Best Baking Items Under 5 Dollars

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1. Arm Hammer Fridge Fresh Filter

Arm Hammer Fridge Fresh Filter

Absorbs food odors. It helps keep the food fresh. It's easy to apply a cup to a fridge. The flow-through design is for odor control. For the best results, replace every 30 days.

Brand: Arm & Hammer

👤It seems to be effective at the task at hand, as I have been buying this regularly for a while now on a subscription. There was something removed from the purchase options that was disappointing. I was offered the option to have it professionally installed when I first ordered it. It's a bargain, right? Is it possible that I did it? No. I thought I was pretty handy. I can install a cup on a flat surface. Was it correct that I was wrong? Not really. What if I missed something? What if there was a better way to install it? Maybe it would have been better if I'd turned up my nose at the expert installation. I think experts should be trusted, and I think it would have been worth it to learn from the pro. It's too late now. No such pros are available. I will attach it to the cup with the hope that it will be effective. Is it really? I don't know for certain.

👤My husband left a half gallon of milk in our cottage for 4 months. The fridge smelled horrible. I washed out the fridge and it still had a scent. We couldn't find these anywhere in the small town where the cottage is, so I turned to Amazon. The smell in the fridge was absorbed in less than an hour after they were put there. Thank goodness! These really work.

👤I use them for about 9 months now and they work, they are a bit expensive but they work, I still use the first ones I used, the spare parts are good for other things such as replacing screens on tablets, but this product really does.

👤I bought two of these and both arrived open and were stored near something that was heavily scented. They smelled like air. Baking soda that has already been opened and already absorbed other smells is a problem because I am allergic to fragrance. I put baking soda in the fridge because it was damaged, but I can't say if this would have been better. Like most things delivered by Amazon. Very disappointed.

👤I have one in the freezer part and one in the fridge and it seems to keep the odors away, so I thought I would give it a try. If you just put water in the part that is going on and stick it on, it will be too dry. It will not stick to the fridge.

👤The cup doesn't work. I tried in 3 different fridges and it didn't stick to the walls. I can't find a place for it in the fridge because of the packaging. They say it's not eligible after I tried to return it. Don't buy.

👤The product has been used for many years. It is better to put the Baking Soda in a bowl or glass in the fridge to keep it fresh in the air inside of the fridge. The Suction-cup on the back does not hold well and frequently falls down, so it is only a 4. It seems like it is made of a different type of plastic. The price on this product has gone up too much. Not just with the Vendors on Amazon, but in the stores as well. I might go back to the old fashion way.

2. Pepsi Soda Ounce Mini Cans

Pepsi Soda Ounce Mini Cans

10 count of mini cans ofPepsi. The cola was born in New Bern, NC in 1898 and still bottled in the USA. It's perfect for big and small celebrations. Each can has 100 calories. The official soft drink of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and Cola lovers everywhere.

Brand: Pepsi

👤These were the perfect size for me to drink from because I'm not drinking soda anymore. I've posted a side by side picture so everyone can see the differences between the cans. The small can is the perfect size for me, as I work on giving up soda for good. I ordered two cases and they came in an un branded brown box with no damage, so that was a plus.

👤The boxes were taped up and the soda was out of date. I will not buy this product again.

👤I bought 40 drinks to drink for at least a month and I will be drinking expired pepsi.

👤I don't finish an entire can of pop. The large liter bottles are a waste of money because they go flat before I drink the whole thing. These little cans are perfect. It was good flavor and full of bubbles.

👤I have bought the soda before. I would like to make a bigger statement... I like the way it was delivered. My groceries were put in the middle of my front porch months ago and I live close to the street. I was told they were delivered, but someone grabbed them and ran. I left instructions and this gentleman delivered them and they followed them perfectly! I asked my instructions to put my packages under the bench on my front porch to make it harder for someone to grab it and run. The gentleman really went above and beyond and needs to be recognized. He did everything right. I was very impressed. I didn't care that they were sodas because I knew they were safe. I appreciate that you took the time to follow the instructions I left for my complex, it is very safe and clean, but I am close to the road, so I always leave the same instructions. He deserves a pat on the back. Deborah Iacovelli is a person. I am in love with Amazon.

👤I bought these as a small treat. I wanted to have a soda occasionally. It is an occasional thing because there are 23 g of carbohydrates in one can. I wanted to have a mini soda because it was so hot. I took a sip and it was not very good. There were so few bubbles in the canned drink that I was not sure if it was a fountain drink or not. I did not drink the rest. I was not going to drink a flat soda. Really sad.

👤I thought they were 12 oz cans but they are good for lunches and you don't waste any of it.

👤As soon as I opened the case of soda, I fell in love with the small cans, I will be buying two more cases next month.

3. Duncan Hines Carrot Cheese Frosting

Duncan Hines Carrot Cheese Frosting

A box of Duncan Hines Mug Cakes Carrot Cake Mix with Cream Cheese Frosting. It's perfect for making quick, single-serve desserts. The carrot cake has cream cheese frosting. A mug cake mix is an easy dessert to serve after dinner. Adding milk or water to the microwave mug dessert is easy.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤It's easy to make and tastes good. The first picture shows what the box will look like when it's complete. The second picture shows how the finished product looks. Do not expect a mug full of cake. It could be a half inch high.

👤The lemon mug cakes flavor is the best one I have tried, I am a devoted chocoholic and after trying a few of these mug cakes flavors, I can honestly say the lemon flavor is the best. Each box has four packets. These are quick and easy to prepare, just add a mix of water and microwave for a minute and a half. There is a single packet of icing to be used. If the icing were in single packets, it would be easier for consumers, but that doesn't deter from the quality and flavor of the product, it just means I have to ration the icing. The mug cakes taste great without the icing. I was surprised by the fact that I preferred the lemon flavor to the chocolate variety. The mug cakes are great for a quick snack and I recommend the lemon flavor.

👤Just like a crack in a cake. Unless you plan on sharing, you won't be disappointed.

👤I bought these for my wife so that she could take them to work. We don't make a big deal out of the day. I didn't want to buy another box of candy and flowers when it was cold. I wanted to give her something sweet to eat on her lunch break and these kind of fit the bill. She loves them. The best way to cut up cookies is to use a knife. They are large. I would recommend these to anyone. They are a great treat for a single person to enjoy quickly and with great taste. Make a treat and enjoy your lunch as it cools down.

👤I like lemon and wanted a stronger lemon flavor. The lemon taste was diminished by icing. I preferred the ones without icing. If they made the icing with lemon flavor, it would have been a five star mug cake. If the cakes turn out too moist or dry, the cooking time may need to be changed. I keep a supply in the fridge in case I have a dessert attack. Nice choice of flavors!

👤The gift was ruined when it arrived in a plastic pouch. I tried a package. They are ok for me, not as moist or as large as Betty Crocker ones.

👤The price is the first thing. I bought five of the Duncan Hines mug cake mixes, and you get 4 in the package, so that is less than a dollar apiece, and some of them even have frosting. I will be buying more.

👤I like mug cakes. They are easy to make and my kids love them. I would definitely recommend them.

4. Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

It's great for baking. EBT item in some states. A rich flavor from cocoa beans. It's perfect for desserts, frostings and beverages.

Brand: Nestle

👤This is the good 100% Cocoa with health benefits intact. Toll House is not using Dutch Process, Dutching, or Alkali to ruin the Health benefits of Polyphenol in this 100% cocoa. 100% REAL COCOA... With nothing added.

👤The cocoa powder is fine. The container is sealed. I'm not happy with how filthy this container is. There's gunk along the lip, filthy marks on the container, and it's sticky. Why is it sticky? There is cocoa powder on the seal. It looks sealed, but who knows. I'm also not going to chance it. Tonight, goodbye dreams of chocolate cake for dessert...

👤My entire order was covered in Cocoa powder. The way the containers were thrown into the box was offensive, and no precautions were taken against spilling. I strongly advise against ordering these because they were boxed in a way that was sloppy. I had to wipe everything down in the main box. Inside boxes that were not wrapped with outer wrap were received by powder. It was very upsetting to have my product in the warehouse.

👤I wanted a cocoa that wasn't Dutch or alkali processed. Cocoa is known for a lot of good stuff. The Dutch processed ingredient is just coke. I'm happy! I got 8 ounces for two bucks and change, which makes a lot of hot chocolate or additions to my smoothies, but I don't know if it was on sale or not. Cost as I mentioned... I paid two bucks. It's hard to beat for quality and quantity. I add a little hot water and stir to make more of a paste, then add the rest of the hot water to blend. I just add a little at a time and blend well, giving the smoothie a real chocolate taste. If you want cold chocolate milk, just add a little milk and then make a paste so that the powder is dissolved and the rest of the milk is cold. One small problem. The top doesn't really stop. I did not get one. It goes on, but not very tightly. It's got it all for me, taste, quality, quantity and price, and I put it inside a big baggie. This will be my cocoa from now on. I like the taste of this and feel it is creamier than Hershey's.

👤The price of cocoa powder here is very reasonable, and I love it. I use it for a variety of things. It's one of the things I keep in my pantry. Solid quality, good flavor, slightly bitter but closer to a rich milk chocolate than a dark chocolate, and keeps for a long time. Will buy again.

👤This product is much easier to open than the Hershey's 8oz unsweetened cocoa powder. The Hershey's product needs 35C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The very economically priced, 100% cocoa powder from India requires 45C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The product needs 30C or higher to be dissolved. The price of this product is very low at only $2.55 each, but they will probably increase it after more people buy it. The taste of the dry cocoa powder is slightly more acidic than the Hershey's product, but it resolves itself to a somewhat better taste after 20 seconds or longer. I don't know if this product has the same ORAC score as the Hershey's product. The conclusion is that "N-E-S-T-L-E-S" was a song byNestle's.

5. Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

There is a box of Pillsbury Brownie Sugar Free Chocolate fudge mix. The chocolate fudge taste is rich and moist. 3 ingredients and 3 easy steps. One pan of brownies.

Brand: Pillsbury

👤It is amazing! I use 1/2 cup of applesauce instead of oil to make it less points on the WW purple plan. It's a lot better than WWCakes, priced at $2/box, the same as a grocery store.

👤I was hospitalized in November. I had a disease. I switched from sugared products to no sugar added products. It has helped me lose weight. I use a sugar-free alternative. It makes a difference.

👤The product is free of sugar. I used it to make brownies. Just add 2 scoops of your favorite powder, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup water, and 1 large egg. Put the mixture on the Parchment paper. For 30 minutes, bake at 350. Cool for 30 minutes. Break apart and serve. I keep it in sealed baggies for a week. The treat is low in calories and high in calories.

👤I think excess consumption is two brownies. I got so sick that these put me in the hospital. If you have any sensitivity, do not look at these brownies. I have never gotten sick from food before.

👤I thought that since it was from Pillsbury, it would be good, but it wasn't. These baked goods are gross. I thought this would be a great way to cut down on time, but I'll stick with making it myself. If you can, save your money and make it yourself.

👤The first time my friend made these, I was like, "no seriously, I really can't have refined sugar." She swore to me that they were sugar free, and I swear to you that you will be fooled by them. The sugar-free chocolate fudge frosting pairs well with it. The pan would be gone in an hour if I made brownies. I don't want to keep eating them the same way. The slower pace is for the best, if you eat too many too quickly, you'll make yourself super gassy. Highly recommend.

👤The front of the box claims that the product is sweetened by the brand of sugar alcohol called Maltitol, but in reality it is mostly sweetened by sugar. It is my fault that I did not read the label before baking Pillsbury at home. We all had stomachaches. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤It was pretty good. Compared to other "sugar free" brownie mixes, I like this one a lot more because it doesn't have that odd sugar free taste. You don't need to add super special ingredients unless you want to do some swapping out. Pop/soda was mentioned as an alternative to eggs and oil. I forgot about that. I used to do that with cake mixes. Really works. I bought another box of this stuff and am going to pop it later today. Mmm brownies! It will reduce calories by a small amount. Unsweetened apple sauce is another option. I'm not sure if I'll try that with brownies because it makes the texture a little light. This mix can be changed like any other mix. It's as close to regular as you can get. Adding sugar free frosting will make it even better. It uses malitol, which some people are very sensitive to, but most people will feel gassy if they eat a lot of malitol. Be careful!

6. BetterBody Foods Gluten Free Baking 14 Ounce

BetterBody Foods Gluten Free Baking 14 Ounce

OAT FLOUR: Anyone with sensitivities toGluten or anyone looking to improve their diet can use this organic oat flour. There is a guillotine-free option. You can eat your favorite foods without being affected by the allergy. This flour is great for vegan and gluten-free eating. It can be used as pasta flour, pastry flour, cake flour, and more. All-purpose fountain. Use oat flour to make bread, biscuits, pizza crust, waffles, brownies, peanut cookies, snickerdoodles, cake, pancake batter, and other baked goods. There is a heart-health option. Oat flour is low in both saturated fat and cholesterol, and also contains a small amount of fiber. You'll know what you're getting with only a few main ingredients.

Brand: Betterbody Foods & Nutrition

👤Beware! There is a jar of flour. It is actually 1 and 1/2 cups of flour.

👤I bought this in April. I noticed a live insect on the Flour in a closed and never opened lid while organizing the pantry. You can count on others that remain unseen if you see one insect. The security seal is past the return date because it was sent contaminated and it was fully intact.

👤This flour tasted good. The stars are for the date. It was for two weeks after I received it. I had to make several baked items because I didn't want to waste my money. The future date is the most likely one for the expiration date. Highly disappointed by this. I will not buy from the seller again.

👤It turned out great, used for a few soups and chocolate chip cookies. I wish it came in a bigger size. I used the whole container to bake cookies. Product is great. It doesn't taste bad like most healthy items.

👤The product is really good and I had no reaction to it on my skin. I use it a lot in my cooking.

👤The product will last for 2 months and 3 weeks. I will not be able to use the flour by that time. Will not buy this again.

👤I didn't have a chance to use it. The package expired. Be sure to check your date, I didn't realize that!

👤The product was received on December 4th. The best buy date is March 2022. I will not be able to use most of the product. It was disappointing to say the least. This product is expected to last longer.

7. Reynolds Kitchens Parchment SmartGrid Non Stick

Reynolds Kitchens Parchment SmartGrid Non Stick

Compostable baking parchment can be composted in both home and commercial facilities. There are 22 Reynolds kitchens cookie baking sheets in the box of pre-cut REYNOLDS PARCHMENT PAPER. No cutting is required. These sheets are perfect for cookie sheets and lay flat without curling. The 1 and 2 inch guidelines on the baking sheets make it easy to spacing your dough. Use the oven paper sheets up to three times to save cookie sheets from being stuck on food. BAKE WITH CONFIDENCE. These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up.

Brand: Reynolds

👤I look at a lot of paper. I grab a box of these when I bake cookies, rolls, pizza or anything. They fit inside a half sheet pan and keep baked goods from sticking. They are worth their weight in gold. They keep your baking pans and sheets from sticking to each other. Continue after me. If you have these nifty little baking sheets, you can get off a pan with chocolate or cheese. Sometimes the huge rolls are hard to size to your pan. I always end up with a sheet that is too big or too small, and I thought I would have to live with it. I ordered them on Subscribe&Save. I was not sure if I would use them that much, but I am more than halfway through the first box. You just put it on your pan or sheet and pop it in the oven, it's all you have to do. I like not having to clean my pans. I ordered precut circles for cake pans because I love parchment so much. I have the baking sheets as well, but they are in storage, so I probably won't use them again, because they are slimy after you wash them, and they oxidize quickly. Use them and toss them. I wish I'd known about them sooner.

👤They don't roll, but they aren't flat either. The product description doesn't mention that they are folded in quarters. I ordered the smallest amount.

👤I didn't know it was folded into quarters. It was annoying. Not nearly as annoying as rolled parchment, but still a disappointment for someone who's been using fully flat sheets for at least a decade. The Reynolds paper is thicker and more grease resistant than the last pack of parchment I bought. I baked two pans of cookies with different types of paper.

👤I should have realized that it was folded. Paper isn't heavy duty. The KAF precuts are clearly superior. Won't buy them again.

👤I didn't measure my cookie sheets before buying this item, but it is large enough to cover most of the cookie sheet. This is a great alternative to tearing off a sheet from a roll of paper which can result in a mess. I have used Reynolds paper for many years. I would make cones out of it, dropping my tips into it, rather than washing the plastic cones all of the time. This product is perfect. I was excited to purchase these as an add-on item.

👤The reviewers expressed disappointment that these folded. If you scroll down, you'll see a photo that shows the crease. The box would have to be the size of a cookie sheet to be creased. The cookies are positioned on one side of the crease and the other side on the other side. The gridlines are easier to see. I've gone through several boxes and found no effect on the cookies. The performance of the sheets is something to watch. I stopped making the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe because they stuck to the cookie sheet so badly, even though I used different cookie sheets and how much I greased it. I tried to use these and they were not good. You don't need a spatula to slide the cookies. You can use the same sheet three times. I bought the brand they had at the local market because I ran out and needed some. They were not as good as these. One reviewer wrote that they were too small. I have nice sheets of cookies. These fit perfectly. Measure your cookie sheet and compare it to the dimensions on the box.

8. Betty Crocker Muffin Quick Blueberry

Betty Crocker Muffin Quick Blueberry

Betty Crocker muffins are a quick and portable treat that can be taken with you on the go. It's easy to make muffins without the usual mess, just add a few simple ingredients and pop in the oven for a sweet treat any time of day. Great taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I make this muffin mix in a 9x9 square ceramic baking dish to have a quick snack. In the summer, I use fresh blueberries instead of canned ones. When local berries are done for the season, I save the canned berries. The muffin mix is not very sweet and the added fresh berries make it taste homemade. I add walnuts and pecans for an added texture. The crumble topping packet was included in the past but is not included in the present. When I don't want to mix up my own homemade batches of blueberry goodness, I still keep a staple in my pantry. Enjoy! There is an update on 9 May 2021. Why is the price jump so large? I bought 4 single boxes on AMAZON with my subscribe and save discount. This item had a coupon for a total of $6.12 on July 1st, 2021. I will not buy them here until the price comes back down.

👤The bread instructions are slightly different than the muffin instructions, so if you are going to make bread like I do out of this package, please be aware of that. You cannot go wrong with this brand. Whatever you make comes out moist and delicious. I know you will love it so just buy it and enjoy. It would be great if it came in more of a variety of flavors.

👤You can understand this review if you understand that what is sold in stores in the fruit section are "fake" blueberries, just as "Red Delicious" apples aren't - no flavor. Betty Crocker's mix of Wild Blue is usually the only place where real blueberries are found. People will wonder, "What is your secret?" if this is made. It is worth sharing this secret.

👤I've tried making my own muffins, but they aren't as good as Betty Crocker's. I don't like the big fruit you have to use, I like the small ones. I can't duplicate the muffin mix when I make my own. Thank you Betty Crocker.

👤They recently changed the recipe, and we have been buying them for years. It's not a good thing, but in this case, it's even better. We are happy with the change. If you haven't baked them in a while, buy them.

👤We needed this fir a birthday, but it was late. This is a good buy. Add an extra egg substitute milk, butter, and oil.

👤I made these and they taste great. I assumed the powdered mix would have already been mixed with the canned fruit, since they were canned inside the box. I can't wait for breakfast because it was fun to make.

👤The muffin mix is very good. I try to have one in the house. It's nice to be able to bake fresh muffins. I bake them for 2 minutes less then the recommended cook time to make sure they are moist and soft.

👤It's the first time I've ever made muffins that taste like coffee shop muffins. It is amazing.

9. Fisher California Unsalted Naturally Preservatives

Fisher California Unsalted Naturally Preservatives

Fisher walnuts have 4 grams of plant-based nutrition and 2 grams of fiber per serving, making them a great addition to your breakfast, appetizers, salads, and of course ice cream. The Freshness Seal from Fisher keeps nuts fresh even after opening. California walnuts are grown in Northern California and have been verified by the American Heart Association. 6 ounces of walnuts are in baking walnuts. There are walnuts. 1 1/3 cups are 6 ounces. They are committed to bringing you the Fisher quality. They have been delivering quality nuts for 100 years and they oversee the whole journey from the farm to your kitchen.

Brand: Fisher Nuts

👤I love walnuts and these taste great but as I got to the bottom of the bag, I started to notice that the consistency was not as good as it should be. I continued to pick out the walnuts and remove the stringy debris even though I didn't know what it was. The codling moths started to show up all over the house. I discovered that the moths got into our house because they lay their eggs in walnuts. The texture is stringy. I have been dealing with a codling moth problem for over 6 months and have never been more disgusted. They have eaten my clothes. Eggs have been laid everywhere. They are hard to get rid of. I will not bring another bag of walnuts to my house. Not worth the risk. Beware!

👤The bag was opened two days ago and the person started to eat them. 3/12/21 is the best- buy date. The resealing system broke so I had to transfer the nuts to a bag. There are rotting nuts in the bottom of the bag. If the resealing band hadn't broken, I wouldn't have known about the slime and would have continued to eat the nuts. How repulsive. I contacted Amazon and they gave me a credit, but they didn't give me a return on the nuts. What would they do with this mess? I tried to send photos but the Amazon system wouldn't let me do it.

👤They're for the animals. Never met a person that didn't like walnuts.

👤These are fresh and very good. I subscribe because I use one bag a month. I checked to see when the order would be shipped after I received the last ones. The month moved up to March 20th. I thought I could change it. I won't get the promised discount if I do. I have to pay for shipping. What is the purpose of paying? Very sad!

👤I changed it to: These last batches were not good. I can get Happy Belly here on Amazon. The taste is fresh. I like walnuts a lot. I use them almost daily in my oatmeal. They're not cheap. I was looking for another type of Diamond walnuts, but they were often bitter and stale. I have three bags delivered to my door each month because Fisher's large size is a great price and they taste fresh. I will keep buying if the price is right and I can get it from Amazon.

👤This is the second time that this product has been purchased. This product made me sad. These walnuts make me feel a lot of headaches. There is a powdered walnut. 2 packages are good and 2 packages are completely shredded.

👤The walnuts are almost white in color. My bird doesn't want to eat them.

👤walnuts are good for lowering blood pressure and a number of other healthy benefits because we are all about choosing something natural before a prescription. I read reviews of brands. I didn't think they'd be all that different from other people. Holy moly! They are delicious. Add a side of rice or a salad with them and you have a delicious, healthy meal. A cup a day. I will buy these again and again.

10. Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

To dye eggs, mix 1/2 cup water, 1 gram of food color and 1 gram of vinegar. Green icing color formula won't water cake batter or icing. The facility processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat products.

Brand: Wilton

👤The coloring was easy to do. I didn't like the shade leaf green. It was too bright. I mixed it with moss green for a more natural look. The leaves on my cake are green in color. I painted the veins on the leaves with a bit of extract and mixed the moss green with it. If I were to make a cake with leaves, I would use moss green.

👤It's hard to open the seal and it will stain everything in it's path so use with caution.

👤It was used to color buttercream frosting. I used half the bottle to color the frosting. The foil tops had to be cut open. It is very difficult to get the gel out. It is easy to stain hands and other surfaces so it is a good idea to use gloves and cover the counter.

👤Use a lot to get bright green. I used toothpicks to turn the Betty CrockerVanilla Rich & creamy frosting into a green frosting and it was a hit.

👤Who knows what is in this? How wonderful! Highly recommended.

👤This is a nice green that doesn't have a weird flavor.

👤I couldn't use the product for my son's birthday cake icing because it took so long to ship. They charge shipping to return it, so no point in doing that. It was a waste of money.

👤It was nice to work on fondant, but I had to use a lot of black. I want to waste my money here.

👤Excellent food coloring. Use it all the time. Excellent service for my order.

👤It was nice and arrived in time for St. Patrick's Day.

11. Good Cook Clear Measuring Measurements

Good Cook Clear Measuring Measurements

Pyrex Glass is non-porous, so it won't absorb food odors. Clear plastic. Measures in cup, ounce and metric equivalents. The unique design allows the item to be placed on a shelf. The overall height is 0, the top to bottom is 0.

Brand: Goodcook

👤The measuring cup can hold a wide variety of liquids. The measurement systems used are "cups" and "milliliters". My wife needed to use the internet to convert these to standard units. She didn't grow up cooking and so needed to check the internet, but she will always remember the old childhood rhyme: "No matter what kind of mess you find yourself in, it's 345.125 cups to the kilderkin!"

👤I like the pyrex, but they often pour funny and dribble down the side when needed. The little guy is from 1 cup to 2 cups and has a nice spout.

👤This cup is made of plastic. Good Cook markets this for general kitchen use, but I would not recommend it. It's an inexpensive hard plastic cup. Do you want to put it in the microwave? Do you use the dishwasher with hot water and drying cycle? Use with hard to clean stuff. Do you use liquids that will stain plastic? A good quality glass cup is microwave and dishwasher safe. One of the easiest materials to clean is glass. I have a couple glass measuring cups from an old school brand. This cup has five stars for my use. I paid for the cup on Amazon. I use it to measure water to fill my steam cleaner and to make a non-toxic weed killer. It can be used to pour bulk liquid products.

👤The measuring cup broke the first week. Multiple cracks appeared after a month. The measuring cup started leaking after 5 months of use.

👤The measuring cup is sturdy and easy to read. The measuring tools look like they will be around for the long hail. It makes measuring liquids simpler. If you are starting over again, or are a beginner, you will need this for cooking and baking. The product is very good. Great purchase.

👤All the markings came off after being washed in the dish washer.

👤The inside of this is cloudy with hot liquids. This happened to both of us. The handle is comfortable and the markings are good. The marring is annoying.

👤My wife needed to replace a measuring cup that she'd purchased years ago from a sales rep. She was worried that the set wouldn't fit in the cabinet as well as it would in the new cup, but it works fine even though the shapes aren't the same. The measurement markings on the cup are nicely done, and it appears that it will last a long time in her kitchen. We got our money's worth.

👤Pense una pieza, son 3 piezas, and lo tengan en Cuenta. I parece a las ofertas. Producto, excelente material. A pedir.

👤La jarra medidora nos ha resultado, por taza o en onzas, para preparacin de arroz. Postres y todo alimento. El ligera y resistente.

👤La taza, solo por el pequeo detalle, en paqueteria tomaron una. I solo me. The buscar otra opcin de catlogo o en tianguis has a price.

👤No la he usado para lquidos. Para medir pasta, pero para verduras, es excelente.


What is the best product for baking items under 5 dollars?

Baking items under 5 dollars products from Arm & Hammer. In this article about baking items under 5 dollars you can see why people choose the product. Pepsi and Duncan Hines are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking items under 5 dollars.

What are the best brands for baking items under 5 dollars?

Arm & Hammer, Pepsi and Duncan Hines are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking items under 5 dollars. Find the detail in this article. Nestle, Pillsbury and Betterbody Foods & Nutrition are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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