Best Baking Dish with Lid Corningware

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1. Corningware StoveTop Pyroceram Casserole CorningWare

Corningware StoveTop Pyroceram Casserole CorningWare

One of the baking dishes and one of the baking dishes are included. The French White 2 and 1 quart are from the same company. The casseroles have a lid. You can work in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. It does not absorb food odors or flavors. There are dishwasher, freezer, microwave, andoven safes. Their casseroles have handles and a clear glass lid. Storage is easy and convenient with glass lids. These casseroles have a clear glass lid and integrated handles. It was made in France and the USA.

Brand: Corningware

👤These are very nice. I got rid of my corn flower set because they were worn down. These have a nice textured bottom, and my life fit as spare.

👤I love my corningware. I never broke one. Usually clean in a single wash of the dishwasher. I will buy more.

👤The dishes are of the highest quality. Light compared to other dishes. They can be washed in the dishwasher. I finally purchased them and I am very happy.

👤These were bought to replace broken ones. Good sizes for everyday use. It is easy to stack and store. It's dishwasher safe. It's attractive to put on the dinner table.

👤The package was well packed, but disappointed how small they were. If you're looking for small containers, they seem to be good quality.

👤The glass lid was badly damaged. I don't want to go through the hassle of repackaging the whole set and return, I just need a replacement lid. Can you help with that?

2. CorningWare French Wite Quart Oval

CorningWare French Wite Quart Oval

Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. The French White 1.5 quart casserole has a glass lid. The material is durable and can be used in ovens, microwaves, and fridges. Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. Storage and serving are made easier by the use of glass lids. The casserole is 7 3/8" x 2 5/8".

Brand: Corningware

👤I received an item that looked like a factory second. There is a The lid and body don't fit together well which makes cooking sub-optimal. If the seller is selling factory seconds, they should tell you.

👤We bought two of them. The first one cracked and we bought another one. Both have been used for about a year. We decided a long crack would be unsafe to use as the crack went all the way through to the other side. We'll buy another brand.

👤The dish is perfect for 2 people.

👤One of my kids dropped a quart on the kitchen floor. A perfect size for a family. She can stack them with larger sizes in the cupboard.

👤I put this inside a crock pot. I cook chicken and steaks. It is ready to serve. It is very good.

👤This is a very nice dish. It comes with a cover.

👤This dish is perfect for my air fryer oven.

👤A good product, replacing an item that lasted for a long time.

👤El refractario es pequeo, por el precio cre.

👤It is recomendable.

👤I recomended, pero lleg roto.

3. Corningware French White Round Baking

Corningware French White Round Baking

It is risk free to purchase. If the products you received are broken, please contact them immediately. They will give you a replacement. They believe in the quality of their packaging. French White 1.5 quart casserole. The material is durable and can be used in ovens, microwaves, and fridges. The material of cookware resists chipping and cracking. Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. The French White dish is a quart round dish.

Brand: Corningware

👤Very happy with this item. It arrived safely and was packaged well. I used it to cook in my Instant Pot and it fit perfectly. The item is a great quality and even though the description didn't mention a lid, there was a plastic lid in the box. I don't know if it was a mistake, but it was a nice surprise.

👤The original type of ceramic that was used in its products is no longer used. The care and use instructions for the original dishes are different than for the newer ones because it will suddenly break in an oven or dishwasher. This piece is perfect for the 6 quart Instant Pot, and it's also great as a container for things that you want to serve from the dish. I just add a cup of water to the pot, set the wire rack in, and then the dish with my ingredients. I follow the directions for cooking. It is safe to use this way, and a great time and work saver for small quantities.

👤Before we moved out, I measured my roommate's dish to make sure it was the right size. I bought this thinking it would be the same size as the dimensions state, but the true dimensions are 3” deep and 8.25” across. I don't know why they didn't just take 2 seconds to measure their product before listing it here, but now I have to return it and find a bigger one. Way to lie to everyone.

👤I use an electric pressure cooker to make cakes and a pound loaf of bread. During the summer months, I don't turn on my oven. If you put the potatoes in one cup of soup under the dish, they will cook in 30 minutes.

👤I've had a French white dish for 30 years. The family favorites are scaled to 1.5 liters. I developed a crack during the last transport to a family function. This was a true replica of the one I had to have. The old glass lid and the new bottom are very close.

👤I bought a new one several years ago, and it developed a "hairline" crack. It was unsafe to use further. It was nice to be able to just order the dish because the original lid was intact. It was packed very well.

👤I bought this to use in my Instant Pot. Excellent quality and perfect size.

👤Use this for left-over microwavable, oven-heatable. I don't mind that it's heavy.

👤The package was well packaged. The price is half what I paid. I broke my old one and wasn't sure what size I needed to fit the glass lid, it fits perfect. There was no plastic lid on mine. This is not the same glassware I bought in the 90s. I read they had changed. I could use my old one on the stove, but this one doesn't allow that. It wasn't worth the price I paid because it wasn't like the original.

👤It can be used to cook inside an instant pot. It was expensive but good. Customer service is great.

4. CorningWare 2 Quart Oval Casserole Glass

CorningWare 2 Quart Oval Casserole Glass

Bruntmor's set of 2 or 4 ceramic baking pans are a great gift. It will make your recipient happy. Glass and plastic are easy to use. The material is durable and can be used in ovens, microwaves, and fridges. The material of cookware resists chipping and cracking. Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface.

Brand: Corningware

👤The first bowl I received was broken. The lid that comes with the replacement does not fit the bowl. If you tried to carry it, it would have slid off. Both of them came in a brown box, which may not even be Corningware.

👤I bought two 2 quart dishes to replace the one I had for thirty years. The lids don't fit on the other one. There is a gap between the lid and the bowl. I was hoping for a tighter fit. I used the one I had for thirty years. I wanted to purchase something with the same quality. The quality of corningware has gone down over time. I will return both today.

👤I already had a set of French white from 30 years ago, but one of the lid broke, so I ordered a new one, but I would recommend that you buy this because of poor quality control at the factory. The first one was chippy and the replacement was not flush with the base. My old ones were made in the US, but now they are made in China, the home of shoddy goods. These products should not be sold by Amazon. It lost its quality.

👤I have used this type of casserole for many years. The 2 1/2 quart is a good size for my recipes. I have bumped this dish against the sink and not broken it. The cover broke when I dropped it. The surface is easy to clean. It bakes evenly. I like taking it to the table for service. It is my favorite style of several that I have tried. I think it's a good idea.

👤After sitting it down on top of the stove, I gently sat it down and it broke down in the middle. It was the first time I used it. I was wondering if it had a crack before I used it. I didn't realize either way barely used it. It wasted my money.

👤The lid isn't right. My kids broke a dish and we bought this one to replace it. The old one was there for a long time. The lid doesn't fit well. The lid will fall off if you don't hold it. Very disappointed.

👤I bought this because I broke the glass lid of the one we have used for years and it was only a few dollars more than buying a new lid, and the description said it came with a stick-on lid. It was well packaged and no one intended to have another in it. I liked the idea of a plastic lid but didn't get it. A plastic lid is available, and I was very disappointed. I will now order one, but I feel like I was misled.

👤My wife wanted a large dish to hold casseroles. She needs this dish for her needs. When preparing food for a large group of people, you want to warm it up at the last minute, so that guests won't notice. A casserole dish is great in these situations. When you are done, just put it in the oven, and the food will be ready. Rice has a completely different texture when baked in a casserole dish in the oven as opposed to using a rice cooker or boiling water method. Handling this dish when it is hot out of the oven can be a problem because it does not have handles or a large lip. The glass lid on the top is not very secure. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in buying a casserole dish.

5. CorningWare Pyroceram Classic Casserole Square

CorningWare Pyroceram Classic Casserole Square

JoyJolt Glassware comes in a robust 12-Month Warranty and is securely gift boxed like all JoyJolt Glassware. If anything goes wrong, please contact them. They only have one rule, Live JoyFul and Cook for Joy! French White 2 quart, 2 liter square casserole dish with lid The 2 quart square casserole has a clear glass lid and integrated handles. The stoneware is durable for heating. It does not absorb food odors or flavors. There are dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safes. It works in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. The square 2 quart casserole has a glass lid.

Brand: Corningware

👤I had to buy a new set for my old casserole because I needed a lid. I now have two. It's always the right size and easy to clean.

👤The one mom made many delicious meals. I am waiting for the perfect recipe because it is well packed, unboxed, and put through the dishwasher. This is a heavy dish.

👤I use it in the microwave. Food can spread out to cook more evenly if it's large.

👤I use this dish size for a lot of casseroles. It's a must for leftover cooking to have a glass cover.

👤It's perfect for baking in the oven.

👤The day before Christmas, it arrived. I was very pleased with the product and packaging.

👤The casserole dish is very nice and easy to clean.

👤Leider ist unzutreffend. The Kasserolle is so large that it is unten kleiner. 1,8 liters in the Topf passen.

6. CorningWare French White 23 Ounce Oval

CorningWare French White 23 Ounce Oval

Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. Glass and plastic are easy to use. The material is durable and can be used in ovens, microwaves, and fridges. The material of Ware resists chipping and cracking. Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface.

Brand: Corningware

👤I bought several of these dishes for my partner who is challenged in the kitchen. He can now cook once a week, store his dishes in the fridge or freezer, then go from the microwave to the table. These casseroles are easy to stack and clean. They are well designed and heavy. If your meals contain tomato products, I suggest you wash the plastic lids immediately.

👤I need these baking dishes. I make a pound and a half of pasta or rice and freeze the leftovers. I don't have to clean the pots again when I thaw them out. There are just 2 dishes. They fit in my small oven, which saves on electric bills. The whole cookbook works that way. It was brilliant and easy.

👤The item was not as large as expected. When I ordered it, I was sure it was 11 inches long and 8 inches wide. It is 9X6 inches. If it was liquid, you would spill it.

👤I looked on Amazon. This is no longer made by Corning. Just the right size. It was difficult to find but appears to be several sellers now. Excellent size for holding onto food. They missed two of them. I bought three just in case.

👤I tried to replace a French white dish. This one is not long and wide. But has the same amount. It came with a plastic lid, which is a plus.

👤This small casserole is one of the things I love about corning ware. It's the perfect size for making a casserole. Also a great size for storing.

👤The snap on top is wonderful, just the right size for two or leftovers.

👤The lunch container my husband used for years deteriorated so badly that we needed a replacement. I found a replacement for it here and was very pleased with it. This container has low sides so it's easy to eat from, unlike many other containers that have high sides. This is a great size for a moderately portioned lunch and easy to enjoy without having to dig down to get the food.

👤I'm going to make some drawings when I order something that has "ounces" in it. I was a terrible mathematician. I expected it to be bigger. Amazon could not have done anything differently. They gave me all the correct sizes. I didn't think about it. I was trying to replace my broken dish with something smaller. All my fault. I used it last night so it won't get put in a cupboard and be forgotten. The dish is made from French White and was advertised as such.

👤It is not as big as I was expecting. The plastic lid should only be washed once. I put mine in the dishwasher and the colour changed, it also warped the lid.

👤The cover is not glass which I thought was the case, but I am using it as is.

👤Not what I was expecting. The price is 2x what you can get elsewhere. I have to pay to return these. Really?

7. CorningWare Pyroceram Classic Casserole Glass

CorningWare Pyroceram Classic Casserole Glass

The bakeware set is perfect for any occasion. This ceramic bakeware is a great gift option for weddings, housewarmings, and Christmas. A casserole with a lid. A 3.5 quart container. It can be used in the oven, fridge or freezer. It's versatile for preparing, cooking, serving and storing in one dish. Non-prous glass ceramic won't absorb food odors or flavors. Their casseroles have handles and a glass lid.

Brand: Corningware

👤The casserole dish is perfect for microwave cakes. The inner dimensions are 9.500” and the depth is 3.5” with the top height being 6.25” I hope to use this piece for many years and more than just cake.

👤Poco dificil de limpiar, se pega la comida.

👤It's perfect for corn souffle, shepard's pie, turkey potpie and other one dish meals. Cleans up quickly.

👤It's perfect for making stuffed peppers and stuffed cabbages.

👤How can you make a mistake with Corningware? Product excellence is what the name speaks for. I bought the Pyroceram Classic Casserole Dish with Glass cover from the store because I was going to make a rice dish for my sister-in-law's house and it was perfect. I wanted something large enough to hold the recipe. The clean up of the rice was easy. The casserole dish is the same as everything else. I love it!

👤It is a good size for a casserole.

8. CorningWare 6002278 French White Casserole

CorningWare 6002278 French White Casserole

Sweese's ceramic construction offers even heating and superior heat retention. Release is easier on non-stick glazed surfaces. A 4-quart roaster is used for roasting, baking, serving and storing. The glass cover on the stoneware resists chipping and cracking. The flared rim provides easy handling. It's safe in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher. Measures approximately 5 by 9 by 15 inches. Measures approximately 5 by 9 by 15 inches.

Brand: Corningware

👤It is easy to clean and durable.

👤This casserole dish is delicious. We had some "gifted" Corning Ware dishes in various sizes that I used for various dishes and cooking styles, and they were pretty okay to use. I didn't replace the casserole dish that I broke until after I broke it. I saw a dish that was very similar to this one while reading a recipe in a magazine. I decided to buy a casserole dish that looked grown up after seeing it. We had 9 of us living under one roof, including my 99 year old Mother, one of our sons, his wife and their 2 babies, and our daughter and son-in-law who is finishing up his degree. I needed a bigger dish to handle the larger amount of food I was serving because it was very cozy and a little bit crazy. The large dish, white dishes, and old Corning Ware made this dish my choice. The clean-up is easy, the table is beautiful, and it holds a lot of stuff. I think you will enjoy this dish and I recommend it. Happy shopping!

👤I will be returning the order. The top did not fit right when it was opened on Christmas morning. It was a disappointment. I read about this issue and hoped for the best, but my husband really wanted a bigger casserole dish. I ordered a used, old-style Corning dish for about $20 more. It is worth it since I know the older style will be perfect. We already have. I will never buy online again. The bottom is made in China and the top in the U.S., according to my husband. Where is the quality control?

👤This casserole dish is delicious. I use it for cooking chicken once/week. It takes about an hour to cook a whole chicken using a cover. I use olive oil to coat the bottom. It is painless to clean up. If there is anything that sticks, I just fill it to the top with water and a little dish washing liquid and let it soak for 15 minutes. The inside dimensions are 8x3x11 inches. The center of the cover is 1 inch taller.

👤I have owned this dish for a long time and it is my favorite. It is easy to get from the oven to the table. It's easy to wash. This purchase was a Christmas gift for someone else because I like this so much. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this casserole dish.

👤It took me a long time to figure out what the capacity was of my mother's casserole dish. She broke it a long time ago and still complains about it. The broken one had only the lid left. I upgraded to French White when I realized it was 4 quarts. It doesn't have to use 2 casserole dishes to feed a family of 6. We put it in and out of the oven for her because it was too heavy for her. She is almost 90 years old. A very happy person.

9. Corning Cornflower Square Casserole P 1 B

Corning Cornflower Square Casserole P 1 B

It was made in France and the USA. The size is 1 quart and 1 liter. Cornflower Blue is part of the collection. The pattern is blue floral on white.

Brand: Corningware

👤The product was wrapped securely and arrived before the projected delivery date. It was new with the exception of not having the precision-ground bottom that other Wares do. I'll use it in the microwave so I'm satisfied with it.

👤Absolutely perfect, and in excellent condition.

👤This dish is close enough to match my other Cornflower blue Cookware. The seller had a great experience.

👤I broke the one-quart 7-inch square corning piece after decades of loyal service. Couldn't do without it. So happy.

👤I liked the size of the dish as it was large enough to hold a frozen package of vegetables. It was in good shape. I didn't need a lid because I had extra lids.

👤When you have to replace a broken one, it's a great find.

10. CorningWare Glass Ceramic Pyroceram Classic Casserole

CorningWare Glass Ceramic Pyroceram Classic Casserole

The French White casserole dish has a lid. It is capable of withstanding sudden temperature changes. The Classic CorningWare cookware is the only dish that will serve you for a long time. Resists Stains and does not absorb food odors. The Classic Round 2.5 quart casserole is 22 cm wide and 8 cm deep. The casseroles have handles and a clear glass lid. When you are done, the durable Pyroceram material can be put in the dishwasher. It was made in France and the USA.

Brand: Corningware

👤I bought this for making rice in the microwave, but I'm sure I'll use it a lot more. It's difficult to find a casserole dish with a lid and handles that can be microwaved. It goes on the stove and in the oven, so that's even better. I have a product that is over 40 years old. It's the best!

👤It's small for a 2 quart dish. It needs to be kept, but needs to be ordered a larger size. The white has a cast on it. A light blush.

👤I bought cookware for myself and my daughters. It cooks well in the oven and cleans up with soapy water.

👤Glad to see that this product is still available.

👤All of our original corningware covered casseroles have excellent capacity.

11. CorningWare French 4 Quart Covered Casserole

CorningWare French 4 Quart Covered Casserole

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. A dish that can be used for roasting, baking, and braising. It's safe in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Lifting with handles is easy. The lid is 6 inches high and holds 4 quarts. There is a 10-year warranty against breakage due to hot or cold temperatures.

Brand: Corningware

👤This item was terrible. Don't buy! The lid wasn't a perfect fit. I put it in a 350 degree oven because it should have raised red flags. I heard a noise about an hour into baking. The entire lid had shattered over my $32 worth of ground beef. There were shards all over the place. The lid was not made for the oven. It was cheap. I had to send my husband out for the chickens at the last minute because I didn't want to put our guests in danger. I would love to have my $32 worth of meat back, as well as the disruption of my dinner plans with my friends. This was terrible.

👤The lid doesn't fit with the bottom. There is a half inch gap between the two on one side. I should have read the many other reviews. Don't buy this.

👤The lid doesn't fit. Defective and useless.

👤Should have read the reviews. The lid does not fit. I can stick my finger between the lid and the dish. I have my original Corning Ware from decades ago. The dish is cheap. Two weeks to be delivered. Too much trouble to return. I don't know if I like using it. Dogs might have a new water bowl. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤I was suckered into buying the name Corning Ware and then found out the LID didn't fit. It is on top of the casserole with a large gap between it and the glass lid. It would be unsafe to get this out of the oven while it is hot. It's a shame that a product that is known to be unsafe is still being sold.

👤The bowl I was going to use for 6 weeks was broken. I will be contacted by the seller to correct the mistake.

👤3 wochen in Lieferung, 1 in Gebrauch, and 1 in gut.

👤It's hard to find what I've been looking for.


What is the best product for baking dish with lid corningware?

Baking dish with lid corningware products from Corningware. In this article about baking dish with lid corningware you can see why people choose the product. Corningware and Corningware are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking dish with lid corningware.

What are the best brands for baking dish with lid corningware?

Corningware, Corningware and Corningware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking dish with lid corningware. Find the detail in this article. Corningware, Corningware and Corningware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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