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1. Vtopmart Container Containers Dispensers Chalkboard

Vtopmart Container Containers Dispensers Chalkboard

The pack includes five plastic containers and 10 pieces. Many people at breakfast prefer bland cereals, but they tend to go stale easily. As soon as the box is opened, the food is gone. Vtopmart has storage containers for cereals. The 4 Sided-Locking Lids with Silicone Seal ensure that no air or water enters in, keeping your cereals fresh. You can pour the food out without opening the lid if you have a hole in the lid. The flip lid opening of these plastic food storage containers has a seal around it. Their containers are made with comfortable grips, you can hold the container even if it is full. Each container in this set is 8.6 x 4.3 x 8.6. They are easy to store in just about any shelf, cabinet or countertop, which is great for kitchen and pantry organization. These containers are perfect for storing flour, brown sugar, grain, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, tea. The material is free of BPA. The Vtopmart cereals dispensers are made from clear plastic, so you don't have to worry about toxins in your food. It's easy to keep track of how much you have left with the clear plastic. There is nothing worse than pouring a bowl of cornflakes only to find that there is not enough to fill the bowl. You will receive 24 pieces of labels, which will help you not confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda. You can change contents whenever you need. You can peel and re-stick what you have written by wiping clean with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤I bought this product and it was my fault for not paying attention to it. I loved it! I use it for my kids snacks and other items because it doesn't fit a whole bag. I bought the bigger container so that I can fit the whole family bag from the store. My pantry is more organized and my food stays fresh longer. I bought their other containers for things like sugar and brown sugar. I'm thinking about buying more. They are perfect! I am very disappointed. They are already a broker after I bought this a couple of months ago. A few of them. I take good care of myself. I'm not rough. My kids don't have access to them either so I am the one opening and closing. I am very disappointed that it only lasts a couple of months because I knew it wouldn't last forever.

👤The cereals storage containers hold an entire box of cereals. I was impressed by that. The canisters are small and don't take a lot of space. They stack on top of each other. I purchased two sets of the matching containers, which I highly recommend. These are easy to clean and open when you need them. These are definitely worth the investment.

👤The containers perform as advertised. They are keeping my cereals fresh by leaving them in the box. The tops flare out larger than the base, so they take up more space on the shelf. You can't store them touching each other because there is a gap between them. That's wasted space when trying to organize. I said it was a small flaw. I will live with it.

👤My daughter wants to organize our pantry. We have these to hold our cereals. We have an addiction to cereals. I like that these are not black and white. It's easy to pick out what you want. No more bags with a bowl of old cereals in them. It fits most of our larger bags. It can be difficult to put the lid on. First time ever! Push down the black rubber seal all the way around the outer edge. First, clip down short edges. There is a We have a small storage area. There is a shelf at the bottom of the tub that is almost 2 inches in diameter. Lots of wasted space. We used to have a lot of cereals in the area, but we can only fit 4 of them. It doesn't always pour out easily, depending on the size of the cereals. We like them. The stickers are cute. I wish they had a better design.

👤The deceiving pictures show these are not clear. The butt to clean is a pain. The water stays in the seal after you wash the top part. The seal can't be removed from the lid and put back in. It is full of water. Don't waste your money.

👤The opening that you pour from is an issue for me. It is a circle so it doesn't line up nicely with the edge of the container which causes cereals to not pour out smoothly and it's nearly impossible to get out. The rubber seal makes it difficult to brush it back into the container. The last part of a bag of cereals won't come out of the container if the opening is a circle because the container is squared. The circle opening is small so you can't grab a lot of food.

2. Mason Airtight Jar Set Ingredients

Mason Airtight Jar Set Ingredients

Their top priority is concierge SATISFACTION. When shopping with them, they want you to get a quality product. If you have any issues with their product, please contact them and they will work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your support of a U.S. business. The fresh aroma and quality of your spices and ingredients can be maintained with their glass storage containers. The pantry containers help you organize your cabinet and make it easier to find what you need. Modern design. Their Mason look and feel storage containers have a simple yet elegant design that will look amazing on your kitchen counter. They have clear and transparent walls, which will make a beautiful contrast with your food, and offer you a spectacular show of colors and flavors. The canisters sets prove to be very useful in the kitchen. It has glass jars of different sizes that you can use to organize your spices or store coffee, tea, sugar, flour, cookies, or candy. You can use the glass canisters as containers for flour and sugar. These food containers are made with premium quality glass and have a sturdy construction that will last a long time. The glass storage jars were designed to resist accidental drops. These glass jars with lids have an interior Silicone gasket that helps maintain the aroma and flavor of your food intact. The glass containers have a strong metal lock that adds safety and style.

Brand: Home Essentials & Beyond

👤I love these jars. They're adorable. They remind me of the things my grandma used to have on her counter. The original mason jar logo is on these. The clasp is strong and strong enough to provide a seal. They put the cookies and candy into the gifts. The old time jars are very sturdy. I gave presents to my friends and I am very happy with them. I would buy again. I've bought from the Gift Essentials brand and it has been high quality.

👤There were areas in the largest canister that were paper thin when I washed it. These could be very dangerous.

👤They looked like a wider mouth than others, but they are not. Still, look nice. Not as wide as the ball jars.

👤These were perfect because I love the Mason jar. Now that they have loose medal clasps, they should try to get them. I have to put the clasps back on when I open and close my jars. I am already looking to buy a new jar from a different company because the runner ring fell off when I opened that jar.

👤I had to return the first one. One of the containers had broken, but the box wasn't damaged. If you use your dry goods quickly, these will work great for you.

👤These canisters are beautiful. I knocked off a point because it is hard to close. I feel like I could easily break the tops. The rubber gasket was removed. I don't need to worry about a tight seal because I need to close the tops.

👤I was amazed that these jars were of such good quality. I use them for my peanut brittle and English toffee every year as a Christmas gift to friends and family.

👤They are strong. Air tight, look beautiful, and most of all. They are a bit pricey for me, but I would like to buy more. I wouldn't spend my money on less quality jars. I will save up. It was a good choice.

👤No se rompa en el camino, pero lleg antes de lo. Se cierran fcilmente. Muchas gracias con satisfecha.

👤Mucha ms barato y funcional tienes "coffee, tea, sugar"

3. Urban Green Canisters Containers Organization

Urban Green Canisters Containers Organization

These large glass containers are easy to clean. Before washing them in the dishwasher, take off the lid. There is a premium goblet and beer quality. Urban Green glass canisters are made of high quality borosilicate glass with smooth and beautifully polished bamboo lid. The bamboo lids are Eco-friendly. They're free of plastic and other harmful substances. You can make heathy products part of your daily life. There is a mixed and match home. Line up their 5 Pack glass canisters on the kitchen counter to keep dry ingredients. It's perfect for storing your coffee beans, tea, sugars, and snacks. Their products are practical, functional and stylish, so you can keep them on your Vanity for holding small accessories and spa products. These air tight kitchen canisters are specially designed for multiple purposes. The bamboo lid is made of silicone and it keeps food dry and fresh for a long time. Unlike other brands on the market, their 6 Pack Canister Diameter is 4 inches, most other brands are 3.7 inches, their 6 Pack contains 3 Pack of 20oz/height 4.1in, 3 Pack of. The non-reactive clear glass is nonporous, worry free, and food loves it. Take out 1-2 ounces for the lid volume. If any glass is damaged in a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately for a return, replacement, or refund. If any glass is damaged in a Logistic, please contact their customer service immediately for a return, replacement, or refund.

Brand: Urban Green

👤I am the queen of organization. Everything in my home is in a containment unit. I like baskets, jars, etc. I needed some new jars to store my spices and herbs. The glass and the lids are both excellent. They had a sheet of blanks that you could use to write on yourself. I would definitely recommend them. They would make a great gift.

👤I was excited when I found these, they were the perfect way to store my tea leaves. I put them in the dishwasher because the paperwork said not to, but I am lazy and don't like to hand wash stuff. The seal is very strong. I ordered another set because I love them so much.

👤I just took these out of the box and am giving my initial review. I haven't used them yet so I have nothing to say. There is a lack of consistency with the product. There was a human error on my end. When I ordered the set, I thought it was the same product in different set sizes, but it was actually just slightly different because of the bamboo and wood lid. It's not a big deal because I wanted all wood. I would not have made this mistake if the company had all set options for both styles of lids. I wanted a variety of sizes, I shouldn't have to sacrifice style just so I can have variety, especially if the product is clearly available. The jars with bamboo lids have a larger circumference than the ones with the same sized jars. If I just ordered more wood lids, they would be too small. One of the jars with a wood lid was a little taller than the others, but still smaller than the bamboo lidded jars. I plan on reporting the jar with a warped bottom to the seller. It doesn't sit straight. It's still 4-stars, I'm being nitpicky, which is why it's not a huge deal. I'm not a bamboo kinda gal, but the product still looks nice. I'm sad about that. They immediately replaced my wobbly jar. Thank you! The inconstancy still makes it difficult to keep at 4 stars. *

👤I wanted to be a bit more eco-friendly in my purchases and so I bought these to store my loose leaf teas. These are not double lid/sealed as most recommended tea canisters are, but they get the job done. My tea leaves are still fresh and I have been using them for a few months. I didn't feel like I would break the glass when handling it. I washed them and wiped them down with a damp cloth before I let them sit to make sure there was no residual water. The glass is clear and the lids fit perfectly. I will definitely be checking out the additional Urban Green products that came with the package.

👤The jars were shown with fruit and spaghetti noodles added to them. The glass is thin but not rough. I love the bamboo lid. I will probably purchase more jars if the jars are fresh. I use mason jars as storage containers, but they have a nicer look. The mason jars are upscale. :D

4. Cambro RFS6PP190 Container RFSC6PP190 Translucent

Cambro RFS6PP190 Container RFSC6PP190 Translucent

Silicone is safe for your family and good for the environment; make healthy all natural snacks and avoid harmful chemicals found in store bought products; their free recipes show you how! The container has a matching lid. The material is made of polypropylene. Store ingredients or transport ready-to- serve or partially prepared foods. Air circulation around the container is promoted by a round shape.

Brand: Cambro

👤I bought a second one after loving the first one. They are being used to rest my dough in the fridge. I have what I need. It was perfect!

👤I was very pleased to find Made in USA stamped on this item. I need that for all future purchases on Amazon.

👤I use this almost daily to proof bread and then throw it in the dishwasher to clean. It's pretty much perfect because it hasn't warped or cracked.

👤I bought this because it was recommended in a bread book. It's the perfect size, and the round shape assures that the dough whisk can get in the bottom without flour stuck in corners. My friends borrowed my first purchase. I contacted the company to find out more about food safety and plastic. They were helpful.

👤I feel like I've graduated to the next level with these containers. They allow you to see how much dough has risen. When not in use, the containers are very sturdy. They are easy to clean and the lids stay in place. After reading about all the different uses for them, I want more in different sizes.

👤It's perfect for my bread making needs. I like having the dough measurement on the side.

👤Compared to other choices, the price is good. If you choose, the lid snaps on tight. It is easier to reach the bottom with slightly tapered sides. Dough doesn't stick to the sides so it's easy to remove. The dough is easy to see through the side. It works in the fridge. There was no downside found.

👤I'm using a sourdough starter. So far, so good. It's easy to stir in new flour. It's a perfect size for a fridge.

👤J'avais, "Lots of 2 housses Cambro, 6 quart with lid" J'aurai d, aux d├ętails de cette vente. There is a Rendu l c est quasiment de la fraude. Je ne recommande. I didn't go to read the details because I didn't see "pack of two" in the title, and I feel like I'm being tricked. I do not command this seller.

👤This container worked well as a dough proof coatainer. The dough rose well and the lid eliminates the need for Saran wrap. It works great if you coat it with cooking spray or oil. The dough rose and stayed up. The handles make it easy to move the dough back to the working area after it has risen. The first time I used it, I made a small dough so the measurements weren't important. The side measures are useful for knowing when the dough has doubled in size. The only problem I had was with the stickers on top of it. There were 3. 2 of them were easy to remove. The last was not good. I was able to peel the paper part off, but I could not get off the glue patch. I found an online site suggesting that I try a mixture of water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid. I was left with a permanent mark when it was removed completely. I love this container. I will continue to use it and enjoy what comes out of it. The top is discolored and makes me unhappy.

5. Canister Canisters Airtight Bathroom Organization

Canister Canisters Airtight Bathroom Organization

The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. You should add a dash of style to your space. Try to keep them lined up on the kitchen counter to keep dry ingredients out of sight, or put them on the bathroom sink to hold small accessories. High quality and resilience. Storage jars are made from high-quality glass. It is made with high strength and is cold and heat resistant. They have a polished base that is contrasted by a natural wood lid. See what you have to say. It's easy to see the contents of see-through glass jars. The canisters are used for space saving and to prevent cabinetcluttering. Silicone ring makes bamboo lid close tightly, which ensures food is kept fresh and safe. It's a great place to store cookies, sugar, flour, spices and other kitchen items. The set includes one of each size and is 3.8" in diameter. It's easy to care for, just put the jar in the dishwasher and wipe the lid with soap and warm water. The set includes one of each size and is 3.8" in diameter. It's easy to care for, just put the jar in the dishwasher and wipe the lid with soap and warm water.

Brand: Le'raze

👤I agree with other reviews that the glass isn't super thick, but they were well packaged, and if cared for, shouldn't break. The lids are good. Feels tight. Didn't try. I tried to fit pastas into these, but couldn't get any of the packages empty, which is really disappointing. I don't like having a package with a lot of stuff left over that ends up in the pantry. These would be good for things that can fit together. If you're looking for bulk items like sugar or flour, this is not for you. I will keep them, but I will order larger ones.

👤Simple canisters. The jars are locked very well with the help of a glue. It adds a touch to the kitchen.

👤I would suggest against rough handling these jars because they look great, but the glass is a bit thin. The seal has not ripped yet, which is surprising given how many times I've opened and closed them.

👤I love this set. I was looking for a high quality sturdy, but it was even better than I anticipated. They complement my kitchen. I have been looking for canisters like these for a long time and finally got them for a bargain. So happy. They were packed to the rafters.

👤If you are looking for an organization that is aesthetically pleasing, don't hesitate. I am currently using two packs (10 total) large for spaghetti noodles and oats, but only fit a quarter of a bag of rolled oats, getting a larger jar soon. I am using the medium for more pastas and pancake mix because it is not going to fit the whole bag of mix. I tried to fit honey bunches of oats in the large, but they wouldn't fit in these jars because of the shape of the cereals and the amount of air in them. Good luck if you find something like fruity pebbles. It is good for nuts. I have some baking soda in a smaller bag that I can use for different things, I have some hot chocolate powder in one that I can use for different things, and I have some dried fruit and sugar next to my coffee maker. I was surprised that I need two hands to open the air tight seal. Everything will stay fresh.

👤These jars come packed well and I love them. I will be moving soon and will be storing the jars in the same box that they came in, so they can be moved safely.

👤The canisters fit our needs perfectly. The seal on the lids works well and the glass is not too thin, which is what I was worried about when researching containers. I like the variety of container sizes in this set. We will definitely be buying them again. They are an organizing dream.

👤These are very stinkin cute. The lid seems to be pretty tight and they are exactly how I imagine them to be. I am extra careful when I wash the glass because it feels like it would break easily. I use the second smallest one for pasta because it holds 5 ounces, which is the exact amount I cook for me and my husband, so it is the perfect serving size.

6. Glass Jars Bamboo EcoEvo Canisters

Glass Jars Bamboo EcoEvo Canisters

50oz, pack of 3 It's the perfect size to store your food. The EcoEvo glass canisters are made of the highest quality glass with smooth and beautiful bamboo lid. EcoEvo bamboo lids are Eco-friendly without a brand logo. They're free of plastic and other harmful substances. You can make heathy products part of your daily life. There is a group called Classy Pantry and Kithcen organization. You can put their glass canisters on your kitchen counter to store dry ingredients. They are the best place to store coffee, tea, sugar, and snacks. EcoEvo products are stylish and practical for storing and displaying food at home. EcoEvo has the most popular size in value pack coMBO. The most popular size for their glass jars sets was carefully chosen. EcoEvo air tight canisters are designed for multiple uses. The bamboo lid is closed with a Silicone ring, which makes sure food stays dry and fresh for a long time. The largest glass container is perfect for storing a 5LB of flour. The 1 Pack Glass Canister Volume is 1 gallon. The clear glass is nonporous, worry free of germs, and is free of odors, stains, and food odors. The same cannot be said for plastic. For a lifetime of wear and tear, their glass canisters are a onetime investment. The clear glass is nonporous, worry free of germs, and is free of odors, stains, and food odors. The same cannot be said for plastic. For a lifetime of wear and tear, their glass canisters are a onetime investment.

Brand: Ecoevo

👤Love my jars but wish they were more consistent. I want to buy more.

👤One jar broke with no impact, but I love these jars for their style. A friend was admiring them and then I noticed the spices on the ground. There was a hole in the middle of the jar. This was 3 days after purchase, without them being touched. Since they're an Amazon seller, you can't report a problem with an item, but I wanted to contact the seller to resolve it. I don't want to start a return process. We'll see if something can be done about the broken jar, since it's very expensive to have such a short lifespan. I absolutely love them and looks-wise, I could not be happier. I don't want to end up with glass in my spices again, so I'm a little nervous handling them now.

👤The seller needs to know if the issue we experienced caused injury because we were near our child when the jar exploded. The seller paid us back. If they can regulate the gasket/lid issue, I would recommend these jars because they are nice to look at and look so organized with bathroom, kitchen, supplies, really anything. The bamboo and gasket on the jars cause issues with opening and closing them. When trying to remove the lid, some jars close tightly, causing injury. They look nice. I don't recommend. We could not replace it because we discovered the extent of the issue.

👤These are sold in kitchens. I have six children and I see an accient waiting to happen in the kitchen. I bought them for my bathroom. They are going on floating shelves and being filled with bath salts. The jars are thick and have a great seal. You can hear the pop when you open it.

👤The jar lid had a piece of wood chipping out of it after a month of use. I took a photo of the bamboo lid and will report it to Amazon as it seems cheap and peel fast.

👤The lid can be sealed. The quality is excellent. The size is large enough for pasta.

👤I ordered glass canisters to hold my spices. A regular jar does not hold the whole package. These jars are very good. They fit perfectly in my spice drawer because they have wooden lids, the glass makes it easy to see how much of the spice is in a jar, and they have airtiightnwooden lids. This was a great purchase.

👤There are many different sizes of glass jars and they love them all.

👤The rubber around the lid could have been tighter.

7. 24 Piece Glass Storage Containers Locking

24 Piece Glass Storage Containers Locking

If you want to make a charming gift for a person who loves home-made food, fill the jars with home-baked cookies or ingredients to make brownies. These jars will bring a smile with every use, whether you keep them for yourself or gift them. Add them to your cart to organize your home. Their glass containers are made from high quality materials which can be used for cooking and microwaving. These containers are easy to carry and can encourage you to eat healthier food at home, office or just when you travel. There are 12 containers with different sizes and shapes for food storage. 3 (10.8oz) 2 (27.1oz) 3 (12.5oz) 2 (21.6oz) 2 (35.5oz) were included in the set. It's better to keep your ingredients in the fridge for a long time than it is to put them in plastic containers. The glass container is built with an airtight leak-proof seal and secure latches to keep freshness and flavor inside.

Brand: Sparc Lighting

👤The biggest flaw so far is that the rubber seal comes out of the lid every time you take it off. The product is good for the price.

👤In a household of two adults, no children, seven of the glass edges splintered in one month, despite storing them carefully. It was necessary to be very careful that splinters didn't get mixed with the food being stored. The quality or thickness of glass may be the reason for splintering. The container had to be cut open with a knife to release it from the seal. See the picture. Unfortunately, they're all going in the trash because they're too dangerous to give away.

👤The item arrived with something missing. The cover of one of the containers was missing a part. I'm trying to figure out how to replace this part. There is a The quality of the glass is excellent.

👤The lids were cracked. It was just a shame.

👤I was satisfied with the price, but it was difficult to close the lids and one of the plastic tabs broke the first time I tried.

👤I love the containers. The old plastic ones were a huge improvement. I wish they would make them bigger and deeper.

👤Storage containers are useful for storing food.

👤Adding a few larger containers and getting rid of some of the smaller containers would be the only suggestion I would have.

8. Lawei Glass Food Jars Bamboo

Lawei Glass Food Jars Bamboo

If you have any questions about their products, please don't hesitate to contact them immediately, they will deal with it to your satisfaction as soon as possible. A set of 6 glass food jars, 2 multi-use sizes jars, included, can be used for different purposes. Natural bamboo lid is more sanitary, food grade Silicone ring is healthy and dishwasher safe. The wide mouth makes it easy to wash your hands or clean your utensils. The contents of the jar can be easily seen with clear glass. You can cover the lid in a few minutes. It's great for wet sauces, jams, cut fruits, beans, pasta, baking goods, cookies, tea leaves, and spices. It's great for wet sauces, jams, cut fruits, beans, pasta, baking goods, cookies, tea leaves, and spices.

Brand: Lawei

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. The bamboo tops look great and the glass thickness is substantial. The quality of the packaging was pleasantly surprising. I worry when shipping glass. The packing material was designed to be more resistant to impacts than cheap Styrofoam, and the canister was protected within its own dedicated space. A quality find. Highly recommended. The manufacturer/seller should be applauded.

👤These small glass and bamboo storage containers are perfect for people who like to cook a lot. I like that they hold more than a standard jar from a grocery store and I can use my fingers to measure out what I need and refill them easily. The plastic seal on the lid is easy to clean, and they are also easy to open and close. They are clear, glass, and uniform, which suits my taste for a proper blend of form and function.

👤Good seal in jars.

👤The rubber around the edges of the covers makes it impossible for air to get in or out of the glass, but it is thin. I like them.

👤I am satisfied with the look and price of these jars, compared to other similar jars. My problem is that one of the bigger jars won't open. I had no problems opening the others, so I am not sure why that jar was different. The smell stayed even after washing. I think it will be gone.

👤These are for bathroom cabinet storage containers. They look great.

👤Just like a photo. My sister loves them and I gave them to her.

👤One of them is broken and I haven't used it for 2 months. I kept some tamarind in it. I'm Hi.

👤Jars are okay. The o-ring on the lids is a bit loose. One of the jars was cracked because they were placed poorly in the styrofoam. The jar was placed in the foam in such a way that it allowed contact between a small and large jar.

👤I received it yesterday. One of the rubber broke when I was about to wash it for the first time. I was sad. I love them so I didn't want to return the whole thing. I hope it doesn't happen again.

9. Anchor Hocking Heritage Gallon Storage

Anchor Hocking Heritage Gallon Storage

It's a smart story. Massive set includes a square container, two rectangular containers, 3.6-cup rectangular containers, 5.5-cup rectangular containers, 2.3-cup rectangular container, and a 3.7-cup square container. Glass is transparent, smooth, and durable. The lid is removed for quick access. The wide mouth design fits more. It's ideal for storing food and treats.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤This look nice, but be careful! The lid slides off of the lip, it doesn't have a place to set nicely. I can't tell you how many times the lid has fallen onto my carpet. If you don't know, buy a different brand that has a nice lid.

👤The jars were disappointing. I was going to take them back. They decided to use them for something else. They aren't sealed. The edges are not smooth. Where are these seconds? It wouldn't be use for something that would go on and on. K-cups are fine for nonfood items.

👤Very nice. I wish the tops had something to hold onto.

👤If you want to keep cookies fresh, I don't recommend using jars that are air tight, but we use them for laundry and dryer sheets because we don't need them to be air tight. We wanted the top to come off quickly. The price was good for this product.

👤It's great for storing sugar, salt, oats, and herbs.

👤The first item came out perfectly when I put it in the box, but when I put the second one in the box the lid broke and I had to put it out myself. I am pretty sure that the bottom portion was broken in transit. Will send them back.

👤After placing my first order, the jar on the right came. The jar on the left was empty after the same item was purchased again. There is a jar on the left that is not for 0.5 galloon. Needed to come back.

👤I thought they would be smaller. I wanted the big ones, but these fit in my hand. For the price... I'm coming back. Maybe it would work for someone else. Not me. They are cute.

👤Los lindos son lindos, pero me lleg uno todo. Muy mal manejo del paquete.

👤No recepciones, lo q pedi me. No puedo regresar.

10. Vtopmart Storage Airtight Canisters Chalkboard

Vtopmart Storage Airtight Canisters Chalkboard

It's safe to use in a number of places. It's perfect for dry food storage. The jars are large enough to hold a 2.5lb bag of flour or sugar. They can be used to store baking supplies, cheerios, oats, pasta, cereal, rice, coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, cookies, dog treats and so much more. It's also great for canning your own food. These kitchen canisters are sturdy enough for everyday home use. They are clear so you can see all your food and know which ones need refilling. The sleek see-through design makes it look more visually appealing. Airtight and keep food fresh. The rubber gasketed lid of the glass containers are designed to keep food dry and fresh for a long time. They are a great addition to your pantry organization because they are convenient and attractive on the kitchen counter tops. Wide opening The wide opening of the jars makes it easy to take food or clean them. Large enough to store so many things in your home, transparent body makes it easy to grab what you want. To clean these glass jars, please use mild soap and warm water. 8 pieces of labels will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, unless you have 3 glass jars. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth. 8 pieces of labels will help you never confuse flour with baking powder or baking soda, unless you have 3 glass jars. You can change contents whenever you need. Peel and Re-stick can be changed with a damp cloth.

Brand: Vtopmart

👤The jars are very nice. They are easy to clean and well packaged. I like the squareness of them. It's easier to put them on the shelf next to each other. It is difficult to get things out of these canisters. I bought them to hold my food. They function well and look great. It is difficult to get the ingredients out of the jars. The measuring cups don't fit me. It is difficult to get my hand out of the scoop. You have to tilt the jar to get the ingredient out of the scoop. It's a challenge to get used to. I'm not sure what to do. I like the way they look. The function is not ideal.

👤It took less than 2 weeks for it to be broken. I lost a package of good Digestives because the glass spread inside after it broke. I'm not sure how it has passed a quality test. Don't waste your money.

👤Can't wait to cure buds from my first legal grow. I'll be back with some pics of buds. The other sellers are competitive.

👤I like the jars. It's easy to use. These jars were purchased for spaghetti noodles. I found other uses for them quickly because they are not tall enough for the standard long noodles. Not used yet to test the leak proof probability.

👤I have not received a broken one, but they have had scratches. It was almost like they rubbed together before putting them in the great packaging. I ordered 3 sets of these and they all had scratches. The first set had scratches in the glass, but they weren't as bad as the second set. There is a They won't be perfect, but it's a great price. I use them for what I need them for, but they are not putting liquid in them. I have washed them, but it would be easier to put them in the dishwasher since they are glass. I think it is to protect the rubber seal and metal ring. The metal clasp/ring is not the best quality, but it is ok for the price. I would buy again, but I wish they could fix the scratch issues.

👤The glass was not as thick as I thought it would be. It seems like a little thicker than a regular drinking glass. I expected a thicker canister. There were flaws in the glass. There was a strange film on them. I had no choice but to put the dishwasher in. The metal was a dark gray before it was washed. I wouldn't buy them again. I would look for something better. I paid too much for what was received.

👤I have these jars sitting on my counter because they love you so much. It's nice to have the seal and glass style. I would love the glass to be able to see what is in it and the seal to keep it fresh. The capacity for holding is huge. This was a great purchase.

11. EatNeat Canisters Airtight Hermetic 68 51 34 27 17

EatNeat Canisters Airtight Hermetic 68 51 34 27 17

If you find that the glass containers are cracked, please contact them. Their motivation is your satisfaction. The choice is clear. Don't settle for inferior food containers in your home. Their borosilicate glass containers are made to last a lifetime and don't taint your food. They're the best option for you and your family. It's easy to converse. Dropping your glass jars is not something you want to do. These jars are made for movement, unlike other jars that are heavy and unwieldy. Their glass canisters are light enough to be used in your pantry, but thick enough to be strong. A wide mouth. These glass jars with lids are easy to use. They allow anyone to reach in for the last cookie and they also make it easy to pour it. You will never get caught with your hand in a cookie jar with these jars. There is a conveyor belt CLOSURE. The bail andtrigger system on the food storage containers provides a tight seal. The lid closure system is easy to clean and durable. Everyone can use more storage, so it makes a great gift. Their glass storage canisters are the perfect choice for weddings, housewarming, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and more. A beautiful presentation for homemade gifts. They make gift giving easy.

Brand: Eatneat

👤The look and price made me purchase these. I thought they would look better than plain glass jars. The lids are made of plastic. They are not proof. I realized they were not closing properly after I filled 3 jars with tea and went to close them. I thought I had gotten them closed, but the next day when I moved a jar and tilted it, it was leaking honey all over the table. I had a spare pack of rubber gasket from older jars that I needed to replace. The seal on the jar was tight after I added this gasket. I don't recommend them for anything other than dry goods.

👤I don't expect these canisters to last long because of the flimsy clasps and cheap plastic covers, and they will be useless once the covers break. I was kicking myself for not spending more for better canisters. The black covers and bright orange gaskets are unattractive and I have hidden them in a cabinet.

👤Not cheap construction. Buy a brand. If you want a container that's sealed. I returned after being disappointed.

👤The hardware is cheap and flimsy, the seal is weak, and it is not airtight. The cap is a cheap plastic and moves around when locked, but the glass is thin, or at least thinner than the better quality jars that I have, they are barely ok if you are not storing items that need to be airtight. I will use them for this and be very careful not to drop them.

👤The leak is not airtight. It feels cheap, but I don't know if it's a light weight glass. Cheap looking, no weight to it. I can not use them.

👤They do their job. The clasps are cheap. It is likely that the break will happen after a limited use.

👤It was great for snacks on the counter. These are perfect for apples, pineapple, and other fruit. Whatever I put in them. Kids can easily see what is available.

👤The jars are awesome, especially for the price, so I'm going to order a second set. It would be easy to modify with some vinyl and acricut.


What is the best product for baking ingredients storage containers glass?

Baking ingredients storage containers glass products from Vtopmart. In this article about baking ingredients storage containers glass you can see why people choose the product. Home Essentials & Beyond and Urban Green are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking ingredients storage containers glass.

What are the best brands for baking ingredients storage containers glass?

Vtopmart, Home Essentials & Beyond and Urban Green are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking ingredients storage containers glass. Find the detail in this article. Cambro, Le'raze and Ecoevo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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