Best Baking Flavoring Extracts for Macarons

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1. LorAnn Oils Gourmet Emulsion Strawberry

LorAnn Oils Gourmet Emulsion Strawberry

There is a bundle of Bakery Emulsion 3 Pack Variety. There are 4 ounce bottles of Cream Cheese, Lemon, and Strawberry. It's ideal for adding flavor to your homemade baked goods. There are water-based flavors. LorAnn Emulsions can be used in place of an extract.

Brand: Lorann Oils

👤This product does not taste like cream cheese. The smell and taste of it was very pleasant. I should not have bought it.

👤I will happily buy this product again.

👤It adds more flavor than extracts. It will be a staple in my kitchen.

👤The producto is the best.

👤It is great. I use it to make plain whip cream taste like strawberries or lemon when baking.

👤I've never used an alcohol-based flavor in my baking, but I can say that these are a staple in my baking love because they have that natural flavor of what you use.

👤These are wonderful. I have used them for cakes, frostings, and cereals. These are highly recommended.

2. Citrus Extracts Lemon Orange Tangerine

Citrus Extracts Lemon Orange Tangerine

The bottles have lemon, lime, key lime, orange, and tangerine flavors. It is a great gift for a baker to make different types of delicious bake dishes. These flavors are made in the USA. You can save time and money by using this set. Premium quality and deep taste can be found in a set of 5 olives.

Brand: Olivenation

👤It arrived earlier than expected, but no damage. Key lime was a tad better than tangerine, but both are good. Making cupcakes later today. The price per quantity is great, and I love the flavors in the cabinet. I will order again when I run out.

👤These extracts are pleasant. I put them in my pot of aroma therapy and they smelled better than the essential oils I used. They are very fragrant. One of the bottles leaked in shipping and the packaging wasn't as protective as it should be. Lime extract was all over the box. The product is worth buying.

👤This stuff is a little weak and subdued, I don't know why. That scent is not bright. The brand is a little bitter. I wanted to love it but it was ok.

👤Some of the extracts are difficult to find, for example, lime and key lime. The price is good for five.

👤I have not had time to cook with them, but they seem to be strong and survive. I will never run out of them.

👤These are the same as advertised. They taste great in my smoothies.

👤There are large bottles. It's cheaper than anything else. It's good to have good flavors.

👤I ordered the tangerine because I couldn't find it. When these arrived, the bottle was half empty and the outside was wet. The whole lot was thrown away.

3. Hotpop Macaron Baking Kit 17pcs

Hotpop Macaron Baking Kit 17pcs

Made in the USA. The ULTIMATE MacARON BAKING KIT includes everything you need for baking perfect macarons, including 2 half-size silicone baking mats, 8 piping tips, 3 piping bags with 3 bag ties, and a coupler. The perfect gift for bakers is the macaron baking kit, it's the perfect gift for all bakers. Birthdays, Christmas, mother's day, and housewarming are all great gifts. PROFESSIONAL NON-STICKY & EASY-TO-CLEAN: Their Silicone macaron mats are non-stick and can be used without using cooking sprays, butter, grease, or oils. The mats can be washed in a dishwasher or in warm soapy water. The mats have a unique property that makes them look new again after being washed. The premium baking kit is reliable and can be used by anyone at any time. This 0.75mm thick baking pad will bake perfectly with your cookies. As a brand, they believe in quality, not quantity. All of their baking mats and supplies are made to the standard, which is the most convenient and durable you will ever use. If you get a full refund, you'll be happy.

Brand: Hotpop

👤I wasn't sure what I needed to make macarons, having never made them before. The kit had everything I needed to start making treats. The mats are non-stick and easy to use, they don't hold a shape, and they always lay flat. It is easy to clean. The only issue I have with this is that one of the piping bags has a leak in the seam, but it only leaks when cleaned. Would recommend anyone to make delicious macarons.

👤I ordered these for Thanksgiving and they worked great. I used the template as a template and put the parchment over the circles to pipe my macarons onto it. It worked well.

👤I was a little hesitant to order these as I saw some reviews that said the macarons were sticking to the mat. I tried it myself and I can honestly say they are amazing. If you tried to pull them off when they were still warm, you would be out of luck. They would come off when I peel the mat under them.

👤I bought this for my daughters who were trying to learn how to bake. The cookies stuck to the paper, but they were in different sizes. I bought this for them after they tried it, and they have been practicing making macarons every week. The cookies were easy to take off the mats and they were happy that they were in uniform size. Less clean up for them. They have used the bag over and over again, and have made weekly batches of macarons.

👤These products are great for making macarons. The circles help an amateur baker like me to pipe the right sizes, and the sheets ofSilicon are easy to clean. The piping bags are great. The piping tips are a steal. This is a good price for what is included.

👤The parts of this set are great. The circles on the pads are convenient for me. I love making things with piping bags. It's much easier to eat macarons. I need to work on my method using the pads because my recipe that used to work great now leaves them hallow. I recommend this product.

👤The mats are easy to clean, but when I used them to bake the macaron batter, they stuck to the mat, like I had seen others do. The piping bags are pre-cut and they fit perfectly.

👤There is a side of the mats where the corners won't flatten out. I tried putting things on top of it. With no luck. The corners are a little curl up in the photos. There are some places where there is a lot of macarons. I wanted to pipe 30 shells on one mat so I got these mats. That is not possible.

4. McCormick Pure Lemon Extract

McCormick Pure Lemon Extract

Lemon flavor can be added to baked goods. Try it in a lemon poppy seed cake. USAGE tip: The extract makes delicious pink lemonade marshmallows.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I need to keep a lot of lemon extract because I can't get enough lemon desserts. I have tried a few other brands, but I prefer the McCormick brand. I use extract instead of grating lemons in my recipes because it's so much easier. Highly recommended.

👤I baked a lemon cake with lemon extract and it gave the whole cake a weird bleach flavor. The lemon extract in the cake batter and the frosting ruined the whole cake, because the recipe called for it. I baked the cake without the lemon extract and it tasted great.

👤The lemon extract is just plain bad, and I usually like McCormick extracts. The banana, coconut, butter, and peppermint are all good. Lemon is bad. I thought I used too much, but when I made it again, it was still bad.

👤I am not a fan of alcohol based flavors but this lemon extract does not seem to overwhelm the taste of lemon. I only have to use 1/2 of the lemon flavor for it to taste lemony, and I use it to make a quick microwave 6oz lemon cheesecake. It's awesome for mixing into a vanilla shake.

👤This is what I needed for my homemade cookies. The taste of my cookies is very nice. I will purchase more when needed. It won't expire if I use it right away. This brand is in my pantry.

👤It's great for cakes and pastries.

👤This is a very good deal. An ounce and a half is $5 in the grocery store. You already know it's quality because it has the great name of McCormick. A small amount goes a long way. It's used in cakes, frosting, and sugar cookies. If you bake a lot like I do, buying your extracts in bulk is the way to go. It costs a little more upfront, but it lasts a long time. I have bought this extract before and will continue to do so. Baking is fun!

👤Iike products. I live in the Baltimore area and went to school with Sherry. I know their wonderful products and trust their quality. They will never let you down. It's a bit pricey, but worth it.

👤I don't know what my expectations were but this product is not as lemony as I thought it would be. I have to use at least a small amount per bottle. The price is great for 8 ounces so I should still work out as cost effective even though I have to use more. I would definitely buy again.

5. Blue Diamond Almond Gluten Blanched

Blue Diamond Almond Gluten Blanched

Great in baking. It supports paleo and Keto lifestyles. It was made with high quality blanched almonds. There is a bag of blue diamond almond flour.

Brand: Blue Diamond Almonds

👤I'm not going to lie here. I make most of my own Almond Meal and Almond Flour. It's easier to buy ready made varieties. Almonds have to be blanched, dry, and then grind to a fine flour if you want to make your own Almond Flour. Almond Meal is easy to make. Almond Meal has a nuttier texture that I prefer when making bread and cookies. If you want to make cakes, pastries, sauces, etc., then Almond Flour is the way to go. It makes a lighter finished product, which is similar to traditional flours. Almond Meal has a heavier effect on you. When making cakes and most baked goods, I use Coconut Flour and Xanthum gum to help keep it stable. I usually make a mix of Almond Flour Baking mix and Coconut Flour. If called for, leave coconut flour and gum out of the recipe. You can make this recipe in a few minutes. If you want to make little Mug-Cakes, "double the Cocoa" is the way to go. 2 cups of almond flour baking mix are used for chocolate doughnuts. 1 cup of Stevia, 3 cups of Cocoa, and 1 cup of Cocoa. dark cocoa is similar to Hershey's powdered. Baking soda is 1/3 of a cup. Sea Salt is whisked above together. Add 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil. There is 1 tsps. Put 1 cup of water or nut milk in a container and place into 5 Ramekins or Mugs. Put the plate into the microwave. It should take about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the microwave's wattage. If they are not done, put them back in for 30 second intervals. They don't take very long. I like to mix up some Powdered Peanut Butter with a little nut milk and spread it on top of my icing. I would like to thank you for reading my review. If you found the review helpful, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

👤I find it sustainable because I make my favorite foods in a Keto friendly manner. Almond flour is an important ingredient. Almond flour is called for in many Keto recipes, but not all almond flour is the same. I have tried many different brands and they leave your food dense. Almond flour and Blue Diamond nuts are my favorites. It has a great taste. It is lighter in color and ground than many of its competitors. I have changed recipes that I didn't like and I liked almond flour. I don't mind paying a little more when the quality is better. I recommend this to anyone who needs almond flour.

👤I have never tried this brand but I ordered it online because all flours are gone. I love it! My dessert came out perfect. When I sift, I usually have a lot of big pieces left behind, but there were no large pieces of almond left in the sifter. Will definitely be ordering again.

👤The price for the weight was really good. It's perfect for making French Macarons.

6. OliveNation Strawberry Extract Ounce

OliveNation Strawberry Extract Ounce

If you like fresh strawberries, you will love their strawberry extract. Adding it to your desserts will intensify the strawberry flavor. It can be used to give a boost to the flavor of your strawberry jams and preserves. strawberry extract is sugar free.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I bought this product because my favorite smelling skin care product contained strawberry extract. I was under the impression that I would receive a bottle of beautiful berry goodness, replicating the incredible strawberry smell I wanted to incorporate into my other products. I was mistaken. When I opened this bottle, I smelled the smell. Similar to rotten fruit sitting outside in the summer. It was horrible. The taste was just like the smell. I bought strawberry extract at a cheap price. If you want high quality products that are fragrant, aromatic and palatable, make sure you spend the extra money and choose a different brand. This is where it belongs. In the TRASH!

👤I've used this in cupcakes, frosting, pancakes, and smoothies, and so far it's provided fresh, intense strawberry flavor in each item. It seems to have only the sweet flavor of strawberries with no tartness, so be sure to either reduce your sweetener or add a little acid to balance it out.

👤The label on the bottle says to cook or bake. The marketing in the description of this product claims otherwise. The label clearly says don't use it in smoothies or ice cream that won't be heated. I wanted to use it in a smoothie. The vendor told me not to believe the bottle label but to trust the marketing claims. The person who answered the phone made it sound like they didn't understand what they were talking about. "To cook" means "to cook by the use of heat, as by boiling, baking, or roasting; to subject (anything) to the application of heat" according to It's concerning that a company making food products sold in the USA either does not understand elementary school English words or is lying to sell a product.

👤The true sweetness of Strawberries can not be found in an extract. I can't say for certain if the alcohol used in the extraction process has an unpleasant taste. It just doesn't taste right. If you used an amount like that, it would not do anything. Still too weak, double up. You get a strawberry like taste, but not without the unpleasant taste. I won't buy this product again.

👤The strawberry and banana extract labels look the same. There is no photo of a strawberry like this one on Amazon. I made strawberry bread instead of banana bread. The bottles should look like the ones on Amazon. I'm not very fond of the flavor. The banana extract is great.

👤The strawberry extractives, alcohol, water, and natural flavors are listed in the description. The picture shows that they did not list glycerin. Some people don't want to use glycerin, which is a natural flavor.

👤The item was well packaged and arrived in a timely manner. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. The bottle had a good seal. The smell was great and the taste was even better. This extract is amazing. The all natural extract from Olive nation is great. I don't like artificial extracts. A little of the strawberry extract can be used. I add a small amount to my shakes. You could add this to a lot of things, including milk, baked goods, shakes, all kinds of drinks, and frosting. Highly recommend this product! It was very delicious.

7. LorAnn Oils Super Strength Cheesecake Flavouring

LorAnn Oils Super Strength Cheesecake Flavouring

Made in the USA. Highly-concentrated gourmet flavor. 1 dram is equivalent to 1 liter of bottle.

Brand: Lorann

👤I ordered 8 different flavors from LorAnn. I had experience with the flavors and they were either amazing or just discussing. I haven't tasted one yet, but that was ok. The scent and flavor of the dessert is to die for. I make lip scrubs for my small business. I add cherry snow cone syrup to my lip scrubs to make a cherry cheesecake lip scrub. That is to die for. I stopped eating it. He! A little goes along way with this one. I only had to use a quarter of a cup of sugar and oils. Hope this helps. Thanks for this one LorAnn! Will be buying a lot of this one.

👤A tiny bottle can go a long way. I tried it in strawberry smoothie and it tasted a bit weird. It didn't add the cheesecake flavor that I had hoped for. This was not for me.

👤I received Wintergreen, but I ordered the cheesecake. So disappointed. I was going to make a dessert for my daughter's birthday. Amazon says that the Wintergreen cannot be returned.

👤I will send this overseas for my sister. The print on one side of the bottle was blackened out. I don't know why it was blackened by the seller.

👤I couldn't say it tasted like cheesecake, but I was unsure how much to use in a type of pudding I made. I didn't use enough. By the time I figure it out, I'm sure. I will run out of it.

👤I was unprepared for how small the bottle was. It is extremely small. You need to use all of it in one recipe, it is not strong with flavor.

👤The taste is not overpowering despite the title of the flavoring. It didn't have as much of the cheesecake flavor as I 888-276-5932 Someone else's palate may be different. The amount of cupcakes I made were standard at 12 count so I didn't want to use too much, but it was hit or miss with the amount used. I would try other flavors to see which one I like the most.

8. OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

It is best to use kosher ice cream, whipped cream, and pudding. No corn syrup or sugar added. Adding fresh and pure ingredients to your baking recipes will create a delicious fresh mango flavor. Alcohol, mango essence, annatto and water are ingredients. Kosher certified natural extract is also free ofgluten. The extract drops have a good flavor.

Brand: Olivenation

👤Do not use extracts for baking. You need to use an emulsified flavoring. It's also oil-based. When heated, alcohol-based extracts are not stable. Ice cream can be affected by extracts. They are used in drinks. Do not bake with them. Do not pay attention to the reviews where someone was baking with the extract. It's good for things like dessert that is not heated, cream cheese that is not heated, or cool items. The alcohol content may affect the freezing point.

👤This review is only for sparkling water flavor alternatives. I have a sparkling water machine in my home and wanted to try some different flavors. Diluted syrups are usually more liquid than syrups. The flavor is great but there are not many options compared to the sparkling water flavors at the grocery store. You can use extracts if you research alternative flavoring items. The OliveNation Pure Mango Extract does not taste good in water. This extract is intended to flavor food. You can taste the alcohol in the water. The smell is off putting. It is harder to carbonate when added to the water and then C02 is added. The extract contains alcohol. I don't recommend this for water flavor. I'm looking forward to using this item for food items. This is an all natural product and it is naturally colored with plant based ingredients. I wanted my water to be as natural as possible. I will keep this product to experiment with flavors. I am looking forward to trying this product out.

👤Didn't smell like mango. It says "mango essence". It's like a slice of mango that wasn't ripe yet, but was dropped in a solution of alcohol for a few minutes. The liquid was poured in this bottle. I wouldn't order this again if I got a bad batches.

👤No smell, no scent, and no flavor that was disgusting. I would not order this item again. I think I'm going to have to send them back. I'm sad. This product is terrible. Do not purchase this if you are looking for pure extract. I used 1oz in the cake. No one could pick up the smell or essence. I was not happy. I will not purchase anything from this company again. It says "mango essence". The first thing on the label is alcohol. Not fruit extract at all.

👤I use this to make mango ice cream and mango cream cake. A small amount of this goes a long way. I make ice cream by using 2 cups of heavy cream, 1 and 1/2 cups of milk or half and half, puréed mango, and a few other ingredients. The ice cream has turned out great each time, even though fresh mangoes can vary in their intensity of sweetness and flavor. For the cake, I use 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of extract along with the confectioners sugar, and then after the whipped cream is ready, fold in 1/2 to 1 cup of puréed mango, and I use this to cover the cake. There are many recipes for mango ice cream and mango cake on the internet. A small amount of mango extract can be used to enhance any of the recipes. I will buy more when I need it.

9. Watkins Natural Extract Imitation Caramel

Watkins Natural Extract Imitation Caramel

Only the finest ingredients were used. Excellent results in baking. Superior results are guaranteed by concentrated flavor.

Brand: Watkins

👤This made our beer taste great.

👤This has been added to my cofeee. It doesn't taste like caramel. Overpriced. Disappointing.

👤I love it! The string caramel flavor is good. If you start with 1/2 of a cup, you will be on your way to using a full cup. I've used it in a lot of things. I couldn't find it in some stores. When I shipped there, I used d to find it in Walmart. It was very expensive on Amazon. Almost $7. It's under $2 at Walmart. I like using other watkins extracts. caramel is my favorite. Yes. I spent it. Highly recommend all Watkins extracts.

👤I brew my coffee with a few drops of caramel flavor. It was delicious!

👤I used it in a recipe I bought. I don't like the flavor.

👤This was used to make butter beer.

👤Watkins extracts never let me down.

👤Love scent. Apple cake recipes are great.

10. Set Of 6 Bakersfield Extracts

Set Of 6 Bakersfield Extracts

You will receive 6 bottles of different flavors. Each box has a bottle inside. Almond, Coconut, Lemon, and Orange bottles have NET 2 FL OZ. NET 0.5 FL OZ is contained in each extract. It's ideal for general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking, flavoring drinks and confectionery applications. Bakersfield strong flavors will give your food an intense flavor in a few drops.

Brand: Bakersfield

👤This came to me in a mess. Every extract was half empty. I tasted the half filled bottles. The extract was strong and had a fake taste. There is no way to get a refund. This is stealing. They get to keep my money because they send products that are half full. What a scam!

👤Some of the orange extract was already out of the box. The others were sealed, but the orange one wasn't.

👤I was looking for extracts on a budget. I was curious to try these out. The almond, lemon, coconut and orange were great but the one that really stood out was the one with the vanilla. The extracts were packed with a punch. For those only my money was wasted.

👤We included these flavors in baskets for friends when we baked holiday cookies. There are delicious flavors and wonderful aromas in your home.

👤The taste is similar to alcohol. I threw them away.

👤They are expected to have great flavors without the alcohol or aftertaste.

👤I needed this to improve my baking game.

11. OliveNation Salted Caramel Flavor Fountain

OliveNation Salted Caramel Flavor Fountain

It can be tried with your soda machine. The fountain is suitable for low-fat and low-sugar preparations. Can be used to flavor baked goods. The OliveNation Salted Caramel Flavor Fountain is a concentrated flavoring.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I could smell alcohol in the bottle but it was supposed to be concentrate. What should we concentrate on? I don't know. It doesn't taste anything at all. I added 2 cups of coffee but nothing else. How much should I add to the concentrate to taste it? Not happy with the product.

👤It was like cement when I got it out again, but it was never liquidy. Do I throw it away? It's really needed for Christmas baking.

👤This stuff tasted like a burnt coffee. The bag had a small amount of the broken cap in it. Will try to make my own. Will not buy this stuff again.

👤Great purchase from a reliable seller.

👤I bake cakes and cupcakes. Great taste. The brand is quality.


What is the best product for baking flavoring extracts for macarons?

Baking flavoring extracts for macarons products from Lorann Oils. In this article about baking flavoring extracts for macarons you can see why people choose the product. Olivenation and Hotpop are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking flavoring extracts for macarons.

What are the best brands for baking flavoring extracts for macarons?

Lorann Oils, Olivenation and Hotpop are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking flavoring extracts for macarons. Find the detail in this article. Mccormick, Blue Diamond Almonds and Olivenation are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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