Best Baking Emulsions and Flavorings

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1. LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Oils Peanut

LorAnn Artificial Flavoring Oils Peanut

If you want a peanut butter flavor without the sticky mess, then peanut butter flavor is a perfect alternative. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. When substituting extracts with super strength flavors, use 14 to 12 teaspoon. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤It tastes like peanut, but not "peanut butter". If you're looking for a zero calories peanut butter, I'd use a powdered peanut butter instead. It is weird and bitter.

👤I used this to make my peanut butter beer and it worked well, but it had a distinctly artificial flavor to it. If you want to make a peanut-butter beer, you'll get more aroma out of this. It might be better to combine it with the other peanut butters for a better flavor and aroma.

👤I thought it would be good on popcorn. The whole bottle is usually needed, according to the LorAnn website. It's expensive for its size because I thought it would be concentrated and only need a few drops to flavor things. I put a few drops of water in a drink that tasted terrible.

👤Great taste. Takes peanut butter cookies. I wish the bottle was bigger. I added 1 and 1/2 to the regular cookie batter. Just enough.

👤I was concerned about using it in my fudge recipe. I used a small amount. I thought the fudge tasted good, even though it was not the recipe specified. It tasted better than I expected, because it smelled like the bottle.

👤Excellent quality. If I were to just use peanut butter, the peanutty flavor of the icing would be vastly different.

👤It doesn't taste like peanut butter. Think of a drag Queen version of peanut butter.

👤Adds tremendous flavor to baked goods, but remember... this is concentrated. Only 1/2 of this is used in your recipe. If your recipe calls for 1 tsp of vanilla, you can use 1/2 of it.

👤It's a great addition to anyone who uses pre op liquid diet requirements.

👤I have used this before and it is wonderful. The price, service and delivery were exceptional. Thank you.

2. Pure Pineapple Extract 8 Ounce

Pure Pineapple Extract 8 Ounce

Water, alcohol, and pineapple flavors are included. Coconut Flavor Fountain is water-soluble, kosher, sugar-free, and calories-free. The flavor of fresh pineapple is given by Olive Nation pure pineapple extract.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I ordered Olive Nation's Pure Pineapple Extract. "Pineapple extract" was sent to me. Pure extracts are made with real ingredients. A product that is just an "Extract" is made with chemicals. If I could have gotten the "Pure" pineapple extract, I would have liked it, but it's made with alcohol, water, and "natural ingredients" and it really stinks. I wouldn't eat this product. I requested a refund. If I can't find a viable pineapple extract on the market, I will use real ingredients and learn how to make my own extract from videos on the internet.

👤I'm pretty sure they changed the recipe. I gave it a number of bottles over the course of a few months. This was my favorite. I no longer use it. The extract tastes artificial and sweet. I like this product. If I run out before my next shipment, I get grumpy. I became addicted to Trader Joe's sparkling pineapple water about 18 months ago. I was going through a lot of 1L plastic bottles. My husband bought me a soda stream to help cut back on my pineapple sparkling water habit, but I had a hard time finding a flavor that I wanted to add to the water. This extract was for me. It is definitely a different flavor than the Trader Joe's version, but it is still one that I love equally as much, and I can make it whenever I want. My daily water intake has tripled because of this extract.

👤This extract is definitely less. I was nervous after smelling it, but a good shake and a few drops later I had the water I was hoping to recreate. Give the bottle a shake and it will make a difference. I can see why some reviewers noted a strong alcohol or petroleum smell, and if it means you've used too much. I was disappointed at first. After reading more about the extracts, I gave it a second go and gave it half of my original amount. I don't have to pay through the roof because I have the water I want.

👤I used this extract in a recipe for a carrot cake. I would have used actual pineapple juice if I wasn't concerned about the amount of calories in it. I was happy with the product since I am concerned about the carbs.

👤I use them for natural soda. The pineapple was excellent. A couple of droppers and you're set for a liter. The pineapple is stronger than cherry or raspberries. Someone mentioned that it has a "chemical" flavor, while someone else said it didn't have any. This was not my experience, though I would say that due to it being heavily concentrated, and strong pineapple smell, I can understand how someone could mistake that for a chemical flavor.

👤I want the extract that I ordered. I paid a hardy price for Pineapple extract that I ordered. Amazon won't exchange it. I need pineapple extract for baking. I can make a pineapple upside down cake with nut extract. Somethig is not good.

3. Lorann Bakery Emulsion Bundle Raspberry

Lorann Bakery Emulsion Bundle Raspberry

There is a bottle of each of Lemon, Orange, andRaspberry. Baking extract is 1 spoon. 1 part water to 1 part oil.

Brand: Lorann

👤These are just worthless. Why would anyone buy them? The lemon and orange emulsions were very bad. I ruined a lot of sugar cookies when I tried to use the lemon emulsion. I doubled the amount and still the batches had no taste. I tasted the emulsion and it had no flavor at all. No returns are allowed. This is a complete waste of money.

👤I thought an extract was better than a spray. I am wrong because I purchased this product. I can't tell when the taste is different when I am baking. I think the intensity is the same as the extract. The deal I got with this product was better than any other I've seen on Amazon.

👤Not going to open the others, I tried the lemon. Terrible taste! It's indescribable!

👤I made a wedding cake with orange flavoring. The amount of extract in the cake was equal to the amount of extract I used. I added it to taste the buttercream. Julia Child's butter buttercream was amazing. I can't wait to use it in any other recipe because it was so light and natural. When baked into lemon cake, the lemon was also delicious and added a special lemon flavor. The berry flavor of the raspberry is delicate and can be used in small amounts.

👤Loran emulsion is good for bakeries. The seller sent me one flavor twice. I was expecting something orange. I was given pumping. It's good but not what I was expecting.

👤I used this for the first time and it was great! The taste wasn't overpowering when I swapped out for equal parts of the extract.

👤I added a nice flavor to my cookies.

👤The flavors are better than regular extracts. Better quality.

4. OliveNation Lemon Emulsion 4 Ounce

OliveNation Lemon Emulsion 4 Ounce

Baking Emulsion with Lemon flavor is better than an extract. The flavor won't bake-out because it's water-based. The lemon baking & flavoring is bright and bold. You can use an extract in any recipe. It is equal to the extract. The ingredients are water, propylene glycol, natural lemon flavor, and acacia gum.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I better use this quickly. The expression date is 9/2021. I tried a tiny bit on my finger. I could comment on the flavor. I hope it's better in the cheesecake I'm making and doesn't ruin it.

👤The flavor of the emulsion is bitter. It's probably a substitute for peel powder.

👤Wow! I like this stuff. Great flavor! I use it all the time. I can't say enough good things about it. It was delicious.

👤The Lemon Emulsion is great. The amount of lemon flavor that is given is the right amount.

👤Any baking is perfect because of this. The first bottle is the second bottle. It lasted for a year. If you want professional results, go for it.

👤Adding this to a recipe will enhance the flavor.

👤For baking lemon-lime cookies, it worked well.

👤I decided to give this a try after reading about how emulsions are better than extracts in baked goods. Since extracts are alcohol based, the flavour ends up baking away. The flavour is more potent than extracts because they are water based. The lemon emulsion I used for 12 muffins was amazing. I would usually add 1 to 2 ounces of lemon juice to get the lemon flavour. I want to try all of them, so I would like to have more of them on prime.

👤Have not tried it yet. I am very disappointed that the date is in 4 months. It's okay if you bake and use it daily. I don't think I'd bake lemon flavoured stuff for 4 months in a row if I were like me, I would get sick of it. This would be a waste.

👤I made a lemon loaf cake with some drops in it. It was perfect. It's important to add a little at a time and taste it to make sure it's not too strong. Can't wait to try a lemon sauce for fish.

👤This is the first time I have ordered a Lemon emulsifier. I use it in a lot of baking, where the flavour asks for a certain amount of vanilla, and I add this Lemon as well. The flavour is bold and I have used it to make a fruit salad. It makes my dishes better.

👤It was very strong and good. It makes baked goods taste better. This is great for frostings.

5. OliveNation Butter Vanilla Emulsion Ounce

OliveNation Butter Vanilla Emulsion Ounce

It can be used in your recipes as a substitute for regular vanilla extract. It can be used in cakes, cookies, frostings and more. This Emulsion is kosher and free of any harmful substances. The butter is made from water, propylene glycol, art flavor, modified corn starch, xanthan gum, citric acid, titanium dioxide, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. The taste of butter and vanilla is rich.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I like Loranne emulsions very much. This was cheaper and better rated. I thought I'd try it. It is just as good, but tastes different. It is a little more subtle than Loranne. I would buy it again.

👤I love this flavor. They are always out of stock at the local cake supply so I had to replace my original one. It worked well.

👤I like how extract flavors can make baking goods mouth watering. It will be my preference since I have used this butter Emulsion.

👤It was received yesterday and tried tonight. It is delicious in my sugar cookies and royal icing. I was looking for a rich butter flavor.

👤The cake never tasted so good.

👤Don't buy if you can't return. There are a lot of ingredients in it. Artificial flavor, xanthan gum, propylene glycol, etc.

👤My first vegan brownies were purchased. It works well.

👤My granddaughters love their pancakes.

👤Looking forward to using it. Had to check out how to use them, but had to be sure.

6. LorAnn Bakery Emulsion Pack Buttery

LorAnn Bakery Emulsion Pack Buttery

There is a bottle of Buttery Sweet Dough, ButterVanilla and Butter. Baking extract is 1 spoon. 1 part water to 1 part oil.

Brand: Lorann

👤I can not say enough about these bakery products. I use them in baking and have started making my own flavors with liquid sucralose, which saves me tons of money and calories. I make a cinnamon roll flavoring by combining maple extract with cinnamon emulsion and sucralose to add to coffee, tea, Greek yogurt, and even egg whites, as crazy as that may sound! I use cream cheese to make a frosting with Greek yogurt and sugar free pudding mix. Are you a pumpkin spice latte lover? They work for that too and can save you 100s of calories if you make your PSL yourself. I will come up with more uses for them as time goes on. I love these things.

👤These flavors are strong and delicious. I use them to make homemade iced coffees, and they are great. Since they are so intense, I only have to use half the amount that I would use other extracts. The butter is my favorite, but all of them are delicious. I'm looking forward to trying more lorann extracts and emulsions in the near future.

👤These bakery emulsions are what you're missing. They don't change the texture of baked goods. They don't smell like rubbing alcohol. I have tried every flavor and have nothing bad to say. We make our own ice cream and shakes.

👤The Butter sweet dough flavor enhances cookies and cakes, and is good as an ingredient in real custard filling for chocolate eclairs. The butter flavor options available in the 3 pack will be nice to have, as well as the ButterVanilla, which will come in handy.

👤The quality is better than in store brands.

👤Next day needed for recipe.

👤I have been using the butter flavor for over a year and I wanted to try the butter vanilla so I ordered this trio. Will purchase again. It's important to use it for food products. The butter flavor in the mashed potatoes didn't taste right.

👤I never expected Lorann flavors to be so rich in flavor. They are great for baking and give a richer depth of flavor to puddings and sauces.

7. Natierra Natures Organic Freeze Dried Strawberries

Natierra Natures Organic Freeze Dried Strawberries

We are taking strawberries on a freeze-drying adventure to deliver the crunchiest and sweetest strawberries that have kept all their essential vitamins. This delicious snack is brought to you by the ripest and tastiest strawberries. Sugar should not be added when the real thing already tastes great. Natierra never adds any unnecessary sugar to the treats because they believe in giving you the product that nature intended. Natierra is a great snack for busy people because it is a healthy snack. A healthy snack is just a crunch away, perfect for the desk drawer or your kid's lunch box. A freeze-drying process removes 99% of the water from a fruit or vegetable while retaining most of the color, flavor, and nutrition. Kosher, vegan, vegetarian, grain free, fat free, and sugar free.

Brand: Natierra

👤The mangos were cut like french fries and were really good, so I re-ordered 2 more bags. I got a new cut on the fruit and a new packaging. They are small and sharp enough to cut your teeth. Why do corporations have to improve their product until it's no longer good? Did you save money? You lost a customer.

👤I ran this product listing through Fakespot to see what their automated system made of the reviews, and it gave them an F for the quality of reviews and the possibility of review manipulation. I'm glad I ordered them because they're pretty good. I've eaten a bag and a half so far and have enjoyed it. I received white bags that had citric acid on the ingredients list, and I also received freeze dried bananas. It's not a big deal that you don't like the acid. It's been a while since I ordered these, but I should mention that the quality of the bags I had was consistent, and I remember them being my favorite of the 4 or 5 brands I had ordered from Amazon.

👤Upset! The dried bananas my daughter liked were just bananas and she was allergic to corn so she couldn't have certain foods. First time ordering them from Amazon, pictures show bananas only as an ingredient, yet packages received say bananas and CITRIC ACID No. She can't have these now because they were advertised wrong.

👤The chocolate was not good. It smelled bad when I opened it. The bananas and mango I bought were bad. I would give less stars if I could. I want my money back.

👤I wanted to flavor my chocolate log roll with these. I used fresh or frozen berries because they will make the filling turn out blurry. As good as fresh, the flavor was amazing. The log was a hit at Christmas dinner, with fresh raspberries and a ganache covering. I used the leftovers to make a second cake. It's so delicious.

👤I expected these to be smaller than they are. They're full of sour and sweet flavors, but hard to eat as a snack. I can't just eat them because of their texture and flavor. The quality is fine for what it is. I plan to use these fruit in my tea blends. I put a berry in the tea I was drinking to see what it tasted like. If you don't like eating the way they are, you should try it.

👤I ordered these because I love the crunch of freeze-dried fruit. Bananas are one of the things where organic and fair-trade make a huge difference for the environment and for the workers farming them, so I was thrilled to find them. I don't know if it's an oversight or not, but I don't see anything on the label that says it contains potassium, so I don't know if it's an oversight. The company's products may have labeling issues, like the calories per serving don't line up with the calories or serving size on my fitness tracking app, the package says, but fine print says produced in a facility that processes wheat, so The packaging on my first order stated it was fair-trade. The second implied it but didn't state it. It appears to be an ethically produced product, they were tasty with nice texture, and the bags I got had a generous amount in them, so 5 stars for my needs.

8. Bakery Emulsions Natural Artificial 4oz Pumpkin

Bakery Emulsions Natural Artificial 4oz Pumpkin

LorAnn's Pumpkin Spice Emulsion can be used in baked goods, frostings, and even beverages. Substitute pumpkin spice emulsion for more robust flavor if you want to skip the dried pumpkin pie spice. Baking extract is 1 spoon. 1 part water to 1 part oil. The bottles are made of recycled plastic. Water is Soluble in Water. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann Oils

👤I ordered this because the picture showed pumpkin not pumpkin spice. Pumpkin flavor without extras was what I wanted. I can't return it either. What I received is not what I ordered.

👤The seller is great, but the product is three stars. The flavor has a hint of pumpkin but also a strong hint of cinnamon. I was expecting a pumpkin pie like flavor, but I know it's supposed to be pumpkin puree. If you use more than 3 drops, you get a cinnamon taste that is more like Red Hots candies than powdered cinnamon, which is not very strong. I will not be buying this one again because it's ok for other things.

👤It was a disappointment. We were happy to find pumpkin spice. We waited extra long for shipping because this item wasn't prime. The smell was disgusting when it arrived. It smelled like a cough syrup. The taste was not much better. Couldn't use it.

👤Great pumpkin flavor! There is no artificial taste. A small amount goes a long way. I use it in my cookies. LorAnn flavors are the only ones I trust.

👤I tried it in waffles. It had a strange smell and taste.

👤Not getting pumpkin from this.

👤It smells a little minty and tastes terrible. Not worth it.

👤The flavor is great. It arrived quickly and was reasonably priced.

9. McCormick 900057996 Cake Batter Flavor

McCormick 900057996 Cake Batter Flavor

It is now a cake batter. The idea is fun. For intense cake flavor, whip into the frosting. It's a tip. Put 1 cup of water in it. Birthday cake pancakes are made with 14 cup sprinkles. Freshly baked cake flavor is added to cookies, cupcakes, blondies and more. It was stirred into the frosting. For over 125 years, from McCormick.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I received butter and nut extract instead of cake batter extract. I know it is the same thing. I thought I paid for something. The box was old and there was a sticker on it that said Best Buy date of 6-16-21 but the bottle inside said Aug 18-19. Advertising is false and disappointing. I have 6 months to use the extract that I paid for.

👤I used this flavor with normal cookies before I went to Keto. I found out that the flavoring is no longer carried locally. I was happy to find that I could order it from Amazon. People ask me how I make my cookies. I'll never tell them, but here you go, Amazon! I use this to add that extra special flavor to my baked goods. That is always a hit!

👤The flavor is not very strong. The worst part was that the company felt the need to add food dye to the product. I don't need coloring to have flavor. I am very disappointed that I can't use this for my family as they have allergies to red and yellow dye. I am not happy. I think there is a better product out there as this flavor was okay. You could tell it was not natural because of the amount of flavor needed.

👤The item I ordered was a nut and butter. The cake batter flavor is what I got. I went to 6 stores to find a butter nut, but couldn't find it. I tried to return the item I did not order. This item is not eligible for returns. Well dang! I think that the seller Lready knew they were advertising a lie. Don't buy people.

👤I added this to my ice cream and it turned out great. I liked the taste of it. I'm going to make my own recipe for yellow cake. Really great stuff!

👤I don't know why so many people are complaining in the reviews. The extract is not a flavor, it is a name. It tastes the same and is a great extract for cakes. I double checked the expired date on my bottles when they arrived and it's good until 2025.

👤The smell of the product doesn't keep it's flavor after it's made. I could not taste the cake batter after my cookies dried. It is made with food coloring. It takes more food coloring than normal to change the color of the icing. It's a strange color. I will use it again but not for royal icing.

👤I am so disappointed in this replacement, I have relied on it for decades. It does not even begin to compare to the family recipe ofVanilla butternut. I don't like the flavor of it and will never buy it again. I don't think people will like it. JMO, McCormicks screw up.

10. Tasty Living Variety LorAnn Flavoring

Tasty Living Variety LorAnn Flavoring

Coffee, caramel, Chocolate, Maple, English Toffee, root Beer, Butterscotch, Cinnamon Roll, Butter Rum, Peanut Butter, and Coconut are included in this set. A very small amount is packed with flavor and aroma and can be 3-4 times stronger than grocery store extracts. The 1-dram is 3.8 liters. 0.125 square feet. There are bottles of Oz or 1 tsp. LorAnn Flavorings are Kosher by Star-K.

Brand: Lorann

👤They have a great scent, but it won't mix with my lip balm base. The coffee is not oil-soluble. I haven't opened the others. LorAnn told me that none of them will work in lip balm. Return is not available on Amazon. The kit should not be advertised to be used in lip balm. I can't vouch for product use in other ways, so I didn't rate.

👤This is the size you are getting. I expected them to be bigger.

👤We were going to do a Father's Day treat with these flavors, but we are so disappointed. We used root beer for cupcakes and they had no flavor. The same issue of no flavor was caused by the use of the marshmallows. The final product is nothing, even though the smell was good. I am glad I bought this set before buying more flavors. I'll stick to it.

👤The seller sent me a fruit pack. They don't work in lip balms. I don't know if I was sold a bad batches or expired batches, but I have ruined my lipglosses after using them a few months later. They smell like chemicals. They burn the lips and I used very little. I used 40 lipglosses for $100 and want a full refund.

👤I used 1/3 to half a bottle for the huge batches of candy clusters and truffles I put together for Christmas because I like bold flavors. For butter rum, more than for sparkling wine. I always count on them for the chocolate break. It is easy tomulsifies with melted chocolate. If you don't add all the flavors after you've melted the chocolate, the flavor will dim. I used cinnamon roll, butter rum, and caramel from this set. Light on caramel, medium on cinnamon roll and heavy on butter rum.

👤I wanted to flavor lip balms, lip glosses and lip scrubs. These have been a big hit and have the best flavor. It was tasty!

👤I used this to flavor some cake pops. It worked well.

👤The Mrs. and I made candy. I loved all the flavors. The taste is great and you don't need much.

11. Bakery Emulsions Natural Artificial Flavor

Bakery Emulsions Natural Artificial Flavor

3.5 hours is the charging time for this hand mixer electric. If the mixer is in the low-medium gear, it can work for more than 3 hours, if it is in the high-speed gear, it can work for more than 2 hours. LorAnn's natural Lemon baking emulsion has a bright, bold citrus flavor. You can use a lemon baking extract in any recipe. You can use lemon emulsion instead of lemon zest in your recipes. It is a mixture for 1 small amount. There is something about it. Baking extract is 1 spoon. 1 part water to 1 part oil. The bottles are made of recycled plastic. Water is Soluble in Water. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤I'm out $20 because this is an artificial flavoring and no way to return it. I attached a photo of the ingredients so future buyers wouldn't make the same mistake I did. If you're looking for natural flavoring or an item with clean ingredients, look elsewhere.

👤We used butter flavoring to make ice cream with butter. We assumed that we would only need a few drops of butter extract, since we had heard from a friend that it was super concentrated. When we opened the bottle, we were worried, but we added a single drop to a half-cup of half-and-half for taste testing. That single drop gave us a wonderful flavor. The ice cream recipe called for cream rather than half-and-half, so the butterflied half-and-half went in some tea instead. We used six drops of butter emulsion to make one quart of ice cream, and it came out perfect.

👤I made a cake for my granddaughter. I used LorAnn's bakery emulsions to make each layer taste different. I used strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, and berry. LorAnn has superior products. The cake was a big hit. We spent a lot of time talking about which flavors were our favorites after we were amazed by the taste. My granddaughter asked if we could have a rainbow cake every year.

👤I ordered this because I was doing the keto diet. I was disappointed. I was overwhelmed with the smell of banana when I opened the bottle. I hoped the flavor would improve with cooking. Nope! The flavor profile is similar to the smell. It is fake, artificial, and unattractive. It was a waste of money. I won't be using this again. How can I make my food taste good? This is the product for you.

👤I love this flavor. I use it in my Buttercream Icing and Cake recipes. The butter flavor is intensified even though my Buttercream recipe is made with Real Butter. The cake recipes get a boost from this flavoring. I use it with cakes. The baked cake has a better flavor if I add a little more. LorAnn's Butter is the best Butter flavor I have tried. I prefer the plain "Butter" Emulsion over the "Butter-Vanilla" variety. The butter is more intense and I add more Vanilla if needed.

👤At Christmas, I used this to make sugar cookies. I ordered after reading the positive reviews. At Christmas, I decided against it. Why mess with a recipe that has been in my family for generations? I realized I was out of the one ingredient that is always in my house when I made cookies the morning I decided to make them. I decided to try it out because I didn't want to face the rain and the traffic to get a bottle of vanilla, but it would change the taste so much that I wouldn't notice a difference. I used the same recipe as I would have used in the past. The cookies were amazing. They were still my original cookies but had a richer taste. Everyone commented on the flavor. Will definitely be ordering again. The Ole' family recipe has been changed.


What is the best product for baking emulsions and flavorings?

Baking emulsions and flavorings products from Lorann. In this article about baking emulsions and flavorings you can see why people choose the product. Olivenation and Lorann are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking emulsions and flavorings.

What are the best brands for baking emulsions and flavorings?

Lorann, Olivenation and Lorann are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking emulsions and flavorings. Find the detail in this article. Olivenation, Olivenation and Lorann are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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