Best Baking Hat Gold

Hat 6 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Kangaroo Red Felt Gold Tassel

Kangaroo Red Felt Gold Tassel

You will receive a red turkish fez hat with a golden silky tassel, a nice hat for you to have a turkish shriner look. The bottom diameter of these fez hats is 7 while the top diameter is 4.2, which makes them great for teens and adults. The stan pines fez caps can be worn with many costumes. The aladdin fez hat is made from high-quality materials. It's safe, fits nicely, and may be worn for a long time without causing irritation. The turkey hat has a golden string on the side and a cylindrical shape. You can wear the abu fez hat for abu costume, bellhop costume, themed parties, and a cosplay show if you choose to do so. The Morrocan fez hat is a great gift. Give this fez hat costume gift with confidence and you'll be able to tell your family and friends. Your loved ones will appear more appealing to the public if they wear a proper costume. They are confident that you will like the hat. The red fez costume cape should be worn by most men, women, and children. A red turkish fez felt hat with a golden silky tassel can be worn for fashion, as part of an Egyptian-themed costume, or for any other desire. It is easy to carry.

Brand: Kangaroo

👤I had no idea what to expect from my large head. The fez is on top of my dome, doing fez things, with its tassel gleefully shifting as physics demands. I was told I had to dress up for the party. I wore all black and a red fez. This may have been inspired by Ren and Stimpy. The only person whose head has been inside the thing is ME, because it was shrink-wrapped.

👤My uncle gave me this as a Christmas gift and I will wear it on my wedding day. He was dressed up as a doctor. I got him a one. Best choice ever! My Uncle loves it so much he wears it every now and again.

👤The thing is perfect for a doctor who is dressed up. I have a big noggin so it doesn't fit my head, but for the average human who isn't 6'4", this should work. It doesn't look big on my head, but it would fall off if I did a lot of movement. If you have a giant head, you can fix it with a glue gun and a couple of pins. This is an adult size and it would be very heavy for a child. This product looks exactly like the one in the picture so you don't have to worry about it not being correct.

👤This fez fit my head well. I bought it as a joke for parties I host at my house and also to possibly wear when I visit all the Arab stores and restaurants in Anaheim, CA. I was looking for something for my grandson. I couldn't find anything that was cheap and under $35. The quality of the fez was decent and the price was only $6. It arrived quickly as well.

👤It's too big for children to wear as part of Aladin's costume. I was hoping it would be half its size because it would fit people with a big head. I like it. If it was small, I would give it five stars. It depends on what you need it for. It serves the purpose in my case.

👤This hat is for a person with a large head. When my husband tried it on, it covered his forehead. We were not able to wear our costume. The quality of material was good. It was just too big.

👤I have a large head. The tassel didn't fall off. After reading the reviews, I tied an extra knot in it. The color difference was my main concern. It appears to be striped or two toned. Not a uniform. The stripe is well visible in the daylight. It is obvious that the heat from where they press changed the color. I needed it so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle. Uniform color is an important detail and I would rate higher if it wasn't for the color difference.

👤My son took a recent interest in fezes. It is a good quality hat that should last for a long time if properly cared for. I expected it to be a cheap, flimsy hat, but was pleasantly surprised. The tassel is cheap, but if you don't swing it around by the hat, it should be fine.

2. Hefty Strong Kitchen Gallon Garbage

Hefty Strong Kitchen Gallon Garbage

There are 13 Gallion bags. The package contains 13 gallon kitchen trash bags. It's difficult to trust. Hefty's strongest kitchen trash bags are break-resistant and have a secure, break-resistant drawstring. Arm and Hammer odor neutralizer uses the power of Arm and Hammer to fight odors in your kitchen. These kitchen garbage bags have triple-ACTION technology that allows them to stretch and expand to accommodate larger loads. If you have any issues with their garbage bags, please let them know.

Brand: Hefty

👤These bags are terrible. The garbage can has been the same for 8 years. These bags have been used by me for a long time. Suddenly, that don't fit. They are getting smaller like many other products. These bags changed a lot. I will never order them again because of the poor quality. The sides are very thin, and the odor protector is very bad. I am angry that I am stuck with an entire box of "garbage" puns. They are only good at pooping.

👤You are not imagining that trash bags are degrading. Many large brands are going to lower their plastic alternatives. It seems that thinner bags that have been pre-weakened and at times have very small holes already present due to the stretching/abbration process they use on the plastic during production are referred to as thinner bags. I don't think the reduction in plastic helps much, if you have to double bag it defeats the purpose. I think the switch is motivated by the bottom line. I am dealing with a lot of dirty things. I need bags that don't tear. I had an Amazon 'Subscribe and Save' set up for the previous version of this product, which is frustrating. The 80 count tear resistant version was switched over by Amazon. The two products are not the same. I have canceled my subscription and switched to an off brand that makes plastic bags the old-fashioned way.

👤I have bought this exact brand from Walmart several times and have never had any issues with them tearing until now, I have used every single one of these bags that I've used, and they have either ripped open towards the middle or bottom, in addition to the bag tearing where the drawstring

👤I've used Hefty trash bags before and never had a problem, but these were the worst I've ever used. They were too small to fit in a trash can. We've never had that problem with a trash bag before. Weak ties break easy. We were not using these for anything heavy, just normal kitchen trash, but the ties broke when we took the trash out. The material is very thin. When we use dollar store trash bags, we don't usually have a problem with leaks, but we ended up with at least half the bags we've used with 20+). I will not recommend these bags or re- purchase them, I will use Glad once we finish this box.

👤These are the best bags I've been able to find without breaking the bank, the next best bag is sold by a home improvement store and half the time the bags are useless. The smell is great and the stretchy stuff that keeps the odd shaped stuff from ripping the bag. They don't make them in a kitchen size in black. In the era of identity theft, people can see if there's mail in the trash by looking through bags. Never mind the neighbors. Double bagging is terrible for the environment and some people have personal items they have to throw away. Please make more black bags.

3. Paper Adjustable Adults 20 22 White

Paper Adjustable Adults 20 22 White

Chef's hats are folded and can be opened before use. The adult and kids chef hats are perfect for both professionals and beginners. The disposable paper hat is lightweight and comfortable to wear for parties or professional work in the kitchen. Simply extend the band section to your desired size, then secure it with a strip of glue on the inside. The chef hats for kids in this pack are 7 x 8 x 4.7 inches and have a circumference of 20 to 22 inches.

Brand: Juvale

👤I ordered them for my class. They were a great value for the money, but they were hard to adjust to and did not want to stand up properly. The sticky tab that the wearer can use to tighten or widen the area that fits the head does not last very long. If I re- buy, I would probably look for other options.

👤The class is worth the money because of the fun. They can be kept around for House Hold cooking. Make your child feel special by naming them the "Chef" and leaving some of the prep to them. The kids were happy when I bought them these for the cooking class.

👤Had to expand to where it wasn't secured. It is a good thing there is a lot in a pack.

👤An employee used a hat during a bake off. Everyone loved looking like a professional chef. The amount of product is great value.

👤My kids loved the chef hats and were involved in the activity. They were able to personalize them with markers, adjust them to fit their heads, and love cooking with them. They loved them so much that they wore them all day and took it home as a souvenir.

👤The girls love making their own pizza and we are in the hot one.

👤These were better than I anticipated. Study and last a long time. The kids decorated them with glue, markers and crayons.

👤Schne Kochmten ist gutem Papiermaterial. Klebestreifen hielt. Benutzung der Mtze is standing.

👤Leider is 100. Stck 25 geliefert worden. Sehr rgerlich.

👤The description ces coiffes de chef n'ont pas de bande ajustable.

👤Super Service, schnelle Lieferung!

4. JeVenis Cupcake Decoration Animals Cutters

JeVenis Cupcake Decoration Animals Cutters

You will get 100% customer support for this white chef hat. Please contact them if you have any questions. They want you to have an enjoyable buying experience. Unique shapes and beautiful cake adornments look great. Modeling chocolate, gum paste, and candy clay. It's perfect for cakes, cupcakes,cake pops and cookie decorations. Their product can be used with a variety of different materials. These easy-to-use molds are perfect for decorating cakes and bakes. The molds are made from food-safe silicone and are safe to use in ovens, microwaves, washing machine, refrigerator and freezer. There is a package that includes four different animals cookie cutter. The size is shown in the picture. If you have a question about their product, you can get a 100% money refund or replace. Purchase with confidence. Please visit JeVenis for more products.

Brand: Jevenis

👤The size of cupcakes and cookies is very small. Those who make sweet treats need a must have.

👤I did a baby shower with a theme of safaris. The painted gold animals were a hit and were difficult to get out of the molds.

👤I don't understand why that cutter is useless.

👤The mold looks good after I ordered it. I did not receive a single cookie cutter. I paid for them and I am annoyed. Will be back.

👤The result was great and the product was awesome. I used candy in the mold. I sprayed them with a gold glitter spray after they popped out. The cookie punch was made with fondant. The leaves on the cake were made from a different mold. Cute!

👤I wanted to fulfill an order for cupcakes for a baby shower. I should have double checked the measurements because the molds were a little on the smaller side. The item was easy to remove and it was also easy to remove the chocolates once they were set. I would purchase again if they offered a larger size.

👤The first set of items was missing the fondant mold. I contacted the seller and they were able to send out a new kit with the free mold. I loved this entire set. My boyfriend helped me make these cupcakes and he is baking challenged. He was able to make a giraffe for the first time. I would purchase from this seller again because of the customer service.

👤It's hard for the animals to come out of the molds. They break quickly. It did what I needed them to do.

5. Premium Adjustable Elastic Kitchen Cooking

Premium Adjustable Elastic Kitchen Cooking

40% cotton Chef Hat is made of cotton and polyester and is Breathable, which allows heat to escape and leaves you comfortable. The elastic band is fit for most adults and children. Give your wife, husband and children a chef hat and they will be very happy. Catering colleges, schools, restaurants, pubs, cafes, commercial kitchens, hotels, baking party etc. are suitable for this sponge. If there are any problems with their products, please contact them and they would be happy to solve them.

Brand: Ipxead

👤The product claims to fit both adults and kids. If your child is 22 years old. The hat is too large for a young person. If you're interested in getting a toque for yourself and your child so that when you cook together you're both wearing toques, don't buy this product. It won't work. It won't hurt to have two toques myself, even though I expected one for me and one for my grandson. This product is not suitable for both adults and kids. Period.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the shipment. I thought the fabric was thin and flimsy. The wide elastic sewn into the head band part makes it a comfortable fit for most head sizes. The picture shows it standing upright, but it flops to one side like a beret or mushroom, which is a better look than the more formal straight up column. If you want more height, a good starching of the fabric might be the way to go. The price for two hats is great.

👤These are gifts to give to cooks in our family. Everyone loved them! They looked cute and professional. The hats have a small piece of elastic in the back to help make them adjust, but they were still a little big for adults with smaller size heads. They might want to pin them a little tighter if they were to wear them for extended periods. Since they were a gift, I don't know how easy it is to clean them.

👤I bought these for $10 and thought they would work for a costume. The quality of these is fantastic. They are very strong and thick. The headband has elastic so it can fit most heads.

👤One for me and one for my mom. These are quite comfortable and are higher in quality than expected. If the price doesn't go up too much, I'll probably buy a pair for my brother and sister-in-law, as stocking stuffers. Maybe I should add them to my next purchase. Thanks!

👤I ordered this product for my daughter as a Christmas gift. I didn't notice that there were two hats in the package. I went to my local shop for both hats. I embroidered her name and "Mama" on them. She loves hers and I have one as well. We can wear these hats for a long time.

👤The chef hat has a nice shape and does not flop if the wearer pushes it down. It has an elastic band in the back slit so that the hat adjusts well. It's made for adults. It is a bonus to have two in the package.

👤It was cheap and used for a cooking show. Good for small cost. Would not be good for a chef.

6. SUNLAND Children Cooking Baking Painting

SUNLAND Children Cooking Baking Painting

The apron and hat set for kids is made of soft lightweight and wear resistant fabric. It is easy to clean and machine wash. The Little Helpers of all sizes are: S, M, and M. The elastic band in the back of the hat is comfortable to wear. Their aprons have an elastic neck strap and a quick tie in the back to fit kids of all ages. The 2 front pockets make it easy for kids to hold things. It's Applicable for Multiple Occasions to keep your kids clean and happy. This apron is a great gift for Christmas, holidays, dinner parties, birthday parties, Thanksgiving days, family gifts.

Brand: Sunland

👤Very disappointing. I bought it for a gift and it isn't worth it. It's discouraging to see things in pictures that look nice but are cheap. I am getting burned out on using mail orders as we can't see how they are made.

👤This is very durable and cute. I was surprised by the quality.

👤I ordered a chef dress for my baby shoot. It is really good, the quality is really good, and the chef gown will stay the same years of years.

👤I bought this for my grandson, who wants to be a world famous chef. He wears it every time he cooks. It makes me happy to see him happy.

👤I bought this for my great-granddaughter so she could use it when we cook together. She likes to cook at my house and I suggested that we cook at times when she likes to cook, using simple recipes I know she likes. She will want to spend more time in the kitchen making healthy food dishes that are both delicious and healthy.

👤I love cooking with my grandson. He is into costumes so he was a good choice to be a chef. I would not hesitate to order it again, I was very pleased with this purchase.

👤Purchase for my grandson. He is a great little chef.

👤It was good. It was fine for a 5 year old. My child is tall but has a good neck. The hat was a little loose but it was great hot.

👤The fabric is cheap and thin, and it doesn't feel like a real apron, so I'm not very satisfied with my purchase. The hat looks good. The toddler is happy to play chef.

👤The fabric these are made of is cheap and stiff and not safe around a gas stove. I added a patch to the front of the apron and a yellow rick rack around the hat for my friend's daughter who loves Batman. It turned out to be very cute. I like that the neck strap can be adjusted.

👤I bought this for a birthday gift. I put iron on the hat and screenprinted the apron. I made sure I had a paper behind me when the fabric bled through. The iron stayed on. The neck strap was adjusted. I would buy again.

👤The fabric is pretty sturdy for the limited amount of cooking my kids will do. The hat is fun. The strings are short and the apron is small. If your child is taller or heavier, you want to size them up. The elastic piece at the back of the hat works for my kids.

👤I didn't like the material. It was kind of cheap. I would rather pay more for cotton next time than work for my 9 year old Grandson in his first apron.

7. HARRY POTTER Gold Snitch Pewter

HARRY POTTER Gold Snitch Pewter

If you are a professional cook or a new cook, you need a better Rolling Pin that will make you more comfortable and enjoy cooking. The package has a dimensions of 3.1 L x 13.9 H x 8.5 W.

Brand: Harry Potter

👤This is an official piece of Harry Potter merchandise which is great value. The snitch is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It's too big to be used as a key ring for some people, but for me it's just right as I misplace my keys often. The material for the ball and its wings seems very well made, the wings do not move very much. I originally gave this product five stars, but after a few weeks of use it fell apart. If you are only using the item as a piece of decore, I would still recommend it, but it is not a good keychain and should not be used as such.

👤This product is amazing. This is a great snitch for the HP collection. It's bigger than I thought. The wings are sturdy. I bought these for a gift and I think they are the best I have found so far. It's a good thing.

👤Great snitch! I wanted to add something to my daughter's birthday cake. This was perfect. Great quality! The wings move a bit. She has something to hold on her backpack. We hid the key ring in the cake.

👤I wanted to reference this product in my reviews, but I usually don't write reviews. I have been looking for a long time for a golden snitch that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This definitely is it. It is made of metal and looks like the one in the movies. You remove the key chain part, add a piece of clear fishing line, adjust the wings, and then you have a flying snitch in your child's room. I originally ordered 2, but after receiving 4 more, I have ordered 4 more.

👤During the holidays, this item was a must have. My daughter received a Harry Potter Advent Calendar Box to open every day until Christmas, because she developed a love for Harry Potter overnight. I was able to peak at the "Big To Do Finale Gift" that was to be opened on the 24th as we crept closer to Christmas. Considering the build up, it was a little disappointing that it was a small snow globe. My daughter thought it would be anything from a Horcrux to a Phoenix. I ordered this to be put in the box with the snow globe, so that it would look like it all came together. She loved it! She hung it on the tree and will probably put it in her backpack next year. This is a very cute item to add to a gift.

👤I missed out on the snitch Christmas ornament. I'm not spending more than $100 on a resale site. I removed the ring and clip from the keychain and it was very easy to modify. It looks like it's as good as the price. It's an eye-catching ornament on the tree because of its silver and gold colors and large size.

👤I was looking for a snitch ornament. It works well for ornaments. Move the ring clasp to the back and hide. The wings move. It is a bit fragile but it is perfect for an ornament that gets packed away most of the year.

8. Fedora Hats Unisex Manhattan Black

Fedora Hats Unisex Manhattan Black

The fedora comes with a short crown and a narrow brim. The longest and shortest brims are 888-738-5526. fedoras are a perfect accent to almost any outfit, formal or casual, having been a staple in the wardrobe of the man for centuries. The cotton blend fedoras are suitable for both men and women. Their classic fedora is timeless and can be used to recreate or just tip a hat to the past. It is widely used for special occasions and formal affairs.

Brand: Simplicity

👤There is an update. The company will not stop harassing me in emails. They sold me a garbage product, so I refuse to change it. I told them I wouldn't change my review, but they will keep contacting me. The hat is cheap and flimsy. I've spent less money at Halloween costume shops and gotten the same poor quality hat. If you want a costume-quality hat for occassional use, this is fine. If you wear hats often and you are expecting a decent item, you will be disappointed. I bought two other hats on the same day I bought this one. The other two hats were just as good as this one. I will never buy this brand again.

👤I bought this for my fiancĂ©e. He has a large head. The circumference is about 24.5" Even though it's 23", it fit well. It made a mark on his forehead after a few hours, but that is normal for him. If you have a big head, it's a great value. I think it's the best bang for your buck. Overall, good quality.

👤Tenia uno igual, en Las Vegas. El sol lo tiene una ventana. Decoloro un poco, por lo. No lo encontraba. Decid a buscar en Amazon. Tena las mismas medidas. Es exactamente igual, mismo material, mismas medidas. It was a compra.

👤I ordered 2 different colors for my husband and son to wear at the decades party. My husband kept both hats because they both looked great and he really looks good in both hats. They fit his large, round head perfectly.

👤I rarely give reviews, but this one deserved the 5 stars. A hat. Not in an envelope. Excellent quality. I think it's a great idea. I added a picture to show the difference. It's worth the money.

👤I sat on top of the head and looked classy. My husband liked it.

👤Exactly what we needed. The price and quality are great. It was recommended to several cast members.

👤I need a hat for a photo shoot. I have never purchased a hat online before. The hat looked perfect and fit like a dream. Will wear as the weather gets cooler.

👤El sombrero es bonito, se ve de calidad, pero el empaque fatal me llevo dentro de un Manila. Sombrero de hombre.

👤Si tienes la calidad. Un color is firm.

9. Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Drawstring

Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Drawstring

If a glass is damaged during a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately. The Gallion Blackout Garrison bags are made of leather. The package contains 80 Hefty bags and 13 garbage bags. It keeps your gout in the dark. These tall kitchen trash bags keep your kitchen clean. The power of arm and hammer can be used to fight odors in the kitchen. It's difficult to trust. Triple-Action technology stretches and expands to accommodate large loads without punctures, leaks or tears, while the break-resistant drawstring keeps everything together. If you have any issues with their garbage bags, please let them know. If you have any issues with their garbage bags, please let them know.

Brand: Hefty

👤I gave this 5-star review to alert people to the new 1-star reviews after Hefty changed the bags. I've been buying trash bags from Hefty for a long time. The trash bags I bought a few months ago are smaller now. Hefty's old 13 gallon bags are enough to fold over the lip of my trash can. They fall down into the trash can and open it almost every time I pull it out of the trash can. Hefty's true 13 gallon bags were never a problem. Hefty put profits over quality in the revision of this bag. They made the plastic thinner and reduced the size of the bag while still calling it a 13 gallon bag. The previous bags were 27" tall and 23" wide. The Hefty 13 gallon bags are only 24 inches tall. They cut off a few inches to make sure no one noticed. The new bags have a thickness of 0.9 mil. I can't wait to finish these bags. Hefty tricked me on this purchase. They rip when I pull them out of my trash can. They fall down inside the trash bin because they are a few inches shorter than the 13 gallon bags. We are using more trash bags due to their size.

👤I have never used these bags before and they are the worst. My 11 year old son takes out the trash and we always fill the bags. He told us that the top of the bags would rip as he took the trash out. I thought maybe he was pulling it too tight until I took the trash out myself. The bags would start ripping from the top. We were past the return date and decided we would never buy these again. My husband took the trash out instead of my son, and the bag split open as he left. There was trash and food on my steps. I have to have my carpet cleaned. It was hard to clean this up. My son wasn't the one taking the trash out. I contacted the company to let them know of the poor quality of their product, but they didn't reply. I will not use these bags again if they ever contact me for more info. Don't buy.

👤I have used this brand of bags for a while, but the box I purchased through Amazon was of poor quality. Even though there are no visible holes in the bags, liquid trickles out slowly. I am halfway through a box of 80ct bags, and have had an issue with nearly all of the bags on this roll. I switched to the second roll from this box and it appears to have the same issue. The bags puncture very easily now, an issue that I don't recall having with previous boxes. In the process of lifting the bag from my trash can, I have cut several bags with my fingernails, which are trimmed barely beyond the tips of my fingers, and are regularly filed and cared for. I'm hoping that this is indicative of a quality issue they had with a specific run of product, rather than a design or materials change that is causing these issues that should be expected from this point forward in their manufacture line.

10. Chef Works Total Vent Beanie

Chef Works Total Vent Beanie

All over cool vent fabric. The back is elastic. The sweatband is inside. It is available in black and white. Try to tumble low with machine wash.


👤It should come in sizes. I wore a head cap. I work as a bakery manager and I like to move a lot. I went to pick up something and the beanie fell off. The quality is excellent, the inner headband is cotten, and the rest has a Jersey type of material. It's stretchy and wishes it came smaller.

👤I work for an outdoors company during the summer and have been asked by many people to review the products I use. As I cook and serve thousands over the summer, I put some serious abuse on my items. I always look for a good item to keep me comfortable during grilling and the sweat out of my eyes. This has an elastic band on the back. The fit is comfortable out of the box. This head piece worked great for a 12 hour event I worked. It was well over 100 in the middle of the grills. The vent top worked well and the fit was comfortable. I didn't see sweat in my eyes. I dunked it in ice water to keep me cool. Good purchase and product.

👤To keep hair out of my eyes and face while cooking, I had recently begun searching for a hat or beanie. I can't find large enough head-wear that fits well when they are a size range or one size fits all. There is still room for longer hair in this beanie, it fits great. The beanie doesn't make your head sweaty or hot. It isn't tight, which is very unusual for me. I love it. I bake a lot. It is excellent. I can't imagine not wearing it while cooking. I put a small command hook up next to where I store my apron and it is perfect. Highly recommend this beanie.

👤I was asked to wear head covering when I cleaned the floors of the kitchen. The hair net looks terrible on me, and I have to take them off and put them on constantly. Both problems were solved by this hat. I don't usually wear hats, but I am bald on top. As soon as I got to work with this hat, I realized that many of my coworkers don't clean the kitchen. They were asked how they could get one. I just laughed at her request, if they could have mine. The bills of the ball cap style head coverings were getting in the way, so I like it better than the billed caps. Some people wear that type backwards, but this is a better style.

👤This is a nice hat. The vents are nice. They could have given more. It fit my head. It doesn't fit to your ears. I had to pull it down. I don't have an ethnic hairstyle so it wouldn't fit at all. I put it in the laundry room. I hope it stays the same. We'll see. When I use it, I'll update this. I just got this out of the dryer. Thankfully, it didn't shrink. When I use it is the next update. I tried this hat a second time and it wasn't good. I tried to put it on, but it went up on one side or the other. It will not stay on my head. It's too small. I have to find something else. Sending it back.

11. Hyzrz Adjustable Elastic Kitchen Cooking

Hyzrz Adjustable Elastic Kitchen Cooking

Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. Cotton is 65% and Polyester is 35%. There is elastic in the back. Try to tumble low with machine wash. It's suitable for schools, colleges, restaurants, cafes, commercial kitchens, hotels and more.

Brand: Hyzrz

👤If you drink and shop at Amazon Prime, you could end up with a chef's hat. That is what happened to me. I was looking for a beach hat for my husband for our honeymoon and found this chefs hat. The price was low and it was hilarious to us. We bought it. It showed up at the house over the course of 2 days. When it arrived, we were happy. It all worked out because later that month was Hat Day at my office. I wore a hat. The riot was all about it. If you drink and shop at Amazon Prime, you could end up with a badas$ chefs hat. Who cares about which you never use?

👤This is a great quality chef's hat. The pleats stay nice and crisp. I ordered this hat to wear while making breakfast for my wife on her birthday. The idea was to look like a jackass and I succeeded.

👤It worked well for my Bork the Swedish chef costume.

👤This was a joke between my husband and I. I kept calling him a chef. I got this for him. He wanted me to take pictures of him wearing it. It was nice that the elastic was there so it wouldn't fall off or blow away.

👤Excellent quality. Everyone said it was too small for an adult head, so I bought it for my granddaughter. It fits me just fine. I will have to make a modification to fit my granddaughter. I'm surprised at how nice this is for the money. It looks like what the real chefs would wear. Not costume quality, but very well made.

👤It was super soft. It was a comfortable fit. Nice fabric!

👤This is a toque made with quality fabric and an elastic band that is comfortable to wear on the head. I think I have an average head size, and a little thick hair, as a woman. The hat fit me just fine, as the elastic stretches a bit to go on and then stays snug, but not tight. I wore it to make Christmas dinner as we were having guests and a couple of times during the months before there had been unfortunate incidents, which is why restaurant cooks have to keep their hair covered up. I got the hat because I couldn't take the smallest chance that a hair would go somewhere. I didn't know where I could get a good one, but I was grateful to find one at a ridiculously low price. $50 at the table. It gave me what I called "Crazy Chef hair", but I am not interested in what people think of me. I didn't mind if no one found a stray in the food.

👤These were bought for granddaughters who like to play restaurant. This one fit the 6 year old perfectly. The back of the band has a wide strip of velcro that can be adjusted from an adult to a kid.

👤I bought this for my child. I wanted a hat that would fit for a long time, rather than buying a hat that would be too small or too big. I was prepared for it to be too big for him, but it fits him well. It would not fit an adult if it fits him. Wrong! I tried it on myself and it fit perfectly. My son is very happy with his gift and can now throw his hat in the trash.


What is the best product for baking hat gold?

Baking hat gold products from Kangaroo. In this article about baking hat gold you can see why people choose the product. Hefty and Juvale are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking hat gold.

What are the best brands for baking hat gold?

Kangaroo, Hefty and Juvale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking hat gold. Find the detail in this article. Jevenis, Ipxead and Sunland are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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