Best Baking Flavoring Extracts Set

Extracts 29 May 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. OliveNation EM4 Maple Extract Ounce

OliveNation EM4 Maple Extract Ounce

It's easy to keep on hand for any recipe that calls for maple flavor. The maple flavor is strong and clean. Maple extract is all natural. It's great to make cookies, cakes and frostings. Add baked beans to your diet.

Brand: Olivenation

👤They say it is pure on the label. The label doesn't say anything about it being pure.

👤I wonder if the reviews are real. I am appalled at the lack of flavor in this item. It does not have a maple syrup. It doesn't have any flavor at all. It is a shame that the maple flavor of Totonac is no longer available. Spice House, Alan Tetreault, and King Arthur were all good, but this one was better. Spices is the next best thing. If you can tolerate the fact that it has propylene glycol, then you can tolerate maple flavoring.

👤I should have ignored the negative reviews for this extract since it doesn't have any flavor. It smells wonderful and rich in the bottle, but it doesn't add anything to a recipe. I wanted to make ice cream with natural maple extract. I wanted to increase the flavor of the ice cream by half the amount of real maple syrup I use. I don't like to say it but the flavor of the Imitation Maple Extract is better than this. I have to keep looking for a real maple extract that isn't a waste of money. Wesselmann was named after Deborah Lee Wesselmann.

👤I've been using this extract for a month. The "maple extract" label is not correct as this tastes more like pancake syrup than maple extract. The packaging needs to be addressed. The product glues itself shut when placed finger tight. I've kept this product at room and refrigerator temperatures. I've tried everything from heating the lid under water to freezing the product to having a man try to remove the lid. There was no success except for slicing open hands and fingers. I used a pair of pliers to crush the lid and popped one of my wine corks in the top instead. I've never had so much drama from a cooking product. I'll find another source once this is used up. It was too much effort and disappointment for the low cost. If you've reached a point of desperation, don't use this.

👤I can't give it a 4 or 5 star because it has a great maple flavor. Too much alcohol to flavor ratio is in favor of alcohol. To get a good maple flavor in only a small amount of whatever I'm flavoring, I have to use 2 to 3 tbsp. I would stick to my 2oz bottle of non alcoholic extract, as I feel like I'm getting the same amount of flavor either way. More is not always better.

👤There is no maple foliage. Look somewhere else. A chocolate and confections food truck is owned by us. I wanted to make a Maple Butter Candied Pecan fudge. Most of the extracts we have through Olive Nation are fine. This was lacking in flavor. I needed to leave a review. It smells great when you open it. I used half the bottle with a cup of maple syrup. The product will probably be re-made with another extract. It is an Amazon Choice Product and it has 4 stars.

2. Lorann Oils Dram Childrens Favorite

Lorann Oils Dram Childrens Favorite

You will receive 1 dram of each of the flavors. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts.

Brand: Lorann

👤The description says it can be used in making lip balms. This is not true. Water is in this flavoring. I can't return it because it won't incorporate into oil. This company used false and misleading advertising to sell a product.

👤These are good flavors for food, but they are not good for e-cig use. They are not water based and have food coloring Additives. Popcorn lung can be caused by these. Will use for food flavorings, but wish someone would have posted this before. This is for future customers who want to use this flavor.

👤This was the first buy for flavorings. The multiple flavors are small and give you a chance to sample them without paying for a larger bottle. Cotton Candy and Cherry are the only candy I have tried so far. Both flavors were delicious. The cotton candy is special. I can't wait to try them all. I have gotten many positive comments on my sugar cookie icing that I added flavorings. You don't have to use a lot of the flavoring.

👤There's nothing more refreshing than a cold, icy snow cone. I like to make my own snow cone syrups. I know what's in it. Water, sugar, and flaver extracts are found in water. Nothing I can't say. These oils are very good. It takes very little to flavor the syrup from these oils. I made Bubble Gum flavor over the weekend. So good!

👤My husband loves this product. It's a great product and it came when promised.

👤I heard about these oils and decided to try them. I wanted the cookies to taste like bubble gum. The bottle is only 2 grams. I used the bottle. There was only a sugar cookie. Not impressed. Did I use it wrong? Mom.

👤I was hopeful after opening the bottle that it was peanut butter, but after mixing it in with half the bottle, it wasn't quite right. I used the whole bottle and it was not very peanut butter flavoured. We went ahead because we were hoping it would mix more. It turned out to be very bad. I threw out the bottle when it was empty, but if it turns out that my son still wants to try the bubble gum flavor, then I will get a full refund.

👤We make special gummy bears for the grand kids. We used the oils. The wife said that depending on how strong the flavoring is, it depends on the # of drops you use. These oils are strong. Be careful, a little goes a long way.

👤Home made lip balms have a taste that goes off. Had to throw them out. The exact same ingredients are used in both flavours. They still taste great.

👤We were able to make flavoured icing for cupcakes. Some taste great. The root beer was new to me. The cherry is like artificial chemicals.

👤Delivery time was quick. Most flavors are good. I would stay away from the grape/cherry/peanut butter as it has a very synthetic taste. Most of the time it tastes like their flavor. A good price for your money.

3. OliveNation Butter Flavor 8 Ounce

OliveNation Butter Flavor 8 Ounce

Natural alcohol and butter flavors. This flavor is free of both sugars and wheat. This butter flavor can be used in baking applications to give them an extra wow factor. This flavor is perfect for cakes and cookies. If you want to use real butter in low fat, low calories applications, try their Butter, Natural Flavor Blend.

Brand: Olivenation

👤The butter has a strong alcohol flavor. I wouldn't risk my recipes if I cook long enough.

👤I had a butter flavoured emulsion from a cake shop that I loved and finally finished it after several years. I was looking for a new butter flavor. It had the taste of acetone and was similar to nail polish. Would not buy again.

👤I received this in a sealed bottle. The second bottle was under 8oz. They weighed in at 7.9 and 8.1 ounces, but that includes the weight of the packaging which is 1.2 ounces. The smell of alcohol makes it useless for cold dishes such as ice cream because of the taste. The item is not eligible for return.

👤A big bottle, delicious scent, and no propylene glycol! It's nice to have a vegan butter flavor. Makes decadent brownies.

👤The taste was metallic. I wouldn't use a dash next time as I didn't like it. It's okay.

👤This works well in making butter cream frosting. The taste is great.

👤It definitely gives a taste. I love it in my ice cream.

👤It has a great butter taste, but only for baking. I tried putting it in vegetables and it didn't taste right. If you use it for baking, it's a great product.

4. Simply Organic Certified 2 Ounce Container

Simply Organic Certified 2 Ounce Container

Simply Organic Orange Flavor is made from pure orange oil and sunflower oil and is non-alcoholic. Orange flavor gives a stronger taste to recipes than orange juice and is more convenient than squeezing an orange. It is a useful addition to any pantry or spice cabinet. Add orange flavor to ice cream, puddings, muffins, breads, and other desserts. Simply Organic develops relationships with growers to ensure that production is eco-friendly. The orange flavor is carefully selected to ensure the best taste and the highest quality. There is a pure and potent smell. Simply Organic believes in pure and potent flavor. Their standards mean that they know what you are getting. All of their products are grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Simply Organic is a 100% certified organic line of spices, seasoning mixes, and baking flavors. Their spices, seasonings and extracts are potent and give a real bite to everything you eat. Their goal is to help the millions of food insecure by providing funds and support to make organic food more accessible, and also to develop the next generation of leaders in sustainable and socially just organic agriculture.

Brand: Simply Organic

👤This extract is one of my favorites. The extract of the fruit or nut and the alcohol are used as the flavor carriers in almost all flavor recipes. There is a The Simply Organic brand's recipe is different in two ways. It uses orange oil instead of orange extract, and it uses sunflower oil instead of alcohol. This is the reason their flavor is so full and intense. I'm sticking with it because I've tasted and used the difference. If I can get my lazy self motivated, I'll have to check out other flavors from Simply Organic.

👤I had to switch to a low sugar diet, but I still like a good drink. I went to Amazon to find a recipe that called for orange flavor. The low-sugar margaritas are delicious.

👤This is the best orange flavor. It's fresh and natural. The others have a lot of alcohol in them and it tastes fake. It tastes like you just added fresh orange juice to your recipes. I use it to make an orange chocolate ganache. It is amazing. Nothing else holds a candle to it.

👤The extract was disappointing. The smell of orange is strong, but it gets lost in baking. I tried to double the amount but it still didn't have a nice orange smell. I keep my baking extracts in the fridge to keep them from going flat, but that didn't work with this one. It works great for orange icing. It makes a great glaze and frosting by mixing butter and powdered sugar. I think it's not stable when it's in the oven. I would have liked to give it five stars, but a flavoring that has no flavor in the finished product earns only two. It can be used for frostings.

👤My wife tried a recipe for an orange cake and it tasted good, but the texture was too wet and moist and didn't have any texture to it other than mush. We sat down to figure out how to fix it. I remember that orange extract is made and that cake is a favorite in the house. It doesn't last more than a day.

👤I used this to make a recipe. The dough was added with 1 tsp. To the glaze. It works great and I can't wait to use it for holiday baking. It is appropriate for kids and AA guests as well.

👤This product has a delicious orange flavor. The bottles are not sealed. The smell of orange was all over when I received it. The bottle was wrapped in bubble foil and had a piece of sellotape around it. See the photo. After removing the mtal cap, there was no safety seal as usual. I can't be sure that this is not tampered with or something else in that bottle. Please make this better.

👤I was told at a young age that this was the best orange extract on the market. I've tried a lot of different orange extracts to see if I can find one that's even better, but I haven't been able to find one that's even better. I end up using less and getting better flavor when I use Simply Organic's extract.

5. OliveNation Set Extracts Baking Extracts Flavorings

OliveNation Set Extracts Baking Extracts Flavorings

A set of 4 x 4 oz bottles has flavors of almond, black walnuts and Pistachio. Time and money can be saved in making your dishes. It is a perfect gift for a baker. You can save time and money by using this set. The set of 4 nuts is made from the same nuts.

Brand: Olivenation

👤It was almost flavorless. The jar is dark brown in the picture because they color it. I don't like coloring. I took a chance because I want to not have hazelnut creamer with sugar anymore. Alcohol is the first ingredient. I worry about that because I don't like gas and I've had some surgery and I thought I'd let the alcohol evaporate. The alcohol tastes terrible even if it does evaporate. I had to put in a lot for the 8oz of Dandy Blend. The easiest way to determine the quality and taste of this product would be to use that. I like to use a little bit of the hazelnut creamer in my hot drink. I went with this because I thought he would stand out. The fluid comes out of the bottle very quickly. And that's okay. A lot of this defeats the purpose. I'll keep looking for something that's organic. That kind of thing. They have to put coloring in it. I'm not going to try the other ones. It's not returnable because it has alcohol in it and it's not allowed to return things that are flammable. Don't waste your time. I don't like returning things if they are really bad, but I will send it back this time. Apparently.

👤Good. There is a Almond is good. Okayish, hazelnuts: okayish. Pistachio:... Is it made with orange extract? It tastes like orange extract. Either the makers have never had pistachios before or there's been a really weird mixup. The other flavors have the same rating.

👤Cookies and pastries are made from unique extracts. I really liked using the almond and pistachios. The Christmas cookie was elevated to a new level with the pleasing and pronounced pistachios flavor. I'm looking forward to trying out the black walnuts. A good buy for cooks is a small product that can be used in a dish.

👤There are lots of nut extracts on Amazon. Not these! That's important for me. The price for four different nut flavors in this combination makes for a good deal. These are used in homemade nut ice creams and they punch up the flavor.

👤I was so excited to bake after I received the extracts. These are wonderful. The scent and flavor are great. All 4 extracts exceeded my expectations.

👤Customers went crazy for the items that used the hazelnut extract when I bought this product for my bakery. The new bottle I bought looked completely different and tasted different, but I should say it barely tasted anything. Customers don't touch anything labeled hazelnut because they can't taste it. I have had people ask where the hazelnuts are when I use half a bottle in desserts.

👤The flavors are better than the price. It was delicious!

👤The walnuts and almonds are good. The bottles were broken in the box and I can't comment on them.

6. Bakto Flavors Natural Collection Fruit

Bakto Flavors Natural Collection Fruit

The family-owned company is dedicated to bringing together scientific expertise with high-quality flavors. 6 of over 50 natural flavors and extracts. Kosher, and free of any harmful substances. Pruduced in the USA with no sugar, corn syrup or color added. Six 1 FL OZ bottles of delicious fruit flavors. There are five flavors of banana, five flavors of cherry, five flavors of mango, and five flavors of strawberry.

Brand: Bakto Flavors

👤The flavors are too weak. The flavors are not good. I feel like I'm eating toothpaste, or taking a pill, when the desserts are made with this cherry flavor. It is bitter. Most people don't have negative experiences because of my tongue and scent senses. It was quite bad. My husband agreed that none of them were good and that cherry was bitter. It says something about the natural collection. But maybe these flavors are bitter?

👤I don't think I will be able to use these flavors for anything. They smell better than they taste. The flavors are not very strong. Not happy with the taste of the product. Boo. I was excited to try these.

👤My wife makes a lot of candy, but she doesn't use it because it can be too harsh. Adding some to the pot and swirling it around is what they do best. Since we have no alternatives locally, the price is pretty much irrelevant. I don't know what kind of stores they have. I have never seen mango or banana. The beverage has a nice taste.

👤Some of the bottles broke when I received the package. They were great when I told them I was getting a refund and new bottles. I will be ordering from them again. Great flavors without a bad taste.

👤I wanted to make ice pops. I've been using the banana and strawberry for work and it's working just fine. The bottles don't come with the glass droppers, so you need a way to distribute the flavoring. The droppers replace the screw on the caps. The Glass Droppers-Black-12-Pack is available on Amazon.

👤I use the flavors in my drinks. I have used cherry and mango before. The plastic dropper inserts are too small and they fall out of the bottles.

👤The flavor of these is weak compared to the grocery store brand, so I needed to use 1tsp of this.

👤These are weak in flavor and need a bottle to be tasted. They need to be more focused to be worth the money.

7. Amoretti Premium Floral Lavender Blossom

Amoretti Premium Floral Lavender Blossom

It's ideal for coffee, tea, soda, seltzer, iced tea, cocktails, and more. It is made with natural flavor. It is made in Southern California. 3.5 serves per bottle. 50ml bottles are perfect for travel.

Brand: Amoretti

👤There are no food colorings in these. It is difficult to find good syrups without food coloring or dyes. They are also made in California. The orange and rose are in perfect alignment. The rose is very strong. You'll be fine if you use sparingly. The lavender is good, but my favorite is Sonoma Syrup Co.'s. The lavender has "violet" added to it, which makes it less lavender-like. If you want a true lavender syrup, go with Sonoma Syrup Co.'s. It doesn't have the violet added, and it's also without any dye or food coloring.

👤When I saw this set, I thought it would allow me to make these drinks at home, since I've had lavender lemonade and rose tea in the past. I was not happy with the finish. This is a strong scent, but it is almost a liqueur. I was disappointed with the consistency and bitter taste of the lavender syrup when I added it to lemonade. It was separated from my drink. When I stirred the mixture, I got a taste of the bitter syrup.

👤It's disgusting. I drank half of the coffee and had to throw out the rest. It was just mediocre at first, but as I drank more, it became worse and tasted like soap. The soapy flavor sticks around for a long time. The product made me feel sick about an hour later. They added a little syrup and took essential oils. I feel like I'm drinking less than half a spoon, so I'm not sure how the bottle recommends a spoon per drink.

👤Reviewers said how strong it was, so I bought it. It had almost no flavor when mixed into a drink. I would rather pay more for the one that has food coloring in it, it would match the quality of the product. It could be used on toast but not a drink. The violet lavender had the most flavor, while the rose and orange blossom were lacking. It would be cheaper to buy a bottle of rose water or orange blossom water and add your own sugar that is non gmo and not processed than to purchase this syrup.

👤I bought the lavender mints because I wanted to try the same flavor of syrup in my lemonade. I tried all three because you never know. I smelled them when I opened them. The lavender, and rose smelled good and I thought they should be. The orange blossom was bitter. I tasted each one in a glass of lemonade and the rose was my favorite. The lavender was floral and quite similar to what I expected. The back end was a little bitter, but it mellowed out quickly and left me with a nice lavender taste in my mouth. I got the impression that I was breathing lavender, which was not the worst thing. The orange flower was the one that I disliked the most. It was bitter and tasted like flowers. I don't know if that is how it tastes, but I didn't care for it. The rose was delightful. It took a little more of the syrup than I would have thought to flavor it to my liking, but I could be wrong because I had a sample bottle with no pump, so what I used might be more or less than a full pump of a regular bottle. The flavor was strong enough without overpowering and light so you could build to suit your taste preferences. I swear my breath smelled like perfume and it tasted like a rose. The lemonade tasted great and the balance made it refreshing. There was no bitter taste and it went down well. You won't like this if you don't like the smell of roses. The taste reminded me of the smell of rose petals after being bruised or crushed. I ordered a full size bottle immediately after I liked it so much. I am thinking about ordering the lavender, but I think I will retest the sample size before buying a full bottle. The orange will be thrown away. I liked the price because I was able to try 3 different flavors without committing to a large bottle, and it introduced me to a new flavor that I would not have tried otherwise. If you're interested in trying new flavors, you might find something you like. Try it in different things, you may find that you like it in one thing, but not the other.

8. OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

It is best to use kosher ice cream, whipped cream, and pudding. No corn syrup or sugar added. Adding fresh and pure ingredients to your baking recipes will create a delicious fresh mango flavor. Alcohol, mango essence, annatto and water are ingredients. Kosher certified natural extract is also free ofgluten. The extract drops have a good flavor.

Brand: Olivenation

👤Do not use extracts for baking. You need to use an emulsified flavoring. It's also oil-based. When heated, alcohol-based extracts are not stable. Ice cream can be affected by extracts. They are used in drinks. Do not bake with them. Do not pay attention to the reviews where someone was baking with the extract. It's good for things like dessert that is not heated, cream cheese that is not heated, or cool items. The alcohol content may affect the freezing point.

👤This review is only for sparkling water flavor alternatives. I have a sparkling water machine in my home and wanted to try some different flavors. Diluted syrups are usually more liquid than syrups. The flavor is great but there are not many options compared to the sparkling water flavors at the grocery store. You can use extracts if you research alternative flavoring items. The OliveNation Pure Mango Extract does not taste good in water. This extract is intended to flavor food. You can taste the alcohol in the water. The smell is off putting. It is harder to carbonate when added to the water and then C02 is added. The extract contains alcohol. I don't recommend this for water flavor. I'm looking forward to using this item for food items. This is an all natural product and it is naturally colored with plant based ingredients. I wanted my water to be as natural as possible. I will keep this product to experiment with flavors. I am looking forward to trying this product out.

👤Didn't smell like mango. It says "mango essence". It's like a slice of mango that wasn't ripe yet, but was dropped in a solution of alcohol for a few minutes. The liquid was poured in this bottle. I wouldn't order this again if I got a bad batches.

👤No smell, no scent, and no flavor that was disgusting. I would not order this item again. I think I'm going to have to send them back. I'm sad. This product is terrible. Do not purchase this if you are looking for pure extract. I used 1oz in the cake. No one could pick up the smell or essence. I was not happy. I will not purchase anything from this company again. It says "mango essence". The first thing on the label is alcohol. Not fruit extract at all.

👤I use this to make mango ice cream and mango cream cake. A small amount of this goes a long way. I make ice cream by using 2 cups of heavy cream, 1 and 1/2 cups of milk or half and half, puréed mango, and a few other ingredients. The ice cream has turned out great each time, even though fresh mangoes can vary in their intensity of sweetness and flavor. For the cake, I use 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of extract along with the confectioners sugar, and then after the whipped cream is ready, fold in 1/2 to 1 cup of puréed mango, and I use this to cover the cake. There are many recipes for mango ice cream and mango cake on the internet. A small amount of mango extract can be used to enhance any of the recipes. I will buy more when I need it.

9. Set Of 6 Bakersfield Extracts

Set Of 6 Bakersfield Extracts

You will receive 6 bottles of different flavors. Each box has a bottle inside. Almond, Coconut, Lemon, and Orange bottles have NET 2 FL OZ. NET 0.5 FL OZ is contained in each extract. It's ideal for general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking, flavoring drinks and confectionery applications. Bakersfield strong flavors will give your food an intense flavor in a few drops.

Brand: Bakersfield

👤This came to me in a mess. Every extract was half empty. I tasted the half filled bottles. The extract was strong and had a fake taste. There is no way to get a refund. This is stealing. They get to keep my money because they send products that are half full. What a scam!

👤Some of the orange extract was already out of the box. The others were sealed, but the orange one wasn't.

👤I was looking for extracts on a budget. I was curious to try these out. The almond, lemon, coconut and orange were great but the one that really stood out was the one with the vanilla. The extracts were packed with a punch. For those only my money was wasted.

👤We included these flavors in baskets for friends when we baked holiday cookies. There are delicious flavors and wonderful aromas in your home.

👤The taste is similar to alcohol. I threw them away.

👤They are expected to have great flavors without the alcohol or aftertaste.

👤I needed this to improve my baking game.

10. McCormick Maple Extract Natural Flavors

McCormick Maple Extract Natural Flavors

For a sweet, maple taste, it's made with real maple. There is no corn syrup, non-GMO, or gluten-free. There are no artificial flavors or colors. There is a tip for exercising. Add a small amount. Prepare 1 cup of batter for pancakes and waffles. This is a sweet idea. Add 2 cups. oatmeal cookie batter is used for a maple twist.

Brand: Mccormick

👤The description in the images for the ingredients made me buy this. The image has a description of alcohol, oil of mint and water. I received a package with alcohol, water, and oil of mint. Over the years, I have bought this many times, as well as many other products from the same company. It seems like watering down their extracts is their new way of saving money. It's better to sacrifice quality and use more water to save money. It is not as strong as their old formula so be careful when buying this product. I would have bought another brand of extract if I wanted a strong one. Not happy at all. It's time to start buying from your competitors and suggest others do the same.

👤I love maple syrup and am low in calories. This gives me the flavor without the sugar. I make cheese waffles. They are made with mozarella cheese, egg and almond flour, and I mix in some cinnamon, and they are so good. There are recipes on-line for low-carb syrups that can be used to make maple syrup. I'm going to try that very soon.

👤I found a video on the internet where they showed you how to double your butter. You mix a pound of butter with a packet of gelatin and 1/2 cup of milk and whip the heli out of it. The end product is pretty nice, but not like real butter. The bell went off in my head when I ran across the butter substitute. I'll add it to the butter I'm making. This product has never been used before. I thought the cost was reasonable and would add it to my cakes. They delivered the shipment tonight and I'll be damned if it was a package of six. Oh no! They sent me the wrong thing, so I double checked and found out I was wrong, and then I checked the 6 pack option. I came here to warn the rest of you that I was going to use this product for more and more things, and now I'm glad I made the mistake. I opened it and tasted it, even though it was written that the flavor was poor. I did that butter flavor. I would be squeezing in the drop after eating my cakes and butter. I'm going to bake some bread after this. Can't wait to try it out. I saw a lady use on TV and ordered a beer. I have pulled my teeth waiting for dentures and am so bad for bacon that I thought of all the recipes I could use to make it taste better. What is the bacon flavor? The baby is going right next to the stove for easy access, I think I paid around $8. I'll be using this a lot. Try it out.

👤Very disappointed. They have changed the formula. No more the smell of raspberries. It tastes like alcohol. Their other products are awesome. It's time to start looking for something else. Over the last several years, I've bought a lot of this stuff. It's a pity.

11. McCormick 900057996 Cake Batter Flavor

McCormick 900057996 Cake Batter Flavor

It is now a cake batter. The idea is fun. For intense cake flavor, whip into the frosting. It's a tip. Put 1 cup of water in it. Birthday cake pancakes are made with 14 cup sprinkles. Freshly baked cake flavor is added to cookies, cupcakes, blondies and more. It was stirred into the frosting. For over 125 years, from McCormick.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I received butter and nut extract instead of cake batter extract. I know it is the same thing. I thought I paid for something. The box was old and there was a sticker on it that said Best Buy date of 6-16-21 but the bottle inside said Aug 18-19. Advertising is false and disappointing. I have 6 months to use the extract that I paid for.

👤I used this flavor with normal cookies before I went to Keto. I found out that the flavoring is no longer carried locally. I was happy to find that I could order it from Amazon. People ask me how I make my cookies. I'll never tell them, but here you go, Amazon! I use this to add that extra special flavor to my baked goods. That is always a hit!

👤The flavor is not very strong. The worst part was that the company felt the need to add food dye to the product. I don't need coloring to have flavor. I am very disappointed that I can't use this for my family as they have allergies to red and yellow dye. I am not happy. I think there is a better product out there as this flavor was okay. You could tell it was not natural because of the amount of flavor needed.

👤The item I ordered was a nut and butter. The cake batter flavor is what I got. I went to 6 stores to find a butter nut, but couldn't find it. I tried to return the item I did not order. This item is not eligible for returns. Well dang! I think that the seller Lready knew they were advertising a lie. Don't buy people.

👤I added this to my ice cream and it turned out great. I liked the taste of it. I'm going to make my own recipe for yellow cake. Really great stuff!

👤I don't know why so many people are complaining in the reviews. The extract is not a flavor, it is a name. It tastes the same and is a great extract for cakes. I double checked the expired date on my bottles when they arrived and it's good until 2025.

👤The smell of the product doesn't keep it's flavor after it's made. I could not taste the cake batter after my cookies dried. It is made with food coloring. It takes more food coloring than normal to change the color of the icing. It's a strange color. I will use it again but not for royal icing.

👤I am so disappointed in this replacement, I have relied on it for decades. It does not even begin to compare to the family recipe ofVanilla butternut. I don't like the flavor of it and will never buy it again. I don't think people will like it. JMO, McCormicks screw up.


What is the best product for baking flavoring extracts set?

Baking flavoring extracts set products from Olivenation. In this article about baking flavoring extracts set you can see why people choose the product. Lorann and Olivenation are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking flavoring extracts set.

What are the best brands for baking flavoring extracts set?

Olivenation, Lorann and Olivenation are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking flavoring extracts set. Find the detail in this article. Simply Organic, Olivenation and Bakto Flavors are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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