Best Baking Ingredients Organization and Storage

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1. YouCopia 50100 StoraLid Container Organizer

YouCopia 50100 StoraLid Container Organizer

If the product isn't working out or worth the investment, they'll give back all the money. You can keep the great products. Flexibility of storage: You can set different spaces to keep food container lids upright. There are organized lungs. A wide range of small, medium or large container lids measuring up to 9” wide can be found in StoraLid. Round lids are stopped from rolling around by a center channel in the bottom of the tray. It's easy to grab and slide the whole thing if you need to look at the lid. Just pull out the box, add the dividers, and load your container lids, no tools are required. A quick set-up will allow you to organize your lid collection in a few minutes. The StoraLid container lid organizer large is made to fit in standard cabinets, pantry shelves, and deep drawers. It is easy to clean from high-quality plastic.

Brand: Youcopia

👤This is a great caddy for all of the Tupperware lids that disappear like socks in a laundry room. I was able to fit a few into it. It comes with separators to separate different sizes of lids and a bin to hold previous bins. The company is a small women-owned business, which I am always happy to support.

👤I found it rather flimsy and cheap, but it was easy to put together. The individual dividers are very flexible. They are not tall enough. When you have enough lids stacked in each slot, it works well, but when there are only a few, they fall over. If you over pack 1 the divider will just bend and move into the next section. The next version should have thicker dividers in the slots in the bottom. The whole thing needs to be about an inch and a half taller to work correctly.

👤I wish I had taken a picture of this cabinet before it collapsed. It was easy to put together and it works great. I am not afraid to open this cabinet.

👤This product does what it is supposed to do. I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into a usable storage space in 15 minutes. The dividers were easy to install. Slowly but surely, I am getting my kitchen under control, and this has given me a huge leap closer.

👤My search was for products by 'Joseph Joseph', a company that I enjoy. I didn't check and buy because it seemed like a good idea. It does give a place to hold up plastic lids, but it's not a good idea to put them in a drawer. I still use a drawer because this item is not stable. Others pull the lid out or the whole holder is pulled with it. If you can pull out the lids other than the first ones, it's because the shelf above is high. It became annoying after a while. Maybe in a drawer.

👤When it comes to the neatness of my cabinets and pantry, I am obsessive. I've been looking for a long time at how to store all of those containers. It would take me 5 minutes to find the container that I pulled out. Not anymore. I have sorted the lids by size, shape and color in my new YouCopia StoraLid. Why didn't I find this product sooner? I can't believe how easy it is to save space in my food container cabinet, and I can find matching lids quickly. This product is very good.

👤I love this container. It changed my life. I don't have a storage container anymore. I don't have to open the cupboard and see stuff falling out. I have a lot of storage containers and now I can put them on the shelf and stack my lids in the organizers. I would buy this again and again. Great product.

👤You have to click the dividers in place to adjust the width of each section.

2. X Cosrack Organizer Height Adjustable Dual Use Seasoning

X Cosrack Organizer Height Adjustable Dual Use Seasoning

The Progressive International Store has over 40 years of innovation in kitchen products and accessories, with unique gadgets and tools for food preparation, plus thoughtfully designed food storage containers. HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE. The X-cosrack wall mounted spice rack can be adjusted up and down according to the height of jars, and the wider basket can be used for more items. The dual-use design of the spice rack is that it can be used as a single 5-tier rack or as two separate rack depending on your space size. Attach the wall or door to the kitchen to keep it neat. Large container is easy to reach at one glance, and avoids the hassle of searching through cluttered cabinet or countertop when cooking. The sturdy metal structure is made of thickened steel plate, more sturdy, and has five bonus hooks for hanging more things. There is a patent for a wall mounted spice rack organizer. 24 hours friendly customer service and non-conditional return or refunds if there is a quality problem. There is a patent for a wall mounted spice rack organizer. 24 hours friendly customer service and non-conditional return or refunds if there is a quality problem.

Brand: X-cosrack

👤I bought two of them. We moved into a house with less cupboard space, so I decided to eliminate the need for one cupboard and everything is now organized. I was amazed at how many double spices I had, because one would get lost in the over crowded cupboard. I only had to purchase one Spice that was almost gone because I can find everything easy now. Extra room for taller bottles can be made with the placement of the shelves. They can hold two rows of the glass bottle spices on one shelf. The glass bottles do not come with it.

👤It took me a long time to decide on the right size and strength of the spice rack. I ended up with a bunch of mangled metal after opting not to use flimsy chicken wire. The unit was packed well and there was no damage to the outer or inner boxes, which leads me to believe that the shelves were already bent beyond use before they were packaged. What is that? It was unexpected for such a expensive item. They would have been a good fit for me. I guess I'll see if he can pound the shelves out.

👤This fits all of my sauces and spices.

👤Isn't it funny? How do you get so much happiness when you get older? This is one of them. My husband installed this in just a few minutes on the inside of our pantry closet. In a few minutes, I filled it up. I closed the door. I tried to open the door. It wouldn't open. I put a container on the shelf that blocked the lever handle on the door. I won't tell you the details, but after trying various solutions, it wouldn't budge. I finally went to see Man's greatest invention. A girl had posted a video on how to open a door. It's easy and painless. We removed the door handle from the inside of the closet and lived happily ever after.

👤I am very impressed with this rack. I decided to research, organize and replenish my spices as we all are finding things to do. I love the addition to my kitchen. I have a small kitchen and decided to use a 5 tier rack to hold all my spices. This was easy to install. It's 16 inches apart. I found some studs to hang it in. The room I have with it is great. When I went to buy another one for my craft room, it was more expensive.

👤This is a great solution for people who have a lot of spices. It is easy to install and has a great storage capacity. The metal bars that the spices sit on are a bit bendy, but they are not a deal breaker. We are very happy with our purchase.

👤Is this a good deal for the quality? Probably. Is it holding my spices well? Yes. I chose this rack because of its flexibility. It's been about a month since I put it on the cupboard door. Being able to adjust the height of my larger spice jars at installation was a big plus, and the racks are nice and deep.

3. Pack SimpleHouseware Kitchen Bakeware Organizer

Pack SimpleHouseware Kitchen Bakeware Organizer

It's a wonderful addition to any kitchen. There are no kitchen tools that won't fit for your cooking needs. There is a dishwasher safe, a ripped insert, and a Sturdy Plastic Construction. You can add to cart now. 2 Set 3-Compartment Rack is for pot lid, cutting board, cookie sheet, pan, bakeware organization. They stand on rubber feet. Steel with silver painting is the steel construction. The 9L x 7.8W x 5H Inches are divided into two Compartments. The patent is called USD830781S1.

Brand: Simple Houseware

👤These hold a lot. There are 3 baking pans, 6 cutting boards, and 9 cookie sheets in the picture. They are sturdy and have a little weight to them, which makes them great for organizing. It's not a cheap version. It would work to organize large cabinets as well.

👤The product is perfect for use. I don't have enough space for things like cookie sheets, cutting boards, and muffin tins because we moved. I stacked them in this cupboard and knew I needed to organize them better. The space is well organized by the two racks.

👤These are the best rack I have ever seen. I have more cookware than I can shake a stick at, and I desperately needed a way to organize all those pots and pans, particularly pans, since I did a job rotation where I worked on a cookware brand. It was very frustrating to have to pull out 50 pans because I wanted to use the one on the bottom. The manufacturers warranty on your fancy cookware can be voided if you stack your pans in a way where they all sit on the other cookware surface and scratch it up. I purchased one of these items as a test to see if I would like it, and after setting up both racks in my cabinet to organize my pans, I immediately bought another set of racks. I don't think 1 rack on it's own would be enough, so now I have 4 racks total. There are 3 racks lined up next to each other in my cabinet. I use the 4th to organize my bakeware. I want to buy another set but my kitchen doesn't have a lot of space. I don't have a place where I could do it. I've been using these racks and rearranging a bit and they've given me back a lot of space in my kitchen and made it more functional. They feel high quality because of the nice weight of the product. The finish is dark bronze and it looks cheap, but I like it because it matches my high-end cookware nicely. It seems like my pan and the rack will last a lifetime with the proper care, since neither of them gets scratched up or shows signs of wear when I take out a pan. I can not recommend enough how these have changed my life.

👤I don't know what it was that took me so long to purchase this, but it makes a difference. I live in an older home with less-than-modern cabinets and I can't find a place to store my pots, pans and lids. I have to stack the pots and pans on one level in a cabinet that is split in two by a shelf, and I had the lids all laying in a big pile, mixed in with cutting boards on the bottom. It all fell apart when you needed something. These organizers are perfect for the space I have to work with. My cutting boards are in a neat place, I can reach them without pulling out the rest of the board, and this opened up room for other things to be stored in the same cabinet. A+.

4. Prepworks Progressive Seasoning ProKeepers Seasonings

Prepworks Progressive Seasoning ProKeepers Seasonings

Want to mark your container content with a label? They have you covered. The eighteen high quality waterproof labels were made from superior vinyl and have a crisp clean. Write, peel and stick that! The keepers help to organize the cupboards and keep the ingredients fresh. The sliding grid allows for measuring out just the right amount of cinnamon, pouring plenty of oregano or dusting the perfect amount of cinnamon. The hinges on the lid allow it to swing wide open for easy access to fill or measure. These seasoning containers are dishwasher safe and come in a set of 2.

Brand: Progressive International

👤These are amazing. I paid $6.08 for two and bought 5 of them, but they have increased the price to over $13 and I went to order more. They are nice, but not $13. This is ridiculous and you need to do better. I bought them on May 26th and they have increased to ridiculous levels.

👤The bottles are easy to clean. They seal as long as the front lock is open. The size described is not accurate. The containers measure 2.75"W x 5.5"H and have a capacity of 5 ounces. I only got 4 ounces of garlic powder. I was able to squeeze in 5 ounces, but the clamp wouldn't open. I had a measure height of 3.75" H x 2.12" W x D.

👤My spices are organized. These are perfect, and even better with an inexpensive label maker. They should have sold mini ones for my spices.

👤You can find bulk spices if you look. Very cheap. You need to keep them fresh now that you have them. Try a variety of different jars, they leak, and you will notice the spices at the top are fading in color, I needed better. I have been using them for a couple of months. They work well.

👤I will try a season salt when I dry my thyme to see if it works for something bigger and lighter. The holes are large. I like the air tight lid.

👤The containers are large enough to hold spices in a small cabinet. I don't have a lot of space in my cabinet for spices that I use for cooking. These containers have all of the things I was looking for, small, air tight, easy to open and close, and they are all in these containers. I am very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this product.

👤These containers are gorgeous! I am sure they would work for larger dried herbs like parsley. I use mine for salt and bean powder. The leveler part of the insert is a great help for those who don't like the shaker part. I do a lot of baking, and this cuts out a lot of the hassle. It's a good thing. I would like to see a small amount fit. The round, shallow, and narrow tablespoons are too wide. Ah, well... I usually measure out 3 ounces and then do it. It's a good thing. That shaves off a small amount from the 5 stars, but not enough to knock it down to 4. I would buy them again in a heartbeat if I had it to do over. It's a good thing.

👤The product looks good and it stores well. My husband is the cook and he doesn't like the way these are presented. I think the holes are too big or that the two different options over the small didn't work for the way he likes the seasoning to fall. If you are an experienced cook with specific techniques, this is not a good option.

5. Organizer Methods Position Adjustable Kitchen

Organizer Methods Position Adjustable Kitchen

There is a safe amount of the chemical BPA free. The dishwasher safe is top-rack. The Black Metal Pot Hold's height and position can be adjusted, giving you more options to organize Pots with different sizes. There is a great pots and pans organization under the cabinet. The height and position of the pot holders allow them to hold up to 9 frying pans, sauce pans, griddles or pots of various sizes. It is a great solution for storing all the pots and pans, saving you a lot of space in the kitchen or cabinet. This pot rack is made from heavy duty iron and finished with spray painting. It is very firm and elegant. Solid triangular design is more stable and less likely to fall. The pot and pan is in a cabinet. There are two unique designs for installation methods. You can either install 8 tiers on one side of the pan rack or 4 tiers on the other side of the pan rack with the pot lid rack. There are great pots and pans organizers. A special deep U-shaped design holds the lid in place when used as a pot holder. The small pans/pots remain stable in the tier without slipping, and the rubber tube prevents the pan from moving, thanks to the deep U shape.

Brand: Geekdigg

👤My wife got a new set of pots and pans for Christmas to replace the one that was well past its use-by date. It's prime. We wanted to make sure we started storing this set correctly from the beginning, so after a little bit of research, I found this to be the best solution for our budget and cupboard situation. I like being correct. We only had it for a few days, but so far it's been great. I don't have any complaints about it. It holds almost all of our new set, except the large stockpot, which I put in front of the rack, and a large saucepan from our previous set. Our new pots and pans are in good condition and we have a rack to organize them.

👤I thought it would be heavy and sturdy, but it seems to be holding up okay. I don't like the way my pans sit on the shelves. The handles on the pans are heavy, making them unbalanced. Sauce pans and others sit in a way that I like. I hope the shelving that is suspended holds up to the weight of the pans. I was going to put my cast iron skillets on it, but then I changed my mind. I bought this unit because of the reviews that said it was of lesser quality and stability than the other brand. I was a little let down from expectations. It was easy to make that true.

👤One big problem is that pans don't stay on it. The big flat is stable but the egg pan and sauce pans are not. The little pans tilt in between the holes because the design for the lids is terrible. They hit the middle rack part. I assume this is a problem since they included little ribber pieces. The problem was not solved by these. For the price, I want something that holds my pans on place, and I don't have to figure out the "good spot" each time I put it away.

👤This product is great. It makes your pots and pans nicely organized. It was difficult to get the racks out. It is brcause. I was sore from moving.

👤It was very easy to put this product together after you received it. The two-sided vertical method looks very sturdy. The quality is high for the price. The Calphalon set doesn't fit perfectly because of the one 12-inch skillet, and we put it on the topmost possible level because we didn't want to block access to the bottommost pot and pan. The middle piece would be perfect if it were a couple inches taller. There are two more One of the pans on the right is a bit drooped, as the hanging metal supports do tend to droop with heavier weight. I'm not sure if this unit can be set up vertically on just one side, because it needs that even weight distribution to not get too heavy. Even though the lids are stored upside down, we are so pleased we have this organizer in our kitchen that we would recommend it to everyone. It's a good idea to be aware that you might have to get creative with your organization and not be alarmed by the fact that your heavier pans are resting at less than 90 degrees.

6. Prepworks Progressive ProKeeper PKS 905 Stay Fresh

Prepworks Progressive ProKeeper PKS 905 Stay Fresh

There is a multi-PURPOSE. A multi-purpose bin is great for storing things. It's great for pantry, cabinets, or office storage. There is ice cream, meat, produce, condiments, and more in the kitchen. The longer you stay, the better. ProKeeper by Progressive is a produce that can keep produce fresh up to 2 times longer. Innovative design. The Stay-Fresh vent system and base allow you to modify the environment for maximum freshness. It is easy to read MEASURMENTS. A storage guide for common produce is printed on the press-in lid. The food storage container is called the ELITE DRY FOOD CONTAINER. The base of the colander is made of grooves that promote air flow and drain excess water, while the bottom cover is made of metal and can be used as a colander. The dishwasher is safe and free of BPA. The produce keeper is dishwasher safe and is ideal for carrots, small peppers, tomatoes and grapes.

Brand: Progressive International

👤I spotted this version of the Tupperware lettuce keeper that I lost. I'm impressed. I wanted to see how long the lettuce would last. I put a small amount of water in the bottom reservoir and it has been eight days and no signs of decay. I also share it with the stalks. After three weeks, I started to see a little redness in the lettuce. Outstanding!

👤I bought the 5.7 quart keeper so I could make a weeks worth of salad. The lettuce as well as the other ingredients were still crisp when the container was emptied. This vegetable keeper is very good. I've been using it for a while. Salads have been crisp for 7 days. Couldn't be more happy!

👤I don't write reviews for items but I felt obligated to share how great this product was. The product is made well and has nice instructions on the lid as to whether or not something needs water or vent. When I washed these berries in a mixture of water and water, they would never have stayed so fresh because I used a regular Tupperware. This product is amazing. The first day I bought the berries, they were as sweet and delicious as ever. It is definitely a must purchase.

👤My expectation was to extend the period of freshness of "greens" by 2 or 3 days. The open vents on the Produce ProKeeper will reduce the amount of water on the greens from the store. The greens have prevented premature degradation. If you want the food to get into the tray, you have to have a lot of water in the food. The Prokeeper can be used as a strainer by the user, and the attached tray can catch excessive water introduced by the user. Another important point. tidying up the refrigerator is provided by the Prokeeper. Great product!

👤This is the second time I have ordered this. I didn't think my berries would go bad after I bought them. I bought some bad boys and my berries can last up to 2 weeks without mold. I am able to put in half chopped peppers and carrots without them going bad because my lettuce now has life. They were recommended to my friends and family. It's great quality and it's worth it.

👤I was not sure if this would work as strawberries would last for a couple of days before going bad. The berries I put in this container were still fresh when I put them in it, and no sign of aging after 5 days. I had to leave a few out because this wouldn't hold the entire amount of strawberries. I was a little disappointed that they all didn't fit, but guess that depends on the size of the berries.

👤I'm amazed by this product so far. We put in a week old container of fruit. A few days later we packed a bag to go away for a few hours. We ate the berries and had a few that were better for wear. I'm excited to try with strawberries and blueberries, but I'm pretty sure they were the hardest test.

7. LOCK Essential Containers Airtight Dishwasher

LOCK Essential Containers Airtight Dishwasher

Surprise a loved one is a perfect wedding present for a lucky couple, but also great for an engagement party, bridal shower, anniversary, house-warming, birthday present, Thanksgiving, or Christmas gift. It isdurable: Storage containers are tested for long- lasting performance up to 3 million uses. The locking system is 100 percent leakproof to prevent spills and drips. There are containers that are free of the toxic substance, bpo. Food storage and containers work well for organizing items in the office, closet, or garage because of the peace of mind. It'sTILE: It's possible to store all of your stuff in the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and on the go with a microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It'sTILE: It's possible to store all of your stuff in the refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and on the go with a microwave safe and dishwasher safe. It's a smart story. Massive set includes a square container, two rectangular containers, 3.6-cup rectangular containers, 5.5-cup rectangular containers, 2.3-cup rectangular container, and a 3.7-cup square container.

Brand: Locknlock

👤Several containers are difficult to lock. The two largest containers are the two square containers and the four round containers. I have arthritis in my hands and am unable to use those very well. This is the only way I can reach out to the manufacturer since there is no contact link.

👤A generic brand was bought. They were junk. The lock and locks are worth the extra money.

👤If you want to store 5 grapes, I was looking for large containers to use in my freezer to store cut up fruit and veggies. Most of them are good for taking leftovers for lunch. They are not leaking and are very strong. If you want to store a lot of fruit and veg, these are not the containers for you.

👤Really like the brand. Over the years, I have had many sets that hold up. Many of the other sets I have purchased were able to nest and be easily stored, so this set was disappointing. These take up a lot of space when stored in a cupboard because they don't nest with the exception of 2 or 3 sizes.

👤We've been getting Lock n Lock for a long time and it's a very good product, but they were smaller than we expected. If you need larger sizes, please go to qvc and get them there. They are correct about holding 5 grapes. All of them are snack size. I might turn them into a tackle box. Just be careful!

👤They get the job done and are not the cheapest. Will not leak.

👤These were great for camping. Even though I was submerged in water, I stayed in the cooler. This is a great variety of sizes and shapes.

👤I appreciate the variety of sizes and shapes for leftover family meals, as well as my individual meal prep and snacks. The containers are leak proof and have easy to open and close lids. The containers have been clean both in the dishwasher and by hand. I would buy them again. Hope they are available in more colors than blue. A different color helps to designate each person's container.

👤I was misled by the title 'Lock & Lock 14-piece Food Storage Container Set', as I only received 7 containers. Unless you read the whole description, it's not clear if the containers and the lids are included in the '14'. The title of the item doesn't match the description on the invoice. Very disappointed.

👤I've used them for many years. Sometimes the found lock mechanism isn't compatible with all containers. The original brand was awesome. After years of freezing, some of the pieces cracked, so I got two new sets. I love my locks. They are dishwasher safe. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I first found them in England. I love the containers. They are used in my pantry for nice orderly storage. I put cereals and crackers in these containers after grocery shopping. It's easier to see when cereals are running low. The plastic containers have a shelf life of about five years and should be replaced every five years or so.

8. MDesign Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Refrigerator

MDesign Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Refrigerator

These storage bins can be used in many rooms of the home, they are light weight and easy to transport, and they can be used in kitchens, toy room, craft rooms, offices, laundry/utility rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, playroom and more. It's simple. This large capacity slim bin is great for creating a clean and organized refrigerator or pantry, it's great for storing juice boxes and pouches, canned goods, cheese, meat, drink cans, baby food, juices, boxed foods, pastas, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dry goods It's accessible. It's easy to carry from shelf to table or island with built-in, easy-grip side handles, and you can organize your kitchen essentials with go-to supply baskets. These storage bins are perfect for lower cabinets and deep pantry shelves as well as inside the fridge or freezer, and can be used in any room. Quality construction is important. Do not place in dishwasher; Easy Care is clean with mild soap and water. Each measures 14" x8" x 3.5" high.

Brand: Mdesign

👤Did you know that your fridge could benefit from bin storage? I have way too many condiments and the door storage isn't enough. All those little bottles and jars get lost and become impossible to find. It's genius to keep all of the smaller containers in a single bin. The refrigerator is more organized, and it has never been easier to find the capers. These bins are for people who have a problem with condiments.

👤The containers I received did not stack as pictured in the description, but I can't speak for other products in this family. This is fine if you don't want to stack them, but it was a problem for me. Instead, they put half way into the previous container. They are next to a product that stacks well. They are nice, but only because of one design flaw.

👤I had to invest in them. I have a couple of large and medium sizes on each shelf. It took me 3 evenings to organize this cabinet and it's even better now. These containers are long enough to hold a lot of stuff and not have to store it in shallow containers. I can pull what I need from it if I slide it out a bit. It was perfect!

👤This box is easy to clean. I use it in the fridge to hold yogurts and other grab and go foods, and in the cabinets to hold the back stuff. I have bought before and will buy again if I find another space that could use one.

👤The trays look great, but they are stuck together and there is no way to separate them. It is possible to send them back.

👤I wanted the bathroom closet shelves to be small. I can stand up bottles, cosmetics, and medicines in a neat fashion. They are sturdy and I can get them to reach items in the back.

👤Those of us who love organization need these bins. Great value and quality. I have placed these in different sizes in my fridges and freezers. Highly recommended.

👤The trays are large enough to hold a lot of jars. I can pull out the tray and find what I need without having to store jars in my fridge. The fridge looks neat.

👤Being clear means that you can see what you need. It's easy to clean the shelves underneath with the handles on each side.

👤Ottimo prodotto, quello per cercavo. We are robusto. Esattamente come vede.

👤In questo, il punto di iniezione della materia plastica, risulta opaco, sono stato quanto quanto. Se lo avessi visto in un negozio.

👤Adems de tener gran capacidad de almacenaje, al ser transparente.

👤Gutet qualit. Ihren berblick ist hier, wie unseren berblick ist. Endlich Ordnung in Khlschrank.

9. BINO COLLECTION Multi Use Organizer Organization

BINO COLLECTION Multi Use Organizer Organization

Kitchen space can be maximized by organizing fridge, freezer, or pantry shelves for easy access. The design is portable. The cutout handles on the storage bin make it easy to lift, slide, and transport it. It is possible to see the contents of the bin without removing it from the fridge or high pantry shelves. There is a multi-PURPOSE. A multi-purpose bin is great for storing things. It's great for pantry, cabinets, or office storage. There is ice cream, meat, produce, condiments, and more in the kitchen.

Brand: Bino

👤I wanted to organize my freezer. The bags of frozen veggies were all over the floor when I opened the door. I can store meat in one bin and everything else in the other. The handles make it easy to put one bin out and see what I have left, without having to re-arrange the freezer. The price for 2 pack is great.

👤I used one in my fridge and one in my pantry. I would like to order another set. They are expensive. The material does flex a little. I hope they don't break easily.

👤I saw a similar design on The Home Edit and ordered these. The price of the product was great. It was in excellent condition and I was looking for it. If you are trying to keep things organized in a pantry you need to be able to see what is in it and write on it with chalkboard markers. chalkboard markers can be erased when you need to change something. If you're looking for a great deal, buy this product.

👤I will have to return the item. My house was beat up when I arrived. It looks like these bins were already used and not taken care of in general. They are thick and sturdy, but look like garbage in the way they were brought to me.

👤I would be very upset if I had paid more for 2 large ones because they looked like we had beat them up from use. These bins are not protected from warehouse and shipping abuse, so if you don't mind them looking beat up, you can still use them. Blood is leaking from meat packages in the fridge. If you want to get a container brand that is better at arriving new looking, it may be best to buy it in person at the store. I can't rate these more than 3 stars because of the heavy wear and tear on the bins.

👤I use these in my freezer. My freezer has wire shelves so I was looking for large plastic bins that could hold a lot of stuff. The bins are made of plastic and bend easily. I'm not sure how well they will hold up to frozen food being thrown in. They are smaller than I thought, just a few packages of frozen food fills them up, that's my fault since the size was stated in the product description. They may work well for a fridge freezer, but they were not what I was looking for. I will use them, but I need a bigger freezer bin.

👤There was a big melted spot in the front of the containers. They're still functional after being cleaned up, but it's frustrating that they came like that. The shape of the containers is nice, you can put items with square edges in them. If the seller makes a change, the review will be updated.

👤These are fine for lightweight use, but I don't think they will last in the industrial setting for which they were purchased. In the first week, we cracked one. If you want something to last, I would suggest Rubbermaid, with M and Interdesigns being better. If you want a simple box for your fridge or closet, I think you will be satisfied with these.

10. Mason Craft Piece Pop Canister

Mason Craft Piece Pop Canister

The glass is made in the US. There is a new story. Their Glass Canisters have a pop-up lid that makes it easy to access and store food. These glass canisters are made from thick, durable and natural glassware and are a clean and healthy storage option. Glass is stain- and odor- resistant and has a beautiful look. Your home should be organized. These glass canisters are great for storing things around the house, such as pantry storage, dry goods on the counter, or small items around the house. It's a perfect storage solution for rice, sugar, spices, pasta, coffee, and so much more. It's great for storing cotton balls in the bathroom. Not intended for hot liquids. The Mason Craft & More 3-Piece Glass Pop-Up Canister Set comes with a canister that is perfectly sized. Surprise a loved one is a perfect wedding present for a lucky couple, but also great for an engagement party, bridal shower, anniversary, house-warming, birthday present, Thanksgiving, or Christmas gift.

Brand: Mason Craft & More

👤My original review was for a different set of canisters than what is online. I have never had this happen before. My original review was forMason Craft and More. Glass pop up canister with 4 piece glass. I bought the 4-piece set because I wanted wide mouth containers for measuring. You know, like watching Ina dip a cup into a vat of AP flour, rather than having to carry a bag of flour to the store? You should take note of the sizes in order to find ones that fit your needs. The liter is 8.25” in diameter. The 4 liter is 7.25” in diameter. The 2 liter is 8.25” tall and the 1 liter is 4.5” tall. I bought these because I bake a lot, use several types of flour, and buy my flour in 2-pound bags where possible. I love these canisters because they have wide mouths, and I hated trying to use measuring cups in those bags. I use the 2-liter when I have in-between amounts of grains or rice. I use the giant one for birdseed because it looks better in my living room than the smaller one I used before. I think I will use it in the fridge in the summer to store salad greens, because it will take up less room than the salad spinner. The mouths are wide enough for a hand to hold a 1-cup measuring cup, but tall enough so that they won't take up too much room in the fridge, which is where I store my flours and grains. They look better on my counter when I do big multi-day baking projects than they do when I use paper flour bags. If you have ever had the pantry moths, you will know why the lids need to be tighter. I put some plastic wrap underneath the lids to create a tight seal and refresh the pantry moths traps religiously anyway, so I don't expect a problem. I like to use jars of all sizes and styles to store all sorts of things, but I am very happy with the lid styles for flours, they are super-functional and attractive.

👤I bought this item twice. The first jar arrived with a nice looking jar but the lid was cheap and looked used. I was not impressed. I returned it and almost didn't buy it again, but decided to take a chance and try to get an undamaged item. I was really happy that I did. The first one was thrown in the box with no packing material, so maybe that's part of the problem, but I think it also seemed a different jar because I don't have it to compare with the new one. The 2nd one was shipped directly from the store. It was packed with heavy duty packing paper. The jar is beautiful and the lid is shiny. I was surprised at the difference when I pulled it out. I ordered a second one from the same seller to be sure I get the same item.

11. Pyrex Simply 11 Cup Rectangular Storage

Pyrex Simply 11 Cup Rectangular Storage

The dish has a red plastic lid. Nonporous glass won't warp, stain, or absorb odors. Glass is dishwasher safe. The lid is dishwasher safe. Pyrex Glass has a 2 year warranty. The lid is 9 7/8" x 7 7/8"

Brand: Pyrex

👤I have owned this type of dish for twenty years. After several years of use, all of the lids developed cracks. When they started selling replacement lids a few years ago, I was happy that they still use the same shapes and sizes that I received when I got married 22 years ago. I never put the lids in the dishwasher or microwave since I replaced them. I have put them in the freezer a number of times and they are still in excellent condition. The glass can be found in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven all the time. I bought this last one for my sister because she was jealous of mine.

👤I bought a few of these to replace my old plastic containers which were discolored and scratched. I've found glass Pyrex containers to be my favorite because of the concerns over plastic and the use of BPA. I've bought some on Amazon. I only use them for food storage. I've seen warnings not to put a cold container in a hot oven, but I can't speak for oven use. It's easy to clean glass. What is in them having to open?

👤If you know not to expect that, you will love this, because it is not waterproof/leak proof and is not supposed to be. It's a good size for storing food in the fridge. It is easy to clean and I don't want to see any toxic chemicals in the food.

👤Pyrex Simply Store 6-Cup Rectangular Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Dish is reviewed. This glassware is of high quality. I've used them in the oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher, and they've worked out great. I have no issues with these dishes so far and I have many of them. They stack well for storing empty or stacking left overs in the fridge or freezer. The oblong dishes have the mostVersatility in the storage capacity. I have been using pyrex dishes for a long time and I have never seen the dishes absorb food flavors or odors and they clean up sparkling every time. If you have entertained your guests, you can let them take home a couple of slices of these dishes. You will get admiring words as to the quality of yhese dishes over the usual rubbermaid or low quality dishes that other people use. The Pyrex brand is durable and versatile. I am not affiliated with the company. I don't give fake reviews or talk about a product that I haven't used. Most of my reviews are 4 or 5 stars because I research before I buy and I am rarely disappointed. I rely on honest reviews from people like us to help me navigate the maze of internet shopping and if you purchase it I am confident that you will agree with the points of my review.

👤It is good and bad. The dish gets hot because some of the energy is used to heat the glass. It takes a little longer and is a little hotter to handle after microwave use. I am convinced that it is a million times better than any plastic. It feels very strong. I'm happy I got it. It was a good size for a couple of dishes.


What is the best product for baking ingredients organization and storage?

Baking ingredients organization and storage products from Youcopia. In this article about baking ingredients organization and storage you can see why people choose the product. X-cosrack and Simple Houseware are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking ingredients organization and storage.

What are the best brands for baking ingredients organization and storage?

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