Best Baking Essential Ingredients

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1. King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

Add espresso powder to your favorite chocolate recipe and you will see a difference in the taste of your chocolate. This baking ingredient is ground and dried from coffee beans. This espresso powder is easy to mix. The King Arthur Espresso Powder is Kosher. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This product was received with an expired tag. Returned item isn't available for returns. There is a drain and there is money going down it.

👤There is a huge sticker on top of this item that says it will be gone in February.

👤This just arrived and it says it expired 3 months ago.

👤I was able to use the product for my chocolate cake after it was open. I was going to try the powder for the first time, but now I have to order it from the KA website. The top portion of the espresso has been open for a while, so it is not new.

👤I use this in my homemade ice cream to make it coffee-flavored. It's awesome. I just use a small amount. I tried a few recipe versions which used a cup or less of coffee but they didn't work as well as the espresso powder does. I can make mine at home and also dairy-free, since I don't have to worry about the store versions.

👤The first time I ordered it, it was going to be gone in a few months. It became hard to use after a month or two after having it, and it got worse over time. I live in a humid climate, so it could be that it clumped because of that. It became much harder to break up as it became useless. The clumps were sticky and I had to wash the zester after, so I could not use it. I kept this in an airtight bag in my cupboard between uses, and it still came out the same. Attached is an image. The espresso powder did it's job for two months, until it became useless. Unless you plan to use the entire amount within a short period, I would strongly advise against buying this product.

👤It's perfect for cooking. I've used this in cakes, brownies, and even a coffee creamer recipe. I don't recommend using this as a substitute for espresso, as that isn't what it is designed to do. This is a great addition if you want the chocolate flavor to pop in your recipe. The wide mouth makes it easy to get measuring spoons out of the container. I would buy again.

👤I love this! This was bought for a cake recipe. I was worried that it would make the cake taste like coffee. No worries. It makes the chocolate taste better. I will be adding this to everything I bake that has chocolate in it.

👤I was expecting this to come in a glass jar, but it is plastic. I will not be using this product again. The flavour is amazing. I only bought this because the recipe I was using called for it. I was impressed with how much chocolate flavour it brought to my buttercream icing.

👤I think it was overpriced because it made a slightly richer taste when used with cocoa powder in cakes. It went hard in the jar before I used it all. I wouldn't buy it again, but I wanted to try it.

2. Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

Baketivity Cooking Essential Pre Measured Ingredients

This toothpaste is safe for regular use. It can be used without worry of side effects. Baking kits for kids are available. Baking with your children is a wonderful way to bond. It is a family activity where parents and kids can have fun together. The S'mores Pie Baking Kit comes with already made dry ingredients in order to limit the search for baking supplies in a regular baking project. S'MORES The end product of the S'mores Pie baking set will be a delicious baked S'mores Pie that can serve up to 6 people. Whether you are looking for a different type of arts and crafts baking project or looking for a family fun activity for your kids, this baketivity baking kit will do the trick. The Baketivity S'mores Pie Baking Kit includes a colorful illustrated step-by-step recipe, a bake along video link, and vacuum packed ingredients. It is a perfect gift for friends and family. Baking kits are a great gift for friends and family. Whether it is a birthday gift, a way of encouraging a love for baking or some other occasion, baketivity is a gift they will appreciate.

Brand: Baketivity

👤The kit is pricey but the fun I had with my grandson was worth it. The convenience of having everything pre-measured made the experience go smoothly. The bright box and packaging caught my grandsons attention and he was excited to bake with his mom.

👤Being my first time buying these products, I was a little disappointed in the value for the money. They make cute gifts. We followed the instructions and the brownies came out a bit too good to be true. The baking time was off because the batter was missing something.

👤My 7-year old loves to cook and received this as a gift. I helped her with boiling the pretzels. I was surprised that the pretzels tasted really, really, really good. This is a great gift for a young chef.

👤These cake pops were delicious, I bought them to bake with my kids.

👤The ingredients are pre measured. Easy to navigate. Adults are needed to help with boiling water.

👤I bought this for them as a gift and they were very happy with it.

👤Only the ingredients were used. There is no recipe or instructions. There were no instructions posted online. A kid who is excited to bake something is pretty disappointing.

👤My daughter and I enjoyed baking the pretzels. The instructions were easy to follow.

3. Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Cups

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Cups

The 2020 New Bread Set is a great gift for friends or family who love baking. They want to give these tools to everyone at a price that anyone can afford. If you don't love them, they're more than happy to give you a FreeRefund or Replacement. Risk Free when you order yours today. Measuring cups and measuring spoons come in a variety of sizes and materials. The measuring cups and spoons from Tribal are of the highest quality. dishwasher safe and durable. Their measuring cups and spoons set is great for people who love to tinker in the kitchen. Their measuring cups and spoons have markings that are laser etched on the handle of the spoons and at the base of the cups. It is easy to identify the measurement for dry and wet ingredients. Their measurement markings will not fade or wear away like glass measuring cups. A set of 8 measuring spoons and cups are included. There are four metal measuring cups. Their metal measuring spoons have markings for 1/2, 1/3, and 1 Tablespoon, as well as the ml measurement. The spoon heads and stem are easy to reach into small containers. Accurately measure wet or dry ingredients such as spices, baking ingredients, tea, coffee and liquids of any kind, then neatly store them. It's ideal for any baking or cooking needs. When done, simply wash or place in the dishwasher, then hang their cups and spoons with a metal ring that keeps them perfectly organized and secure when not in use. They are dedicated to creating elevated, high- functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life.

Brand: Tribal Cooking

👤It was well made. Excellent quality. It enhances the kitchen and chef. Accuracy is unknown. It's not significant to the average chef when it makes him/her look good. Nine pieces is enough. Any more would be unwieldy. I made a good choice and recommend you do the same. If I suffer a total loss through natural or man made disaster or kitchen-clearing robbery, I will only need to buy again, but who has ever heard of one of those? It seems unlikely that I would buy another dwelling or RV. It would be an excellent gift for a college graduate going to a posting where he/she will have separate living quarters, or a young person going to a posting where he/she will have a group home. You can make your own list. It's fun to get these shiny, well made measuring kitchen tools.

👤Not a lot to say about these. They are easy to clean. I bought these because I can see what the measurements are a year from now. I have had many sets where the paint scratches off and you don't know what the measurement is.

👤The metal of the measuring spoons and cups was not what I was expecting. I liked that the cups have the measurements inside them, as I would often grab the 1/3 cup when I needed it. I like metal because it's easier to clean. The set is the best I have ever had. My previous metal set was lightweight but the handles were rubber and they fell off. The metal handles are very sturdy. The high end set is a bargain.

👤Very strong. I have been using a plastic set for a while. The handles on my cups snapped. I wanted a metal set and these are what I got. A very strong price.

👤As I age, it has become harder to read the labels on my current cups, so I bought these as a replacement. The cups are sturdy and easy to read.

👤Just today, it was received. I received a used product. They are scratched and spotty. Sending used items to customers who paid full price is wrong.

👤The last set of measuring cups and spoons is here. It is easy to clean and indestructible. The ring is easy to open and close. The plastic cups that have ridiculously shaped and unnecessary markings that fade in the wash are at a cheaper price. Some designs can't be improved on. The cheapest is the best.

👤I had to smooth the handles on the smaller measuring spoons because they have sharp points on the corners. I wish they were smooth on the inside bottom. You know, the handles are good. They are good, but if left wet they are easy to water. All of them work so I got what I needed. I will gift a better set to someone someday.

👤Gute is robust. Kein Plastik. Danke!

4. Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

Chefs Path Airtight Storage Container

The madesmart 2-tier organizers are made with high quality plastic and feature dry-erase labeling on the baskets and dividers. The topnotch kitchen organization has food containers. These organizers will keep your pantry cabinets neat, organized, and ready for anything you need. 2 extra large containers, 4 large containers, 4 medium containers, and 4 small containers are included. The containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The 4-hinge locking system of these food storage containers with snap lids forms an airtight, watertight seal between container and lid to ensure no spilling! The Superior bundle is a good one. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about, this set of 14 premium Tupperware canisters and chalkboard markers will help keep everything organized. chalkboard labels are an extra bonus. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products.

Brand: Chef's Path

👤These are nice quality and can hold a lot of food. The picture shown makes them appear to be clear plastic, but it is not as clear as the photo. That makes sense. It is not clear if the plastic is clear or white. I am just being picky and they are fine. The quality is great and they work for what I need.

👤The ROLLS ROYCE of food storage. Absolutely love these containers from Chef. I have been looking for a good set for a long time and am happy I found them. The containers are of a higher quality than others and the price is more affordable. I like the fact that the lid handles are made of plastic and that they are easy to stack on top of each other. The locking mechanism works well and is not difficult to open. The pen, chalkboard, and measuring spoon set are great additions to the set. Everything you might need for organization has been provided. The sizes of the containers are perfect for my needs. I like the fact that the company contacts you by email after purchase to make sure you're happy, and I feel like these are going to hold up well over time and serve as great staple pieces in my pantry. I would definitely buy this again, and am already thinking about ordering more to make my pantry even more organized.

👤Absolutely love these containers. I like the smell of plastic. They don't have a smell, and are keeping everything fresh. The box they can in was very organized. Highly recommended and will definitely order again.

👤I would give this a zero rating. They had more good reviews than bad. I should have listened to the reviewers that were bad. I was excited to use these after cleaning my pantry. These are all small containers. There is a photo of Pasta in ContatIner. I don't know how to get the lid on without breaking the pasta. I'm out $45 because they can't be returned. They smell and are hard to close. I think that's the reason they have a no return policy. My husband told me to make sure that I return it before I buy it. You can get some from the dollar store for less.

👤They do not have a full bag of flour or sugar.

👤The company and the customer service are great. The containers are of high quality. The kids fit well. It is a great value for your money. We looked at several containers online and thought they were the best value. We were a little worried about what we would get but we could return them if we didn't like them. What a pleasant surprise! The containers are perfect in size and thickness. We love them. This company's customer service is off the charts. They pride themselves on their customer service. We received a message from the Co-Founder assuring us that everything was good and that we loved our containers. He promptly answered our questions when we replied back. I thought we didn't get what we ordered because my wife ran off with containers. The Co-Founder went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. There is a place on the home page of the company to send messages. They welcome your comments and their contact info is right there, no digging through pages or searching for it. Many companies could learn from their customer service. I highly recommend their products.

5. Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

Premium Stainless Steel Mixing Brushed

The baking mat is approximately 18.6 x 16 inches. The metal mixing bowls have a range of 6 sizes, so they can be used for everything. For all-purpose workhorses in the kitchen from preparing, mixing, stirring, and kneading dough. STAINLESS STEEL has an attractive mirror finish for an elegant look. The metal bowls are easy to clean and stain resistant. Durability yet light weight - that's what it is. Their bowls are made from freezer- and dishwasher-safe materials and shatterproof to last a lifetime. It was intricately designed. The wide rolled rims allow for a solid grip. Balance and stability are provided by flat bases. Capacity marked outside bowls for easy identification. The salad bowlsseamlessly nest together and offer space- efficient storage that helps simplify the kitchen. Kitchen mixing bowl sets.

Brand: Finedine

👤They are made like junk.

👤I was excited until I got them. I could tell by the package that it was a bad purchase. 3 of the 6 are dents and won't sit on the counter so they rock back and forth. If you push on the bottom of the bowl, they pop. Not worth the money or time. They go back.

👤I am not sure if these are 100% steel. I believe that the company misrepresented the origin of the manufacturer. There is no indication of what material the bowls were made of. Every product I buy in a store has an inscription on it that says "stainless steel." I am not sure if they are made of the correct material, and I will not use them myself, even for food consumption.

👤Unless people have never seen decent bowls before, I don't understand the positive reviews. The bowls are light and easy to use. These aren't strong enough to hold up to cooking. I returned them after I pulled them out of the box. If you like things that last you look elsewhere, you'll get a lot of bowls.

👤I opened the box and found that 2 of the 6 bowls had been damaged. The package was intact. I believe this happened before the manufacturing process began. I returned the bowls to Amazon. Initially I was thinking of giving it away as a Christmas gift, but decided to try it out first and buy a second set if I liked it. Imagine keeping the box closed for a while and opening it during the holidays. This is a lesson I have learned before. Look.

👤I just received the shipment and examined the bowls, 5 out of 6 were in good condition but one was banged up so much that I was surprised it passed evaluation and was shipped out. For the price, I suppose this is acceptable, but it makes me feel bad about the whole experience and makes me not want to buy any more bowls. These are not stains that can be wiped off. They're either bumps or cuts through the shiny finish, or they're under the finish.

👤These are gorgeous! Photo doesn't do them justice. They are not the least bit flimsy. I like the large lip on the rim. Perfect gifts will be made by these. Not a single ding came from the carefully packed car. It would be nice if the quart size was stamped on the bottom of the bowl. Unless it is, I can't catch it. The size is easy to estimate, so it is not an issue. I didn't get these at a discount. I am sick of seeing those reviews.

👤Nice size bowls. The largest one is very large. I have only used it to mix 2 lbs of baked macaroni and cheese, with 6 cheeses, and it doesn't even get close to filling the bowl. I use it when I make cornbread dressing because I have to make 3 different versions, one for myself, my husband and our son, so it will come in handy when mixing the main ingredients. I only had it for a week or so and there are already marks on my favorite bowl. That is a bit disappointing. It's not a dealbreaker. 4.5 stars.

6. Homemade Desserts Good Essential Fragrance

Homemade Desserts Good Essential Fragrance

A set of 10 homemade dessert smells include french vanilla, cotton candy, strawberry, coconut, apple pie, marshmallows, harvest spice, brownie, and sugar cookie scented oils. Their aroma oils are very easy to use and make a great gift idea. Add a few drops to your air freshener to make it smell better. Candles, soaps, incense, cones, pine cones, and more are great for baths, body and hair care, homemade lotions, candles, candle wax, soy wax, soap base, perfumes, cleaning, art & craft projects, and so much more. Good essential oils are top of their class when compared to perfume oils. They use the highest quality oils. Every scent is tested to make sure it is amazing. Each fragrance is bottled in the USA. External use of fragrance oils is limited. The product should not be used in a way that makes it more potent. Please contact them if you have questions about proper usage of products.

Brand: Good Essential

👤They don't smell like what they're labeled. One came half way open so it was leaking, and these made my head hurt a lot. I have bought the fruity one before and it smelled good, but these don't. I saw that I could save money.

👤I'm giving this because it was a great price, half of the scents smelled like dessert, and they don't leak, so I'm giving it. The oils don't come out easily. The way the lids are made makes them look like a mess. The smell of the apple pie is not pie. Coconut, Cotton Candy, and marshmallows do not smell like anything. The strawberry smells like an artificial strawberry.

👤I gave this product 5 stars in all 3 categories. I am changing my mind because the prices of every single collection have gone up so much since I came back to order a few more boxes, it literally goes up a few more dollars every day. This is ridiculous.

👤The majority of the smells are great, but the one that is bad is sugar cookie. The smell is strong and doesn't smell like a cookie. Some scents do not smell like what they are supposed to. If that makes sense, French vanilla smells like a sugar cookie but is less powerful than french vanilla.

👤They all smell synthetic but the brownie works for chocolate. I have smelled campfire and dirt by other brands, but the scent of the muffin is one of the worst I have ever smelled. It was Eww.

👤I've been buying this brand for a while. I know they aren't essential oils. They have been great scents that are strong enough that a little went a long way and so they were a great value. They made my apartment smell like it had just been baking or a crisp Autumn day. This last set is a huge disappointment. The company fixed their packaging problem, which would have caused some of the oils to leak if they were not in the best packaging. However, they now seem to be taking away the scent. Before all that was needed was a few drops in the diffuser, the whole apartment would smell good. There is a lot of bubbling in the water in the diffuser. The 10ct set has had this happen. So disappointing! I don't think I'll be buying again. What a shame!

👤I loved the coconut, marshmallows, and cotton candy in this set the most. They smell great. I use them for everything. I'm very happy with the scent of this set of Good Essential fragrances, they are very flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. The set is a great price. Update... The bottles are small but they've always been highly scented oils and a little went a long way, so they've always been worth the purchase. The most recent set was a disappointment. I noticed that they were packaged differently, but it appeared to be an upgrade. I didn't pay much attention to it. I found that every bottle was lacking in strength. The scent is not the same as it was before. I would consider the possibility that I got a bad batches but it's not likely because it's multiple scents.

7. OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

OXO Grips 8 Piece Container Baking

For ages 3 and up. If you have a quality problem, please contact them. This must-have set is needed to keep baking ingredients fresh. The set includes 5 POP containers. There are 2 Qt and 2 POP accessories, one of which is the Brown Sugar Saver. 1 lbs of brown sugar, 5 lbs of flour and sugar, baking soda, baking powder, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and more are included. Push the button to open the seal. The button is used as a handle. The Brown Sugar Saver keeps brown sugar soft and the 12 cup scoops are perfect for measuring. The design stacks are dishwasher safe and can be tailored to fit any space. Always use the button to open and close. Do not carry the containers by the lid. There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. The dishwasher safe is top-rack.

Brand: Oxo

👤Wow! This product has saved my life. I had no pest problem before the storm. I had a lot of ants in my house after the flood waters subsided. They were in everything. I searched the internet for something that would keep my pantry items out. I ordered them on the spot after finding them with great reviews. I called a pest control service and scheduled an appointment to have them come spray my house while I waited for them. These arrived. I put my new sugars and spices in the containers. I had some ice cream and put my bowl in the sink. I woke up to a lot of ants. I was in full panic because our pest control guy wasn't coming until the next day. I couldn't believe I was so stupid. I cleaned my counter again. Everything in my cabinets was untouched when I opened them. The ants did not approach the cabinet. They couldn't smell the sugar. The containers are life saving. If we have flood waters again, I'm no longer worried. They are very easy to use. I am so thankful for the amazing product made by OXO.

👤Love the product. They opened them to find out that the smaller containers didn't seal properly. I wasted a lot of time trying to get Amazon to stand behind the product. I was told to contact the manufacturer. Don't waste your time getting this product, because if it's faulty, Amazon won't stand behind it.

👤I bought these about a month ago to organize my pantry. They look nice and seem to be sturdy, but they are advertised as being air tight. The sugar formed into a brick and the cereals were not fresh after a couple weeks. The freshness of sugar and cereals in their original opened bags is more important than the freshness of these containers. You would expect these to work for $100. The seal is so weak that I can easily pull the lid off after pressing the button. It looks like it might be a fairly common occurrence, but I think mine are malfunctioning.

👤I cried and it was not in a good way. The original version was very good, from how strong the suction is to how well they wash. The new ones don't come apart the same, and my cookies went rancid in under a week. I spent a lot of money expecting the original quality. I am very disappointed. Why Oxo?

👤If you grab them from the top of the container, the lid will come off. The old style of containers have a rounded lid. Your food will become old.

👤It was arrived in a timely manner. Storage containers from OXO are great. The seal works well and protects items. The container size of the brown sugar is the biggest issue with this set. I don't know what bags of brown sugar they are putting in there, but the ones available in my area barely fit, leaving no room or space for the clay piece to keep the brown sugar moist and not hardened. The container should have been half the size of the containers. It should have been like the 2 quart size. This set would have been perfect if not for that.

8. CROWNFUL Automatic Programmable Nonstick Gluten Free

CROWNFUL Automatic Programmable Nonstick Gluten Free

The measuring cups are built to last a lifetime, they are rust proof, corrosion proof, and chemical resistant. The bread machine has a variety of course settings to choose from, including Basic, French Whole Wheat, Quick Bread, Sweet Bread, Dough, Cake, Sandwich, Butter Milk Bread, Kneading and bake, and pizza dough. It has an audible reminder for adding fruits and nuts. Large and dense culture. The CROWNFUL Automatic Bread Machine Maker has a light, medium and dark crust. It can hold 1.5 and 2.0 lbs. The bread is baked evenly in the pan. It is easy to clean. The Delay TimeR is 13H and the 1H Keep Warm is 13H. The delay timer allows you to load your machine with ingredients and set it to bake before you wake up in the morning. You can set it up to 13 hours in advance. Fresh bread can be ensured with a 10-minute power interruption recovery. CROWNFUL bread machine is a great place to bake bread at home. A large transparent window and a digital panel make it easy to use and view. It comes with a bread hook, measuring cup, measuring spoon, and recipe book. Have fun making a variety of breads. It comes with a 1-year warranty for all parts and accessories and lifetime support from CROWNFUL. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Crownful

👤The machine had a booklet with different recipes. I found a recipe online and made one from the book. It's easy to use and both tries turned out great. It was easy to clean as nothing stuck to the pan so it washed up. I've made a few more things and I still love them. The coating is pretty thin. I think it's better to hand wash it since I have a few scratches in it after running it in the dishwasher.

👤This is the best machine I have owned. Quiet and strong kneading. The bread was good.

👤I loved the smell of freshly made bread when I was a kid. Someone made it for me. I'm new to bread making but can follow some simple recipes, and this bread maker is easy to use and does the work. It's a victory for me. The wife likes that I didn't make a mess and that the bread pan is easy to clean. The price point is good. I plan to make pizza dough or buns next time, and mix other ingredients to add variety, so I can see how it goes. A thick french toast is delicious. The setting feature is something to look at. The bread maker is easy to use and the preparation time is reasonable. I'm excited to try new things with my break maker.

👤I have never had such caring business owners. They wrote several times to make me happy and are sending a new machine to make up for the one I purchased the first time. I want to make some bread after getting it. These people have gone out of their way to help solve the problem after reading my first review. Thank you. I am very disappointed in this bread machine. I've tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but it fails more often than not. You can see the flour in the baked bread because the machine doesn't knead the dough correctly. I tried a light egg recipe and the bread was not as good as I had hoped. Half of the dough was yellow and the eggs weren't kneaded into it. I had to use a jackhammer to cut the loaves. There is no recipe book. It is just a few sheets of paper that are written in measurements. If you want to increase your investment, I would suggest you buy a well known brand of machine because this one is not good. I found the original box and will try to return it. . The first loaf of bread I baked was better than the previous one. Thank you for your help and kindness. Thanks for your great customer service.

👤Everybody was making bread when it first started. I resisted the urge. I was craving different types of bread as we rolled around towards the anniversary. Store-bought bread is not the same as a loaf that is steaming hot with a fresh crust just popping out of the oven. I've only had this machine for a week, but I've already made two loaves of bread, a loaf of whole wheat bread and a loaf of raisin bread. Everything seems straightforward when opening the box. Inside the machine's swing top lid you'll find a square loaf pan that is coated with a non-stick layer for easy release and a heavy-looking plastic mixer finger at the bottom. The mixing finger fits securely on the bottom of the pan, which is something I liked about it. The seal and the bearing are built into the pan and not in multiple pieces like my old bread machine was. I'm not an expert at using a bread machine, so the instruction book could use some help. It doesn't tell you how long it lasts, but it does give you a list of the uses of the buttons. We have the internet so is easy to look up recipes, but the included simple instruction book is very simple and basic. When I made my first loaf of bread, I noticed that the mixing finger stayed in the pan when I slid the loaf out to cool on the rack. I thought it was very useful that you don't have to dig it out of the loaf. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bread machine to my friends because it is easy to use and does a great job at making bread.

9. Mrs Andersons Baking Ceramic Stoneware

Mrs Andersons Baking Ceramic Stoneware

The instruction manual for the Fullstar food chopper should be read carefully. If you have a question about the chopper, please do not hesitate to send a message to the seller on Amazon and they will get back to you within 24 hours. Mrs. Anderson's Ceramic Pie Weights bake empty pie shells, known as blind baking, without them bubbling or collapsing. Made from natural, food-safe ceramic stoneware, it is heat resistant to 480-degrees Fahrenheit. Individual beads are easy to place and arrange, and weigh down pie dough to keep bubbles from forming. Banana cream and chocolate cream pie is one of the blind bake pie crusts. It's easy to use, it's great for any size frozen and homemade pie crust, and you can wash it with a dry cloth or soapy water before storing.

Brand: Mrs. Anderson's Baking

👤Light balls surfaced. Only 1/3 of the bottom of a typical pie plate was covered. These pie weight balls are a great choice if you need enough coverage of weights that will be hard to keep clean. They are a complete waste if they are not. Balls leave a white powder after use. It's great if you like a little Taiwanese cereamic dust.

👤I'm surprised at how many people complain about the dustiness of these pie weights, but they're easy to rinse off and dry, and they were never meant to go into a pie crust naked. If you line your pie with foil or parchment, the little babies will distribute the heat evenly, and they won't leave any particles behind in the pie. Remove them after a few minutes and then bake to dry and brown the bottom of the crust. My complaints are the same as everyone else's: one box is not enough to hold up the sides and lock them in place during blind baking, so consider the price doubled and get two; and I keep mine in a jar.

👤I needed pie weights so I could blind bake the bottom of the pie. Blind baking keeps a bottom crust from getting wet. The pie weights should come up the sides of the pie pan to make sure the bottom of the pie is pressed against the tin. There wasn't enough pie weights in a single box to cover the bottom and not enough to fit on the sides of the tin. I plan to buy more of these pie weights because I like them and they are easy to clean and store.

👤I had been using dried bean for many years and decided it was time to treat myself to a set of pie weights. The ceramic beads work better than dried beans because the ceramic holds the heat and helps the crust brown. One set would have been sparse if other reviewers had not complained that the number of weights was skimpy. New ceramic pie weights will be covered in ceramic dust during shipping. Before use, be sure to rinse them in a collander. The liner should always be used over the crust. The weights will become embedded in the crust and it will be toast. I apologize for the bad pun. - If you smooth the liner over the unbaked crust before filling it with beads, the beads won't roll around as easily. The plastic storage box is flimsy, and it's difficult to put the weights back in it after use. A colored canning jar is great if you want a simpler storage solution or if your box breaks. I use a turqoise antique Ball jar. I found that there are many other items that could be used just as well as the ceramic beads for pie weights, such as the glass beads for flower arranging, and the tumbled stones. You can get the equivalent of two packages for a dollar, so the stones and glass beads are far more economical, and you could use them in your flower vases when you're not baking pies. If you do this, wash them well afterwards. You can get glass beads that are flat, so they are easier to handle. The glass beads are not the same as the gel beads. The glass beads will be safe in an oven because of the high melting point of the glass.

10. Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring

Hudson Essentials Stainless Steel Measuring

100% satisfaction service. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with their product, please contact them with your questions or complaints, 1 Easylife excellence service will bring you a smile. A complete set of six measuring cups. You can store them in any drawer, cabinet or cupboard. You can wash premium food grade STAINLESS in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean up. The spout of the STAINLESS steel lets you pour out the contents without spills or drips. The measuring cups are built to last a lifetime, they are rust proof, corrosion proof, and chemical resistant.

Brand: Hudson Essentials

👤The quality was not good. I had to return the set because the cups were warped. This company went way out of their way for me as a customer, so I want to let readers know. After receiving a full refund for the warped set of measuring cups, I received a new set of measuring cups and an additional set of measuring spoons. I am amazed at how professional they are. My review is being upgraded to five stars.

👤When I replaced a set that had been rendered incomplete in a tragic mixer accident, I didn't expect any changes in measuring cup design. These cups have subtle improvements over the standard measuring cup sets. The handles and body are made in a single piece, so they don't have welded seams that can come loose or collect debris, which makes for quicker clean up. I like the short handle with thumb grip design for control and easy pouring from the indented spout on the lip, although the lack of a spout on both sides may bother those who use their free left hand for pouring. The cups seem to be of good quality and are likely to last. The capacity on the handle and the cup itself are marked by the text on the handles. The inside of the cup is clearly visible for partial fills. The cups have flat bottoms and sit upright. The cups nest compactly within one another despite the product image being meant to show them off rather than depict reality. The handles have a hole for attaching the cups to the ring, which is large enough to allow room for manipulation. If someone wanted to hang them up on a hook or peg, the ring could be useful. I'm very satisfied with these and the refinements of design over the ones we have been using for a long time make me happy.

👤I love them! I had been looking for the measuring cups. My previous set had attached handles that fell off. The set is very sturdy and has seamless handles. Looking forward to using them for a long time.

👤The cups are on the counter. If you don't want the cups to be connected, you can easily remove the connecting chain. They are easy to nest in. If you prefer, you can mark the in-between measurements on each cup if you prefer. The cups include less common sizes as well as the common ones, so this is a complete set. It's a good idea to wash up in the dishwasher. To show that they are not heavy, have enough heft. We have never had a better measuring cup.

👤We are setting up a farm and will have farm animals. When working with the products our animals will give us, I want only top quality items to be used. I want to achieve pure. This product is able to achieve heavy and accurate measuring, no opportunity for leeching chemicals, and so on. You don't have to stop doing what you are doing, wash a cup, and then pick up your measuring cup, that's what I'm impressed with. Every cup has multiple measuring opportunities, even down to the 1/6 cup, because it has inside and outside measurement for 1/2 and 1/3. The size of the cup is stamped on the handle of the cup. The more I think about the potential of these cups, the more I like them. I am very happy.

11. FineDine Stainless Stability Stackable Convenient

FineDine Stainless Stability Stackable Convenient

American made glassware. Since 1905. A set of 5 bowls with plastic lids are ideal for storing food, baking and cooking. The sizes of the bowls are 75, 1, 1.5, 3, and 5 quarts. A sturdy grip is ensured with a wide, flat rim. Their bowls are deeper than standard sets and allow for more serving and less mess. The small metal bowls are great for whisking and beating smaller quantities, while the large metal bowls are great for mixing large batters, tossing salads, and storing. The lids are made of a flexible plastic that won't harm you. The serving bowl lid has a flush fit and has a top for stacking bowls. Remove and replace the lids with handles. The mixing bowl set is made of heavy-gauge STAINLESS steel and is rust and dent resistant. The silver bowls have a shiny interior, a wide, flat rim for smooth pouring, and a flat base for stability. Their dishwasher safe kitchen bowls are easy to clean by hand. The metal bowls are perfect for gifts on Christmas, holidays, and other special occasions.

Brand: Finedine

👤This product is not real. The bowls are not advertised on Amazon or printed on the package. The largest bowl is labeled 5 quarts and holds 3 1/2 quarts. The next small size is marked 3 quarts and it holds 1 and 1/2 quarts. I bought this set of bowls because they were large. None of them have what they are said to have. One of them has a small dent. A big disappointment. They shouldn't be allowed to sell this product on Amazon.

👤Not happy with the product. When I receive it, I can tell it is not cheap because of the fact that the bowls are rusted and it doesn't rust. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤If you're looking for a metal mixing bowl, I would recommend the ones from the cuisinart company, they are cheaper and more flimsy than the ones from these bowls. The only advantage this set has is the two extra smaller bowls, but it's not really worth paying more and getting lower quality bowls in exchange for the two extra small ones.

👤I discovered a hole in the largest bowl when I used it for the first time. The matching lid was discarded. The fridge lid is too small to properly seal, after I used another bowl to make and store a dip. I was willing to overlook a defect in one bowl, but this is too much. Good luck to anyone who buys these.

👤The material is very thin and similar to the stove burner covers. Returned it for a full refund.

👤If you are a cook, these bowls are not very good. One of them has small black spots after a few uses. This is not a mixing bowl set.

👤I really like this set. I have to give this 3 stars because one of the bowls has some type of scratches all over the rim of it, and the box was damaged and even looked opened, first inclination. There are 2 small dents on the bottom. One of the smaller bowls has black marks on the back of it. I like how the tops fit, although they are cheap and look like they will crack if pulled off too harshly. I will keep this set until I can afford nicer things. I will post pictures.

👤A nice set with a variety of sizes is a good price. I was just looking for a few bowls that I could use to cook at home. When I bought these, I didn't read the description. I added the Amazon's Choice label to my cart because it was less expensive than most other sets. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see the different sized bowls and lids. The seals on the lids are strong. This set is a good one.

👤The bowls were in plastic sleeves and the packaging looked good. There is a I didn't expect to find food and a greasy spoon in one of the bowls. They need to close these packages. It's obvious that they have been opened and returned.


What is the best product for baking essential ingredients?

Baking essential ingredients products from King Arthur. In this article about baking essential ingredients you can see why people choose the product. Baketivity and Tribal Cooking are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking essential ingredients.

What are the best brands for baking essential ingredients?

King Arthur, Baketivity and Tribal Cooking are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking essential ingredients. Find the detail in this article. Chef's Path, Finedine and Good Essential are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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