Best Baking Dishes for Oven White

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1. HIC Gratin Baking Porcelain 10 Inch

HIC Gratin Baking Porcelain 10 Inch

An ideal gift is the baking pan, you can use it to make casserole and roast chicken in your spare time. It will be a bright decoration for the kitchen, and is an ideal gift for friends or family. HIC Kitchen has a set of 4 Porcelain Oval Au Gratin Baking Dishes. Each is 10 x 5.25 x 1.75-inches and holds 12 ounces. The flared handles on both sides make it easy to handle into and out of the oven. It's great for baked mac and cheese. It's dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Brand: Hic Harold Import Co.

👤I was very pleased with the quality and look of the dishes I ordered the first time. One of them was damaged by my husband. I ordered another set in August of 2016 and they were not as good as the first ones. The porcelain is thinner than the new ones. They weigh 3.6 pounds according to the descriptions. I weighed one of the dishes from 2015, and it was 15-7/8 ounces. I weighed one of the 2016 dishes and it came in at 11 ounces, over 4 ounces difference from the original dishes. The current description needs to be changed so that people know what they are getting. The dishes are 25% lighter than last year, so perhaps the cost should be reduced as well.

👤The item is 6 x 10 x 4 inches. Not even close. The dishes are large. If you measure the actual space where the food goes, it's 6 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1/3 inches. If you want to cook a single serving of these, you'd need two of them to do it. Shepherds pie? They'd be 1/2 tall after cooking. This might be good for a large creme brulee, or a small piece of fish. I will return them.

👤Don't work if you are deficient. These are bad jokes in the broiler. Returning.

👤These dishes are really good. I broke two small casserole dishes this week and bought them replacements. I was looking for the same size and these are larger than I had. It is so much nicer. I like to make individual portions of mac and cheese. The dishes are great for going directly from the oven to serving. They are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. I like plain white because they go with any color or theme. There are dinnerware. I'm choosing to use.

👤These are the worst quality dishes I have ever seen. When I stacked them, I noticed the sides were bowed and the handles were twisted. It was very bad quality. I wouldn't use them with a family or a quest. I contacted TWICE and got no response. The relationship with customers was bad. Next Time Buy in the US will not have this problem. They will not respond when they get your money. I will junk these dishes and buy another USA made company to make sure that all dishes are the same shape. I apologize but I can't get my phone to upload onto this site, so I'm going to say these are poor quality dishes.

👤These are a great deal, bake and serve, clean up is a snap, lightweight and pretty. Even if it's just for me alone, I love to bake and serve individual dishes. These dishes can be cooked and served. The HIC au gratins are 10 inches from handle to handle and are the perfect size for individual casseroles that don't need a lot of depth, such as a filled crepe. They are presented on a plate and are an elegant way to bake and serve.

2. MALACASA Bakeware Ceramic Porcelain Casserole

MALACASA Bakeware Ceramic Porcelain Casserole

The professional baking pans are easy to use and can be nested within one another for convenient storage. It's safe for ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers. There is no direct fire or induction cooker. Just wash with soap and water. SAFE AND HEALTHY - Made of food, Pro-grade safe porcelain, environmental and non-toxic Ceramic, never worry about harmful toxins in your food. The porcelain baking dishes set is suitable for all types of people and food, both for children and the elderly. It is compatible with cold and hot food. The design of the rectangular baking dish makes it easier to pick it up from the oven or freezer. These baking dishes are beautiful and make you more outstanding in food and impress your guests, because of the nice color, smooth surface and fluent lines. The oven bakeware sets are perfect for serving individual portions of a variety of dishes, including creme brulee, souffle, snacks, baked eggs and more. It's great for dips, salsas, sides, condiments, sauces, and Appetizers. It's suitable for daily use and a festival setting. It's ideal for serving dips, salsas, dressings, sauces, and Appetizers. Baking pans are easy to clean and store because of the interior and exterior glazes. The baking dishes from Malcasa make it easier to store them. These dishes are perfectly stacked so they won't take up a lot of space. Their baking sets are safe to put in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and OVEN. The ceramic bakeware set is a great gift option for friends and family on a number of occasions. If the package is damaged or lost, please feel free to contact them, they will offer you the best solution.

Brand: Malacasa

👤I use theMalacasa brand's dishes every day, and I have bought the brand before. If it was true to size, I would have rated this bakeware a 5 star. I am very disappointed that the handles are not included in the measurements. I was looking to replace a large piece of food thinking it was the same size as the smaller one. I can use the set in my air fryer for smaller meals.

👤The baking dishes are very strong. Since buying them, I've been using them all the time. I'm very careful with them. It is very easy to clean them after each use. I highly recommend them.

👤I am happy with the appearance and quality of these pieces.

3. Ceramic Quart Baking Dish White

Ceramic Quart Baking Dish White

It is easy to clean with a dishwasher or hand wash. The size of the LEETOYI Baking Dish is 13"L*9"W* 2.64"H, 8.7"L*6"W* 2.1"H and 7.5"L*5.1"W*1.9"H. The Baking Dish is made of ceramic. The LEETOYI baking set is easy to clean. It can be used in many places at the same time. This is a note. There was no direct fire and no induction cooker. You can use theLEETOYI baking set to make food, such as chicken, beef, fruit, and so on. You can choose from a variety of colors to match the food you want. Enjoy life more. You can use the LEETOYI baking set design as a gift. The classic porcelain is also suitable for cafes, restaurants, parties, and other places. Baking Dish uses foam packaging to replace the previous packaging, which is upgraded to ensure the safety of the goods.

Brand: Leetoyi

👤I was looking for dishes that didn't weigh a ton. I could not lift my casserole dishes because of my arthritis. I was able to take the casserole out of the 13 x 9 pan because it was the right size. It was very easy to clean up.

👤They are great for baking pork tenderloin. It is not much good, as noted in other reviews.

👤It is easy to clean and it looks good on my table.

👤The pans are not white, they are more like ivory. They don't have the label in the back that says "dish washer and oven safe and microwave" There is a They are sturdy other than that.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the product I purchased. Cleanup isn't bad after I bake it in the oven.

👤I like the sizes. There are a lot of possibilities. The handles make it easy to get out of the oven. It's easy to clean.

👤The baking dishes are heavy and sturdy and can be used in the oven or microwave and washed in the dishwasher. The construction and finish are perfect. The handles on the ends make it easy to securely lift and carry them, though you will need a hot mitt, as they get just as hot as the rest of the dish. They are described as off white in color, which is correct, but the picture online makes them look very white and they are not. If you don't expect them to match your dishes, they are nice enough to place on a casual dinner table for serving. The set can be used for many things, from side dishes to preparing food for a small group of people. Any kitchen would benefit from these additions.

4. Vasa Casa Casserole Dish Set

Vasa Casa Casserole Dish Set

It is safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher. It was designed to meet all your needs. The baking dishes are made of high temperature resistant ceramic and can carry them to your table after baking. You can enjoy your food as soon as possible. The casserole dish set includes three different size dishes. The smallest size is 7.3''. The second one is larger. 13'' 7.9'' 2.8'' is the biggest size. They can meet most of the baking needs and they are stackale. The bakeware set can be used for a variety of foods. The caserole dish is dishwasher safe because the lasagna pans are made of durable meterial. It will save you time to enjoy the food. The casserole dish set of 3 are packaged in a good box. The perfect gifts for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary and any other special day.

Brand: Vasa Casa

👤It was well made but small. I was not happy. The dimensions are stated in the description, but when it arrived it seemed smaller than I expected. It arrived well packaged and in good shape. It is definitely well made, but not what I was looking for.

👤The wife loves them. They had rubber covers for them. It would be nice to have meals in the fridge overnight. When they have sat in the fridge for 24 hours, they are better.

👤The small ones are too small for most things but you can't beat the price for three dishes.

5. Pyrex SYNCHKG106070 Basics Baking Dishes

Pyrex SYNCHKG106070 Basics Baking Dishes

Baking dishes of 2 and 3 quarts. Non-porous glass won't absorb odors. The dishwasher is safe.

Brand: Pyrex

👤This is the first review I've ever written on Amazon, and I only felt obligated to warn others that the product exploded upon first use in the oven. We put it on top of the stove because the stove hadn't been turned on yet and it exploded, sending glass shards in all directions. Pyrex will never sell it again because it's a dangerous product. Shame on them.

👤I give this product a 1-star rating and warn other users because of the fact that the pyrex exploded in the oven and glass, and I like the product when it's in one piece.

👤I only used this dish 3 or 4 times before it exploded, which I thought was Pyrex's whole thing. I took it out of the oven and put it on the stove top, there was no hot or cold heat transfer. I am lucky that I did not get hit with glass. I bought this brand because of it's reputation.

👤My grandma received this gift. She put the pyrex glassware pan on the stove top and it exploded. My mom was on the phone when my grandma went into the living room. She said glass shot all over her kitchen. A friend of mine said the same thing. I did some research. The pyrex used to be more heat and shatter resistant, but harder to make and more expensive, so they switched to a lime glass. Do not buy Pyrex!

👤Great product. The picture is misleading, which is the reason I gave it 4 stars. The smaller dish is larger in the picture. Still a great product.

👤It's upsetting to get pyrex nowadays. The glass walls of the dish are thick and nice. The bottom of both are poorly lit. I'm going to goodwill to hope I can find something that isn't warped from 20 years ago.

👤Pyrex is the best for casserole dishes. I trust this product to bake in and serve in as well because it has been on the market for a long time. The order has two pieces, one oblong and one square. It's great for cooking a small roast or six pieces of chicken breast. I use it for casseroles. It's perfect for a wedding gift, house warming or just refreshing your baking dishes. The price is correct.

👤The quality is great and the thickness is a plus.

6. REGALO Stoneware Baking 14x9 5x2 5 White

REGALO Stoneware Baking 14x9 5x2 5 White

Stackable design. The space-saving stackable wide tray pan design of the professional non stick baking set molds makes them convenient to store. It is compatible with both standard and convection ovens. It's suitable for oven, refrigerator and freezer. The baking dish is perfect for baking and serving. The smooth stone construction keeps the food evenly bakes. Baking of large portions can be done with the substantial size. The glazed interior supports easy cleaning. There are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safes.

Brand: Le Regalo

👤The item seemed well made. It cracked when baked at 450 degrees. I have checked my oven temp with an oven thermometer, and I am sure of it. I cooked this dish for half an hour, but it came out cracked and leaking all over the place. If you plan to use this at temperatures no higher than 350, I would recommend you to purchase it, it looks really nice and would be great as an oven-to-table. If you want to go to higher temperatures, I wouldn't risk it.

👤The box says it is 13X9 but product info says it is a nice dish. It's actually 8. The handles are misleading, in my mind. I'm looking for a large dish. No luck on my third try.

👤I used it for warming up the food and it cracked loudly. The crack in the middle of the dish is no longer usable. It arrived yesterday. I want my money and I also want to find something that is reliable. I am losing hope while reading reviews.

👤I only gave it 4 stars because it arrived broken, but this is an absolutely beautiful baking dish. It isn't as big as 9x13 so it wouldn't have worked for a lot of my recipes. If you need a good looking baking dish, this would be a good purchase, as it is quite beautiful and you don't have to worry about the size.

👤After using this item for 6 months, I decided to review it. This review will be broken down into 3 parts. The first part is usage. The dish has enough space to cook a meal for up to 5 people. If you cook something large like a ham or chicken in it, the depth can hold juices or grease, and it still has room for flavor. Is it possible to make a lasagna? It can make a 6 layer easily. Is it casserole? It was made for it. It can be used to make a flat loaf of bread, a small amount of cornbread, or a large amount of brownies. It's nice to be able to grip something with your oven mitt so you don't end up dropping it or dipping the tip of your mitt into whatever you're cooking. The second part of the review is durable. The dish held up well when it was used back to back to cook 5 items in a row. The design of the oven rack makes it easy to sit it on and keep the heat evenly distributed. The bottom of the dish has an edge to it to hold the weight of your cooking on the walls. The weight of dishes on the bottom of the sink was not taken into account when it was soaked. It didn't chip or wear off the coating inside the dishwasher. It still shines after being washed. upkeep is the third part. It is very easy to wash after the stickiest foods with a 5 minute soak in warm soapy water, or you can just throw it in the dish washer. It can be put in the bottom of a stack of dishes or hung by one of its handles. It doesn't need any special treatment. It is not necessary to separate it from your pots and pans. A nice size for a single person, a couple, or family of 4. Simple design that works with cookware. Not one of those cheap Chinese glassware. I'm very happy with this product, but I'll come back at the 1 year mark to make any changes.

7. UIBFCWN Ceramic Casserole Covered Pattern

UIBFCWN Ceramic Casserole Covered Pattern

We are fun elements. Their collection of baking dish is one of the many fun elements of a happy life. They can have all the elements for a happy life. It is suitable for preparing and serving various dishes, suits most families oven and is a good size for baking, cooking, storage, roasting and other activities. MULTIPLE USES IN LIFE. The casserole is suitable to bake meat, beef, chicken, turkey, bread, lasagna, spaghetti, potato, mushroom, vegetables and etc. It can be used in many places. Also, note: There was no direct fire or instument cooker. The handle design of the ceramic round baking dish provides excellent heat protection. Food can be kept warm and resistant to stain, cracking and debris with thick ceramics. It's possible to make your dining table and kitchen a charming decoration with a remarkable display. The casserole dish set made of high-quality ceramics, lead-free, safe materials, smooth glazed design can prevent food from sticking to the pan, making it easy to clean by dishwasher or hand. The casserole dish has a way of keeping food from cooling too quickly. The casserole dish with lid oven safe is ideal for making delicious meals and desserts in the kitchen. This ceramic bakeware is a great gift option for weddings, housewarmings, and Christmas.

Brand: Uibfcwn

👤I don't know why people don't have these small bowls in their pantry. I can't live without them. I would like to see a bigger size. I use them to put my diced ginger and garlic in my food, as well as for dipping sauces and condiments at the table. One broke immediately when I dropped it into the sink. It should be thick enough to handle that stress because it wasn't that hard to drop. The pack of multiple dishes is the best buy for the money and it looks better than the others. If you don't drop one, you'll probably use them for a long time.

👤I got this for thanksgiving and found that it can be used for a lot of different things. It adds a touch to my meal. I always have the cover on and surprise my S.O. whenever I uncover our dinner. I was able to fit a chicken in there once, which was really nice.

👤The pictures on Amazon don't always give you the information you need. These are definitely worth it. When we have sushi, I buy them mostly for soy sauce. We use the kids side condiments all the time. It is a small enough but deep for being so small. These are the ones to buy if you want the perfect size. I accidentally dropped them in my sink at least 3 times. It is very durable. Love is in the air!

👤The design of this dish is delicate. I needed a casserole to bake bread. The 450 degree heat was not a problem for me. Looking forward to using this dish for many more years. The packaging was the only issue. The packing tape was placed directly on the dish. It was difficult to remove. The glue had to be removed with Goo Gone. I missed something and it took a few minutes to take it off. I would highly recommend.

👤I use these for dipping bread because they work great with my vast collection of olive oils. They make great condiments. They hold the right amount so you don't throw it away. I put them in the dishwasher to clean so they don't take up any space to store.

👤It is convenient, deep and presentable. I was looking for bakeware that is microwaveable. This is straight from the oven to the table.

👤It's perfect for condiments and added ingredients. White dishes are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

👤It's perfect for dipping sauces.

8. Ceramic Bakeware Casseroles Temptations Roasting

Ceramic Bakeware Casseroles Temptations Roasting

Made of durable porcelain. It's safe for all of the above. The new large ceramic bakeware set is the 10+12 bakeware set with beautiful wave emboss and classic color, it is perfect for daily use and banquet even big party. The 10 inch baking pan suits for one person and couple lovers daily use. The dish is large enough for a family dinner. 10*7.45*2.16 inch +12*8.6*2.28 inch One baking tray set is all you need for all your baking needs. The ceramic baking pans had through high temperature and special glaze, making them anti-scratch, non-stick, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. You can wash it with water. The 10+12 bakeware could be stacked, saving cabinet space. The tray is easy to hold and place on the table when the pan is out of the oven. The JH JIEMEI HOME use the best clay and glaze, it is 100% safe, lead-free, and cadmium-free. You can contact the customer service for the report if you passed the German food grade material testing. They have an offer of 30 days return, replacement and full refund. They will reply within 24 hours.

Brand: Jh Jiemei Home

👤They are dishwasher safe and are 888-282-0465. I think they are too small for a family. The food is evenly baked and the colors are pretty. I will recommend it for its price and quality. This set is too small for a family of four, unless you plan to use it for dessert only.

👤The larger dish can fit 4 decent size picnic ribs or about 5 lbs of meat. There is a For most tasks, the larger of the dishes should suffice. Smaller of the 2 dishes works well for many sides and deserts, but don't expect room in either for a lot of leftovers. If you want a dish for a large roast or bird, the dishes might not be the best option.

👤The two pack of ceramic baking dishes is a great addition to my pans. Since it is ceramic, I can easily roast veggies without them sticking to the pan. I can easily remove the vegetables, chicken nuggets, and corndogs after they've been cooked. It can be used inside and in the oven for serving. The yellow color has a hexagonal type of decoration.

👤The handle of the dish was damaged. They were well-packed, except for the fact that one dish's handle was separated from another. They need to correct that. The dishes don't have straight edges, which is odd. The third picture is not just curved, but randomly wavering. They bake well, other than those issues.

👤Look good. They are on the small side. Yellow is green. Not yellow. The 70s were green. I will keep them. There is a great price on Black Friday.

👤I recommend this product because it is a good dish for baking my chicken and it is not yellow like a yellow greenish color still cute.

👤The color is the same. It is easy to clean. Works as expected.

👤It was my fault for not paying more attention to the numbers.

9. Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

Rectangular Bakeware Leftovers Freezer Dishwasher

Their packaging is used with the best foams to ensure safety in transit. The right gift for a wedding is a set of ramekins. The large food grade baking pan set is made of borosilicate glass and can be used in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher, without the risk of cracking or shattering. Cadmium and Lead are free. The set includes 4 baking dishes and 4 gray plastic tight fitting lids, which are designed to keep your food fresh longer. You can stack these containers with lids on top of each other in your fridge or freezer for space saving storage. They are also resistant to spilling. The ideal set for storing and serving food. Evolutionary design and convenience hands: The clear glass baking pan is a charming decoration in your dining table and kitchen. You can easily identify leftovers, serve your meals in a stylish and elegant fashion, and monitor the baking process with it. The edge of the bakeware is round and smooth, with a widened, thickened, and anti-scalding handle design, providing a secure grip while taking to and from the oven. The bakeware set includes 4 pieces that are perfect for different uses. It's perfect for baking desserts, casseroles, stew, lasagna, spaghetti, brownies, chicken, meat, fish, veggies, and all your favorite delicacies, as a serving dish for added convenience. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤The picture is what I wanted but the video is what I got. 3 stars for inaccurate description, other wise seem to be a great quality. I wanted to like them. I am sending them back because they are not as big as I thought. The dimensions on the description are for the outside dimensions, not the inside, so they are a lot smaller than I need. The description says that they are deep in their eyes, but I don't think so. The size is not the main problem. These are not as deep as a cookie tray. They should be called deep trays. I hope this will help you not make the same mistake.

👤Do not get it. I never write reviews but I will do this one. WASTE OF DOLLARS! They are very cheap to make. When I was cooking, there were two busted in the oven. I didn't even set it down hard.

👤These dishes are great for storing. The lid seals well. The weight and thickness surprised me. The quality is better than expected.

👤This set of pans is perfect for holiday cooking. It was easy to cook with this set. I am going to buy another one. They can be put in the refrigerator for leftovers. The dishwasher lid snapped on and came out in great shape. The price was lower than other sets made me hesitant to buy them. I am so happy I bought them. I ordered another set because I am so happy with them.

👤I was looking to purchase a Pyrex deep dish that was much more expensive than the one on the left, but I was able to find the right one. The 4 dish set is being kept for other purposes.

👤I needed a 9x13 glass pan to make a casserole and I needed it quick so I decided to look at Amazon and get this set, it came with 4 different sized pans and a bonus was they all came with lids. It was perfect for what I needed it for, but I knocked it off because it was hard to get the lid off. It can be a huge pain when I do use them, but most of the time I don't. I have only one complaint with this set, other than that they're great!

👤This set is a must have. Throw the lid in the dishwasher. Great purchase!

👤The class looks heavy and stable. I used it to bake my favorite cookies. It's so easy... I put it in the freezer and let it cool down. I used to have to change the dish to make it wash. There is no more dish to wash. I love it!

10. FE Bakeware Ceramic Casserole Lasagna

FE Bakeware Ceramic Casserole Lasagna

The French White dish is a quart round dish. The baking dish has a 3.38 quart capacity. The pan is perfect for preparing a variety of dishes, such as chicken, pizza, cake, pie, and more. The FUN ELEMENTS casserole dish can tolerate high temperature to 500F and is suitable for oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. It is necessary to have enough thickness to keep food warm. It can not be put on fire. The rectangular baking pan is easy to stack to save more cabinet space. It is easy to clean a smooth glaze. Classic color and the texture of ancient Roman architecture can be a charming decoration for your dinning table and bring pleasure to your guests. It's an awesome gift for a wedding, a housewarming, and Christmas. They are fun elements. Their collection of baking dish is one of the many fun elements of a happy life. They can have all the elements for a happy life.

Brand: Fe Fun Elements

👤If I hadn't made plans to bring a dessert cake to my mother's house for dinner, I would have continued using an earthenware bake pan. I love this pan and now I only reach for it. It's easier for me to wash it because it's lighter, and I don't have to ask for help to get things in and out of the oven or the sink. A life-changing injury in a car accident that affected my neck and led to a weakened of my arms and hands has led to another small step towards independence. The color is beautiful and I love how they look, they look amazing on my dining table, I found a set of 6 coffee cups from this seller. I would buy it again if they released a set of 6 pieces with multiple sizes of the same baking pan.

👤The color of the dish is gorgeous. That was the initial reason I purchased it. The first dish I made was a dessert. It went well. My food was cooked well. I grease the dish with butter because I didn't have any food in it. It is a very nice dish, very solid and weighted. It has been fine in the dishwasher. I am happy with it.

👤The pan is only 2.2 inches deep. The pan should be at least 5 inches deep. When I'm not feeding a crowd, I wanted a smaller pan. When I only cook for 6 to 8 people, I wanted a smaller deep pan for my regular lasagna pan.

👤The big volume for Dinner, Banquet and Party is a wonderful baking dish. It's the perfect size for a family meal. It can be used to serve at meals. Chicken spaghetti was cooked perfectly by me. It was easy to clean. It would be a great gift. I am very happy with this pan.

👤The package was packed well when I opened it. I really liked the color when I saw it. I was thinking about buying the white one, but I think I did a good job ordering the blue one. I will place an order more.

👤I love this dish. The size is perfect, and it's very pretty. I've already made 3 of them. The amount of ladyfingers and cheese is perfect for this dish.

👤I cook dishes that need different heat adjustments. I can say that it does a good job. I didn't put them in the dishwasher, but it was easy to clean. I think I will use it for a long time.

👤I bought two of them. They were used for side dishes. I put Mac and cheese in one and the other in the other. I used a pound of macaroni for the Mac and cheese and it fit in the dish perfectly. I made a lot of noodles and got 4-5 layers deep. The dishes are made well and durable. Not big or small.

👤Everything looks good with this dish. I am very happy with this.

11. Sweese 501 001 Porcelain Souffle Ramekins

Sweese 501 001 Porcelain Souffle Ramekins

To help preserve your products, please refer to the Libbey website for care and handling instructions. It'sTILE! Sweese ramekins are perfect for souffle, creme brulee, jams, dipping sauces, french onion soup, crumble, drawn butter, olives, and ice cream. It's the right one to let everyone enjoy their food and not worry about eating too much. If you need a bigger dish, please search "Sweese 503.101" for the new 12oz ramekins. The soufflé dishes are easy to clean and don't take up a lot of space in your cupboard. It is easy to clean because they have a glazed coating. They can be washed with soap or put into a dishwasher. Sweese porcelain dishes have a traditional shape, and french white color adds a touch of style. Guests will not soon forget the dining experience you created with sleek ramekins. Pro-GRADE PORCELAIN is safe for cookware, ovens, and freezers. The Sweese ramekins are made of porcelain, which is a type of ceramic that is lead-free and chip resistant. Sweese's ceramic construction offers even heating and superior heat retention. Release is easier on non-stick glazed surfaces.

Brand: Sweese

👤These don't stack. You can pile them up, but see the picture. Stacking means putting one atop the other and they will stay orderly. Would you claim them as "stackable drunks" if you put one drunk guy on top of another? You wouldn't. The dishes arrived in good shape. I'm returning because of non-stackableness.

👤These were bought to replace broken dishes. I like these. The packaging was stylish, secure and minimal, and the quality of the ramekins was very nice. They feel a little more sturdy than my old ones, but they feel like a lighter weight. The creme brlée I made cleaned up nicely.

👤These are beautiful, with crisp flutes around the outside and smooth interiors. They stack perfectly in the cupboard and will be useful for a lot of things. The 8 oz and 6 oz sets were purchased by me. They were packaged well for safe shipping. I can easily recommend this product.

👤I wanted to make a small portion of french onion soup for my dinner party, but I didn't want the classic pot of soup to be too large for my taste. They worked well and survived the shoop in my oven. They have been used for mini cobblers. They have worked well. Souffle hasn't been tried yet. I have high hopes! There is an oven and a dishwasher.

👤The product in white is so neutral. I used the cups for my famous molten lava cakes and they were a huge hit. They looked new after they were washed up.

👤The care taken to package these impressed me. All arrived in perfect shape. I poured water into it and even though it was only 4 ounces, I was able to pour more than 5 ounces of liquid into it. It works for me, but others may want to keep that in mind. I haven't had a chance to cook with them yet, but they seem to be of good quality. You can put 2 or 3 in a stack without having to worry about falling. I'm impressed with these dishes.

👤The souffle dishes are what I wanted. The set of 6 was broken into many pieces and one had a small black line on the rim. I received a prompt response after contacting the replacement email with photos of breakage and defect. They don't replace individual items without returning the whole set. I accepted their offer of a 50% discount because I needed 5 of them for this week. I wish more companies sent replacements for individual pieces that were damaged in the set.

👤The set arrived undamaged. The souffle dishes seem to be of excellent quality, even though I only used them once so far. The dishes are easy to clean and have a classic shape. I used the set in the oven, popped them in the fridge after cooking, and then turned to High Broil with no issues. I put them in the dishwasher without rinsing first and they came out clean, even though I have a decent dishwasher and use a good detergent. If you are looking for a classic set of souffle dishes, look no further.


What is the best product for baking dishes for oven white?

Baking dishes for oven white products from Hic Harold Import Co.. In this article about baking dishes for oven white you can see why people choose the product. Malacasa and Leetoyi are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking dishes for oven white.

What are the best brands for baking dishes for oven white?

Hic Harold Import Co., Malacasa and Leetoyi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking dishes for oven white. Find the detail in this article. Vasa Casa, Pyrex and Le Regalo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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