baking Pans are easy to use and maintain. The casserole baker can be used in the microwave and cleaned with hot soapy water to remove oil and ensure long-term use. Purchase with confidence. They will replace the product if it goes wrong. Bruntmor has a 30-Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. They are confident that you will love their products.

Brand: Bruntmor

👤What is the problem with the coating chipping out of the box? Quality control must be messed up with their manufacturing process. Do not buy a huge disappointment.

👤The cast iron product is nice. It is easy to clean, but remember not to use soap. I just soak it in and scrub it with a bristle brush. It is convenient for storage. It stays on the lid. You can put one on top of the other to save space. It is very convenient.

👤It is very heavy and beautiful after it was delivered. I think that's a plus. The grill side is 1 inch deep and the casserole side is 2 inches deep. I was going to try out some online recipes for artisan bread, but now I'm afraid the bread will need more room to rise than the Bruntmor provides. It fits inside my large oven very well. I plan to make the Bruntmor recipe and freeze it in squares so I can eat it later. I think I will be able to make the bread by using the casserole side and spraying mist into the oven instead of covering it with the grill side. I have read that brownies can be baked in these pans using paper liners. Think about chicken wings on a grill. I am very happy with the possibilities it provides, but I haven't cooked a thing yet. It is inspiring and beautiful.

👤I bought the 2 in 1 casserole dish set for my meal prep. I also made a casserole and grilled chicken for the family. This is the best product for cooking.

👤The dish is heavy but beautiful. There was a small flaw on the interior. The lid is a grill. A casserole dish is perfect for a family of 4.

👤We cook both Chops and veggies at the same time. The cook cleans up easy after everything turns out great. Happy.

👤I like the weight of the product. How true is the red it? I like that it was already seasoned. This was a great purchase.

👤The pan is heavy duty and has a decent size. The pre-seasoned surface is rough and very textured, not what I would expect from a cast iron at this price point. It's better than a lodge so don't bash it just because you don't like the rough surface. It took a lot of work to get it smooth.

👤The colour of the product is not as bright as the picture suggests. It's a pleasant blue. It fits well and is heavy. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

👤El producto despostillado tiene una capa de pintura simplemente, pero estoy decepcionado.

11. JH JIEMEI HOME Rectangular Casserole

JH JIEMEI HOME Rectangular Casserole

The quality of this casserole pan is the same as it was the first time, because of its ability to endure direct heat on the stovetop and oven. Simple care and maintenance is what it is. The new large ceramic bakeware set is the 8.5+10+12 bakeware set with beautiful wave emboss and classic color, is perfect for daily use and banquet even big party. The baking dishes and tray meet everyone's needs. The 10 inch baking pan is perfect for one person and couple lovers. The dish is large enough for a family dinner. The size of the handles is 8.6 inch. One baking tray set is all you need for all your baking needs. The baking pans had a high temperature and a special glaze that made them dishwasher safe. You can wash it with water. Stackable and double handle bakeware could save your cabinet space. The tray is easy to hold and place on the table when the pan is out of the oven. The JH JIEMEI HOME use the best clay and glaze, it is 100% safe, lead-free, and cadmium-free. You can contact the customer service for the report if you passed the German food grade material testing. They have an offer of 30 days return, replacement and full refund. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Jh Jiemei Home

👤They are dishwasher safe and are 888-282-0465. I think they are too small for a family. The food is evenly baked and the colors are pretty. I will recommend it for its price and quality. This set is too small for a family of four, unless you plan to use it for dessert only.

👤The larger dish can fit 4 decent size picnic ribs or about 5 lbs of meat. There is a For most tasks, the larger of the dishes should suffice. Smaller of the 2 dishes works well for many sides and deserts, but don't expect room in either for a lot of leftovers. If you want a dish for a large roast or bird, the dishes might not be the best option.

👤The two pack of ceramic baking dishes is a great addition to my pans. Since it is ceramic, I can easily roast veggies without them sticking to the pan. I can easily remove the vegetables, chicken nuggets, and corndogs after they've been cooked. It can be used inside and in the oven for serving. The yellow color has a hexagonal type of decoration.

👤The handle of the dish was damaged. They were well-packed, except for the fact that one dish's handle was separated from another. They need to correct that. The dishes don't have straight edges, which is odd. The third picture is not just curved, but randomly wavering. They bake well, other than those issues.

👤Look good. They are on the small side. Yellow is green. Not yellow. The 70s were green. I will keep them. There is a great price on Black Friday.

👤I recommend this product because it is a good dish for baking my chicken and it is not yellow like a yellow greenish color still cute.

👤The color is the same. It is easy to clean. Works as expected.

👤It was my fault for not paying more attention to the numbers.


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