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1. Wilton Icing Spatula 13 Inch Angled

Wilton Icing Spatula 13 Inch Angled

Professional quality and quality design can be found at Ateco. The angle of the spatula is great for smoothing icing on cakes. The handle is made for comfort and control. Steel blade and plastic handle. 13 inches is 33 centimeters. Before each use, wash the top rack dishwasher in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I only used this spatula once and it has already started to rust. I washed it once and it is not sanitary. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤What not to like? The price is great. Great product. One of these is needed by every family. I will use it to make cakes, peanut butter sandwiches, and be the cool dad. The product will change your life. You will become rich. You will lose all the weight you want. People who want to be friends. You will get a promotion.

👤I have never owned an icing spatula. If my mother ever wanted to make a round cake that wasn't left in a cake pan, she would use a butter knife. When I was an adult, I realized there was another way to do this, and that a flat butterknife worked just as well. It doesn't. I have used this product and know that. I understand why you would spend $6 on an icing spatula, because it makes things easier and looks better. I didn't expect it to be so big, despite the clear description. It takes up more space than I thought it would. Unless you also don't mind that it's going to be huge, don't be like me and ignore the thing right in the description. I can use this for other things. I am not sure what other things are yet, but I am sure there are some.

👤I didn't clean it right away when I used it. It was in the sink. The bottom side was covered with rust spots when I washed it. There are permanent marks on it. It was probably my fault, but nothing else of mine has ever rusted. I will look for another product.

👤This spatula was very cheap, but it was also branded by Wilton. I am not happy that it isn't what I call STAINLESS STEEL. You can't keep it on a magnetic knife bar. This was revealed by the wish description.

👤I was looking for an icing spatula when I bought this. I need something to make it easier to put icing on cakes. A lot of bakers suggest using an angle spatula. It is easier when the spatula is straight. The spatula was a good value for the price. I didn't expect to use this spatula for so many things other than icing a cake. The spatula is over an inch wide. I now think of it as a spatula to use when cooking small food items that I need to lift or turn. I use it to turn bacon, biscuits, and other things when cooking. The spatulas are in the drawer most of the time. I recommend one for your kitchen.

👤I finally broke down and got this. You don't know what you have to do to make it easier for yourself. I have not had any issues with spots or rust. I washed it before using it. And made sure it was dry. I was surprised by some of the reviews. I have some items that are very good and I hope to keep it that way. Fast delivery and reasonably priced.

2. Acronde Straight Professional Stainless Decorating

Acronde Straight Professional Stainless Decorating

We will give you a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. No returns are required. The cake decorating knives can help frost hard to reach areas without your hands getting in the way. It's great for making cheese, pizzas, sandwiches, and even cutting curds. The spatulas are made with the highest quality food grade steel that won't rust and fall apart. It is easy to hang because of the hole on the handles. The wooden handles on the spatula are designed for a good grip and control. The quality of the material is assured. Whether you are a professional pastry chef in a busy kitchen or a weekend baking enthusiast, you will benefit from having these tools. The most common size of icing spatula is 10 inches. They would do a great job decorating a large cake or small cupcake.

Brand: Acronde

👤We will throw these away after 6 months. There is open space in the handles where you can see the rivets because the slot in the handle is wider. The open joint has food or icing in it. It is impossible to clean the handle joint without using the dishwasher because the finish is not dishwasher safe. The finish is sticky in the dishwasher. The design and construction of the spatulas are shoddy, even though the metallic part of the spatulas is the correct size and shape. These are pieces of garbage.

👤The price is nothing to dislike. The thick red and white joint firestop caulking was applied with this set. They worked well with a little soapy water applied to it and slid easily, perfect! I'm sure you can use it for icing, but that's not the case.

👤The smaller two are used for pallet knives. They give great control and are awesome. I put them in the dishwasher and noticed that the handles were splintering, so I deducted a star because they have to be hand washed.

👤The workmanship in the construction of the blades and handles is really nice. Expect to get many years of service, if not a lifetime of service,flexible when needed but sturdy when required for the most delicate of use.

👤I have been happy with the ease with which I have used these on a few cakes. They have been helpful with placing items, icing and other things.

👤The wooden handles felt spinsterish after being washed. Never again!

👤I have nutella on toast every day and I needed another one. It is difficult to get down in the jar and most of these are great to do that.

👤These make frosting cupcakes and cakes easy. It seems sturdy and flexible. They've held up so far, I just wash them.

3. Majestic Pure Himalayan Essential Moisturize

Majestic Pure Himalayan Essential Moisturize

A body scrub. Natural ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Lychee berry are included in the Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Scrub. The scent of lychee berry oil is delicate and rich in vitamins and minerals. It can be used by both men and women. The Himalayan Pink Salt is pink. Himalayan salt has a high trace amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron. The vitamins help balance the body's pH levels. The scrub color can vary from light to dark pink, and the pink salt crystals act as a minimizer to restore smooth, soft skin. Body scrubs remove dead cells, toxins, dirt, and pollution from the skin. Scrubbing increases blood flow to assist in rejuvenation of skin cells, and also refreshing your mind, body, and spirit. Their unique blend of ingredients can help to reduce the appearance of many skin conditions. A hydrating solution will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. They are proud to provide you with all-natural products made in the United States of America.

Brand: Majestic Pure

👤I was excited to try it because it looked nice. I was wrong on many accounts. It's not good quality and it's a small amount. It's not a good idea to use an oil to salt ratio because it will fall apart before you can use it. It was super dry. It doesn't smell good? I expected this stuff to smell amazing, but it was subtle from the start and I think the oil went rancid after a few weeks. I think this was an old batches because oil does not go rancid in a month. The burning of the salt is very painful. It doesn't leave me feeling hydrated, just a little greasy and irritated. It's not good for sensitive skin. I will not be buying this again.

👤The product has good reviews. The product was already dry when it was recieved. The description makes the jar look larger. I was hoping it would smell like lychee, but it didn't. Highly dissatisfied.

👤This is the worst skin scrub I've ever used. It's too hard to use. Skin scrubs are usually suspended in an oil that can be spread. Most of the scrub falls into the sink when applied. I don't know if this is because the product is old or if it is simply a poor quality product. I bought a jar for my daughter-in-law, but it was a waste of money.

👤My arms are so smooth after one use. Nothing has worked like this for the little bumps on my arms. My arms are straight. It is fantastic!

👤I would like to address a common complaint. Some reviewers don't understand how oils work. The scrubs have to be mixed. I personally have had to mix almost the entire container with each use to blend the product because of the amount of solid in this. This is normal for items that are mixed with oils. Moving on. I didn't have a problem with the crumbliness. It felt very dry, which is not surprising since I have used very few scrubs. This was a new thing for me to try and I am a person of habit. This product does not scrub. This is not a very good product and I don't think it's worth buying. I don't buy scrubs to make my skin look better, but it is a nice plus and would give me one less thing to do in my regimen. When salts come into contact with water, they are melted. The scrub effect is supposed to have already been achieved with handfuls. Some people say it makes them feel greasy. I make my own body butter and it feels similar to that, but the feeling from this "scrub" is gross. It's not like using raw ingredients would make you feel oily. It feels very dirty. I don't know why it has this feel, it could be a poor ratio of ingredients or an ingredient that isn't meshing well. I don't recommend it. The only way I've been able to keep enough salt together is by applying it to my skin. I have to stand in the shower with no running water, an open container and a cup of water to keep my hands dry. I don't mind having to take an extra step for a product to work properly, but it's not worth it. I won't be buying it again. It doesn't do what I need. It's great as a shaving cream replacement. I don't feel the blades on my skin and it helps it retain its hydration. If you're looking for something like that, give this a try, I had no shave burn sensations or negatives. Move along if necessary.

4. Genuine Leather Slapper Premium Equestrianism

Genuine Leather Slapper Premium Equestrianism

This hydrating body wash is made with all of the good stuff and no sulfated surfactants. The leather is wonderful. Other riding crops use fake leather. The quality of the riding crop is greatly impacted by this. Premium quality genuine leather is used in their crops. Each of the riding crops is 18” long. A solid anti slip grip is made from high-quality materials. Premium experience is provided by the strong flexible fiberglass stem wrapped by nylon webbing. If you have to carry a jump bat, this one is light and convenient. The 18” Rekink Jump Bat has a braided shaft and genuine leather loop. It is light and comfortable in your hand. The popper gives you the right amount of incentive. This crop is lightweight and gentle, so your horse understands the instructions you give them. It is great for beginning riders. A riding crop is a supplemental aid during riding and is used to encourage a horse to move in a specific direction. If your horse is lazy, just the presence of the crop can motivate them to pay more attention to your signals. Get this ring for your collection and you will not have to worry about it. Their riding crop is packed for easy shipping. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them for a replacement. It's possible to try it today.

Brand: Rekink

👤My wife and I don't own a horse nor do we ride so I'm just saying that this is a quality product that works as expected.

👤No, no! We do not use it for equestrian purposes. It's funny. When you are doing naughty things and want to be a dominating guard in a women's prison, this keeps your little inmates in line. Yes! That is a lot. It's true, but just a bit. The crop is of very nice quality and works perfectly for all the little whacks I give them. It's just enough to get their attention and make them notice. It's important that you can control and make contact with precision. First, safety! Always! The crop fell apart during use. The crop was broken by her tushie. It's funny. Oh well. It was used for about two years. It's funny. I got my fun out of it. It's time to get another.

👤It doesn't feel cheap. It feels like the real thing. A crop made for a horse is not a crop made for a costume. The bat has some movement, but not much. My tip is still bent over from shipping, but it works in my favor. The sound of the snap is loud and will leave the skin red if you hit it hard. I like it. It's perfect for my dom needs.

👤I work with horses, not S&M. The English is a second language. The horses like to be hit. It needs a wrist loop.

👤This thing is garbage. The first crop broke after the top tie fell off. The replacement was an inch shorter and the handle fell off after ZERO uses. It is not the same look as the first one. Terrible purchase.

👤It was perfect for our needs. Light, but still with a good amount of weight that it feels comfortable in my hand. I like the sound of it on bare skin and the reaction of my partner under it. I think the price is good for this item, and it does its purpose well. Can't wait to use it more.

👤I've read that this is the best brand to buy. My best friend follows some of the better brands whenever she gets the chance. This brand came up very high on her list. When she told me that, I shrugged, but now that I have had a chance to interact with the product, I can see why she recommended it. It is a pretty good brand and it has everything that you would want. In addition to that. I'm satisfied with this product and I'm sure I'll buy it again after I put in some good wear and tear.

👤This is a great addition to any collection. Well made, affordable and works well! I would recommend this company and product to anyone and I will be sure to order from them again.

👤I like it very much. I don't think my partner does. Excellent quality for the price. I haven't broken it yet.

5. Mishimoto MMLG 15 LOCKBK Aluminum Locking Black

Mishimoto MMLG 15 LOCKBK Aluminum Locking Black

During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations. The M12 x 1.5 wheel studs are used. The material is aluminum and the thread is M12 x 1.5. Each weighs only 0.8 ounces and is 22.68 grams. The ultimate strength is 74,000–8,000 psi. Acura, Most Chevrolet, Honda,Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, and others. The ultimate strength is 74,000–8,000 psi. Acura, Most Chevrolet, Honda,Hyundai, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Volvo, and others.

Brand: Mishimoto

👤Many people don't know how to read the description. The lock only works with 4 of the lugs and 16 of the standard wrench sizes. The standard ones are 6 sides and the ones with the locks are 7 sides. It's a genius design as they all look the same and don't have an exaggerated lock nut. If anyone tries to remove your wheels with a standard wrench, they won't be able to. They are very durable. Buy them with confidence and enjoy.

👤It is Saturday and the company has not contacted me. The lug nuts look great on my wheels, but they are different sizes. The people from the city of Goodyear gave me an impact tool to put them on. I don't know if I can get them to stop eating. I will contact them on Monday to see what they do.

👤These are good quality nuts. They fit my wheels well. I think they're forged 7075 aluminum alloy. The included sockets don't fit all of thelocks, but they fit the 4 7-sidedlocks perfectly. The reason I'm only giving 4 stars is that the color fades. I now have 20 dark pink nuts. I don't know if other colors have the issue. I'm happy with them.

👤I was skeptical about these because of the reviews, but I was not sure if a brand as prestigious as Mishimoto would have such a lack of luster. I found out that their locking lugs are 7 sided, instead of the normal 6. I ordered them and put them on and they fit just fine and the key worked. The threads we're pulling out from other reviews are only designed to go to a max of 90ftlbs, so they work just fine for me. I can see how the finish could wear off over time but I didn't have a problem after the first install using a 6 point sockets.

👤I don't know why these reviews are so good, probably because everyone believes that Mishimoto is an "elite" company. 7075 T6 aluminum is strong and won't give you any problems whenquing. They are poorly made and the anodizing comes off easily. I have had these for a month and a half. If you have a M12x1.5 thread pattern, 949racing will make your lugs better for less money. Hope this helps.

👤In my opinion, Mishimoto is a well know brand with premium price points. I received a bunch of different sizes of lug nuts, which were cheap junk made of cheap aluminum, and I realized that I had purchased the wrong ones. Don't waste your time and don't waste your money. The coating is cheap and not great.

👤The car has been through the wash a few times. The wheels were cleaned. Every wash the color fades. Overall regret with this purchase. I thought they would look nice since they are similar to my car. I assumed they would be 17mm. I needed a thinwall sockets since my wheels are kind of deep, but they are 19mm not a big dealbreaker. I would have been able to use a regular sockets if they were 17mm. They scratched up the install. Would prefer a 17mm on a car. Will use these for now and then order something else...

6. Majestic Pure Mango Butter Scrub

Majestic Pure Mango Butter Scrub

The therapeutic body scrub is made with powerful ingredients such as Biotin,Collagen, Stem Cell, and various nutrition for their benefits on skin. Pure Salt Scrub is free of harmful chemicals. It can be used by both men and women. Mango butter has high concentrations of vitamins A and C which promote the production of collagen. It has hydrating properties. It helps protect your skin from environmental stressors like pollution and sunlight. Damage and aging can be caused by these stressors. Body scrubs remove dead cells, toxins, dirt, pollution, andbacteria from the skin. Scrubbing helps in rejuvenation of skin by promoting blood flow, and also refreshing your mind, body, and spirit. Their unique blend of ingredients can help to reduce the appearance of many skin conditions. A hydrating solution will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. They are proud to provide you with products made in the United States of America.

Brand: Majestic Pure

👤I rely on reviews no matter what I'm ordering. I am going. Do you want to stay? This will be a thorough and honest review, guaranteed to touch each question or concern anyone on this God given Earth could ever have. I have used this scrub many times, which is what my opinions are based off of. I didn't receive the container, so I took a picture and wrote a review. I didn't open it until I took a huge wiff, snapped a picture and wrote a review. I have used the product many times. I ordered the scrub in mango butter. I read the reviews and decided to purchase it. I think about it. I would rate the smell at a higher level than the texture of the product, since it is just right and not too weak or strong. My daughter and I think it smells great. I have a lot of allergies, and my skin doesn't like air, but I didn't have a reaction to the product. I used it from head to toe. Unless it's saddle leather, do not use this on your face. It was literally. It was fine on my feet. I had a foot surgery a few weeks ago and it helped remove some peeling skin. I have to maintain these dogs because I am not able to have a pedi yet. Is it right? It was too rough on my legs and arms. It was unpleasant when used on the upper, inner and back of my thighs. I said everything. It was the same for the arms, even my elbows, because I didn't have dry, cracked or calloused elbows. My 11yr old daughter who has EXTREMELY sensitive skin has used this scrub once or twice from the knees down, after a spot test on her hand, and didn't break out. For those who are concerned about the scrub being a #SensitiveSkinGangtrigger, that is saying something. I really like the scrubs from Tree Hut and the scent, texture, and effectiveness are all consistent. They're not too dry, but just right, allowing you to apply and rub in thoroughly wet or dry. I have tried shaking and stir with the Tree Hut scrubs. ThisMango Butter should be scrubbed up before use. If you don't stir or shake. If you scrub any, the coconut oil will settle at the top of the container, leaving you with an even and not so effective result. I violently shook the container in an up and down, side to side, and "swirly" motion for a few seconds each direction and yet, this mango butter scrub is too dainty. There are pictures #1, 2, 3, and 6. Picture 6 shows how it runs even if I just swiped it onto my skin. The scrub has the "runny line affect". Icing a cake that's too hot... It started running after it hit my skin. My opinion is that it works best when applied dry. You definitely want to apply it while standing in the tub or shower if you don't want a mess on your rugs or floor. No matter how gentle, how slow, or careful you are, the salt goes everywhere. I just said salt. You don't need to be reassured that you're not getting a sugar scrub. There was a small portion of what was in the bottom of my tub reflected in picture 8. The scrub gets really dry, even if it's in a container, because it gets really dry fast. It gets so dry so fast that you're left with salt that looks like sand and it's a mess. The picture shows how dry the scrub became after only 6. The scrub isn't made with oils or Aloe, it's made with liquid. Olea European (Olive) Fruit and Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil are ingredients on the container. There is also the juice and the leaf extract. There are pictures of the scrub being described, as well as pictures of the liquid that is sitting at the top of the scrub despite it being mixed. It seems to me to be water or something else. I don't know what it is, but I know it doesn't feel hydrating. Is it hydration or hydrating? Yes, yes. Dead skin removal and stimulating blood flow are important parts of a scrub. I'll say it again. It doesn't feel hydrating. Not even if you look at it, or if you scoop it up or put it in your hand. When you get to work, you won't rub it in. The scrubabsorbs quickly. It becomes just salt after a few rubbing motions. Thin air is the only place the "moisture" is going if it isn't evaporating. Unless you're going to use dime size amounts at once, and use your palm to keep the spot completely covered with your palm, then you're not going to use it. You're going to have clumps of salt falling. No one has the time to clean your legs, much less a good portion of your body, using absurdly small amounts in sections. It would take you a long time. Once you get your legs, your stomach, and arms are washed. You don't feel like you used a scrub. You don't feel like you just used a scrub. Hah! You don't feel slimy on the spots you didn't rinse. If you don't wash after you use the scrub, in some spots my skin feels a little smooth but it feels more or less like I just went over my skin with a sand paper. You will also feel dry at the same time. The salt dries you out. I feel like my hands are dry after use. If you don't wash after applying, you will taste salt. You're going to taste like the beach without sunscreen and sand if you touch your face. I wouldn't recommend using the scrub if you're going to take a tub bath, unless you're getting immediately out after rinsing. Why do you say that? The salt doesn't melt as quickly. One would think that I don't like it. If you use the scrub then you will feel like you have sand in the tub. It will feel like you didn't rinse the tub well enough before you got in, that's what parents with kids know. Everyone has a preference about when to use a scrub. The scrub first thing in the shower is something I like to do. I love baths. I don't wash my hair but I take baths. It's the most effective way to soak for a few minutes in my hotter than Hades water for about 10 minutes depending on the time. I use the scrub while I bathe. I shave every other day to 2 days, but I bathe, scrub and then shave. The scrub helps remove dead skin and perk up hairs while your follicles are open. It leaves me with the closest shave, as a baby's bottom. You would think shaving would take away the silky, excellently hydrated, I just covered myself in coconut oil, but it doesn't. Not in my experience with other scrubs, especially Tree Hut. Pros and cons are included in the bottom line. If you have sensitive skin, this scrub is easy to use, it smells amazing and scent strength is perfect for feet and or other rough, calloused areas. too runny doesn't work over skin well, doesn't work well wet or dry, and slides off in clumps. "Me, me!" It's not hydrating, it's too harsh to be used anywhere, the feet and some really bad hands, and the container is small compared to the amount of scrub needed in any one application. It is what it is! The mouth on container is too small, even with tiny hands it's a struggle once you get half way down. There is a Ok. I would like to thank you for coming to my talk. Baby! Laters, baby!

7. Jack Hardy Supply Riding Horse

Jack Hardy Supply Riding Horse

The most common size of icing spatula is 10 inches. They would do a great job decorating a large cake or small cupcake. It's easy to handle. The right amount of incentive is what it is. If you are dissatisfied with the product, simply contact them and they will replace or refund your order.

Brand: Jack Hardy Supply

👤If you are going to buy a riding crop for equestrian purposes, you should go to a specialty merchant. People are buying this off of Amazon. I am going to discuss the product now. I wasn't sure if I would buy it for the price. It was going to be more novelty than anything else. This assumption was correct. I agree with some users that it would work well with a costume. This will work for you if you need a low-cost accessory. This is a good entry-level product if you are making your personal life more interesting for the first time. If you're looking for high quality, look at other products. The handle is made of plastic and felt ok in my hand. It forms to your grip because of the give. I am not sure if that was intentional design or just low quality material. It has a strap that you can use to put your arm through. The staff is plastic and I can tell if the product is going to last long. The popper is made of synthetic leather. The product description states that it is real leather. I noticed the popper's synthetic leather was missing its outer layer when I inspected it, so I could see the exposed fibers. I was going to keep the popper and use it as an introduction to riding crop, because I saw the quality failure with the popper. I decided it was necessary to return the product after I noticed the popper missing some of its synthetic leather. The quality of the popper, the price point, and the incorrect advertising made me give this three stars. The quality level and price point are perfect for a beginner. If you already know how to use a product and don't want to spend more money on a better one, I would recommend looking for a higher price point product. If you are new or looking for a low price point, buy it. If you want quality, look elsewhere.

👤Great product! My girlfriend really likes it.

👤It was only 12 dollars. The crop came in a large box, deep and wide enough to fit in a small oven. It wasn't long enough. The idiot jammed it in the box. The rubber handle conformed in a "c" shape when I took it out. I've tried to change it but it still looks weird. I can still hit my girlfriend with it.

👤When I opened the package, I thought it was a huge popper. I don't think it would work in the show ring. I have been showing pleasure jumpers for 2 years. I was hoping to use this as encouragement. It was purchased to encourage. I don't have a plan to hit him. I don't know how strong it would be in that situation. I'm sure it will be fine for home school.

👤It seems to do its job well. This one has a larger head which makes a nice sound, but the sting is not too much. To make this more of a tool for discipline, you need to use force. Would order again.

8. Visine Tears Relief Lubricant Drops

Visine Tears Relief Lubricant Drops

Twin pack containing two bottles of Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Dry Eye Drops to provide dry eye relief and protection from further eye irritation. The sterile eye drops are designed to work like real tears and provide soothing relief of dry, irritated eyes. The drops contain 10 ingredients found in your own tears. It helps to relieve dry eye symptoms by helping to protect against further eye irritation, and it also helps to relieve burning and irritation due to activities such as extended screen use. Visine Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Drops are available in a small bottle for convenient relief anywhere.

Brand: Visine

👤The more well known Visine product "gets the red out" and that is due to some ingredient that is not entirely old for one's eyes, which is why the professionals recommend other brands. This product is the best I've found that doesn't have an ingredient. This product is very good.

👤I take Metforming that can cause blurry vision after a long time of use, because they prevent the intake of vitamins B12 and B1, and I also take Insulting, because it can cause blurry vision on some people. I developed dry eye syndrome because of my blurry vision and I had a cataract. I spent a lot of money on many types of tear eye drops that are not covered by insurance. I have a dry eye and an inflamated eye, but the drops on Prednisolon and Combigan do not help. I decided to try this Visine product as a last resort because it is cheap, but as soon as I put this drops on, I was relieved. Visine is a multimillion dollar company because their products are cheap and they do work. Good luck... I hope that things go well for me. Pabon is the son of Fabio A. Pabon.

👤My boyfriend just got a golden retriever and I am allergic to dust mites and pet dander. Yes, that is a puppy! You can imagine how cute she is. She likes to play and be a pet. I have to worry about my allergies whenever I come over because she sheds as much as any other dog. I attached pictures of how bad my eye looked after meeting her. I washed it out, showered and changed clothes, but it was still irritated after all that. I used the eye drops to get rid of the pain. I know it isn't an allergy one or red-eye one, but it seemed to work regardless. The drops made a huge difference in clearing my eye. The results were visible after a few minutes. I think the allergy ones will be effective.

👤My dry eyes have been helped by this. I only use this a couple times a week and my eyes have begun to develop more hydration on their own, I would definitely recommend using this as an eye supplement, but don't rely on this as a crutch or your eyes.

👤I had saved my eyes when I was on the drug. If I didn't drop in before bed, my eyes would be so dry that they wouldn't want to open the next morning, which was a problem trying to wake up on time! I would drop in as soon as I woke up to get my eyes re-lubricated.

👤These have been used for the last few years. I am a computer science major and an avid game player. These help reduce the feeling of being uncomfortable. If you get some on your eyelid or eyebrow, it will help to absorb the sweat from your eye and make it easier to see. Hope this helps.

9. NOW Supplements Nicotinamide Dinucleotide D Ribose

NOW Supplements Nicotinamide Dinucleotide D Ribose

Neurological support Stable and bio available. The NPA A-ratedGMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including their laboratory/testing methods. A family owned and operated company has been in the USA since 1968. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Now

👤I was so tired after taking this that I fell asleep. I looked at the bottle again and saw that it had something in it. It's not right. I don't like how companies put other supplements in tiny print. D-ribose helps some people. It seems like it's not me. Straight-up enteric-coated NADH from other brands work better for me in terms of energy and alertness. I had given this a try because they are expensive.

👤I tested positive for cocaine. Do not use if you are tested for drugs.

👤I believe that supplements can affect people differently. This product did nothing to maintain my baseline energy level. Within 4 months of taking this product, I was physically and mentally struggling all day long. I was tested for the disease, but it came back negative. For the past 14 years, I have taken the sub-lingual form of enada. I wanted to try this product out because it was twice the quantity as the sub-lingual one I was taking. I always order enough NADH to last through the summer months because it's not advisable to take these supplements in the summer. I keep mine in the fridge. I ordered 4 of these NOW brand NADH. I took them every morning for 4 months. I wondered if the NADH product was not doing well for me after a couple weeks. I found it hard to do my daily activities as the weeks and months went by. I take a green tea supplement with my NADH to get the extra energy I need for my work schedule. I was forced to start taking 100mg of the green tea supplement with only a marginal increase in energy that lasted a few hours. I had to accept that the NOW NADH capsule was useless in helping me cope with my chronic fatigue syndrome after I tested negative for lyme. I ordered my sub-lingual NADH immediately. I feel better than before, it has only been 2 weeks. My green tea supplements have 50 grams of caffeine in them, which is enough to give me the energy I need for an entire day. I fall below the baseline level for normal energy without my sub-lingual NADH. NADH gives me a normal level of energy. I am not able to function normally without NADH, because it never gave me the typical energy rush like caffeine. A sense of well being is given by NADH. You should expect that. It is necessary for me. I believe that the sub-lingual form of NADH works well. It's important to limit swallowing while the sub-lingual is melting under the tongue. The NADH becomes absorbed into the bloodstream when saliva helps it melt. This should take no more than 10 minutes. It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for a sub-lingual person to melt. I believe they are keeping the sub-lingual tablet from melting by swallowing too much saliva.

👤For decades, NADH has been recommended for those dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I need a noticeable effect when my symptoms increase. Increasing physical energy is one of the things that NADH helps with. Unless a very large dose is taken, I don't have a lot of jittery feelings. There is no crash or let-down. I usually choose between this brand with ribose and another brand with just the NADH in it. Depending on what my body needs on a given day, I'll take several capsule of both. I take at least 40mg a day, unless I'm so exhausted that I know it's not worth it.

10. Milani Rose Powder Blush Cruelty Free

Milani Rose Powder Blush Cruelty Free

A blush that deserves to be seen. The blush is pretty on cheeks. You'll reach for this beauty again and again. You can choose from 6 different shades of pink to make your face look better. CRUELTY-FREE BEAUTY. The natural-finish powder has flattering shades that complement every skin tone. Never tested on animals. The included mini brush or Milani blush brush can be used to apply. You can use the buildable formula to create a rosy look. They were born in East LA and have always been connected to the rich diversity of the neighborhood. They are not inspired by couture or top models. Their passion is real people. Everyone has beauty. They're here to make you look your best no matter who you are or where you come from. There was no judgement. No exceptions.

Brand: Milani

👤This is the closest you can get to a blush that is similar to Tarte Paaarty. I found the perfect blush in the sample size. I was going to buy the full size but read reviews that said the sample size was not the same color as the full size, so I decided to buy the sample size. I looked online for a dupe and found Milani's Rose. They aren't a 100% match. They are very close. It's a great blush and will buy again.

👤I love this blush! It glides on smooth, the color stays on, it's a great value, and to top it all, it's free. I am sick of all of the products that are tested on animals. It doesn't matter if they are expensive or not. I've been researching and learning about the different ways "Cruelty Free" works. There are two for Australia, one for North America and one for International. A lot of these products say they don't test on animals, but they do in China, and they pay someone there to do it. Milani, thank you for not testing on animals. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a win for me because I love your products.

👤Really works. It lasts all day. The product is amazing. If you're big on small, this smells really strong. A strong smell. I wear it all the time. In the whole world. If you are a fair Tone, you should get the "08,TEA ROSE".

👤I bought coral cove and blossomtime rose. I uploaded pictures of both. The blossomtime rose looks beautiful, but Coral cove is a little dark for my liking. I am happy I bought it. Great purchase.

👤I bought this blush in Romantic Rose because everyone on the makeup tutorials said it was a dupe for Tarte Exposed. It was just peach/orange, not rose. If you can wear warm tones, go for it, but I'm Snow White over here and can't wear it. It feels good. I would like the product if there was a color that I could wear. The bright pink photo that Amazon changed to is DEFINITELY not that color, so don't rely on it, maybe they will change it back to it.

👤Beautiful blush! It's a very natural dusty rose color that leaves a flush on the cheeks. It's very easy to apply the formula. I think this is better than my other blushes. If you have medium or darker skin, this may not be the right blush for you. It's a light shade that's good for fair and light skin. The baked blush line has options for all skin tones.

👤One of the most equisite blush ever can't be described. I've always used blush. I was not recommended to purchase this Milani blush. This Milani blush is close in color to the one that is being Lauded. The item was wrapped well when I received it. I held it in my hand for a while. Didn't want to open it. I held it in my hand and looked at it. The blush case is gorgeous. There is gold around. The blush is pretty. It's elegant. It's beautiful. I will purchase a few more today in that way. This blush is for anyone. It's a perfect color. I'm not very light-skinned. It looks pretty against my skin. Milani items are made to order. I've bought a few items from Amazon and I'm very happy with them. I love my items to the fullest. Try this item.

11. OGX Hydration Hyaluronic Exfoliating Scrub

OGX Hydration Hyaluronic Exfoliating Scrub

A liquid body soap is a scrub that foams into a rich lather and rinses to reveal softer, more supple skin. OGX Sea kelp and Hyaluronic acid wash and Scrub will cleanse your body and awaken your senses. Long-term hydration gently removes dead skin cells and replenishes it with hydration. The sea kelp body wash is made from seaweed. The sea kelp infused cleansing formula works overtime with a blend of deeply moisturizing sea kelp and hyaluronic acid, plus gently exfoliating black rice. For all skin types, this scrub provides long- lasting hydration and gentle-to-medium exfoliation. It works for all skin types but is especially helpful to those with dry skin. This hydrating body wash is made with all of the good stuff and no sulfated surfactants.

Brand: Ogx

👤The product contains a chemical that can cause cancer if it comes into contact with water. The product should not be sold on Amazon. The product should be fully refunds for those who purchased it before learning of its contents. The product should be assumed to be bad for the user.

👤The wash is amazing. It doesn't mean that it stinks. Really good. Some people you can't help. They're not too bad in general. This product is a good purchase.

👤This isn't the same product I bought in the store. The scent is weak. I am disappointed. I'm not sure if it's old or a knock off. I had my husband and sister check it against the original. I'm upset. I bought 2 bottles to be sure they were authentic.

👤It's a creamy texture and hydrating formula, but I didn't feel it was enough to get rid of dead skin cells. There wasn't enough exfoliating particles compared to other scrubs. This is not a scrub.

👤I love that it has a substance called hyaluronic acid. It has a light scent. I like to shave my legs with this shaving cream. It leaves them very happy. This might not be what you are looking for if you have dry, flaky, or patchy skin. If you just need a daily scrub to get rid of dead skin, then I highly recommend this. Ladies, definitely try it as a shave cream. A light layer is all you need.

👤The OGX body scrub is not effective in removing dead skin. I used the product many times and still had the same results. After using a salt scrub, I will continue to use the product as a shower gel. The OGX coffee scrub has more grains for scrubbing and hydrating.

👤I work as a delivery driver. I've had to wear a mask for a long time. The mask cured my allergies. I had a rugburn on my face. I started using this soap. There is a My face feels clean for the first time in a long time, I have no scars, and I have no cysts. I have been using palmer's cocoa butter bust firming formula with the soap for about 8 months now, and I have erased a bunch of stretch lines andwrinkles on my body. It smells like a wendys vanilla frosty because it's made from the same seaweed.

👤I have read the reviews about the body wash and I think it is very soft and pleasant, unlike sea kelp or the ocean, which would smell like fish. I believe this is the first time I have felt smooth after the shower. I will purchase it again. It was a full bottle.

👤No son pocas cosas, no para empezar, no poco agradable, no encima de, todo lo.

👤Este gel de bao huele increble tiene una funcin exfoliante. Pens ser un gel de bao normal, pero lo tienes.

👤I piel a super suavecita, adems de no ne.

👤El rico tiene una textura. Es ms un jabn that exfoliante ya, pero tiene brindar. Hace poca.


What is the best product for baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching?

Baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching products from Wilton. In this article about baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching you can see why people choose the product. Acronde and Majestic Pure are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching.

What are the best brands for baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching?

Wilton, Acronde and Majestic Pure are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking imperfect crush, whip and spread it like nobody s watching. Find the detail in this article. Rekink, Mishimoto and Majestic Pure are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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