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We will take full responsibility for any damage or quality problems if the customer receives a ceramic baking dish. They will reply to you within 24 hours and try to solve your question. The size is 9 inch x 13 inch. The handles are larger for safe handling. Pyrex glass won't stain or absorb odors. Pyrex glass won't stain or absorb odors.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The sound of an explosion after 30 minutes in the oven, and large glass pieces all over the oven. This is Pyrex. What would SALVAGEDATA would have expected? What is my recourse? I will be on the phone in the morning. Cleaning class and juices from the oven is what I will be doing tonight. Another review said the same thing. What does that mean?

👤This is the pyrex dish for people who like deep dish lasagna. The lid fits tightly and is great for carrying the dish. pryex glass can be used for casseroles or cakes. I love it! It will be heavy if you fill it with lasagna.

👤My cockatiels love the cage-top table-top bird bath because it's deeper than the usual glass baking pan. I let my bird bath on top of the open cages in my room. I don't think this is large enough for in-cage use.

👤It's great that you don't have to worry about food spilling over the edges of these casserole dishes. There's a cover for the casserole for easy travel.

👤So sad! After just 2 uses, this pan exploded in my oven. We heard a big pop while cooking a casserole at 375. There was dinner!

👤Where has this been all my life? I received it in perfect condition, and I absolutely love it!

👤This was bought for a recipe that was too short for my regular pan. It was needed for Millionaires Spaghetti. It's not waist friendly. It is a good size for a dish like lasagna. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. If I make something the day before, I let it sit out for an hour before putting it in the oven. The cover is very secure. No issues with this!

👤The size is adequate, but the lid is not. Doesn't seal. You slide it into position, but it doesn't make it airtight. It seems cheap to me. I want a top that matches the quality of the bottom.

👤The dish is deep enough to fit all casseroles and dishes.

2. Pyrex Basics Quart Oblong Baking

Pyrex Basics Quart Oblong Baking

Easy clean up. The smooth glaze is easy to clean with soap and water. Save with a set of 2 The perfect size for baking desert dishes. Pyrex glass won't stain or absorb odors. You can watch your food as it cooks with clear glass. It's safe for oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The Pyrex glass dishes were sold in a 2-pack and exploded when they were inside the oven and on the counter. My partner and I are both experienced cooks, and were not using the cookware for anything other than cooking. Pyrex used to be a very trustworthy name in glass cookware.

👤One of them was shattered when it arrived. I didn't open it because it was wrapped together. It is shattered like sand. I had someone come over. I hid the box in the pantry. I think it is too late to come back, I forgot about it. It is the fall of ordering from the internet.

👤I used pans for the first time. The inside rim is so sharp that it got two sections of my finger that were damaged when I tried to wash it. The first time I used it was after my return window for Amazon closed. I had to replace my pyrex pan that had shattered after being removed from the oven and set on a cool top.

👤The Pyrex pans were ordered on July 9, 2020. The glass cooking dishes were used in the same way as before and shattered when heated in the oven. Did these pans only have a three-month useful life?

👤This is the most used dish in the house. I bake almost everything in the oven, from meat to casseroles, to brownies, cakes, and side dishes. I don't have to worry about fitting two side by side in my oven. When I realized what I had done, I went back to get the retreat that I left. Guess I'm not the only one who likes them. I was glad to find them online because the local stores seem to only sell the easy grab dishes which I don't like because only one at a time fits in my oven. I don't know how old my other one is, it's been used many times, but I think it's impervious. I can't live without this pan.

👤In the summer, we often host family and friends to our lake cabin. This dish is perfect for casseroles and egg recipes. It's great in the freezer and safe in the oven, but also attractive enough to present on the table. I usually use SoftScrub to clean stubborn messes, but have also used the help of the bartender's friend.

👤A good quality baking dish. I wanted to replace my last one. I baked it and put it in the sink to soak. I knocked over the jar of shrimp cocktail sauce that was in the cupboard above the sink after it was soaked. It was like a fire cracker when the cocktail sauce fell into the dish. The baking dish was large but the cocktail sauce was good. The 2 pack I bought was to replace the one. A little caution. The blue lid on the dish locked into place. These dishes don't fit the blue lid. The dishes don't have holes in them.

👤These are not the Pyrex you bought a long time ago. I was surprised at how light they were. I am hoping they will hold up like the originals. Time will tell.

3. 16 9x10x3 5 Inspack Ceramic Casserole Bakeware

16 9x10x3 5 Inspack Ceramic Casserole Bakeware

The product size is. There are many colors to choose from. Baking dish dimensions are 8.8” x 5.5” x 1.7” Most recipe sizes can be accommodated by the size of the casserole dish. If you want to bake and serve in the same vessel, the dish is great. They are suitable for storing leftovers, roasting vegetables, and other activities. The baking dishes are very safe under high temperature. The casserole is oven safe to 500F and made of high temperature stoneware. It can be used in many places. Also, note: It's triple valued because it's not a direct fire cooker and dishwasher safe. It's good for cooking. The baking dish has a unique reactive glaze color that makes it enjoyable to bake in. It's possible to make your dining table and kitchen a charming decoration with a remarkable display. The casserole dish has a self-basting aspect to it that can help cook your meals. The best baking dish. This is the best deep pan for lasagna you can find. It's great for baking casserole dishes. There is a long lasting color and scissor resistance. It is ideal for the kitchen for making delicious meals and desserts because of its hard and Eco-friendly reactive glaze.

Brand: Inspack

👤I used it about 4 times, and the last time it was used, the lid split in two and I had to drain it.

👤I love the pan. You can put four layers in there using a box of noodles. You have to make sure you have enough stuff. 2 pounds of meat and 2 pounds of cheese are included. You will need 2 quarts of sauce. You should know that it will take a long time to put it in the oven because it will be very heavy by the time you are done. I made mine the night before and put it in the fridge, but I didn't have enough time to cook it for the guests. It will take an hour and a half to heat up if it is cold from the fridge, so I put it in at 375 for the last 20 minutes.

👤I would like the handle and lid to be one piece. If you are a little too reckless, the handle can start to break. I chose this over two other options. It has a better fitting lid. There is only one blemish on this dish, and it seems harmless.

👤The lead is very fragile and moves around a lot, making this product very attractive.

👤I noticed that the lid was not securely fastened to the base when I got the product. The end or narrow edge of the rectangular shape. The lid was not perfect. The lid looked like it was packed by mistake. There are gaps on the side or long edge. I think this is part of the design, but I'm not sure. There was no paperwork to explain it. The lid not fitting into the base is a major problem.

👤A big one was cooked in it. It worked out great. I bumped it into the edge of the counter when I washed it. It's not hard, just a slightbump. It broke in half. What a waste of money. I had to throw it away.

👤This is a sexy dish. The white reminds me of Staubs clean lines. The handles seem sturdy and the lid sits on perfectly. I wish they made different sizes in the same design. This is a thing that I love.

👤I bought this pan to cook a meal. It was perfect. It was the right size for my meat and it came out perfect. I thought it would be hard to clean. I let it soak in the dish liquid and then cleaned it with warm water. I highly recommend! It is a very attractive dish and will compliment your meal.

4. Pyrex Basics Oblong Baking Dishes

Pyrex Basics Oblong Baking Dishes

Baking Dish uses foam packaging to replace the previous packaging, which is upgraded to ensure the safety of the goods. The 3 quart dish is perfect for main dishes. The 2 quart dish is perfect for side dishes and desserts. Pyrex glass won't make food smell or taste bad. Clear glass allows you to watch food being prepared. It's easy to clean and safe for ovens, microwaves, and dishwasher.

Brand: Pyrex

👤After 30 minutes, the big pyrex dish broke in small pieces inside the oven. The third time we used it, it cracked and all the food spilled inside the oven. When I use the small pyrex dish just in case, I have to use another flat dish on the rack below.

👤The two dishes are advertised for their dimensions and quality. I like that they are easy to use and sturdy. I like the fact that I can bake in them in a way that is easy to cook in.

👤The pan is square rather than rectangular. I can use the square one.

👤pyrex is the best for cooking and cleaning. I have been using them for a long time. My kitchen feels normal after receiving my order.

👤As advertised, these are wonderful. It is far better than metal.

👤It's perfect for gifts. It's easy to clean and cook with. It's great for cooking and baking.

5. Pyrex Basics 4 8 Qt Oblong Baking

Pyrex Basics 4 8 Qt Oblong Baking

A baking dish. Pyrex glass can be used in many places. Pyrex glass won't absorb food odors, food flavors or food stains. You can watch your food as it cooks with clear glass.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The platter exploded in my oven at only 300 degrees and I was making a desert. The cost of food loss and the cost of a cleaning lady were both incurred and I did not get the money back. I was very disappointed in losing my desert while having guest over. I own some Pyrex that is over 100 years old, but I am wondering if it was authentic. I wanted this platter because it was bigger than the one I already have, and I was going to use it for lasagna at Christmas, but luckily it didn't happen on that day. If you buy this, be careful.

👤This is a fake Pyrex. After a few months of use, I found the dish in many pieces, and was too late to return it for a refund. The item was not touched or dropped. It self destructed and was found in many pieces. This exploded during use according to other negative reviews. Pyrex is not safe.

👤I took care of the dish. I did not shock it with high or low temperatures. I followed every rule I could find, but the Pyrex casserole dish was not extended life. The Dish was a month short of it's one-year birthday. The lip of the dish was extended by a fault-line. That is a manufacturing flaw. I would have given the Pyrex casserole dish a 5 star review if it weren't for a manufacturing flaw.

👤This is the perfect size for brownies. I use box mix. They are too thin for my liking. I make a double batches in this pan for parties. I have used this for cake and it is awesome.

👤After 2 years of use, this exploded. It was in a cabinet. I opened the cabinet and it was covered in hundreds of shards.

👤Excellent product. Nice glass. I've used this many times. It was a great dish. When we got out of the car to come inside, my son accidentally dropped this in the grass. I was impressed.

👤I used to own a lot of old school Pyrex. I haven't bought a newer version before. I baked a ham in this one the night it arrived and it worked perfectly, despite the warnings from Leary that dishes breaking in the oven due to the change in the type of glass used. It was packed in bubble wrap. It would have had to be thrown from the street to the porch for it to chip. I hope it lasts as long as my older ones did.

👤Sometimes I need a bigger dish to make a bigger recipe for more people. This worked out well for me.

👤The pyrex dish exploded. There was glass everywhere. The dish was in the oven. This isn't a pyrex.

6. Pyrex Easy 8 Inch Glass Bakeware

Pyrex Easy 8 Inch Glass Bakeware

The dish contents can be seen without lifting the lid. The 8-Inch Glass bakeware dish is included. Nonporous glass won't warp, stain, or absorb odors. Glass is dishwasher safe. Large handles for improved handling are found in glass bakeware. Pyrex Glass has a 2 year warranty.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The handles on these make it easier to get out of the oven. Works well.

👤It's easy to grab from the oven, but a bit heavy for this user.

👤It would be better if it came with a lid.

7. Pyrex Basics 2 Qt Oblong Cover

Pyrex Basics 2 Qt Oblong Cover

You can use the baking pan to make casserole and roast chicken, it's an ideal gift for yourself. It's an ideal gift for friends or family, and will be a bright decoration for your kitchen. Baking dish with red plastic cover. Non-porous glass won't absorb odors. See-through for easy monitoring while cooking. Glass is dishwasher safe. Pyrex Glassware is made in the USA and has a 2-year warranty.

Brand: Pyrex

👤I ordered this dish because the picture showed the same dish I already had. I thought I could use the new lid on the products. Pyrex is no longer making that style. I like the new design of the dish, but the picture shown should have shown the old one.

👤The first time I put it on, the lid broke. I have two Pyrex casserole dishes with different styles. They work well after 10 years of use and storage. The new products are not good.

👤A small family or a couple will love this little baking dish. I use it a lot. The cover on the container that was cooked in is very easy to slip on and off. Very happy with it.

👤Every aspect of the literature you advertise about this product is wrong. I bought this boul to use in a certain oven, but it's at least 2 inches larger than the advertised dimensions, and not close to fitting. I don't trust what he writes.

👤The product looks very sturdy and will be useful for transporting a dish to a family get together. I would prefer a smaller size for freezing half of a double entree for two. Guess the photo and quick survey of dimensions make me believe that the size is different.

👤Since I got a small chip, I can't rate this any higher. It had to be returned since a chip can cause a crack in the glass.

👤It's perfect for large families. It is easy to store a good size side dish for when I bake a cake. It cleans up nicely.

👤In the summer I cook in my oven a lot. This baking dish is perfect for my oven. I don't have to use my regular oven to heat up my kitchen.

8. Pyrex 222 Square Baking 222 PC

Pyrex 222 Square Baking 222 PC

The green baking pan is never out of style. You can use the baking pan to make casserole and roast chicken for yourself. It's an ideal gift for people who like baking. Food odors, flavors or stains won't be absorbed by non-porous surfaces. Glass dishes are dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, microwave and pre-heated oven safe. The plastic lids are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and microwave safe. The USA makes lid and vessels. There are two things included: Pyrex 2qt Square 222 Glass Dishes. Pyrex 222-PC blue lid.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The plastic cover for the glass baking dish is paper thin and complete junk, and I'm shocked that it wasn't made in China. The cover of this Pyrex product is poorly crafted, so don't buy it, even if you're not sure what happened here. Don't even think about putting this cover in a dishwasher, I'm also concerned about running hot water over this crappy lid/cover.

9. Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

Pyrex Basics Oblong Plastic 8 9inch

The dishwasher is made in the USA. The baking dish is 9 x 13 inches. The non-porous surface does not absorb odors. The plastic lids are free of harmful chemicals. Pre-heated oven safe, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and pre-heated oven safe.

Brand: Pyrex

👤What the hell? I tried to bake chicken in this dish and it exploded in my oven. What the hell? My dinner is ruined. I'm out of the purchase of this item and my over is covered in shards of glass. Stay away from this thing. Is this a serving dish or a cooking dish? I thought "Pyrex" meant over safe.

👤Zero stars! There is a defect in my bake tray. The tray exploded in my hands as I was transferring it from the fridge to the kitchen counter. I gently placed the tray into the counter, rather than bang it on the counter. The glass was not able to handle the temperature change from the cold fridge to the cool kitchen counter. I have never had a problem with my ten-year old tray. I think there are some major quality control issues. The shards were so sharp and heavy that they tore chunks out of my mats. I had cuts on my hands.

👤The first time I used this pan, it exploded in the oven. When it was put in the oven, it was room temperature. I've heard of it but never believed it. There are dangerous glass shards and hot cake mix in the oven.

👤The lid was cracked all the way down one side when it arrived. Not happy. I used the dish for cooking because I needed it for Thanksgiving. Very disappointed.

👤The first time the product came, the glass was scratched and the top didn't seal, but I could have lived with it. I replaced the glass and it looked good, but the lid was dirty and didn't come close to being sealed. Twice in a week is a problem if I assume it's an outliner.

👤Very happy. When I ordered 2 of them, the lid style was not consistent. One had the lid and handles pictured but the other had a lid that fit inside the handles, which provided less clearance for items sitting higher in the dish. The dish was a bit wider than I wanted because of the gaps in the handles. I received a replacement that was not the same as the one pictured, but it was the same type with open handle grips and a lid that fit inside. Gave up but still happy with both styles. This would be air tight to protect what is inside and prevent light spillage. Regardless of style, still recommend.

👤I only used it a few times after buying it a few months ago. I roasted some hazelnuts in the oven for 15 minutes and then took it off the oven. I felt the all thing explode in my hand. Millions of tiny pieces were everywhere, and it was glasses that exploded so much it wasn't like a couple small pieces. It took a long time to clean up. This item may have a factory defect. Buy this. It's a great way to ruin your day. I don't know why Amazon chose this. It's hard to understand why Amazon made this mistake.

10. Pyrex Simply Store Container 10 Piece

Pyrex Simply Store Container 10 Piece

Food odors, flavors, or stains are not absorbed by the non-porous surface. The glass dishes have easy to organize in the pantry, fridge or freezer. Includes a 6-Cup glass storage dish with a lid, a 3-Cup glass storage dish with a lid, and a 4-Cup glass storage dish with a lid. The glass is dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Food odors, flavors, or stains won't be absorbed by nonporous glass. The plastic lids are secure and dishwasher safe. There is a limited warranty on glass and plastic. USA, Egypt, and Turkey are where the vessels are made.

Brand: Pyrex

👤If you use the top level of your dishwasher, the lids are dishwasher safe. This is not a true statement. I only put one of them in there. It is not usable. I don't have a lid for the glass bowls. It would be nice to have a replacement. The dishwasher statement should be removed from the description.

👤The lids can't be microwave safe. This product can't be used to cook food in a microwave. The lids don't fit. They are not fit for purpose since they were only used for reheating. We have some Pyrex containers with similar lids, and we have never had this issue with them.

👤Saving a few to share food with others and for picnics, I threw out most of my plastic containers and got these for food storage, they are superbly made, and the sizes are just right for leftovers, plus they can be microwaved, and clean up easily. I have had this brand for a couple of years, and just bought more, and it's still free of plastic particles in your food. The plastic tops are not as strong as the glass, which cracked 3 years ago. I looked for a replacement top from the company, but they sell them in packs and it was more economical to buy a set.

👤The Pyrex storage set that we have is the same set that we purchased a long time ago. We decided to switch from plastic to glass because we were dissatisfied with the quality of the lids. They are not as flexible and have begun splitting. The glass is more sticky than the old ones. It's difficult to pull the bowls apart when stacking them. As they're used more, that may go away.

👤We stopped storing food in plastic containers. They are easy to clean and great for storing food. The glass can get really hot in the microwave, unlike a plastic container.

👤These are good for storing food and heating it in the microwave. Unless you have good food, they don't travel well. It is possible to leak soup, stew, and casseroles in a lunch box. I recommend using a plastic wrap or a press/seal type product on the container to help the lid make a firm seal because they are not leak proof. I have found and purchased leak-proof containers which do not require the use of another product to fit well.

👤I like these because they are easy to clean. There were no pasta stains or odors. Glass is the best. The variety of shapes helps when stacking in the fridge. I like that this is sold by Amazon.

👤Pyrex has always been a favorite of mine. The dishes were smaller than the pictures showed. I made the mistake of thinking that they were a newer version of the same set I had. They were not. Before buying, check the dish sizes.

👤Hace muchos aos, compre un juego de estos y son super duraderos. Se tienes resistentes. Lleg todo en perfecto.

11. Pyrex Square Baking Dish Plastic

Pyrex Square Baking Dish Plastic

Pyrex Glassware is made in the USA and has a 2-year warranty. Pyrex products are made in the USA. Doesn't absorb food flavors, stains, or odors. There are fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safes. Only Pyrex 222 models fit, please check the bottom of your container for model number222 to make sure. There is one included: (1) The Pyrex 222 glass baking dish has a blue plastic lid.

Brand: Pyrex

👤The product exploded in my oven at 350 degrees. Quality control problem? Never seen anything like it before. It was bought four months ago.

👤The box had a blue lid. The blue lid was red.

👤My kitchen Pyrex has an excellent addition. It is easy to clean. There are multiple uses and clean storage. Also a little lighter. It was worth every penny. This can be used for the air fryer.

👤The bottom of the baking dish is not level. It can't sit on a flat surface, so it needs to sit on a soft surface to keep it from tipping. It is like a chair that is missing the bottom of one leg and is always moving around. It is weird. It gets the job done. I wouldn't buy glassware again unless I know it can sit on a surface.

👤The Pyrex baking dish is fine. The lid material is difficult to remove from the dish.

👤I love making casseroles for dinner. You can make a freeze, heat and serve all in the same dish. It is easy to use and clean. It's dishwasher safe. Will buy again.

👤The lid is terrible, but I wanted to like it. It was difficult to open. I tried to open it for about 20 minutes and almost dropped it. It's bad for small hands. Returned.

👤I've been looking for a glass baking dish. This is perfect. Pyrex is a great brand. It is easy to clean.

👤Exactly as expected! The perfect size for a small oven. The product is high quality.

👤We can see the food being prepared.


What is the best product for baking dish with lid pyrex?

Baking dish with lid pyrex products from Pyrex. In this article about baking dish with lid pyrex you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking dish with lid pyrex.

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