Best Baking Half Sheet Cover

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1. Large Baking Stainless Cookie Rectangle

Large Baking Stainless Cookie Rectangle

The overall dimensions are 14.25 x 16.75 x 0.2-inch and the interior baking surface is 16.75 x 14 inches. Premium 430(18/0)stainless steel is safe and healthy. It's good for your family. The WezviX baking tray is without any other chemical coating. It's Rust free and healthy for baking. ADVANCED CRAFT It is comfortable to hold without a rough spot. Food can be easily released, non-stick. It's easy to clean. The edges of the oven can hold more food to keep it neat. The mirror finished surface is easy to clean. The baking sheet is large, measuring 19.6" x 13.5" x 1.2". Baking and roasting can be more convenient. It's perfect to be used as a cookie sheet or baking sheet in your regular oven or a toaster oven.

Brand: Wezvix

👤I wanted a baking sheet that was natural, so I went with the most natural option. It's difficult to find one without a coating. This one is perfect for my needs. It's sturdy and perfect for my oven. It has a shine that can be easily scratched and smudged, but that's not a big deal since I bake things on it with parchment paper. It's been working well for me so far, and I know I'll be using it for a long time.

👤I use this baking sheet all the time because I don't have a flat top for grilling. I cook french fries, vegetables, quesadillas, bacon, anything I don't want on the grill. I like it. It is easy to clean up. It stays flat the whole time I grill. I recommend it to anyone who asks how my fries turned out.

👤The web page says that it does not warp. It says on the packaging that it is natural. I sent another pan back because it warped, but decided I wouldn't get a pan that doesn't warp. I bought these for my son mostly because he loves them. I threw away my original oven pan, so I guess I'll keep these, but I feel the page was deceptive in saying that it doesn't warp. I will update this later after I bake it for months.

👤The quarter size pan looks good. I haven't had a chance to rate it yet. It isn't easy to stack them with aluminum pans because they are not the same size as the aluminum type quarter sheet pans, and it isn't easy to clean them because they are not the same size as the aluminum type quarter sheet pans.

👤I wanted a large pan for roasting veggies but didn't want a non stick or aluminum one. This is the one that pulled the trigger. This pan is large. It doesn't fit in my oven. It's perfect for roasting a lot of veggies. It does take a little more work to clean but that is what it is made of. I am happy about this purchase.

👤I was looking for a pan that was light and portable. It's lightweight, but it warps when it gets hot. When cooled, it goes back to its original shape. The surface is easy to clean and smooth.

👤The tray is damaged. It looks similar to someone else's photo of their tray. Did I get their return? I'm annoyed. I plan to use it as an espresso station tray and have the knock box sit inside. My 1 star review is because I don't like receiving faulty products.

👤Do not run away. When the product cooled down, it bent back to normal.

👤I have been looking for these for a long time and they are really easy to clean and well made.

👤They are very good and I have purchased them before. It's the right size for me and easy to clean.

👤I wanted to get the larger size, which would make the best use of the interior space of the oven, but I have nowhere to keep it. I got the bigger 18.6 x 13.5" which fits in the under-oven drawer and is still bigger than any I have ever owned. This is an excellent value for the price. It was well packaged and shipped quickly. One might want thicker metal for industrial use. I am happy to use these at home to get rid of the sheets that are coated in non-stick material.

2. Aluminum Cookie Sheet Baking Disposable

Aluminum Cookie Sheet Baking Disposable

Their value pack comes with foil food pans and foil lids. Pan dimensions are approximately 12 58” Top Length, 10 18” Top Width, 10” Bottom Length, 7 38” Bottom Width, and 2” Height. It is time to bake. You can bake and transport cookies with ease with their aluminum foil cookie sheets. Baking sheets are convenient for delivery or take-out, if you run a restaurant. Their flat pans are made of silver. It is time to bake. You can bake and transport cookies with ease with their aluminum foil cookie sheets. Baking sheets are convenient for delivery or take-out, if you run a restaurant. Their flat pans are made of silver. Their cookie trays are made from premium quality aluminum foil and have high gauge and full curl rim. You can cook your cookies and pastries in pans that don't break. Their premium aluminum pans are disposable and 100% recyclable. Their aluminum foil cookie sheets help keep harmful materials out of landfills. Simply dispose of their pans in the trash when you are done. Their disposable cookie sheets are great for baking a variety of foods like cinnamon rolls, honey buns, homemade pizza, flatbread, french fries and more. They can be used as a tray for messy arts and crafts projects. Their value pack includes 15 aluminum foil cookie sheets. The dimensions of the baking sheet are 16 x 11 x 3.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤I bought these baking sheets for a different reason. I am always looking for new ideas for my craft, and I am an avid crafter. The sheets are the perfect weight. I am able to cut them with a regular pair of scissors and then use my die cut machine to make an Embossment plate. I made a card out of them and colored them with different colors. I will definitely buy these again, but I don't think there will be a smell of baking in my kitchen.

👤The item is advertised as a superb and value-priced item for baking cookies. The sheet is a great option for a clean up of cookies. Not for heavy duty tasks. It was hoped that it would be useful in our traditional oven when we make a chicken. The function is high in heat and the pan is thin, which causes it to warp during the cycle. The pan's lip is not high, so we had a mess when the juices flowed from the side that was not high.

👤I need to use two of these because they are small. I use them to place the pellet grill on the tray. They work well for me and are sturdy. Measure your grill size before ordering.

👤These pans were purchased to be used once or twice. This is a good product for limited use. I was not expecting these pans to be the same as a regular cookie sheet. I bake cookies or a pizza and throw them away. I bought them for the purpose and they are a good product.

👤I use them for what I want. I replaced my grill grate with these as throw aways. The ones with a thousand holes are difficult to clean. I replaced the grates with the pans to catch food. I replace them with new ones every 3-6 weeks. I expand the sides and ends to completely cover the open spaces.

👤We wanted disposable cookie sheets for our Thanksgiving trip so that no one had to wash cookie sheets. This gave us a lot of sheets. They were fine for cookies, but you might have trouble using them for anything heavy because they are not strong. They were easy to use and clean up for Christmas cookie baking.

👤I bought these to make Christmas cookies so that I wouldn't have to stop and wash pans. They aren't very study. You had to hold on to these, otherwise they would flop around. I lost some cookies at the beginning of the day because the pan just folded. I'll only use the paper on my baking sheets next year.

👤I don't like having to wash dishes but these cookie sheets work well for lightweight items and I wouldn't put heavy stuff on them.

3. Glad Food Prep BB11986 Disposable

Glad Food Prep BB11986 Disposable

Ultra Cuisine's jelly roll sheet pans are designed in Colorado, USA, and come with a free recipe ebook with over 100 delicious recipes for a lifetime of happy baking. Glad Cookie Sheet Pans are made with a textured bottom, making it easier to remove cookies. Baking cookies or roasting fish and veggies can be done in foil pans. You will receive 12 cookie sheet pans, each measuring 16” x 11” x 0.25” The sheet pans are disposable, which means minimal clean up for you. After use, toss the tins. Cookie sheets are made with recycled aluminum.

Brand: Glad

👤Humans continue to destroy public park lawns by throwing out their plastic cups, kids shovels and buckets, plastic bottles, and accidentally dropping Ghiradelli chocolate fudge sundaes and chocolate bars on the already ravaged scraps of lawn. Mason Meadow. People leave a jagged carpet of beer bottle caps, wine corks, and face masks. I need a pesticide free patch of lawn to position my dog on the concrete apocalypse of the apartment building so she can pee on it. I'm going to punch holes in the pans, add soil and grass seeds, and hope I can get a few trays of green grass to piece together into a single strip of lawn.

👤These foil muffin tins are for cooking. I have used them to make muffins and cupcakes. I always put them on a cookie sheet when I'm about to put them in the oven because I'm afraid they will bend and fall out, but this hasn't actually happened, but I like to be careful. I don't need to use paper liners if I spray with cooking oil, that's a nice thing. It is easy to put the muffin on the cooling rack. If you choose, these tins will be re-usable. I found it easy to wash my muffins with warm soapy water. They can be thrown away after use. I used a tin to melt crayons for my kids, a project I found on the internet. I don't want to make food in the same tin that I used to melt crayons and I didn't feel bad throwing it away because it cost less than a dollar for a single tray. I would recommend these tins. They are a good deal and you can make a lot of fun stuff out of them. I did not receive any compensation for this review. This is my opinion.

👤I bought these pans so I could bring food to friends without having to worry about getting good bakeware back. The recipient don't have to worry about washing or returning the pans. These are a good size for my food. It can hold enough food to make a couple dinners. I have to say that they do not seem as flimsy as the bigger pans, but it may be because they do not have the same weight inside. I double the pan when I do heavy foods. These pans can be moved from freezer to refrigerator to oven. These pans are recommended by me. I did not receive any compensation for this review. This is my honest opinion of the product.

👤I wanted to take food to my friends. I don't have to worry about getting good bakeware back and the recipient doesn't have to worry about washing and returning disposable items. I had to use two pans because I was afraid one would collapse when I filled them with food. It held up well. They do not include their own covers. I used aluminum foil to cover it. If the food is heavy, I would recommend doubling the pans because they are a bit flimsy. When taking food out of the oven, be careful. I did not receive any compensation for my review. This is my honest opinion.

4. Stainless HKJ Chef Nonstick Rectangle

Stainless HKJ Chef Nonstick Rectangle

Instructions for care are hand wash and towel dry. Baking sheet with cooling rack set is a great replacement for aluminum pan. The baking pan and the baking rack are made of pure 18/8stainless steel, which is rust resistant and durable for many years. The STAINLESS STEEL Baking Pan Cookie Sheet with Cooling Rack Set 4 Pieces, 2 Cookie Pans of maximum capacity of 12.5L X 10W X 1H inch, is a multi size and function. The cooling rack is 12L x 9W. The complete baking set is perfect for home oven baking. Baking pan and cooling rack can be combined in different ways. TheBaking Pan and Bakeable Nonstick Cooling Rack Set are made of heavy duty material and are shiny and shiny. Baking pans are full around to keep your kitchen neat. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean,Stainless Steel Cookie Sheet Baking Pan Tray with Cooling Racks are Super mirror finish, always stay shining, easy to release baked food, no burnt bottoms, smooth edges, and rimless design would no cover dishwater and foster germs & easy to clean by The baking sheet tray cooling rack set is great for baking dinners, dozens of cookies,cinnamon rolls, Sticky buns, Brownies, Corn bread and fruit cobblers. The food came out perfectly. You can make delicious food for your family and friends.

Brand: Hkj Chef

👤These are large enough to fit in the Instant Omni Plus. I put them in the dishwasher and they came out great.

👤The metal is starting to warp about 2 minutes after you put it in the oven. Doesn't stay flat.

👤I make beef jerky once a month. I was expecting a thinner gauge metal in the pan, but these are much heavier than I expected. The pans have a.25" down rack slot, which I like because it keeps my beef contained. The gauge of metal is included in the racks. The little rack touching area is just as hard to clean as any other rack in the oven. Overall surprised at the quality and in a good way!

👤The actual size of the pan is 12 3/8th X 9 3/8th. It is too short for my liking, but it does fit my oven air fryer. I would have kept my original pan, but it is under 10 so I am coming back. I didn't read the description dimensions that were located half way down the page, but I noticed they were more accurate.

👤I know how to use a tape measure after buying these for my oven. They weren't close to the dimensions described. Returned for a refund.

👤Within 3 minutes of being placed in the oven, it was warped. I would return it if I had not thrown it away.

👤I needed to move meat out of my electric smoker. I needed something that was dedicated to smoking meat. My wife didn't like the idea of me smoking up her baking pans. I will be able to remove the foil pan shown in the picture to free up another rack in the smoker, while still catching drips, because these fit perfectly. I can put them in the smoker and then put them in the dishwasher. It was perfect.

👤Good backing sheets. At least they are looking good. They are in the right size. I had similar ones before, and these are replacements. This package has a rack added to it.

👤The title states that the size is 12.5L x 11W x 1H inch. It's important to read the full description to get the right dimensions. Good quality.

5. Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick

Nordic Ware Naturals Aluminum NonStick

The 446F temperature isSISTANCE. It was durably built. The bakeware set is suitable for a wide range of baking needs and can handle high-heat up to . 6mm thick with a rolled edge to keep metal from bending. The baked goods rise and bake evenly because of the superior heat conductivity of aluminum. Nonstick interior for easy clean up. The exterior dimensions of the pan are 17. The dimensions are 94 x 13 x 1 inches. 5 x 11 25 x 1 inches. Nordic Ware is made in the USA. Actual color may be different from what appears online. The item shape is rectangular.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I bought 2 of the half sheets and was happy with them. The coating works well. The non-stick coating is not on the bottom of the sheet, so it only gets damaged there. They are light-weight and cook evenly. These sheets were used to bake my scones. They held their shape and were perfectly brown on the bottom. I decided to buy 2 of the sheets. I had to send them back. Nordic Ware is putting a logo on the baking surface. This is not shown in the picture on Nordic Ware's site. Nordic Ware confirmed to me that they have added a logo. I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, but it's a deal-breaker for me. I think a smooth baking surface would make it easy to lift things off with a spatula. The logo is large and long. The picture is for everyone to see. Nordic Ware has placed branding above function. The return was great for Amazon.

👤A lot of reviewers are picky. It is a baking sheet. I bought a half sheet. I bought two of them. They're fine! The finish seems to work. It's almost like a paper towel when it comes to clean-up. Some people are asking if these are dishwasher safe. Why would you put it in the dishwasher? Put it away by rinsing it off with hot water. Don't worry about it, use my paper towel method.

👤The sheet pan I ordered in February of last year was non-stick, easy to clean, and never stained. I ordered another one in November of last year. I'm not happy that they changed it. The Nordicware logo is imprinted in raised lettering on the surface. The pan is stained after one uses baking potatos.

👤These perform better than any of the cookie sheets you've been using from your mom or grandma. These will last for the rest of your life if you take care of them. Start with two, then get two more, and finally by the smaller size. All the pies come out perfect. You can cook fish, chicken, and roast other meats on the cookie drying rack. I like to line the pan with foil before putting the rack in the sheet. It's a great jelly-roll pan.

👤I have had a non-stick for six months. I don't put food directly on the pan. Even with overnight soaking and a lot of scrubbing, there are stains in the pan that will not come out even if you soak it. I read a review that said this has been happening with a new product. I don't know if that's a factor. I spent a long time researching for a pan that was made in the US.

👤I have a pair of Nordic Ware baking sheets, just like this one, but without the non-stick coating. Sometimes I would like to have a shallow roasting pan with a non-stick coating for chicken thighs. I never put aluminum in the dishwasher so the cleaning has to be done by hand. These are perfect for jobs like that. It's too early to tell how long the coating will last, but the pans have a good weight and the raised rolled edges keep them from warping. They are easy to store because they stack perfectly with the Nordic Ware pans. I think they are an excellent value if the coating holds up.

6. Vollrath 5303CV Snap Sheet Cover

Vollrath 5303CV Snap Sheet Cover

This item has outstanding heat conductivity. It fits Vollrath sheet pans. Ridge on top of cover for stacking. It was designed to allow 90 degree stacking rotation. The dimensions are 13 x 18 x 1

Brand: Vollrath

👤I bought 2 others but they weren't right for me. I wish I had taken cupcakes to school a long time ago. Great for making English muffins.

👤These 1/2 bun pans have been with me for a long time. It is great to have covers for them. I will put my cookies in the pan. I will be able to see what I have.

👤I purchased a sheet pan that did not fit this item. They haven't responded to my requests. Caveat Emptor-Buyer beware!

7. 2 16 6x11 6 CHEF Stainless Commercial Dishwasher

2 16 6x11 6 CHEF Stainless Commercial Dishwasher

There is a lifetime warranty. Your purchase is risk free for the rest of your life. They will give you a full refund or replacement if you don't like your Priority Chef cooling rack. The P&P CHEF Cooling Racks are made of pure steel, no worries about any toxic materials getting into your food or aluminum coating falling off, healthy and safe for your daily baking, thick stable feet could hold heavy food, Rust and warp resistant. Baking evenly for cooking quickly and saving time on repeat roasting, cooling evenly for each rack is possible. The roasting rack has a smooth edge and no rough spot, it protects your hand roundly, and it's finished with seamless welding to maximize appearance keeping and prevent it from coming off. TheGrill rack is a good design that can fit your regular home oven and help you to cook food faster and easier. The STAINLESS steel wires come with solid construction,durable use for a long service time, Both racks have a mirror finished surface, that would make their rack released food easily, Easily clean up and dishwasher safe, Best gifts for housewife, baker, everyone who like baking

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I usually bake bacon in the oven, but when the old baking rack fell off, I went looking for a new one. After about a month of use, I can say that I am completely satisfied with them. The most annoying thing about my previous baking racks was the fact that they were dirty after I baked bacon. My previous rack had a grid of wires and bacon that got stuck in the corners. The lack of a grid, the greater distance between wires, and the thicker wires make cleaning them easy. I don't think the rack loses much strength, although I'm not sure if it would support a half-sheet-sized fruitcake or roast, I imagine most cakes.

👤The manufacture claims that the cooking rack have a mirror finished surface that makes for easy clean up. They are easy to clean and heavy duty. I've bought two sets with no regrets because the price keeps going up. The first set was priced at fifteen dollars and the second set was twenty dollars. They're currently a dollar more than that. If you want to buy a set soon, you'd better hurry because they might be at $499.99.

👤There are no welding problems with the backing racks, they are easy to clean, and there is no sharp edges so they are safe. I don't expect them to rust in the future because they appear to be non ferrous. They fit nicely in my baking trays and they did not bend in the oven. If I ever run into problems with the racks, I will update this review, but so far I am loving them.

👤I purchased these racks for the purpose of roasting chicken, ribs, and other meats so that they wouldn't sit in the fat drippings. I see no rust on the racks. The description claims they are rustproof. So far, so good! I have used them 3 times, and would recommend them to others.

👤These are great. I have used them for both cooling and cooking. They work well for both. They're very sturdy and mine didn't have any sharp edges, they were all smooth at the welds. If I remember correctly, they are about the size of a quarter sheet pan. They are strong enough to hold heavier things. When you get them in person, they look stronger in the photos, but they work great. I haven't had a problem with them. I use them all the time.

👤I was looking for something that was well made. They fit perfectly on my sheets. I have eaten chicken and steak. It will be great for that, but I haven't used it as a cooling rack yet. It is easy to clean up.

👤The right balance of strength and simplicity. These rack have a perfect spacing and wire size for roasting my chinese bbq pork without being a major pain to clean like the ones I used to use. Love it.

👤The racks are made of high quality material. I use them to cook meat. I was able to cook a 10 lbs pork roast. I think the racks will hold up better than the previous one I had.

8. Kitchen Stainless Cooling Cooking Dishwasher

Kitchen Stainless Cooling Cooking Dishwasher

The STAINLESS steel wires come with solid construction,durable use for a long service time, Both racks have a mirror finished surface, that would make their rack released food easily, Easily clean up and dishwasher safe, Best gifts for housewife, baker, everyone who like baking The wire pan cooling rack is commercial grade. Steel and oven safes.

Brand: Upi

👤The wire racks I purchased look heavy duty and well made, and I use them in my roasting pan. They are heavy duty, but they are poorly made and dangerously sharp. These things are out of square and twisted so they don't sit in the bottom of the pan or on the counter. I had a cut finger when I got the first one out of the box, I didn't even get the first one out of the box. I assume they clipped the wire at the edges of the rack because they had a dull tool that sticks up, but somewhere they should have caught it and fixed the problem. I only gave this product one star because I couldn't give it more than one.

👤"mild steel chrome plated" is the description for this product, which is definitely not "stainless steel". There is a big cost difference between a mild steel product and a stainless steel product. The life span of mild steel is shorter than that of stainless steel. The other reviews say they rust. The steel doesn't rust.

👤I used them about 20 times after I got them last week. I needed these for a smaller footprint cooling rack for my husband's favorite breakfast treat, extra-crispy hash browns. The quality exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with their size, rigidity, and usefulness. The real world size of these racks? 7-7/8" x 10" I used one of the rack on a small cookie sheet inside my oven to crisp a piece of reheated fried chicken, which allowed the excess grease to drain away onto the cookie sheet, rather than into my husband's tummy. He liked the extra crispiness and I liked the oil reduction. Extra fat is harmlessly drained away. It would be great for roasting small quantities of meat, though mine will be used for cooling jobs. The quality of the rack is higher than I was expecting and they are strong enough to double as a trivet. Highly recommended for both utility and flexibility. Do you have a question about the cooling rack? I'll be happy to help you if you leave a comment.

👤I bought this in the container. I don't recommend this product for this use. I left it in the water for a test and it rusted on the first night. They didn't slide around my baking sheet. They were not quite level. Learn from my experience. They aren't perfect, but they were cheap.

👤One rack is perfectly lined up, but the other is off. The end bars were soldered too close to the end, throwing off the others. This made the bar with the feet a little bit tilted, but it did not interfere with the intended purpose. This is 8 x 10 and will fit into a 9 x 13 quarter sheet pan with space all around. The "feet" are 1/3 of an inch tall and allow for great circulation and food. I use it for baked coconut shrimp and chicken strips. Turn the food over to get the best results. The bread, buns, and other items that can't go in a toasting device can be done nicely with this rack on top of the other rack. The bars in the oven are too wide. The little squares on the rack are about the same size. The quality of these racks is very good and they are heavier than the pictures show.

9. TeamFar Cooling Stainless 20×14×1 Dishwasher

TeamFar Cooling Stainless 20%C3%9714%C3%971 Dishwasher

This baking rack is ideal for baking, roasting, cooking, and grilling, and is perfect for making cupcake cones for an engagement birthday ice cream party. Half pan is sufficient for most of your family's baking needs, perfect for baking and cooling bacons, cookies, vegetables, ribs, etc. TeamFar cookie sheet with cooling rack is made of pure steel without toxic chemical coating and is healthy for everyday cooking. It is a fake story. The rack can be removed from the sheet to cool the food, it fits perfectly in the baking pan. The Exquisite Craft is a craft. The wire of the roasting rack is dense to keep food from falling through, and the smooth edges prevent hurting your hands. The side of the baking pan that is 1.3 inches deep is dishwasher safe and the roasting rack is easy to clean.

Brand: Teamfar

👤The 18/0 isferritic, not the more typical 18/10. The big stamp on the bottom seems to have not made it to any of the product pictures. I don't know about the rack. It's not the same alloy, but it could be a different grade. This is a heavy article of cookware.

👤A magnet won't stick to this product.

👤I wanted it to be high quality and non-toxic for my budget. I haven't had success with Norpro bakeware in the past, so I was nervous to try out another affordable option. I gave it a try after reading the awesome reviews. I'm very happy! It's much thicker than I expected, which was something I was worried about. A clean up is a good thing. It's seriously. The cooling rack addition allowed us to make bacon that was the best I have ever eaten. Yes, seriously. The pan went straight from sitting on a cold island counter to a 400 degree oven and that was a mistake. The times that I set my pan on the stove as it preheats the popping is never an issue. Would highly recommend this pan.

👤The pan has a rack. It could be used for cooling cookies or baking bacon in the oven. I put them in the dishwasher and they come out clean. I only had them for a month but I am very happy with them. I can see that the quality is pretty good. I'm trying to convert most of my baking and cooking stuff to non stick because of Teflon. I am.

👤Sometimes you think you are the cause of the problem when you write poor reviews. I have had this for a long time and it warps whenever I use it. Anything on it pops off when it warps. I have tried to put in the oven while preheating. I tried heating up in the oven, but when it pops to take out, I have to wait and re- install the oven. Sorry for the poor review but the truth is the truth for me.

👤I love this pan. I brought it to cook chicken. I use it to make bacon. I don't think I'll be cooking bacon anymore. It's very easy to clean. Kitchen appliances are like toys for kids. I love it.

👤This pan shines like an old car bumper. Its steel is 18/0. The pan was well packaged when it arrived. The pan in the oven made a clatter sound when I used it. The pan needs to be cooled down. I will use the pan with caution since I have it.

👤This is a good product. I'm mostly using it to roast veggies. I used it with and without the rack. I have used a roasting temp of 425 degrees and it has not warped or given any trouble. I like that it is not made from aluminum.

10. MontoPack Aluminum Roasting Disposable Containers

MontoPack Aluminum Roasting Disposable Containers

The festive royal blue exterior of a Reynolds aluminum cake pan with lid makes it extra special. There is a soapy solution for seafood service. Their versatile pans and lids can be used to prepare, transfer, and serve a variety of foods. MontoPack keeps things simple when it comes to delivering takeout. It's perfect for STEAM TABLES. Their 13x9 food trays have a classic silver finish and are deep in wall. Enjoy spill-proof storage to last the life of the party. These pans and covers are strong enough to handle all kinds of dishes. It's great for holding cakes, breads, casseroles, cookies, pastas, soups, salads, barbecue meats, and more. Eco-friendly, food-safe, and oven-READY: bake the world a better place! Their containers and matching lids are disposable. Proper heat distribution for exceptional results is promoted by them. Bud packing keeps you stocked. Line your shelves with foil pans. Their trays are an excellent choice for grilling, baking, roasting, freezing, serving, storing, and so much more.

Brand: Montopack

👤I need a bunch of disposable 9X13 pans for different dishes at a church luncheon for poor people. These pans are not 9X13. I can't get the same amount of surface area in a pan. I'm stuck with them. I will double check the size before buying once they are gone. They are not heavy duty or thick. Flimsy.

👤I usually buy my disposable aluminum pans from a restaurant supply store, but the price of the pan has gone up so I looked for an alternative. This isn't it! These are very flimsy and will hold the weight of dinner rolls. I had to remove the hot foods from the oven. The sides cave and it wants to ruin your stove, floor and burn you. They have bad intentions. I put the pans on the cookie sheets. They should be made better and not put the cook in danger.

👤These are not a heavy duty roasting pan. That is the only reason for a star. You have to join a large chain store to purchase these types. Due to the virus, I was unable to purchase on line. These look the same as the photo. Excellent for serving on a table. If you're buying to roast a turkey, you'll need support under it. I would recommend and buy again. I haven't tried them in my pan. The lip might not hold a lot of weight over the water. It bends easily when washed. I haven't tried it for that purpose, but I have an opinion. If you don't fill it up, it's fine with the pan.

👤They are 1/3 smaller than stated. These aren't 9x13 for sure. They are very deep. Although they are very sturdy and thick, they do not hold weight very well and when I used one for the first time, it almost collapsed and fell over. I only have a 1.5 pound loaf of meat in this pan and I would be very concerned about putting a casserole or lasagna in it.

👤These pans were not 9x13. I do a lot of cooking so I ordered them. I usually need 13 pans. I ordered these thinking I could get them in bulk and save a little money, because I only have 2 in a pack in stores. They were not 9x13 when I received them.

👤These are more shallow than the ones I could buy in my area. I had to double the pans to keep them from bending under the weight of the food.

👤We bought these to fit on our dishes. The fit was perfect and we were able to hold 2 different pans. They were lifesavers for preparing the food. We were able to store a lot of items in these pans prior to the event. It's a good idea to recommend with or without a dish.

👤Only tried two smokers. The Weber® 22 was not rated clean up due to the fact that the WOW fit good and held the basting mix for cooking and dripping-brats. Then into the fire, or smoking chip, or grease clean up, and out! Buy em, worth it, keep in a free grocery store bag, step by step until we part? On second thought? I bought two.

11. Wilton Performance Aluminum Quarter Durable

Wilton Performance Aluminum Quarter Durable

The free eBook was designed in Colorado, USA. Ultra Cuisine's cooling rack comes with a complimentary recipe ebook with purchase of over 100 recipes to bake delicious treats and meals. A sheet pan can be used to make baking cakes, cooking lasagna, or roasting veggies. This pan can be used as a pizza pan, brownie pan, cookie sheet, sheet cake pan, or casserole dish. The baking pan is 13 x 9 x 2 inches and not dishwasher safe. High quality aluminum is used to make the cake pans. Grease the pan and line it with paper.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought this pan to bake French toast for Easter. I used it for the first time on Sunday. I put the bread and custard in the pan for overnight. I put it in the oven the next day. The bottom of the pan was covered in brown from the French toast baking when I removed it from the oven. I had to soak it in the night to remove the custard that stained the pan. I was able to use a sponge to remove the custard but the aluminum is now stained. You can still see the lines from the pan. I can't return it until I'm done with it. I didn't think a pan would be so cheap. I wouldn't recommend buying this pan for someone. I would have given it a 0 review. I waited and ran past the return date, but I am stuck with a pan that I can't use, and I have no money.

👤The first time I purchased this pan, it was not much of a problem, but this time, almost the entire bottom of the pan has dents. If I didn't know that the pan doesn't burn and bakes evenly, I would be worried about how thin the pan is. I think it's the manufacturer's fault that it has so many dents, I think it was sent with a cupcake pan, not packaged properly.

👤This cookware is less sturdy than aluminum foil. Someone is packing a product with their fingers and there are small dents. I think a toddler could fold this item in half. The least sturdy thing I have ever seen to be used in the kitchen.

👤We received it today. The pan was damaged but the box was not. There are two pictures attached. Is it worth the hassle to go to the post office to return a $10 product? Very disappointed. The size is perfect for what we want.

👤The bottom is only 9 X 13 It is greater than 10 inches if the top goes up 2 inches. It wouldn't fit in my oven. I tried to send them back but the mailing was delayed due to the virus and I didn't get them before the time frame for the return had passed. Amazon gave me a refund but it was not cash. It was used to purchase a purchase in the future.

👤Got the pan today. It was a return item so I took a couple bucks off. There is a There is a small crease in one side. I haven't bought a pan in a decade. There is a The thickness is half what it used to be. We need it for a dinner tomorrow, so we're going to keep it. It will not last for 10 years. Will probably use it for a church buffet and not worry about getting it back. I wouldn't buy again.

👤It was very light, not like the quality of past products from Wilton. You were sent back for Nordic Ware. Shame on Wilton for their advertising.


What is the best product for baking half sheet cover?

Baking half sheet cover products from Wezvix. In this article about baking half sheet cover you can see why people choose the product. Stock Your Home and Glad are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking half sheet cover.

What are the best brands for baking half sheet cover?

Wezvix, Stock Your Home and Glad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking half sheet cover. Find the detail in this article. Hkj Chef, Nordic Ware and Vollrath are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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