Best Baking Gift Set for Kids

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1. MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

The baby oven set is ideal for cultivating children's creativity and imagination, allowing them to discover and learn more about cooking, cooking functions and tableware. It is a good gift for a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or first date. I saw their happy smiles when I gave them gifts. The Junior Cutting board and Knife Set are licensed by the show and are appropriate for kids. The kit includes a cutting board, knife, and recipe cards. Food is not included. The knives are made of a kid safe plastic blade with non-slip silicone grips. Help to teach little chefs proper cutting techniques by sharing the fun of making your favorite recipes. It's a great gift for junior chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets.

Brand: Masterchef Junior

👤I bought this for my 12 year old who likes to cook. It would be nice for her to have her own set of knives, so I could be reassured that she's not using real knives when cutting. The set is a joke. Do they think kids can use this product? The plastic knives are incapable of cutting five of the 15 recipes. I had my kids in the kitchen trying to cut cucumbers with the knives, but they couldn't because they were too liquefying. It's not pretty. The best way to cut through soft foods is with a knife. Don't waste your money. You can get the recipes for free online.

👤It would be a real set with the Master Chef name on it. The plastic knives couldn't cut anything except room temperature butter. The cutting board was so thin that it slid around. My 11 year old knows how to cut with a real knife and was quite disappointed that they weren't a set of real knives for juniors. It wouldn't be a good idea to recommend this to anyone unless you have a young child.

👤I was surprised that they were plastic when we busted them open, I got them as a Cyber Monday deal and did not really look into it. My 6 year old loves to help me in the kitchen, and my 2 year old loves to help her sister. Once you teach how to use a sawing/circular motion, these are not sharp, but have a nice serrated edge. I like these because I don't have to hold their hands like I do with a metal blade. My kids want to do it all by themselves, and this makes it a lot easier to worry about. I wanted something that would help me get started. We've cut onions and bell peppers, which gets the job done. Chicken was easy. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to start their children with something that won't hurt them.

👤You have to use a lot of pressure to make the knives usable. My granddaughter will use my knives and cutting board after I give her this gift. These aren't something she would want to own.

👤I bought this product for my twins to learn knife skills. I thought they would be like my large plastic lettuce knife from OXO, which will cut most fruits and veggies with a little added effort. I'm not hopeful that any of the harder fruits and veggies would work better because these knives are too small for kids. I expected more from this product because it is based on a TV show where kids make some pretty complex dishes. I would have been better off buying a set of cut proof gloves.

👤I bought these for my 8 year old daughter, who is very into cooking and baking, so she could have her own set. The set is a good one for a child who is just starting out with a knife. When she wants to help me cut vegetables, the knives don't work very well. Very rigid cuts. She uses one of my knives. The set was nice, but not what I wanted.

2. Melissa Doug Wooden Scoop Counter

Melissa Doug Wooden Scoop Counter

MINGKIDS unicorns gifts for girls comes with a 180 day guarantee, if there is a quality problem with any of the UniCORN Crafts kits for kids, it should be solved with good service. The ice cream play set includes a wooden ice cream counter, eight ice cream scoops, six toppings, two cones, cup, scooper, tongs, wooden spoon, and six pretend dollar 1 bills. There is an ice cream station. The wooden ice cream play set has a scooper that fits into a hole on top of the scoops to lift, stack, and release the scoops. Reconciling the entire experience is what you should do. Children can pay with play money and serve up their favorite ice cream at their kids ice cream play set. The wooden scoop and serve ice cream counter is a great gift for kids ages 3 and up. Adding the Make-a-Cake mixer set will give you even more screen-free fun. For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤This is one of the favorite toys of the two of them. We own many of them, and big sister picked this for a little sister. There may have been ulterior motives. I am very satisfied with this toy. We love it! I have to put it away every day. Pick-up is easy because it has a wooden case. There are enough pieces for my girls to play with. The pieces link together. The peg system allows the scoop to pick up the ice cream and then a hole in the top to hold the topping. The ice cream set from Doug andMelissa is our favorite. This product is adorable and I can't say enough good things about it. Purchase it for your kitchen helpers. It comes with a cup, cones, different ice cream flavors and lots of topping. The menu helps us with our math lessons. A+ toy! It is definitely worth the money.

👤Wow. My granddaughter picked it out in a promotional magazine. She loves shopping and expects her grandma to buy her something. I gave it to her as a gift because it was not that expensive. She was happy. The mom left it out in the living room because the little one plays with it. I can't believe she still loves it six months later and plays with it as much as she did when it was new. Everyone gets a cone. Visitors are required to order what they want. She plays with it on her own. We all pay with cash. She tells us how much we owe. She knows when she has been given the correct amount. The gift turned out to be a better purchase than I anticipated.

👤My 5 year old daughter loves it and we bought it for her for Christmas. We have always been fans of the products of Doug andMelissa because they are well made and last a long time. I believe that it would work for both younger and older children. My daughter loves ice cream and the scoop grabs on to it. The menu is made of plastic. It is helpful for basic math because it comes with pretend money and prices on the menu. My daughter asked for an ice cream cart and I found this. I gave it 4 stars because of the price. We purchased the set for under $23 and it's selling for over $47. I think it's the reason for the steep discount, but I don't think I could have spent $50 for it if I'd known it was adorable.

👤I can't say enough good things about this product. It is perfect. The quality is topnotch. The pieces are well-shaped and fit into each other to make them easy to stack and sturdy as well. The menu is high quality and can be used to select items. My children love playing with this. This is a lot of fun for kids who like to play pretend. The set comes with a spoon and lots of cute things to eat. It also includes pretend money that is not cheap and can be used by two year olds. I would recommend this product. Parents will want to try it.

3. Handstand Kitchen 15 Piece Ultimate Recipes

Handstand Kitchen 15 Piece Ultimate Recipes

Each material has been tested for safety. Parents can be sure that they will get what they want. The Llama Love Ultimate Baking Party for Kids from Handstand Kitchen is the perfect set for every child who wants to bring their love of llamas to life through the fun of real baking. Your child will have everything they need to make a llama treat with this fun set. There are 7 desert delight themed cookie cutters, 1 Silicone cupcake mold that makes 6 llama shaped cupcakes, and a recipe leaflet and sticker sheet. The set's components are sturdy enough to be used regularly, and are small enough to be used by older children and adults. Match the set with aprons from Handstand Kitchen for even more fun.

Brand: Handstand Kitchen

👤The kids love using these in their baking projects, and they are used all the time in our house. The product is easy to use and clean.

👤The entire product is usable, not cheap or flimsy. I'm looking forward to baking with my granddaughter.

4. Aoskie Baking Apron Cooking Kitchen

Aoskie Baking Apron Cooking Kitchen

The Kids Chef Role Play Costume Set is ideal for children's creativity and imagination which are the 3 year old girls, 4 year old girls, and up. If your child is lively, you and your child will have a very pleasant intimate time if you have an apron for him. Give her a gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, or holiday. An apron, chef hat, oven mitt, glove, booklet, and other baking supplies are included in the Kids Cooking and Baking Set. The chef costume will make your kids want to bake. All the baking tools are made of food grade and non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of your junior chef, as well as the long lasting durability of the kit. Baking supplies complete. The set is suitable for role playing and real kitchens. Baking tools are useful in the kitchen. This toy can improve children's creativity and imagination. They will have fun baking with their parents in this children's chef costume. It's a great gift for children's birthday Christmas to enjoy the cooking time and funny toys.

Brand: Aoskie

👤My granddaughter loved this set.

👤It was cute and exactly what I ordered.

5. Smartlab Toys Tiny Baking Books

Smartlab Toys Tiny Baking Books

WIDE APPLICATION The frosting piping kit can be used for cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies. They can provide 18 months after-sales service and 30 days free return and replacement support. If you have a problem, you can contact them and they will solve it for you within 24 hours. Tiny Baking presents the smallest kitchen gadgets and utensils for baking tiny food treats for kids. The mini things that actually work allow kids to learn the chemistry set science behind baking delicious treats through practical application while developing fine motor skills and their potential drive to be a confectionery master chef. They are fun and great for learning. The kitchen set for kids is useful. The hot pack includes a miniature kitchen rolling pin, cookie cutter, finger oven mitt, cake pan, sheet baking pan tray, cupcake/cake Silicon mold, and more. It's perfect for tiny hands and bakers. The kit can be brought to a workbench for a child or even a grandma's house. Get 1x. The Tiny Baking Kit Set and 2x Exclusive E-books are related to Role Playing Games and Best Birthday. The functional mini stuff and baker set is for kids. You should wear a chef hat and apron. The play kitchen baking equipment will bring Tiny Baking to the next level. The included kids cookbook can be used to create easy bake oven mixes and delicious bite sized treats, instead of simply playing with pretend food for toddlers. These toddler learning toys can be used to make cake decorations. The kids cooking model kit is great for learning. Fun things can be included in an educational toy. These bakeware sets and interactive toys from Smartlabs provide educational insights and a unique learning experience through creative play. The cognitive health stem building toys and craft kits have fun tutorials that encourage interest in the science kits for kids and each toddler activity referenced. There are therapy toYS and kids gifts. There's a study about why they love small things. The toddler kitchen craft kit and kitchen tools are not only for little people. The miniature toys are great for girl gifts, science gifts, and Christmas gifts for kids. Baking, cooking set food, and cake decorating in a mini oven pan is fun and therapeutic, but it's also fun to make real mini food.

Brand: Generic

👤My daughter opened the kit and started baking. The cook book gives real measurement equivalents and the measurements are cute. The recipes are easy to follow. We want the other sets as well.

6. Cooking Children Unicorn Unicorns Couplers

Cooking Children Unicorn Unicorns Couplers

Kids can play in the snow, pool, garden, backyard, and sand table with the included beach toy molds. Your kids can use their imaginations to make delicious treats. The perfect gift for boys and girls is this unique baking set. A 16 piece set includes: a children's apron, oven mitt for play kitchen, pot holder, chef's hat, dough roller, 5 cookie cutters, 2 piping bags and 2 tips. There are unique designs and fully adjusted arbors in the kitchen. The neck strap apron for kids and chef hat can be adjusted. The design of castles and rainbows. Cute, unique and fun to play with. Kids will feel like professional cooks with their kangaroo pockets. The kitchen utensils provided in this cooking set will be held in the front pocket. Baking and decorating made fun. The best gift for girls and boys is 3-9 years old. A toy and a custom play. Check out the other designs for a complete set. Check out their unique designs, such as the panda and the castles. Your kid can share them with a playdate. The set is easy to clean.

Brand: Arawak Brave

👤My niece loves baking and she was thrilled with this gift. I received a picture of her in an apron, holding some baking items and wearing a hat. She was getting ready to bake with her dad.

👤My daughters are young. The fit of this kit is perfect. The kit was easy to use and helped us make sugar cookies. The fit of the apron and hat is okay, it is constructed with no strings hanging. It is thick. The whole kit is a great value.

👤This baking set is awesome! The apron fit well and the utensils were nice. It's perfect for little kids.

👤My granddaughters received gifts. They live!

7. MasterChef Junior Breakfast Cooking Set

MasterChef Junior Breakfast Cooking Set

Their ultimate goal is to make you 100% satisfied. They are sure that you will enjoy using their kids utensil kit and kids baking kit for dress up and all the kitchen tools and accessories that this kitchen took for kids kit contains, so they offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. The Junior Breakfast Cooking Set is licensed by the show. Kids breakfast cooking kit has a mixing bowl, whisk, turner, juicer and an egg cup. 3 unique recipe cards for all levels of experience are included in the set. Food is not included with the real cooking tools with kid-safe, non-slip silicone grips. It's a great gift for little chefs in training. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets.

Brand: Masterchef Junior

👤The recipient of this did seem to like it. There is nothing wrong with the product. You could get this kit for a fraction of the price at a big box store. You can print out some recipe cards for french toast, crepes, pancakes, and soft boiled egg. You're paying a lot for the name.

👤My daughter, an astute and adorable half of a twin set, is obsessed with Masterchef Jr and loved getting this set for Christmas. Professional tools are just right for her. The child made me crepes for breakfast. It's Friggin' Creatures!

👤My granddaughter loved this set. It is large enough to make something that is apposed to some baking sets that are small and not meant for baking. I am looking to buy the item baking kits from this manufacturer. Great product!

👤I bought this for my daughter, who loves to bake and cook. This set is cheap and could have been purchased at the dollar store. There is a I would have expected more. Keep looking if you are looking for a quality cooking or baking set.

👤My granddaughter's 9th birthday gift. She loves to make breakfast. I did not open it before giving it to her.

👤They got my money. Some of the utensils are the same as in other boxes. The product was good and my children enjoyed it.

👤My 12 year old God daughter loves cooking and she absolutely loves this gift. Her mother gave her the baking set and now she has a lot of gear to call her own.

👤My daughter is a huge fan of the show and already made the Stuffed French Toast. The quality of the bowl, whisk, and other items are nice and it was a good birthday gift.

8. Clothes Kitchen Accessories Cooking Birthday

Clothes Kitchen Accessories Cooking Birthday

The value pack is for girls and boys. It's perfect for cooking chef pretend play, role play, educational toy, early development, holiday toy for toddlers, school classroom prize, kids intelligent learning toys, Easter Stuffer, Birthday party or Festival and more. There are 32 baking toys in this playset. There is an apron, chef hat, oven mitt, hot pad, wooden spoon, wooden rolling pin, 15 cookie cutters, 5 food-grade scuplture, and 6 premium scuplture plates. Baking toys are designed to look like real-life baking tools and utensils. The realistic design will make the pretend bake experience better. Baking tools can be used on dough. The apron, oven mitt, and hot pad can be washed. They can be used again and again. Learning and having fun at the same time. Pretend play is a great way to learn. Baking is fun for your little ones. Fine-motor skills are enhanced by a hands-on activity. The ideal gift is for kids who are interested in baking and kitchen related tasks. It's great for birthday parties, surprise gifts, events, gatherings, and much more. Recommended for kids ages 1-8.

Brand: Fun Little Toys

👤Every piece is amazing and we love all the details. My daughter is so excited to play with the kitchen baking set that she saw it the moment she saw it. Everything is made of food-grade materials. There is a wooden rolling pin with handles that little ones can roll forward and back over dough with ease, it is made of solid wood and is very decent quality. There are 15 different shapes of mini cookie cutter molds. The mini cutters help us make cute shapes with a gentle press on the dough. Some of the sellers only offered 4 or 5 cutters. It comes with a set of kitchen utensils that are realistic and will help my little girl bake away the day. We all love it. Not only is the quality excellent, but the price is too.

👤My chef is 4 years old. She liked it. I added her name to the apron and had a cricut for personalization. The tools can be used in cooking. The cookie cutter is a little flimsy. The crown of the hat has a small part that goes around it.

👤The little set has everything a cook needs. She immediately noticed that the apron has a pocket on the front and that the rolling pin is solid. The little round pans are nice, but not sure what they are used for. She helped cook supper in style last night. Can't beat this price. Buy it.

👤This little chef set is so cute. It is perfect for my 2.5 year old daughter, but the cookie cutters are flimsy and lose their shape easily. I still recommend this set.

👤My daughter likes using these in her play kitchen, but they are small. She is 2.5 years old and they are small in her hands. Make sure to check the dimensions and know how small these are.

👤My daughter likes this set, but the pieces are small. They are too small to play with play food, but could be decent for play doh. I wouldn't buy this item again.

👤When baking cookies with her mom and me, she has to wear it. The reason for not giving 5 stars was because the cookie cutter are sharp on both sides. There is a safety hazard for children.

👤I got my 5 year old granddaughter a cooker outfit because she loves cooking in the kitchen at her baby 5 years her mother teaches her to light cooking. At the age of 6 I was happy when Santa put one under the tree and I learned how to cook. I'm very good at it.

9. ProductMix Boys Complete Baking Cooking Utensils Ultimate

ProductMix Boys Complete Baking Cooking Utensils Ultimate

The unique cooking baking sets will be a good choice to surprise your children in birthday party, Christmas Day and other festivals. Chef kids dress up kit encourages creativity and role play teach kids about food cooking and cake baking, so much fun together playing their kids chef baking set, will be the perfect gift for your little one. The ultimate chef set! Everything a little kid needs to have fun. A Chef hat is a must-have for any Chef set. Also a navy blue stripped apron, oven mitt, hot pad, rolling pin, whisk, spatula, wooden spoon, metal spatula, 4 cookie cutters, and 5 measuring spoons! There are 18 items. The DeLUXE CHEF OUTFIT is a show. A chef hat, oven mitt, and hot pad are included in the navy blue apron. It's perfect for a young chef. It is machine-washable. The hat streches and apron ties at the neck and waist are a good fit. The perfect mix of utensils brings their play to life. The pin does roll. It's great for play-doh. Kids learn about cooking and baking while having fun. It is packaged in a plastic bag with handles for easy clean up and storage. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. The toys are safety compliant.

Brand: Productmix

👤The package is tiny and the quality of the set is not very good. My nephew is 4 years old and he still loves it and wears it all the time. I think it is worth it for the price.

10. Junior Cooking Culinary Educational Utensils

Junior Cooking Culinary Educational Utensils

Children's educational toys encourage creativity, role play, and teach kids about food and cooking. Real baking isn't pre- planned, how wonderful their kids prepare real food and bake by themselves! The easy bake oven can be used to teach children how to bake and make food. Design for kids. Baking Tools are designed for children, so they can operate them easier. They have a mini kitchen. You can buy a young chef baking set for a birthday or holiday present. To learn how to bake real tiny food with an easy bake oven and respect for labor, educational utensils are needed. Don't touch. After heating, remember this is real set. Gloves are used to prevent swelling.

Brand: Babyhorse

👤The package I received was very misleading, I purchased based on the reviews I read. The directions for the cookbook are a joke. The tacky plastic apron I wouldn't put on my dog is cheap and the useless container is. I don't know about the loofah sponge, but I appreciate the effort of pointing them in a direction to keep their "pots and pans" clean. It is just a piece to take up space. The waffle maker is the only positive thing that I can say about it, and it gets extremely hot, and the oven mite was too big for my son to use properly. I wouldn't be a negative Nancy if I received a portion of the items I've seen. I built this package for weeks so I could give him a prize for being a good boy, but I was so sad when he opened it that he felt terrible. He was amused by the bubble wrap. The only thing worth mentioning is the waffle maker, because everything else was so random, it didn't go together at all. I plan on posting multiple times, and making sure I get a random cheap item in it, as in hopes that this won't happen to someone else. I am a single parent who has to budget every dollar and I was hesitant to purchase things online since it was so hard for me to return things in real life. He waited and checked the mail everyday for a gift that should have been a great memory, but I am so, I am on the hunt to make up for a gift that should have been a great memory. If I had received the package that I was expecting, I would have recommended it to everyone I knew, and I would have been so happy. Will be posting pictures.

👤This set is cute but it is just a bunch of cheap stuff. The waffle maker is cute. I have not used the donut mold. I think it's pretty good. It was too small for a toddler and everything else had broken already. I was excited for this but I wanted something for my daughter, not an easy bake oven. Maybe it would have been better if they had just bought baking tools. Either way...lesson learned.

👤It's not worth the money for a gift. I bought 5his for my 4yr old granddaughter and I am so embarrassed that I hive it to her. It was supposed to be a gift for a friend, but it looks like it will be a try, I'm sorry, but it's not something you can use. It's plastic and not worth.10 cents, so you would think that it could put in a cute thing like the apron that she would use a few times.

👤It was a gift for my god-daughter and she absolutely loves it. The set looks good as she bakes and makes pancakes.

👤The waffle maker is adorable. It was the perfect size for my nephew. He likes to help cook. The waffle maker is similar to a real waffle maker. Love it.

11. Handstand Kids 19 Piece Unicorn Recipes

Handstand Kids 19 Piece Unicorn Recipes

The ideal gift for a budding chef is their chef set for kids, which is the ideal gift for a cooking starter or budding chef. The perfect gift for children, they ensure that their cooking toys for girls and boys will meet your expectations and offer returns with no questions asked; Contact them if you have any issues using their childs baking set. The Handstand Kids has a set for every child that is ready to explore the fun of real baking. The 19-piece set includes everything you need to bake a bunch of treats. There is a cupcake tray, spatula, cookie cutter, 3 frosting bags, 8 frosting tips and a recipe leaflet. The set's components are sturdy enough to be used regularly, and are small enough to be used by older children and adults. Match the set with aprons from Handstand Kids for even more fun.

Brand: Handstand Kids

👤I bought this for my granddaughter and she loved it.

👤My kids are learning how to bake.

👤My granddaughter loves it! She loves the quality of the animals. This was a great present for us because we bake together every week.

👤The package does not have the 3 frosting bags and 8 tips. Disappointed. I will have to return it.


What is the best product for baking gift set for kids?

Baking gift set for kids products from Masterchef Junior. In this article about baking gift set for kids you can see why people choose the product. Melissa & Doug and Handstand Kitchen are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking gift set for kids.

What are the best brands for baking gift set for kids?

Masterchef Junior, Melissa & Doug and Handstand Kitchen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking gift set for kids. Find the detail in this article. Aoskie, Generic and Arawak Brave are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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