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1. ME FAN Containers Airtight Chalkboard Supplies

ME FAN Containers Airtight Chalkboard Supplies

If you have any questions about their products, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will deal with it to your satisfaction as soon as possible. PREMIUM QUALITY + DURABLE: Premium food grade plastic materials are used in the ME.FAN containers. The durable plastic containers can be used for a long time, easy to wash and dishwasher available, good for you and your family. The set of 6 large storage containers is large enough to meet all your storage needs. The set of containers are perfect for all shapes, sizes, and volumes, and can be used in your home kitchen. Storage containers with side-locking lids will keep food fresh while protecting it from air and water. You can keep your food away from anything that might enter it. See-tHROUGH + STACKABLE DESIGN. The clear containers body gives a clear view of what the contents are without the need of tags or notes. The containers have a modular design that will save you a lot of space in your pantry fridge, freezer or cabinets. There is a free corrugated label offer. 24 waterproof chalkboard labels are made from superior vinyl. Marker not included, just write, peel, stick. If you received cracked containers, please contact them with the email and they will try to help you.


👤Like the ease of organization with these containers, but they are not clear like glass. There is a slight frost tint to the containers. Didn't like it. I used my cricut Machine to make labels for each container.

👤It holds just 10 lbs of flour. There is room for about 3 inches to spare. Exactly what I needed.

👤Like the ease of organization with these containers, but they are not clear like glass. There is a slight frost tint to the containers. Didn't like it. I used my cricut Machine to make labels for each container.

👤I use it for storing all my flours and it's nice and big. I bought another set from Verones and they are hard to get. These are better. The plastic helps the lids snap on tight.

👤The containers are made of a heavy plastic that does not smell, and the size is nice. The pack I received had one lid missing and one broken, and I think that the durability is going to be poor. If I barely touch the lid flaps, they come undone. I plan to put a lot of flour or sugar in the smaller containers, but if the lid is not properly secured, it will be a disaster when I lift the container off the shelf. They do not stack well because they do not lock in their position atop the other containers, so they can slide off of the container that is underneath. If that makes sense, I have other brands that stack and stay in position. I will be returning the set and ordering something else.

👤The small containers that I bought won't close on the 4dets that I purchased because the top lid on the cereal came out. There is a need to use rubber bands. There are two small ones in each set that I bought. I am disappointed that I am finding the exact ones for less. The price went up as soon as I gave my review. Guess that is how it works. They kept them all. The large ones look nice. I will get them at the 99 cents only stores where my friend bought me smaller rectangular sizes.

👤It was exactly what I needed. After years of eating it, one would think they would know how to clip the bags up. We end up with a lot of wasted cereals because they don't pay attention. Well, no more! These are perfect. The others don't have the pour spout because they aren't air tight. There is a lock on all of the sides. It's tight enough to keep it bug free but not tight enough that the kids can't get into them. They were packaged well and on time. I can see many other uses for the cereals, so I might buy another set. They are great for dry storage. My kids left the solo cups in them instead of using the measuring cups that came with them. I will probably look for scoopers to stay.

2. Avery Print Rectangle Labels 22822

Avery Print Rectangle Labels 22822

Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge without a border or outline. Make a printed look with glossy crystal clear labels, allowing even the boldest colors to shine through; personalize party favors, gift label stickers, mailing labels, labels for products and more. Their full bleed, print-to-the-edge feature allows them to print right to the edge of the label without a margin or outline. Their proprietary Sure Feed technology prevents jams and misalignments, so you can get a more reliable feed through your printer. Simply bend the sheet back to pop up the edges of the sticker labels for quick and easy peeling.

Brand: Avery

👤I was reluctant to order them after reading some of the negative reviews. I decided to give them a try. I set the paper for "glossy photo paper" when I printed from my ink jet printer. When I stuck them on my project, they stuck very well and it turned out great. The images on the labels were clear. The only thing you have to be careful of is the labels, which pick up your fingerprints, so a small portion of the edge shows a very slight smudge. I used some tweezers to solve the problem after a few tries.

👤The ink on the printer does not adhere to the labels, so when trying to place the labels on a product, the ink comes off your hand. I tried to let these dry for about 6 hours, but I couldn't. I wouldn't recommend them. You can explore your other options. If you do have this issue, you should try to avoid it in the first place, because Amazon will make things right, but will refund you if you do have this issue.

👤Be careful! I love these labels and they have been great the last three times I have bought them. The packaging is not right. See the photos. The labels are not clear. The package's labels are the right size and have the 22822 number on them, but they are not clear. I don't know if this was a mistake or if the numbers are transitioning, but the package doesn't reflect what's actually inside. I've used these for months and they've always been clear. I'm in contact with the person and will update if they give me any information. Not yet had any issues with any other labels that I use, so just use caution when ordering. Is anyone else involved in this issue? I have no reason to believe anyone else would have this issue, but if it is, it appears that Avery is very much on top of it. See the comment. The rating was adjusted accordingly. It's a good thing.

👤I wanted clear ovals for my jars. If the label is bent, the ink will crack. They don't work well on a product that comes in contact with water. I use a laser printer, but the ink does not adhere to the label as it should. If you don't want your product to have a professional looking label, then buy something else. I won't buy again.

👤Really disappointed. I got these to use on glass containers, but the label shows all the fingerprints. It's impossible to get the label positioned properly without having to peel and re-stick several times, which creates more creases and fingerprints. I can see how the labels look on the surface. The ink looks dull unless stuck on a white background, as other users have stated.

👤I don't know how they can sell these as the ink rubs off after a few minutes. The labels are useless. It is difficult to put on and not have fingerprints.

3. Airtight Containers 15 Piece Organization Supplies

Airtight Containers 15 Piece Organization Supplies

You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. A super bundle. There are 15 kitchen storage containers in the Complete Bundle. You can organize your kitchen and pantry like never before with the help of the 1 Tall Container, 4 Large Containers, 6 Medium Containers, and 4 Small Containers. A great gift for a family. Their containers are made of high-quality food grade durable plastic, which is non-toxic and safe from harmful materials, and last longer than other brands' plastic containers. It is convenient to identify what is inside from the clear containers. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, fusilli, pet food and other dry goods. The air containment containers are named after. The four side-locking lids with black silicone gasket seal these storage containers firmly, protect your food from air oxidization, and keep it dry and fresh. You don't have to worry about lids matching after each wash because they all have the same one. It becomes a snap to close if the lid is lined up correctly. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The space sparing design is used. These sturdy pantry storage containers are designed to save space and are easy to fit into your refrigerator, freezer or cabinet which will allow you to make efficient use of every inch of your home kitchen. The pantry cabinets and kitchen are better organized than before. 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with their products, please contact their customer service. Within 24 hours, they will give you the best solution.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤I thought the containers were big. I wanted them to hold a big bag of sugar and flour. If you are looking for a family size box of cereals, these are not for you. The pictures make them look bigger than they are. I should have measured before buying them. I would not buy these again unless I was looking for small containers.

👤pasta cannot fit as pictured

👤These containers are great. I bought them for our new house and was excited about the price. I was wrong when I thought they were too small to hold much. The second largest holds 2 pounds of dried beans. They stack nicely too. My pantry is now organized. They come with a lot of labels and chalk markers. If you want to change what is in the container, try using a clean eraser.

👤The picture angle is larger on Amazon. I researched these and found that they were much smaller than I thought. I kept the larger sizes I ordered after this set. The pantry looks better organized with these containers.

👤These are not what the description and pictures suggest. I wanted to reorganize my pantry. I read the reviews before ordering and decided to give them a try despite the low ratings. A bad idea! These containers are not the size that they were advertised to be. The containers are the size of a pack of crayons. I don't know what I'm supposed to store from my pantry. They might be able to hold about 5 tea bags. I think that's correct. I'm utterly disappointed in the product and the fact that I have to spend more time trying to return these is frustrating. A word to the wise. These are small and not worth the price. I could've bought these containers from my local dollar store. The items were delivered on time, so I gave them a 1 star. They were nicely packaged and appeared to be intact.

👤I have used them for a variety of food items. They clean well. I put them on the top rack of the dishwasher. It can be difficult to clean off the marker, but it will come clean. When sugar ants went after my kitchen, every single container held up and was free of them. No one has broken or knocked on wood. Since my old containers broke, I am going to buy bigger ones. When we went camping, I just put the stuff in the cooler from the pantry. After a week in the woods, no bugs got into the food. The price is worth it. I have 5 kids and they can all use them.

👤These containers are small, low quality, and not transparent, as many reviews mention. I decided to return them because they were disappointing and I could find better quality containers for less. Usually it's easy to return items on Amazon, but this item claims it can't be returned because it contains gas or liquid. The seller has added a false description to try to avoid returns on an item that is clearly misrepresented to begin with. There are huge red flags. Do you want to avoid this product? The automated system was held up by the false description of the item, but the customer service was able to process a return via chat.

4. Airtight Containers 25 Piece Organization Measuring

Airtight Containers 25 Piece Organization Measuring

There is no confusion. 40 pieces of labels and 1 marker will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, even if you have 24 PCS food storage canisters. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours. A super bundle. The Complete Bundle has 25 kitchen storage containers in different sizes. There are 10 Small Containers and 10 Large Containers that meet all your storage needs. Food grade material Their containers are made of food grade plastic which is safe from harmful materials and has a weird plastic taste. It is convenient to identify what is inside when they look clear. There are airway droplets. The four side-locking lids with black silicone gasket seal these storage containers firmly, protect your food from pests, and keep it dry and fresh, prevent liquid food from spilling. You don't have to worry about lids matching after each wash because they all have the same one. It becomes a snap to close if the lid is lined up correctly. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The space sparing design is used. These sturdy pantry storage containers are designed to save space and are easy to fit into your refrigerator or cabinet which will allow you to make efficient use of every inch of your home kitchen. The pantry cabinets and kitchen are better organized than before. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, fusilli, pet food and other dry goods. You can better organize your kitchen and pantry with 30 chalkboard labels and 5 measuring cups. A great gift for a family. It's perfect for storing spaghetti, baking supplies, cereals, flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, fusilli, pet food and other dry goods. You can better organize your kitchen and pantry with 30 chalkboard labels and 5 measuring cups. A great gift for a family.

Brand: M Mcirco

👤I should've known when I couldn't find anything in the product info that it wouldn't hold enough, I am not happy with this product. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that they were short. I bought these because I couldn't fit a single bag of cereals into one of them. I was only able to get between 1/2 of a 36oz bag of mini spooners and half of a 42oz bag of cocoa dyno bites. I assumed these would hold 135 ounces of cereals, but they are not. I would have known to buy something bigger and more what I needed if they held 135 ounces of liquid. It is hard to get anything out of the containers, they are advertised as cereals, yet you can't pour them out. I didn't bother using the 4th container for cinnamon crunch and mini spooners because I haven't tried the cocoa dyno yet. The lids were a bit difficult to put on. We haven't tried cleaning these yet. The weight listed on the product page is not accurate and the size listed on the box is incorrect. I am giving these 2 starts because they seem sturdy and my husband says they should work fine for beans and rice since he threw the box away.

👤These containers are great. I wanted to organize my pantry, and these made it easy. I have tile flooring in my kitchen and have been known to drop things, so I didn't want the hard plastic ones. They hold all of my items. I like that the entire lid is lifted to allow easy access to baking products. The labels on the chalkboard make finding what you are looking for easy. The labels can be wiped clean. The smaller ones are easy to stack.

👤I bought these back in February. I haven't had any of my cereals go rancid since I bought them. In my house, we eat cereals in spurts. We will eat it for a couple of weeks then we will try waffles for a week or so. It is always fresh when we decide to eat cereals again. I am not sure about the reviews that said the tops were hard to line up. They seem to be self explanatory to me. You just snap them on. Voila! I would recommend them for dry storage. I haven't tried liquid storage.

👤I received 4 large 6.5l sets after purchasing the 25 set. The seller reached out to me and told me how to fix the problem. A replacement was sent by Amazon. I switched my rating because it wasn't the seller's fault. The 25 piece set is doing well so far. The pen that comes with the set isn't waterproof and smudges days after you use it, it's a little smaller than I thought.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of these products. I needed bigger containers than smaller ones. I'm disappointed because I have small containers with nothing to put in them and products that would fit nicely into larger containers. I don't think it's very efficient to organize my pantry.

5. XOXOKristen Ingredients Personalized Cosmetic Products

XOXOKristen Ingredients Personalized Cosmetic Products

The Heartland of the USA is where all of the products are made. Long life of your product packaging can be ensured with high quality waterproof vinyl stickers. The size is 1.75” or 4.45 cm ( 45 labels), 2” or 5.08 cm (32 labels), 2.5” or 8.25 cm (22 labels), and 7” or 7.62 cm (15 labels). Adding ingredients to your handmade products can be done with self-adhesive stickers. These stickers look good on containers. You can choose from seven different colors to give your packaging an elegant and stylish finish. There are a lot of different designs to choose from.

Brand: Xoxokristen

👤They do not proof their labels before printing. I received labels with three spelling errors. Their customer service is also lacking in professionalism. You can do it yourself if you just use the label maker. It takes at least 3-4 weeks to arrive.

👤I like my labels. They are perfect for sgar cookies.

👤Absolutely love the labels. They were slow to arrive, but I trusted the process. I will definitely be back for more. They give my daughters a nice look.

👤These came out better than expected. I am happy! Have ordered more.

👤Nice labels. The perfect size is easy to peel off.

6. ChromaLabel Printable Labels Compatible Printers

ChromaLabel Printable Labels Compatible Printers

The DYMO branded labels are not sold by Aegis Adhesives. The labels stay attached to the boxes. You can find printing templates for download on their website. The standard paper size for all printers is 8.5 x 11 inch. It is compatible with all laser and inkjet printers. There are many uses in warehouse, retail, home organization, classroom, office, food service and medical. The Heartland of the USA is where all of the products are made.

Brand: Chromalabel

👤These don't print edge to edge. I tried to use their template and modify the margins for 3 hours. I can get it to print 9. Not the last line. Good luck getting them to respond if you reach out to them with any problems. I have been trying for 4 weeks to get my money back, but it is too late. It was a waste of time and money.

👤I can't design the labels to print on the edges. They come out off the skew and edges missing. Nothing seems to work when I use different printers. It would work well for hand written labels, but not to the edges.

👤I ordered these for use at a family get-together, where few knew one another. I decided to try these because I was tired of the name tags falling off. They work well. None of them fell off. Markers worked well on them. I downloaded the template and made a family tree with both pictures and names. I will definitely use them again. Thank you for the product.

👤It seems like a good product, but I was shorted 48 stickers. I don't have enough time to do a return for the correct amount. The printed download didn't work on my laptop. I had to create my own template. They print well, but not sure if they are waterproof.

👤I wanted to use these labels for product packaging and I didn't know how thick the paper was, so I ordered it. The paper on these is thick. I haven't used them yet. I can't speak to the print quality. These look like they will create a quality presentation.

👤I use these labels to show pictures of different projects. I paste pictures into my travel book to show hotels, issues in rooms, and other things. They are easy to use. When my first package arrived damaged, the company was wonderful to work with. They immediately sent out a new one.

👤These labels work well. I use them for my baking business. I only get 9 out of 12 stickers per sheet because I can't get the bottom row printed. I've left messages with the company, but they don't respond. I use Pages and would appreciate a call back from the company for help.

👤The product was exactly as advertised, the customer service was great, and the prices were great.

7. Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Cosmetic Decoration

Stickers Self Adhesive Handmade Cosmetic Decoration

It's perfect for gifts to give to kids, family members and close friends. It's great for holiday gifts. The waterproof board labels are made of high quality vinyl. The ink can be dried quickly. The texture is clean. The width is 50mm and the height is 30mm. These labels are for kitchen organizers. You can cut them into smaller pieces. It's easy to use, just three steps. It can be easily removed and replaced. Their paper labels are ideal for jars, bottles, canisters, pantry storage, cupboards, scrapbooking, folders, office, wedding decorations and more. The waterproof labels are designed in a cute lace shape and will be an essential accessory to decorate all special occasions like Christmas, birthday, cocktail party, weddings.

Brand: Pimoys

👤I didn't think much of these labels, they are cheap and thin, some tore them from the backing strip, and they can't be re-positioned or removed, a problem for jars that get re-used every year. I won't be buying them again.

👤These little labels are what I needed. They are the right size and cute. I like to label my inventory for my small business. They stay put. It's easy to write on. I don't have a thing to complain about.

👤These are cheap and have low energy and low Frequency, you can feel it in the paper.

👤These are perfect. They are easy to peel off and the right size for smaller projects. The amount you get is worth it. I will probably order more of them.

👤I love using them to label my jars.

👤I like to date my food so I know what's in it and how old it is. The 300 pack will last a long time and I will be buying more of them.

👤tags for gift tags or just organizing your space

👤I had to put packing tape on the labels to keep them out of my bottles. The edges lifted after a day. They're easy to write on and serve their purpose, but they aren't sticky enough to stay on glass for long.

8. Quart Pint Containers Minimalist Organization

Quart Pint Containers Minimalist Organization

The lides snap tight. It is important to keep items fresh. A comfortable grip makes measuring easy. It's not tall, perfect for smaller space storage. The most common kitchen ingredients and items found in the US are preprinted on 134 farmhouse labels. OnlyICKER LABELS. jars and containers are not included. Different sizes. You can give your pantry a high-end custom look with three different sizes. Bin storage items are included in the set. Waterproof and resilience are included. The labels are printed on high-quality vinyl. Water and oil are resistant to labels. The finish is very smooth and easy to clean. Stickers are easy to apply and can be removed. The style is designer. This beautiful label maker design will complete your minimalist farmhouse look. They add a high-end style to your kitchen. There is a matching Spice Set available. An easy set up is included with the reference sheet. The sticker set has an alphabetized reference sheet with each label's page number location to make it easy to label.

Brand: Quart + Pint

👤It is easy to apply and helps me not hate my pantry. ! It's perfect for OXO products.

👤I love the labels! The quality is excellent. After putting them on a little crooked, I had to peel some off and apply again.

👤I am happy with the labels. If you place it wrong, they will fall off, but they are a good quality. It came with a list of all the labels and which ones are on the specific sheet. That was very helpful. This set had everything I needed.

👤I love the minimal design. It was easy to peel off and put back on when I adjusted the position. Love the way they look.

👤Don't love that they peel up and are prone to bubbles when placed on storage containers, and love the look of them, but don't love that they peel up and are prone to bubbles when placed on storage containers.

👤The design is simple. They were easy to put on and I just replaced them when I needed to modify the location. I like how they look.

👤These little labels give a clean and organized look and are easy to remember. I have more to do, but I am happy with the style and quality. Not sure what you want from these stickers.

9. ChromaLabel Kraft Labels Dispenser Inch

ChromaLabel Kraft Labels Dispenser Inch

The Heartland of the USA is where all of the products are made. The circle sticker is permanently affixed to most surfaces. The box keeps all the labels neatly organized. The paper label stock of True Kraft Labels is easy to write on with a felt tip marker. Use your arts & crafts projects to add a rustic feel, use as decorations, label hand-crafted products, or mark your baked goods at farmers markets. The Heartland of the USA is where all of the products are made.

Brand: Chromalabel

👤I wanted some labels that could fit a few different containers, and these fit the purpose perfectly. These labels are the right size to look good on all of my containers, and have a cohesive look. Once the labels are applied, they have to be soaked in water. The roll comes in a box that the labels can be unpeeled and used one at a time, but I just take the roll out and write down what I want to do. I am happy with the purchase, it works great for what I wanted.

👤Love. It's easy to write on or print on. I used my off brand lable maker to make my own candles. They are cute. They take a few minutes to adhere to metal. It comes off clean if you misplace it. The sticker is not coming off in about an hour.

👤These labels are okay. They're not too thin and the glue is good. The cheap box dispensers don't work well and they keep coming apart. It is almost impossible to write on the labels before sticking them on a bag, box or jar. I would like it to come in sheets. The words don't look very clear because of the dark color, but that's minor. I got these labels for my homemade products. The labels are not bad, but the dispensers are not effective. I'm not happy with it.

👤These labels are great. The weight and paper are perfect for everything. The glue can be removed with a glue removal product.

👤It's so nice to have so many things. I like to keep everything neat. No more cutting. This is done in the roll. It's a great way to put address labels on large packagings. It's probably not good to stick for the freezer, but you can put on wrap and use freezer tape on the corners. It's good to put on shirts so everyone knows who you are. It's your imagination, the list can go on.

👤These labels are what I wanted. I was looking for the right label for the bars I was making. The bars are wrapped in wax paper and put in the fridge, they work great. I write on them with a thin sharpie. They are stored in a box and easy to tear off. When I run low, I will order more.

👤Good quality. It was easy to peel off the backing of the clothes. I didn't use the box as a dispensers, but I'm sure some will find that useful.

👤I use great labels for my jars. There is a The kitchen is country. They were used on paper bags for gifts. It's better if the labels don't take the ink or wipes off.

👤They do what they are suppose to do, but the box they come in does not roll them out well. When you try to roll the next one out, it can fall apart.

👤Excellent quality labels. I wish I could put them in a printer. I could have them typed up.

10. Canister Kitchen Counter Labels Marker

Canister Kitchen Counter Labels Marker

The set includes 4 PCS airtight cereals storage containers with locking lids, 20 PCS chalkboard labels, and a white chalk marker. They are confident that you will love this set. They are great for the kitchen or bathroom, and can be put to use in your workspace. Storage jars are made from clear glass and strike a cylindrical silhouette, great for labeling each canister's contents, and an optional chalkboard front. It's easy to see contents at a glance with see-through glass jars. It's great for storing cookies, sugar, flour, spices, and other kitchen items. The airtight ring makes the glass lid close tightly so that the container is safe to store and keep fresh. Three 1/2 gallon glass canisters are included in the set. The chalk and labels are included. Place the glass jar in the dishwasher and it will be easy to care for. Three 1/2 gallon glass canisters are included in the set. The chalk and labels are included. Place the glass jar in the dishwasher and it will be easy to care for.

Brand: Le'raze

👤The jars are supposed to be air tight, but they don't stay on. The inner plastic fits around the bottom of the lid. It doesn't stay on. I have to check the lid every day to make sure it's on. I bought these jars many years ago. The plastic seal feature on the under side of the lid works today. I've been unable to find anything similar. The idea is the same, but the new feature does not work.

👤I like the look of these on my counter. I expected the jars to hold a full bag of sugar or flour, but they only hold 85% of the bag, so I have to take the rest of the bag with me to the pantry. I have a small kitchen. If you fill these jars to the top, the flour or sugar spills over the top, making a mess on the counter. The jar needs to be large enough to hold a bag and large enough to hold a cup. If you have nice handwriting, the labels are nice, but they don't hold up to washing the jar. I had a chip in one of the covers, so watch your fingers. The maker could improve the product by making it larger than a 4lb bag, since the jars look nice on the counter.

👤Thank you, I was skeptical about buying these jars. I love them because they are well made and very durable. It's perfect for my pantry collection. There is a I noticed that the jars don't close properly after placing food inside them. The air comes in because the lids come up and not because of the air tight seal. Don't know why it's doing this or the rubber seal is wrong.

👤These are very cute. I was looking for something that was cheap.

👤I am very happy with the jars. They were packed in a sealed box that was inside an Amazon box. The glass is light. The plastic seals seem to work well. I was looking for a big enough container to hold flour and sugar. I don't know what I will use the third one for. A sheet of black labels and a white pen are included. These jars are good for buying.

👤The mouth is wide at the top.

👤I bought these canisters for my shelves. These canisters are worth the purchase, because I was very particular about the type of canisters I wanted. The lids are easy to wash and have a classic look. I like the lid. I would like these to come in a smaller size so that I could use them for other things.

👤I am starting to set up my pantry. Other sellers have glass ware that I have tried. The items I have purchased from this seller are second to none. Great man! That is very important. I have dropped two of these onto wood floors. No problem!

11. Prepworks Progressive 6 Piece ProKeeper Each

Prepworks Progressive 6 Piece ProKeeper Each

These quality food storage containers are built to last. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. It is not recommended to use the dishwasher. The clear body material is impact resistant and seals the lids. The cargo storage is CONVENIENT. The set is designed to fit all kitchen styles. Silicone gasket produces an airtight seal and hinged lid makes filling and discharging easy. Also included: The set includes a flour keeper, sugar keeper, brown sugar keeper, and powdered sugar keeper. There are accessories. The containers include a level and a dusting screen. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: plastic, silicone, and steel.

Brand: Progressive International

👤Do not purchase them for food storage. The canisters are not airtight. I purchased this set along with several individual pieces for my different organic flours, sugars, baking soda, baking powder, chocolate chips and other baking ingredients in July of 2017, I am an avid baker and cook and purchased this set along with several individual pieces for my different organic flours, sugars I have never heard of pantry moths before, but I was horrified to discover that a bag of rice I bought from WalMart was contaminated with them, which has had a devastating effect on my pantry. I was horrified to find that the moths and their cocoons were inside of every canister I threw away. It's not like one seal failed; every one of them was upheld. The containers were thrown away with the contents. I don't think it's smart to waste money on containers and food by relying on their claims. I will test their claims this time, because I'm looking for airtight storage containers. This lesson was very expensive and I won't repeat it.

👤After washing the brown sugar prokeeper and letting the clay disc soak in water as directions stated, I tried to install it back into the lid where it goes for storage and one of the little prongs that holds it in. A representative of the company was supposed to call me back. The receptionist told me that the storage wasn't necessary because I could put the clay disc in the brown sugar. That may be fine, but why is it on there and I don't expect it to break before I get to put the brown sugar in it! They were not willing to compensate me in anyway, which I felt was unfair, and my only other option was return, which of course is a hassle for me, it didn't seem like Progressive International cared in the least! Their customer service is not good.

👤These are not bad. They are overpriced for what they are, and the photos are not accurate about the sizes. The largest one for flour is only wide enough to fit a 1C measuring cup inside. See the photo for the scale. They do what they say they will, but they are too expensive. I would really like to have more in my pantry, but it isn't worth the extra money.

👤I've been looking for kitchen canisters for a while and this is the first set that I've found that is sleek and modern. The canister was designed to hold what it was intended to hold. I have not had any issues with this container, it holds the average supermarket bag of flour and has a leveling bar. The brown sugar container has a terra cotta disc that is supposed to help keep the sugar soft, but it was hard to use the first time I used it, but the container is still great. The way the lid is made it hard to close the spout lid and make the top dirty. The container has a leveling bar and a spoon for dusting cakes. I haven't found a use for the 2 small containers yet, but they both have the same strength as the larger ones and they have a leveler insert.


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