Best Baking Flour Storage Containers

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1. Vtopmart Container Containers Dispensers Chalkboard

Vtopmart Container Containers Dispensers Chalkboard

The pack includes five plastic containers and 10 pieces. Many people at breakfast prefer bland cereals, but they tend to go stale easily. As soon as the box is opened, the food is gone. Vtopmart has storage containers for cereals. The 4 Sided-Locking Lids with Silicone Seal ensure that no air or water enters in, keeping your cereals fresh. You can pour the food out without opening the lid if you have a hole in the lid. The flip lid opening of these plastic food storage containers has a seal around it. Their containers are made with comfortable grips, you can hold the container even if it is full. Each container in this set is 8.6 x 4.3 x 8.6. They are easy to store in just about any shelf, cabinet or countertop, which is great for kitchen and pantry organization. These containers are perfect for storing flour, brown sugar, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, tea. The material is free of BPA. The Vtopmart cereals dispensers are made from clear plastic, so you don't have to worry about toxins in your food. It's easy to keep track of how much you have left with the clear plastic. There is nothing worse than pouring a bowl of cornflakes only to find that there is not enough to fill the bowl. You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. You can peel and re-stick what you have written by wiping clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I bought this product and it was my fault for not paying attention to it. I loved it! I use it for my kids snacks and other items because it doesn't fit a whole bag. I bought the bigger container so that I can fit the whole family bag from the store. My pantry is more organized and my food stays fresh longer. I bought their other containers for things like sugar and brown sugar. I'm thinking about buying more. They are perfect! I am very disappointed. They are already a broker after I bought this a couple of months ago. A few of them. I take good care of myself. I'm not rough. My kids don't have access to them either so I am the one opening and closing. I am very disappointed that it only lasts a couple of months because I knew it wouldn't last forever.

👤The cereals storage containers hold an entire box of cereals. I was impressed by that. The canisters are small and don't take a lot of space. They stack on top of each other. I purchased two sets of the matching containers, which I highly recommend. These are easy to clean and open when you need them. These are definitely worth the investment.

👤The containers perform as advertised. They are keeping my cereals fresh by leaving them in the box. The tops flare out larger than the base, so they take up more space on the shelf. You can't store them touching each other because there is a gap between them. That's wasted space when trying to organize. I said it was a small flaw. I will live with it.

👤My daughter wants to organize our pantry. We have these to hold our cereals. We have an addiction to cereals. I like that these are not black and white. It's easy to pick out what you want. No more bags with a bowl of old cereals in them. It fits most of our larger bags. It can be difficult to put the lid on. First time ever! Push down the black rubber seal all the way around the outer edge. First, clip down short edges. There is a We have a small storage area. There is a shelf at the bottom of the tub that is almost 2 inches in diameter. Lots of wasted space. We used to have a lot of cereals in the area, but we can only fit 4 of them. It doesn't always pour out easily, depending on the size of the cereals. We like them. The stickers are cute. I wish they had a better design.

👤The deceiving pictures show these are not clear. The butt to clean is a pain. The water stays in the seal after you wash the top part. The seal can't be removed from the lid and put back in. It is full of water. Don't waste your money.

👤The opening that you pour from is an issue for me. It is a circle so it doesn't line up nicely with the edge of the container which causes cereals to not pour out smoothly and it's nearly impossible to get out. The rubber seal makes it difficult to brush it back into the container. The last part of a bag of cereals won't come out of the container if the opening is a circle because the container is squared. The circle opening is small so you can't grab a lot of food.

2. TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

TBMax Cereal Container Oatmeal Dispenser

The silicone seal is easy to clean. The dishwasher has a top rack that you can put the locking lids on. The dishwasher is safe for any rack. Every pouring is made neat and clean by using a measuring cup and pour spout. Rice storage container, airtight bin design with 2 silicone seal, keep your food dry and fresh, measuring cup need screw on over the pour spout. Rice container withBPA Free plastic is safe for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc. The container is small and convenient to fit your pantry and refrigerator. The rice dispensers are perfect for your rice cooker.

Brand: Tbmax

👤I knew I had made a mistake when I saw the size of the box. When I opened it, they were even smaller than I thought. The measuring cup on the top is the only positive thing about them, the container is much smaller than the photos show.

👤These containers are gorgeous. Making my small pantry more organized is my new obsession. These are great, but only on my top shelf. I would tell everyone to buy them for their rice, oatmeal, and other food. I wish they came in small sizes, as my shelves don't have the right height, but they are amazing.

👤Dollar store quality plastic is very cheap. The design is great but the product is terrible. The plastic is cheap and the little tabs that keep the lid closed are not going to last very long. The paint job on the measurement is cheap and poorly done. I would have paid three or four dollars for these.

👤Love the design. It's easy to see the contents. The measuring cup "lid" doesn't fit very tightly, and it's annoying that the top can be accidentally knocked off, because I'm storing dry ingredients. I'll be buying more if the need arises.

👤It's very sturdy, easy to fill and lock closed.

👤I like the product. The ad is not telling the whole truth. It is very small. There is no box of cereals here. Forget the bag of sugar. The product is good but overpriced and I won't buy it again because of the deceptive advertising.

👤The smell is like chemicals. A strong smell. The smell didn't get any better after I washed it. It is definitely not a good idea to eat food that has been stored in this. I wouldn't be surprised if something in my food is harmful.

👤The bag of cereals next to it would not fit in just one container. Someone messed up on making the measurements correctly labeled.

3. Cambro 6SFSPP190 CamSquare Container Translucent

Cambro 6SFSPP190 CamSquare Container Translucent

The transparent body of the jar makes it easy to see what's inside and to know how much is left in the jar. The glass jars should be washed with warm water. The graduations are easy to read. The translucent material is resistant to stains. The temperature was -40F-160F (-40C-70C).

Brand: Cambro

👤I thought it was a mistake to send the item back because it was the same item.

👤I will be making sous vide meals at home. I bought a larger container but it was much more brittle. The term "Cambro" is synonymous with food storage containers in a professional kitchen because they make products that can endure constant abuse. I don't understand why anyone is upset about a professional product that costs $6 but doesn't come with a lid, which is only an additional $2.29 at the time of writing this. If you are looking for a container to store things, grab this. There is a This is a container that can be used to cook sous vide for a small family.

👤It's perfect under my kitchen island to hold smaller quantities of baking ingredients. It's much easier to pull this out when making bread or cookies. When leftovers were put in the fridge, they fit beautifully. There was no wasted space. I own a number of vessels. I use the 2 and 4 qts for leftovers, the 4 and 6 qts for storing sugar and rice, and the 8 qt for my AP flour. You can't have too many of them.

👤I put this by the side of the bed to drain my catheter. I don't have to worry about how much water I drink because it holds a lot. I brined the turkey for Thanksgiving.

👤The cover and 2 of 3 photos were included in the description, but didn't come with a lid. One is translucent and the other is clear. Who knows what will show up when you order this because they have different product numbers on them.

👤I use it in my chest. I don't like camping with ice chests because the ice leaves your food floating around in a mess. I put the water in my ice chest after freezing it in my freezer, because I bought a 6 quart container. Voil! All my food was dry even though the water melted. I just filled the container with ice. The container has held up just fine, I have done this many times. You have to buy the lid separately for this container. Since you don't have to buy a new container set if you lose the lid, some see this as a plus.

👤Disappointed. The dimensions with the lid are mentioned in the description. I assumed it came with the lid. The description needs to be reworded.

👤If you go through a lot of products such as flour sugar, these are an amazing storage option. I buy these for my powdered sugar, flour and regular sugar because I do a lot of baking. It is easy to put the lights back on in large quantities of items with these in the lids. I would recommend them to anyone that would use them.

👤It was translucent. Not transparent. I used to work in a cafe and used transparent cambros. The stares of a thousand Karens could not be overcome by those. The translucent ones are a little less sturdy, but I like them for the price. How much damage do you intend to do to your plastic containers when you use it at home? I'm going to butcher one of the lids to hold my machine. I bought a dozen already. Get the lids as well. Love!

4. Vtopmart Storage Airtight Canisters Chalkboard

Vtopmart Storage Airtight Canisters Chalkboard

It's safe to use in a number of places. It's perfect for dry food storage. The jars are large enough to hold a 2.5lb bag of flour or sugar. They can be used to store baking supplies, cheerios, oats, pasta, cereal, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, cookies, dog treats and so much more. It's also great for canning your own food. These kitchen canisters are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear so you can see all your food and know which ones need refilling. The sleek see-through design makes it look more visually appealing. Airtight and keep food fresh. The rubber gasketed lid of the glass containers are designed to keep food dry and fresh for a long time. They are a great addition to your pantry organization because they are convenient and attractive on the kitchen counter tops. Wide opening The wide opening of the jars makes it easy to take food or clean them. Large enough to store so many things in your home, transparent body makes it easy to grab what you want. To clean these glass jars, please use mild soap and warm water. 8 pieces of labels will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, unless you have 3 glass jars. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. 8 pieces of labels will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, unless you have 3 glass jars. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤The jars are very nice. They are easy to clean and well packaged. I like the squareness of them. It's easier to put them on the shelf next to each other. It is difficult to get things out of these canisters. I bought them to hold my food. They function well and look great. It is difficult to get the ingredients out of the jars. The measuring cups don't fit me. It is difficult to get my hand out of the scoop. You have to tilt the jar to get the ingredient out of the scoop. It's a challenge to get used to. I'm not sure what to do. I like the way they look. The function is not ideal.

👤It took less than 2 weeks for it to be broken. I lost a package of good Digestives because the glass spread inside after it broke. I'm not sure how it has passed a quality test. Don't waste your money.

👤Can't wait to cure buds from my first legal grow. I'll be back with some pics of buds. The other sellers are competitive.

👤I like the jars. It's easy to use. These jars were purchased for spaghetti noodles. I found other uses for them quickly because they are not tall enough for the standard long noodles. Not used yet to test the leak proof probability.

👤I have not received a broken one, but they have had scratches. It was almost like they rubbed together before putting them in the great packaging. I ordered 3 sets of these and they all had scratches. The first set had scratches in the glass, but they weren't as bad as the second set. There is a They won't be perfect, but it's a great price. I use them for what I need them for, but they are not putting liquid in them. I have washed them, but it would be easier to put them in the dishwasher since they are glass. I think it is to protect the rubber seal and metal ring. The metal clasp/ring is not the best quality, but it is ok for the price. I would buy again, but I wish they could fix the scratch issues.

👤The glass was not as thick as I thought it would be. It seems like a little thicker than a regular drinking glass. I expected a thicker canister. There were flaws in the glass. There was a strange film on them. I had no choice but to put the dishwasher in. The metal was a dark gray before it was washed. I wouldn't buy them again. I would look for something better. I paid too much for what was received.

👤I have these jars sitting on my counter because they love you so much. It's nice to have the seal and glass style. I would love the glass to be able to see what is in it and the seal to keep it fresh. The capacity for holding is huge. This was a great purchase.

5. Airtight Containers Lockcoo Sugar Kitchen Organization

Airtight Containers Lockcoo Sugar Kitchen Organization

It is important to swing over the area you want to spray, you should start the swing before you pull the Trigger and stop swigging. If you don't do that, there will be an oil build up anywhere you stagnated. You can open or close their plastic food containers safely by using only two fingers. The improved lids are made of high impact resistant and durable ABS which means you don't need to worry about them breaking. Ensures maximum freshness and long-term food storage, so you don't have to worry about your food being old. Lockcoo container set includes the big one which is 5.8L/196Oz and the small one which is 3.4L/115Oz, which is the ideal size for a bag of flour and sugar. You can choose from two capacities. They can be used to store baking supplies, cheerios, oats, pasta, cereals, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts. It is possible to get the kitchen organized and free up space in the pantry by using a stacking design. Lockcoo's airtight food storage container set is made of PP material which isBPA-free and nice looking. Clear containers make it easy to see what is inside. You can never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda with chalkboard labels. The container body has been tested to be strong and long- lasting, conforming to your high standards. Cleaning and space sparing design are easy. The containers have a design that makes them easier to organize and will save you a lot of space in your pantry, kitchen, cabinets or fridge. Their containers are easy to clean and can be washed in a dishwasher. The gasket can be washed separately. SUPERIOR BUNDLE The Complete Bundle comes with 2BPA-free Premium Airtight food storage containers with lids, a Chalkboard Marker, and 24 BONUS Reusable Chalkboard Labels for you not to confuse look alike food products such as flour and powdered sugar. This set is an ideal gift for any family. SUPERIOR BUNDLE The Complete Bundle comes with 2BPA-free Premium Airtight food storage containers with lids, a Chalkboard Marker, and 24 BONUS Reusable Chalkboard Labels for you not to confuse look alike food products such as flour and powdered sugar. This set is an ideal gift for any family.

Brand: Lockcoo

👤These are the sizes I needed to store flour and other dry goods. If you post a review and send them proof, Lockcoo will give you a gift card. They don't want Amazon to know about it, so you probably won't receive it. The product is still good.

👤I use flour a lot when making bread, pizza or pasta. It was difficult to pour out from the bag. I tried the bigger container to store flour. I can't open it while it's locked. I like the one hand open and the other hand unlocked so I can add more flour in the middle of kneading. I don't need to use both hands. Brown sugar was bought from the store. The zip lock package is hard to zip tight. They were always chunks of dry sugar rock. I put sugar in it and it looks good.

👤The lid broke on the smaller container on the second day I was using it. I used the containers for bird food. The smaller container is not worth anything to me now, but the larger container is in use and I really don't want to have to empty it to send that one back. The first one broke and I didn't have those containers for two days. It could happen to the larger container because it was a simple break. I am going to look for something that will last and won't break like the lid on the air tight storage containers, something like Rubbermaid or Tupperware.

👤I bought them for a 3lb bag of flour, and the smaller one holds it perfectly. It's a good thing. The bigger one should hold 5 lbs. Lift them by the lid and it could pop off, so don't. These were the best containers I found.

👤After opening the box, these came in. I dried them well. It takes a bit longer for the lids to dry. I put flour and sugar in the other. There is a nice seal on the lids. If you pull hard enough, they can be pulled off. Great value and containers. Will purchase more on different sizes.

👤The fact that you can just lift the cover off if you lock it down is a sign that it's not very strong. Not secure at all. I don't think this will fit the bill if you're looking for something that's airtight. It's cheap and the lockdown latches break easily.

👤Garbage! Don't waste your money. I didn't get to use it. The lid broke when it was washed after being gently washed. It's in the trash. The other one broke after being used once. Absolutely junk. Don't waste your money.

👤I store rice, noodles, flour, sugar, nuts, cholate chips and more with these. They are quick to clean. The locking system on these containers was easy to use, and the inclusion of measuring spoons and labels was useful.

6. Apothecary Canister Chalkboard Bathroom Containers

Apothecary Canister Chalkboard Bathroom Containers

Jars are easy to wash and can be used again and again. Storage jars for home and kitchen are in this size. The jar is good to store jams, marmalades, flour, cereals, sugar, spices, nuts, tea, dried beans, and biscuits. It's great for canning your own food. They are great for the kitchen or bathroom and can be put to use in your work space. High quality and resilience. Storage jars are made from clear glass and have chalkboard fronts that make it easy to label them. See what you have to say. It's easy to see the contents of see-through glass jars. It's a great place to store cookies, sugar, flour, spices and other kitchen items. Silicone ring makes the glass lid close tightly, which ensures food is kept fresh and safe. The set of three caretakers. Each set includes one 54-oz., 43-oz., and 34-oz. The chalk and labels are included. Place the glass jar in the dishwasher and it will be easy to care for.

Brand: Le'raze

👤A little smaller than expected, but cute and functional. The salt shaker was used to reference the actual size. The small canister held the full bag of sugar but the medium one held the powered bag.

👤These are perfect for me. The size is nice and not large. I keep snacks handy on the counter so I don't have to open a package. It's handy to have chalkboard labels. I had goldfish crackers for several weeks and they were still fresh. These glass canisters are great. They hold a lot but don't take up much space on my counter. The glass canisters are exactly what I wanted. The chalk area can be changed for whatever you need it to be. The plastic seal helps keep the air out.

👤Be careful and check your jars. The glass is very thin. My daughter cut her hand when she reached for a cookie. We did not hit this. She heard a crack when she took the top, but she didn't know what it was. She cut her hand and not her mouth or throat because she didn't know glass was broken. Don't ever buy.

👤These glass containers hold a lot. I don't put the labels on them yet because I use them mostly. They had a cute black label and chalk sticks. They are a little bit larger than I had thought. They all closed their mouths. The biggest one I have noticed is that the lid will wiggle out if I use the blender or something on the same counter, but it is an easy fix.

👤Our dog treats work great for our foster dogs. The treats are very easy to dry out. The containers are sealed so well that they keep the treats fresh. Keeping soft and fresh treats is important for some of our fosters. We've dropped it a few times and it hasn't cracked yet. Very sturdy. Also mention that they are cute. I think I'm going to order a new set of kitchen items.

👤I can see how some people would have thought they were larger, but they are the perfect size for what I needed. The large jar holds 52 small cookies, the medium jar holds about a bag of Hershey Kisses and the small jar holds a bag of peanut M&Ms. The seals on the lids were bent out when I got them. After bending them back into place, I spent some time in the closed jars to see if they were bending back correctly.

👤I thought the seals on the lids would be rubber, just like any other container. They are a thin plastic seal, not sure how it will hold up over time. I might return these jars. The jars themselves have stickers on them.

👤The seller contacted me recently asking if he could send me a free product or give me a refund, which says a lot about the individual character. He didn't have to do what he did and the product damage was not his fault, so I needed to update my review. I wish more people like you cared about how people felt. It's a waste of money. The jar does not fit on the lid. If I had it my way, I would have chosen any.

7. SilverOnyx Canisters 10 Piece Stainless Measuring

SilverOnyx Canisters 10 Piece Stainless Measuring

Container does not absorb food odors or flavors. The canisters set is ideal for tea, coffee, sugar or food storage and has a clean modern look. Silicone gasket is used to seal the glass lid that is heat and shatter resistant. The 10 piece Canister Set includes 1 each of 4.1in x 5.3in H 0.95L. There is a bonus of measuring, which is 6.9in x 6.4in H 1.7L (58 FL oz), 5.7in x 7.2in H 2.65L (90 FL oz), and 6.2in x 8.5in H 3.7L (125 FL oz). Many foods, spices and condiments are negatively affected by exposure to air, humidity, light and heat, so their tempered glass lids with silicone rubber gasket help to protect the contents and ensure they remain fresh for a long time. The SilverOnyx premium canisters are made with rust resistant, STAINLESS steel and have a beautiful 2 tone mirror finish that will complement any kitchen. The canisters are dishwasher safe, however they recommend hand washing to protect the mirror finish. The canisters are dishwasher safe, however they recommend hand washing to protect the mirror finish.

Brand: Silveronyx

👤Excellent quality for the price. They hold a bag of flour, a bag of sugar, and a pound of coffee grounds. I don't like that the lids can be hard to seal, but my husband got them to work so they are working well. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend them. I've included photos of the canisters so you can see how big they are and see if they hold what they say they will.

👤These are gorgeous! Each was wrapped in bubble wrap. I was very happy to receive them. You also get a set of measuring cups. I didn't use two of them inside the cannisters as they are large for scooping in the smaller ones. I didn't know how tall the largest canister would be. My pantry shelves have a lower clearance than most, so I would recommend to measure the area you intend to have the cans in before hand. If they don't find vertically, the lids fit nicely and there will be no problems laying them on their sides.

👤I am very happy with this set. I expected the set to be smaller than it was, after reading many of the reviews. I can't imagine a person would want to display a larger set on their kitchen counter. I ordered the set to be used in my camper. I needed a sealed set for pests. This set is lovely to look at and it meets my needs. I like being able to see the contents through the glass lid. This set is recommended by me.

👤I was very excited to get this set. The metal trim on the second top was not pressed correctly and there was a dent on the handle. I thought so. I'll get a new part. As I continued to unbox, the top was so tight that it wouldn't stay down, just kept popping off, and the top was so loose that it clanked. I was so happy to find this set, but now I'm disappointed. To the drawing board again.

👤I was looking for something to store staple items with an air tight seal, but more elegant and modern sophisticated, that was also highly rated and didn't want to spend a fortune. These fit the bill. They were even more beautiful in person than in the photos. I like that they come with measuring scoops. The contemporary/transitional design is very good quality. Normally, I would keep these in my pantry, but I decided to leave them out and show them off because they are so beautiful. The sizes in the ad were clearly marked. I was careful to choose the right size. I recommend that you double check the sizes so that you are not unhappy with your purchase, as many of the negative reviews were related to size complaints. I would buy this set again.

👤Updating my kitchen and canisters was a good start. The canisters in this set are small, but they are tall. Tall canisters are good because you get the same volume as other sets but with a smaller footprint. I received 5 of the gaskets with my set, so I will have a spare should one of them be damaged. The lids are interchangeable.

8. TBMax Rice Storage Container Measuring

TBMax Rice Storage Container Measuring

You will receive 24 Reusable Labels, except for the 24pcs dry food storage containers. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. The container has a 5-liter capacity of rice, which is great for storing everything from rice, cereals, flour, oatmeal, snacks, and pasta. Enjoy your meal with fresh food. The innovative ice container creates an airtight seal by simply pushing down the handle on the lid. Take the handle to open the container. The handle is not used for carrying. There is no plastic taste. The containers are made of food grade PP material, which is durable and will ensure long-term food storage. There is clear visibility and discretion. The food bin is break-resistant and can be seen at a glance. The measuring cup makes it easier to measure food. They took care to make sure the container you receive will last for a long time. If you have an issue with the holder, please let them know on your order page. They will make it better by learning from your experience.

Brand: Tbmax

👤This holds 10 lbs of rice. The square or rectangle shape is always an added bonus for a container in terms of space. The handle on the lid is used only for opening the container, which is the reason I gave 4 stars. I thought I could lift the container with that handle, but it's not the case. The handle is made of wood. That is not enough. A handle would have been helpful. I have it in my kitchen so I have to move it. To get to the bottom container, you have to reach the top container. You are good if you don't need to move.

👤I got this to keep rice flies out of my rice and eggs, but within 3 weeks they were in there. No idea how they do it. I have been using this orange juice container for weeks and it is working great. Save your money if your problem is pests.

👤The rice container is the ticket. The rubber gasket makes a seal. Before you wash it, make sure you pay attention to how the rubber gasket is laid in, so you can put it back together. When you wash it and put it back together, you will probably not know how the gasket is supposed to fit. It is put in a different way than you think it should be. The container is perfect for my needs. I need to have a lot on hand since I make my own dog food. I love it, I give this two thumbs up.

👤The ring/band is very strong once put on correctly. The trick to making this container airtight is to bend the shorter edge of the ring against the inner plate before putting the inner plate on the outer plate. The user knows how to position the shorter edge of the ring/band if the instructions include a magnified picture. The ring/band and inner plate assembly was completelyglossed over in the video. Good luck!

👤Someone threw out my rice container when we moved. I finally found a replacement that will fit nicely in my pantry and hold enough grain for my bunch. The vacuum seal is an added bonus, as this one fits exactly where I want it. I like it.

👤I disassembled the container before using it. I couldn't reassemble it by following the instructions. I needed to watch the video that accompanies the listing. It works as advertised after being washed and assembled. A good unit.

👤Getting my groceries on line can lead to misunderstandings. I don't know who knew that ten pounds of rice was a pillow case size. The container held all the rice. It comes with a measuring cup. To open just grab the handle that folds in on top and press the lid down. It is see through so you can easily see the contents.

👤I was very disappointed when I decided to use my container. I spent the money because I have a 20lb bag of rice and didn't want bugs to get in it. When I put all rice in a container and did the seal test to turn upside down, half of it fell out of the container. My son tried to see if I was doing something wrong after a spill of rice on the floor. We had 10 lbs of rice left after testing the container. Container is not secure and tight as they claim. I took it apart and cleaned it out, but the lid came off, even with the handle down. I like the size, but it's not worth the money.

9. Prepworks Progressive ProKeeper PKS 600 Air Tight

Prepworks Progressive ProKeeper PKS 600 Air Tight

Fresh air is a trait. The coffee storage container has a Silicone seal for air-tight storage, and a tinted UV-blocking plastic that preserves the bold flavors of coffee. The ultimate dry storage. The lid of the container is tightly closed and a 1-tablespoon scoop is located inside it for easy storage. It is easy to make a meal plan. The convenience of storing food in containers enhances the preparation of meals for busy home cooks. Storage canisters are available for all your kitchen needs. Sturdy design and solid function are hallmarks. Their philosophy is simple and they offer stylish designs. The kitchen is where family and friends connect. The kitchen essentials are innovative. Over the past 40 years, they've innovated kitchen products and housewares with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation.

Brand: Progressive International

👤There are new labels. No issues! I was surprised to see the labels were changed to inside inserts with one single sticker. They are clean, well made and durable. Love them.

👤I haven't used it yet, I got it today. They put a sticker on the front and back. I tried to remove the front one and wash the back one in order to make it easier to remove.

👤I didn't give a fat rat's ass whether the product worked after spending an hour removing labels from both sides of the smaller product. I wanted to use a hammer to hit them, but I haven't washed the sticky mess off. I'm sorry I didn't order them from Amazon, but I'm sure there are similar products there. I'm good at removing labels, but the size of them, the weakness of the paper used for them, and the fact that they don't give any valuable information made it hard for me to remove them. The labels on the flour containers were put on the inside and easy to remove. I recommend them.

👤This item is smaller than the large one on the listing. Both sizes are pictured. I ordered the second smaller one because the larger one was too large for my needs. This is the perfect size to keep coffee fresh.

👤Why would you use a stick that sticks to the container? Idiots. The container looks great, but it is now 2019. There are stickers that don't leave fingerprints. That is what should be used when designing and selling food containers. The idiot in charge of product stickers should be fired.

👤I'm sure that's my fault as I don't measure things properly. The packaging was good. The spoon takes up a lot of space. I have included pictures for those who are challenged in the measurement dept.

👤4 stars for 2 reasons. It could be a little bigger. I use whole bean and it takes up more volume than ground. I will still use it. It's better than the one I have. The cannister has labels on both sides. 888-282-0465 I have a trick up my sleeve to get rid of that mess. Remove the most of the label first. Then wash the cloth with warm water and cooking oil. Put about 1 tbls of oil on top of the sticky area, rub in circles with a soapy washcloth, and wash it all off in warm/hot water. It's Tada! It is worth it.

👤I thought I should write a review because I now own five coffee containers. These hold at least a pound, as my last purchase was supposed to be a 1.1 lbs bag of beans and it fit fine. I'm glad the included scoops are there because I used to hunt for them hard, but I've never needed them. Coffee should be kept out of the light. I hope the tint on these is good. Coffee doesn't last long around here so it may not be a problem for me. The giant labels front and back are stuck on with industrial glue, which is the only real problem with these containers, as pointed out by other reviewers. Peeling them off will not work, hot water doesn't work, and I have had luck soaking them in Goo Gone, waiting a while, and then scrubbing them off with a rough sink scrubbie and hot water. I have found them for less than $10 locally, and they are not even on sale.

10. SAIOOL Kitchen Canisters Stackable Natural

SAIOOL Kitchen Canisters Stackable Natural

Excellent customer care support. They are dedicated to creating the healthiest and highest quality chemical-free food storage solutions. Their goal is to make food preparation and kitchen storage more enjoyable. The containers are easy to maintain if you put them in a dishwasher or wash them. You can contact their customer care team anytime if you have a problem with your glass food storage containers. It's easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your pantry organized with the space-efficient and dishwasher safe sealed food storage canisters. Set of 5, 2x Small: 3.5 x 3.9 x 10 cm, for powders, flour, coffee, tea, spice, salt, honey or sugar container. 2x Medium: 3.5 x 7.3 inches (9 x 18 cm), for nuts, jams, seeds,cut fruits and candy jars. 1x. The large is 9 x 30 cm and is great for pasta, rice, and etc. The casement glass is strong. 3mm thick Borosilicate Glass is used to make your glass containers. It is the same type of glass used on space shuttles and lab glassware. The jars can be kept in the fridge. Their top priority is concierge SATISFACTION. If you have a problem with their glass storage jar, please contact them for a repair or replacement. They will make it better by learning from your experience. Please take me home! Please take me home!

Brand: Saiool

👤They are cute. I like the look of them. They make storing food nice. The glass seems thin, the cap isn't secure, and they seem skinnier than I anticipated. I really need more big ones, so I wish I could buy them separately.

👤These glass canisters are exactly what I was looking for. Some people have complained that the containers are too small but they measure exactly as described. They are chic and cute as decor pieces in the kitchen or bathroom. I thought they would be as well. You won't be sorry, I would recommend these.

👤I love these! They look great. I wish they had more sizes.

👤I am not able to see the seal of the jars at eye level. The larger wood caps have a ledge on the top to stack up the smaller jars. I immediately ordered a second set after receiving the first set. The wood and glass are of good quality. I agree with other reviewers that the jars are small, but they still hold more than I thought. I was able to put 2 1/2 bags of fettuccine in one jar. I don't want to store coffee grounds in them, but I can't smell anything when I open my pantry that I have stored in them, they seem very tight. Highly recommended, tiny in appearance but mighty!

👤It was nothing like advertised. They are small. They barely fit anything. I will definitely have to refill. They look pretty, but are very thin and small. Not a good price point for the size. Don't look elsewhere!

👤I had been looking for jars like these for a long time and liked the look of the ones I had seen. We finally got them a month ago and they look great in my kitchen corner. They fit a lot. I could have easily fit a second bag of beans in the second jar. There is a container of oatmeal in the other. The tall jar held two boxes of pasta and the smaller jars held some of my baking essentials. I wish they sold them in individual sizes so I could choose which ones I needed.

👤Really like these. It's sturdy and airtight. It's always a plus when it's Stackable. I washed them with water and the soap on them dried out a bit. I don't know how many washings the wood on the lids would take. I would buy them again.

👤These are very small. I am. I was worried about the taller one tipping over and breaking on my counter. They are pretty. I don't want to risk it. I found more.

👤The glass isn't very thick so dropping it would cause it to break, but I don't plan on moving them off the counter. For those who are worried, I will give them a 4/5 stars. The wood tones are great. They looked at the part and were free of damages. Overall, would buy again.

👤They're perfect for my kitchen. The tops are lined with a rubber seal to keep your jar fresh.

11. Amazon Basics 5 Piece Airtight Containers

Amazon Basics 5 Piece Airtight Containers

PRAKI airtight kitchen storage containers can be used by themselves and also as a gift to your relatives and friends. These are easy to clean by hand. It's ideal for sugar, coffee, and cereals to keep them fresh for longer. A set of plastic containers and clear containers. There are four quart, 2.5 quart, 1.9 quart, and 1.2 quart sizes. A gasket is built into the lid for an airtight seal. Do not use in microwave. Product dimensions are 5 x 5 x 9-3/8 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤There are 5 canisters in the picture, 2 large, 2 medium, and 1 small. The box was large, medium and small. Customer support did an online chat. I was told a replacement order with the correct sizes of canisters was on the way. I could send the first order back. The new order was the same as the first one. Not what the picture shows. The canisters seem to be working. You might have a problem if you need 2 of the large size. Hopefully by the time you read this, they will either correct the photo or put the sizes shown in your order.

👤I like these. I was able to organize my pantry. These are my favorite air tight containers. The twist on top is very simple. They do get some water in the lid, but it's nothing to give less stars over. They are worth it.

👤I bought the large set of the round ones because it was half the price of the square ones. It's perfect for my baking supplies. It is impossible to get all the water out of the tops when you clean them, because there is water in between and inside. Is anyone else stressed about this?

👤I have a question, when everything else in the world is "righty righty", why do these require you to turn the dial left? It doesn't make sense. Time will tell how durable and worthy these are.

👤I love these! It's easy to make the pantry pretty.

👤These containers are very strong. They match my organization.

👤I did not get any tags for this product. I would like that. It was great, other than that. Thank you Teresa.

👤The 10-piece square airtight food storage containers are made in China. Two of the different size containers are in this set. All of the containers have a 5” square top and are stackable. The 4 quart size weighs 1.6oz and is 11.875” tall, while the 2.5 quart size weighs 14.6oz and is 9.25′′ tall. It is easy to clean and install the gasket on the lid. The handle has an arrow on it. It is easy to turn the handle to make sure there is a tight seal. One of my pet peeves is a container that has a hard to use lid. I like the lids on this set. Amazon's 10-piece square airtight food storage containers are easy to use and clean.


What is the best product for baking flour storage containers?

Baking flour storage containers products from Vtopmart. In this article about baking flour storage containers you can see why people choose the product. Tbmax and Cambro are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking flour storage containers.

What are the best brands for baking flour storage containers?

Vtopmart, Tbmax and Cambro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking flour storage containers. Find the detail in this article. Lockcoo, Le'raze and Silveronyx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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