Best Baking Half Sheet with Lid

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1. Nonstick Bakeware Set Highest Quality Non Grease Designed

Nonstick Bakeware Set Highest Quality Non Grease Designed

Their french baking dish round set is the perfect gift for housewarmings, bridal showers, holidays, Christmas and more; it is also ideal for Caterings, restaurants or daily use and comes in many sizes. The bake pan set is a hassle-free way to bake breakfast muffins, cakes, pies, bread, brownies, lasagna, omelet, and chocolate chip cookies. The 6 piece bakeware set will help you bake. Premium metal coating: non-STICK. The bakeware set is designed with a non-stick coating that helps distribute heat evenly across the pan and reduces the need for butter or oil. Carbon steel construction. There are no hot spots to worry about, because the bakeware resists warping and heats evenly. It makes you the best chef. Get those complaints from your guest. The baking pans are heat-safe even at a high temp. You can bake the most delicious fudge, chocolate cookies, much more, knowing that your bakeware molds are compatible with standard and convection ovens. It is recommended to wash your hands. To avoid scratching the product, use a soft cleaning cloth and mild cleaning detergent. Don't use the water for a long time.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤Occasionally, I like to go back and update products that I've had for a while. I have had these pans for a year. They're holding up great with no damage, no staining, and they're still non-stick. Staying non-stick is huge. I don't know how many non-stick pans I've bought that didn't last more than 4 months. I bought my daughter a larger set of pans for her new apartment because I like the quality of these pans so much. I will continue to purchase this brand in the future. I updated my review because the pans were not holding up as expected. 2 pans were starting to have food stick to them because of the warped cookie sheet. The company called me immediately after they heard about my problem with the pans, so they could address it. I received replacements for the products that were faulty. The replacements are holding up better than the originals. There was no warping when I used the cookie sheet under the broiler. The pans are notsticking after being washed many times. I'm very impressed with the quality of their products. I'm happy again. The pans are wonderful. They're a good weight and study. I've made cookies, a loaf of bread and muffins and they all came out perfect. They're easy to clean. I like that you can stack them, which saves space in my cabinet. These pans are worth the money.

👤I was very excited to get this set. They are a beautiful set, I loved how they are deeper then the average pans, they have a sturdy feel, but after my daughter and I used the medium sized pan four times at no higher then 400 degrees, it warped and I had a guarantee not to use it again. I decided to send the set back. I tried to reach out to customer service, they were willing to replace the warped pan, but I decided to decline that because it put a bad taste in my mouth. They need to re-train some of the customer service agents. They don't pay attention to some of the things the customer tells them, and then they come across as defensive and unprofessional when they try to explain to them. Hope this helps others. I hope they have a better experience.

👤These are non-stick. The brownies were baked without greasing the pan. No problem getting brownies out.

👤Not bad for the price. Cleaning baked on food requires a soft scrub pad.

👤I like the blue pans and bakeware. I have not had any problems with the surface stopping sticking over time. The bakeware is small. It is lovely and I use it. I grabbed the old ones from the charity box in the nick of time to replace my big old cookie sheets. I would like bakeware bigger than Easy bake, standard sizes for standard recipes.

👤These are great for baking. I didn't give the cookie sheets 5 stars because I didn't think they would be half the size of regular baking sheets, but even fragile sugar cookies bake nicely on them, they are easy to clean and sturdy. You can still make a dozen cookies with both baking sheets. The set is really good.

2. USA Pan 1602CR 1 Bakeable Nonstick

USA Pan 1602CR 1 Bakeable Nonstick

The baking pans are oven safe to 450 degrees F and have wide handles to give a confident grip. The bakeable cooling rack is oven safe. The cooling rack has a tight crosswire design and six raised feet. Nonstick Americoat coating is a patented Silicone coating which is Teflon, PFOA andBPA free and provides easy release of baked-goods and easy clean up. The bakeable cooling rack is made from a commercial grade steel wire and has a silicone coating. 75 x 11 5 x 0. USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 60 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤I thought it was made in the US. I should have read the fine print on the description because it doesn't mean Americoat was applied in America. It's not a suggestion for baked-on food to wash with hot water, mild soap and gentle sponge. The small print on the package says "not dishwasher safe." "Made from globallysourced commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel" is a small print on the package. The family may reside and do business in the USA, but they get these baking racks from China, because USA Pan is a Bundy family company which has manufactured high quality bakeware and provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years. The baking rack is made in the USA. It's not okay for a baking rack to be sold in the USA as a USA family product. It was very misleading.

👤The product description is misleading. The description should not say that the item is made in the USA if it is made in China. I don't know if it's quality or durability yet. I haven't used it. I think the small grids will be a chore to clean after use. It's not steel, it's aluminum, and it has a grey tint from the beginning. It's better to use aluminum in the oven as it conducts heat more evenly than steel. I'm keeping it because of that. I was disappointed when it arrived, but I think it will serve its purpose.

👤The original pan weighed half the weight of this rack. The wiring is about half the diameter. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

👤I received an imported Chinese made product despite the fact that the rack was not clearly stated online to be Made in China. The product seems ok so far, but I am not happy with the messaging and feel of "bait and switch".

👤Before buying this product, read the description carefully. The product title is not "stainless steel." Even though USA is included in the product title, it is also not made in USA. It seems like it was misleading. Amazon should not be a "buyer-beware" platform. The dimensions are correct at 16.75 by 11.50 inches, which makes it fit in a half-sheet pan. I can't imagine it holding up to heavy usage. It is a lot lighter than other racks I have purchased.

👤The older sheet pan we bought in 2012 is better than the new one we had to replace. We need to bring manufacturing back to the US. The new generations will not understand that they have never seen the difference. A vintage rack would be a better buy. Just saying!

👤This rack is made in China.

👤The reason I bought them was because they were made in the USA. They are dishwasher safe. When I saw they were made in China, I was surprised and disappointed. The company name on the package is USAPans, which is a misconception since they aren't made here. Also, accuracy is important. I will keep them since I couldn't find this particular size. I will write another review.

3. Bakeware Cookie Sheets Baking Resistant

Bakeware Cookie Sheets Baking Resistant

Ultra Cuisine's half sheet pan is designed in Colorado, USA, and comes with a complimentary recipe ebook. Heavy Duty and warp resistant is made of heavy gauge construction that prevents warping and bending at high temperatures. The pans are scratch resistant and made to last a lifetime. A special non-stick coating ensures easy release and simple clean up. The heat will be spread evenly throughout the baking process. The perfect set for all your baking needs. The set includes two half sheet pans. They will save on storage space. Baking sheet pans are a must-have in every kitchen, whether you are baking a multi-layer work of pastry art or a dozen delicious homemade cookie delights. They would recommend hand- washing for long-term use of these care instructions. They want you to love these pans. They would be happy to send you a replacement if you don't like your products.

Brand: Whysko

👤I have been adding to my kitchen items since I moved to a bigger kitchen. There is a value for the money on this set. They had no issues with cheese stuck in leftover pizza. I didn't have to spend any more time cleaning them. The pans are pretty clean and have a good quality non stick pan. We use a full size sheet for cookies and biscuits and a smaller half sheet for leftovers. If you want to gift as a housewarming gift, no complaints, comes well packaged.

👤I haven't had a set of baking sheets in almost 2 months. The sticks are not a stick. The finish is brand new and scratched off in spots. They pop in the oven. Not "just pop in the oven". Every time, they pop after a certain temperature. Is it Warp? Maybe it's because they're new, but I've never experienced this before. Overall 4.5 stars. I know how to use elbo grease on the baking sheet, it does the job.

👤These were bought for a friend. She said they worked well and she loved them. They are a good size.

👤It is easy to clean. It was bent in the oven at 400 degrees.

👤I returned the bakeware before I used it, so I can't comment on any of the features. The dimensions for the mats were off, so I had to use 12x17 for them.

👤I think they will last a long time. They are easy to clean up. It's convenient to have the assorted sizes. I would rate them 5 stars.

👤I absolutely love these pans. I have used them a few times and they always look new. If you want a great set of bakeware, I would recommend these.

👤They're big and non-stick. They are thick enough to not warp in the oven. Have a cheaper one that would warp and blow up. I thought a gun had been discharged. I jumped a lot.

4. Artisan Professional Classic Aluminum 13 Inch

Artisan Professional Classic Aluminum 13 Inch

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. This oven- and freezer-safe aluminum sheet pan is great for baking, roasting, and more. Sturdy 18-gauge aluminum construction does not rust and resists bending with a reinforced rim. The baking pan has a heat source from the center to the edges. This convenient half-size pan is a true workhorse in the kitchen when preparing for parties, bake sales, and everyday meals, and is perfect for sheet cakes, cookies, roasted veggies, and more. The baking sheet pan is 18 inches by 13 inches. To keep the aluminum's finish, wash it with soap and water. Great meals start with Artisan, whether you are preparing small snacks, big meals or everything in between. The cookie sheet is made of aluminum.

Brand: Nucu

👤There are mechanical track marks on the bottom of the baking sheet. There are some prints where something cannot be cleaned off the metal. The sticker on the bottom can't be removed using soap and water. When you try to use the pan for the first time, the sticker causes a small fire in the oven. I don't recommend buying this or trying to use it in a hot oven. I think it would be better used as an oil pan. I don't think this is an item to be used for making food.

👤I returned the first one I bought because it was damaged. The second was badly scratched. I also returned that one. I have not tried for a third time. Who wants a baking pan that scratches easily?

👤I love the pan. I think that scratches on an aluminum pan give it character and are to be expected. The pan's dimensions are 18 x 13 x 1. That is not correct. The pan has a measurement of 17.75 x 12.75 x 1. If you think you're getting a bigger half sheet pan than the standard one, you're wrong.

👤I bought this pan for my mom who was looking for a good quality pan that was within her budget. Even without Prime shipping, this arrived quickly. The pan was in a box with other items and arrived safely. The pan has a nice weight. The price was very good and it will work for her.

👤If it hadn't arrived with scratches on the bottom, it would be 5 stars. Our silpat fits perfectly, and it cleans easily.

👤It's very solid and doesn't warp very easily.

👤I expected a box from the company, but it was just a box. I kept it even though it was scratched. It should have been perfect. I have used it and it bakes well. Artisan has a good product, but might not ship with scratches.

👤The first tray I received had a small scratch on it. I exchanged it for a different one that had two large dents. I will try again. If it's also faulty, I will buy something else. I don't know where the fault is. The third arrived scratched.

👤It came with a lot of deep scratches.

👤It twisted when it was heated.

👤The quality is great. The original was no longer available so I used it as a grease catch pan. It works like a charm.

👤This arrived with dents in two corners and scratches all over it. Returned right away.

5. Aluminum Cookie Sheet Baking Disposable

Aluminum Cookie Sheet Baking Disposable

Their value pack comes with foil food pans and foil lids. Pan dimensions are approximately 12 58” Top Length, 10 18” Top Width, 10” Bottom Length, 7 38” Bottom Width, and 2” Height. It is time to bake. You can bake and transport cookies with ease with their aluminum foil cookie sheets. Baking sheets are convenient for delivery or take-out, if you run a restaurant. Their flat pans are made of silver. It is time to bake. You can bake and transport cookies with ease with their aluminum foil cookie sheets. Baking sheets are convenient for delivery or take-out, if you run a restaurant. Their flat pans are made of silver. Their cookie trays are made from premium quality aluminum foil and have high gauge and full curl rim. You can cook your cookies and pastries in pans that don't break. Their premium aluminum pans are disposable and 100% recyclable. Their aluminum foil cookie sheets help keep harmful materials out of landfills. Simply dispose of their pans in the trash when you are done. Their disposable cookie sheets are great for baking a variety of foods like cinnamon rolls, honey buns, homemade pizza, flatbread, french fries and more. They can be used as a tray for messy arts and crafts projects. Their value pack includes 15 aluminum foil cookie sheets. The dimensions of the baking sheet are 16 x 11 x 3.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤I bought these baking sheets for a different reason. I am always looking for new ideas for my craft, and I am an avid crafter. The sheets are the perfect weight. I am able to cut them with a regular pair of scissors and then use my die cut machine to make an Embossment plate. I made a card out of them and colored them with different colors. I will definitely buy these again, but I don't think there will be a smell of baking in my kitchen.

👤The item is advertised as a superb and value-priced item for baking cookies. The sheet is a great option for a clean up of cookies. Not for heavy duty tasks. It was hoped that it would be useful in our traditional oven when we make a chicken. The function is high in heat and the pan is thin, which causes it to warp during the cycle. The pan's lip is not high, so we had a mess when the juices flowed from the side that was not high.

👤I need to use two of these because they are small. I use them to place the pellet grill on the tray. They work well for me and are sturdy. Measure your grill size before ordering.

👤These pans were purchased to be used once or twice. This is a good product for limited use. I was not expecting these pans to be the same as a regular cookie sheet. I bake cookies or a pizza and throw them away. I bought them for the purpose and they are a good product.

👤I use them for what I want. I replaced my grill grate with these as throw aways. The ones with a thousand holes are difficult to clean. I replaced the grates with the pans to catch food. I replace them with new ones every 3-6 weeks. I expand the sides and ends to completely cover the open spaces.

👤We wanted disposable cookie sheets for our Thanksgiving trip so that no one had to wash cookie sheets. This gave us a lot of sheets. They were fine for cookies, but you might have trouble using them for anything heavy because they are not strong. They were easy to use and clean up for Christmas cookie baking.

👤I bought these to make Christmas cookies so that I wouldn't have to stop and wash pans. They aren't very study. You had to hold on to these, otherwise they would flop around. I lost some cookies at the beginning of the day because the pan just folded. I'll only use the paper on my baking sheets next year.

👤I don't like having to wash dishes but these cookie sheets work well for lightweight items and I wouldn't put heavy stuff on them.

6. Baking Sheet Cooling Rack Set

Baking Sheet Cooling Rack Set

The set includes a cookie sheet, roasting pan, muffin pan, square pan, and loaf pan. The perfect set for cooking. Since the cooling rack fits perfectly into the half sheet pan, it can be used separately or together. If you want to cook bacon in the oven or cool cookies, the KPKitchen baking sheet with rack set is what you are looking for. Unique soles prevent strokes! They include 6 silicone feet for your cooling grate rack that are both oven and dishwasher safe to prevent scratches on your new aluminum baking sheets and kitchen countertops. Simply place over each steel foot and your pan and countertop is safe, it is not available with any other set. PAN doesn't fight in the oven. Their baking sheet is made with heavy gauge 18 pure rust-free aluminum and is reinforced with steel wire in the edges to prevent the pan from warping in the oven. The pan is large enough to fit many cookies at one time. The sheet pan is dishwasher safe. It was very sudden. Well madeRACK! Their cooling rack is built with the highest grade of 18/8 304 STAINLESS steel that fits perfectly in their half sheet baking pan. It is easy to clean the rack by putting it in the dishwasher. It is great for cooking bacon in the oven because of the raised 1 inch and tight cross grid pattern. The kitchen is backed by a 3-year warranty. You will be happy with the baking sheet and wire rack set in your kitchen. The set is great to use for a lot of things.

Brand: Kpkitchen

👤I bought this set because I wanted the rack with the silicone feet to use with my other half sheet tray or as a cooling rack. I was pleasantly surprised by the included half sheet pan since it turned out to be heavier duty than the Nordicware one that I already own. The Nordicware is about 3.5 ounces heavier than the KPKitchen pan. The set is nice and the rack is sturdy. Water gets inside the feet when washing the rack because they are not replaceable. To drain the water, be sure to remove them or dry the rack upside down. If the feet had just been dipped in silicone to prevent the water and possible mold, I would have been okay with that option.

👤The rack and tray were packed so tightly that dents and scratches could be seen in the tray. I have to make cookies for a party tonight so I can't return it, but that was disappointing. The company gave me a refund after the item arrived damaged. Excellent customer service. Five stars for the quality of the pan, five stars for the customer service, and five stars for the sturdyness of the pan.

👤This is aluminum, so expect both heating and marks on the sheet and sink from wherever it runs. This is the nature of aluminum, which is a very soft metal and scratches off most other materials, including ceramic. It can be easily discolored from a variety of foods. That is not real. The marks are easy to remove with water and a quick wipe. No aluminum pan will be able to avoid this. The edges are nicely curled. It is easy to use in the oven and for cooling, and the rack has not rusted. I have been using this for a year now and it has never bothered me. Looks good. I'm not thrilled about the price being over $30, but I'm not thrilled about reading about other pans which warp or start to rust, which can cause food and metal to be washed off. When washing or cooking, I have never had metal or other marks on this pan. When it rubs against my sink, does it leave marks? That is expected in the metal. Why use aluminum? It is the most evenly distributed of all metals. My pots and pans have a layer of aluminum sandwiched in the middle of them. I'm buying another one to add to my first one. I would love to buy a cheap half sheet pan with sharp edges. I would be happy to take care of them myself. I have not found a pan in lots smaller than six that does not leave marks in sponges or food, and that is because of the reviews that indicate that they both do not aarp.

👤I've purchased products from KPkitchen before and have been very satisfied with them. The baking pan is very strong. The pan is not dishwasher safe but I wash my pans. The cooling rack fits nicely inside the pan and the silicon feet are a plus because they won't scratch the pan. This set would make a nice gift.

7. Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Nonstick

Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Nonstick

Every day in commercial kitchens, bakeries and by professional bakers and decorators around the world, Fat Daddio's Natural Aluminum bakeware is put to the test. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The flat bottoms are designed for long-term use and are easy to transport. The dimensions are 12.8 Inches x 8.9 Inches. Throw away the disposable aluminum baking pans after use and forget about the time- consuming Cleanup and disposable; Throw away the disposable aluminum baking pans after use and forget about the time consuming Cleanup

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤These pans are large. But they are not very strong. They bend easily with food in them, so it's easy to spill the content when they bend. The only way to use them safely is to use two of the pans at a time, stacked, or put the pan on top of another pan. That defeats the purpose of disposable. Maybe they are good for a small amount of cookies, but you can't put a lot of weight in these pans. Disappointing.

👤I used these to make fudge. I put the pan over my cutting board and put the paper on the bottom of the pan, then poured my fudge into the pan, chilled, and put the pan over my cutting board. My fudge is ready to be cut into pieces. It's easy to rinse the pan.

👤They don't fit in my air fryer. I have the entire Lagasse collection. I can bend them to use in my regular oven. After baking, I toss them. Not strong enough to clean and reuse.

👤I have used this product before and bought it again. It's easy to use for bake sales. No worries about getting pan back. I would like to know the country of origin.

👤I like to cook and throw away dishes that I don't like.

👤The pans are the right size for our oven. They are used in our camping trailer since there is no need for a clean up. Use and toss! A great purchase.

👤I used them to make cookies for the holidays. It was perfect for what I needed.

👤I have trouble with my hands. It goes if it is hard to clean out. Everything is easy to clean.

8. USA Pan Bakeware Resistant Aluminized

USA Pan Bakeware Resistant Aluminized

The cooling rack is made of commercial grade 304 STAINLESS STEEL. There is no artificial coating, fully welded, tight grid, or dishwasher safe. Commercial grade and heavy gauge aluminized steel are used for the Classic Half Sheet Pan. Baking pans have a corrugated surface that facilitates air circulation for a quick release and evenly baked baked goods. Nonstick America coat coating is a patented Silicone coating which is Teflon, PFOA andBPA free and provides easy release of baked-goods and easy clean up. The baking surface is 25 x 12. 75 x 12 The 75 x 1 inches is made in the USA. USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware.

Brand: Usa Pan

👤The coating on both pans is coming off, so don't buy those, we have used them for a few months now. It's not a good product for the money you spend.

👤I can't use the pans anymore because they warp so bad. The seasoning has spilled out of the bag. I looked at the manufacture description to see if it was supposed to be used for broiling, but I didn't see that. It is also discolored. I have had it for about a year and have used it a dozen times, but I want to know if they honor their warranty, even if they have changed something. I bought it because of the good reviews. I am starting to wonder if the reviews on Amazon are valid as this has happened with different products. It is hard to get a photo of a warped pan, but it warps at opposite corners.

👤After 3 uses, the coating began peeling off. It lasted less than two months. The money was wasted.

👤I've used this pan twice and it has warped. I let it cool on an even surface after using it twice. The non-stick seems to work well, however for a $20 pan the warping is ridiculous. I've contacted the company and will update my review if customer service is helpful in replacing with one that doesn't warp like this.

👤I bake a lot and I need good solid pans that will cook my food properly. This is the best! I have been using the USA pans for 3.5 years and have never had a problem with them, but if I cook it too much and it sticks to it, I will take everything off and use a water soak to clean it. I can make cheese crisps without a stick. Carmelized salmon. No problem! Everything will be baked perfectly. I have never had a pan warp on me, which is one of the reasons I use Rachel ray and Calphlon. I bought these for all the showers I go to and everyone I buy them for loves them, even though I accidentally set something on full foot high flames and it still has not warped or had the nonstick come off - decolored it. Will be hooked if you buy them! I have round cake pans, half sheet and quarter sheet. I have a rectangular pan that is perfect for birthday cakes. Happy cooking and baking!

👤I wanted to replace old pans that were stained up with nicer ones. Maybe Vain. I ordered a gift for myself after Christmas. I used the large one for the first time today and it was warped up. The pan warped like a piece of tin foil. I did not buy, so please do not.

👤The warped pan is used to bake bacon.

👤It"s been about a year since I last used it as a drip pan under casseroles, cookie sheet, and the like. It was wonderful at first but lost its non-stick ability. The hand was washed with dawn and a dishrag, never in the dishwasher. There is a The first batches of chocolate chip cookies stained the coating so that they could see where the cookies sat. When it came time to clean, I was surprised. I had to use a plastic spatula to release the chicken thighs that were stuck to the bottom of the oven. I put dawn and water in a shallow layer on the countertop and let it soak in. It took a little scrubbing with a blue scrubber. I noticed that rust was forming under the edge. My theory is that the pan is sprayed with a non stick coating and left exposed to the elements of use. I think I got my money"s worth, for $21 bucks. A good solid sheet pan is not so non-stick anymore.

9. Wilton Performance Aluminum Large 18 Inch

Wilton Performance Aluminum Large 18 Inch

The perfect gift for any young couple's wedding registry, anyone moving into a new apartment or home, or anyone who has a passion for baking. This large sheet cake pan is ready to bake. This large sheet cake pan is great for wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and more. Every day and every circumstance: bakeware. It can be used with your favorite cake mix or recipe to make a large meal. Simply prepare your baking pan with non-stick spray and bake as you please. The sheet pan is made of anodized aluminum and resists rusting for years of use. Quick clean up. Before use, the cake pan should be washed and dried thoroughly. Not dishwasher safe. The dimensions of the cake pan are 12 x 18 x 2 in. The measurement is 30.4 x 45.7 x 5.08 cm. Even heating classic aluminum pans is durable.

Brand: Wilton

👤I wanted to make a larger cake for the party without having to combine two 9 x 13 cakes. Some people say it takes 2 cake boxes. 16 cups of batter is said to be used in the directions. I tried a few cake boxes and it worked. See the first two photos. I make a vegan cake by substituting EggReplacr for eggs, so that might affect the height of the cake. The pan seemed to bake evenly. I was disappointed that the cake stuck to the pan quite a lot because of the brand new pan and use of the cake release. It was not better than my old beat up. It is light. As others have complained, Wilton puts a sticky goop on their pans to hold the paper with instructions. Even with an abrasive pad, it is nearly impossible to get off.

👤I have baked cakes for over 27 years and have always used Wilson. Many years ago. Wilson cake pans have never failed me. For those of you who are having problems with your cake sticking to the pan, you need to use spray and shortening. I was taught to use waX paper on the bottom of the pan and on the inside side of the cakes. I have never had a problem with my cakes being clean when I use WaX paper. I ordered this cake pan. I use the half sheet as much as I can. I am very happy with the size cake pan I received, as it met my needs, and I am very intimidated by it.

👤Very pleased with the pan. I was able to cook the cake on 320 and it cooked perfectly. If you want the cake to be higher, you may want to buy more gadgets. You can cook the cake evenly with no dry edges, but it won't be level. The pan needed three boxes of cake mix and lots of frosting.

👤There were no issues with cleaning but one pan was damaged. I ordered 2. The pans were not packaged in the same way. I was able to bend it back into shape. The pan is too soft. I was able to cut through the aluminum with a cheap knife. This was done again, but unintentionally. I trusted the name of the product. The product got the job done, but I will only use it for a few uses before I have to replace it.

👤I used the pan to make my first 12 x 18 cake. The pan is good, as expected. It arrived undamaged after being properly packaged. All my cakes have come out perfect when I have used it several times. I line the bottom of the pan with paper and greasing the sides and bottom of the pan with shortening or butter. I bake this size cake at 325 degrees for more even baking and less of a bubble in the middle since the pan is so large and it will take a while for everything to bake through. After cooking, the pan cleans up.

10. AmazonCommercial Aluminum Baking Sheet Jelly

AmazonCommercial Aluminum Baking Sheet Jelly

The Classic Extra large pan is used for baking and roasting cookies. Food can come out perfectly in the oven pan, which is great for cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, brownies, Corn bread and fruit cobblers. The pan's aluminum construction offers excellent heat conductivity, which helps food bake and brown evenly. Rustproof is resistant to rust for longer- lasting quality and performance. The reinforced steel rim is warp resistant. It is easy to care for hand-wash only with warm, soapy water. The warranty is backed by AmazonCommercial.

Brand: Amazoncommercial

👤I've used them to cook bacon and cookies, and they worked great. There were no hot/cold spots. I would have to be careful not to put my thumb in anything that spreads over the pan because there are no handles. That's not a defect, but something to know. They didn't threaten to buckle when I lifted it one-handed, because they were used as a drip pan under a six-pound quiche. I wanted to be able to scrub them hard to get rid of the brown sludge that seems to build up even without spills, and haven't been able to test that because they haven't had sludge and other bits come off easily when I hand wash them. They do the job well and are not fancy.

👤These pans are of great quality. They are made in the USA and will last a long time. I like that I can fit both pans in the same oven. They are easy to clean and rust proof. Happy with the purchase. Excellent price for quality.

👤Excellent quality and well made. There was no warping in the oven. I use a lot of paper. Don't hesitate to purchase this item.

👤Light and thin for commercial grade. For home use, these are okay. I use an older commercial one that I wouldn't grade them as commercial.

👤Excellent quality. Does not warp.

👤Great sheets of cookies. We're more than happy with them. Do not use chore boy on them if you follow the instructions. They will scratch.

👤Even though it was listed as a quarter sheet, it is larger.

11. Nordic Ware 43343 Nonstick Cooling

Nordic Ware 43343 Nonstick Cooling

The rack is from China. In the oven, you can cook vegetables, pizza, bacon and more. Use for cooling baked goods. Their half sheet is perfect for this. It is heat safe to 400 degrees F.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤Some of the welds on the rack are incomplete. I am not happy with Nordic Ware. This was not made in the USA.

👤The copper is pretty and it's sturdy. I use it to hold earrings both horizontally and vertically. This is probably not a typical use, but I recommend it. I have a lot of French hooks and kidney wires in my earrings. I think I will be able to fit 80 or so before it gets too crowded. There was no comment on its use as a cooling rack. Perfect for French hooks. It looks very nice. Doesn't come with mounting hardware. If you have an earring problem, this is the use you should use.

👤I have been very impressed with the baking products from the NordocWear line. The exception has been the big sheet cooling rack. It arrived warped from the manufacturer. The cooking rack is not straight. They fit their big sheet pan perfectly and being convex is not a good thing. I thought I would keep it, but how big a deal could it be? A lot. The cooling rack is the same height as the lip. I was trying to cook the chicken strips in the pan and a few fell off. I will return this one and order another one, hoping that it was a mistake. The new one arrived with a slight curve to it that made it easier to eat. It's much happier with this one.

👤I have accepted that any product from Nordic Ware will be rejected by the company. I requested an additional discount for the Bundt pan, but let this grid slide since I knew the risk. It is something to consider if you are not getting much of a discount.

👤This is a sturdy cooling rack. I was stabbed in the thumb by a tiny thin wire near the edges of the grid wires. I expected a premium product when I bought it. I used my pliers to make it work. It got me, but not one of the children. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤The old rack was rusty. I bought this as a replacement. It is sturdy and fits perfectly in my half sheet pans. I use it for both roasting and cooling and it cleans itself with a little soap and water.

👤I like to make frozen pizzas without using a pan, but putting them on the oven rack made it so messy. I thought I'd try a cooling rack. I wouldn't have to put the pizza on the rack. It worked as I had hoped. The crust is nice and crisp. After 6 months of weekly use, the quality is great.

👤It's perfect for heavy pound cakes. It was easy to make a mess on the counter and rinse it off. Didn't find anything in my cake.

👤I got this rack because it can be used for baking in the oven and also as a cooling rack. The Nordic Natural Wares Half Sheet is silver. It's a perfect fit. The packaging says it's Made in China, which is disappointing because I associated the brand to manufacture in the USA. I haven't used it yet, but it feels sturdy and has a coating on it. I'm excited to use it.


What is the best product for baking half sheet with lid?

Baking half sheet with lid products from Nutrichef. In this article about baking half sheet with lid you can see why people choose the product. Usa Pan and Whysko are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking half sheet with lid.

What are the best brands for baking half sheet with lid?

Nutrichef, Usa Pan and Whysko are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking half sheet with lid. Find the detail in this article. Nucu, Stock Your Home and Kpkitchen are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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