Best Baking Items Under 5

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1. Ecotools Friendly Perfecting Sustainable Materials

Ecotools Friendly Perfecting Sustainable Materials

BEAUTY SPONGE: The sponge applies the foundation and concealer around the face. The pointed tips can be used to reach hard to reach areas. It's best to use wet or dry. The EcoTools vegan makeup brushes help apply products to your face, whether they're travel size makeup brushes, eye makeup brushes, foundation brushes or beauty sponges. Face forward. EcoTools has a full range of high-quality spa tools, makeup brushes, sponges, and lip balms. EcoTools provides high quality, eco friendly makeup brushes, sponges, brush cleaners, spa products, face and body care products made of recycled aluminum and plastic with renewable bamboo. The power of beauty. They support women's empowerment, as well as quality vegan makeup products, to help them become the best version of themselves.

Brand: Ecotools

👤I love this sponge. It helps me bake under my eyes and on my face. It blends easily when it is damp with water. This little guy is a great value. I don't think paying $20 for a sponge each time I need one is acceptable. You can make your makeup look flawless with this sponge.

👤When buying a new makeup sponge, it is usually because yours is beat up and has cracks, which is fine, we know it will eventually happen. I was disappointed when I received mine with a crack already in it. I will have to get another one once it gets wet, it will only get worse and leave it useless.

👤I love this makeup tool. They must have changed the way they made their sponge because I have tried so many of them. I love it! When it is wet it is great for makeup Blending and leaves a fresh finish. My favorite appliance is the blender.

👤I am pretty upset about the used sponge pictures. I bought my first one in October and used it for a month before needing to be replaced. For the price, replacing a makeup sponge once per month is not bad. It is soft yet firm and blends well. The first week of December is when I will be on my fourth sponge. The sponges I bought for the second order ripped or tore right away. Pictures is a sponge that I have used twice and it is already ripping. My sponges and other brands have lasted for months with daily use. I am not happy with the lack of consistency. I will not buy this sponge again. If I have to buy a new one every week, I might as well get something better that will last longer.

👤I received a sponge that had cracks after the first wash. There was a green dye everywhere. I've bought the light green sponge time and time again without any of these problems and I'm questioning the authenticity of it. If you're expecting the same store-bought eco-tools quality blender, don't buy this listing.

👤I had to use the pics before I gave an honest opinion, it's a very soft sponge, so it blends cream proudcts/foundation. I used it to bake some loose powder and it worked amazingly for that too, but my beauty sponge was a little torn, so it would be a 5 stars.

👤It seems to absorb so much of the foundation that I have to blend it with the sponge. I can't get the foundation out of it, so I can't get it clean, even though I tried stronger streams of water and hand soap. That makes me wonder if there are any germs in the sponge. It's a good shape and size, and it's also good if it's not made from fossil fuels.

👤Sponge works well but it lasts a couple of weeks. It is similar to a real sponge, but it is more long-lived. I had high spactations because of reviews. The form of ecotools one is what I prefer. I will return to real sponge techniques.

2. Wilton Gel Food Color Primary

Wilton Gel Food Color Primary

It is ideal for coloring kids arts and crafts. A small amount of the gel food colors can produce a deeper, richer color. It allows you to use less while still achieving the colors you want. Pink, yellow, green and blue are traditional colors. The color will deepen over time. There are 4 bottles of coloring gel in the set. Pink, yellow, green and blue are included in the traditional color assortment. The concentrated gel allows you to use less and still achieve the vibrant colors you want. Plastic squeeze bottles with caps. It's great for coloring cake batter, icings, eggs and more.

Brand: Wilton

👤The package arrived like this. I didn't open it until I needed it, so it's too late to return it. The product is great, but there is insufficient packaging.

👤The product works. The title states "primary" colors, but the picture shows pastels. I was hoping to get the primary colors, you can always add fewer drops to get a lighter color, but pastels only go so dark. I received pastels. I probably should have contacted the seller to find out which set of colors they had, but I was in a hurry and trusted the words. The pictures of the primary colored gel frostings looked great and were exactly what I wanted. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't make darker shades, the grandchildren were happy with the results.

👤It was just what I needed for my cale.

👤This is my first purchase of food coloring and I don't know what to expect, but this kit is working well for me. The colors seem to be a bit light. I used about 8 drops of green to color the frosting on 12 cupcakes. The green was barely past a "mint" shade. It was what I needed. I was fine with it. If you don't need bold colors, then you should purchase this set.

👤I needed to find some reliable food coloring when I started baking. I've used the dropper kind for as long as I can remember, but I didn't know there was a gel version until recently. Things changed a bit because of this. You don't need to use a lot. A small amount goes a long way. I used the colors to make my cakes pop. I was able to teach my kids about the color wheel by mixing the colors to make purple.

👤The set worked well for my baby announcement. It was a perfect shade of pink and teal is my favorite color. The blue leaned more towards the aqua side. I only needed a few drops to make a vivid color. I made a banana bread with cream cheese. I put my cream cheese mixture in a loaf pan and split it in half. The happy husband is not included in the final product shown.

👤I only used it once, to color a cookie dough, but I got a really good color result, even though I had to use 6 drops from every color to color 3 separate small balls of dough. If you want a good food color with good results and a good price, go for this one.

👤The colors were still beautiful, even though I couldn't see them as vibrant as the packaging shows. I used the blue and purple colors to make my daughters birthday cupcakes. I used a double bag to pipe the color icing and then made each color icing separately. They came out great. I got a lot of praise.

👤I was expecting a long wait and worried about leaking bottles, given the comments from other reviewers. I don't need to be worried. The items arrived in perfect condition. I already own the same range of food colors, but in the 'neon' range of shades, I am familiar with these easy to use gel colors. These are excellent, they give a softer colour than their neon cousins, and only a small drop is needed so they will last ages. These gels work well in royal or butter icing, cake baking, and for craft use such as colouring bath bombs, but they are not always stable in baking or cooking, and some food colourants have the words 'not stable in baking' or 'not for cooking' in tiny print on They are tasteless. Highly recommended.

3. Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

Wilton Leaf Green Icing Color

To dye eggs, mix 1/2 cup water, 1 gram of food color and 1 gram of vinegar. Green icing color formula won't water cake batter or icing. The facility processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and wheat products.

Brand: Wilton

👤The coloring was easy to do. I didn't like the shade leaf green. It was too bright. I mixed it with moss green for a more natural look. The leaves on my cake are green in color. I painted the veins on the leaves with a bit of extract and mixed the moss green with it. If I were to make a cake with leaves, I would use moss green.

👤It's hard to open the seal and it will stain everything in it's path so use with caution.

👤It was used to color buttercream frosting. I used half the bottle to color the frosting. The foil tops had to be cut open. It is very difficult to get the gel out. It is easy to stain hands and other surfaces so it is a good idea to use gloves and cover the counter.

👤Use a lot to get bright green. I used toothpicks to turn the Betty CrockerVanilla Rich & creamy frosting into a green frosting and it was a hit.

👤Who knows what is in this? How wonderful! Highly recommended.

👤This is a nice green that doesn't have a weird flavor.

👤I couldn't use the product for my son's birthday cake icing because it took so long to ship. They charge shipping to return it, so no point in doing that. It was a waste of money.

👤It was nice to work on fondant, but I had to use a lot of black. I want to waste my money here.

👤Excellent food coloring. Use it all the time. Excellent service for my order.

👤It was nice and arrived in time for St. Patrick's Day.

4. Betty Crocker Muffin Quick Blueberry

Betty Crocker Muffin Quick Blueberry

Betty Crocker muffins are a quick and portable treat that can be taken with you on the go. It's easy to make muffins without the usual mess, just add a few simple ingredients and pop in the oven for a sweet treat any time of day. Great taste. The Red Spoon is a product that you and your family will enjoy, I guarantee it.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤I make this muffin mix in a 9x9 square ceramic baking dish to have a quick snack. In the summer, I use fresh blueberries instead of canned ones. When local berries are done for the season, I save the canned berries. The muffin mix is not very sweet and the added fresh berries make it taste homemade. I add walnuts and pecans for an added texture. The crumble topping packet was included in the past but is not included in the present. When I don't want to mix up my own homemade batches of blueberry goodness, I still keep a staple in my pantry. Enjoy! There is an update on 9 May 2021. Why is the price jump so large? I bought 4 single boxes on AMAZON with my subscribe and save discount. This item had a coupon for a total of $6.12 on July 1st, 2021. I will not buy them here until the price comes back down.

👤The bread instructions are slightly different than the muffin instructions, so if you are going to make bread like I do out of this package, please be aware of that. You cannot go wrong with this brand. Whatever you make comes out moist and delicious. I know you will love it so just buy it and enjoy. It would be great if it came in more of a variety of flavors.

👤You can understand this review if you understand that what is sold in stores in the fruit section are "fake" blueberries, just as "Red Delicious" apples aren't - no flavor. Betty Crocker's mix of Wild Blue is usually the only place where real blueberries are found. People will wonder, "What is your secret?" if this is made. It is worth sharing this secret.

👤I've tried making my own muffins, but they aren't as good as Betty Crocker's. I don't like the big fruit you have to use, I like the small ones. I can't duplicate the muffin mix when I make my own. Thank you Betty Crocker.

👤They recently changed the recipe, and we have been buying them for years. It's not a good thing, but in this case, it's even better. We are happy with the change. If you haven't baked them in a while, buy them.

👤We needed this fir a birthday, but it was late. This is a good buy. Add an extra egg substitute milk, butter, and oil.

👤I made these and they taste great. I assumed the powdered mix would have already been mixed with the canned fruit, since they were canned inside the box. I can't wait for breakfast because it was fun to make.

👤The muffin mix is very good. I try to have one in the house. It's nice to be able to bake fresh muffins. I bake them for 2 minutes less then the recommended cook time to make sure they are moist and soft.

👤It's the first time I've ever made muffins that taste like coffee shop muffins. It is amazing.

5. Odoria Miniature Utensils Dollhouse Accessories

Odoria Miniature Utensils Dollhouse Accessories

You can stock your pantry with these delicious baking kits for a tasty treat anytime, or for a rainy day baking activity with the kids. The dollhouse kitchen miniature has a scale. The material is Porcelain, Wood, Metal. The 1x Utensils Set is not included with the other items. Approx. The size is 0.6x0.6x 1.7 inch. Workmanship and high details are required for the creation of a dollhouse.

Brand: Odoria

👤A lot of these Miniatures have everything glue together, which makes it hard for me to have fun. The pieces were not related.

👤This is a great addition to a mini kitchen. I'm making a doll kitchen. You could use it with Barbie.

👤Fantastic in my dollhouse kitchen. It looks great and matches my wallpaper.

👤I love this. The material is well designed. Barbie is a good size to decorate your kitchen. Well packaged.

👤Everything is cute and easy to scale. Don't knock over the pieces to get them back in.

👤This set of kitchen utensils is perfect for a dollhouse kitchen. It has a whisk, two wooden forks, a wooden spoon, and a wooden spatula. I recommend it if you are doing accessorizing a dollhouse. It's not appropriate for young children because the parts are small, but I love it and recommend it. Wait times can be longer because it ships from Canada.

👤The print on the front is black. I liked the blue in the picture.

👤It's just right for my dollhouse. Came in a good time. Thank you so much! There is a nice detail in the kitchen tool crock.

6. Duncan Hines Carrot Cheese Frosting

Duncan Hines Carrot Cheese Frosting

A box of Duncan Hines Mug Cakes Carrot Cake Mix with Cream Cheese Frosting. It's perfect for making quick, single-serve desserts. The carrot cake has cream cheese frosting. A mug cake mix is an easy dessert to serve after dinner. Adding milk or water to the microwave mug dessert is easy.

Brand: Duncan Hines

👤It's easy to make and tastes good. The first picture shows what the box will look like when it's complete. The second picture shows how the finished product looks. Do not expect a mug full of cake. It could be a half inch high.

👤The lemon mug cakes flavor is the best one I have tried, I am a devoted chocoholic and after trying a few of these mug cakes flavors, I can honestly say the lemon flavor is the best. Each box has four packets. These are quick and easy to prepare, just add a mix of water and microwave for a minute and a half. There is a single packet of icing to be used. If the icing were in single packets, it would be easier for consumers, but that doesn't deter from the quality and flavor of the product, it just means I have to ration the icing. The mug cakes taste great without the icing. I was surprised by the fact that I preferred the lemon flavor to the chocolate variety. The mug cakes are great for a quick snack and I recommend the lemon flavor.

👤Just like a crack in a cake. Unless you plan on sharing, you won't be disappointed.

👤I bought these for my wife so that she could take them to work. We don't make a big deal out of the day. I didn't want to buy another box of candy and flowers when it was cold. I wanted to give her something sweet to eat on her lunch break and these kind of fit the bill. She loves them. The best way to cut up cookies is to use a knife. They are large. I would recommend these to anyone. They are a great treat for a single person to enjoy quickly and with great taste. Make a treat and enjoy your lunch as it cools down.

👤I like lemon and wanted a stronger lemon flavor. The lemon taste was diminished by icing. I preferred the ones without icing. If they made the icing with lemon flavor, it would have been a five star mug cake. If the cakes turn out too moist or dry, the cooking time may need to be changed. I keep a supply in the fridge in case I have a dessert attack. Nice choice of flavors!

👤The gift was ruined when it arrived in a plastic pouch. I tried a package. They are ok for me, not as moist or as large as Betty Crocker ones.

👤The price is the first thing. I bought five of the Duncan Hines mug cake mixes, and you get 4 in the package, so that is less than a dollar apiece, and some of them even have frosting. I will be buying more.

👤I like mug cakes. They are easy to make and my kids love them. I would definitely recommend them.

7. Ateco 1447 Decorating Icing Smoother

Ateco 1447 Decorating Icing Smoother

Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco. Ateco has a dual duty decorating comb and icing smoother. You can use to make designs on the cakes. Prepare icing for decorating. Professional quality and quality design can be found at Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤I was looking for an extra tall cake smoother because I currently have a cake that is 5 feet tall and many of the cakes that I am decorating are taller than that. I thought I had found the cake smoother that I was looking for when I saw the product description. The packaging is 5 inches by 5 inches. The one that I have is 5. I could have read more of the comments, but why wouldn't the product description match the product?

👤This smoothener gets the job done. This tool helped me achieve that perfectly smooth look, I am a cake decorating newbie. It's not easy but with the right tools and practice, it can be done. If it was taller and wider, I would have given it five stars. If your cakes are small, it works well. If I am doing taller layers, I can forget about using the shorter sides of the icing smoother to give my cakes a combed look. Sometimes my cakes are 4 layers and other times they are two layers. I bought an 8-inch knife from the home depot. I would still use this one for my two layer cakes. I love how neat my cake turned out. I uploaded some photos.

👤The shapes shown are cut from sheet metal. A nice gauge and finish. It seems pretty sturdy. I have no issues with the quality. They are fine if you know how to use it. I don't like the way the flat one has teeth that poke your hand and can be uncomfortable to use. It was not for me to be able to have multiple tools in one. I went with a brand that I liked better and was thicker metal because I use the flat side most of the time. If this one had a grip on it, then poking my hand wouldn't be an issue, but it doesn't and it is. Not bad, but not for me. Comes from a good brand. You can definitely work with it, I just went with another brand name and spent a little more. I will keep these because it is nice to have so many designs in just two cake tools.

👤This tool is made of metal. The flat side is for smoothing the frosting of a cake, for example, to smooth buttercream in order to lay fondant over it. The other three sides will make the frosting look different. The instructions say to apply a thick layer of icing to the cake, then before the crust forms, shake off excess water, and draw it across the iced surface. It was very simple and direct. If you hold it at an angle, you can remove less icing from the cake. Imagine holding the tool completely against the surface of the cake, with the patterned edge against the icing, then folding the hand that holds the tool in toward the cake. I'm not sure what the benefit is of making the tool rectangular instead of square, but the two long sides will easily cover a standard two-layer cake side. The small sides need to be drawn against the icing at the top and bottom of the cake. I am happy to see that this is metal and will hold up over time, even though I thought it was plastic. It can be bent with a lot of force, but won't bend during regular use.

8. Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

Pillsbury Sugar Chocolate Brownie 18 4 Ounce

There is a box of Pillsbury Brownie Sugar Free Chocolate fudge mix. The chocolate fudge taste is rich and moist. 3 ingredients and 3 easy steps. One pan of brownies.

Brand: Pillsbury

👤It is amazing! I use 1/2 cup of applesauce instead of oil to make it less points on the WW purple plan. It's a lot better than WWCakes, priced at $2/box, the same as a grocery store.

👤I was hospitalized in November. I had a disease. I switched from sugared products to no sugar added products. It has helped me lose weight. I use a sugar-free alternative. It makes a difference.

👤The product is free of sugar. I used it to make brownies. Just add 2 scoops of your favorite powder, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup water, and 1 large egg. Put the mixture on the Parchment paper. For 30 minutes, bake at 350. Cool for 30 minutes. Break apart and serve. I keep it in sealed baggies for a week. The treat is low in calories and high in calories.

👤I think excess consumption is two brownies. I got so sick that these put me in the hospital. If you have any sensitivity, do not look at these brownies. I have never gotten sick from food before.

👤I thought that since it was from Pillsbury, it would be good, but it wasn't. These baked goods are gross. I thought this would be a great way to cut down on time, but I'll stick with making it myself. If you can, save your money and make it yourself.

👤The first time my friend made these, I was like, "no seriously, I really can't have refined sugar." She swore to me that they were sugar free, and I swear to you that you will be fooled by them. The sugar-free chocolate fudge frosting pairs well with it. The pan would be gone in an hour if I made brownies. I don't want to keep eating them the same way. The slower pace is for the best, if you eat too many too quickly, you'll make yourself super gassy. Highly recommend.

👤The front of the box claims that the product is sweetened by the brand of sugar alcohol called Maltitol, but in reality it is mostly sweetened by sugar. It is my fault that I did not read the label before baking Pillsbury at home. We all had stomachaches. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤It was pretty good. Compared to other "sugar free" brownie mixes, I like this one a lot more because it doesn't have that odd sugar free taste. You don't need to add super special ingredients unless you want to do some swapping out. Pop/soda was mentioned as an alternative to eggs and oil. I forgot about that. I used to do that with cake mixes. Really works. I bought another box of this stuff and am going to pop it later today. Mmm brownies! It will reduce calories by a small amount. Unsweetened apple sauce is another option. I'm not sure if I'll try that with brownies because it makes the texture a little light. This mix can be changed like any other mix. It's as close to regular as you can get. Adding sugar free frosting will make it even better. It uses malitol, which some people are very sensitive to, but most people will feel gassy if they eat a lot of malitol. Be careful!

9. Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

Nestle Toll House Cocoa Ounce

It's great for baking. EBT item in some states. A rich flavor from cocoa beans. It's perfect for desserts, frostings and beverages.

Brand: Nestle

👤This is the good 100% Cocoa with health benefits intact. Toll House is not using Dutch Process, Dutching, or Alkali to ruin the Health benefits of Polyphenol in this 100% cocoa. 100% REAL COCOA... With nothing added.

👤The cocoa powder is fine. The container is sealed. I'm not happy with how filthy this container is. There's gunk along the lip, filthy marks on the container, and it's sticky. Why is it sticky? There is cocoa powder on the seal. It looks sealed, but who knows. I'm also not going to chance it. Tonight, goodbye dreams of chocolate cake for dessert...

👤My entire order was covered in Cocoa powder. The way the containers were thrown into the box was offensive, and no precautions were taken against spilling. I strongly advise against ordering these because they were boxed in a way that was sloppy. I had to wipe everything down in the main box. Inside boxes that were not wrapped with outer wrap were received by powder. It was very upsetting to have my product in the warehouse.

👤I wanted a cocoa that wasn't Dutch or alkali processed. Cocoa is known for a lot of good stuff. The Dutch processed ingredient is just coke. I'm happy! I got 8 ounces for two bucks and change, which makes a lot of hot chocolate or additions to my smoothies, but I don't know if it was on sale or not. Cost as I mentioned... I paid two bucks. It's hard to beat for quality and quantity. I add a little hot water and stir to make more of a paste, then add the rest of the hot water to blend. I just add a little at a time and blend well, giving the smoothie a real chocolate taste. If you want cold chocolate milk, just add a little milk and then make a paste so that the powder is dissolved and the rest of the milk is cold. One small problem. The top doesn't really stop. I did not get one. It goes on, but not very tightly. It's got it all for me, taste, quality, quantity and price, and I put it inside a big baggie. This will be my cocoa from now on. I like the taste of this and feel it is creamier than Hershey's.

👤The price of cocoa powder here is very reasonable, and I love it. I use it for a variety of things. It's one of the things I keep in my pantry. Solid quality, good flavor, slightly bitter but closer to a rich milk chocolate than a dark chocolate, and keeps for a long time. Will buy again.

👤This product is much easier to open than the Hershey's 8oz unsweetened cocoa powder. The Hershey's product needs 35C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The very economically priced, 100% cocoa powder from India requires 45C or higher to dissolution after stirring. The product needs 30C or higher to be dissolved. The price of this product is very low at only $2.55 each, but they will probably increase it after more people buy it. The taste of the dry cocoa powder is slightly more acidic than the Hershey's product, but it resolves itself to a somewhat better taste after 20 seconds or longer. I don't know if this product has the same ORAC score as the Hershey's product. The conclusion is that "N-E-S-T-L-E-S" was a song byNestle's.

10. Disposable Pouches Count Vitamin Storage

Disposable Pouches Count Vitamin Storage

It's perfect for travel. Reusable, pocket sized bags. Each bag has a white labeling block for easy labeling. PILL CAPACITY: Each pack holds up to 80 pills. 50 pill pouches with labeling blocks are included. HEALTHY LIVING Ezy Dose products make living easier.

Brand: Ezy Dose

👤This product is not as good as it was before, it is too thin and zip is bad, but it is better than the version I got before.

👤Over the years, I have purchased many ez dose bags. These are the worst things I've ever bought. The original ones have some thickness. These are very poor quality and will break or split as they are made like a vegetable bag. There was no protection for the meds. I won't buy them again. They're non-refundable. $3 is still a waste of money.

👤The pill pouch is so thin it tears after one use. It should be called "Disposable pill pouch". I bought a plastic zip lock coin pouch online and it is cheaper, more sturdy, and works great.

👤I ignored the negative reviews and believed the product photo, even though the title said disposable. These are wide enough for my fingers to fit inside to pick the pill I need, unlike most pill organizers that make it impossible to get a tiny pill out of a larger capsule. They seal well, open easily, and reseal again. They're not as thick as a freezer bag, but they are about the thickness of a good sandwich bag. They're the perfect thing to keep in your pocket or on top of a large mug to avoid forgetting to take your medication. It's worth $2.95 for 100. Adding a review for the 50pk to the 100pk review is not allowed. I bought a 50pk. There is a difference in thickness between the 50pk and 100pk, but there is no difference in the description. If you're looking for thicker bags, the 50pk bags are the ones you need. The 100pk is great for every day use and I've put them in my pocket for when I'm on the go but the 50pk bags are a little thicker so I wouldn't be comfortable throwing them into my purse. I'll add a video to compare the two with a sandwich bag and freezer bag. I would like a faster way of filling them than what I have now, which is filling a weekly organizer and dumping them into the bags. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

👤The Ezy Dose pill carrier has been used by me for a long time. Three sets of 100 were ordered by me. They are not the same thickness as the originals. The older, thicker, less translucent Ezy Dose pouch is shown in the left image while the thinner see-through version is shown in the right. The price is good, but the quality is not.

👤I had to find them online because the Walmart I used to use didn't sell them. They're great for travel when I need to save room or just take a few vitamins to work with. I use them to store small tool parts that I can label without using huge zip lock bags. I reuse the bags a lot so I didn't need to buy them a lot. The new bags I received are very thin. I assume that the company will save money. The plastic is very thin compared to the original product they sold and I was really disappointed when I opened them. I will probably have to look at another company since these ones aren't going to be as reliable.

11. Wilton White Sparkling Sugar Oz

Wilton White Sparkling Sugar Oz

It's perfect for celebrations and adds a subtle shine to your treats. The net weight was 8 ounces. There is a total of 146 g. A facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy and wheat products is certified Kosher.

Brand: Wilton

👤I used this to rim my glass for the prickly pear margaritas I was making. I dipped the fresh lime wedge into the sugar after pouring it onto the dish. It sticks to it.

👤I used the sugar to make snow for my Christmas tree. It has that delicious rock candy taste on a smaller scale without breaking your teeth, and it has the perfect texture and sparkle. It would look beautiful as a finishing touch on pastries or pies. Excellent and delicious!

👤These sugar crystals turn your cookies into decorations. They shimmer with light. They put a white diamond sparkle on the icing. When used with royal icing colors, they make the icing into a pastel version. Each cookie is a special treat for the eyes. If you are decorating cookies, place a paper towel beneath them. It's much easier to put the crystals back into the jar when you're done. That saves you time and money.

👤I am too old school and frugal to ever use sanding sugar. I had to try it because I saw it as an add-on. And it's great! It makes my baked goods look good because the sugar doesn't melt in the oven and it gives a professional sparkle to cookies and muffin tops. It makes them look special and fun by making them past "dowdy and home made".

👤The sugar stays in its little crystals during the baking process so you can sprinkle it on the muffins to make them look professional. When you bite into a muffin, you get a burst of crunch and sweet. I made pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bread. Since I reduce the amount of sugar I use, the muffins and bread are not overly sweet by themselves which makes this sprinkling of sweet crystals on the top an extra treat. You sprinkle the crystals on top of the unbaked item and they stay in place and intact throughout the baking process so you still see them sparkling on the finished item. It would work well on cupcakes. The jar is larger than a jar of spices, but not as large as you would think because sugar is heavy. It will last through many baking projects. I would have liked to see a shaker under the cap. I didn't have to worry about adding the amount I wanted to my muffins, but I had to be careful and make sure the spill wasn't big. I'm very pleased with this product and will keep it handy.

👤We can't find this stuff in our groceries. It can be used on most baked goods. It's pretty and tasty. There will be a reduction in sugar in the pastry product. I bought two of these in October 2020 for only $4.49 each and they were the last ones I bought. Now it's $13.49. It was very bad! I use this stuff on coffee cakes, pies, and muffins a lot. I will try to find less expensive alternatives.

👤I've used this product many times for cakes. I have used it on a Christmas cake. The product arrived on time. It tastes like sugar. Will buy again.


What is the best product for baking items under 5?

Baking items under 5 products from Ecotools. In this article about baking items under 5 you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Betty Crocker are also good brands to look for when you are finding baking items under 5.

What are the best brands for baking items under 5?

Ecotools, Wilton and Betty Crocker are some of the best brands that chosen by people for baking items under 5. Find the detail in this article. Odoria, Duncan Hines and Ateco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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